An FAQ for... ____ _ _ | _ | ___ | | | | ___ ___ ___ ___ | < | _ | | | | | | __| | _ \ | _ | | _ |___ |_|\_\ |___| |_| |_| |___| |___'_\ |_ | |_______| _| | |___| Rollcage Platform: PlayStation Version: 1.0 Brett "Nemesis" Franklin E-mail: ================================= T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S ================================= 1. INTRODUCTION 2. LEGAL STUFF 3. UPDATES/REVISION HISTORY 4. Track Strategies 5. Power-Ups 6. Cheat Codes 7. Credits 8. Contact Info ================================================================= 1. INTRODUCTION ================================================================= I just picked this game up for a cool $20, and I must say that it was well worth it. I then looked at GameFAQs and saw that there weren't any FAQs for it, so I decided to write one. It's just like WipEout, only on wheels. It moves VERY fast at times, and can sometimes confuse you when you lose control of your vehicle. I think I like it more than the WipEout games, simply because of the fact that you don't come to a complete stop whenever you hit someone else or a wall. I really hated that about the WipEout games. Well, enough about me, on to the FAQ! ================================================================== 2. LEGAL STUFF ================================================================== ***ATTENION WEBMASTERS*** FROM THIS POINT FORWARD, I WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING ANY MORE E-MAILS FROM ANYONE WHO WANTS TO PUT THIS, OR ANY OTHER OF MY FAQS ON THEIR SITES. I'M SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE ASKING ME IF THEY CAN PUT MY FAQ ON THEIR SITE. I'M NOT TRYING TO BE MEAN OR ANYTHING, BUT IT'S JUST THAT I KEEP ON RECEIVING E-MAILS FROM WEBMASTERS WHO WANT TO PUT MY FAQ ON THEIR SITE. ANY MORE E-MAILS THAT I GET FROM NOW ON THAT ARE ASKING ME IF THEY CAN USE MY FAQ ON THEIR SITE, WILL BE DELETED AND IGNORED. THE ONLY SITES THAT CAN HAVE ANY OF MY FAQS ARE THE ONES SPECIFIED IN THE LEGAL STUFF SECTION OF THIS FAQ. HOWEVER, IF YOU DO PUT THIS OR ANY OF MY FAQS ON YOUR SITE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, LEGAL ACTION WILL BE TAKEN IMMEDIATLY. I'D LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR READING THIS, AND I WOULD LIKE TO SAY THAT IF YOU WANT TO PUT THIS OR ANY OF MY FAQS ON YOUR SITE, THE ANSWER IS NO AND WILL ALWAYS BE NO! SORRY IF I'M BEING RUDE, BUT I'M SICK OF PEOPLE JUST TAKING MY FAQS WITHOUT MY CONSENT. THANK YOU. This FAQ can only appear on the following sites: -GameFAQS -Cheat Code Central -Cheat Planet -GameSages If anyone finds it on any other site, please inform me ASAP. E-Mail Address: Copyright: © Copyright 1999-2000 Brett "Nemesis" Franklin. It may not be stolen, altered, or used for any type of profit. It may be reproduced electronically, and printed for PRIVATE, PERSONAL use. It may not be placed on a CD, printed in a magazine or any type of publication. If you would like to contribute to this FAQ (you will be credited,) please e-mail me, as well as any questions, comments, or corrections, to the address above. ==================================================================== 3. UPDATES/REVISION HISTORY ==================================================================== Version 1.0 (02/21/00) ------------------------- * First version * Complete version * Please note my *NEW* e-mail address: ==================================================================== 4. Track Strategies ==================================================================== - - - - - - - - - - N E O T O C I T Y - - - - - - - - - - Park Life --------- One of the easiest courses in the game. Park Life doesn't have many tight turns or anything else that would make it difficult. At the beginning of the track, veer to the left to pick up some of the better power-ups, and the speed- boosters. Once you enter the tunnel, there are some more speed-boosters on the cieling, so you should hit those as well. Drive into the buildings towards the end of the track to cause havok to opponents. Cross Over ----------- At the very first branch-off point, go right to get a shortcut, or go left to find plenty of speed-boosters on the walls. This track is pretty easy, just as long as you know where to go. Flood Zone ----------- Flood Zone is a pretty confusing track, since it has a section where you'll have to turn around to go the right way. Once you get to the dead-end, go into the hole in the wall on the left, drive on the long blue strip, then once you get to the end, turn around and go right to get back onto the main path. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - H A R P O O N I S L A N D S - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Paradise --------- Paradise is another easy course to race on. There's only one shortcut, and it's blocked off by some bluish fog on the right side of the track. Use the buildings to block off your fellow racers, and race to victory. Daytona -------- Daytona is pretty eay, since it's almost a complete circle. There is another path that's to the left of the track near the beach, but it's not as good as the main path, since the main path has speed-boosters. Try to drive into the buildings to break out some extra power-ups. Smugglers ---------- Even though Smugglers is almost a complete circle, it's kind of hard, since it has some pretty thin tunnels and hazards. When you get into the room with the large crates, just go right through it, or else you'll get lost. Near the boat, hit the ramp to find a speed-booster that'll lead you right into the tunnel. Road Works ----------- Road Works in one of the easist tracks in the game, since there aren't many sharp turns or hazards to worry about. You can go pretty fast almost all the time on this course. For the entire track, try to stay out of the small ditches and stay on the main path, because there are speed-boosters that'll help you a bunch. Try not to hit the large crane, because it'll slow you down big time. Super Bowl ----------- This is the easiest track in the game, since it's just a large "bowl". You can reach your top speeds on this track, and go even faster when you hit the speed- boosters on the drag strips. Just stay on the small strip on the ceiling, that way you'll go as fast as possible. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - S A P P H I R E S P R I N G S - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - G-Force -------- G-Force is one of the more difficult ones so far in the game, since you can go pretty fast, then lose traction. Inside of the first tunnel, use the speed- boosters and power-ups on the ceiling to your advantage. When you are on the ceiling, try to stay in the middle so when you launch off of the ceiling, you'll land safely, without spinning out. When the track splits up, go left for a hidden tunnel with power-ups that you can use. Area 52 -------- Area 52 is a pretty cool track to race on. Right when you start the race, go right and you'll pleasantly find some speed-boosters that'll put you in the lead. The alternate path also helps you avoid some of the hazards that are on the main path. Once you get near the submarine, there is a spot that goes down into the ground and has power-ups for you. Skid Pan --------- Another easy course to race on, and it's showcases the great graphics engine of Rollcage. There are some tunnels that contain speed-boosters and power-ups. You might want to slow down when you get to the snow sections, or else you might spin out. - - - - - - - - - O U T W O R L D - - - - - - - - - Contact -------- Contact is a really fun track to race on, since you can almost destroy everything in your way. When you get to the section with the different paths, the one with a lower route is a straight shot, and the other two ones have speed-boosters and power-ups. It's really red though... Frontier --------- Frontier is almost like Contact, in that it's REALLY red, and that you can destroy almost everything in your way. There are plenty of power-ups towards the right of the track at the beginning, and when the road splits up, go right, because the left path is narrow, and makes you hit the ramp perfectly, or else you'll be forced to stop and turn around. Eruption --------- This track can be confusing, since it splits up at the beginning. Go right into the tunnel when it splits up, or else you'll be forced to enter the tunnel to the left which takes you back to the starting line. When you get to the area with the lava, drive through some buildings to slow down your opponents. If the train is coming, go around it and go onto the walls, or else you'll hit the train, and slow you down. After Shock ------------ This track is hidden, but it's not that great. It's basically a figure-eight shape, and when you get into the tunnel, you'll need to slow down at the end because there is a large drop off point that takes you into another tunnel. In order to stay on the track correctly at the intersection, just keep going straight, and NEVER turn. ==================================================================== 5. Power-Ups ==================================================================== --------------- Homing Missles --------------- Like the name implies, this is a missle that homes onto a target, and follows it until it hits something. You can hit either buildings or cars. --------- Driller --------- A powerful weapon that "drills" through everything in it's way until it hits either a car or a wall. Use it to clear the road of opponents or rubble. ----------- Ice Shot ----------- This weapon a huge sheet of ice that makes any cars in front of you spin out and lose control. ---------- Turbo ---------- The turbo gives you a huge turbo boost of speed. ---------- Time Warp ---------- One of the best weapons in the game. The time warp slows down all of the other cars so you can pass them by at normal speeds. ----------- Wormhole ----------- A cool weapon that switches you with the car in front of you. Helpful when you are in second place. ----------- Shield ----------- Provides a protective shield around your car that protects you. It lasts for a limited amount of hits, not time, so you can keep it for the entire race if you are careful. --------------- Leader Missile --------------- Just like a homing missile, only it follows the leader of the race, then hits them. A really helpful weapon, especially if you are in second place. ==================================================================== 6. Cheat Codes ==================================================================== - Enter MAXCHEAT at the password screen to open up everything in the game! - Enter BESTLAPS at the password screen to view the Rollcage development team's fastest times. ==================================================================== 7. CREDITS ==================================================================== CJayC- For accepting all of my FAQS, and for creating the best web site on the net! Cheat Codes Central- For the codes ==================================================================== 8. 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