::.. Spyro the Dragon ..:: ::..... Walkthrough ....:: 11/24/98 28% complete (10/35) ----------------------------------------------------- copyright 1998 Morgan M. All Rights Reserved Permission is given to distribute this document free of charge and may not be changed without the author's permission. If you would like to submit a correction or suggestion, please e-mail me at the address below. You will receive full credit: feldon@phoenix.net New versions will appear at http://www.phoenix.net/~feldon/spyro.txt ------------------------------------------------------ Spyro the Dragon, Sony Computer Entertainment and Universal Studios. One memory slot required (can store 3 saved games). Supports dual shock and analog. Since there are no Spyro FAQS on www.gamefaqs.com, I've decided to post this preliminary FAQ which covers roughly 1/3rd of the game. ------------------------------------------------------ Table of Contents I. Tips and Hints II. Artisans World 1. Home 2. Stone Hill 3. Dark Hollow 4. Town Square 5. Toasty 6. Sunny Flight* (*'d levels are not finished) III. Peace Keepers 1. Home* 2. Dry Canyon 3. Cliff Town 4. Ice Cavern* 5. Doctor Shemp* 6. Icy Flight* IV. Magic Crafters 1. Home* 2. Alpine Ridge* 3. High Caves* 4. Wizard Peak* 5. Blowhard* 6. Flight* V. Beast Makers 1. Home* 2. Terrace Village* 3. Misty Bog* 4. Tree Tops* 5. Metalhead 6. Wild Flight* VI. Dream Weavers 1. Home* 2. Dark Passage* 3. Lofty Castle* 4. Haunted Towers* 5. Jacques 6. Icy Flight* VII. Gnasty Gnorc 1. Gnasty Gnexus* 2. Gnorc Cove* 3. Twilight Harbor* 4. Gnasty Gnorc* 5. Gnasty Loot* *=Not complete =-----------------------------------------------------= Tips and Hints If you are charging (Square button), you can jump repeatedly and go a little faster. Useful for chasing the blue guys who steal dragon eggs. If you fall in water/swamp/lava (all the same stuff, just different color texture), you can jump out quickly, and keep jumping out until you make it onto land or your dragonfly is gone. (With a glowing dragonfly, you can jump 3 times). You must crash into (hit [] square) white treasure chests. You can either torch (hit O circle) or crash into regular red treasure chests. There are some other types of treasure and crystal "devices". One is a round turbine. Torch it 3 times and the crystal will come out. If you see a box with a crystal top on it, crash into or torch it and then jump up and catch the crystal in midair. To open a firecracker box, torch it and then step away to avoid being hit. Locked treasure chests require keys. Sealed treasure chests with no keyhole must be super-crashed, super-torched or blown up. You can super-charge and super-crash by running down a hill with blinking arrows on it). You get super-torch when kissed by a fairy. There are cannons you can aim at targets and sealed treasure chests and there are firecracker-like rockets. Crystals are worth: red(1), green(2), blue(5), yellow(10), purple(25) Crystals get hidden everywhere. They're often on top of platforms that you have to glide to from a higher point. If you are missing crystals and can't figure out where to find them, try to get up to a high point in the level and slowly look around. Crystals shimmer and shine and can be seen from *very* far away. It's important when you're walking around (Especially if you're missing a dragon or one of the blue guys) to listen to sound effects. Listen for the rattle of a dragon in statue form, or the "nah nah nuh nah nah" of a blue guy who's stolen a dragon egg. Don't just depend on this walkthrough. We found dragons by listening and observing. I'm only listing the more difficult to reach dragons, crystals, and blue guys. When you're gliding, especially in the Flight levels, if you hit a wall and start falling, you can hit jump and start gliding again. If you land, you can jump twice and start gliding. When you are gliding in Flight levels, not only do you not lose altitude, but you can glide higher or lower by using your controller to push up and down. You have to torch Lighthouses at very close range to light them. The dragonfly following you will take damage for you. He starts out glowing gold. You can get hit 3 times, during which he turns blue, then green, then he disappears. To restore your dragonfly, you need to go find a sheep, bat, chicken or some other creature and crach into or torch it. It will turn into a butterfly and your dragonfly will chase it down and eat it. Take care of your dragonfly and it will take care of you. :) =-----------------------------------------------------= Artisans - Home world You start this level with a dragon in front of you. After you walk up and rescue him, look around a bit. All descriptions below assume you're standing where you rescued the dragon unless otherwise stated. There is a circle of hedge in front of you on the left. Inside this hedge is the entrance to Dark Hollow. Directly to the left is a little pond with two waterfalls flowing into it and 5 round platforms. Jump from one platform to the other without falling in the water or touching other land (if you do, just start over) to unlock Sunny Flight. Back to the right, there is a hill with two frog-creatures standing on it and some flowers. You can jump from the top of this hill and glide over to a platform on the wall with crystals and treasure chests on it. Between the hedged area and the hill is a tunnel entrance that leads to Marco the Balloonist. You must rescue 10 dragons from the various Artisan levels before he will transport you to the next world. To the right of the hill is a gap in the wall. Through this gap is a dragon you can rescue, and behind him, a huge dragon's head. The dragon's head will not open until you go to another one of the Artisans worlds (through any of the gates in the Artisans Home) and complete it. To the right of this gap is a gate to Stone Hill and near that gate is a tunnel which leads to another area (described below) and to the right of that are some platforms with red crystals on them. Just jump from one to the other to get all the crystals. Remember to crash into the frog-guys carrying bags of crystals 3 times to get all 5 crystals. Through the tunnel mentioned above, is the 2nd area of the Artisans Home. There is a column in the center of this area with a sparkle lift. Take the lift up and there is the Town Square entrance in front of you and a ledge on either side of you. If you walk to one of the ledges and look down (hold down triangle and use direction buttons), you'll see crystals. Jump across and get them. Then go back up and do the other side. Feel free to enter Town Square at this point. =-----------------------------------------------------= Artisans - Town Square When you enter this level, there is a set of embankments to your right and a dragon at the top. Get the crystals and rescue the dragon. He will tell you about gliding across the passage to your left. Glide across and deal with the bulls over there. Go up the steps there and glide across to the next area (behind you). Get all the crystals there and then glide across the water to the next area and rescue the dragon. Deal with the bulls around the fountain. There are some steps in this area and at the top of the steps are 4 chickens. Past the chickens are 4 bulls and lots of crystals and treasure, a fountain, a dragon, and the exit to the level. You can see a dragon on a higher ledge to your right. You'll get this dragon later. After you get this dragon and all the crystals, etc., do NOT exit the level. Go back the way you came and at the top of the steps is a green platform (it had 4 chickens around it) At the very highest step or point (it should be green/grassy), turn around and jump and glide down the steps and glide to the right. You should land on a grassy area. When you jump up to the next grassy area, there is a blue guy who's stolen a dragon egg (He'll be saying "nah nah nuh nah nah" over and over). You have to hold down [] charge and run after him and ram into him to get the egg. It's easy to fall off the ledge and into the water below. Chase him through the tunnel. If you don't make it to him before he escapes, he returns to the spot he was before. You'll have to do that whole routine again to get him. When you come out of the tunnel, chasing the blue guy, there are some treasure chests hidden to your right. After you get the blue guy, go forward and glide across to the next ledge. There are lots of treasure chests and crystals. At the end of this ledge, you can glide across and rescue the 4th and final dragon for this area. Behind the dragon is the exit to the level (down on the lower area) =-----------------------------------------------------= Artisans - Stone Hill You enter this level and it's a big circle. One door leads to a room with a checkered floor, and then a dragon on the other side, the exit to the level, and treasure chests around. Don't take the exit! Hop up on the edge or railing and look down (triangle). Drop off the edge and land on the beach down there. Get the crystals and go to the cave, get the key and 4 treasure chests. Head back out to the beach and take the crystal lift up. The door to the LEFT of the "exit" door (in the main area) leads to a circular room with lots of crystals, treasure chests and a dragon. The door to the RIGHT of the "exit" door (in the main area) leads to a whole other area. There are a TON of sheep, rams, and sheperds in this round area. In the center of the area is a column with a sparkle lift. Take the lift up and there is a dragon and crystals up here. Stand where the dragon is and look around. You can see some red crystals over on the grassy ring around this area. Hop up on one of the stone leges and carefully glide across. Ok, finding all the crystals in this area isn't easy. It helps to stand up at the top (where you glided from) and look around for crystals glistening. Crystals are to be found near lots of trees. There are crystals behind the low walls of the castle structure. There's a blue guy up here who's stolen a dragon egg. Chase him down to get the egg. In the first circular area you entered, now that you have the key, drop down the hole (there's a small tunnel that leads down) and get the crystals, dragon, and treasure chest. =-----------------------------------------------------= Artisans - Dark Hollow Progress through this area and you come to a set of blue stairs. Go to the top of the stairs. You can jump from the left and right of the stairs down and onto ledges (in the area at the BOTTOM of the stairs) Look for a place where you can go down stairs. At the bottom are big guys with metallic shields for stomachs. You have to torch these guys from the back. At the bottom of this area is a dragon, key, and crystals and treasure. There are a couple red crystals hidden down here. Take a good look around. Back up the stairs and into the main area there is a round platform with red crystals. You jump from platform to platform to get up the the central platform which has the locked treasure chest (which requires that key) and other crystals. Then glide from that platform across to the big frog with club and shield. Here is the last dragon and crystals. =-----------------------------------------------------= Artisans - Toasty Remember, the entrance of this world is the dragon head back in the Home world. Ok, the white doberman (dogs) in this level have to be hit or torched twice. And once you torch them, they run at you, so you need to torch em and then run away for a few seconds. Kinda frustrating. Dunno why they didn't maintain the theme and use sheepdogs. Take care of all the dogs and sheperds in this purple room/cave area. Before you rescue the dragon, turn left and go out on the ledge outside. You have to carefully walk along the ledge and kill two dogs and a sheperd. Torch a dog and run under him as he jumps. Repeat that for the 2nd dog. Then torch teh sheperd and go back and torch the dogs again. Now go back along the ledge and rescue the dragon. Go up against Pumpkinhead. Torch him and listen to the sound he makes. haha. Ok, follow him futher and get both dogs. Torch him again. Now go chase down this MEGA-BOSS (he's so tough!). There are 3 dogs in this area. After you kill the boss, the exit to the level appears. =-----------------------------------------------------= Artisans - Sunny Flight =-----------------------------------------------------= Peace Keepers - Home Walk forward and rescue the dragon. Turn right and kill the frog guard. Turn left and you're in a new area. To your far right (the door is far away and solid white) is Dry Canyon. There are two frog guards with cannons firing a cannon ball between the two cannons a little to the right. Look for a place where you need to aim the cannon towards a big red X written on one of the mountains. Fire (torch) the cannon and it reveals a platform which allows you to get to TWO new areas. If a frog guard in this world notices you and then runs away and hides in a tent, just torch the tent. Don't ask me HOW Universal got away with these frog guards pulling down their pants and showing you their ass (mooning) when you turn your back on them. The censors probably weren't watching. Anyways... Behind the second dragon you rescue is a small cave leading downwards to Ice Cavern. You'll see two sealed treasure chests. Aim cannons to blow these open. =-----------------------------------------------------= Peace Keepers - Dry Canyon When you are walking around this level clockwise, there are two sets of stairs. One is *centered* in a corridor and leads up towards the "Return Home" gate. There are lots of crystals hidden here and there and on the ground on the other side of the gate. Another set of stairs is off to the left side of a corridor and you have to glide across purple water to get to it. You go to the end of this platform (canyon wall should be on your left) and glide forward and to your left. You go down stairs and through a metal tunnel and there is a whole area with big guys and vultures on the other side of the tunnel. The treasure chest for this area requires you getting to the highest point. When you first enter this area, there's a rock "building" in front of you. You have to take the stairs on the back side of this building all the way up, then walk to the left and glide across to big ledges/stairs on the canyon wall and go up those stairs and get to the very highest, closest point to the edge and glide off over to the platform wayyy out there with the treasure chest on it. BEFORE YOU GO HERE, get the key to the treasure chest. (Keep reading). There is one platform you can get up to where a dragon says "To be a dragon, you must be a good glider." Walk to the end of that platform and, with the canyon wall behind you, look forward and off to the right. There are two pyramid-like shapes and beyond that, there is a cave entrance in the wall. Glide over the pyramids and into that cave entrance. Get everything in the cave and then there is an exit at the top of the cave that leads out to a ledge. Very carefully walk over to the left-most part of the ledge (you should be on the edge of the ledge about to fall off). Make a leap of faith forward and then glide around the mountain to the left and land on a platform. Here is the last dragon for this level, and before you jump off, get the key that apppears after you rescue the dragon. =-----------------------------------------------------= Peace Keepers - Cliff Town This level has lots of large women stirring black cauldrons. Not only does the woman have a crystal, but torch the pots, they each have crystals as well. As you make you way up to the top on the far cliffs with walkways and lots of women with pots, there will be opportunities to glide back towards the middle of the level and land on various roofs and get crystals here and there. Don't forget the roof in the center of the level with a little rocket on it. You flame that and it blows up the locked concrete chest on the cliff side. When you make your way to the very top, you release a dragon who tells you that you can glide across the river and land on the grassy hill area. There are vultures on posts and lots of crystals here. When you get to the far left (if the cliffs are behind you and the castle is in front of you) side of the grassy area, you get to a dragon who tells you that you can glide virtually anywhere. You'll notice there are diamond shapes sticking up which make a boundary you can't walk past (you bounce off). Go to the farthest left (again, with the cliffs BEHIND YOU) so you can see the castle. Jump from the closest edge you can get to the castle and glide towards the right side of the castle. You can fly through a small gap and get to the back side of the castle (remember to land by pressing triangle) There are lots of crystals back here. =-----------------------------------------------------= Peace Keepers - Ice Cavern =-----------------------------------------------------= Peace Keepers - Doctor Shemp =-----------------------------------------------------= Peace Keepers - Night Flight =-----------------------------------------------------= Magic Crafters - Home =-----------------------------------------------------= Magic Crafters - Alpine Ridge =-----------------------------------------------------= Magic Crafters - High Caves =-----------------------------------------------------= Magic Crafters - Wizard Peak As soon as you enter this level, turn around and walk to the right edge and jump and glide over to a ledge. There are a bunch of crystals on that ledge that follows the contour of the mountain. =-----------------------------------------------------= Magic Crafters - Blowhard =-----------------------------------------------------= Magic Crafters - Crystal Flight =-----------------------------------------------------= Beast Masters - Home =-----------------------------------------------------= Beast Masters - Terrace Village =-----------------------------------------------------= Beast Masters - Misty Bog =-----------------------------------------------------= Beast Masters - Tree Tops =-----------------------------------------------------= Beast Masters - Metalhead When you start this level, you go up a set of stairs and there are armored gorilla guys everywhere. There are some platforms in this area you can reach and some you can't because they are too high. As you cross the bridge, look down at the green sludge. If you look carefully to the sludge down on the right, there is a small ledge you can land on and the door has a gap you can glide through. Glide down there and remember, if you fall in the sludge, you can still hit Jump as soon as you hit the water and try to get out of the sludge. There are red crystals on the left, go up the stairs, get the key across the platform and then go down the other stairs and get the other crystals. Go back up over the stairs and platform and there is a sparkle lift. Use it and as long as you let it fly you, you will land on a much higher platform and you can reach the rest of the crystals in this area. Now go down and fight Metalhead. Run around and crash through the electric posts that are blinking green. If the post is blinking green/red, it's about to turn solid red and then you get HURT if you ram into it. You have to do this twice. There are more crystals to be had on the ground here. The 2nd time you fight Metalhead, he's in a much bigger room than the 1st time. After you wipe him out, go back to the entrance of this 2nd fight area and notice that you can jump from the steps to a ledge on the inside wall of this chamber. Make your way over to the sludge waterfall. Get the crystals, and you should have the key from the earlier area. Remember to go to the end after killing Metalhead and before you exit the level, take the sparkle lift up and get the crystals here as well as outside on the upper ledge. =-----------------------------------------------------= Beast Masters - Wild Flight =-----------------------------------------------------= Dream Weavers - Home =-----------------------------------------------------= Dream Weavers - Dark Passage =-----------------------------------------------------= Dream Weavers - Lofty Castle =-----------------------------------------------------= Dream Weavers - Haunted Towers =-----------------------------------------------------= Dream Weavers - Jacques A fool (a guy in a colorful costume) is walking around a platform. Torch him and he turns into a clock and the platform rises. Glide from the platform to the next highest platform. There is an armored gorilla and a fool (Fool #2) in front of you, a lava flow in front and to the right of you, and to the immediate right is a whole other area with a fool wandering around (Fool #3). Area DWJ1: If you walk forward, kill the armored gorilla, and then torch Fool #2, you can get on the platform and glide across to a ledge. Jump down off the ledge and there are two armored gorillas on cone-shaped platforms in front of you and a very tall round platform to your left that you can't get onto. To lower that platform, you have to go back and torch Fool #3, then run and torch Fool #2 and jump on that platform, then up to the ledge, and then glide to that tall platform (which is now short). Wait for it to rise and you can access the dragon and a whole other area to the left. >From the Area DWJ1, if you go to the far right, you glide across and there are 3 armored gorillas on cone-shaped platforms. You go forward and get all that stuff. >From Area DWJ1, if you go forward and ignore the tall circular platform, you glide across and there are two fools circling a platform. You have to torch both of them quickly and then get on top of the highest ring of the platform and glide across. Go forward, killing enemies, etc. and you go down a set of stairs and rescue a dragon. Then there is a jack-in-the-box enemy. You have to chase him around the ring and torch him 3 times. Pretty tough to avoid dying here. He's worth 100 crystals. =-----------------------------------------------------= Dream Weavers - Icy Flight =-----------------------------------------------------= Gnasty's World - Gnexus (home) =-----------------------------------------------------= Gnasty's World - Gnorc Cove =-----------------------------------------------------= Gnasty's World - Twilight Harbor =-----------------------------------------------------= Gnasty's World - Gnasty Gnorc =-----------------------------------------------------= Gnasty's World - Gnasty's Loot You must have 11,000 crystals to enter this area. =-----------------------------------------------------= *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>