Tenchu FAQ by: Jay Anthony M. Encarnacion FAQ created: Sunday, March 8, 1998, 11:50 A.M. E-mail: angie@star.com.ph Introduction: Hello people. This is the first time that I wrote a FAQ for a game. I wrote this faq because the game, Tenchu, is really great! I want other players to enjoy this game as much as I am enjoying it now! Here are all of the things that I discovered while playing with Tenchu. I hope that you enjoy the game! The Codes: Stage Select: After you have chosen your character, another screen will appear. On that screen, press these: Hold R2, press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, Square, Triangle. After you have done that, more levels will be available to you to start from. Just press down or up to highlight the stage. 99 Capacity: At the weapons select screen: Hold L1, press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, Square, Triangle. After you have done this, you will see that your capacity (15) would turn into 99. Reveal More Weapons: At the weapons select screen: Hold R1, press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, Square, Triangle. After you have done this, you will see that there would be additional weapons that were not available to you before. More Number Of Weapons: At the weapons select screen: Hold L2, press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, Square, Triangle. After you have done that, you will notice that the number of weaons will add by 1. Just do the code again and again until you have reached your desired number of weaons. Regain Health: Just pause the game (press start), then press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, Square, Triangle. After you've done this, you'll hear a voice. When you unpause the game, your health will be back to 100. The Controls: Move: Simply move the directional pad on the controller. Jump: Press the X button. Slash: Press the Square button. You can use a combo here, the most effective is Square, Square, Square. Right Slash: Tap right, then Square. Turn Around Slash: Tap left, then Square. Jumping Slash: Press X, then Square. Back On Wall: When you're near a wall, Hold R1. Forward Flip: Double tap Forward, then press X. Back Flip: Double tap Back, then press X. Side Step: Double tap left or right. Crouch: Hold R1. Roll: Hold R1 then double tap left or right. Look At Map: Hold Select. Select a Weapon: Press R2 or L2 to scroll among available weapons. Use a Weapon: Press Triangle. The Grapling Hook: This is one of the most important items in the game. You have it automatically. To use the grapling hook, press Triangle then a red star or crosshair will appear on the screen. Use the directional pad to aim *Note that up means down and down means up. Release the Triangle button to fire the grapling hook and it will automatically pull you where you aimed at. The Weapons: Smoke Bomb: When you throw this to your enemies, they will be choking for a few seconds so use this time to slash them. Bomb: Throw this, and there will be a big explosion. This makes a lot of damage...just be careful not to be within the explosions reach! Land Spikes: When you leave them behind, your enemies MAY step on it. Shuriken: This is the ninja star. Use it like the grapling hook. It does considerable damage. Special Weapons: Flute: This is very useful especially when an enemy senses you. Just use this and you will make a sound...like a cat, elephant...etc and they will disregard you, just be sure you're not seen while using this! Clothes: This is one of the coolest things! If you use it, you will magically change to the shape of another enemy! You can walk by your enemies without them even noticing you! It has a limited time though. When you kill someone, the effect wears off. Red Scroll: This will create flame on your sword, for a limited time, which will burn your enemies. Not very useful. Yellow Scroll: This will magically teleport you forward in the direction you are facing. Purple Scroll: This will create a Dummy. Paper: It creates a yellow powder surrounding your body. Spread Shuriken: When you throw these, your enemies will get hit by many shurikens. Bone: This calls upon your magical dog which will aid you in killing off your enemy. Detection: Detection plays a big role in this game. When you see a green circle flash, it means that an enemy is near by. It gets bigger as the enemy nears you. When it flashes red, then it means that the enemy has detected you. You can use Stealth Killing Techniqes (I don't know what to call them), which is really cool and kills your enemies with just one hit. Stealth Killing Techniques: You can kill off your enemies with just one hit. First, you should not get the attention of your enemy. You can do this when the detection flash is green. Just run up behind, or anywhere your enemy then press Square. An animation will happen showing what you just did to your enemy. You could cut your enemy's throat, stab him in the stomach, or just break his neck. The Levels: Level 1: This is the first stage, which is the easiest. You can practice here using the grapling hook because most of the area is covered with houses. Your mission here is to kill a dirty old man! You can also practice here your stealth killing techniques. Fun Fact: The Boss here is a Dirty Old Man! Just watch what he's doing before you fight him! To beat the boss: The boss here has hired a man to kill you. You could either kill the hired killer or just let him get in the way of the bullets the boss is shooting at you. You could also kill the boss quickly to end the stage. Level 2: Now, there are other ninjas and lady ninjas out to kill you. They can now climb up the roofs! Be careful! Your mission here is to reach your sensei. Just cross the bridge. Fun Fact: There is another Dirty Old Man here! There is no boss here. Level 3: Here, it gets a little trickier than the first two stages. This stage is made up of a forest and lots of caves. The mission here is to save the other ninja girl. It may get a little confusing on where to go, so just follow this. First, when you start the level, run to the right side then follow the side. Enter the first cave that you will see. Use the grapling hook to get up the cave. Exit the cave then run to the right side again and enter the cave. When you get to the cave with the torches, beware of the wooden steps. They will open up and you will fall to your death. Choose the middle opening and follow the path to the right. When you reach the stone bridge, you will see two jails on the sides of the cave. Jump on the right jail, just be careful to time it or you may fall. Follow the path there, but be careful, there is a BIG BEAR waiting for you. Just follow the path again to the boss. Fun Fact: Talk about sleeping guards on duty! To beat the boss: The boss here is a big fat man with a club. just dodge his swings then hack away. After you have killed this guy, there will be another man, he will escape quickly and you have already saved the ninja girl. Level 4: This stage is STRANGE! There are new enemies here. One of them is a strange X-Files alien looking guy! It breathes fire, so watch out! It does a lot of damage, fortunately, it doesn't know how to block, that's why it's easy to kill. The other enemy is a Scimitar weilding enemy. It gives a good fight. The mission here is to go to the big building with the large statue. Be sure to kill the two archers. Go to the top of the statue and the boss will appear. Fun Fact: If you are not detected by the X-Files looking thing, you can watch it dance around! To beat the boss: The boss is very similar from the Level 3 boss. After you've killed this guy, the man from Stage 3 will appear. Fight him. He doesn't use any sword or weapon! He uses martial arts, but be careful, he's a good fighter. Before you can kill him, he will escape again. Level 5: Level 5 is just simple. You can simply walk on the roof tops to hide from the enemies. Just go to the ship. When you start the level, use the grapling hook to get on top of a roof. Then, head left until you reach the ship. Fun Fact: Hmm....the fact that you fight on a ship? To beat the boss: Just hack away. He's easy to beat. Level 6: Now, this is a BIG LEVEL! This stage is a forest where you have to find your way to the top of the cliffs. When you start the level, just follow the left path, up to the mountains. There are many archers here, so be careful. Also, time your jumps, most kills here are by falling down the waterfall. Your mission here is to go to the top and find something..... Fun Fact: Killing your enemies by slashing them to fall down a cliff! There is no boss here. Level 7: This stage is fun! You can follow to paths here, at the start, you could follow the path from where the water comes from or, do it Assassin Style! Just go to the big temple, walk up the steps, then fight the boss. Fun Fact: Fighting the boss on top of the temple and then slashing him to make him fall down! To beat the boss: Be careful because he can block your attacks most of the time. Just jump away when he attacks then slash him! Be careful because he can also use the potion to regain health to perfect health! When you beat him, he'll just escape.... Level 8: This is the final stage, and one of the most amazing stages in the game! This is a very BIG LEVEL! First, make your way through the icy forest, then into the big temple. To do this, just run straight! When you enter the chamber, the final fight against your "rival". To beat the boss: Just do what you did when you defeated him on Level 7. His death is cool! After you have killed him for sure, you will open another chamber and jump into it automatically. Now, this is a maze of passages. Just follow the path of the lava, but be careful not to fall into it! There are lots of enemies here, but they are only the X-Files alien dude and the samurai. You can actually lead your enemies into the lava! But be careful, they are tough, they will not get killed in the lava, only receive a little damage! When you have worked your way down, you will see another chamber open. Jump into it. Fun Fact: You can lead the enemies into the lava! I thought they had a good A.I.? To beat the boss: Now, this is the final battle. Be careful because the boss here can teleport. His sword is also unblockable! When he holds his sword straight up, be ready to get out of the way! He will shoot a thunder bolt which will make LOTS of damage to you! Just time your slashes and use your bombs if you have them. He's got lots of health! Good luck! *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>