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When you find new weapons, build up ammo before using them. Use Medi-Kits when your health is near yellow - orange. Always look for hidden sniping enemies, and gun them down. When you are aiming at an enemy, a head-shot will instantly kill him. You will never run out of PK7 bullets. Golden 007 symbols are extra lives. Always listen to M's briefing, or check the Objectives screen if you are uncertain about what to do in your mission. In stages that are outdoors, enemies drop keycards; you usually will not find them. Your auto-target will only trigger when an enemy is near. Side-stepping (strafing) with the R2 and L2 buttons works well. Your gadgets can be used by selecting the weapons (triangle) and pressing left on the D-Pad (or analog). Blown up barrels or other things usually contain Medi-Kits. Alarms may trigger unexpectedly, and swarms of enemies may come. Different weapons have different zoom-in lengths. You can't always zoom in like a sniper rifle. While fighting bosses, strafing, and aiming at their head will result an easier fight. With that knowledge, you should be pretty confident starting the game. T.N.D. is a very strategic game, and you should plan where, when, and how you take out each enemy, unless there are bunches of them. My FAQ: ======= I am writing this FAQ / Walkthrough in different versions. I will update each version every (about) week ñ 2 weeks. Each update will contain an added stage (mission), and maybe some hints or tips I found. In the end, after I have updated my FAQ to the last mission, I *may *not post a new version. If I find out any helpful stuff, hidden codes, or anything else, send it to me, and I *may post another version. How to read the walkthrough section: Each mission has a separate section. I will state the objectives, and how to complete them. I will also try to give locations of any armor, ammo, or weapons. My e-mail address is FFantasyX2@aol.com: Please E-mail me ANYTHING you know about T.N.D. (You will be given proper acknowledgement for anything you send in. I'll post your screen name in my credits) Versions: ======== Version 1.2- I've added another stage. Many questions are raving about where to find the 'secret encoder' in the printing press stage. I got this stage up as quickly as possible. Also, a couple more codes have been added. Version 1.1- I've updated to my second version, and added a bit. Here's what I've added: A walkthrough for the second and third missions; the Arms Bazaar, Russian Border, and Carver Media, Hamburg. I've also posted a few more codes (4), and a frequently asked questions section. Version 1.0- This is my first version! I'm gonna have a list of the codes, and a walkthrough for the first stage. Not much, but it is a start. Contents: ======== I. Walkthrough Stage 1. Military Outpost, Russian Border Stage 2. Arms Bazaar, Russian Border Stage 3. Carver Media, Hamburg Stage 4. Pressing Engagement, Hamburg II. Code List III. Frequently asked questions IV. Credits =============== I. Walkthrough =============== Stage 1. Military Outpost, Russian Border ========================================= The first stage in the game is the Military Outpost, on the Russian Border. Your Mission Objectives are: 1. Laser Designate Satellite Dish 2. Obtain security Card 3. Escape on Skis That's it. You start the game standing with your PK7. Immediately snipe the guy in front of you (near the flaming barrel), and pick up the ammo on your left. Get his Assault Rifle, and move on. The whole stage is made up of a pattern. There will usually be a couple of guys just shooting their rifles, and a guy sniping from above. Always try to take out the rifle-men where the sniperer can't see you. When you kill the guy using the Sniper Rifle, pick it up, it's useful! Once you've built up enough ammo for the Assault Rifle, use it. But be careful not to run out, for you will need it later in the stage. Use Medi-Kits when your health is yellow-orange. An easy way to stock up on Medi-Kits is to blow up barrels. Most every barrel in the whole stage contains a Medi- Kit. There also is a Light Armor in the second sniping base (on ground). When you enter the cave passage, the mission gets tricky. With your Assault Rifle, run out to the road and shoot down every guy. This may take a few Medi-Kits, but you have to do it. After the rifle-men are out of the way, run behind one of the large tank thingies, and snipe the guy that's shooting from above. After every enemy is wiped out, select your laser designator. Next, hold in square, and aim at the satellite dish. Press X to designate. A plane will fly in, and drop a missile on the satellite. Go try to open the door, but you need a security card to open it. Then, a helicopter comes, and starts dropping soldiers. Take out your Assault Rifle, and go near the ladder. Just keep shooting them down quickly, and you won't get hurt. The second soldier drops the keycard. There is actually a glitch in this section, you can let the chopper keep coming back, and keep getting more security cards! But it doesn't do any good. The door will take you to a long snow hill. You must escape on skis. Here are the controls on skis: R1 = poke pole right. L1 = Poke pole left. Up on D-Pad = Crouch down and go fast. Down on D-Pad = Slow down. There are a LOT of medi-kits along the way that you don't select, but instantly heal your health. There are two ways to execute the skiing part. The cheating (much easier) way, and the honest way. The cheating way is simple. Just enter the invincible bond code (only works on skis and in cars). Here is the honest way: When you start skiing, a few Russian skiers, trying to stop your mission join you. This is a very easy task. They really won't kill you, or hurt you that much. All you have to do is poke em' with your poles, and they'll fall pretty quick. Next, 3 different skiers join you. This is even easier, because there is a big jump coming up. After you do this awesome walking in thin air trick off a huge jump, power ski your way to the end of the stage. They won't have a chance to catch up to you, unless you bang into a tree. When Bond parachutes off a jump, your mission is complete. Stage one is completed. ---!End!--- Stage 2. Arms Bazaar, Russian Border ==================================== Bond's next mission (after he has parachuted of a cliff and escaped from the skiers) is to evacuate an armed jet to avoid causing a nuclear explosion. Here are the objectives: 1. Photograph Chopper 2. Photograph Mortas 3. Photograph Scud 4. Locate Cockpit Key (and fly the jet away) When you start the mission, wait about 5 seconds, and snipe the enemy wearing a white coat. After you've done that, think of your objectives. First, you have to photograph the weapons present in the area. Those weapons would be the Helicopter, Mortas, and Scud. Actually, the chopper comes last. First, you must photograph the other 2 weapons. It doesn't matter which order you go in, just as long as you get the picture. The quality of the picture doesn't matter either. The Scud is a vehicle with a rocket on top of it. It is located to the left of where you are standing when you start the game. The Mortas is actually 3 objects. I really can't explain them, but they are located right near the Jeep Wrangler looking SUV. Once those two pictures have been taken, it's time to photograph the helicopter. If you've noticed, there is a section of covered boxes that seal off about a half of the area. You must blow this up. Before you do this, take time to pick up the Light Armor to the right of it. Now, take out your STK. Mines, and the Designator. Throw a mine in the vertex where the two sides meet, and detonate the mine. Take out your Assault Rifle, and terminate the rifleman near the chopper. Next, take a picture of it. Once all of that is done, you can open the door. You hear from Bond's walky-talky that they couldn't abort the missile. You now have two minutes to find the cockpit key, and evacuate the jet. This is not as easy as it seems though. To find the key is a very tough task if you don't know where to look. Before you head out, make SURE you have an Assault Rifle ready to go. When you are ready, here's what to do: Run out into the area, and go to the very northeast of the area. There will be about 3 guys there. One of them holds the cockpit key. Obtain it quickly, and gun down some more enemies. Don't bother with the drone guns. There is an extra life near the jet. When you are done getting the extra life, enter the jet. You will now rotate until you've blown up most of the stuff. When everything is blown up, you will take off, and complete the stage. Enjoy the movie sequence! ---!End!--- Stage 3. Carver Media, Hamburg ============================== This stage takes the difficulty up a notch, and is much tougher than the first two stages. Your objectives are: 1. Rendezvous with Paris 2. Cut the power 3. Destroy Central Computer 4. Escape When you start the mission, you must god down the stairs, and snipe the guard from behind. The next room has two soldiers playing poker. Shoot em' down, and collect the door remote from the locker. Also, there is armor behind the crate. Open the big steel doors, and you will come to an area with blue glass surrounding the central computer. You must break the glass, and shoot the guards operating the computer. Once that is done, blow up the computer with your PK7. Go back to the hallway, and follow the hallway to the last door. Inside that room is one guard, and the elevator key. Use the elevator key to go to the second floor. Right when you come out, take out your Assault Rifle. There are a bunch of riflemen here. Gun em' down, and collect the Medi-Kits. Right down the hallway is where Paris, Carver's wife stands. Be SURE not to shoot her, or else you'll have to redo the whole mission. Talk to her, and at the end of your conversation, Elliot Carver will suggest to take you on a tour. His other worker will knock you out. You wake up in a room with a BIG mirror. You also (on the down side) have no weapons. To break the glass, use your cufflink gadget. You must execute this next part EXTREMELY fast. If you don't, you'll die in an instant. Right when the glass breaks, immediately pick up the PK7 on the table, and shoot the guard. Pick up his keycard, and get ready to shoot. A flow of guards will come in through the door, so be aiming at the door. When the flow of guards has stopped, and the keycard is in your position, shut of the power. You can do this by pulling the lever on the power console, which is in the same room. When the power is shut off, the screen will go red. You probably already destroyed the central computer, so you must now evacuate. (Also, in the door where you picked up the elevator key, there is an extra life.) Go back to the big steel doors, and open them up (must have picked up keycard from the guard). Take out your assault rifle, and shoot all of the remaining soldiers. When everyone is eliminated, go back to the entrance of the stage, and you will complete the mission. ---!End!--- Stage 4. Pressing Engagement, Hamburg (Submitted by: Rusty3357) ===================================== This stage is even harder then the Carver Media. Here are your objectives: 1. Find Gupta's Briefcase 2. Retrieve hidden Encoder 3. Escape from building 4. Minimize Civilian Casualties Start by killing the first guard. You can choose to stealth kill him or shoot him, but a stealth kill won't alert the other guards (you can't see them yet). In the door behind him there are: two medi-kits, one case of ammo, and a heavy armor. Continue down the hall until you see two more guards. These guards will see you, so you have to shoot them. After killing the guards, another will run out of the room on the left. This room contains two large med kits. Continue down the hall until you get into the printing room. (The main theme of this room is to stick to the right wall). There are four men with guns on the raised walkway. The first two are on your left, kill them fast, 'cause they can snipe you very easily. You know they are dead when they scream, and fall into the printing press. Go straight, and there will be two more. Behind two barrels there, is an extra life. When you have killed the two men, hug the right wall until you see two separate ways to go. In one, there is a lot of guys (left one- this is the way out). The other has one guy and has the briefcase with the card you need. Examine the briefcase using O, and go back to the electronically locked door. Use your fingerprint scanner to open it. Inside one of the rooms is a room with many filing cabinets, and art along the wall. Go to the upper right filing cabinets. Stand behind the one touching it and to the left of the cabinet against the wall. You will receive a prompt to press the "O" button. This will open the hidden safe. Use the finger print scanner to open it, and get the encoder. You will now have to escape. There are new guards in the hallway, so be careful. Go back to the printing press room. This time go in the passage that you didn't go in the last time (the left path). Kill the men, and you will go to another printing room. I just ran through this because there are about 5-6 guys. Run to the end of the hall and out the door. This is the end of the mission. ---!End!--- ============= II. Code List ============= Unlike Goldeneye for N64, Tomorrow Never Dies has a different system of achieving cheats, or codes. You actually don't have to achieve them, just enter them in. The codes aren't like "Invincibility, and Paintball Mode. Or, Tiny Bond (as in Goldeneye). They are more like Full health, Minimum health, and stuff like that. There are two types of codes in T.N.D.- The mission codes, and before mission codes. Mission codes can be entered while playing a mission, at the pause menu screen. Before mission codes have to be accessed at the main menu screen. Here is the list of codes. If you want, you should print this list off: #NOTICE# You must ALWAYS enter this: select, select, circle, circle, before entering a code in. If you don't, the code won't work. Here is the key: select = select, U = up (on D-Pad), D = down, X = X, O = O, square = square, L1 = L1, R1 = R1, and triangle = triangle, and so on. * = Newly added codes. In Mission Codes (at pause menu): ================ Full Health ñ U, U, select. Minimum Health ñ D, D, select. Thin Air Bond- U,U,U,U. (walk through walls, trees, attacks don't hurt) Automatically complete mission ñ select, O. Defensive Bond- U, select. (enemy bullets do no damage) All weapons- L1, L1, R1, R1. (throughout mission) Invisible Surface- select, select, O, O. Speedy Bond- square, square, O, O. Invincible skiing and driving Bond- triangle, triangle, triangle, triangle. (Note- This is only available while on skis, or driving Bond's BMW) Invincible Bond ñ triangle, select. *Freeze all objects ñ select, select, triangle, triangle. *Cheat Camera - R2, R2. (Allows you to view the whole stage on a map, using the d-pad to move around) *Debug Mode - L2, R2, L2. Before Mission Codes (at any menu screen before mission): ==================== Play all missions ñ L1, L1, O, L1, L1. See all movies ñ L1, L1, L1, L1, L1, L1, L1. (X7) Simple. That's all of the codes (I think). I'm still trying different combos, searching for "Hidden Weapons" and "Extra Lives". If I have missed any codes, please e-mail me at FFantasyX2@aol.com Thanks. =============================== III. Frequently asked Questions =============================== When the first version of this FAQ came out, I got TONS of mail. Most questions people asked where all the same! So I've decided to make a Frequently asked Questions section. This section will just have some of the most asked questions I get through e-mail: 1. Where is the secret encoder in the printing press stage? Answer: In a small room with many file cabinets, and art along the wall. Go up to 2 cabinets, which sort of overlap, and press O when you are standing to the left of them. This reveals a secret safe behind a picture of art. Use your fingerprint scanner gadget to open the safe. Inside is the secret encoder. 2. How do I power up the service elevator in the hotel stage? Answer: Once you've examined the service elevator, go back to Bond's BMW. There is a door right by the car, go in it. Inside, there is a button. Press the button using O, and go back to the service elevator, it will be in service. If it is not, you didn't press the button right. 3. How do I escape the room where Carver puts you in (carver media) without dying? Answer: Use your cufflinks to break the glass. Right away, pick up the PK7 on the table, shoot the guard, and aim at the door. Every time a guard comes in, shoot him. When the flow of guards has stopped, look on the ground for a keycard. Once I get more mail, asking the same question, I'll post that question. If you have a question, e-mail me! =========== IV. Credits =========== Before I end this FAQ, I'd like to thank a few people (screen names): Walkthrough section: Thanks KAUSHGT, Asuru for inspiring me to write FAQ's, and Rusty3357, for submitting the 4th stage walkthrough (I made some corrections, but it was a very detailed walkthrough:) Code section: Thanks DaOne911, MattMatt119, Dave (www.cheatcc.com), and cia_christ_is_alive@yahoo.com. ====================================================================== That's all for version 1.2. Remember to 'refresh' this page every time you visit, to see if I've posted version 1.2. Also, this FAQ is C copyright, so ask me first if you want to use something from it, or post a link to it. Thanks for reading, and remember to e-mail me. ^_^ ======================================================================</p>