Bomber Man Wars for PSX FAQ By Jimmy Haver Version 1.0 After the FMV Press Start, then there are 3 choices the first is the game, the second is Vs., and then I don't know what the 3rd is. Go down for info on Vs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -- The Game ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Once you chose the first choice chose the second to start a new game and the third to load a saved game. In the beginning you have to fight a monster that realy sucks. Beat him by using bombs and trap him. To move use the first choice, the second is to set a bomb, the third to use a special move if have one or use an item, and the fourth is to use an item if you have a special ability. After you beat it the knight becomes the King and then you will be in a castle. Below is a map of the castle. Your Throne | | 3.Edit 1. Save Room ----- | |--------------------| | | | Tutorial-------------|------------| | 2.Shop 4.World Map 1.In this room chose the first choice a bunch of time and it will save. 2.You can buy items that bring your move up, bomb throwing, and/or bomb explosion size of bomb. 3.In this room you can put characters in your party and remove them by pushing X to remove and O to add. 4. Here you can move to new land and fight enemies. You get gold and recruit characters you don't have and survived. In the four corners of the map you fight a boss in each. I don't know what happens after you beat them. During battle you will find items that will bring up your stats for the battle. If your King dies you LOSE and start back in your castle, if you kill there king you WIN, and if both kings die at the same time you DRAW and you don't get the land. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Vs ---------------------------------------------------------------- Here you can Vs a friend or the COM. To Vs a friend chose VS MAN. Then below are numbers to choose how many wins you need to win overall. Then choose the place you want to play in and enjoy! Note-When the timer is up, after every turn 2 bombs fall some where randomly. If a bomb is in water it will blow up in one turn! Free to distribute just give me credit. E-mail - URL - *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>