Twisted Metal 4 FAQ By: 1.Version 2.Story 3.Weapons 4.Moves 5.Cars 6.Levels 7.Deathmatch levels 8.Short Review 9.Notes 10.Copyright -------------------- Coming Soon -------------------- Silent Hill Walkthrough and Ending Guide(I hope) Maybe-Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough X-Files Walkthrough ------------------- Now Playing ------------------- Resident Evil 2 Walkthrough --------------- 1. Version --------------- 1.0: Remembered names and corrected spelling ------------- 2. Story ------------- Sweet Tooth is now ahead of the Twisted Metal Tournament. Calypso is now trying to get his tournament back. But first he has to win Twisted Metal to be back on top. As the rules go win Twisted Metal and get one wish. To get through Twisted Metal he has to fight some twisted people! -------------- 3. Weapons -------------- Machine Gun: A slow, not that harmful, unlimited ammo gun. Fire Missile: Just a plain missile. Power Missile: The most powerful missile in the game. Ricochet Bomb: A bomb that sends guys flying. If you miss someone it will bounce off the wall. Lighting: This thing will zap everyone near the middle of the area. Homing Missile: A missile that will follow a person. Napalm: A thing a fire that pops up then comes down. Remote Bomb: A bomb that you can detonate. Freeze Remote: A bomb that will freeze people. Proximity Mine: Place it and if a person is near it, it will go BOOM!! Rain Missile: Not that good of a weapon. It's a missile and drops balls of fire. Rain Missile 2: Better than the other one. It can shoot lasers at someone instead of balls of fire just being dropped. Speed Missiles: Missiles that are like the machine gun but a little more powerful and faster. Mortar: Like a napalm but stronger and bigger explosion. M.I.R.V.(Multiple Independently Targeted Reentry Vehicle) A missile that will shoot out laser. It's like a rain 2 missile and a mortar put together. Auto Load: It's like a mortar and a M.I.R.V. put together. It hits the closest person to you but if no one is around you, you will get hit! -------------- 4. Moves -------------- Freeze Burst: left-right-up-up. It will shoot out a burst of ice to freeze a person. Rear Freeze: left-right-down-down. Same as freeze burst but backwards. Massive Attack: up-down-up-down-up. E-mail me if you know what it does. Rear Massive Attack: up-down-up-down-down. See massive attack. Rear Attack: right-left-down-down. See massive attack. High Jump :up-up-left. Makes you jump. Shield: up-up-right. Makes a shield around you. Invisibility: down-down-up-up. Makes you look like your not there. Hyperspace: up-up-down-down. Takes you somewhere else in the level. ------------ 5. Cars ------------ Driver Name: Meter Maid Vehicle:3-Wheeled Meter Car Driver Info:23-Year-Old Female,LA,CA Special Weapon: Energy Beam Orbital Sleek Sports Car 41-Year-Old,Srockwell,London,England Teleorb Captain Grimm Pirate Ship Car Age Unkown,Dead Guy,No Known Home Town Cannon Balls Calypso Nuke Mobile Overthrown Twisted Metal Leader Nuke Goddle Eyes Roach Coach 26-Year-Old Male,Little Rock,AR Green Acid Pizza Boy Illegal Street Racer 19-Year-Old Male,Philadelphia,PA Pizza Cutters Quatro Xeon Hoverbike Age Unkown,Not of This Earth Microwave Shockwave General Warthog WWI Tank 99-Year-Old War Monger,Springfield,MI Ion Blaster Micro Blast Toy Car 29-Year-Old Elf,Uknown Origin E-mail me if you know Trashman Garbage Truck 42-Year-Old Mean Smelly Guy,Some Landfill Slam The Joneses Family Wagon Family Values Gone Twisted,Suburbia Somewhere Homing Missiles Drag Queen Hot Rodder 47-Year-Old Dennis "Petunia" Flanders Venice,CA Flame Thrower Rob Zombie Dragula Big Time Rocker Zombie ------------- 6. Levels ------------- Construction Yard: This level is easy and has a good song. If you want some fun blow up the thing in the middle and use the crank. Always drop the guys in the fire thing. Neon City. An easy fun level. When in the tunnel be alert! The train might hit you and take so good damage. The boss is kinda easy. Stay from a distance and fire whatever you got. Road Rage: This is the 2nd most annoying level. Just going around looking for powerups and bad guys. The boss is Thumper from TW2. Just stay from a distance and fire away. Watch out for his flame thrower! Sweet Tooth's Bedroom: A small fun level. There are lots of power ups so keep getting them. The RC Car is easy. Just fire away. Don't you thing that big missile on him would of exploded? Amazonia 3000 B.C.: This level is big but boring. There are some neat place you can go to get powerups. The boss is Axel from TW2(most of the bosses are from TW2.) Shot from a distance with everything you got. The Oil Rig: This is a nice big level. Lots of powerups to get. There are 2 bosses in this level. I forgot there names but one of them is from TW2. Shoot from a distance. The Maze: The most annoying level in the game. Most of the powerups are down in the basement. The boss is Minion. Hit him with everything you got. The Carnival: Good small level. Not that many powerups. The boss is the most annoying boss. It's Sweet Tooth. Keep from a distance and hit him with everything you got. If you get hit by his speical you are dead because it stays with you until your dead. ------------------------------- 7. Deathmatch Levels ------------------------------- The Pits: Blow up the holes and your be sure they will die. The Citadel: Lots of powerups in this level. Stay on the rooftop if you want to be away from battle. Nowhere to Hide: Just never stop and keep firing. Son of a Ditch: Keep going around firing. King of the Hill: Stay on top of the hill if you want powerups. Tic-Tac-Toast: Place bombs all around and detonate them. That will proably kill them all. If you fall use hyperspace. Octo-Zone(i think): Pretty hard level. Run around and always try to stop if your about to hit those circle things. If you go flying use hyperspace. ----------------------- 8. Short Review ---------------------- This game is the best one of the Twisted Metals. Great soundtrack,graphics,and levels. I'll give it "Thumbs Up!!" It get's ***1/2 stars(out of 4.) ------------- 9. Notes ------------ This is my 2nd FAQ/Walkthrough. No help yet but if you want to help me a little more please e-mail me(I hope this guy puts it up this time.) ------------------- 10. Copyright ------------------- Copyright 1999 John K. 11/28/99 HAHE</p>