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(Japan) Developers: Inti Creates, Capcom Publisher: Capcom Genre: Action/Platformer ESRB Rating: E - Mild Cartoon Violence Release Dates: - Wii (WiiWare) - North America: March 1, 2010 - Europe: March 5, 2010 - Japan: March 9, 2010 - Playstation 3 (Playstation Network) - North America: March 11, 2010 - Europe: March 11, 2010 - Japan: March 9, 2010 - Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Arcade) - North America: March 31, 2010 - Europe: March 31, 2010 - Japan: March 31, 2010 Cost: - WiiWare: 1000 Wii Points - Playstation Network: $9.99 (estimate) - Xbox Live Arcade: 800 Microsoft Points (estimate) Space Required: - Wii: 98 blocks --------------- - 1-02 Story - --------------- Peace reigns across the world after the events of Mega Man 9 caused the menacing Dr. Wily to once again go into hiding. However, a new thread begins to creep through society.. Roboenza, a strange new virus that only affects robots, is spreading quickly throughout the world. People begin to panic as their faithful robotic helpers come down with symptoms that mirror the worst humanoid flus. An antidote is being especially difficult to create, as the very robots that would be attempting to find one are affected just as well. After about a month passes, panic becomes outright fear as many robots affected by Roboenza begin going berserk and attempting to take over the world. What's worse, Mega Man's own beloved sister, Roll, begins to show symptoms of the virus, and the Blue Bomber, though powerful, has no way to combat a sickness. Just about that time, Dr. Wily, longtime nemesis of Mega Man and his creator Dr. Light, crash-lands near their laboratory asking for help! It seems that the frenzied robots affected by the virus have even been attacking Wily himself, and stolen parts of a machine he'd been developing to create a cure. Mega Man has no choice but to hunt down the eight Robot Masters who have each taken a piece of the machine in order to help Wily finish the antidote before it's too late. With Dr. Wily's mad genius and Mega Man's legendary battle power, they might just have a chance to put an end to Roboenza once and for all! ------------------- - 1-03 Characters - ------------------- -Mega Man: The main character of the series. The Blue Bomber. Originally created by Dr. Light as a lab partner robot named Rock, he volunteered himself to undergo the transformation into a war machine in order to stop Dr. Wily before the events of Mega Man 1. Time and time again, for years, Mega Man has been the hero to stop Dr. Wily and his cohorts' evil plots and save the world. -Proto Man: Mega Man's brother, a prototype battle robot created by the combined efforts of Dr. Light and Dr. Wily back when they were partners, long ago. He often keeps to himself and doesn't show a sense of duty to the world as strong as his brother's, though he often helps Mega Man in more or less subtle ways throughout his adventures. This time, howerver, Proto Man's finally stepping into the spotlight and taking on this entire quest right alongside his brother. -Roll: Mega Man and Proto Man's little sister. Created around the same time as Rock, as a housekeeping robot. She usually stays around Dr. Light's lab and helps Mega Man however she can.. but this time, she's a little under the weather. Her infection with the Roboenza virus has her older brothers up in arms ready to find a cure for her before it's too late. -Dr. Thomas Light: Robotic supergenius and creator of Mega Man, Roll, Auto, Rush, Tango, etc. Though he doesn't build anywhere near as MANY robots as his nemesis and former ally, Dr. Wily, the ones he does build are generally of a massively higher quality. He's a very gentle and caring man and only wants what's best for the world, but this time it looks like he's going to have to work with the world's most dangerous criminal to achieve that goal. -Dr. Albert Wily: The only scientific mind in the world powerful enough to rival even that of Dr. Light's. Once upon a time, he and Dr. Light were colleagues, working together to build several robots meant to usher the world into a new era of prosperity. However, Dr. Wily had ulterior motives of reprogramming the robots into battle machines and using them to take over the world for himself. Though Mega Man stopped him, he has again and again attempted this sinister goal, often going so far as to blackmail other scientists, create supplementary personas, play with the minds of otherwise innocent robots and any number of other schemes to get things to go his way. This time, however, it looks like the tides have turned--Dr. Wily was attacked by the berserk robots under the influence of Roboenza and has agreed to work toward a cure with the help of his old ally once again. -Auto: A lab partner and general maintenance bot built by Dr. Light after Rock threw in his wrench to become Mega Man. This bulky, cheerful green robot will go out of his way to build Mega Man the best items and equipment he can with the screws and bolts Mega brings back home. This time's no different, though he also wants to build items for Proto Man.. and in order to get his older brother to trust him, he's going incognito! -Rush: Mega Man's faithful robotic canine companion, created by Dr. Light to aid Mega on the field many adventures ago. Aside from general moral support, Rush is able to transform his body into a trampoline, an aerial sled, a submarine, and many other things, as well as deliver items to Mega Man on the field. Rush is ready to go with his Coil unit at the beginning of this adventure, but it'll take time for Dr. Light to finish working on and reinstall his Jet unit. -Eddie: Also known as Flip-Top, this small container-shaped red robot is a more unique creation of Dr. Light's built for field aid. His main purpose is to teleport to Mega Man's location at regular intervals and resupply him with a variety of items. In this adventure, Mega Man has the ability to call Eddie at will with special Eddie Calls made by Auto. -Beat: A small, round blue bird created by the robotics genius Dr. Cossack long ago to commemorate Mega Man and Proto Man's help for him and his daughter against Dr. Wily. Though small, Beat has had many functions over the years, from combat support to aerial attack operations, but perhaps his most beloved role is that of a savior from the strange bottomless pits found throughout the world. In this game, Auto can make special Beat Call items for either Mega or Proto Man that they will automatically use if they've fallen down a pit to call Beat, who will swiftly dive in and save them. -Tango: A green robotic cat created by Dr. Light when Mega Man needed extra help combatting the Star Droids long, long ago. Tango seems to have fallen into complacency staying at the lab and lazing about, rarely coming into view when Mega Man's on another of his crazy adventures. ------------------ - 1-04 Controls - ------------------ +++++++++ ++ Wii ++ +++++++++ (Wii Remote) Control Pad: Moves the player character left or right, and up or down ladders. Also moves the cursor on various menus. A Button: Shifts around your Special Weapons, similar to L/R buttons on most gamepads. Shifts backward. B Button: Shifts around your Special Weapons, similar to L/R buttons on most gamepads. Shifts forward. + Button: The Wii's equivalent to the 'start' button found on most gamepads. This makes selections and brings up the equipment menu in stages. - Button: On the Stage Select screen, this opens the in-game menu from which you can enter the Shop and save your game. In a stage, this opens a menu which allows you to change options, view challenges or exit the game. Home button: Opens the Wii Home Menu. 1 Button: Fires your weapon (if using Type 1 control), servers as the 'cancel' button in menus. 2 Button: Jumps (if using Type 1 control), serves as the 'accept' button in menus. (Classic Controller) Control Pad: Moves the player character. A Button: Jump/Confirm (Type 1 control option used for all these). B Button: Fire/Cancel. X Button: Fire/Cancel. Y Button: Jump/Confirm. + Button: Starts game, opens Pause/Menu screen. - Button: Opens a menu screen that's different depending on if it's used in a stage or on the Stage Select screen. Home Button: Brings up Home Menu. L Button: Shifts selected Special Weapon backwards. R Button: Shifts selected Special Weapon forwards. +++++++++++++++++++ ++ Playstation 3 ++ +++++++++++++++++++ N/A ++++++++++++++ ++ Xbox 360 ++ ++++++++++++++ N/A ------------------- - 1-05 Main Menu - ------------------- After watching the opening movie (and inputting your name if this is your first time playing), the title screen will appear. Press Start (+ on the Wii) to bring up the main menu to access the Main Menu, containing the following options: GAME START "THE MAIN GAME OF MEGA MAN 10." - NEW GAME: Starts a new game from the beginning. You may choose your character and difficulty after selecting this. - LOAD: Resume play from saved data. - BACK TIME ATTACK "EACH STAGE CAN BE PLAYED IN TIME ATTACK MODE WITH RESULTS RECORDED ON THE RANKINGS." This mode allows you to play specific stages in an attempt to finish them as fast as possible. Only Mega Man may be used, but you begin with all Special Weapons. You can save one replay per stage. - STAGE SELECT: Pick a stage to attempt a Time Attack on. - RANKINGS: View individual stage rankings in Time Attack. - UPLOAD DATA SELECT: You can upload your time attack times, as well as replay data from your time attack runs! - RULES: Explains how Time Attack Mode works. - BACK ???????? CHALLENGES "A MODE WITH MANY DIFFERENT CHALLENGES." This brings up a list of challenges in Mega Man 10 as well as the rules you must follow to complete them. Mega Man 10 actually has its own challenge MODE which you must play to complete most of the challenges, but a few are obtained during normal gameplay a la Mega Man 9. - CHALLENGIST LIST: A list of 88 special Challenge Mode challenges (page 1) and 12 challenges returning from Mega Man 9 (page 2) as well as your completion status. Page 1's challenges can be selected to take you to a Challenge Mode course in which you can attempt to rank in the challenge, from E (incomplete) to S (perfect). Page 2 contains challenges that must be completed in normal "story mode" gameplay. - RULES: Explains the rules of Challenge Mode, particularly the Page 1 challenges in the Challenge List. - BACK RANKINGS "VIEW THE RANKINGS." This brings up a menu to view various top rankings. - ALL CLEAR RANKING: Connect to the internet to view the best times completing the entireity of the game. You will see your own personal best at the top of the screen, followed by the top 30 worldwide. - TIME ATTACK RANKING: Same as All Clear Ranking, except for individual stages' rankings. - ??????? - BACK OPTIONS "CHOOSE A CONTROL TYPE AND PLAYER NAME." This brings up the Options menu. - CONTROL TYPE: Switches between two different control schemes for the Fire and Jump buttons. - PLAYER NAME: Allows you to change the name you input the first time you started the game. This name is seen on online leaderboards for the game. ADD-ON CONTENT "PURCHASE ADDITIONAL CONTENT FOR MEGA MAN 10." This brings up the Downloadable Content menu. This is extra content for the game that you can buy with Wii Points, or whatever currency the console of your choice uses. (Note: As of 3/1/10, there is no DLC yet) BACK "RETURN TO THE TITLE SCREEN." =================== = II) Walkthrough = =================== (NOTE: I'll be the first to tell you that one of the best ways in the world to get help with a specific stage or boss is to go into the Time Attack records in MM10 itself and view the online video data for some of the top records. This will show you how the best of the best players in the world complete the stages and bosses, though it's for speed so they won't bother to grab pickups and may take damage on purpose to save time, but it can still be very helpful. Like my guide, though, Time Attack only uses Mega Man and only on Normal difficulty) First and foremost, let me make it clear that this is a walkthrough for MEGA MAN (not Proto Man!) on NORMAL difficulty (not Easy!). For information on what Easy Mode and Proto Man Mode bring to the table, refer Sections 2-E and 2-P, respectively. Once you select New Game, select yoour character and difficulty, you're taken to the Stage Select screen. Here, you may choose which of the 8 Robot Masters to battle, or press Select (- button on the Wii) to enter the menu. The in- game menu allows you to enter the Shop, save the game, return to the Stage Select screen or exit the game. When you're ready, choose the boss you wish to fight. You can refer to the Table of Contents at the beginning of this guide to find the number associated with a given stage, and Ctrl + F to jump to it. I've prepared the guide in order of the Master easiest with the default weapon followed by the Master weakest to the Special Weapon you gain from the first, etc. Generally, the walkthrough is written so that each individual room of a stage gets its own paragraph, so if you're stuck on a specific room of a stage, just skip that many paragraphs. Now, let's get started! ----------------- - 2-01 Chill Man - ----------------- As you may have guessed, this is an ice-themed stage, so most of the ground you will walk on will be slippery. You can keep your traction if you jump and move in the air before falling instead of trying to move on the ground, but this isn't really necessary a lot of the time. As you walk to the right, you'll find a snowman enemy that'll form snow heads above itself and toss them at you. If they hit the ground, they'll explode into four bullets that travel in a plus formation across the screen. You can destroy the heads, but they yield no drops. Move further to run into some Shield Attackers; these guys fight just like they always do, jetting left and right in a set path. Their front is completely invulnerable to all weaponry except for the Solar Blaze, but their back is taken down in four shots from your Mega Buster. Go right to fight more snowmen and then encounter a new type of block that you'd best start to get used to. These four-tile ice blocks will be seen a lot in this stage and later in the game, so I'll go over their function; if you LAND on them from above, they will crack (it doesn't hurt them if you walk from another parallel surface). If you land on a cracked one, you'll have about half a second to react before it shatters. You can also shoot them; a shot will crack them, and another will instantly break them. Some weapons, such as the Solar Flare, can break them in one shot. Anyway, move forward and purposely hop on the last ice block a couple times to fall to the next room. Here, just run to the left, avoid shooting or backtracking and hop on the next to last block on the left a couple times so that you fall below without hitting the Shield Attacker, then break the next block. This room's basically the same as the last, but you'll want to run to the far right to collect the large screw before falling down. Destroy the snowman and fall again, taking care to make short hops on the last block so you don't hit the spikes above. In this room, it's a good idea to just break the second block and fall while hugging right to get into the alcove with the 1-up. In order to safely get back out without fear of hitting the spikes, let the Shield Attacker hit you so you'll be invincible while you climb out. I'd say a bit of health lost is worth an extra life. Fall down the left shaft, and hug the right wall. When you fall down here, if you hugged right like I said, you'll fall into the top corridor and get some health to recover you from your purposeful hit above. If you didn't make it, just go right a bit and jump up to the top in the gap just past the first Octopus Battery. Proceed right, killing batteries and snowmen. Make sure you exit the room from the top corridor. Just run right and up the ladder here. Now, if you were in the upper corridor before, you'll climb up to a Weapon Tank and a couple timebomb platforms that you can simply run into then back to the right wall to avoid damage from. After this, climb to the next room, defeating the batteries and Shield Attacker... ...and repeat that in this room. Don't worry about blowing up the ice blocks. Climb up again. In this room, you'll see a huge stomper with a tiny stomper trapped by blocks of ice. Both of these enemies can jump on the ice blocks to crack and destroy them, just like you. Start by breaking the ice directly to your left and destorying the mini hopper, then get to the left wall, turn around and shoot the big hopper as fast as you can. Destroy the rest of the ice and climb up. Now we're outside again. Destroy the snowmen and proceed right. You'll meet a very annoying bird-type enemy that will fly by in a straight line and drop an egg when it meets you vertically. The egg will then activate a rocket booster and blast toward you when it meets you horizontally. The egg can be destroyed, but won't drop items. Proceed right, jumping and shooting in an attempt to destroy the mini hoppers before they destroy your platforms, but take care not to accidentally do so yourself when you're on or near them. When more birds fly by, you'll either want to try to time it so that their eggs rocket toward you at the apex of a jump and fly safely above you, or turn to the left and shoot them. Proceed right and drop down to the left into the alcove with the large energy and weapon capsules. Immediately turn right and punish the big stomper, or wait for him to kill himself by breaking the leftmost ice block, then IMMEDIATELY jump to the right one before the mini stomper above comes in to break it (which will spell your doom). Run right, and find the boss door! ******************* * WARNING * * BOSS: CHILL MAN * ******************* WEAKNESS: SOLAR BLAZE Chill Man will either run or leap across the room--for some reason, he has bad traction on ice just like you, so he'll scoot around a bit when he stops. He's really easy to jump over, even his jumps are quite low. When he stops, he'll shoot a couple Chill Spikes, one angled down and one angled up. If they hit you in snowball form, they'll freeze you, and unless you tap the buttons and jump away quick he'll pounce you for more damage. If the snowballs hit a wall or floor instead of you, they'll form a small bed of spikes that can hurt a lot but are easy to avoid and break after a couple seconds. Chill Man will repeat these few moves over and over in no real pattern at all that I can decipher. Sometimes he'll only shoot a single Chill Spike toward the ground, as well. The best advice I can give is to keep your distance and be ready to jump over him whenever he gets near you. His weakness is the Solar Blaze. The good news is that since the Blaze will explode into both directions horizontally and sweep across the screen, since Chill Man can't jump very high chances a he'll be hit every time you use it. The bad news is it only does 3 units of damage to him, one of the least any boss takes from his weakness weapon. You can stay far away from Chill Man and use the explosion waves to hit him every time while you dodge his shots, but it's faster to just shoot them in his face so you can end him more quickly. Chill Man is one of those bosses that are easy to defeat, but very difficult to master. He doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason to how far he runs before stopping, when he runs, jumps or shoots, or if he'll shoot one bullet or two. Luckily, he's probably the simplest boss to just fill full of holes without worrying about dying before him. Of course, this makes his gold crown on Challenge Mode one of the most frustrating to achieve, so if you have any tips on how to beat him without taking ANY damage, be sure to send me a heads-up. ----------------- - 2-02 Nitro Man - ----------------- Teleporting into a city, you may recognize the music playing from the Mega Man 10 trailer released a few months before its release. Move right, and you'll face a new type of Roader enemy. By default it simply drives forward in a straight line like Roaders from previous Mega Man games; however, if you attempt to destroy it, one of two things will happen depending on if you destroy the Roader itself or the cannon on top of its head. If you destroy the Roader, the cannon will fly up and backwards while shooting bullets toward you. If you destroy the cannon first, the Roader will speed up tremendously and attempt to run you over. Generally, unless it's a tiny corridor or you need a dropped item, it's best to just jump over them. Continue to the right and climb up the ladder, but stop just when Mega Man leans over the top of the ladder and hold right while shooting so you can hit the Sniper Joe without it being able to hit you. In the next room, destroy the Roader and use Rush Coil to collect some screws. The next room is the first of several in this stage that consists of a long horizontal 'highway' with trucks speeding through. Keep an eye on the flashing lights at the bottom; they'll be red lines when nothing's near, but will turn blue and point in the direction of oncoming traffic when something's approaching. In this room, trucks will speed in from the right side. You'll want to jump just a bit after their horn honks and attempt to get on top of them; otherwise, they'll smack into you and explode, dealing a lot of damage. Try to avoid as many as you can as you make your way right, destroy the flying Met and grab the screw by jumping off the roof of a truck. At the end, either wait for a truck or quickly switch to Rush Coil or Jet to reach the ladder. This room introduces a new shield charger enemy. Basically, whenever you see one of these, it's going to charge ALL THE WAY across the platform it's on, even if it's more than a screen long, until it reaches the end or you stop it. Its only weak point is its head, but shooting its shield will knock it back. You'll have to jump and shoot both targets rapidly if you want to defeat it without getting hit. The next room is another truck room, but this time they're coming from the left. Try to jump on one as it's driving by and ride it all the way to the end of the room--but be careful, the very last wall before the ladder is covered in spikes. Next we have the midpoint room, which is safe and has some weapon capsules. Go up. And here we have ANOTHER truck room. This is by far the most dangerous, having trucks with larger trailers (you'll have to jump up again after jumping on the truck's head to cross it) and spikes covering the left walls as trucks approach from the right. You're save except for the far left wall when on a truck's head, but you'll have to jump on the trailer to proceed. Only jump up there if you're in a space between overhanging walls, and work your way to the right. You'll eventually come to a 1-up, which is very difficult to reach unless you use Rush Coil. You may have to take a hit for it. Next, fall down the small chute in the floor to reach the next room. Now you're at the final truck room. This one has the bigger trailer trucks coming from the left. Destroy the flying Met and drop down onto a truck, preparing to jump off to a higher platform after a couple seconds of riding. Jump right to the platform with energy capsules and then Rush Coil up through the hole in the ceiling. You can run safely to the end of the room here, and even collect an Energy Tank. Fall down the tiny hole next to the tank and then another chute to proceed. Destroy the Met and activate the bomb platform. Let it explode and fall through the hole it left. Jump toward the right, jumping off the rightmost platform when it reaches 0 and running into the alcove to grab the screw. Drop down, easing to just left of the center of the room. You'll fall on a small safe platform amidst many timebombs. There are alcoves with powerups all over the room; from the safety of the middle platform, plan which ones you need before grabbing them and dropping down. A small room with a shield charger. Defeat it, and drop. Here's a bumpy road of a room full of Roaders. Jump from raised section to raised section and leap over the Roaders. Go right to face the first Sniper Joe that you can't hide from. Wait until he points his gun at you, shoot him, and jump so that his first spray of three bullets pass under you, then quickly shoot and jump again for the next three. Repeat until he dies, then go right to the boss. ******************* * WARNING * * BOSS: NITRO MAN * ******************* WEAKNESS: CHILL SPIKE Nitro Man has two moves he can do from the ground, and he'll randomly perform either of them at the start of the battle. His first move is to use his trademark Wheel Cutter weapons to assault you; he'll throw one in a high arc into the air and then another straight forward. They'll roll along the ground when they hit the floor and then roll up the side of the wall and bounce off toward you one final time before dissipating. He'll throw four like this before he does anything else. His other move is to transform into a motorbike and rev up before charging you. If he does a wheelie, that means he's going to drive right past you and up the wall behind you. If he does this, then when he's about to hit the ceiling he'll jump off and throw a pair of Wheel Cutters that will bounce around the floor moving toward each other, then stick to the floor after about three bounces, run toward opposite walls, then fall off toward the middle of the room simultaneously when they reach the ceiling. Nitro has one more move, in which he'll turn into a bike and NOT do a wheelie, meaning he'll just drive back and forth across the room several times and finally do a wheelie at the end, climbing up the wall and tossing two Cutters at you. By far the most dangerous thing in this battle are all the Wheel Cutters that will often be bouncing around the room, rolling on the floors and walls and falling from the tops of the walls all throughout the battle. Nitro throws them in predictable and easily-dodged patterns and they always follow the same patterns themselves, but there can be so many onscreen at once it can get very confusing. You can destroy them with Nitro's weakness weapon, the Chill Spike, and since it takes so little Weapon Energy you don't really have to worry too much about running out. You'll notice that hitting Nitro Man directly with the snowball will do minimal damage, though it DOES freeze him, and he's the only boss in the game that can be frozen like this. The 'real' way to defeat him with the Spike is to plant a trap of spikes on the ground or wall before he runs over them in bike form, which deal major damage to him. Since he only turns into a bike sometimes, focus on either destroying his Wheel Cutters or trying to dodge them while pelting him with the Mega Buster in the meantime. Once he turns into a bike, plant a Chill Spike on the ground before him. If he does a wheelie, only worry about hitting him with that initial Spike. If he doesn't, you have the opportunity to hit him several times before he climbs up the wall and very likely kill him. Either way, you'll eventually take him down. -------------------- - 2-03 Commando Man - -------------------- You begin in a desert area filled with quicksand. A little like Pharaoh Man's stage, no? Go to the right and you'll quickly be introduced to a pair of new enemies. One appears to be a red flashing mine on the ground, the other is a flying little green beetle. They actually kind of work as a team. The land mines will explode into robotic antlion dens if they're disturbed by your shots or your body. The beetles will fly down to a bit above your altitude then dash to the right, dropping a bomb near the closest mine that will explode into a shockwave and disturb the mine. Try to jump and destroy the beetles before they release their bomb, and then jump over the mine. If the mine does activate, wait for the antlion to spit a couple rocks before jumping over the pit. They always lob bombs in the same order; one high and to the left, one high and to the right, one low and to the left, and the same for the right-- then they stop for a second and repeat the pattern, only reversed. Keep fighting through this duo of enemies and make sure not to fall too far under the quicksand before you reach the end of the room and have a choice of two paths: (Path A: Upper path--to the right) You'll enter the first sandstorm room if you take the upper path. Sandstorms will cover the entire area in sand, through which you can only see animated sprites (yourself, your weapons and items, enemies, etc); no platforms, spikes, pitfalls or background. The sandstorms also cause a few changes--you're pushed in the direction it's going, you can run and jump further and faster in that direction but much slower and less far in the opposite direction. Mets stay under their helmets no matter how you may try to disturb them as the sandtorm's raging, and parachute enemies will float in the direction of the storm as long as they're using their parachute. You'll want to memorize where the danger areas are when you can actually see them, and make sure to stay in safe zones while the storm's raging, whether it's trying to run against the storm to stay on a safe platform or situating yourself against a wall or raised ledge so that the storm can't push you. Also be wary of the parachute enemies that pop out of many of the holes continually when you're near them. Luckily, Rush Jet is affected by the storms as well (that's lucky in the cases in which they're blowing to the right, anyway) so if you have it, use it at the beginning of the room and move to the top of the screen to quicklky clear the room and avoid any danger. Drop down in the next room, there's nothing of note. Bear left as you fall if you want a weapon capsule in the next room. Collect the weapon capsule (or don't) and beat the shield attacker, then fall again. Beat the Met and shield attacker, then fall AGAIN... (End of Path A) (Path B: Lower path) You fall into a strangely pink room with a shield attacker and a met. Destroy them and proceed to fall down the left shaft, but hold right as you fall. If you hugged the right wall from the room above, you'll enter an alcove with some energy. Drop down from here, dodging the shield attacker. Another room with some shield attackers and a met. Destroy them and move on. This next room has a sandstorm coming from the right. If you need a briefing on what sandstorms can do, refer to the first paragraph of Path A above. Most of this room is just littered with mets and simple jump obstacles, but near the end you'll find some chasms with parachute bots in them. Destroy them before proceeding, but memorize the short length of time between their rises if you stand close and use that information to get past safely. At the end of the room is an Energy Tank perched on a high platform above. If a sandstorm has just passed, use the Rush Coil to reach it. If you feel one's about to occur, stand on the furthest right high ledge, wait for it, and then use its power to jump to the E-tank. When you're done, jump over the spikes on the right and move on. (End of Path B) Anyway, now that you're at the room in which the paths merge, head right and outside again to a room that's a bit of a repeat of the first room of the stage full of beetles and antlion mines. Deal with these the same way you did earlier, and head right to fight a big stomper. Let him jump near you, get close to him, then run as he jumps to get past him without harm. The next room is another sandstorm room, and it's very dangerous; the storm blows from the right, and most of the left walls are covered in spikes. Rush Jet isn't as useful here, though you CAN use it; move to the top of the screen and shoot to preemptively destroy any parachuters that may get in your way. Otherwise, just proceed on foot. Try to find platforms with safe walls to the right, and run against them when the storm blows. There's a 1-up halfway through the room that's easy enough to collect. Keep going right. The next room just has some energy pellets and an antlion on top. Nothing to worry about. Now we've got yet another sandstorm room, this time with it blowing from the left. Rush Jet is obviously very useful here, but it can be very frustrating and dangerous to reach the safety of the top of the screen with it without being intercepted by a parachuter. Instead, try to hoof it, stopping on the longer platforms and running agaiinst the storm when it comes to survive it. At the end of the room, you'll come to several large chasms which lack parachuters but can be hard just to cross. The last one, especially, is quite impossible without using the sandstorm to your advantage. If you have the Rush Jet, use it on the high, long platform midway through the room to clear the rest with ease. Without it, you'll have to reach the long chasm at the end and either use Rush Coil when there's no storm or run and jump with all your might when the storm's blowing. The last room contains a series of small platforms over quicksand with a big stomper on the far side. Your options are to either quickly fall deliberately into the quicksand and jump under the stomper in an attempt to evade him completely, or stay on the right ledge and use any weapon that will hit it (any special weapon aside from Solar Blaze works, though you probably don't want to use too much Wheel Cutter energy as you'll want it for the boss). When finished, proceed through the boss doors. ********************** * WARNING * * BOSS: COMMANDO MAN * ********************** WEAKNESS: WHEEL CUTTER He looks massive and daunting, but he's really quite predictable. The main thing to remember is that if he jumps high into the air, he'll cause a quake when he lands that will render Mega Man compeltely defenseless for a second. He'll jump either high or low and launch a Commando Bomb forward which will turn down at a 90-degree angle when it reaches your position. Run under it then get ready to jump about to the point at which it landed to avoid the resulting shockwave (it's a shockwave similar to the ones the green beetles' bombs produced earlier in the level). After a couple jumps, he'll shoot a Bomb straight forward into the wall behind you, you'll want to stand a couple Mega Man lengths away from it to avoid the shockwave. Sometimes he'll also shoot a Bomb so close to the wall even when jumping that it'll explode on the wall before it has a chance to hit you. A good strategy for him is to get close to him as soon as possible, then run under him as he jumps and shoots; he can't shoot his bombs behind himself, so he'll always shoot them straight downward to the ground and even the shockwave won't be able to reach you if you're behind his aerial position. Jump over his occasional forwad shots from the ground and you've got him. His weaknes is Wheel Cutter, which can also be held in front of you to absorb the bombs he shoots. You can time it so that the Cutter will roll under him just as he lands, or just get in his face and shoot him over and over with them; they do huge damage to him outright. Whether you use cutters or the Mega Buster, he's a very predictable and, dare I say, easy boss at the end of one of the most frustraing stages. ----------------- - 2-04 Blade Man - ----------------- Entering this stage, with the regal-sounding music, castle theme and shielded cannons taken straight from Mega Man 6 in the background, you can't help but feel a bit of familiarity to Knight Man's stage years past... but that quickly fades as you proceed right and are assaulted by jet-propelled giant axes! Defeat the (surprisingly UNshielded) green cannons and greet your axe-faced friends with a bullet or three. They attack by jetting diagonally up and toward you, then crashing straight down and repeating. Continue right until you enter the interior of the castle and run into tiny, fast spiders--mini versions of the ones you saw in Mega Man 9. They scuttle across the ceiling, back and forth, until you get near them at which point they thread their way to the ground and proceed to mercilessly pounce at you. These guys really follow you forever, jumping past spikes and gaps that most enemies would give up near. The only fortunate thing about them is that they're very defensively weak and only take a couple shots to dispatch. Make one fall next to you and be ready to pelt it with two shots just as it hits the ground. Defeat a couple more and you'll come to a new Spine enemy.. they go back and forth on the ground and are invincible to most weapons like Spines in all the other games, but this time shooting them doesn't cause them to stop, it actually makes them go crazy and spring around while shooting bullets. Being hit by them causes the same effect. It's best just to jump over them, though you can destroy them with a Chill Spike or the shockwave from a Commando Bomb (though you'll want to save ammo for that for the boss, and for some items such as the screw at the top of this very screen that can only be obtained with a C. Bomb). Climb up to the next room. There's an axe and a spine here, as well as some screws you can get with the Rush Coil. Move on up. You've got another cannon to deal with, then you're introduced to a couple new things. First, assaulting you from the air is a flying robot head that weaves up and down as it flies across the screen. They seem simple enough and only take one shot to defeat, but if you ever come into their line of sight they instantly release a large bullet that can be destroyed. The next object to catch your attention is a teeter totter contraption that activates once you step onto the elevated platform of it. This wil cause it to move forward as the platforms on it shift positions. You have to keep jumping back and forth to the raised platforms to keep it going, and if you ever leave it alone for more than a few seconds without moving it, it'll begin to flash and quickly scoot back to its starting point, which can be VERY dangerous. Move the first one to the ledge on the right and then go to the second, shooting your buster toward the right side of the screen as you go to destroy the axe bots so they can't knock you off. Reach the end and jump up for some energy capsules; Rush Coil up if your platform leaves you, then procees through the ... boss door? *Mini-Boss: Tricastle* as you enter the room, a green castle with three pairs of eyes will emerge from the background. There are a pair of eyes over the front door, and a pair each under cannons on top of the turrets on either side of the castle. To defeat Tricastle, you're going to have to destroy all three pairs of eyes. To begin, start shooting the central pair of eyes above the door, the only pair that you can reach from the ground with your Mega Buster. It controls the door opening and closing which sends out platforms with which you can reach the upper eyes, so destroying it--and the door--can make the next couple pairs easier. Once the door's destroyed, start jumping on the platforms as they slide out toward whichever end of the screen you're on and then jump and shoot to hurt the turret eyes. They'll launch bombs at regular intervals, which you can be forewarned about by looking at the eyes; when they look at you, they're about to launch a bomb to wherever you were standing when their eyes shifted to your direction. Use this to dodge the bombs as best you can. It seems easier to start with the left pair of eyes, and then move to the right side of the screen to take care of the right pair after it's defeated. You can also shoot the bombs to stop them, though this can be dangerous. The best special weapon for the job is the Solar Blaze, which can hit both the top pairs at once and only takes three shots per eye, but Rebound Striker and Water Shield are also very useful here, as can Thunder Wool be if you can manage to get a cloud just above a pair of eyes. Upon destruction, Tricastle'll comically put up a white flag before exploding. Move to the right. Now we're in a safe room, the midpoint of the stage. Climb down the ladder. This is a small room with steps downward and a couple spiders. Use the Cutter Wheel if you have it to dispatch the lower spider, then switch to the Mega Buster for the one on the ceiling and move down. A repeat of the last room, though the stairs go up this time and one of the spiders is replaced by an axe. The Wheel Cutter or Rebound Striker are great if you don't want to get hit; destroy the 'bots and proceed. Defeat the cannon, drop down and to the right, beat a couple spiders and a flying head. Use Rush Coil to grab the bolt, then move right to another teeter totter platform. You'll be assaulted from both sides by flying heads and spiders; the Solar Blaze is fantastic here if you have it. If the orb hits even one of the flying heads' projectiles, it'll explode and take out everything in both directions, and you can safely plant an orb in front of you while going back and forth just to stay safe. Water Shield is useful, too, as is holding Wheel Cutters in front of you as you move back and forth. After the first teeter totter, you can jump above for a Weapon Tank if you have the Commando Bombs; otherwise, go down and take care of the spiders, and Rush Coil to the energy and weapon capsules above if you need them. Proceed to another teeter totter--there's a 1-up just above you if you have Commando Bombs, but it's very tricky to get and required maneuvering of your platforms to just the right spot. I'd say to skip it between the danger and the fact that C. Bombs are what the boss just ahead is weak against. Keep going right and be wary of the flying heads until you reach the end of the chasm, at which point you can either jump up or go into an alcove for a large energy capsule. The capsule's safe to get if you make sure the right side of the platform's the lower one, run in, grab it and run out. Go right and kill one more axe and then you're at the boss door. ******************* * WARNING * * BOSS: BLADE MAN * ******************* WEAKNESS: COMMANDO BOMB Blade Man, admittingly, is probably the most tricky Robot Master in the game. Many people seem to agree. He only really has one move, which he uses again and again, but from so many positions and so quickly that it's just about impossible to dodge every time. I'll try my best to explain it. Basically, he'll jump to the right wall, and launch a Triple Blade attack. This consists of three purple knives which are simultaneously launched and travel at three angles; one straight forward, and another two at increasingly lower angles. He'll then jump to the ceiling in the center of the room, and launch another Triple Blade toward your position. Then he'll jump on the left wall and do the same, then onto the floor and just look at you for a moment before repeating the process. Sometimes he'll jump from ceiling to wall to ceiling and forget the floor, though I honestly have no idea what triggers this. The basic strategy is to stay in the left corner of the room, next to the boss door. Make a short hop over the middle knife but under the top one to dodge his first attack from the right wall, then run right to dodge his ceiling attack, and back left under him to dodge his left wall attack. Note that trying to always stay under him, or in any single position won't work, as he'll always throw the knives roughly at your position. You can jump and shoot him any time he's on a wall or the floor. His weakness is Commando Bomb. Hitting him directly with it, as with any enemy, isn't the best idea, but it does deal more damage to him even this way than a Mega Buster shot, and you can hit him on the ceiling. The strategy is to aim for a bae wall or the ceiling where he's ABOUT to jump, as trying to hit him with the shockwave a his current position will always miss (unless he's on a wall directly over your head). He takes massive damage from the shockwave and can be hit up to two times from it. With some practice you'll be able to nail him every time, except when he jumps from the wall to the ceiling when he was supposed to jump to the floor (or vice versa). Keep in mind that he always jumps toward where he's facing, and never jumps from the ceiling to the floor, floor to ceiling or wall to wall and you should be able to defeat him. ------------------ - 2-05 Strike Man - ------------------ You warp into a huge stadium, playing some really upbeat music... very cool. Go right to find some orange baseball 'bots that throw baseballs toward you in a low arc that curves and rises upward. Past them you'll find a spike on the ground and a blue baseballer who throws a different kind of curveball; it'll curve downward until it's in front of the bot, then stop in midair for a second and float toward wherever you're standing. Destroy him and go forward to a huge locker room in which seemingly random lockers will open up to reveal small box robots that shoot at you. It's actually always the same lockers in the same pattern, but it can be difficult to memorize. Blast them or dodge them, then climb down. This small room has a Spike on the right ledge and three screws on the left. Use Cold Spike to destroy the Spike if you have it, then inch to the very left of the ledge and jump across the boss door to reach the screws before falling down. *Mini-Boss: The Keeper* You fall into a room resembling a soccer (*cough* non-American football) goal and a giant robotic head appears above you. This robot goalkeeper will serve as a miniboss before you can proceed. He'll start by looking either to the left or to the right, and from that direction will come a flying soccer ball-- from the opposite direction, he'll summon a giant metal fist that will proceed to punch and knock around the ball. You can destroy the ball with a couple shots, but it's tricky to hit and it always flies around in the same pattern, so it's useful to try to memorize and dodge it. You'll have to jump on top of the fist, which will raise up to the top of the goal in time, in order to hit the face to destroy the Keeper. You can just stand on the fist and shoot like mad when it's at its highest peak. The Keeper will then repeat the previous action, with in the opposite direction as last time. After both directions have been covered, the Keeper will summon both fists at once and attempt to slam them into you, or at least close enough to you for you to be stunned by the shockwave they cause and be unable to attack. Jump to dodge the shockwave and get on top of either of the fists to ride them up and punish him. He'll then repeat the same three steps over and over until you score a goal in blowing up robotic disembodies face goalies. The Commando Bomb is easily the best weapon to dispatch him with; make sure you detonate it on the top of the goal next to his face, as directing the missile straight into his face will only do minimal damage. The Water Shield can be useful, too, as it will also eat up the rogue soccer balls. After his defeat, the ground will collapse on the left side of the screen. Jump down to enter a room with a Spine and several screws and energy capsules atop him. Beat him with a Cole Spike if you have it to collect the goodies, then go right. You'll meet a new pair of enemies; ball baskets. The purple ones carry round bouncing balls that they'll lob in your direction, which will then bounce at the same arc until they hit something. The orange ones carry American footballs, which will bounce around at strange one-low-one-high altitudes with their oblong shape. Defeat them and go right to find several basketball goals with hoops that serve as platforms, more ball baskets and Spines. Take the lower route to collect more screws and energy, then Rush Coil up to the next area. A blue curveballer on the top left, a weapen capsule on the top right.. and a new obstacle. These soccer ball platforms become activated if you shoot them. They have a small startup time so you have a moment of opportunity to jump on top after activating them. You can get used to how they work here to earn the weapon capsule and destroy the curveballer before proceeding up. (Note: You can also use the Wheel Cutter to activate them while standing on top) Another room with two soccer platforms and a couple screws. Collect them and go on. You're back on the outside of the stadium now, with a purple ball basket to your left and several SPIKED soccer platforms to your right. Destroy the basket then turn your attention to the balls--obviously, jumping on them hurts, and they're stacked so close to each other that it'd be easy to get smushed by one if you were slow about your business. Luckily, you can just shoot buster shots as fast as you can while moving under them to get through. Defeat a couple more basket bots and go under another row of spiked balls to fall to the next room. To get the 1-up in the next room, you have to jump on top of the spiked balls so that you don't actually touch the spikes in the middle of any of them. It's much easier if you jump on the edge of the far right one then use the Rush Jet. After collecting your prize, make them rise and fall to the second miniboss.. ..which is just a repeat of the first Keeper robot, except this one has fancy electric fencing around the bottom of the left and right sides of the goal and the left and right edges of the top. This doesn't actually make things much harder at all, if you have Commando Bombs he's just as easy and fast this time and even if you have to rely on your buster the only real difference is that you need to run toward his face as his fist moves toward the electricity while shooting him. The major difference is his third move, with the dual fists, has changed this time. Instead of simply smashing, clashing and raising them together, he'll smash them on the ground then raise one of them while punching across the screen with the other, before raising it as well. You can get a lot of hits this way, but it's trickier than the first. After you defeat this Keeper, the right side of his goal busts open to reveal the path forward. This room's full of ball baskets and absolutely riddled with locker bots. Water Shield might not be a bad idea if you have it, otherwise just blast through as fast as you can and climb to the next area. Here's another small room with two soccer platforms like you saw earlier, but this one has a blue curveballer perched atop a tall basketball goal in the center of the room. Activate the right ball and ride to the top, jump off to the right to grab the energy, turn around and punish him before moving up. The next room has you crawling up to a big locker wall with bunches of locker bots that come out two at a time, all of them inhabitting the lower few rows. Blast through them, climb the stairs and use the Wheel Cutter to get rid of the second purple basket before clobbering the curveballer. Move right and activate the first two soccer balls then quickly jump on the second (nonspiked) one then turn around and jump off the edge to receive a bunch of screws. Fall down and proceed, using the last couple platforms to destroy the basket just before the boss door. ******************** * WARNING * * BOSS: STRIKE MAN * ******************** WEAKNESS: TRIPLE BLADE This baseball-shaped robot always starts the battle by short-hopping into the air and letting a Rebound Striker rip. This weapon is basically a large ball that will bounce around the room like a fast, semi-homing Gemini Laser (if you've ever played Mega Man 3). Jump over it and it'll rebound to the ceiling at a 45-degree angle, but then it'll rebound off the ceiling to whatever your current position is, back to the ceiling, and back to your current position a second time before dissipating. During this time, Strike Man will jump high into the air, roll up into an invincible ball and bounce twice--once high, and then a second time low and forward. This is really the entire pattern, he just does these two things over and over again. Very easy to memorize. Triple Blade rips him to shreds, destroys his Rebound Strikers and can even be shotgunned in his face for up to triple damage! I don't think I need to say more--he's easy enough with the Mega Buster, but with the Triple Blade you'll really score a home run. ---------------- - 2-06 Sheep Man- ---------------- As you enter this stage, you'll notice it's a lot more technologically prominent and focusses much more on Sheep Man's electric elemental affinity than previous animal-themed bosses like Snake Man, Slash Man and Hornet Man who all seemed to share a 'nature'-based theme. Anyway, head forward to be greeted by one of the weirdest and coolest enemies in Mega Man history--giant flying computer mouse cursors that 'stretch-select' areas of the background and form them into blue panels that fly off in various directions. Generally, they can form squares, whose panels will fly down and toward you; vertical lines, whose panels all fly off toward you; and horizontal lines, whose panels all fly down. The panels can be destroyed but are numerous and take a bit of punishment, forming a good shield for the cursors. Once you do defeat it, head forward to be introduced to a unique new type of obstacle, fizzling floors. Once you step on these platforms, they (as well as anything of he same color connected to them, namely spike balls) will fizzle out of existence, giving you about two seconds flat to react before there's nothing there anymore. Keep heading right to fight more cursors and a totem pole enemy that emits soundwaves that move outward in a V pattern and can bounce off walls. You can destroy the pillars underneath these totems to lower their head to the ground, but they regrow fast. You can also jump on their heads to make them angry, stop them from attacking and destroy their pillars.. it's also pretty funny to see! Either way, destroy it and proceed to the next fizzle platform, this one with spikes. For the safe route, just let it fizzle away then Rush Coil up to the screws above. If you'd rather go about it more quickly, jump over the spikes and to the blue blocks above. When done, drop down, but stay on the right wall. Fall down onto the yellow blocks on the far right. Jump across and fizzle out the blue and green sections, then fall and grab the 1-up and run to the right for some screws before jumping the spikes and going down to the next section. Fizzle away the blue and yellow floors and stand on the totem's head until he shrinks far enough for you to jump to the far left chasm. Fall to collect some energy, and look to the right to spot a new enemy. These orange floaters will slowly ease downwards while weaving left and right, moving further in the direction they're facing than backward with each weave. Pass them and jump up the fizzle-block stairs, fizzling away as much as you want. Drop down to collect some small screws then Rush Coil up to the big screws. Go right form here for two more new things to learn; first of all, worry about the floater enemy on the far right. If you allow him to fly to the point at which he's vertically parallel to the orange rubble on the ground, he'll quickly fall down and attack himself to it, gaining a shield, the ability to drop missiles, and change his movement pattern from mostly horizontal to mostly vertical. There are two ways to prevent yourself from having to deal with this enemy; either scroll the floater off the screen just as he approaches the shield (move backward until he flies off your screen, then forward agai) or wait until he flies down and time it so you shoot several buster shots into him just as he attaches, at which point he's defenseless for a moment. Once you've taken care of him, shift your attention to the weird limp platforms around the screen and motionless conveyer belt you're standing on top of. To activate the platforms, you have to run on the conveyer belt, which causes Mega Man to run in place and generate electricity to anything in the room that needs it. Jump off when you've given enough power to the platforms and quickly jump across, or up if you need the energy capsule. Pay attention to the energy meter under the platforms--it shows how much time they have left before going limp again, and they'll also flash red when they're about to give. In this room, just fall and ease left so you avoid the spikes. There's a weapon capsule that's very easy to collect in this room, and more fizzle blocks. Fall through and destroy the shield attacker (fizzling away the red section will increase his roaming area greatly). *Mini-Boss: Octobulb* Falling into this room, you'll see a large green contraption with a bulb on top in the background, that wastes no time in spitting out two small flying light- bulb enemies along with a puff of smoke. Every time you destroy both of them it'll spit out two more, but if you only destroy one it won't bother--make sure to do this! In order to actually hurt the miniboss, you're going to have to run on the conveyer belts on the sides of the room to power him up. You can generate up to five electrical pulses by running on a belt, and depending on how many you create, he'll stay active more or less time before releasing the excess electricity and powering off again. Four blocks will also form around the room when he's powered on to allow you to jump up and attack him. There generally won't be enough time to attack him even once unless you charge at least a couple currents up, and he releases the same bolts no matter how much you charge him up, so it's best to go for five every time. Once he's powered, jump on the lower block to jump and shoot or the higher blocks to be able to stand and shoot him. After a few seconds, depending on how many charges you generated, he'll release the excess electricity--two bolts that start by going down the two central wires below his head, then move to the right and up the next pair, then right then down, etc. and loop around at the end until they reach the bottom of his head again and dissipate. Just try to keep one small bulb alive and memorize the spark patterns (they never change) and continue activating and shooting him until he powers down for good. The Rebound Striker is quite good against him and can very quickly dispatch him by powering up, jumping on a lower platform and filling him with up-angled shots, but this takes most of the weapon's energy and leaves little to fight Sheep Man himself with unless you have a weapon tank. The Water Shield is decent as it is against all minibosses, and the Triple Blade seems to take care of him fairly well. When you defeat Octobulb, the floor opens up. Fall to reach a room full of totems and another simple powered-up platform section. Rush Coil up to the screws on the upper platform then jump to the ladder leading to the next room. Here, let the floaters attach to their equipment and punish them whil they're still on the ground. The second one will attack to a gun turret that always shoots up, down, up, repeat. You can use Rush Coil to quickly advance past the middle section instead of powering a platform. And here we are, the beloved return of the disappearing block puzzle from past Mega Man games. Step on the right edge of the blue section to get rid of the spikes and memorize the short 4-block puzzle before crossing and climbing the ladder. Destroy the totems and head right. If you have Rush Jet, use it on the top ledge past the second totem and fly upwards, getting ready to blast a cursor at the end of the screen, for easiest passage. If you don't have it, jump across the chasm on the disappearing blocks; it's an easy, short puzzle with no tricks before the next safe platform, which has a floater and some energy. The next chasm has a lot of dual blocks that form right next to each other, which actually makes things easier. Near the end, make sure you ease to the block that forms just to your left before jumping right, as the rightmost block will disappear before the above blocks form. Defeat the cursor and wait for the triple blocks to form over the spikes below before continuing on. Fall on the middle set of green blocks, then fizzle away the yellow and red sections. Jump right and collect the weapon capsule, then back left and fizzle the LEFT blue section and the green section under it to collect the Weapon Tank. Fall to the left and fizzle away each colored section, taking care to jump just above the yellow spikes as they fizzle so you don't land on the green ones. After fizzling away the red section, jump over the shield attacker to claim your screw else it'll push you off the edge. In the last room, destroy the two cursors (Triple Blade is best for this) and move on to the boss doors. ******************* * WARNING * * BOSS: SHEEP MAN * ******************* WEAKNESS: REBOUND STRIKER Sheep Man starts the battle by lighting up with electricity and emitting an 8-bit 'bah'--this is a sign that he's about to release a shock ball forward that bobs up and down in a wave pattern. Jump over it, and he'll leap into the air, transforming into four cloud-like wool tufts. The tufts will spread randomly around the top of the room then lock into position. Each tuft will flash then releae a lightning strike straight down, one at a time, then dissipate. Run to whatever side of the room has the least tufts and watch for the flashing to see when you need to jump. The lightning strikes fork out into a wide pool of electricity for a moment when they hit the ground, so you'll have to leap into the air to avoid that if you're near any of them. The last remaining tuft will also blast a lightning ball in each direction when hitting the ground, so you'll always have to jump to avoid that, and then turn back into Sheep Man. Sheep will proceed to perform either of these two actions over and over until the battle is won. Just remember to get ready to dodge a very fast shock ball every time he lights up and 'bah's on the ground and you'll be gold. Use the Rebound Striker to elminate Sheep Man's electricity with the power of rubber. Toss a Striker up into Sheep Man just as he forms into the four tufts and this move will be cancelled, dealing heavy damage to Sheep and causing him to fall to the ground. You can also use Strikers to prematurely destroy tufts if he manages to split apart before you hit him. ---------------- - 2-07 Pump Man - ---------------- You teleport into a disgustingly brown sewer system.. ugh. Well, you gotta do what you gotta do. Jump down the right side of the platform and hug the right wall. This will make you fall to a platform with a screw, and there are two more to the left. Below you is a unique new type of Met on a long platform--it looks like the legless Mets from Mega Man 1 and 9, but they're actually blobs this time! The jelly shots they fire aren't painful, but will cause your traction to falter, allowing you to only make proper movements from midair until they dissipate. The Met itself can only be damaged just as it's shooting by blasing the jelly shot in front of it and then its face with two well-timed shots..it's a tiny bit trickier than other Mets. It even jiggles in its helmet if it blocks a shot. Once you've dealt with it, fall once more to the right. You'll find a screw on the bottom of this screen, and there's also a small spider to your left. Destroy it and drop down. You come to a long room with several large pipes and valves. Destroy the spider on the ceiling and move right, You'll find your first pool of water, but also your first water-related trap. The water pouring from the pipes overhead impedes your jumping--it doesn't actually make you jump shorter, but it pushes you down much faster as long as you're in it. Remembering this will be useful for this stage. Go right to see some tall Telly-like enemies that fly toward the nearest short vertical opening between pipes then lock themselves in the gap and start to shoot. They're pretty simple, just destroy them and mosey on along. You'll face more slime mets and waterfalls as you approach a platform with screws on it; don't worry about it until you're on the right side of it, then you can easily reach it. Go right once more and take the upper path for some screws. If you have the Rush Jet, use it at the end of the platform with the screws and move down a bit so you don't smack into the pipes a screen or so to the right, then push up against the current when you pass under them. If you don't have the Jet, hop across the pipes on the bottom of the screen and take care to avoid the shrimp enemies which move pretty much identically to the prawns in Mega Man 2's Bubble Man stage, though they'll sometimes react to your shots by jetting backwards in the water. The next screen serves as the beginning of a branching path. (Path A - Upper path) Jump through the waterfall to the right to enter a room with a spider. Fall to the slime met and Rush Coil to the 1-up, then Rush Coil again to the right of the first floating platform to reach the upper route. This route is full of slime mets; remember that you can jump to stop your sliding if you get jelly on you. Jump through the waterfalls and head right. The Chill Spike is quite useful here, as it's the only weapon that can affect the slime mets when they're hiding in their helmets. At the end of the section, it really doesn't matter whether you take the upper or lower route to the next screen.. ..because either way, you'll enter a small room with a couple large screws. The only problem with going the lower path is that you'll have to use Rush coil to reach the screws. Climb up when you've got them. A trio of large tellies will enter pipe gaps here. You'll have to climb down the ladder to finish off the lower one before you climb back up and fall into the gap it leaves. Run right and defeat more tellies, being sure to take the upper path if you want more screws. Get past a spider and slime met before falling to the next room. This is a small room with two tellies and a lot of water. Simple. Fall to the left. A small room with many slime mets. Remember their weakness to Chill Spike. Another small room with a slime met, a couple spiders and a weapon capsule. (End of Path A) (Path B - Lower path) If you take the lower route, I hope you like water. You'll fall underwater to a fully-waterlogged room with a shrimp and a bunch of small weapon and energy capsules. Fall to the right. And fall again. And fall once more to collect a large screw. Defeat the octopus battery to the left and pay attention to the machines in this room. There are two bubble machines, which will gradually light up until they're ready to make a bubble, then repeat. You can get inside the bubbles to ride them through the water, but the only way to get out of them is to either allow them to touch an obstacle or to shoot them several times. Fall down and ease right so you don't fall into spikes. Destroy the batteries, but be careful, as you're constantly being pulled to the right in this room. Make the jump to the first bubble machine and allow it to encase you. Hold right as you ride it so that you'll fall onto the platform when it pops, and defeat the shrimp. Get in the next bubble, and hole both up and right this time so that you fall into--and start climbing--the ladder at the end. Climb to the next room and immediately face left to destroy and octopus battery that's coming your way. Climb up and get rid of the next one and a slime met. Go right to enter a room full of spikes, shrimp and bubble machines. This time you're being pulled to the left, toward spikes on the walls, and bubbles are trying to push you that way, too. Shoot the bubbles to destroy them in one hit from the outside, proceed right and grab the free 1-up. Destroy the battery and two more vertical bubble machines then jump in between the two spike columns; it helps to have a Shock Guard here. Once you hit the floor, allow the current to push you into the energy tank before moving forward. Here we have a room full of octopus batteries. Nothing much else to say. (End of Path B) Once you've reached the merge room, you're at the boss door. ****************** * WARNING * * BOSS: PUMP MAN * ****************** WEAKNESS: THUNDER WOOL Pump Man has the simplest moveset of any Robot Master in the game, but that doesn't make him the easiest. He'll start by creating a Water Shield around him, one bubble at a time until about 8 are circling him. He'll then proceed to anywhere from one to three times before jumping straight up and blasting the shield off the screen in a spiral shape. You can pop the bubbles if you shoot them enough, creating a gap that can make his blast easier to dodge, but they take so much punishment and he blasts them off so often it's usually not worth it. You can also get very close to him and shoot through the shield to hit him without being hit himself, this is very useful if you only have the Mega Buster to fight him with.. but only do it when he's forming another shield, not while he's jumping around. (He always, always forms a new shield immediately after blasting the old one off) Use the Thunder Wool to send a shock to his system. Though he takes massive damage from it and it eats up his shield, it takes a bit of skill to use. You can hit him most the time just by using a Thunder Wool between Pump Man and yourself and waiting for him to jump into it, but if you want to deal maximum damage to him and hit him lots with one Wool you'll have to time it right. He stays in the same spot vertially when blasting his shield and making a new one, but if you keep stripping his shield with Thunder Wool he'll stop leaping into the air and may randomly jump around or reform another shield with no real way to know which he'll do next. The best way to hit him multiple times with every Wool is to wait until he launches a shield (which should be at least partially dissolved from the last Wool and easy to dodge) then jump up and toss a Wool as he's dropping to the ground and making another shield. He should take at least two hits every time. ----------------- - 2-08 Solar Man - ----------------- Welcome to the land of flaming red backgrounds and the catchiest Master theme in the game, in my opinion. Begin your trek by climbing the ladder before you and running across the one-way conveyer to the second ladder. The next room has several small conveyers, and a new type of enemy. These amoeba blocks will move toward you, stop in midair, split into two, and repeat. They split until there are four onscreen, and resume if one or more are destroyed. You have to destroy all of them before they finally stop. Move on up to the next room once you've had enough marvelling at them. You'll want to jump to increase your movement speed across conveyers going the opposite way of where you're headed. One room up, and we've got another new enemy. The machine on the right wall will introduce itself by launching a homing missile at you. The only way to avoid it is to shoot it out of the air, which luckily is quite easy since it's pretty fat and slow. The machine will then crawl up and down the wall a bit before releasing another and so forth, but you should be able to pass it by after the initial missile. Now we have two amoeba blocks. You'll notice here that depending on the direction of the line across their eye, they'll either split vertically or horizontally. End them and climb up once more. Two more amoebas, and yet another new baddie, a solarbeam-blasting flower. Defeat the two amoebas and then get used to how this flower works before you blow it up, as you'll be seeing a lot of them from now on. They actually work a lot like the Wrecking Ball Joes in Mega Man 3 and Sniper Joes in MM7; they'll flash invincibly for a couple seconds, stop for about half a second, then instantly release a solar laser beam forward. After the beam, they'll sit with open petals and be vulnerable for a couple more seconds before repeating. You have to score a total of four hits when they're open to defeat them. Run right to find a machine that will shoot waves of four Changkeys (those fireballs with eyes from previous Mega Man games) at a time back and forth. They can be destroyed but only a few weapons are powerful enough to do the job in time and all four are instantly returned the next time the machine shoots more. Get in between the two spouts of the machine and wait for the flames to pass before continuing. Next you'll fight more Changkey machines and solar flowers, with the added bonus of lava (or something similar) covering the ground in some places. This lava actually works just like spikes; falling into it leads to instant death, but if you've got invincible frames going from a previous hit from an enemy it's safe. Also, interestingly, Shock Guard items work on it just like normal spikes. Keep trekking right, and at the end of the room jump up onto the top platform with the conveyer to nab a 1-up. Turn and shoot the amoeba as it rises; sometimes, the lower amoeba won't reach your buster's height, so unless you want to take a hit you should use a weapon like the Wheel Cutter. *Mini-Boss: Suzak and Fenix* So, nicknames based off the legendary birds, Suzako and Phoenix. Basically, these orange and purple twins will enter the room with the orange one perched in the sky above you and the purple in front of you, closer to the ground. The one in the air will proceed to pelt you with small flames, three at a time, whose landing spots differ depending on which side of the screen the bird's on, so no spot is completely safe. After one to three or so rounds of this, they'll flash briefly (becoming invincible) then blast across the room in the form of flames, Heat Man-style--just jump over the lower one to avoid this. They'll regularly switch altitudes, too, so you may have them both very near death before completely destroying either one. When there's just one left, it will act faster, but otherwise it's the same battle. The Water Shield seems to be the best special weapon for the pair, as it quenches the flames they shoot and eats them up even faster than it does other minibosses. The Commando Bomb is another nice choce if you can manage to get it to explode near a bird without hitting them dead center. Rolling Striker and Wheel Cutter are also good for hitting the one in the air if you need to. The next room is a safe midpoint room. Climb up here. Here's a small room with two conveyers and a vertical pair of Changkey generators on the left wall. If you simply climb to the top of the ladder and make a leap from the upper conveyer belt to the second ladder, you can bypass any pain quickly. In the next room, climb in between the two machines and wait for the Changkeys to pass before proceeding. Here, you're instantly assaulted by another seeking missile drone hanging on a ceiling to the right as a solar flower charges up above you. Turn right and shoot the missile before jumping and defeating the flower, then the drone. Use Rush Coil for a screw, then run right for tons of fun with Changkey machines and lava. At the end, when you face the second flower in the room, it's safest to stand between the fire machines while fighting it. Use the elevated ledge to fight the third flower, then climb up the ladder. You can use Rush Coil to reach the goodies on the top-left of this next room, but it's the perfect place to show off the fact that you can scale walls with the Wheel Cutter. Once you're done, climb whichever ladder you prefer while dodging the fire. In this room, keep climbing the ladders to the right if you have Commando Bombs. Otherwise, climb the ladder on the far left if you want an Energy Tank, though you'll have to fall back to this room and climb the ones on the right after you grab it. Here, you have two sets of Changkey machines AND two solar flowers positioned evilly in the safe zones of them both. If you make your scale speedy, though, you can avoid the beams. In this room, use your Commando Bomb to break the wall and grab the E-tank, but not before getting rid of that annoying seeker drone above you. Climb up when done. This is a relatively safe room with a seeker drone and a flower. Defeat them and go right, then fall in between the machines to fight the next flower-- trying to do it from above will cause you to pull your hair out at the fact that the changkeys jump just perfectly in time to take all the shots for the flower while it's vulnerable. After this, you're at the boss. ******************* * WARNING * * BOSS: SOLAR MAN * ******************* WEAKNESS: WATER SHIELD Solar Man stands firm on the far right ledge for a couple seconds before doing anything. The reason for this is that any time he's standing and not jumping, he'll automatically absorb all shots that hit him, both to protect himself and to power up his own shots. The flame on his head will grow if you try to attack him, and cause his next attack to be larger and more powerful, so try to avoid hitting him when he's on the ground. He'll eventually leap across the room; he always lands perfectly in one of five spaces, either on one of the three raised ledges or the short pits in betwee them. He never jumps completely from one high ledge on the end to the other in my experience, so for his first jump you should be safe staying on the left ledge, but for his next you'll probably need to run under him. You can judge where he's going to jump by paying attention to how high far or near to his current position he moves at the very beginning of his leap. He attacks by throwing either one or two fire- balls straight down during his leaps, depending on if he makes a long or short leap. When they hit the ground, they'll split into a couple flame waves that travel across the screen in both directions. The Water Shield will put his fire out, and quick at that. Of course, he can't absorb it, and you can hit him with it even when he's planted on the ground. The best part is that each bubble in the shield can be used to hit him separately--though you can't force all of them into his face at once for more than one hit like you can other enemies because of his invincibility frames, you can barely scrape him with a small number of bubbles, move away until he's no longer invincible, and repeat to destroy him with as little as one shield! -------------- - 2-09 Wily 1 - -------------- It's raining, it's dreary, and it's playing cool moody music. Go right and jump on the first grey ledge walking to the right edge but not off. A big stomper will jump toward you but get stuck in the puddle below you, unable to reach. Kill it without stepping backwards too much, lest another one spawns. Following this is a seeker drone on the ground, then another stomper you can easily run under to avoid, and another drone. After this short section of stage, you're already at a boss door.. and no, it's not a miniboss! *************************** * WARNING * * BOSS: WEAPONS ARCHIVE A * *************************** WEAKNESSSES ELEC MAN: WHEEL CUTTER GEMINI MAN: WHEEL CUTTER WOOD MAN: TRIPLE BLADE Okay, this is pretty much the coolest boss in the world. You walk into a room with three orange orbs in the background and a monitor on top of the screen. The monitor will show the image of a Robot Master from Mega Man games of ancient times, then the corresponding orb will jump down to a predetermined position and open up, rendering itself attackable. The orb on the left represents Elec Man (MM1), the middle represents Gemini Man (MM3) and the one on the right represents Wood Man (MM2). Each orb constitues about a third of the boss' health meter, and all three have to be destroyed to proceed. Each boss even has their own specific weakness to a specific Special Weapon. Elec Man's orb will fall to the right side of the screen then proceed to shoot you with Thunder Beams; one low, one high, and another low, before going back into the wall. He's weak to Wheel Cutter, as he was weak to Rolling Cutter in the first Mega Man game. Wood Man's orb will fall to the right edge of the screen, sit there for a second, then summon a Leaf Shield and rain down leaves. The shield is much easier to jump over in this game than it was before, and if you stand just under the right side of the left orb (Elec Man's) the leaves will never hit you. He's weak to Triple Blade; even though his main weakness in MM2 was Atomic Fire and Solar Blaze CAN pierce his shield.. he was at least somewhat weak to Metal Blade. Gemini Man drops straight down to the middle of the room, shoots a Gemini Laser which bounces around the room and then hovers around in a figure-8 pattern. He's weak to Wheel Cutter which acts very similarly to Search Snake, his MM3 weakness. After defeating that trio, walk to the right and enjoy the more upbeat music. Fall down the shaft. This room has a shield attacker on top of a bunch of fizzle blocks from Sheep Man's stage. Kill the shield and run left to grab a probably much-needed large energy capsule. The next room has several amoeba blocks and offers the first of several path splits in this stage. At each split, one path is normal, and the other is covered by a mine that requires the use of a weapon like the Wheel Cutter if you don't want to get hit by it to open the way. (Note: Generally, Path A, the left path, is shorter, but Path B, the right path, has more powerups--a 1-Up or Energy Tank depending on the sub-split you take) (Path A - Left path) Falling down the shaft on the left, head left to another room. Defeat a couple Mets and a Shield Attacker, and go left again. Here, Path A splits into two further sub-paths. (Path A-1 - Left, spikey path) Fall down the spike shaft, easing right. And again. And again. Now run to the right, and be prepared to take on a Roader. Climb up the adder and aim left for the Sniper Joe, then on to the next room. (End of Path A-1) (Path A-2 - Right, mine-covered path) Fall, and head right. Defeat the two ball baskets and drop down the right shaft. Three spiders in this room. Just fall and destroy them with your buster, the last one can be baited to the left a bit before you fall. (End of Path A-2) In the merge room for Path A, defeat the purple ball basket and go right. (End of Path A) (Path B - Right path) If you fell through the mine-topped rubble at the first split, run to the right. Pass the small room with the totem, shield attacker and met. Here, Path B splits into either another mine/rubble-covered hole to the left and a plain shaft to the right. (Path B-1 - Left, mine-covered path) Fall and drop to the left. Use the top two fizzle platforms to destoy the Shield Attacker. Go to the left wall before you hit the pink section, whether or not you succeeded in beating it, to grab a 1-up and several small powerups. (End of Path B-1) (Path B-2 - Right, plain shaft) Walk left then right to the next room. There's a big stomper here. Let him long-jump toward you, run up to him and get ready to run under him when he short-jumps. Continue to the right and blow up the seeker drone before attempting the timebomb puzzle for an E-Tank. Use Rush Coil if you mess up. If you came to the fortress with 9 E-Tanks and haven't used any yet, use one now so it's not wasted. Drop down and destroy the purple basket. Drop down again, and jump to get rid of the spider before it becomes a nuisance. Defeat the slime met and another spider before heading left. Shoot the Sniper Joe's feet from the ladder, grab the pickups around the room and kill the shield attacker then head left. (End of Path B-2) At the Path B merge room, destroy the orange basket and run left. (End of Path B) And finally, all four possible paths converge on this one room. Depending on how you got here, jump to the right or left to activate the timebomb platform then back onto the ledge from which you jumped until it explodes. Go down. *************************** * WARNING * * BOSS: WEAPONS ARCHIVE B * *************************** WEAKNESSES RING MAN: SOLAR BLAZE NAPALM MAN: REBOUND STRIKER FLAME MAN: WATER SHIELD Oh joy, another one of these awesome things! This time we've got Ring Man (MM4) on the left, Napalm Man (MM5) in the middle, and Flame Man (MM6) on the right. Ring Man will drop to the right end of the screen and shoot a Ring Boomerang at you. Jump over it and move close to him to avoid its retraction to him at a 45 degree angle when he leaps high into the air. He'll throw another and drop down to catch it; just keep your distance and you'll avoid it. He then runs across the screen and repeats from the other side, and his ring will only go as far as your position before boomeranging back. Repeat the above method of dodging a couple more times before he retreats. He's weak to Solar Blaze, a similar weapon to Pharaoh Shot, which he was weak to in Mega Man 4. Napalm Man drops from the middle to just in front of whatever your position is, launches two Napalm Bombs in an upward arc, jumps toward you, and repeats. To dodge him, simply stay next to him until he starts jumping then run under him and past his Napalm Bombs. Do this a few more times while pelting him and he'll retreat into the background. His weakness is the Rebound Striker, which is a very similar weapon to his original weakness, Crystal Eye. Flame Man drops to the right side of the screen, shoots three fireballs that move forward, and makes flame pillars rise from the ground. Stand just left of the left orb (Ring Man's) and the pillars will never hit you, and the flames are super easy to jump over. He's weak to Water Shield.. which has nothing to do with his original Wind Storm weakness, but since there's no wind-type weapon in this game, I guess they went with what makes the most sense. After defeating the second trio, the middle of the floor will open up to reveal a path downwards. Drop down and run right to reach a winding corridor full of mouse cursor enemies. Triple Blade eats up the cursors and their panels. Once you're through the top section, drop right to face a spider and a timebomb platform covering the drop to the next room. Fall straight down, then work your way to the left across timebombs if you want a large energy capsule. Drop towards the right and time your jumps over the fizzling platforms to avoid the spikes just like earlier. Grab the 1-up and stay in the spot it was in to be safe from the shield attacker before you defeat it and go down. Ease to the right to avoid the spikes on the walls here. Now ease left, and run to the right once you hit the floor. You'll face a pair of cursors that create a double vertical wall of panels, like the ones at the very end of Sheep Man's stage. Pass them with Triple Blade and you'll come to a trio of totem enemies set up to look like stairs.. but as far as I know, there's no benefit to climbing them, as you just come to a wall. Blow them up and move to a winding corridor full of Roaders. Destroy the lower section and run past the floating cannons they leave behind--the cannons shoot bullets in a pattern of a roughly 45-degree-down bullet, then a higher-angled one, then a third at the same angle as the first, before disappearing. Climb the ladder at the end. You'll be safe from the shield attacker if you stand on the top of the ladder. Use the middle platform to aid in dealing with the Sniper Joe.. Solar Blaze can cut through his shield, so you may want to use it against some of the more annoyingly-placed Joes like this. The last room has a big stomper. Use the strategy of walking under it as you destroy it and head to the final set of boss doors in this stage. *************************** * WARNING * * BOSS: WEAPONS ARCHIVE C * *************************** WEAKNESSES SLASH MAN: CHILL SPIKE FROST MAN: COMMANDO BOMB TORNADO MAN: THUNDER WOOL And for the grand finale, we have quite a trio--Slash Man and Frost Man's first 8-bit official renditions, and Tornado Man from MM10's predecessor! On the left is Frost Man (MM8), the middle is Slash Man (MM7) and the right is Tornado Man (MM9). Frost Man drops down in the middle and starts to use Ice Wave on you immediately. Jump over it as it approaches you and blast him before he leaps and repeats, which he'll do about three more times before retreating. He's weak to Commando Bomb as he was weak to Flash Bomb in Mega Man 8, but it's not easy to hit him with the shockwave since he keeps guarding himself with Ice Waves which absorb the missiles. Try to cause a Bomb to explode just under where he's about to land when he jumps. Slash Man hops down near you like Napalm Man, waits a couple seconds, then uses Slash Claw. If he corners you, you can jump over the Slash Claw, but remember to wait a second after he stops before you jump. Otherwise, just run around and stay away from him. He's weak to Chill Spike, as he was weak to Freeze Cracker in MM7. However, like Nitro Man, he only takes major damage from the spikes on the ground created by the snowballs, and unlike Nitro Man he can't be directly frozen by the snow. Lay a spike trap on the ground away from him then stand inside it until he leaps at you after a Slash Claw, then run out of the way to see him smash right into it. Tornado Man will float straight down and start assaulting you with Tornado Blows. They're tricky to dodge as he'll summon four from the ground up which track your movement, but they have gaps between them that you can stand in to avoid them. They also cause you to jump very high when they're in effect, just like Mega Man 9, so you can use this to hit him in the air. He'll rise up and shoot another, drop down across the room and shoot another, then rise up and shoot a final Blow before retreating. He's weak to Thunder Wool, as he was weak to Plug Ball in MM9, and it's very very easy to kill him with a single Wool shot since he stays at the same horizontal position for a long time. Once all three are defeated, you've finally finished the stage and get to move on to Wily 2. -------------- - 2-10 Wily 2 - -------------- You enter the stage on a set of conveyer belts. Run to the right and drop down for the weapon energy, then quickly run and hop to the left and drop to the ice before the mini hopper gets there, and destroy him. Go right and watch out for the hole as it's got parachuters in it. After this, you'll be able to choose between an upper and lower path. The upper one is more treacherous with spikes but it has a weapon tank at the end; the lower has more enemies and pits but has a 1-up. You'll meet a new type of enemy here on either path, a blue siren- wielding searchlight robot that flies right to left across the screen. It will reverse the direction of the conveyer belt you're on if it sees you with its searchlight. It's really just a slight nuisance... If you take the lower path, be ready to face a shield charger and small hopper. After the paths merge, hop on two small conveyers and be wary of the hole filled with parachute enemies just before you reach the first ice block. They'll hilariously fly straight up into the spikes above and suicide, but they can still intercept you if you jump at the wrong time. Climb up the ladder and ignore the ice block path--after defeating a shield charger above, you can simply use a Commando Bomb to reach the E-Tank then Rush Coil up to the ladder. Jump on top of the ice block next to the ladder here and stand on it while you destroy the big stomper. Rush Coil up to the energy if you need it, then Coil again up to the ladder if you miss your jump. Destroy the rightmost snowman as soon as you climb the ladder, then climb the next ladder and destroy the other snowman. Grab the powerups and enter the boss door. It's a repeat of the Suzak and Fenix boss from Solar Man's stage. Refer to that stage's miniboss guide if you need help. (Water Shield is the weakness) In the next room, destroy the solar flower then STOP. The weird objects on the roof turn out to be smashers, and if you're crushed under one it's instant death even if you have all the Beat Calls and Shock Guards in the world. Wait for them to smash before proceeding and pay attention to their pattern compared to each other; that's how you'll be able to time the smashes of all of these. Head right and take out the Spine with a Chill Spike before coming into another couple pairs of smashers--both of these will use a right then left pattern. Rush Coil up to the energy in the next room if you need it before dropping into the next boss door. A rematch with Octobulb. Refer to Sheep Man's stage for the strategy. (Rebound Striker is the weakness) (Note: There's an M-Tank a couple rooms from here, but it's not easy to get, so it's not surefire that you'll grab it. If you need to use one now, do so, as if you do manage to grab the next one it'll only count if you aren't already holding one) Fall down the shaft Octobulb leaves behind but MAKE SURE you ease to the right in this room.. ..because in this room, there's a set of spikes in the middle that'll get you every time if you don't move from where Octobulb dropped you. The path splits into right or left here, but the right one leads to an M-Tank and a safer route later. Ease to the left again just after falling down past the spikes.. ..to attempt to reach an M-Tank in an alcove. Fall again. And head right in this room. The top path is safer here, but the explosions from the cannonballs and bullets from the snowmen below you can still reach you. You also have to worry about spike platforms all over the place, and some mets. The paths meet up again at the end of the room, you can jump in the small hole to the upper path for a 1-up (and a large energy capsule in the next room) if you make a well-placed Rush Jet jump. Go right. The top path ends in a large energy capsule. Leave the totem pole alive but shorten him enough that you can jump on his head to help you reach the ladder, otherwise use a Rush Jet from the left half of the room. Rush Jet to the weapon capsule on the left ledge if you need it, then if you missed the large energy below you can drop directly down to grab it. Either jet back from the weapon energy, climb back from the life energy or simply start this room if you need either by jumping up and defeating the solar flower from the right ledge. You can climb and tiptoe to the left edge of the upper ledge to reach the platform the flower was on, but it's safer and faster just to Rush Jet across. Climb the ladder. Another room with those deadly smashers. Keep an eye on them to see their pattern. The first set goes left-right-middle; walk up to the middle smasher just as it smashes then run past it before the left one comes down. Go right and jump over the siren bot to see it smashed by a pillar.. run past the belt and next smasher and over a pit to find a smasher situated between a set of spikes. Wait for it to fall before proceeding to a set of conveyers that pull you toward a dangerously large pit, with an annoying mini-stomper around it. Once you cross the pit, keep jumping on the short conveyer to avoid being pulled back as you wait for the next smasher to fall then proceed. There's another mini-stomper here, so be ready to shoot just as you pass the smasher. Below you you'll see a soler flower guarding three large weapon capsules, but don't worry about it until you're past the large gap with parachuters before you. Once on the other side, turn around, destroy the flower and Rush Jet there and back again. Go right. The last room, again, has a big stomper. Stand up against the right ledge and wait for it to jump over you before turning around and getting rid of it. Rush Coil into the top of the Dr. W symbol to find a secret energy capsule then run through the boss door. ********************** * WARNING * * BOSS: CRAB PUNCHER * ********************** WEAKNESS: THUNDER WOOL After falling through a few empty rooms past the second boss door, you'll come to a large black space with an enormous crab creeping in from the right side and a series of platforms with spiked bottoms coming in from the left. You can target both the pincers and both the eyeballs, but only the eyes will actually deal damage to the boss's health meter. You can damage the bottom claw and eye without worrying about the platforms, but you'll have to jump up on them for the higher ones. Blowing up a claw before its corresponding eye is a good idea since the claws can move in front of the eyes and reflect all incoming damage. Each eye holds half of the boss's health and once one takes enough damage it'll explode, forcing you to focus on the next one. The boss has two attacks; the claws can punch out straight forward toward you, and after he defends himself his mouth will bubble and he'll shoot out a series of bubbles toward you. Most the bubbles travel forward in a thin cone and can easily be stood under, but some of them (about every fifth bubble) will home in on your current position (you can point them out because they have a yellow orb inside of them). When he shoots bubbles, drop down under the main bubble stream and run back and forth to dodge the yellow ones. When he attacks with his claws (he wobbles his eyes before doing so), jump up to make the bottom claw soar above you and stay near the ground so the upper one doesn't hit you. Thunder Wool absolutely WRECKS him, dealing massive damage multiple times to both eyes at once and very often destroys him in a single hit. However, there's no way to hit him with it (that I know of) without first destroying the upper claw. Jump up on the platforms and focus on ripping it to shreds with Triple Blades (some of which may also damage the upper eye), then launch one well-placed Thunder Wool and victory is yours. The Wool lightning strikes also completely shield you from its bubbles when it spits them. -------------- - 2-11 Wily 3 - -------------- After teleporting into this green and purple stage, run right to fight a couple Spines and a floater that pretty much spawns already connected to a cannon turret. Make sure you kill the rightmost Spine with a Chill Spike then use the ledge it was on to destroy a big stomper across the room. Rush Coil up to get a bunch of weapon energy then drop to the boss door. Behind this door isn't actually any kind of boss or miniboss, but rather a spike-filled chamber with a new type of platform with which to trverse it. This platform has large buttons on either side, and if you step on a button it will shift itself toward that end of the room until you step off. The room is still at the beginning, but after a couple seconds you'll start to creep upward. Push the platform to the right, but just barely far enough to pass the spikes you can see above you to the left. For the rest of the room, just keep the platform on the left-middle of the screen, watching out for the flying mets (you can use a Water Shield here to help with them). You can basically stand on a button of the platform without making it move if you keep jumping. Once you reach the top of the room, a ledge will form leading to a door on the right. Jump on it and go through. It leads to a small room with a Sniper Joe in the middle; you can either use the gaps in the ground to help against him or just jump over his shots from the ledge to the left. This is a checkpoint room, if you're wondering about the gap on the right it's where you respawn if you die around here. Fall in the water as near the left edge as you can without scraping spikes. Ease left in this room.. ..and more in this one until you hit the ground. Run right to reach a set of teeter totter platforms from Blade Man's stage and be prepared to be assaulted by blue shrimp. Solar Blaze eats through the shrimp in one hit, so keep it at the ready as you short-hop back and forth on the platform, taking care not to jump too high in the water and hit your head on the spikes on the ceiling. At the end you'll find some free weapon energy and fight a couple slime mets before jumping a small spike trap (the low platforms around it may make you want to Rush Jet across if you're really scared) and climbinb to the next room. This room has a couple tiny platform and a slime met on the ceiling to ruin your traction that you really can't do anything about. From the ladder on the right, jump and summon a Rush Jet while you're in midair, but not too high to jump up on it (if you do this, just shift back and forth to Jet again). Jump on it and ease it upward to pass the met and reach the left ladder safely. There's two spiders and a cannon floater in this room: deal with them all from (or just above) the ladder and grab the powerups before entering the next boss door. Again, a button platform in a spide-filled room like before, but this room goes much faster. You'll want to follow the same exact movement pattern as the first room, but you'll have to actually move the platform back and forth this time--there'll be spikes around either edge of the room, then a set in the middle of the room, in a repeating pattern. Be aware that even if you're under invincibility frames from the mets or have Shock Guard items, you can still be crushed and killed in one hit if you're smushed below any spikes. I've found that most of this room seems to be safest if you move back to the very left edge of the room after the first set of spikes, as many of the ones near the wall have at least a tile or two gap between the side of the room and them- selves, but near the top you should move back to the right a bit as the last couple stretch out from the sides a good deal. At the top, a couple platforms will form for you before the door. Make sure you destroy the slime met first if you decide to go down for the 1-up or your journey across the spikes will be a lot more difficult. It may even be a good idea to just go to the right first and take care of the solar flower so you won't be hit. Move to the right to fight another flower and drop down. This room has a cannon floater and a split path at the bottom. If you want to go through the breakable wall and get the large energy, send a Commando Bomb down and to the right before you jump down--you'll never make it if you try to hit it on your descent. If you took the bombable wall route, you'll be able to grab an E-Tank and large weapon energy here, before dropping to another cannon floater and the real boss door. ******************** * WARNING * * BOSS: BLOCK DEVIL* ******************** WEAKNESS: THUNDER WOOL So you fall into a room that looks pretty much identical to the second boss from Mega Man 2. You remember that guy, the room full of blocks that'd jump out of the walls two at a time, then form a little bot that tried to fly into you? This boss is like that, except massive--and more like a Yellow Devil boss fight. The blocks ALWAYS form in the exact same pattern, so even though you'll probably take several hits at first, you'll eventually memorize it. The trick to dodging them is to stand on the LEFTMOST BLOCK of the three SAFE BLOCKS to your left. Safe blocks are pink in color, blocks that form the boss are bluish purple. Let the first couple sets fly over you, then jump over the third block which will come from the bottom set of purple blocks on the left wall. Let the next fly safely past you, then get ready to jump above the block just to the left of where you're standing, which will raise straight up a bit then go to the right. Stay on your safe block to avoid the next one, then get ready to jump above another one from the left. Stand on your safe block to avoid the next block, and the next two pairs. The final two blocks up on the top of the screen WILL force you to move--move ONE BLOCK to the right, the middle of the three pink ones, and jump up just as they fall near the ground. Now, as the 'eye' of the Devil floats up from the middle of the screen, switch to Thunder Wool (or Rebound Striker) if you haven't already. The Devil has two attacks. If it moves to the bottom of the screen, it's going to release two laser beams--one low that you can jump over and one high that you can stand under. If it attacks from the top of the screen, it's going to shoot a large energy ball. Stand on one edge of your safe platform until he shoots it then run to the other edge--THEN jump directly over where the ball lands to dodge the shrapnel of four bullets it creates when it hits the ground. While this is going on, launch Thunder Wools or Rebound Strikers. Thunder Wool will hit him twice per use and since he only moves vertically it's really great for dealing with him. However, you can still deal a lot of damage quickly with the Rebound Striker by simply tossing it up into his eye over and over. Either way, attack him and dodge his projectiles for a bit then he'll move into the lower left section of floor. Now his body will go back into the wall, one or two pieces at a time, and it moves exactly the opposite as it did the first time--the two blocks at the top of the screen will return first, as they came out last when forming the Devil. Get to your safe block on the left of the three pink blocks again and get ready to quickly jump. Stand still for the next two pairs and the single block following them, jump, stand, jump, stand, and jump (for each of the next blocks). Simply stand still for the last two pairs. Now, the eye will appear once again peeking up from under the left side of the screen. What he'll do now is cause every movable block (the purple ones) to swing out of their holes about a third of the screen then back in. What you want to do is keep standing on your three safe tiles, but once the two bottom- middle 'evil' tiles jump out and back in, jump across to the right three pink tiles to avoid the rest.. then go back to the left three. (Note: You can hit him when he's under the ground like this by equipping Triple Blade, jumping and shooting him from the opposite side of the screen from the one he's on, but I find that this generally isn't worth it unless he's very close to death) He's now going to repeat the battle over and over again from the beginning, only this time if you don't defeat him the second time he forms, he'll run off under the right side of the screen then come up and cause the blocks to bounce out from the opposite side as they did the first time. Besides that, it's the same few steps over and over. With practice, he becomes easier and easier-- just hang in there! -------------- - 2-12 Wily 4 - -------------- (Note: This is the best stage in the game to use a Guard Power Up if you have one, in my opinion) You come to a room with two ladders, and a lot of weapon energy you can Rush Coil up to on either side. Take the left ladder if you want an extra life and a large energy capsule, take the right if you want an E-tank. The right side is full of Changkey fire machines and the left is full of octopus batteries. When you reach the top, there'll be a weapon and life energy capsule on either side, and a teleport pod in the middle. You can stand on the roof of the pod and Rush Coil to the other side if you need them both. Enter the pod to come to.. what else? The Teleport Room filled with all the Robot Masters in the game like in every other Mega Man! This might be a good time to use your M-Tank if you have one! *********************** * WARNING * * BOSS: TELEPORT ROOM * *********************** Here's the setup. It's hilariously simple in this game, it's set up just like the Stage Select screen.. but I'll throw it in here anyway for completion. _________ |1 2 3| | | |4 X 5| | | |6 7 8| |_________| 1: Blade Man 2: Solar Man 3: Sheep Man 4: Chill Man 5: Commando Man 6: Nitro Man 7: Strike Man 8: Pump Man X: Wily Machine (after all 8 Robot Masters are destroyed) Refer to the boss sections of the stages earlier in the guide if you need help. After each boss is defeated, he'll drop a large energy capsule and you're off to fight the next until you've beaten all 8, at which point the center teleport opens to the true boss of the stage... ********************** * WARNING * * BOSS: WILY MACHINE * ********************** WEAKNESSES FORM 1: SOLAR BLAZE FORM 2: WATER SHIELD The goold old skull-faced Wily Machine flies in from the right side of the screen.. with a pirate hat on for some reason. It has two attacks, which it executes right off the bat and never stops with either. First, the big mouth of the skull will constantly release long missiles which you can jump on as platforms. Secondly, it'll release sets of two smaller missiles that home in on you the same as the seeker drones' and can be destroyed with weaponry. The Wily Machine keeps moving up and down to shoot missiles at different altitudes, and its only weak point is the eye socket area of the skull. You can hit this with jumps from the ground if it's at low altitude, but you'll have to jump up on the long missiles if you want to hit it at a higher altitude. The basic strategy is to stay on the left edge of the screen and focus on destroying the homing missiles as they come toward you to avoid damage; you can hit them with Solar Blazes and the resulting shot should deal damage to the skull. If you don't care about taking damage (say if you used that Guard Power Up at the beginning of the stage) just get up close to him and shoot his face with Solar Blaze again and again until the skull explodes, revealing Wily within. For the second form, Wily's energy will be completely refilled as he flies to the top of the room, shoots a swirling energy ball to your position and flies to the left of the screen. You can't jump or you'll hit Wily, so just run back and forth to 'fool' the energy ball and dodge it. After doing this three times, he'll shoot a fourth energy ball then fall to the lower right portion of the screen. Sometimes, as he falls, he'll launch a weird orb to you that'll quickly home in on Mega Man and trap him in a little electrical prison, freezing him even if he's in midair. Quickly destroy it with any weapon if this happens. Whether or not he uses it, your goal is to run up under Wily's cockpit, where the large, destroyed missile cannon where the skull's mouth used to be is; this is the only safe spot from the screen-wiping lightning attack he always uses when he comes to the ground like this. He'll repeat this pattern until one of you falls. The Water Shield is his major weakness, but it doesn't absorb any of his attacks, and the Rebound Striker (though it only does one unit of damage) is generally much easier to hit him with when he's on the top of the screen. When you defeat this form, the Wily Machine will explode but Wily will escape in his capsule. -------------- - 2-13 Wily 5 - -------------- Wow, haha! After like the coolest Wily stage intro in the history of everything, you find yourself in a secret space station far, far, FAR above the rest of Wily's fortress. And for some reason, you're upside-down. And you're in zero gravity, so you can jump high and the physics are the same as if you were in water. Run right a bit to find a new.. old enemy. These little drills you may remember from Metal Man's stage in Mega Man 2 are all over the place, and they're perfect fodder to kill if you need to replenish your health and weapon energy after the gauntles of Wily 4. This is also probably the easiest place in the game to get the Destroyer challenge completed, if you need that. Run right and take the lower path if you need a weapon capsule then jump up. Go right and loop back around if you need a 1-up. Head right again and jump high above the long wall, but not so high you hit the spikes. At the edge of the room is what looks like an M-tank behind some destructable walls, but remember that you're upside down--it's actually a W-tank. Get it if you need it, and climb down. A small room with some weapon capsules and a split path. The path you take here doesn't matter at all. This room's filled with more drill enemies. If you keep moving, you'll avoid them completely. And here we have a couple free bonusses for you. Fall to the right to grab an E-tank, then jet across to get the M-tank (that looks like a W-tank)! Fall again when you're done... ...to reach the last normal room in your game. Go through the boss door when you're ready to face... ********************** * WARNING * * BOSS: WILY CAPSULE * ********************** WEAKNESS: CHILL SPIKE After falling past several screens of blackness, you fall onto a large platform with a beautiful view of the planet behind you. Waiting for you in this chamber is Dr. Wily in his Wily Capsule.. along with his fake Wily bot that, for once, he's using simultaneously along with himself to doubleteam you! There are a number of differences between the real and fake Wily to make it easy to choose the right one. The fake Wily has a grey complexion and an upside-down red triangle on his forehead. Furthermore, the real Wily will periodically sneeze throughout the battle--it seems he's coming down with something! If you ever hit the fake Wily by accident, he'll retaliate with a completely undodgeable bullet, and as far as I know he's indestructable. Both Wilys will teleport out of visibility and back into it. They only have a few possible patterns with which they'll reappear, but the positions of the real and fake ones tend to switch often. First, they can appear on either side of the room, about halfway up. If this happens, the real Wily will shoot a large electric ball downward and to the fake Wily in a short "U" shape. It's very easy to jump over due to the low gravity, but watch out once the fake Wily grabs it as he'll toss it back and forth across the screen and cause it to rain down more electric balls rapidly. The trick to dodge it is to move about one Mega Man's length away from the real Wily and stand. Sometimes, the fake Wily will instead create the ball and toss it to the real Wily, in which case it'll make a taller U shape and the real Wily's ball won't boomerang back. The Wilys can also appear in a diagonally or vertically lined up position in which case either Wily will create a semicircle of five smaller energy balls around the bottom of his capsule, then send them in your direction one at a time. They'll stay where they end up at the edge of the room after attmepting to hit you, then home in on your position, one at a time, again after the Wilys disappear.. and when they reappear (horizontally lines up this time) the balls will finally home in on either of the Wilys' ships and absorb back into him. His weakness is the Chill Spike which can be hard to hit him with but not overly so due to the low gravity. There's no use trying to hit him with the spikes, obviously, so just toss the snowball at him. That's really all there is to it for this fight. It can be really hard to dodge the projectiles without practice, but just use all your Energy Tanks and the Mystery Tank you just got if you find yourself in trouble--this is the last battle. Congratulations! You've finished Mega Man 10! Enjoy the ending, and if this is the first time you've completed the game on Normal Mode, you'll unlock Hard Mode! You'll also unlock the "Whomp Wily" challenge, and possibly more depending on if you beat the game under certain conditions--check the Challenge menu to see all the ones you can unlock. Now try another mode! Speaking of other modes, here's some information on them and their differences from Normal Mode. ------------------ - 2-E Easy Mode - ------------------ Mega Man 10 comes with a free, instantly-available Easy Mode option for players new to the Mega Man series.. or even veterans who just want a softer entry into an otherwise difficult game, perhaps less frustration. Here's a rundown of what you can expect fromthis mode: (Note: This is a comparison of Easy to Normal. If I refer to something as 'new', I'm comparing it to Normal MOde, and likewise, something 'old' is referring back to Normal) -You take less damage in this mode. -There are new platforms over nearly ALL of the bare spikes and pitfalls. -There are new platforms in many otherwise non-dangerous areas to help with tough jumps. (Note: Items and enemies fall through these platforms as if there were nothing there) -There are new and more powerful pick-ups, some where old ones were, some in totally new locations. -The sandstorms in Commando Man's stage last for a much shorter time. -Many enemies are replaced by weaker ones. -There are less enemies in some areas. -Many obstacles are moved around so that they are easier to pass, or there are less of them in a group. -New ladders are added to bypass some obstacles. -Disappearing block puzzles are made simpler and many new blocks are added. -Enemies can drop large screws. -As far as I can tell every single enemy, boss and miniboss in the game acts more slowly and less often. -Snowman enemies' tossed heads only explode into vertically-travelling bullets. -Shield charger enemies are pushed back further per shot. -The parachute enemies hidden in some pitfalls rise much more slowly. -Sniper Joes only shoot one set of three bullets insetad of two. -Mets of all varieties only shoot one bullet at a time, not three. -Spines (the invincible ground rovers) never speed up. -The tall Telly enemies that jam themselves into pipes squirt a short-ranged water blast instead of shooting a projectile. -Just about every enemy that shoots projectiles shoots less often, and some projectiles travel more slowly. -The Tricastle miniboss releases green platforms at a much slower rate. -The Keeper miniboss doesn't use soccer balls, and never brings out both hands at once. -The Suzak & Fenix miniboss only shoots two fireballs at a time instead of three. -Some bosses are changed in Easy Mode: -Blade Man's Triple Blades only consist of two knives when you fight him (Double Blade?) -Sheep Man's Thunder Wools when you fight him don't spread on the ground, and the last one doesn't sent electrical surges out. -Pump Man's Water Shields only consist of 4 bubbles, not 8. -Solar Man's head flame (and resulting thrown fireballs) is tiny, and he only throws one fireball at a time. -Nitro Man only launches one Wheel Cutter at a time and never does wheelies. -The Block Devil's pieces move much more slowly, and his big energy spheres only release two pieces of shrapnel rather than three. The moving blocks leave behind remnants which can be stepped on, so you don't fall through. -The Wily Capsule's small electric spheres will only move to your position one time before being absorbed back into a capsule. -In Wily's Castle, you're given the option to enter the Shop, save the game, go to the next section or exit to the title screen after each Wily stage is completed. -After defeating all 8 Robot Masters in the Teleport Room (once the teleport to the Wily Machine is open), each of the 8 dead teleporters around the room will contain a powerup. ------------------ - 2-H Hard Mode - ------------------ Hard Mode can be unlocked by completing the game on Normal Mode. It is the only way to earn the "Superhero" challenge. It's much more challenging than normal mode and changes many aspects of the game besides simply adding new enemies. -There are many, many more enemies per room in general. -Enemies unique to one stage in Easy and Normal are mixed and matched in all kinds of stages in Hard (usually whatever's the most difficult to place at a certain spot). -In general, every single enemy, miniboss and boss attacks much faster and more often. -All enemies move around much faster. -Most items are changed around, many items are replaced with weaker variants. -More bubble machines are added to the final bubble machine section of Pump Man's stage. -Changkey machines are added and moved around in Solar Man's stage. -Many of the antlion pits in Commando Man's stage have been changed to bottom- less pits (hidden by mines). -All but one of the soccer platforms in Strike Man's stage are now spiked. His stage now also contains blue locker enemies and blue antlions. -Sheep Man's powerable platforms are far less numerous. -The disappearing blocks in Sheep Man's stage have been altered to be much more difficult. -Enemy drop rates for items seem to be lower. -Hopping Sniper Joes from the "Jumping Force" challenge are added to the game. -The axe enemies in Blade Man's stage have gone completely berserk. -Pipe tellies shoot three bubbles at a time, and can vary the angle. -Slime Met jelly stays on you for much longer. -Shrimp enemies gain the ability to shoot. -Totem enemies now regenerate their height almost instantly. -Octobulb can only be charged up to four times. He also often releases two sets of electrical surges at a time (four total). -Bosses are given brand new attacks in Hard Mode: -Chill Man can now leap to the top-middle of his chamber and summon five large snowballs in a semicircle around himself which he launches around a room (they form ice spikes). He also tends to shoot three Chill Spikes at a time. -Pump Man can now throw his head pump across the screen very quickly whenever he's about to replenish his Water Shield. It boomerangs back. -Solar Man now has the ability to throw three fireballs into the air when he's on the ground. They seek your position as they fall, but otherwise act just lke his normal Solar Blaze. He's always at maximum firepower. -Nitro Man's bike mode is ridiculously fast and when he uses it he tends to run around you on a short path again and again instead of across the room. -Commando Man can now slam his fist into the ground, causing a single shockwave to go all the way accross the room while simultaneously stunning you if you're on the ground. -Blade Man now shoots five Triple Blade knives at once. He also has a new dash attack when he lands on the ground. -Strike Man can now fly into the middle of the room, spin around rapidly and throw four Rebound Strikers at a time. He's dizzy briefly after this. -Sheep Man's cloud tufts all activate nearly simultaneously, all four spread on the ground, and two of the four will launch electric bolts across the ground. He also shoots electric bolts across the ground hinmself every time he jumps. -Many of the Weapons Archives bosses do more actions per turn (for example, Elec Man launched five Thunder Beams instead of three) -The Crab Puncher comes out much further from the right wall. His bubble attack lasts longer, and now has three homing bubbles. -The Block Devil's blocks move around much, much faster. -Wily Capsule's five small shock balls are much faster and bounce around the room three times before being absorbed. (The Wily Machine seems to be unchanged from Normal) -There are many more smashers in Wily 2, and their patterns have been changed. ---------------------- - 2-P Protoman Mode - ---------------------- What was completely optional downloadable content in Mega Man 9 is now a full- fledged option of its own that can be selected from the very first time you play Mega Man 10 at no cost. Mega Man 10's Proto Man mode is much more complete than MM9's, offering several unique changes, but for the most part the root gameplay's what you'd expect if you played Proto Man Mode in 9. Some aspects of this mode make the game easier, but for the most part Proto Man mode can easily be considered much more challenging than Mega Man mode. I'd still highly suggest you try out both characters whenever possible and not to shy away from Proto Man too quickly just because he takes more damage--he has plenty of tricks and strengths all his own that help make the game just as fun even considering the drawbacks. (Note: You cannot submit All Clear rankings with Proto Man.. I'm guessing because of the slide) -Proto Man comes equipped with the Proto Shield. When jumping, the small shield in front of Proto Man will automatically absorb projectiles fired by most enemies. -Proto Man can charge up his Proto Buster arm cannon. Charging it up a bit and then releasing the shot will launch a larger version of the normal shot which isn't any more powerful but covers more area. Fully charging (takes about a second) and releasing will shoot a comet-shaped charged shot, most similar to Mega Man's from Mega Man 4, which not only is taller and wider than a normal shot but does much more damage. -Proto Man can slide, like Mega Man can in MM3-8. This speedy move will help you dodge many enemies and projectiles and is especially useful in boss fights, and can also allow Proto Man to squeeze into short spaces. -Proto Man starts with both the Proto Coil and Proto Jet items, which work identically to Mega Man's Rush Coil and Jet; he doesn't have to defeat a boss for his Jet. -Proto Man can only have two arm cannon shots onscreen at one time, compared to Mega's three at a time. -Proto Man takes twice as much damage from attacks as Mega Man. -Proto Man is knocked back a bit further when taking damage than Mega Man. -Proto Man's Shop has a different background, different music and different characters (including Tango the Cat from Mega Man V on Game Boy!) -You hear Proto Man's signature whistle tune at the beginning of each stage, as "READY" flashes on the screen. ================== = III) Equipment = ================== ------------------------------ - 3-01 Weapons and Adapters - ------------------------------ Mega Man begins the game with only the Mega Buster and Rush Coil. With Proto Man, you get the Proto Buster, Proto Coil and Proto Jet. You'll have to defeat Robot Master bosses in order to gain their weapons and fill up your equipment menu, and in Mega Man's case, earn the Rush Jet. Here's a list of all the special weapons in the game, as well as their WE (Weapon Energy) cost. *Chill Spike - Chill Man* WE Cost: 1 Lobs a snowball forward, which will become a small bed of ice spikes upon hitting a floor or wall. Most enemies will freeze if hit directly by the snowball. Frozen enemies can be passed by safely, re-frozen (and simultaneously damaged), or you can switch to another weapon to try and damage them even more while they're frozen. Enemies that hit the spike traps will take much more damage than when hit by a snowball. *Commando Bomb - Commando Man* WE Cost: 3 Fires a fast-moving missile forward. The missile can be controlled to make up to two 90-degree turns before flying forward until it hits something or goes offscreen. The missile itself does pitiful damage for a high energy cost, but the trick is to force it to impact a wall, which will cause it to send large shockwaves across the surface to either side. The shockwave is extremely powerful, but difficult to hit anything that isn't attacked to the wall, floor or ceiling with. This is also the only weapon that can destroy the miscolored false walls you'll see during your adventure. *Mega Buster - Starting Item - Mega Man Only* WE Cost: 0 The default weapon for Mega Man. While not very flashy or very powerful, it's suited for a variety of uses, is easy to use and fires very rapidly. It's a good idea to master this weapon, as even after you begin collecting more special weapons you'll be falling back on the Buster quite often. Three shots can be onscreen at once, making this one of the most rapid-firing weapons in the game. *Proto Buster - Starting Item - Proto Man Only* WE Cost: 0 The default weapon for Proto Man. Like the Mega Buster, it has infinite ammo and is a weapon you'll likely be using the most often throughout your adventure. Unlike the Mega Buster, the Fire button can be held down to charge this weapon up, ultimately achieving a comet-like projectile that's much larger than--and does 3x the damage of--a normal shot. The drawback is that this weapon isn't as rapid-firing as the Mega Buster; only two shots can be onscreen at once. *Proto Coil - Starting Item - Proto Man Only* WE Cost: 2 Identical to Rush Coil, but summons a plain springboard instead. *Proto Jet - Starting Item - Proto Man Only* WE Cost: 1 Identical to the Rush Jet, but summons a plain hoversled instead. *Rebound Striker - Strike Man* WE Cost: 2 Fires a bouncing ball forward. It can be angled up or down by holding that direction while firing. Upon hitting any surface, including shielded enemies, it will bound off in the opposite direction and continue bouncing around the screen like this until a few seconds go by or it hits something it can damage. Up to two can be onscreen at a time, making it a fairly rapid weapon, and great for most large enemies and minibosses when you combine its power, rapid-fire and directability. *Rush Coil - Starting Item - Mega Man Only* WE cost: 2 The only item other than the Mega Buster that Mega Man begins the game with. Using it will summon Rush, your faithful robotic dog, just in front of wherever you're facing--even if it's onto a bed of spikes, it won't hurt him. Once summoned, Rush will stand in that spot for a few seconds before heading back home. In order to use the Coil, you must jump on Rush's back while he's standing. This will cause a springboard to launch out of his back, and send Mega Man flying into the air, nearly an entire screen's vertical length. Weapon Energy is only drained once you land on Rush's back, and while he's onscreen, the Fire Button will shoot normal Mega Buster shots. *Rush Jet - 4th boss - Mega Man Only* WE cost: 1 Mega Man earns this item after the 4th Robot Master you defeat; it doesn't matter who, or who you beat before them. Using it will summon Rush in front of you, but instead of standing, he'll morph into a sled-like object that hovers in the air in front of you. Jumping on him will cause him to start moving forward, and at this point you can steer him up or down and ride him as long as you want until he hits a wall or runs out of energy. You can use your Mega Buster while riding him or while he's onscreen. You can't move left or right at all, even when jumping from atop him, while he's active. Quick-switching to another weapon will immediately cause him to disappear, which can allow you to maneuver Mega Man instantly again and conserve his Weapon Energy. One unit of Weapon Energy is drained per half-second or so while he's onscreen AFTER you've stepped on him, until he leaves the screen (even if you're knocked off). *Solar Blaze - Solar Man* WE Cost: 2 Fires a flaming orb about a fourth of a screen's length in front of you. After about a second, the orb will explode into flame crescents that fly off in opposite directions. The orb can also be forced to explode instantly if it hits an obstacle. The flame crescents pass through enemies and obstacles and can be great for fending off enemies on either side or for hitting multiple enemies in a line. Keep in mind that you can only have one shot onscreen at a time. *Thunder Wool - Sheep Man* WE Cost: 4 You'll shoot a little puffy white cloud that lifts into the air and floats slightly forward. If it hits an enemy or obstacle, it'll simply faze out and deal a minimal amount of damage. However, if it manages to reach its apex without hitting anything, it'll turn grey and become invincible for the rest of its duration, sending down a constant thin stream of lightning for about two full seconds. This stream deals very heavy, rapid damage to anything that comes in contact with it. The lightning can effectively create a shield wall between you and any enemies, can if shot high enough it can cover the height of the entire screen. Thunder Wool is the most powerful weapon in the game, but by far the most difficult to use. Two can be onscreen at once. *Triple Blade - Blade Man* WE Cost: 1 This weapon will launch a triplet of knives that fly across the screen: one straight in front of you, another at a slightly upward angle, and a third at an even higher angle (about 45 degrees upward). If fired from the air, the knives will be angled downward instead. Knives will pass through weaker enemies, and can be 'shotgunned' at close range to easily take care of larger enemies. They can even be shotgunned on bosses to cause 3 units of damage at a fairly rapid rate even to bosses not weak to the weapon, though doing so can be dangerous. For these reasons and its tiny weapon energy cost, Triple Blade can easily be considered the most 'general use' special weapon of Mega Man 10; the best substitute for your default arm cannon in most situations. *Water shield - Pump Man* WE Cost: 4 Summons a circular ring of blue bubbles around your character. The bubbles will pop upon contact with an enemy or projectile, but simultaneously absorb or destroy whatever it was that tried to hit you. Each hit will leave a gap in the shield, but one use of the weapon can still benefit you (moving near enemies with at least one bubble around you can cause considerable damage to them) until every last bubble is dissipated. Pressing the Fire Button while the shield is around you will cause it to launch off in a sweeping circular fashion. This weapon is ideal for many minibosses and large enemies, as it can technically deal up to 8-10 hits of damage against such enemies very rapidly. (Note: UNLIKE the Jewel Satellite shield weapon in Mega Man 9, this shield does NOT pass to other rooms with you. If you use the Water Shield and enter another room, pause the game or switch weapons it will instantly dissipate.) *Wheel Cutter - Nitro Man* WE Cost: 1 This unique weapon may look a lot like the legendary Metal Blade, but it works a great deal differently. Shooting it will cause a bladed wheel to fall from your character's hand, falling straight downwards until it hits the floor, at which point it will rush forward, climbing up any walls it encounters as it does so. They're fairly powerul and very rapid-firing as up to three can be onscreen at once. This weapon has a couple other uses, though; you can hold it in front of you as long as you like to create a sort of makeshift frontal shield (it'll dissipate after a single hit, though). Also, and most insterestingly, if you hold it in front of you and push into a wall, it'll climb right up the wall carrying you along with it! ---------------------------- - 3-02 Items and Powerups - ---------------------------- You can find a variety of items from enemies, in the Shop or even hidden around stages themselves. You can hold up to 9 of every type of item except for Mystery Tanks, Guard Power Ups, and Energy Balancers of which you can only have one each at a time. ++++++++++++++ ++ Pick-Ups ++ ++++++++++++++ These items are (in most cases) found in a stage or from destroying an enemy and take effect immediately. - Small Screw: A tiny Rewards you with two Screws, used as currency in the shop. You can hold up to 999 screws at once. - Large Screw: A screw that looks just like the one you can see in the pause menu. Rewards you with 20 Screws, used as currency in the shop. - Small Energy Pellet: A small, flashing black-and-white circle. Restores a very small amount of health. - Large Energy Pellet: A large, outlined flashing black-and-white orb. Restores a large amount of health. - Small Weapon Pellet: A small, flashing cyan-and-blue object. Restores a very small amount of Weapon Energy. - Large Weapon Pellet: A large, flashing cyan-and-blue rectangular object. Restores a large amount of Weapon Energy. - Extra Life: Also known as 1-up, Spare Body (in the Mega Man universe), etc. Grants you an extra attempt at a stage before it's Game Over, with all your extra lives being viewable in the pause menu. It looks like a large head representing whichever character you're playing as. You can have up to 9 Extra Lives at once. - Yashichi: Looks like a reddish circle with a shuriken or pinwheel looking object in front of it; you'll recognize it if you've ever reached the final stage of Mega Man 1. Instantly refills all your life and weapon energies when you touch it. (Seemingly only found in Easy Mode) ++++++++++++++++++ ++ Manual Items ++ ++++++++++++++++++ These items are rare; some can be found in stages but some must be bought. They need to be used from the pause menu in order for them to take effect. - Energy Tank: A blue can with a capital E plastered on the front. Using one of these will instantly restore all your life energy. - Weapon Tank: a blue can with a capital W on the front. Using one of these will instantly restore all the Weapon Energy of the selected weapon. - Mystery Tank: A blue can with a capital M on the front. Using one of these will instantly restore all of BOTH your Life and Weapon energies. Using one at full capacity of all your energies will cause all the on-screen enemies to morph into 1-Ups. - Guard Power Up: A square panel with a "1/2" symbol inside an action bubble on the front. Using one will cause your character to take only half the normal amount of damage from any incoming source for the remainder of the stage it's used on. - Eddie Call: An image of your pal Eddie, aka Flip-Top. Using one will summon Eddie into the stage in front of you, and after a moment he'll toss you a random helpful item. +++++++++++++++++++++ ++ Automatic Items ++ +++++++++++++++++++++ These all must be bought in the shop. They are always in use once you have one of them in your posession unless you lose them or use them up. - Beat Call: An image of your faithful bird companion, Beat. If you fall into a hole with at least one of these in your inventory, Beat will swoop in to pick you up and attempt to fly you to safety. You can maneuver him left and right, and let go by pressing the Jump button. - Shock Guard: A panel with a blue foot above two spikes on the front. This will automatically save you from instant death once per Guard should you touch any instant death spikes. Instead of exploding, you will take a hit as if you were hurt by a normal enemy or projectile, but take no damage, and still receive the normal post-hit invincibility. - Energy Balancer: If you have this in your inventory, you will keep it permanently. It causes Weapon Capsules picked up to automatially fill the Weapon Energy of the weapon with the least energy to spare, as long as you pick up the Capsule in question while using your default weapon or another weapon at full energy. It looks like a strange little machine consisting of a black orb on the upper left and a backwards L-shaped metal bit occupying the rest of the space. +++++++++++++++++ ++ Other Items ++ +++++++++++++++++ These are special items that don't quite fit any other description. - Book of Hairstyles: A book with what appears to be a helmetless Mega Man face on the front. Buying this at the shop will remove Mega Man's helmet, allowing you to do some special things such as unlock a challenge. However, it doubles the damage you take. Can only be obtained as Mega Man. - Mega Man Helmet: Mega Man's helmet. This is only available at the shop after buying the Book of Hairstyles. It will return your helmet and cause you to once again receive only the normal amount of damage. Can only be obtained as Mega Man. -------------- - 3-03 Shop - -------------- By pressing Select (- button on the Wii) on the stage select screen, or after completing a Robot Master stage, you'll have the option to enter the Shop. Depending on the character you're using, the Shop will be a bit different. As Mega Man: Dr. Light and Auto run the shop. - 1-up: 20 Screws - Energy Tank: 30 Screws - Weapon Tank: 30 Screws - Mystery Tank: 50 Screws - Guard Power Up: 50 Screws - Eddie Call: 10 Screws - Beat Call: 20 Screws - Shock Guard: 20 Screws - Energy Balancer: 100 Screws - Hairstyle Book: 20 Screws - Mega Man Helmet: 20 Screws (if you own the Hairstyle Book) As Proto Man: Auto with a Met helmet and Tango the cat run the shop. - 1-Up: 30 Screws - Energy Tank: 40 Screws - Weapon Tank: 40 Screws - Beat Call: 30 Screws - Shock Guard: 30 Screws - Energy Balancer: 150 Screws ============== = IV) Extras = ============== -------------------- - 4-01 Challenges - -------------------- The challenges in Mega Man 10 are largely different from what you saw in 9. Though there are twelve 'normal' challenges obtained the same wasy as in 9, though normal gameplay in "Story" mode, the vast majority of challenges in this game are actually tackled--and won--by selecting Challenge Mode from the main menu and then selecting them from a list. The basic instructions for each challenge is given when you begin the challenge; below are some hints and tips to get through each one. (Note: If you die on any challenge, you'll simply be taken back to the challenge menu) ++++++++++++++++++++ + CHALLENGE PAGE 1 + ++++++++++++++++++++ -01 STROLLER: Simply run to the right, dodging the Octopus Batteries (or being hit by them, you'll still win). You can't use your arm cannon here. -02 CHICKEN RACE: There's no enemies here, but a lot of spikes. The basic idea is to move forward off the ledges slowly enough that you don't smack the spikes on the right side; it gets challenging near the end, you have to just inch Mega Man to the right pixel by pixel until you fall. -03 CLIMBER: You begin by simply scaling a few rooms vertically, but the last one has you leaping from gradually-shortening ladder to ladder. You'll want to basically hold Up and Left simultaneously as you jump, but you'll have to let go of Up for a split second as you jump off so you won't keep climing the same ladder. -04 JUMP! JUMP!: Haha, nice reference to Mega Man 8 in the title. Anyway, this is a short, basic jumping challenge. You have to jump from platform to platform across pits that get wider the further you go. If you have trouble with the last few, try to inch as close to the edge as you can before you jump. -05 CAREFUL!: Another jump challenge, but this one starts with very wide pits from the beginning. Even worse, there's parachute bots in the first and last of the pits--and you can't use any weapons to destroy them! There's a bit of a trick, though.. if you simply run and jump at just the right time, without stopping at all, you'll dodge both of the 'chute bots (and the second seems pretty much impossible without doing this). It may take some practice, but it's not too bad. -06 JUMP MASTER: Yet another jump challenge, though this one's not all about pits and long jumps. Start by jumping into the alcove below you and to the left, then make short hops to cross the spikes without hitting your head on the ones above. The last short hop is the most difficult; inch to the very edge of the platform before jumping. Jump over the small spike column then into the next alcove, jumping out to the left (enough to jump past the 'lip' above you) and then hold right to get on top. For the last obstacle, inch as far as you can to the edge again and jump with all your might to pass the spikes, then ease left as you fall to hit the exit. -07 SEA BATH: Another jumping challenge, this time underwater. The first jump is simple, just do as long a jump as you can from the edge. The second is much more difficult; ease to the very edge of the platform and try to memorize how long you need to press the Jump button in order to just miss the spikes above you. You'll have to hold for that long to the right to pass. -08 SCUBA DIE-VING: A rather simple vertical spike shaft challenge. Just jump toward the middle of the shaft and fall; on the third screen, start easing left so that you'll land on the exit instead of the chasm. -09 SUBMARINE MAN: Basically a repeat of Sea Bath but with more, less difficult obstacles. -10 WORLD ADVENTURER: A jump challenge that puts you against three different types of stage hazards. First, you've got conveyer belts; just run to the very edge of the ones pointing to the left before you jump. Next is the quicksand. Run under the spikes until Mega Man's head has been completely underneath the sand for about a second, then LIGHTLY tap the Jump button so you come back up but not far enough to hit the spikes. For the ice platforms, simply jump and move in midair instead of moving on the platforms themselves so you don't have traction problems. At the end, fall to the short edge of the last platform on the right and try to ease to the edge by jumping and landing before you attempt the final leap. -11 COUNTDOWN: Another jump challenge, this one featuring timebomb platforms. Contrary to the challenge rules, you CAN get hit by the blasts and it doesn't end the challenge; it can even protect you from the spikes below for a short time. However, for the most part, if this happens, you'll have exhausted a platform that you need to complete the challenge, so.. try to hurry. -12 SKY JUMPER: One final jump challenge (for now).. featuring disappearing blocks! There's nothing tricky until the end of the second section; from the fourth block, you should jump straight up and barely to the right, then run and fall immediately right and to the next safe platform before both the final simultaneous blocks disappear. In the third section, jump quickly up from the third block, as the fourth appears directly above it, then very quicklky hop to the next two to the right as they're simultaneous.. then you're at the end. -13 SHOOTER: Finally, a shooting challenge! This one's paehtic; just fire a shot forward, you win! -14 GUNNER: Run forward, shooting several targets. You can't lose. -15 SNIPER: Same as Gunner, but some of the targets disappear and reappear. -16 RUSH COIL: You have to use the Rush Coil (nothing else is selectable here, not even your Mega Buster) to reach and shoot several disappearing targets high in the room. Eddie will sit at the left edge of the room and drop you weapon capsules if you run low on weapon energy. -17 RUSH JET: The only challenge before and after itself for a long time that doesn't involve target practice. You have to ride the Rush Jet across a long corridor of spikes and reach the goal. Start by summoning Rush, stepping on his back and easing downward. Jump to grab the weapon capsule then drop back onto him and ease upwards. Ease down just when the ledge ends, fly under the low ceiling and start moving upward as soon as you pass it. Jump off Rush at the end just as he hits the wall and fall left into the exit. (Note: BE SURE NOT TO PAUSE IN THIS CHALLENGE or Rush will disappear and you'll die) -18 TRIPLE BLADE: The next several challenges put you in a room with only a certain special weapon accessible, and lots of targets to destroy that are in such a formation that you should be able to destroy them all in very few uses of the weapon with some practice. Eddie sits at the left side of each of these rooms to supply you with weapon energy should you run low. -19 WATER SHIELD -20 COMMANDO BOMB -21 CHILL SPIKE -22 THUNDER WOOL -23 REBOUND STRIKER -24 WHEEL CUTTER -25 SOLAR BLAZE (Refer to 18 TRIPLE BLADE for 19-25) -26 FIGHT ON!: Finally, an actual combat scenario. The goal is to reach the exit, but that only gives you a grey crown (think of it as a passing grade, but not an A+). You'll have to avoid damage if you want the gold crown. The whole room is full of all kinds of mets; normal mets, slime mets and flying mets. You can use all your weapons and Rush Coil and Jet. -27 CANNON BALL 1: The same as 26 FIGHT ON! but with snowmen, antlions and totems. -28 CANNON BALL 2: Strike Man-themed repeat, with one green cannon. -29 CHARGE FORCE 1: Blade Man-themed, three-room gauntlet. The last room is full of octopus batteries. -30 CHARGE FORCE 2: Nitro Man-themed, same room setup as before. -31 AIR FORCE 1: Same rooms as before.. missile-egg birds in the first, and amoeba blocks/seeker drones in the last two. -32 AIR FORCE 2: Green missile beetles and Blade Man's stage's flying heads in the first room, mouse cursors in the next two. -33 SPECIAL FORCE 1: A new room setup with pits. There are parachuters in some pits, and Sniper Joes which you should use Solar Blaze to safely dispatch. -34 SPECIAL FORCE 2: A water-themed arena with pipe tellies and shrimp. -35 SPECIAL FORCE 3: The first section is full of conveyer belts and those searchlight enemies that reverse their direction. The second is full of floaters from Sheep Man's stage and a cannon and shield they can attach to. -36 SPECIAL FORCE 4: A long corridor full of small drill enemies. They don't drop any powerups. -37 JUMPING FORCE: A series of three rooms identical to CHARGE FORCE and AIR FORCE. The first room has spiders and a very weird bouncing Sniper Joe at the end. The second has a big stomper, and the third has two mini-stompers. (Note: Every single challenge 38 to 88, is a fight against a boss or miniboss on Easy, Normal, or Hard Mode settings. You have to at least reach the boss on the corresponding difficulty to gain access to the challenge. You get a grey crown for completing the challenge, and a gold crown if you complete it without taking any damage. Refer to the walkthrough above for help) (Note 2: The miniboss challenges are already unlocked on Easy and Normal before you even play Story Mode; you only have to unlock the Hard versions of these, but you have to unlock everything else on every difficulty) (Note 3: The Weapons Archives challenge for each difficulty can only be obtained upon reaching the final Archive room at the very end of stage Wily 1. Also, both the Wily Machine and Wily Capsule challenges for each difficulty can only be unlocked by finishing the entire game in that difficulty. Also, the Keeper miniboss on Hard can only be unlocked as a challenge if you reach the second one.) -38 TRICASTLE E -39 TRICASTLE N -40 TRICASTLE H -41 THE KEEPER E -42 THE KEEPER N -43 THE KEEPER H -44 OCTOBULB E -45 OCTOBULB N -46 OCTOBULB H -47 SUZAK & FENIX E -48 SUZAK & FENIX N -49 SUZAK & FENIX H -50 BLADE E -51 BLADE N -52 BLADE H -53 PUMP E -54 PUMP N -55 PUMP H -56 COMMANDO E -57 COMMANDO N -58 COMMANDO H -59 CHILL E -60 CHILL N -61 CHILL H -62 SHEEP E -63 SHEEP N -64 SHEEP H -65 STRIKE E -66 STRIKE N -67 STRIKE H -68 NITRO E -69 NITRO N -70 NITRO H -71 SOLAR E -72 SOLAR N -73 SOLAR H -74 W. ARCHIVE E -75 W. ARCHIVE N -76 W. ARCHIVE H -77 CRAB PUNCHER E -78 CRAB PUNCHER N -79 CRAB PUNCHER H -80 BLOCK DEVIL E -81 BLOCK DEVIL N -82 BLOCK DEVIL H -83 WILY MACHINE E -84 WILY MACHINE N -85 WILY MACHINE H -86 WILY CAPSULE E -87 WILY CAPSULE N -88 WILY CAPSULE H ++++++++++++++++++++ + CHALLENGE PAGE 2 + ++++++++++++++++++++ These must be achieved when playing the main story mode. They can be achieved on any difficulty with either character. -01 WHOMP WILY!: Finish the game once. -02 BLUE BOMBER: Finish the game in under an hour. -03 SUPERHERO: Clear the game on Hard Mode. -04 HARD ROCK: Reach the boss of a stage without taking any damage. -05 HEADBANGING: Defeat all 8 Robot Masters as Mega Man without his helmet. -06 DESTROYER: Defeat 1000 total enemies. (Easy to get in Wily 5 if you haven't) -07 WORLD WARRIOR: Defeat one of every type of enemy. Enemies easily missed: Birds only found at the end of Chill Man's stage Searchlight bots mostly only found at the beginning of Wily 2 Changkeys (from the flame generators), can be killed with Water Shield Both kinds of trucks in Nitro Man's stage, can be killed with Chill Spike -08 TRUSTY SIDEARM: Defeat all 8 Robot Masters with your default buster weapon. -09 NO COFFEE BREAK: Clear the game using no Energy, Weapon or Mystery Tanks. -10 TENACIOUS: Finish the game without continuing (losing all your lives). -11 INVINCIBLE: Finish the game without losing a single life. -12 MR. PERFECT: Finish the game without taking damage a single time. ------------------------------ - 4-02 Downloadable Content - ------------------------------ As of 3/3/2009, no downloadable content is released. However, I found this information on the Mega Man Knowledge Base: (Note: The release dates and cost are for the Wii version, though one can expect all these should be coming out for all consoles eventually) " Bass Mode (available April 5, 2010 for 200 Wii Points) Endless Attack Mode (available April 26, 2010 for 300 Wii Points) Special Stage 1 (available April 5, 2010 for 100 Wii Points) Special Stage 2 (available April 26, 2010 for 100 Wii Points) Special Stage 3 (available April 26, 2010 for 100 Wii Points) " --------------------------------- - 4-03 Hints, Tips and Secrets - --------------------------------- - The best stage in which to 'grind' for screws is Sheep Man's stage. Without even counting the screws you may obtain from enemies, this stage has a total of 124 screws' worth sitting around the map. - At the end of Wily stage 2, if you jump above the "Dr. W" symbol that's sticking out, you'll go behind it and find a large energy capsule. This is likely a throwback to the secret capsule behind the sign in Wily 2 in MM9, which you had to use a Hornet Chaser to obtain. - All four minibosses have specific weaknesses, but if all else fails, use the Water Shield. If you stand close to them and activate it, they'll take a massive amount of damage and die quickly. - The Triple Blade could easily be considered the closest thing to this game's Metal Blade or Laser Trident as far as general usability. It's useful and powerful in just about every situation, covers a wide area, can be shot fairly rapidly, takes a very small amount of weapon energy to use and is equally good for ripping apart small enemies and shotgunning big enemies and even bosses for great damage. - If one of the parachute enemies that live in pits lands on you while floating downward, you can instantly receive whatever item it was carrying if any. - Keep in mind that you're knocked backwards when you take a hit depending on what direction you're facing. If you're facing right, you're knocked to the left, even if you're hit from the left. Trust me, it's useful to know this. - You can inch your character to the edge of a ledge or platform pixel by pixel until only the tip half of one foot hangs on. This is useful to remember when you're trying to make a crazy jump, the closer to the edge you inch yourself the greater your chances of making it. - You can actually use the Wheel Cutter to climb up walls! If you hold it out in front of you and run up against a wall, you'll ascend it until you hit an obstacle. - If you press both L and R at the same time (A and B on the wiimote), your weapon will instantly shift back to your default buster no matter where it was. This is great to do before picking up any weapon capsules once you have the Energy Balancer. - You can unlock all of the Challenge page 2 challenges in Easy Mode, except for Superhero. This is, of course, the easiest way to unlock them if you're having trouble otherwise, and actually makes Mr. Perfect a plausible goal. - Depending on if you face right or left when you use Water Shield, the bubbles will rotate clockwise or counterclockwise respectively. This is very useful to remember when fighting an enemy that you need to aim the shield's shot function to hit, such as the Wily Machine's second form. --Be sure to e-mail me if you find a cool secret or tip!-- ============== = V) The End = ============== ----------------- - 5-01 Credits - ----------------- --Thanks to the Mega Man Knowledge Base (http://megaman.wikia.com/) which I use to gather and doublecheck some of the information used in this guide. --Sites such as Gonintendo.com and Wikipedia.com to doublecheck some dates and such. --Thanks to GameFAQs for obvious reasons. --Thanks to Capcom, Inti Creates, and the father of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune, for once again gracing us retro Mega Man fans the world over with another true 2D masterpiece. May Mega Man fight for everlasting peace for ages to come. ------------------- - 5-02 Copyright - ------------------- (c) Copyright 2010 Justin Morgan This guide may only be used (outside of personal, private use) with credit given to the author. Mega Man and all related characters, names, etc. copyright Capcom. All other trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. ----------------------------- - 5-03 Contact Information - ----------------------------- Be sure to send me suggestions, additional hints and tips, spelling or grammatical error alerts, and anything else you can think of! (Note: If you send me a hint, error report or anything else you feel should be added to my guide, be sure to include the name or alias you would like for me to use to credit you in future versions of the guide!) E-mail: jkm553(at)gmail(dot)com</p>