When there's something strange, In the neighbourhood... Whatcha gonna play? __---__ _- _--______ __--( / \ )XXXXXXXXXXXXX_ --XXX( O O )XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX- /XXX( U ) XXXXXXX\ /XXXXX( )--_ XXXXXXXXXXX\ /XXXXX/ ( O ) XXXXXX \XXXXX\ XXXXX/ / XXXXXX \__ \XXXXX---- XXXXXX__/ XXXXXX \__---- - ---___ XXX__/ XXXXXX \__ --- -- --__/ ___/\ XXXXXX / ___---= -_ ___/ XXXXXX '--- XXXXXX --\/XXX\ XXXXXX /XXXXX \XXXXXXXXX /XXXXX/ \XXXXXX _/XXXXX/ \XXXXX--__/ __-- XXXX/ --XXXXXXX--------------- XXXXX-- \XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX- --XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX- GHOSTBUSTERS: THE VIDEO GAME Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 (EU) by Raven75 (v 1.0, July 6th 2009) ! ! ! W A R N I N G ! ! ! ! ! ! S P O I L E R S ! ! ! ################################################################################ [TOC] TABLE OF CONTENT ################################################################################ Looking for a specific part of the guide? Use your browser's "Search" function, and enter the bracketed tag to go there instantly... -Table Of Content [TOC] -Introduction [INT] +Gameplay [GP] -Controls [GP1] -Equipment [GP2] -Techniques [GP3] -General Tips [GP4] +Walkthrough [WT] +Hotel Sedgewick [WT1] -You're Hired [WT101] -Extended Service Agreement [WT102] -On-The-Job Training [WT103] -Slime Trail [WT104] -Rough Descent [WT105] -Bad Service [WT106] -Air In The Lines [WT107] -Rodriguez Bar Mitzvah [WT108] -The Bellhops Are Restless [WT109] -Charge Of The Light Brigade [WT110] -Sargassi's By The Sea [WT111] -And The Kitchen Sink, Too [WT112] +Times Square [WT2] -Mass Panic [WT201] -Ghosts & Gargoyles [WT202] -Spin Cycle [WT203] -Hindenburg: The Musical [WT204] -Shadow Of The Stay Puft [WT205] -Marshmallow Minis [WT206] -Race To The Roof [WT207] -Puffy White Menace [WT208] -Damsel, Distressed [WT209] -Ghosts At Work [WT210] -The Rise And Fall Of Stay Puft [WT211] +Public Library [WT3] -The Man From P.C.O.C. [WT301] -One Of Our Lions Is Missing [WT302] -Crusters & Crusto [WT303] -Dangerous Books [WT304] -There She Is! [WT305] -Ssshhed Again [WT306] -Scary Stories [WT307] -Sorted Out [WT308] -Slippery [WT309] -Hey! Look Behind You! [WT310] -Story Hour [WT311] -Special Collections [WT312] -Old Secret Places [WT313] -Dark & Damp [WT314] -The Trouble With Golems [WT315] -The Gozarian Codex [WT316] -Eleanor's Plan [WT317] -The Other Side [WT317] -Across The Bridge [WT319] -Hall Of Mirrors [WT320] -Curioser & Curioser [WT321] -Ghostworld Library [WT322] -Topsy Turvy [WT323] -The Long Staircase [WT324] -Wrath Of The Collector [WT325] +History Museum [WT4] -The Shandor Legacy [WT401] -Dr. Rutherford, I Presume? [WT402] -Opening Night [WT403] -Ilyssa Lost [WT404] -Chairman Chase [WT405] -Ruined Hallway [WT406] -American History [WT407] -Ghost War [WT408] -Little Egypt [WT409] -Unexpected Guests [WT410] -The Ossuary [WT411] -Board Of Trustees [WT412] -Ilyssa Found [WT413] -Dark, Deep & Spooky [WT414] -It's The Chairman [WT415] +Return To Hotel Sedgewick [WT5] -Mandala Revealed [WT501] -Access Denied [WT502] -Endless Party [WT503] -Enter The Spiderwitch [WT504] -The Kitchen [WT505] -Emergency Generator [WT506] -Power Restored [WT507] -Splitting Up [WT508] -Up To The 12th [WT509] -The 12th Floor? [WT510] -Ghostworld Again [WT511] -The 13th Floor [WT512] -Lair Of The Spiderwitch [WT513] +Lost Island [WT6] -The Old Docks [WT601] -Long Climb [WT602] -Million-Dollar View [WT603] -On The Ramparts [WT604] -The Hedge Maze [WT605] -Gaining Entrance [WT606] -Black Mass [WT607] -Gozer Worshippers [WT608] -Rescue Mission [WT609] -Rivers Of Slime [WT610] -Black Slime What? [WT611] -Sewer Maze [WT612] -The Slime Labs [WT613] -Rescue Egon [WT614] -Black Slime Beast [WT615] +Central Park Cemetery [WT7] -Hero's Welcome [WT701] -Outside The Gates [WT702] -Stone Gardens [WT703] -The Elusive Key [WT704] -Battle In The Boneyard [WT705] -Crypt Alley [WT706] -Chance For Rain [WT707] -Airstrike [WT708] -Full Assault [WT709] -Together Again [WT710] -Underground [WT711] -Surfacing [WT712] -Attack Of The Stone Angels [WT713] -The Final Gate [WT714] -Shandor Mausoleum [WT715] -Headstones [WT716] -Destructor Form [WT717] -Cross The Streams! [WT718] +Checklists [CHK] -Artifacts [CHK1] -Ghost Scans [CHK2] -Trophies [CHK3] -Water Fountains [CHK4] +Frequently Asked Question [FAQ] +Version History [VER] +Credits, Copyrights And Contact [CCC] ################################################################################ [INT] INTRODUCTION ################################################################################ If you, like me, happen to be born in the early 80's, you'll know who Egon, Ray, Winston, Peter and Slimer are without a doubt. Chances are you got to know them through the popular 90's cartoon series, The Real Ghostbusters. Quite a surprise it was for me to learn that the adventures of four goofy ghost-hunters were ba- sed on a live-action comedy movie! At first, it was just a fantastic special- effects show; the humour didn't become clear until I grew older. But that only adds to the magic and mystery of the franchise, right? For a quarter of a centu- ry, I was a fan fo the exploits of these four paranormal investigators and eli- minators. I also grew to become an avid gamer. Imagine my delight when the vide- ogame was announced... Hello, and welcome to my Ghostbusters: The Video Game Walkthrough. My name is Wim Props, and I hail from Belgium - but you can call me by my internet handle, Raven75. I wrote this guide chiefly because I'm a fan of the franchise and a gamer - but also because I've been wanting to contribute to the game guide com- munity for some time now. What's in this walkthrough, you ask? Well, for now, some general gameplay infor- mation, a walkthrough with indications for the collectibles, and checklists. I haven't planned on making it a full game guide by incorporating a multiplayer section, but hey, it's still an option for the future. I should warn you though: this guide is NOT spoiler-free! Take note, this guide was written for the PS3 version of the game, but chances are it'll work just fine for the X-Box 360 version - the main difference will be the controls scheme (and trophies being achievements). But you didn't come to this guide to hear me rant on my private life or techni- calities, right? you came here to bust some ghosts! Well, let's get right to it then... Without further ado, I present to you: the Walkthrough! ################################################################################ [GP] GAMEPLAY ################################################################################ Ghostbusters: The Videogame plays a bit like an over-the-shoulder third-person shooter, combined with a few puzzle elements. The comedy/horror setting this system is set in combines surprisingly well. You get basic tutorials on weapon use in-game, so I'll keep the following infor- mation as brief as possible. ================================================================================ [GP1] Controls ================================================================================ Left stick: strafe; move forward/backward Right stick: aim/turn/look Directional pad: Selects weapon L1: Switch to capture mode manually; quick-switch to Proton Accelerator L2: Secondary fire mode; slam R1: Vent Proton Pack R2: Primary fire mode; scan R3: Hold to see partner positions X: Interact; revive teammate; retrieve trap O: Dodge/run Square: Throw trap Triangle: Toggle PKE-Meter ================================================================================ [GP2] Equipment ================================================================================ THE PROTON PACK Your Proton Pack serves as a part of your HUD, showing your health and "ammo". Both are shown on the right side of the pack. Also, your PKE-Meter can give you certain indications while it's hanging from your belt. You can see three bright yellow-greenish lights with two green horizontal bars - one on top, one beneath; these indicate your health. The longer the bars, the more health you have. If your health is depleted, you'll get knocked down until a teammate can revive you. If they can't (because they've been downed as well, or because you're alone in the field), it's game over. You'll be revived at the last checkpoint you reached. As you fire your weapons, two vertical bars will fill, starting yellow, then orange, and finally red. If they reach the top, the pack has overheated and will vent itself, disabling it - like auto-reloading in regular shooting games. You can also manually vent your pack with the R1 button. The pack cools automati- cally out of combat, but it's a slow process. A little something not explained in the game or manual is that you can see your current target's health meter on the pack (as well as around your crosshair)! Right above your health bars is a circular set of green lights that mimic the regular health bar exactly. Handy to know, eh? Every now and then, your PKE-Meter screen will be fully coloured and flash as it hangs from your belt - that usually means there's something interesting going on! You'll be prompted to bring up the meter most of these times. Do so, and find out what's going on, with the Triangle button - see below. Your Proton Pack has four weapons, each with two fire modes. - D-Pad Up: Proton Accelerator (Blast Stream, Capture Stream, Boson Dart) You start with the basic Blast Stream and Capture Stream. You receive the Boson Dart later. The Blast Stream, fired by tapping or holding R2, is your basic attack - it damages a Ghost by dispersing its psycho-kinetic energy. When aiming at a ghost, you'll see its "life bar" around your aiming reticule. Some ghosts need to be completely destroyed (or dispersed), while others need to be captured; reducing their health until it goes red will enable this. It can also be used to damage and destroy parts of your environment. The Capture Stream is a bit quirky to get to know at first. While firing a stan- dard Blast Stream, tapping L1 will switch the Blast Stream over to the Capture Stream - but you'll have to keep firing with R2. Your Proton Pack will also au- tomatically switch to the Capture Stream when a ghost is sufficiently damaged, but only single-player mode; in multiplayer mode, you'll have to do it manually. This weapon mode will let you move the ghost in its grasp around, but it will struggle. To prevent it from doing so, press the L2 button to slam it towards wherever you're aiming; if it hits an obstacle, it will be dazed. You can only slam a ghost if you have slam charges, displayed on the lower right corner of the screen. The meter fills up as you wrangle a ghost with the Capture Stream, and fills faster if you wrangle in the opposite side of the ghost. The more people that simultaneously wrangle a ghost, the more stable it can be kept - provided you're cooperating well... The Boson Dart (fired with an R2 tap) acts as the game's rocket launcher. It sends an explosive ball of supercharged particles flying forward; it's higly damaging. You can fire it while shooting the Blast Stream for continuous damage with a nice spike. Great against larger enemies - or objects. Watch out; firing it at close range will get you hit by the blast! Upgrades purchased will enhance your damage, improve your aim and walking speed, or reduce heat costs. - D-Pad Left: Dark Matter Generator (Shock Blast, Stasis Stream) You get both of these around the same time as an upgrade to the pack. The Shock Blast is the Ghostbusters' version of a shotgun, and the weapon's pri- mary fire mode - tap R2 to fire it. It fires multiple small particle pellets in a cone; at short range, they're very destructive, but they dissipate over range. Great in confined hallways or tunnels, or when making a charge. The Stasis Stream is a low-damage beam weapon that slows your target and, over time, might even freeze it in place. Tap or hold L2 to fire it. Nifty if you're being overwhelmed to take an enemy out of the fight for a couple of seconds, or to create some distance between yourself and an incoming hostile. Upgrading the weapon will increase damage, rate of fire and slowing effect, or lower heath costs. - D-Pad Down: Plasm Distribution System (Slime Blower, Slime Tether) You get both of these around the same time as an upgrade to the pack. The Slime Blower, an R2-tap/hold weapon, is just what it sounds like. Generally a short-damage weapon, you'll be using it to dissolve black slime - either the kind that's on floors or walls, the one that hides a few passages, or even the one enemies are made of. It also closes slime-based portals, stopping the fur- ther emergence of enemies. The PSD's secondary fire mode (tap L2), the Slime Tether is generally a puzzle- solver, but has its uses in combat as well. You fire the weapon twice; each shot will anchor a strand at its landing position. The strand will then pull the two anchored objects together, if possible. Rather self-explanatory during puzzle sequences, its combat uses are a bit vaguer; you can either use it to position an enemy better, or to perform the fabled Slime Dunk technique (more on that later). More strands pull harder. The strands disappear over time. Purchased upgrades will increase range and damage, lengthen strand duration, or reduce heath costs. - D-Pad Right: Composite Particle System (Meson Collider, Overload Pulse) You get both of these around the same time as an upgrade to the pack. The primary fire mode, the Meson Collider, is fired by tapping R2. It fires a bolt of energy that charges its target, dealing damage and making it a homing beacon for the weapon's alt-fire mode. Not much to write home about on itself, but rather powerful in tandem with its alt-fire mode. The Overload Pulse (tap or hold L2) is this game's mix between guided missiles and a machine gun. It can fire many shots in rapid succession, and if an enemy was hit by a Meson Collider shot, the bolts will automatically home in on the target. A nice alternative to the Blast Stream if you're too lazy to aim. The weapons' upgrades reduce heath cost, increase the damage and firing-rate, and allow the bolts to penetrate a target - or a shield. Some of the weapons function differently in Multiplayer Mode. For instance, the Proton Accelerator doesn't have Boson Darts; these are now the alt-fire mode of the Composite Particle System. There's also a few other weapons in MP, like the ever-lovely Pink Slime (which turns an enemy into an ally for a short time). THE GHOST-TRAP You start the game with traps. What to do with a ghost once you've got it in your Capture Stream? Trap it, of course. Press Square to throw a trap. It always lands a bit further due to the wheels at the bottom; get used to aiming it. Once it's on the floor, a thin yel- low lightbeam will rise from it. Wrangle your ghost over this light, and the trap will automatically open and begin sucking in the ghost. Like with the Cap- ture Stream, it will struggle, so pull it down and keep it centred! Again, mul- tiple Capture Streams will facilitate this. Keep in mind that you can throw only one trap per person, so positioning is im- portant! When you want to relocate a trap, or when you're ready to continue the adventure, you can recover your trap by running up to it and pressing X. Worth mentioning is that you can throw out a trap while you're shooting or wrangling without any ill effects. Upgrading the trap will either speed up its capture rate, or open up the infa- mous Slam Dunk trapping technique - more on that later. THE PKE-METER AND ECTO-GOGGLES You get both of these at the same time at the start of the game. Press Triangle to toggle the items on or off (they're used together). Your PKE-Meter works like a bit like a radar. The spikes indicate you're poin- ting at a source of psycho-kinetic energy; the higher the spike, the stronger the signal. The spikes' colours indicate what type of signal you're tracking. Red means a ghost hiding somewhere. Blue means a collectible artifact. Green means either a ghost in the open or an inert signal, like ectoplasmic residue. Your Ecto-Goggles have a three-layer reticule. When a PKE-source is in one of those circles, pressing R2 will let you perform a scan on it; the closer to the middle, the better the scan. Scanning either lets you grab an artifact for your collection, or gives you an entry on an enemy in Tobin's Spirit Guide, this game's bestiary - where you can consult the critter's disposal method, weaknes- ses, attack and backstory. The outer ring lights up red, the middle yellow, and the inner one green, for reference. Upgrades purchased enlarge your scanning reticule and increase its rate of... well, fire. Scanning. Whatever. THE SUPER-SLAMMER In two missions, Ecto-1 will accompany you. There's a super-powerful version of the ghost-trap installed on top of it, the Super-Slammer. It has a slightly bet- ter range, and instantly captures any ghost wrangled (or slammed) near. In three words: fun, fun, fun! Too bad it won't last long enough the second time around... ================================================================================ [GP3] Techniques ================================================================================ SCRAP'EM Lesser enemies don't need to be caught in a ghost-trap; you can just shoot'em to smithereens by dissipating their PKE supply. Break out whatever weapon they're weak against, and keep firing until it's dead. Again. CRACK'EM Some enemies can't be destroyed by weapons, nor can they be trapped. But you'll still need to destroy them... and what better way to destroy something than by applying brute force? Get a capture beam around your critter and slam it into something - the floor, a wall, another ghost. Heck, Slime Tether two such ene- mies together for a good laugh! SAP'EM Some ghosts have to be caught in order to progress the game. Before you can put them in the trap, you got to catch them - and before you can do that, you have to weaken them. Firing your weapons at a ghost will reduce its health; you can see their health bar when you aim at them - it's composed of green (or red) rectangles sorted in a circle around your crosshair. The more damage it takes, the less rectangles are left. When it's sufficiently damages to be caught and trapped, the rectangles will turn red. This health bar is also copied on your Proton Pack, right above your own health bars. Ooh, double reference... CAP'EM Got a ghost in the red? Switch to your proton accelerator's Capture Stream. The ghost's movement will now be severely restricted, and you can try to wrangle it to your trap. Simply aim towards where you want it to go. The more people that wrangle it, the better it works. While wrangling, your slam meter (at the lower right corner) will fill (faster if you work against the ghost's movements). It can have up to four full charges. Every charge lets you use the L2 button to smack the ghost around violently (in the direction you're aiming that moment); this in turn can stun the ghost, making it even easier to wrangle. TRAP'EM Ghost in the red, in the Capture Stream. Good. Now what? Trap it, of course. Make sure you've got a trap somewhere (yours, a friends', whatever) and lead the ghost over the yellow beam that's emanating from the trap (this can be a bit tricky in 3D; remember to move back- and forward too!), and the trap will emit a capturing cone. This cone will drag in the ghost. Said entity will violently try to escape the cone; wrangle it to the center and down to bag it! Don't sweat if the ghost manages to leave the cone; as long as you've got it in a capture beam, it won't go far - try again! Like with regular wrangling, facilitate the en- trapment by cooperating with other 'busters. SLAM DUNK Once you've purchased the right upgrade for your Ghost-Traps, you can speed up your capturing process. Get a ghost on top of a trap without the trap opening, then slam it straight down - directly into the trap! This requires some trai- ning (especially with the forward/backward axis), but it's very handy! Master this technique - especially if you're gonna be playing multiplayer! SLIME DUNK Slam Dunk Ghost-Trap + Slime Tether = win. Tether your trap and a ghost, and, with some luck, you'll Slam Dunk it straight in there - you don't even have to sap it first! My personal advice is to tether the trap first, so you won't lose track of its position, and allow you to select-fire your next tether (YMMV). Also, target ghosts that aren't too far away. It's possible for a ghost to over- shoot the trap or get caught in the scenery, but at least you'll have it nearby, and stunned from the impact. It's fun. Cheap fun, but still fun. STASIS DUNK You'd think a Stasis-Stream-slowed/frozen enemy is easy to trap. Think again. This technique requires either excellent timing, excellent positioning, excel- lent teamwork, or pure dumb luck. The trick is to get a ghost in a trap while it's slowed or frozen by the stasis beam. Timing: lay down a trap, start slowing a ghost, and freeze it just as the trap opens underneath it. Positioning: slow and freeze a ghost, then throw a trap directly underneath it. Teamwork: as some- one else is wrangling a ghost down into an open trap, use the Stasis Stream to slow it, facilitating its capture. Luck: any of the previous, unintentionally. On a personal note: after failing positioning and timing, I got my first with luck during a teamwork attempt... CONTRIBUTION ALERT: James H. James mailed me, thanking me for putting him on the right path towards getting his Stasis Dunk trophy, and had the following to advice share: "I think I found the secret to doing Stasis Dunk and managed to capture several ghosts using the Stasis alone without help. First you wear down the ghost with the shock blast until they are stunned and get dizzy. Then you throw down the trap below them. Finally you use the stasis stream on them until they turn to stone and they will automatically get sucked into the trap." ================================================================================ [GP4] General Tips ================================================================================ Don't let too many of your allies get downed or possessed, especially if the team isn't at full numbers. You need them to revive you should you go down, so keep at least one of them standing at all times! Besides, they might not do as much damage as you or wrangle as effective, but they're still a great help. Don't shoot your allies! The damage you do is only marginally, but it adds up. It's fun hearing Venkman go "Oww, that was OWW there!" as he slumps down after you headshot him with a Boson Dart, but it reduces the effectiveness of your group. The original 'busters are a greater help than you'd think. This goes double, no, triple for multiplayer games! Teamwork. Focus on the same enemies as your allies when trapping; don't solo a beasty. Enemies are harder to wrangle and trap on your own, and that goes for your friends as well - help each other out. The faster you trap one, the less damage your party will receive. This goes for multiplayer as well, might I add. Vent manually, and vent regularly. Learn an enemy's pattern and look for empty moments to vent. Better to vent and leave the enemy a little more time than ha- ving your pack give up on you at the wrong moment. Besides, manually venting the pack doesn't take as long as letting it run hot and shut down by itself. Stay on the move! Back away from enemies approaching you to buy time, and strafe away from those attacking you to limit your damage. Keep a good eye out on your beam and those of your companions so you don't run into them, however! Recover your trap regularly. Better to throw a trap where you're wrangling than having to pull the critter all over the map to the nearest Ghost-Trap. Spread your traps around to cover a larger area. Having two traps next to each other isn't of much use. Having two a distance apart will reduce the distance you'll have to wrangle a ghost from any given point to trap it. In multiplayer, having two traps close together can be a boon when employed well, but I find it to be a waste. Use your PKE-Meter! Not only does it give you handy info on your enemies, it can also point you in the right direction when you're stuck. Limit your collateral damage. Your friends can easilly get stuck on debris, even glitching things up sometimes. I've had the game's scripted events stop working a few times because I was on a wild rampage (while going for the Destructor trophy). ################################################################################ [WT] WALKTHROUGH ################################################################################ If you selected to play a new Career, enjoy the intro. Remember to remember the woman racing through the museum - you'll see why later. After the gates to the firehouse close, the first of seven levels will start - you'll start at GBHQ, but you'll soon move on... ================================================================================ [WT1] Hotel Sedgewick ================================================================================ LEVEL STATISTICS Artifacts: 6 Checkpoints: 12 Ghost Scans: 6 Water Fountains: 3 Notes: The firehouse and the first part of the hotel are tutorials. Relatively straightforward level. The Sargassi chase through the flooded hallways can be a hassle if you don't know your way around. Introduces ghosts for both capture and destruction. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT101] You're Hired -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More introduction! A cutscene will introduce our nameless protagonist (read: you) to the general public (again, you), along with most of the iconic cast. As the psionic blast seen in the introduction movie rips through the firehouse, a very well-known ghost will escape its confines - time for some tutorials! Do as the game prompts you to, and follow Ray downstairs. TROPHY ALERT: You Gotta Try This Pole! As soon as you have control, run up to the firepole and interact with it. Con- gratulations; you just got your very first trophy! Also: Wheeee! Shame on you if you miss this one... WATER FOUNTAIN ALERT After sliding down, run up to Ray, past the container Slimer just escaped. Befo- re you head down the stairs, look at the wall - there's a drinking fountain just waiting for you to interact with it. Once down the cellar, you'll get your first chance to get cracking with the pro- ton pack. Notice the placement of both the ghost and the containment unit - yes, you can guess what's gonna happen. Fire as ordered; Slimer will escape, and your blast will free another ghost. Follow Ray down to the sub-basement. More tutorial goodness. Ray will tell you where your health and pack overload are displayed. Then, he'll talk you through your first sap/cap/trap sequence. At first, you'll be battling Slimer, but once his health is down, he'll flee, and the other ghost will replace him. Follow doctor Stantz' instructions, and you'll have caught your first ghost in no time. TROPHY ALERT: I Ain't 'Fraid Of No Ghost! You'll get this trophy for catching your very first ghost; can't miss it. Retrieve your trap. Enjoy another cut scene. Peter doesn't seem to like you too much (he'll loosen up to you eventually). When you regain control, walk up to Ecto-1 and interact with the crew. After another short cutscene (this level is riddled with'em) you'll find yourself driving to the Sedgewick to get Slimer. TROPHY ALERT: We Have The Talent! For completing the training section in GB HQ, you'll receive the trophy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT102] Extended Service Agreement -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Listen to Venkman discussing the contract agreements with the hotel manager. WATER FOUNTAIN ALERT As soon as Peter moves on, keep an eye on your right side - there's a sideroom with some vending machines. Enter it, and you'll find a fountain on the right wall. Take a sip! Follow the guys to the elevators. Peter will try his charms on the lady exiting them - recognize her? You'd better! Anyway, get in the elevator. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT103] On-The-Job Training -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch yet another short cutscene. You're about to experience an extreme amount of déjà-vu in the next couple of scenes; it's like the hotel scenes from the mo- vie all over again! Anyway, after Peter gets trigger-happy, follow the guys. Af- ter rounding a few corners, Ray will tell you to watch out - zig-zag a bit to avoid the flying objects, and continue your pursuit. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT104] Slime Trail -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After (yes, that's right) the cutscene, round the corner and shoot Slimer. He'll flee, Venkman will leave, and Ray will start another tutorial, this time about the PKE-Meter and Ecto-Goggles. Run up to the wall, whip out the PKE-Meter, and scan the slimed wall. Let Ray open the door, then follow the meter to the vase. Scan it, turn around, and scan Slimer. TROPHY ALERT: I'm Picking Up A Signal... You should get this reward if you did your scans right - that means the middle- most of the three circles was lit up when you hit the R2 button. Now follow the meter (and Stantz) into another room - your next objective is on the floor. Scan the tray to pick it up. ARTIFACT ALERT: Gustav Self-Service Tray Picking this one up is part of the tutorial, so it's impossible to miss. TROPHY ALERT: ...And You Want To Keep It? Since you're practically obligated to collect this artifact, and as it's your first, you'll bag yourself another trophy. Good times! Let Ray do his little talk; in the meanwhile, take off the goggles and meter. See the little Peter-face-icon appearing? Good ol' Pete just got slimed, and is incapacitated! More tutorial goodness. Follow Ray, and press O to run. Then ap- proach Peter and press X to revive him. After some talking and walkie-talkie'ing interact with the elevator button and get in. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT105] Rough Descent -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy yet another handful of cutscene-funniness (yawn at your own leisure), and follow the guys back to the next room. Shortest checkpoint ever... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT106] Bad Service -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Slimer will make a short appearance, but then two other ghosts will come up. Ti- me for some real action! Four of you, two of them. Sap'em, cap'em, and trap'em just like Stantz showed you to back at HQ. Focus on one at a time, and make sure your traps are spaced out some. As soon as you're done, head next door into the lobby - two more! This time, the lovely little green spud will be around to help them a bit. Never mind trapping any of them, just blast away; when you've done enough damage, they'll split up. ARTIFACT ALERT: The Summoner Bell Technically you can get this during the Bellhop fight, but it's a bit chaotic. Go to the reception room across the elevators, and look at the reception desk - there should be a bell (one of those you tap to go "ding!") there. Go get it. Egon orders you to follow your *ahem* good buddy *cough* Peter Venkman and track down Slimer. Jolly. Follow Peter towards the Alhambra Ballroom. Slimer went in there, but the hotel manager won't let you in! Can't say I blame him. Good thing that a vengeful Peter is a cunning Peter - he has a plan! Follow him through the lobby through the door to... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT107] Air In The Lines -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...the kitchen. Follow the linear path, and Peter will tell you to go up front. Scan the black slime on the walls (if you want), marvel at the levitation, and head into the next room. As you enter, a shelf will drop on you. Take the hint, and head right - only for the oven to explode in your face. Sheesh! Head back past the fallen shelf towards the door that will be opened up - by a ghost! Try to leave the room, and a heavy metal (the material, not the music style) ob- ject will slide in your path. Turn around and look through the open wall into the next room. The ghost that opened the door a second ago will ring a triangel and summon some baddies! These flying undead fish don't have to be caught, but dissipated (or destroyed) by zapping them. Get to blasting! It doesn't take much to destroy them. TROPHY ALERT: Aim For The Flat Top! As you defeat your first dissipater, you'll bag yourself yet another trophy. You can't miss this one either. When you're done, your first puzzle element comes up. Remember that heavy object (closet, fridge, whatever) that's blocking your way out? Blast it, manually switch to the Capture Stream, and wrangle it aside. ARTIFACT ALERT: Stay Puft Figure Don't follow Peter just yet; head to the right instead, and follow your PKE to the back. This artifact is sitting on a desk somewhere way in the back of this area, through the second kitchen on your right. Head back once you find it. Follow the Venkmeister to the right (or straight ahead if you went for the arti- fact), and you'll end up in your destination - the Alhambra ballroom. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT108] Rodriguez Bar Mitzvah -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As you enter, Slimer will show up and start munching on the feast at the far side of the room. Time for a classic, epic showdown! TROPHY ALERT: Kosher! On the table at the far side of the room, the Bar Mitzvah's feast has been pre- pared. On the table's far left side is a big ham. Blast it to smithereens, and you'll get your trophy. It takes a few shots, and it might roll off the table - keep a good eye out for it! Better do this before you actually fight Slimer. ARTIFACT ALERT: Voyaging Case International To the left of the feast is a bar. Get behind the counter and shoot the right side of the bar until you've got a hole big enough to fit in. Run in, and take a good look to your left - there's a suitcase! Scan it and get yet another arti- fact for your collection. Better do this before you actually fight Slimer. Basic procedure. Wear Slimer down with the Blast Stream for starters. Every now and then he'll disappear; technically you're supposed to look for him with the PKE-Meter, but you can see where he hid easily enough: the shaking table. Just approach it and he'll pop up. Once he's down into the red, get a Capture Stream on him, throw a trap, slam him into submission, and reel him in. Don't forget to retrieve the trap when you're done! Enjoy Peter's sarcasm in the (you'll never see this one coming) cutscene, then follow him outside back to the lobby. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT109] The Bellhops Are Restless -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy Egon and Ray's commando-style around-the-corner shooting, and advance. Ti- me to repeat a fight fought before: this time, you are up against three of those Bellhop Ghosts! You should know the drill by now: sap/cap/trap. Focus targets, spread traps. When you're done, go poke some fun with the manager, only to see the ghost you met in the kitchen earlier rush by! Follow Egon past the elevators to the stair- case. As you're going up, the fisherman ghost will destroy the stairs, splitting you up - in a CUTSCENE! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT110] Charge Of The Light Brigade -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARTIFACT ALERT: Portrait Of G. Sedgewick Before you continue, go up the stairs towards the next floor. It'll be blocked by a chain, but take a look at the wall; there's a portrait there! When you get closer, it'll appear to burn. Scan it to nab it, and head back down. Turn left (or right, if you went up to nab the artifact) and continue down the hallway. You'll get washed back to the staircase by the Angry Fisherman (better known as Pappy Sargassi) - whee! Let's try that again, shall we? Go down the hallway again. When given a choice, head left; Pappy will attack again as you're near the end. Turn around, and this time, go left (which is your previous right; don't think about it too long). You'll end up at the elevators. See the malfunc- tioning candelabrum? Take out your trusty PKE-Meter with the Triangle button, and get a scan. Surprise! A new dissipatable enemy. Prepare to take out a whole bunch of those while you continue the search for Sargassi's ghost; remember to check your six at regular intervals too. Anyway, after taking it out, turn around. When given a choice, go right first (where you just came from), then left (instead of to the right, as your PKE-Meter wants you to believe). Follow the hallway to the next intersection. ARTIFACT ALERT: Toaster Of Sights Unseen Head straight to the dead-end, and look behind the couch. Blast it if you need to, equip the PKE-Meter, and grab the toaster. Now you can continue the adven- ture again - return to the intersection. Take a right (or a left, if you went for the artifact) and run to the end; Mr. Fishy will jump out of the vending machine near the end. Head back and turn left (again, back where you came from - fun, eh?). Go straight instead of to the right at the next opportunity - Pappy should float by at the hallway's end. Ta- ke a left and follow him; you'll end up at some elevators that will open, flush- ing out all the water. WATER FOUNTAIN ALERT This one is well-hidden. After the elevator opens and clears out the water, make a 180° turn and head back to the doorway around the corner. You'll find the wa- ter dispenser hidden behind a support beam (which is why you'll most likely have missed it as you entered the elevator room). For better reference, it's on the opposite side of the elevators. Weird - a neon board with Sargassi's name on it! Enter the double door and pre- pare for combat... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT111] Sargassi's By The Sea -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time to bag us 'nother one! Stay on the move and get blasting. Once his health is down, he'll flee into the kitchen. The other Ghostbusters arrive; too late, like any good cavalry. Or then again, maybe not! Whip out the PKE-Meter and go for the kitchen door. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT112] And The Kitchen Sink, Too -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sargassi will return, clad in improvised armour, as a Kitchen Golem. Stay on the move and blast it! As soon as it's reduced to low hit points, you'll have a Cap- ture Stream on the focal object in its head. Slam it upwards to rip it out - Sargassi will then reappear. Sap/cap/trap him, and recover the trap, as usual. TROPHY ALERT: The Flowers Are Still Standing! You'll receive this particular trophy simply for finishing this level. 'Gratz! Winston makes his entrée on the walkie-talkie! But it looks like you've got big- ger problems - literally! ================================================================================ [WT2] Times Square ================================================================================ LEVEL STATISTICS Artifacts: 6 Checkpoints: 11 Ghost Scans: 6 Water Fountains: 2 Notes: Cost-heavy level - be mindful for Nice Shooting Tex! trophy. Introduces the Super Slammer and enemies you have to slam to death. Too many Minis. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT201] Mass Panic -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ooh, CGI goodness. The guys'll run outside and see their worst nightmare come true: Stay Puft is back! And this time, it isn't Ray's fault. Follow Ecto-1 straight ahead until you come to a dead end - in the meanwhile, a new invention is being discussed: the Super Slammer. We'll get to that in a bit. Stay Puft will slam his foot into the ground, and summon a new dispersible type of enemy: the Marshmallow Mini. Start zapping! Once you're done with them, Stay Puft will throw a car into the ones blocking your path, so stay clear. He'll hit the ground again, and summon catchables: Hobo Ghosts. Remember the Super Slammer mentioned just a while ago? Let's just say it's not only Winston's favourite song. The top of Ecto-1 now functions as a super-trap: bringing a sapped ghost near the beam will suck it in instantly - no need for a regular trap. Catch all three Hobos with the Slammer. Then you'll be up against three more, accompanied by Mini's, all the while slowly advancing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT202] Ghosts & Gargoyles -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Advance some more, turn around 180° and prepare to meet a new type of enemy. Gargoyles are so solid that you can't catch or even destroy them - you best bet is to grab them with the Capture Stream manually and slam them into something solid - like the floor or a building. Once you get the hang of it, these guys are so easy it's not even funny. After taking out all three of them (and having a good smirk at Aykroyd's stab at the Dungeon & Dragons Roleplaying Game), more will appear, together with some Construction Worker Ghosts, which need capture. Destroy some of the Gargoyles first, and then assist your friends in capturing the 'Workers (and Hobos) before rounding up the final remnants. Ecto-1 is blocked, so Winston and you have to head through a nearby building - a laundromat - to find a way to clear a path. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT203] Spin Cycle -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Head inside. Try to head around to the left, only to get blocked - circle back and head for the door. WATER FOUNTAIN ALERT Just before you leave the building, you'll notice a water fountain to the imme- diate right of the door - you practically can't miss this one. ARTIFACT ALERT: There's a door to the right of the drinking fountain that leads into a smaller room. Inside, in the back, is our little artifact lunchbox. Scan it and check it off your list! Once outside, you'll receive a new weapon: the Boson Dart. Fire one at the gaso- line tanker to the right of the door you just came out from, and back up - ka- boom! Ecto-1 is now clear for passage. Slowly follow it. ARTIFACT ALERT: Three-Toed Jenkin's Midnight Goose Ecto-1 will pass by a truck. Right behind it is a makeshift table with some bot- tles on it. There's another bottle, wrapped in a brown paper bag, to the left of the table on the floor - that's yours for the taking. Santé! Big Bad White Doll will destroy the fence in front of you; just perfect. ARTIFACT ALERT: Patrelli's Mischieveous Cone Immediately to the left of the destroyed fence is an alley. Enter it, and head for the neon sign that reads "Roy's Bar". There's a short staircase leading into the bar; on the floor there is an evil, enchanted traffic cone. Yoink! Follow the guys and Ecto-1 towards the theater. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT204] Hindenburg: The Musical -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The group will discuss the (very bad) opera show, and the black slime lying a- round, only to be interrupted by... A SINGING FAT LADY! Actually, multiple fat singing ladies. They'll travel through the pink portals made from the black sli- me (don't ask), and once you catch a few of'em, they'll receive backup in the form of Gargoyles and Hobos. Those Boson Darts will come in handy for sure! As usual, concentrate on taking one enemy down at a time, and take some time out to get rid of the Gargoyles ASAP. CGI says: you've caught up with the BBEG! He seems to be looking for something; you can't let him have it, now, can you? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT205] Shadow Of The Stay Puft -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seems like TV-people are covering you - time to shine! Bad news though - the Su- per Slammer got damaged during the previous fight. Someone has to go and draw Stay Puft's attention to buy time for repairs. Guess who just volunteered? You and Stantz, of course. This part requires you to fire some Boson Darts at Puffy every now and then, all the while backing up (you don't want him to hit you with his foot-slam) and defeating Minis. Stay Pufft will, at regular intervals, un- wittingly clear a path for you. You'll slowly circle around Times Square doing this, eventually reaching a truck you can hide behind. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT206] Marshmallow Minis -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dart Puft some more and clear out the last wave of Minis. Ray will mention, as the white menace throws another car about, that he saw a way in; follow him and enter the building. It's never a good thing when someone tries to reassure and calm the general pub- lic - it just invites a panic-inducing event. Minis jump through the window and assault Ray - serves him right. Anyway, help him out. Keep blasting and Boson- Darting until there's not a single Mini left. Then follow Ray towards the eleva- tors in the back of the room. ARTIFACT ALERT: Asmodeus' Hotline On the counter is a red telephone that starts levitating as you close in on it. Grab it before Ray triggers the elevator cutscene! Hahaha, foul vapours... Gotta love office stress levels! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT207] Race To The Roof -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, run towards the end of the corridor. Ray will try to save the day (and damsels), but he'll miss. A stool will fly through the glass to your left; if you look inside, you'll see some Minis! Anyway, go to the end of the hall, and head left. WATER FOUNTAIN ALERT Keep an eye on your left-hand side - there's a water-fountain just outside the entrance to the architect office reception room, just around the corner. Go through the reception, open the door, and enter the drawing room. You PKE-Me- ter is buzzing, so get it and follow the signal. ARTIFACT ALERT: Hohman's Black Low-Rise You can find this scale model in the far right corner of the drawing room - you can get it either before or after the upcoming fight, but I advise grabbing it now, as the enemies won't appear until get to the center with your meter up. With the meter out, approach the center of the room and look to the ceiling. Be advized: a whole bunch of Minis will get the drop on you (weak pun, I know)! Be on the move, Boson them when they're bunched together. Hehehe, marshmallow-min- ion-goo... TROPHY ALERT: I Love You When You Rough-House! In the architect's drawing room, start wreaking havoc. This isn't quite as easy as it seems - you really have to destroy EVERYTHING that can be destroyed. When something blows up into pieces, shoot those pieces and make them disappear. You might want to do this AFTER you defeated the Marshmallow Minis. You'll get the achievement shortly after opening the door Ray'll be next to at the end of the fight. Take note that some objects can't be destroyed (like the fan blades or the stool frames). Boson Darts are your friend here. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT208] Puffy White Menace -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you're ready to move on, approach the double doors. You and Ray will try to open them in tandem - only to get bull-rushed by even MORE Minis. You'll see (or most likely, hear) a woman in distress in the upcoming hallway - guess who that is? Anyway, no time for that now - you've got more Minis to squish. Run through the hallway while Dr. Stantz skilfully request backup from his as- sociate, Dr. Venkman. ARTIFACT ALERT: "The Ravishing Red Prince" At the end of the bent hallway, around a corner to the left, is a painting you can add to your collection. Wait for Ray to kick in the door - time to be a hero! There she is, the chick that gave Pete the cold shoulder treatment back at the Sedgewick. Again, Ray's attempt at reassuring will get people into trouble - say, why is Stay Puft try- ing to grab that woman? Could he be after her? Anyway, Boson Dart his greedy, puffy, sweet, white paw - hands off the goods, mister! Now prepare to cover the lady's exit by blasting two more waves of - yessiree - Minis. When done, enjoy the view, and enter the door at the other side of the room into the hallway. Go meet Peter and Damsel (how did he get up there so fast?) at the end of this corridor. Time-out for a few more funny lines, then punching back in for some heroic extraction-work. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT209] Damsel, Distressed -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As you try to descend the stairs, the oversized chewy sailor will block your way by collapsing the stairs. The only way is up, I guess. Run, run, run yer wee be- hind off, and once at the top floor, exit to the roof. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT210] Ghosts At Work -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Approaching the center of the roof will trigger your next battle: Construction Worker Ghosts, two of them. They'll come out of the air-conditioning machines. Sapping and capping won't be a problem, but trapping is a bit harder, as it's pretty rough to manoeuvre around here. When you're done with those two, approach the glass roof ahead for two more - same drill. When you're done with them, head for the edge of the roof. Tubby Soft-Squeeze will jump up and try to grab the Damsel again - repeat what you did the last ti- me he tried it: Boson his sticky rear end off the building and enjoy your short- lived victory cutscene. Giant blue-and-white toy-man-thing? Please tell me Ramis didn't write that... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT211] The Rise And Fall Of Stay Puft -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Somebody's out for revenge! Good thing you fell over and got caught by a random support cable, eh? Anyway, time to take out this white menace once and for all. Keep a Blast Stream on him and pepper it with Boson Darts, venting in time. He will start off with throwing a helicopter at you - blast it to prevent damage. While he climbs up, he'll either spew marshmallow at you, or blow his hands and create Minis. There's something new. Blast Stream will take out the Minis fast; when they're gone, focus on Stay Puft again. When he's almost near you, a Boson Dart will knock him down, restarting the process. Do this about two more times, and hope Walter Peck is down there. TROPHY ALERT: One S'More Into The Breach For successfully complete the game's second level, you're awarded with a nice, shiny, bronze trophy. Don't you feel happy? ================================================================================ [WT3] Public Library ================================================================================ LEVEL STATISTICS Artifacts: 6 Checkpoints: 25 Ghost Scans: 10 Water Fountains: 1 Notes: 25 checkpoints! Longest level ever. You'll receive the Dark Matter Gene- rator and Portable Plasma Distributor weapons during this level. Also introduces enemies with shields and swarms. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT301] The Man From P.C.O.C. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next cutscene will put you back down on the street, wrapping up things with Damsel, better known as Ilyssa Selwyn. Looks like she's at the center of all of this somehow. Ater dissing Venky some more, she'll agree coming along to the fi- rehouse for tests and questioning. You'll find yourself back at the firehouse headquarters. If you have anything to take care of there, do it now; if not, approach Dr. Selwyn in the corner for yet another cutscene. Say hello to Walter Peck and Mayor Mulligan. You're being for- ced to work with Peck, as he's being appointed as your supervisor. Happy times. You're not being invited to the Gozer exhibit - which is weird - but that never stopped the Ghostbusters, right? You'll find yourself in front of the Ecto-1. Unless you have something else/bet- ter to do, approach it and interact with the crew. You'll agree that you need to go to the museum anyway, but while you're on the way there, Janine tells you to listen to the radio - time to make a detour to the New York Public Library to meet another old friend of ours! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT302] One Of Our Lions Is Missing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You're a celebrity now, too? Nice. Listen to the boys talk, then approach the only remaining lion statue. As you might expect, it'll go boom, and two nasty ghosts will emerge before fleeing inside. Follow them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT303] Crusters & Crusto -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enter the lobby and head up the stairs - either side will do. You pack will (fi- nally) activate; hunting time! Those cowardly little buggers will flee as soon as you try to shoot at them. The two profs will tell you about a new weapon they've installed - finally! Shock Blast and Stasis Stream. Switch out and fire each of these once to continue. Get your PKE-Meter and head downstairs, to the right side of the entrance; this will flush one out again. Try to track it through a hallway to the left in the rear of the lobby. Head through the door on your right at the end of the corridor. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT304] Dangerous Books -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the main reading room. Egon and Ray will be on the balcony, off to the right. You meter will spike - slowly advance until you see the benches going haywire, and prepare for a new type of enemy! Actually, you've fought this type of enemy before, as a boss - it's a Golem. A Golem has a focal point in its head; when you bring its health down far enough, you can grab the focal point with your Capture Stream and yank it out with an upward slam. Stay on the move, dodge away when he charges you, and keep hitting it with Boson Darts or Shock Blasts. With the Book Golem down, you're free to explore again. Head over to the oppo- site side of the reading hall - your PKE-Meter will spike yet again. ARTIFACT ALERT: Portrait of Eleanor Twitty Head for the far left corner, open the door, and scan the eerie painting so you can scratch another one off your list. Break out the meter and start heading for the door to the far right. You'll see the perp right there: it's the Gray Lady, also known as The Librarian Ghost, or - as you're about to learn - Eleanor Twitty. She'll flee the scene. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT305] There She Is! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spengler and Stantz will open the door for you, follow them. Head down the flights of stairs - never mind the falling books - and enter the room at the bottom. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT306] Ssshhed Again -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ooh, levitation. When the guys tell you to, go stand near Egon - Twitty'll reap- pear and flee through a door behind you. Enter it after Ray kicks it open (way to take it easy there, Ray!) and take a sharp left. Enter the corridor and run down the hall to your right. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT307] Scary Stories -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUG ALERT Many people have reported the graphics temporarily locking up during the next section. Here is how to prevent that from happening: look at the floor and slow- ly walk around the room until all bookcases have stopped moving, then resume re- gular play. As you move to the end of the corridor, the lights will go out shortly, then all the bookcases will move around, boxing you in. Great. Move through your improvi- sed cage a bit, and anther bookcase will move aside, letting you into a passage. You'll see the Librarian rush by; follow her around the corner. As you follow the rather linear path, one of the two specters from earlier will make a short appearance too. Make the U-turn, taking the second passage (the first is a trap, a bookcase will bull-rush you). After the books drop on you, take the zig-zag path until you see the Gray Lady fly by again. Try to follow her; you'll get blocked. Take the only route left. It looks like a dead end, but a bookcase will swing out of the way (most likely hurting you) and reveal a passage. You'll find the exit - and see something sprint by. Enter the door. If you try to head right, your way will be blocked by a (painfully) swinging bookcase, so head left instead. ARTIFACT ALERT: Reluctant Reading Lamp To your left are two reading desks. One holds a magical, cursed reading lamp. Best nab it before it hurts somebody innocent... Take a U-turn, and enter the first passage. You'll get jumped by a book Fiend, better known as the Paper Construct - Shock blast him at point blank range. You are about to see a lot of these. Now, you can go to the passage you couldn't by sticking to the right wall, and enter the door. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT308] Sorted Out -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take a left twice (the room to your right doesn't serve any real purpose but to scare you spitless) and follow the possessed shelf. Push it into the room and prepare for the spectacular entrance of... Ray Stantz. Super-Fun Happy Slide! He makes a habit out of this stuff, I swear. Along for the ride are some swarms of flying books. A Boson Dart when they're grouped up can do wonders; otherwise, Shock Blast or the regular Blast Stream'll dissipate them well enough. Shortly after, one of the two spooks you've been chasing all this time will appear! Sap it, and try to capture and trap it - only to have the other one appear as well! Take them both down, one at a time. Wait for Ray to gracefully open the door (the man's got style) and follow him through the winding corridor... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT309] Slippery -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...Into another room full of bookcases. Yay. You'll get assaulted by the library cards as you enter. Prepare for a fight! You'll be jumped by a bunch of those paper constructs. Shock Blast is your friend here. When done, continue through the one and only open door into the next room. Another handful of those, and you'll find a makeshift room (with bookcases for walls) at the back. The Gray Lady will appear as soon as you grab your PKE-Meter here, but she'll be chased off by Egon - is it me, or are the 'busters anything but graceful? Head back to the previous room, where a new door (next to the pos- ter) has been opened. As you close in on it, it'll slam shut. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT310] Hey! Look Behind You! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our unfriendly neighbourhood Librarian will make a short attendance and summon more Book Bats; fry'em. There's quite a few swarms, so this'll take some time. When done, Twitty will scream, Ray will open the door, and a cutscene will ensue as soon as you enter the door. You'll learn some more about The Librarian and The Collector. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT311] Story Hour -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Head around the corner, and you'll see a stuffed toy panda-bear float through a door up ahead. WATER FOUNTAIN ALERT Just before the children's reading room, you'll find this one in plain sight on the right hand side of the hallway. Get a quick sip before you go for the door. As you get closer, the door will slam shut. Quickly equip the Shock Blaster and return to the door on the other side of the corridor - ambush! The door will burst open and three Paper Con's will come out in quick succession. Kill them. Kill them dead. Now enter the door they just came from and open the door to your right - welcome to the children's reading room. TROPHY ALERT: But The Kids Love Us! When you enter the children's reading room, take an immediate left. There should be a door that doesn't open fully. Blast the door open, and break out the PKE Meter. Head to the corner and watch the stuffed panda move. The door behind you will close; open it. Follow the ectoplasmic footprints to the far corner of the reading room to the puppet stand and watch the stuffed bear do... something. Walk along the walls and follow the ectoplasmic handprints for a while. You should be getting the trophy soon enough. The exit is to the far left, but before you can leave, you have to take a look at the puppet stand at the far right. Do so, open the door, and leave. Head down the stairs and enter the small private reading room. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT312] Special Collections -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARTIFACT ALERT: Pin-Up Calendar Of DOOM! To your right is a door with a chair wedged below the handle. Destroy the chair, or wrangle it away, then open the door. Displayed on the far wall of this small room (or big closet, depending on your perspective) is the evil calender of ve- getable DOOOOOOOM!!! I kid you not. Follow Ray through the door to the left, and say hi to Egon - and the Gray Lady. She'll shush you guys AGAIN and then fly off to the uncarpeted part of the room. Once you and the boys follow her there, two new enemies appear: Book Centurions. Officially you have to wrangle their shields with the manually engaged Capture Stream and slam it away from them, but Boson Darts work just as well. Head for the three bookcases at the far wall along the other guys; they'll find a PK-spike there. Scan it if you want, then interact with it - this will open up a secret passage. Nifty! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT313] Old Secret Places -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Head down the stairs, and prepare to take out a surprise attack from a book-con- struct. Enter the doorway it came from and follow Egon to the right. You'll come up to another room-in-a-room. You PKE-Meter will spike; take it out and follow it all the way to the bookstand. Scan it if you like. Ready for some Star Wars quoting? IT'S A TRAP! The bookstand will float up and start summoning enemies of all kinds. Bats, constructs, centurions, the whole shebang. It'll mo- ve around the chamber a few times, then finally disappear and summon your final enemies: some bats, and a trappable ghost. Wait, didn't we get that one before? Weird... The Librarian will reappear, and open up another secret passage for you. Why, thank you! Follow it and enter the next room. ARTIFACT ALERT: Seat Of Vapours Foul Near the leftmost corner of this room lies a collectible chair. Dont' miss it! Do as you're told: manually grab the three boards and yank them out with your Capture Stream/Slam. Then Boson Dart the boards behind that, and see what's big and terrifying according to Egon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT314] Dark & Damp -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another play on Dungeons and Dragons? Who knows. Follow the linear path down the steps into the flooded room. Cross it, ascend the stairs, and pull the lever you find there. The power will be on for only a few seconds though... Heads up, another Golem! The cramped space makes the fight slightly tougher than the previous time, but at least you'll be in the Shock Blast's effective range. Take it down quick, and the electronic lock on the door will open. Follow Egon and Ray through the corridor... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT315] The Trouble With Golems -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...and into the boiler room. You're about to learn that Ray really has a pen- chant for inviting trouble; as you try to get Eleanor flanked, she'll disappear, and new enemies will appear. Golems. Two of them. At the same time. Made from glowing, red-hot coal. Luckily, the room is rather big and shaped like the fig- ure eight - ample room to go around and lose them for a bit. Take them down in the usual fashion. You'll notice a big patch of black slime in one of the far corners of the room. Right next to it is a badly-repaired wall. While Egon and Ray look for another way to chace the Librarian, how about you make one? Boson Dart the boards and bricks, and prepare for... New equipment! The Plasm Distribution System is all yours. Use it to neutralize the slime on the floor, then head down the narrow tunnel. Time for another CGI movie. After some eerie scenes and some talking, it's deci- ded that book she's reading - which has to be the Gozarian Codex mentioned ear- lier - has to be retrieved. And who's better for the job than the new kid? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT316] The Gozarian Codex -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Approach the Gray Lady from her left side and interact with her to take away the book. At first, she doesn't appear to stop you, but soon your meter will flare up - never a good sign. When you follow its signal, she'll manifest again; this time taking on her scary form. Bossfight! She'll start off with a sonic scream - make sure you're far away from her when that happens - and then she'll get into her first combat phase. She has a shield around her, and constantly summons bats to attack you. The shield is made by the bookstands that circle the room high a- bove you; aim high and destroy those stands! A well-timed Boson Dart or otherwi- se some constant Blast Streaming will do that for you. With her shield gone, she will now become a more traditional (albeit high-hit-point) sap/cap/trap ghost. She does have a tendency to teleport around a lot. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT317] Eleanor's Plan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After some theorizing, you'll see a glowing ball appear - a portal to the ghost world. Go to Egon's left and interact with it. Welcome to the Gozarian ghost world version of the library! Enter the gate, then cross the walkway and neutralize the black slime you find there and Enter the portal. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT317] The Other Side -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Head down the stairs and follow the guys through the - Golem? Aw poo. You're se- perated from the rest and have to tackle a Golem. Shock Blast, wrangle - you know the routine by now. When it's down, head for the other side of this room and head up the stairs. TROPHY ALERT: Ali El-Baluu's Irksome Rug Take the portal to your left and walk ahead a few meters. Something that looks like a fallen column will lie there on the floor - it's not a fallen column, but an artifact. Grab the carpet and return. Take the portal on the far right end of the room. See those books converging on your far right? Yet another Book Golem. Rush up to it and defeat it, all the while retreating - should it take longer than suspected, you can always go back through the portal, but be advised: the Golem will appear from the portal on the other side of the room, so don't let him backstab you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT319] Across The Bridge -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Head to where the Golem formed, and dr. Stantz will make yet another graceful entrance. He'll give you a little tutorial on the Slime Tether's puzzle-solving powers; use it to bring down the bridge, then cross it. You'll come to a circu- lar room with a pivoting wall along its diameter. Use more Slime Tethers to ro- tate it and reveal a new portal; go through it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT320] Hall Of Mirrors -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You'll come to a corridor that bends to the left. Pretty long one, too. Follow the Stantzler as he and Egon finally come to the conclusion that Ilyssa is some- how related to recent events. He'll enter a portal and - it disappears again. Turn around and go bck to the intersection. The lights will go out for a short while; when they reappear, you'll see a whole bunch of mirrors has suddenly ap- peared on the walls of the main corridor! Time for a spookfight. This Cultist ghost has the ability to travel through the mirrors. Either chase him from one end of the hallway to the other, or systematically destroy the mirrors (a well- placed Boson will take out one entire section) to limit his movement and drive him into the open. Sap, cap and trap him, and the door on the far end will open, revealing a portal. Exit stage left. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT321] Curioser & Curioser -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You'll come to a walkway flanked by floating bookcases with a portal on the far end - and you'll be greeted by a familiar sound: Book Bats. They'll come flying out of the portal; fire your Blast Stream as you advance, and hop in. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT322] Ghostworld Library -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The new, half-open room bends to the right. You can see Ray running on the lower section as he's trying out new portals - and fails; he's constantly looping. Follow the path (which is as linear as ever) and enter the portal. More floating walkways - this time with constructs off in the distance. Take'em out with Boson Darts from a distance, or close in and Shock Blast them to death (well, death-er) so you can continue. Shoot your way across the U-turn, enter the portal, and enjoy Ray chasing some ghosts below, to the right. No wonder there were more than one of those. Anyway, enter the portal at the end of the walkway. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT323] Topsy Turvy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The new area has more constructs, some on floating platforms. You can destroy the platforms and take out the constructs on them for easy kills; the ones on the surface will need some good old-fashion blue shotgun application. Continue along the path, and enter the room. The upside-down room. ARTIFACT ALERT: Featherwell's Stalking Chair Keep an eye on the ceiling (well, upside-down floor, technically) on your left as you exit the U-turn; one of the chairs is an evil artifact. I don't think the ghosts will miss one chair, so add it to your collection. Run to the end of the room, and turn right. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT324] The Long Staircase -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exit the room - looks like both the original Ghostbusters made it out, and jud- ging by the descriptions they've been giving, you're close to finding the exit yourself. But you're not out of the thick just yet! Time for some nerve-wracking reflex-testing puzzles! As you approach the stairs, book Bats will circle it - but there's a hole in their formation. Wait for the hole to come up, and proceed to run up the stairs - but stop short of the end; you'll see more bats rushing up the stairs to your left. Wait for the last ones to pass by, and run up. Head through the arch and take over behind it to take a breather if you want/need to. Up ahead, on the corner, is another formation with a hole. Approach it - but stay out of the way of the ones that'll keep coming from behind you - and try to find a good timing to rush through the hole, into the eye of the storm. Turn to your left, take a deep breath, and get ready. The next formation works exactly like the one you're standing in, except it's at a different speed - your best chance is to wait for the holes to line up and rush through. Immediately after this one is another group that loops around the staircase - same drill. Should you try and "solve" the puzzle by shooting the bats, you'll notice they respawn pretty fast - nice try though. You'll come to a platform, and the stairs will separate. Slime time! Tether the stairs to the platform a few times to make it connect, but quickly switch to the Proton Blast Stream. Small groups of bats will come down the staircase in a dia- mond formation - you can either zig-zag through them, or simply take the center column and shoot them into oblivion. As you reach the top, the platform will float away again - tether it back. Head up the next set of stairs. More floating platforms. Choose left or right, and start tethering yourself a way up to the platform with the portal on it; then head on through. Nice view. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT325] Wrath Of The Collector -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally you rejoin your companions in a ghostified library. Ray does it again; this time he pokes fun at The Collector, only to have said being appear right behind him - at least irony knows how to give Stantz what's coming to him. Time for the next bossfight! First and foremost: should you need to distance yourself from the boss, the four portals on the sides are linked to one another, allowing you to "teleport" to an opposite side of the room. Handy to know. Bossfight, phase one: remove his pro- tective mask. Before you can grab it, you need to remove the black slime it's covered with. Break out the Slime Blower and hose him down - aim high! When the guys tell you the mask is free, switch to the Proton Accelerator and grab the mask - but don't slam yet. Wait for Egon and Ray to grab hold of his hands, or else he'll just put the mask back. When all three Capture Streams are in place, Rip off the mask and prepare for phase two. Again, aim high - use Blast Stream and Boson Darts, and try to keep some distance. Beware of the Book Bats Azetlor summons. It might take some time, but you'll eventually destroy him. Follow the others and make a break for the newly opened portal a the end of the room. TROPHY ALERT: Get Her! Received for completion of the third chapter of this supernatural adventure. ================================================================================ [WT4] History Museum ================================================================================ LEVEL STATISTICS Artifacts: 6 Checkpoints: 15 Ghost Scans: 11 Water Fountains: 1 Notes: Cost-heavy level - be mindful for Nice Shooting Tex! trophy. The Meson Composite Collider weapon system gets added to your arsenal. Black Slime Portals get introduced too. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT401] The Shandor Legacy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Memo to self: write notes to Zeddemore. Say hello to the newest addition to the team of plot-devices: a strange design on the wall! The crew returns to Ghost- busters HQ to analyse data and check out the Codex. Without pizza. Hmm, pizza... Again, you'll find yourself back at HQ. Again, without pizza. Drats. Do what you have/want to, then approach Ray and company sitting at (or standing near) the table. Ilyssa recognizes the symbol you found - and Zeddemore gets some nice background development. More Shandor/Gozer links are made, and it's time to finally visit the museum. (Is it me, or is this cutscene... cut off during Spengler's exhibit- ion?) Head down, and iteract with the Ecto-1. More cutscenes. Egon stays, Peter attends the opening, the rest will use the di- version to gain entrance. Works for me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT402] Dr. Rutherford, I Presume? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You'll arrive at the loading dock - time to look for the curator. Follow Z and Ray to the corner, and neutralize the black slime with your Slime Blower. Then head for the next corner - PKE spike! It's behind those boxes; destroy some to find some ectoplasmic residue near a switch. Ooh, switch - flip it! The door on the other side of the room will open, and you can finally advance. The next hallway will have lots of black slime - hose it down if you want, and round the corner. You'll see a ghost fly by through the opened door. The next room has the same problems - hose it and follow Ray. ARTIFACT ALERT: Ritual Mask Of Bad Advice You'll find this baby in the corner of this room, on the shelves - you may have to destroy some of the small crates to reach it, though. The next room has a shaking crate. Someone - or something - is in there. Its up to you to check the content. A single Boson Dart will open it up, and reveal the curator/fanboy. You'll head for the elevator - remember Winston saying posses- sors were tricky? Well, no surprise here. Ray makes good on his history of get- ting possessed, too. Hose Ray with the Slime Blower, and in no time, the possessor ghost will leave him. Now it's fairly regular sap/cap/trap fare, unless if she possesses someone new; just hose her out and continue. You'll get some praise from the curator; enter the elevator. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT403] Opening Night -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once you're up, Peter will join you, and the group will have a few laughs at the expense of Ray. The next CGI scene has the Ghostbusters face off against Peck for a short while, only to land in a crisis: Ilyssa disappears, and some of the guests - including Pecky - get possessed. Time to yearn your keep. Break out the Blower and slime the possessed guests, then focus on one possessor at a time. Every now and then, one of your fellow 'busters might get possessed; make sure to free them fast enough. There's four possessors in total, all the more reason to focus on one at a time and be quick about it! Ilyssa reappears, but gets ghostnapped. Ray and the curator will head for secu- rity; follow Peter and Winston into the museum to chase Ilyssa's captor. Enter the door that your companions open. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT404] Ilyssa Lost -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The ghost will flee with Ilyssa still firmly in his grasp, and he'll imbue some of the display mannequins into dissipatable enemies. While the Shock Blast does wonders against these guys up close, well-aimed Boson Darts will get you the sa- me milage from a distance. Shoot them down, and keep following Venkman and Zed- demore up to the next door. Open the door and enter. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT405] Chairman Chase -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's two walkways with a few bridges leading up to a reconstruction of a May- an temple. You'll see our good friend floating up above, Ilyssa still in tow, and be greeted by animated mannequins - lots of them. Some pillars will fall down and block your path, forcing you to (as Winston aptly put it) "take it to the bridge"; zig-zag your way through the room towards the temple, shooting bad- dies. Once there, some swarms will appear - Flying Skulls, much like those book bats from the library. Once those are down, you'll be able to open the door be- hind the right side of the temple. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT406] Ruined Hallway -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow the linear patch until you come up to a corridor with the destroyed roof and broken pillars. Work your way through, and defeat the animators on the way. Open the door and make your way through the next room - enjoy Peter's "knowled- ge" while you're there - and stop at the glosed gate. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT407] American History -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ray will inform you of the sorry state the security office he found is is, and will open gate 3487 (wonder if that number is some kind of inside joke?) at the ever-so-charming request of Dr. Venkman. Kazza gorba smotz chorzig glump! Froga! Froga! This stuff is gold. Enter the next room - the Civil War exhibit - and let out a nice, big sigh of relief; Ray came back to his five, regular, human senses. TROPHY ALERT: You Never Studied After Ray opens the gate, enter the room. There's four speaker boxes in total spread around the room. The first is to your immediate right, as you enter. The second is just around the corner to your left. The third and fourth are in the middle of the room, next to the cannon and gatling. Activate all four (you don't have to listen to'em) to get the trophy. ARTIFACT ALERT: Cursed Musket Of Cecil Starkey As you enter the exhibit, take a left and head for the corner. On display there is a musket with bayonet that's been waiting for you for all these years - don't disappoint it, and take it along. Grab it BEFORE you continue, as it most like- ly disappears when you activate the ghosts here. Make your way to the opposite side of the room... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT408] Ghost War -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...and all hell will break loose - two ghostly companies - one Northern Union, one Southern Confederacy - will continue their eternal fight. It's up to you to stop them. This is as good a place as any to try out the Slime and Slam Dunk techniques - targets enough (8 or 10 of them in total; pretty chaotic and hard to count - pretty sure it's 10 though). Finally make your way to the exit (well, exits - there's two in a row). Enjoy Stantz' little exposition on the museum's former board of executives. Hmm, looks like we identified our kidnapper. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT409] Little Egypt -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Winston gets fleshed out some more as you enter the Egypt exhibit. A Black Slime Portal will open, spewing forth tons of flying skulls - unless you close it in time. Use the Slime Blower to close the portal, then help the others take out the remaining skulls. Finally, enter the door on the other side of the room. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT410] Unexpected Guests -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Approach the closed gate for a semi-funny scene, then follow Petey and Winny. You'll get lock in the next room. The enemies here have shields; either wrangle those away, or just Boson them into the afterlife. Soon enough they'll be joined by some more war ghosts - sap/cap/trap or Slime Dunk'em. When you're done, fol- low your PKE-Meter to the far right corner and scan it. The ghosts have hidden the door - but that's what your Slime Blower is for, right? Slime down the stone slab until the passage is revealed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT411] The Ossuary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next hallway will be badly-lit and full of black slime. To make matters wor- se, the lights will fade for a moment, and Peter will have disappeared! Dissolve the black slime if you want, and carefully approach the corner - be ready for a big surprise! Very funny, Venkie. WATER FOUNTAIN ALERT As you come to the corner of the hallway, Peter will jump up and spook (yes, I used that word on purpose) you. Round the corner, and take a look at the right wall - there's another drinking fountain right there. ARTIFACT ALERT: Bagged Head Of Azathotep You practically can't miss this one. It's right next to the water dispenser. A big, stone mask. If you missed this one, turn off your PS3 and go play some more Pokémon. You'll catch another glimpse of The Chairman before being assaulted by even more animators and skulls. Shoot to kill (duh), then leave by the only remaining door you didn't come in from. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT412] Board Of Trustees -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARTIFACT ALERT: Phoenician Plague Vase In the next hall, take a left and look at the first glass case - there's a vase that glows red hot (well, gay purple really) on your PKE-Meter. Nab it. Make your way to the right side of the next hall to see the Chairman again - and flee, leaving lackeys to do his bidding, as usual. Follow the hallway, neutrona wands blazing. ARTIFACT ALERT: Painting Of The Trustees This one you can find displayed on the wall, to your left, as you near the next corner of the corridor. When you're near it, the eyes of the people on it will glow green, so it's hard to miss. Kick in the door and keep pursuing the Chairman, blasting animated underlings a- long the way. The gate at the end off the hall will close for the final pair of animators, but Ray - who appears on the gate's other side - will open it up for you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT413] Ilyssa Found -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now you're back at four-men strength. Back to the Goze exhibit, around the next corner (how convenient). Here we go; more CGI goodness. Peter gets all romantic for a bit. Did I say four men strength? I mean five - welcome back, Egon. And hello Mr. Chairman. I have to say, the latter's shtick of grabbing Ilyssa is getting old. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT414] Dark, Deep & Spooky -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After saving the damsel in distress and letting the BBEG getting away, you'll get a scolding from the mayor (and an allusion to the unfinished Thanksgiving Parade level) and his little appendix, Peck. Enjoy the boys trying to impress the mayor with their funny antics, then prepare to follow The Chairman. Big PKE spike, coming from the obelisk in the middle of the room. Scan it to re- veal that you can destroy it, then do so; practically any weapon will do, but Boson Darts are quick, efficient, and lots of explosive fun. In an impressive little display, a set of secret stairs appears. Winston takes a page out of Peter's book and leaves you to stick with the chick (hey, wow, that rhymed!), leaving you with the others - back down to four you go. Head down the stairs - hope you don't get motion-sick easy, 'cuz it's a doozy! The Chairman has left a paper trail (litteraly) for you to track. In a linear set of tunnels. Nice. Anyway, open the left door while listening to your compa- nions' theories, and set forth along aforementioned linear path. You'll come to a huge hall with a green crystal in your direct view. ARTIFACT ALERT: Remote Controlled Ecto-1 Take a short detour to your left. You'll hear a familiar sound as you approach a small, white object lying against the wall. Scan it to grab it. Whee-uhrr! Whee- uhrr! Whee-uhrr! Take a right (or go straight, if you went for the artifact) and run along the walkway. You'll come to a dead end, but your PKE-Meter will flare up. Scanning the nearby closed-off doorway reveals black slime has weakened it - you know the remedy: hose it. Enter the corridor continue through the tunnels. A short time-out is held to introduce your newest piece of offensive equipment: the Composite Particle System. Homing beacon machine gun - the wet dream of any FPS'er! You're required, just as with the Dark Matter Generator, to equip the weapon and fire each mode once, to continue. When you enter the next junction, take the middle door. Start your way across the walkway. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT415] It's The Chairman -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Run to the end onto the platform; the walkway behind you will collapse, strand- ing you on the platform. Bossfight! The Chairman will appear and power up by absorbing spectral energies; at least his increased size will make him harder to miss. His weak spot is the yellow eye on his chest, and he's weak against your newly acquired Meson Colli- der. But there's a few catches. First and foremost, he has an attack pattern: he appears, first on one of the four sides of the platform, then on one of the cor- ners; during this time, you can shoot him some. He'll eventually disappear, and each of the corners of the platform will spawn a Black Slime Gate from which in- creasingly stronger dispersables will appear. At first, it'll be some Black Sli- me Crawlers (a.k.a. Venom Crawlers), but the more you damage The Chairman, the harder the enemies that spawn from the gates: eventually you'll be fighting Black Slime Fiends and even Black Slime Ghosts. You'll be switching between your Slime Blower to close gates and destroy slime monsters, and your Meson Collider for engaging The Chairman. It's not a very hard fight, but it requires some pa- tience. You can make life easier a bit by blowing up some of the cylinders a- round the platform, but it's not all that important. TROPHY ALERT: Ghost Fever Grips New York Award for outstandingly completing the fourth section of the game. You'll see a light on the pattern on the floor back at the museum disappear, just like what happened at the library before. ================================================================================ [WT5] Return To Hotel Sedgewick ================================================================================ LEVEL STATISTICS Artifacts: 6 Checkpoints: 13 Ghost Scans: 6 Water Fountains: 1 Notes: Second part is creepy. All things considered, rather short when compared to previous levels - a welcome change. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT501] Mandala Revealed -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eventually find your way back to the surface - only to get scolded by Peck. He blames you for everything, and plans to shut you down for good. Charming guy. At least Egon manages to chase him off - but that comes with a little warning. Back at GBHQ. Again, do what you want/need at the firehouse, then head down the stairs and go for Venkman's office - you'll find Ray and Egon there. This cutscene gives Winston yet another moment to shine (I really like how he's been made a better, participating member of the team, finally), and after Peter asks for some clarification, even he seems to be wearing his smart pants. Some theories are formed and speculations made, and in short notice, the decision is made to head back to the Sedgewick Hotel. Peter actually DOES take one for the team, and is going to bug Walter Peck. Approach the Ecto-1 and interact with your colleagues to continue the story. You drive to the hotel (pretty fast!) and, after poking some fun at Spengler's hobbies, you notice a notice (cough). You're supposed to stay out of the hotel, P.C.O.C. orders - but then again, since when do heroes listen to orders? Egon shows some sensibility concerning recent entry methods, and entrance is gained. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT502] Access Denied -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some more speculations - it's indeed weird that the entire hotel was closed af- ter your last visit; it's not like you thrashed the whole thing... As soon as you regain control, enter the main lobby and prepare to not fight the totally harmless residual hauntings. ARTIFACT ALERT: Possessed Bell-Bottom Jeans Easily the coolest artifact (the pants wander around the firehouse!) of them all, it's also easily missed. Head to where the Alhambra Ballroom was, and look to your right - surrounded by black slime, standing upright, are these pair of possessed pants. Follow your team through the reception and to the elevators. The latter are out of service because the main power is down, and if you remember Pappy Sargassi, the stairs are unusuable too - but head for the staircase anyway; there's a fe- minine cry for help! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT503] Endless Party -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's... The manager. I did say feminine, not female. ARTIFACT ALERT: Broccoli Queen Autobiography Another easily missed one. Head up the stairs and look for the strewn-around suitcases - it's in the corner there. "Rescue" the manager and follow your buddies. A little cutscene shows us the phantom of a Spiderman-esque clad woman with black hair and a big knife; the manager some-or-what recognizes her, and states she did "horrible things" up on the twelfth floor - hey, isn't that where we're going? Promising... No matter how you look at it, you need to get up there - the manager remembers a backup power generator somewhere in the kitchen area. Remember where that is? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT504] Enter The Spiderwitch -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow the team back past the elevators and through the reception desk, into the main lobby, and take a right towards the kitchen service entrance. Unfortunate- ly, Winston's ambush eventually comes true. These Webbed Fiends are fast, and u- sually come in numbers - but it's nothing you can't handle. When you defeat the first group, two or three more will spawn in the main lobby towards the exit. When you're done, head back to where the kitchen was. The manager solidifies his newly-founded reputation for being effeminate, and you can open the door next to his unconscious form. Enter the hallway into the kitchen area. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT505] The Kitchen -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARTIFACT ALERT: Cruel Oven In the first bend are some heavy metal (har dee har har - been there, done that joke) closets; the one near the corner is standing out a bit. Grab it with your Capture Stream and pull it aside to find yet another artifact for your ever-gro- wing collection. Start looking around the kitchen, clearing out black slime on the way, and hang to your general right. You'll eventually find a door with the "GENERATOR ROOM" sign next to it. Open and enter. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT506] Emergency Generator -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WATER FOUNTAIN ALERT As soon as you find the door that leads to the backup power generator, you'll find the last of the drinking-water dispenser-fountains in the corner, right in front of you. TROPHY ALERT: Ghostbusters Drinking Game Provided you've found the previous seven fountains and interacted with them, as soon as you take a sip from this one, you'll get your nice, shiny trophy to add to the collection. Descend the stairs - into the water - and kick open the fence. Head for the op- posite corner, then turn around to see a red light - go to it and interact with the switch to turn on the generator. The power will be back on, but a lamp will get unhinged from the ceiling and it will fall into the water. Yeah, like we didn't see that one coming. While you could use the Capture Stream to pull it out and make your way safely across the water, it's rather irritating to open the fence door as well - do as Zedd propo- ses and tether it to the ceiling. Now you can leave at your own leisure (until the tether wears of, that is). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT507] Power Restored -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you arrive back at the kitchen, stuff unfolds in a none-too-happy way: you guessed it, ghosts! About three black slime portals (why are they glowing pink?) appear, spewing forth dispersable Kitchen Flyers, and three undead, must-catch cooks will accompany them. This time, Winston takes a bad page out of Ray's book and he invites Le Grand Chef Du Cuisine: Chef LeForrest. Big fight. Start off by closing the portals with the Slime Blower, then go for the small ghosts - Slime Dunk is your friend. The big boss however tends to run away before you can set yourself up for it, so get him the regular way. When done, leave the kitchen. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT508] Splitting Up -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow your buddies back to the lobby and towards the elevators. TROPHY ALERT: I've Quit Better Jobs Than This. Instead of heading directly for the elevators, head back to the entrance. As you exit the main lobby, take a sharp left; there's a door to the coat room. Go in- side, and clear the room of all the black slime - floor, walls, and ceiling. That should net you the trophy. ARTIFACT ALERT: Swiss Death Clock In the very same coat room, lying on the floor in plain sight, is this little jewel of an evil relic of death and destruction. Best you take it before it ends up in someone's coat. Head for the elevators, wait for Winston to open it for you (oh, isn't he just the perfect gentleman?) and get in. Hmm, splitting up - never a good idea... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT509] Up To The 12th -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Egon gives one of his patented simplification speeches about the mandala system (Twinkies, anyone?), and then you get another eerie vision of the spider... wo- man... murderer... thingy... woman. Time to make your way through the twelfth floor - again. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT510] The 12th Floor? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Slowly follow Egon while he discusses the Spider Witch with Ray and the hotel manager - in one of those "I can HEAR you, you know?" moments. ARTIFACT ALERT: Phantom Flush Toilet At one point, Egon goes straight while he has the option of going left into a dead-end hallway. Head in, and open the door at the end on your right. Go to the opposite side of the room and open the door to your right; you'll find the cur- sed toilet installed against the left wall. Head back towards Egon. Egon will take the usual approach to opening the door - and you'll catch a short glimpse of the Spider Witch' true form. You'll learn she did her little massacre in the same room number Ilyssa was planning to enter - no coincidence there. Go down the corridor and, as you round the corner, enjoy the new scenery. And ene- mies. A new Crawler type; you should know how to handle those by now. The path ahead is fairly linear. Crawlers will spawn every now and then; webs might temporarily (or permanently) hamper your progress. And the Spider Witch will talk to you on regular intervals. Spooky! At some point you'll get a short cutscene that unveils the fate of the man in the ghostly vision you saw earlier, and lets Egon get heroic some. Bad-ass! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT511] Ghostworld Again -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, head for the intersection up ahead. ARTIFACT ALERT: The Unruly Beard Of Vladmir Belascu While Egon goes left, you should take a right. Near the next (blocked-off) in- tersection, you'll see something weird floating in mid-air. PKE-Meter out, scan it, and be proud of your growing collection. Take a left (or go straight, if you went for the Beard) and follow Egon. A few corners and intersections (and Crawlers) later, Egon will stop and look for the seemingly non-existing room 1221. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT512] The 13th Floor -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whip out the PKE-Meter to catch the hidden door, and let the slime flow. Enter room 1221. You're practically forced to go through the door to your right; then dito with the mist-filled door to your left. A cutscene, designed to fill your very being with feelings such as dread, terror, paranoia and incompetence, en- sues, and you'll find yourself in a new area. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT513] Lair Of The Spiderwitch -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow the corridors and your PKE-Meter until you see the Spider Witch rush by along the walls to your left. Following her will lead to a central room with so- me chandeliers. The room has a few exits which lead into the corridors circling the room; this is important to understand for what's to come. Anyway, enter the central room. Bossfight time! The Spider Witch has a bad habit: whenever you damage her enough while fighting in the central chamber, she'll disappear, teleporting to somewhe- re in the outer corridors to feed - and regain health. Get a quick fix on her general direction with your PKE-Meter, then run outside and go find her; she'll be in one of the crevices on the inside walls of the corridors, feeding - moti- onless. Shoot her, and she'll flee back to the center room. Boson Darts and the regular Blast Beam work best against her, but after a while, she'll summon some Crawler minions to assist her, for which you'd better switch out to the Shock Blast. Happy hunting! After defeating her, you'll reappear in the hotel, and have closed the mandala node. Good for you! TROPHY ALERT: Somebody Saw A Cockroach On 12 You guessed it - you receive this one for completing the level. Instant transition! Feels a bit forced, but hey. You'll be on a boat - Marine Ecto-8 - searching for the final mandala node: Shandor's hidden island. And boy, do you find it. After some pretty standard, patented Venkman nonsense, you'll end up on the island - without Ray. Now who's going to spell your doom? ================================================================================ [WT6] Lost Island ================================================================================ LEVEL STATISTICS Artifacts: 6 Checkpoints: 15 Ghost Scans: 6 Water Fountains: 0 Notes: Lots of Slime Blower action in this level. Hedge maze has a nice atmos- phere to it! Winston's script PWNz in this one. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT601] The Old Docks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Woah - for a change, they didn't include the previous level's ending cutscenes at the start of the new level! Now there's a switch... You'll find yourself at an old dock, lifting crane and all. The boys will dis- cuss the island's origins, and notice a little problem hampering your progress: the walkway is broken. Smells like a puzzle to me. Use Slime Tethers to swing the crane until the board it's holding is dropped, so it forms a bridge over the gap. This lets you and your friends forge ahead. So, cross your newly-formed bridge. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT602] Long Climb -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Start going up the ramp. Say, are those... railway tracks? Do yourself a favour and stick to the edge on your right-hand side - unless you wanna get run over by a mining cart. Once it's passed, head on up. Say bye-bye to Ray for now. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT603] Million-Dollar View -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You'll get a nice view of Shandor's little getaway - along with a few customary jokes from the guys. ARTIFACT ALERT: Church Of Gozer Songbook Right in front of you are a bunch of crates and barrels. Destroy the barrels and head up to the wall behind it Here, you'll find something new and shiny to add to hang on your wall. Or fill your bookcase. Whatever tickles your fancy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT604] On The Ramparts -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take a left and head up the stairs. Follow the walkway to your left. Whatever it is that just screamed, it sure does sound big. You'll see a chain move too. As you approach the archway, you'll be greeted by an old friend of ours: a Gargoyle. Grab it and smash it to pieces. Go through the arch and prepare: a Gargoyle and a handful of pink portals will ap- pear. Quickly smash the 'goyle to bits, then close the portals - those Crawlers are surprisingly efficient en-masse. As you make your way across the next walkway, two more Gargoyles will assail you and your companions, and when you reach the other side, you can expect more por- tals. I can see a theme here. Another Gargoyle while you head towards the next archway leading outside. The next walkway has a door about halfway through it on the right, but it will slam shut as soon as you get near. You have to use that chain you saw earlier to open it up - time for s'more puzzlin'! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT605] The Hedge Maze -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Head down the stairs at the end of the walkway, and you'll end up in some kind of maze, made up out of hedges and stone walls. You'll hear tons of strange noi- ses and feet rustling through the grass - now THAT is an eerie atmosphere! But don't be alarmed - there's nothing down there but you and Egon - for now. TROPHY ALERT: Hedgebuster Easy. Burn all the hedges in the maze down the stairs. It takes a while, and it is easy to miss a few that might be hidden behind a corner somewhere - so be thorough! You'll get the achievement soon after the last hedge is gone. Best do this before you solve the chain-lever puzzle, or better yet, after taking out the critters that attack you as you finish the puzzle. Depends on whether if you want a clear line of fire (do it first) or get two birds with one stone (do it later). ARTIFACT ALERT: Anguished Stuffed Bear Make your way to the rear left corner. This stuffed bear artifact is lying on the floor between the wall and the crank-pillar. Make your way to the far right corner of the maze until you come to a pillar. If you look up, you'll see it has a crank on top of it. Slime Tether the crank's handles to the walls to make it rotate 90° clockwise. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT606] Gaining Entrance -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two things will happen; first, the door will open back upstairs; second, some portals will open and spawn Black Slime Fiends all over the maze. Goodie. Break out the Slime Blower and spray your way back to the stairs - make sure you close any portals you run into. Chances are the other Ghostbusters will come down the stairs and help you out when you get close to them. When you're done, head up the stairs and through the door you opened. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT607] Black Mass -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll take the T-shirt. The left side is a dead end, so head right. Here comes another cutscene - one with some good plot development, and a little conspiracy theorie! At least we now know what Ilyssa's role is in all of this. Aaaanyway, continue until you get to a doorway on your right that leads outside - there's a mandala there, appa- rently, too - but the door slams shut as you get close (again). Turn around - time for mass! Some Black Slime Ghosts will appear downstairs, and while those draw your attention, some Fiends-spewing portals will open to both your left and right when you've destroyed some of the ghosts. Start off by clo- sing those portals and taking on the Fiends before you assist the others in rid- ding the world of the floaters. When the fight is done, the big door will open. Exit stage right! ARTIFACT ALERT: "Fox Hunt On Tiamat Island" Before you go outside, run to the end of the walkway (to where one of the por- tals appeared) and take a good look to your left. There's a hole in the wall, badly patched up with some wooden boards - and your PKE-Meter will flash blue. Take the hint; destroy the boards (can you say Boson? Sure you can!) and enter the small room. The cursed painting is hanging on the wall there. Now you can head back to the exit. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT608] Gozer Worshippers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Again, exit stage right. OH NOES! You just fell for (or in) the classic pit-trap manoeuver! At least you get some audible confirmation concerning your experience - with you not around to save the day, the original Ghostbusters get their ass whooped. Yeah, you're the man, alright. At any rate, you're all alone down there... Time to bust your way out and save the others! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT609] Rescue Mission -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's an exit to your left, into a U-shaped room. It looks like a dead end, but if you look at the wall just before the final bend, you'll see a pipe you can enter - that's your ticket. The right's a dead end, so head left and enter the next room. It starts off T-shaped. One end runs dead, so follow the other one - you might run into some Crawlers here and there, so be mindful. At the end is another pipe - head in. At the intersection a Crawler will rush by along the ceiling. ARTIFACT ALERT: Wheel Of Alabaster Wretch Hmm, wonder where that Crawler came from... Take a right. You'll end up in ano- ther room with no exits. But if you head straight ahead from the entrance, your PKE-Meter will detect a collectible - it's the wheel leaning against the wall to your right. After you grab it, head back to the pipes' intersection. Do mind the Crawler Sneak Attack as you leave! Follow the Crawler to your left (or straight ahead, if you just came from the artifact room). Destroy some more Venom Crawlers on the way, and take the left pipe (the right is another dead end) into the next room. Follow the linear path (this whole game is linear - hope you've gotten used to that by now!), destroy- ing a big pack of Crawlers on the way, and head around the corner. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT610] Rivers Of Slime -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You'll arrive in a huge room - an evil swimming pool of black death. Make your way around the slime pool (take the left side; the right is destroyed halfway through) and you'll find a floodgate of some sorts on the opposite side. You can scan it for a clue, of you like. What you need to do is pull the gate up so the slime can be drained. But the gate itself is too heavy. You'll see two weights, one on each side, attached to chains - you can pull those down to open the gate. Either Slime Tether them to the floor (not the sockets on the floor, or they won't go down all the way), or you can use the Capture Stream (which I personally recommend). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT611] Black Slime What? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you're ready for some serious trouble... As the black slime drains from the room, a bunch of portals appear along with some new enemies: big, hulking, strong black slime monsters! By themselves they're not THAT much of a threat, but the portals summon highly irritating reinforcements. It's slime time. Soak everything that moves, stay mobile, and don't let yourself get cornered. Try to break for the portals first when you can. 4 or 5 portals with Crawlers and 2 of those Black Slime Monsters - nothing to sneer at! When you're done, go down into the now-empty pool and look for a tunnel on the opposite side of the gate that will have opened. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT612] Sewer Maze -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enter the tunnels. These tunnels start of fairly linear. At one point, you'll see a gate close, forcing you to go left (there's an artifact hidden behind it - we'll get to that soon). Further up ahead, another gate will open, revealing a Venom Crawler raiding party. Take them out - you'll be at an intersection. ARTIFACT ALERT: Ghostbusters DVD Quickly take a right - you'll go towards the gate that closed earlier. Lying on the floor is an evil thin plastic box from the future. Go straight forward (or right, provided you went for the DVD). The next Crawler- fight will bring you to a cylindrical chamber with two ways to go - pipes to the right, hall to the left. Since the hall is a dead end, go up the pipes - and that is literally up! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT613] The Slime Labs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You'll finally make contact with Winston. Aww, you're his favourite... Exit the pipes and check out the sarcophagi. One of them is moving! You can get a scan of it if you want; interact with it and Zeddemore will again be a part of your party. More firepower is always a good thing, right? Agree with his plan, and follow him up the stairs where he'll open up the door in traditional Ghost- buster style. Go, go, Gadget Army Boot! ARTIFACT ALERT: Singing Slime Before you head up the stairs, run past the first set and take a left, going counter-clockwise around the machine. On the floor will be four, weird-coloured, singing jars of slime. If not for your collection, take them along for Egon. He will be so thrilled. Nothing (else) interesting on the ground level, so head up the stairs. Winston makes a good point about the different colours of slime present, but it never gets wrapped up, really. A shame. Continue along the walkways towards the right - you'll know you're headed the right way when you see a huge blot of black sli- me splattered across the wall. When you get pretty close to it, a bunch of por- tals will open. Woo-hoo, big surprise there. Close whatever portals you come a- cross, and hose down everything that moves with the Slime Blower. Winston has some nice lines here, too. The Black Slime Ghosts can use the air-conditioning- vents to "teleport" around the room, so you'll be doing a lot of running. Some of the portals are summoned downstairs; never mind those, they'll disappear by themselves eventually. With the black slime menaces taken care of, Zeddy gets some more time to shine; he asks good questions, and makes perfect assumptions. Follow him around, back downstairs, until a Black Slime Ghost opens up the door for you. Wow, didn't see that one coming. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT614] Rescue Egon -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You just found Egon! Add the brains of the group to your party. Well... You know... Oh allright, we'll go look for the Venkinator. As the boys start hustling, a bunch of portals will open, spawning Fiends, giants, and ghosts, all of them of the Black Slime variety - with these cramped quarters, you're in for a fight! Close the portals ASAP (some will be tough, with the pipes in the way), then ta- ke on the beasties. Egon will be astounded - if not slightly tempted - by the tech around him. Fate forces itself on you as well; Peter found you. Head for the elevator near the door Peter appeared at, enter, and wait for Spengler and Zeddemore to join you, so you can go up and... re-acquire Peter. Ray draws a little attention too. (Is it just me, or does Egon usually fall down when the elevator stops?) Enter the door - where else to go? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT615] Black Slime Beast -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Head up the stairs and into the room. Impressive piece of machinery, wouldn't ya say? After some talking, it'll be up to you to solve this puzzle. See those flo- ating spheres? Bring them down. While Winston makes a good point about the Slime Tether (amongst others - boy, did he get smart since the movies!), I again advi- se you use the Capture Stream. There's three globes to bring down. When done, go up the stairs - you really do NOT want to be on ground level in a few moments. You found the source of the black slime. Goodie! Too bad it's filling up the en- tire room - happy you went upstairs now, aren' you? The way down will be shut, the machine will break down, and a big, ugly, smelly monster will appear. Remem- ber Louis Tully mentioning how Gozer once manifested in the form of a Giant Slor during GB1? Well, this is a Slor. A teenager Slor. With a mask. I'd hate to see his daddy. Eep! Time for a Bossfight. First things first: he's weak against the Slime Blower. Second: he starts off with all four of those globes (three of which you slammed down to deactivate the machine downstairs) as "eyes", and during the entire fight, he regenerates them every now and then. Those can attack you, so take'em out regularly. Third, after you've slimed him some, he'll destroy the mask. This is where things get interesting. His weak spot is on his forehead - to get him to expose it, you need him to come down to your level; you do this by... looking tasty. Go stand near the edge and wait for him to try and chomp down on you; ma- ke sure you dodge in time. When he's down, teeth sunk into the floor, slime the glowing object on his head. He spits black slime, and sometimes creates a pool of the stuff on the floor, so be careful. It'll take some doing, but you'll get him eventually. You'll have to make a hasty retreat, because the whole island is sinking back into the Hudson River! TROPHY ALERT: Let Me Guess, Gozer Worshippers For surviving this ordeal, you'll be granted yet another trophy. Ray's enthousiasm gets curbed by Egon during your escape. Of course, eight eyes giving you an evil glare helps, too. ================================================================================ [WT7] Central Park Cemetery ================================================================================ LEVEL STATISTICS Artifacts: 6 Checkpoints: 18 Ghost Scans: 10 Water Fountains: 0 Notes: I. Hate. This. Level. Confusing layout, irritating Angels fight. Fortu- nately it's the last one. New enemy type too: the Summoner. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT701] Hero's Welcome -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back at the firehouse, you'll learn Peck shut down your containment grid and has kidnapped Ilyssa. When in doubt, watch tv; your next stop is Central Park. Never mind the hint to the unfinished Thanksgiving Parade level. You'll have the chance to run around GB HQ if you want; head for Ecto-1 and in- teract with it to officially start the seventh - and final - and irritating - level of the game. The five of you will drive through the city, chased by ghosts, towards Central Park - only to see it transform into a graveyard, with a huge mausoleum popping up in the center. After a little fumble, you'll be ready to enter and end this, once and for all... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT702] Outside The Gates -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ray wants the Super Slammer in there (yay!), but there's a closed gate. So the crew sends you in - alone - to open it. As you can probably guess, things won't go too smooth for you. At any rate, after Peter, uhm, helps you hop over the wall (Oww! That was, that was OWW there!?), you're ready to do your part of the job at hand: be expendable. Run towards the end of the path and prepare to make a right. ARTIFACT ALERT: Whistling Bust Of Mausch Run ALL the way to the end and take that right - the artifact is resting against the wall there. Head back and take the previous right by taking a sharp U-turn. Enter the gap in the wall. Go diagonally towards the nearby gate - mind the gra- vestones that are about to pop up! Destroy them, and proceed through the gate. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT703] Stone Gardens -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stick to your left-hand side and pass no less than three lanterns, while your colleagues will speculate on recent events. Take a right at the third light (go- ing straight leads to a dead end). Keep to your left hand side again and go be- tween the rusted gate and the little mausoleum - you'll see (and hear) something zip by up ahead. Follow it by heading right; the left is a dead end eventually. Past the tree, your right side will be a dead end, so turn left - you should see a tower in the distance. You'll pass through a gateway flanked by lights, which brings you to a square with a big tree in the middle and a church up ahead - and its bell is ringing. Ooh, ominous... Turn 90° to the right so you have aforemen- tioned church to your left. ARTIFACT ALERT: Ghostbuster's Mug And Balloon Go to the rear left corner of this place, past the church, and take a U-turn to the left around the mausoleum building - you'll see something on the floor there if you look hard enough. A nice little momentum from the second movie! From that position (not the one you're at if you went for the artifact!) you can see another mausoleum in the rear right corner of this area; it's also where the PKE-Meter's red spike that's flaring up right about now is pointing at. Slowly approach the building. The doors will swing open, and some flying skulls will try to headbutt you! Dodge them, or run at the doors with the neutrona wand bla- zing. Once that's taken care of, enter the crypt-thingy. Go down. The stairs, I mean. Take a right. Don't get freaked by the scary voices and, if you must, take out the black slime patches. You'll notice a hole in the wall, blocked by some weird vines (they're roots, actually); destroy them (Blast Stream, Boson Dart and Shock Blast work well towards that end) and press on. Follow the winding tunnel until you come to a cave with some skeletons and cof- fins; you can (thankfully, and surprisingly) ignore those. The far left wall has a tunnel blocked by roots; clear them and continue. You'll slowly bend back to the other side of the cave; there it seems as if you're at a dead end until you take a better look around - you actually have to make a very sharp U-turn to the left into a partially lighted tunnel. This one will take you up into another crypt. Head up the stairs, and you'll see the gate controls. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT704] The Elusive Key -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can open the gate by pulling down the weight; two Slime Tethers, or a simple Capture Stream slam, will do the trick. Well, that went surprisingly smooth... Ray will finally do something sensible and join you (somebody has to protect his sorry hide, after all). The crypt you came in from will be closed, so head for the gate by following Ray. Follow Ray into the next area - you'll see something big - and I really mean BIG - walking around on the other side of the far wall. As you go ahead, more head- stones will pop up. The left is blocked by an unburnable tree (what the...?), so take a right. You'll have to squeeze through the little mausoleum/crypt. Follow the path, and you'll end up back at the square with the church, where a cutscene will unfold - some kind of pathetic attempt of a new enemy type (basically, just another Fiend to destroy) at being stealthy. Is it me, or does Stantz' face look a bit... evil? Before you know it, some must-capture Cultists will appear, and a few portals will summon a new variant of the Crawler. Add the Fiends - party! Proceed to close the portals, destroy the Fiends and Crawlers, and capture the Cultists. With your back to the church, head towards the far right end of the area, and blast away the headstones that block the gateway. As you pass through, you'll hear an ominous warning... Whatever. ARTIFACT ALERT: Stone Angel Head You'll hear some crying in this area. There's a little crypt with the entrance all bricked up - head towards it and look behind the little wall to its right side. You'll find the source of the tears there. Leave through the only exit - by the light. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT705] Battle In The Boneyard -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Go straight (the left is blocked by another one of those non-flammable trees). Take the U-turn, and get ready for a little confusion. You'll see an enemy up ahead - a Summoner! This guy is a must-catch ghost with and integrated black slime portal; he summons skulls every now and then. Some Cultists and Fiends will join in, and a portal will appear somewhere in this multi-part area. You'll be running and gunning past the walls from one sub-area to the other to clear up this mess! Fortunately, when you're done, you can simply follow Ray to leave this confusing part of the cemetery. A door will pop open, some skulls will fly out, and you can then enter the next crypt. The next door leads outside... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT706] Crypt Alley -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...into a trench-like series of hallways on your left. Follow Ray until he gives you point. Take the first right, in due time, two gates made from skulls and bo- nes will pop up, forcing you to take a left turn. Go along the (wait for it...) linear path and you'll come to a door. A Cultist will appear and steal the head of one of the statues flanking the door, closing it - weirdest key ever - before taking off with it. You can scan the empty head socket for a clue if you want, but it should be clear what's about to happen. Follow the path clockwise - destroying the little Fiend ambushes while you're at it - until you come to a T-intersection. Going to the right will take you back to the door, so head left; your PKE-Meter should spike. Following its signal, you'll come to a dead end on your right side (with a few more Fiends on the way) where you'll find the key. It's a bit heavy for manual lifting, but creative use of Slime Tethers (or, if you want to take a less clunky approach, the Capture Stream) will let you carry it along. Grab it, turn around, and take the first left. A little cutscene will reveal ex- actly what the big thing you saw before was: a new Golem type. It will also open up a skull gate (so the big guy can reach you). Drop the key for now, and take on the giant monstrosity. Unlike previous Golems, however, the Grave Golem will not be destroyed when pull out the focal object, so keep at it until it's down. You can even completely ignore that focal point and blast it to smithereens in one go. When done, go grab the key again and take a left - the first or the se- cond, both will bring you to the gate. You can use the Stream or a Tether to af- fix it to its proper place. The next cutscene will open the door and have you and Ray walk through a crypt, where Ray has an epiphany concerning a deity's Destructor Forms. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT707] Chance For Rain -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Run up the stairs. You'll see some kind of rather well-lit tower up ahead, off to the right. Take the hint, and proceed towards the right. ARTIFACT ALERT: Ghostfruit Tree When I say right, I mean right - stick near the all and head for the corner. A blue PKE spike - good news! Go between the two trees and turn left; your meter will point you towards a nice little unpotted plant. Guess Janine will have to buy a pot now. Clocks are made for ringing. You'll get the choice between bad news or worse news, and you'll get some more bad news as a bonus - respectively trouble, din- ner, and rain. If you look at the floor, you'll see a cobblestone path; try and follow it a bit. This should bring you to a path along the wall (which is on your left). You'll know you're heading the right way when you see a huge tree up ahead - go for it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT708] Airstrike -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As you near the stairs, Ray will spew some stuff about an air strike - and sure enough, fiery trails will streak through the sky! They're burning coffins that, upon impact, spawn Fiends. Take out a Fiend, and another coffin will launch. In the meanwhile, there's a nasty Summoner flying around too. TROPHY ALERT: One Down, On The Ground! This is a tough one. As you run down the stairs onto the... square (I know, it's circular), aim up and go around the tree a bit - you'll see "comets". Those are actually coffins; should they hit the ground, they'll spawn enemies. Not a real problem - but to get the trophy, you need to shoot some of those coffins before they land. Might take a few reloads. Either try to predict where they'll land and lob in a Boson Dart at the right time, or just Blast Stream one while it's falling. Good hunting... Quickly take out a few Fiends, then focus on sapping the Summoner. Clear out the new Fiends if you must, then trap the fatty. Clean up whatever remains of those Fiends, and have a good look around. You'll see two wide stairs - the one on the left is where you came from; the one on the right is where you're headed. Climb the stairs and switch out for the Shock Blast - STOP! Golem time! Take it apart, and forge ahead. After a fiendish popup, turn left to see another Golem come to unlife. Politely show it how one properly applies the Dark Matter Gene- rator, and head through the opening it left behind. In front of you. You'll see a gate nearby. Take out the odd Fiend on the way there, and a Golem will be so kind as to open the gate for you as you approach. Give it a good old- fashion New York welcome (shotgun powerrr!) and head on through. Follow your PKE signal towards the wall, and prepare for a lot of trouble. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT709] Full Assault -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well-chosen name for the checkpoint. A Golem will smash a hole in the wall for you to go through - but you've got mo- re immediate concerns. Not only is there the Golem mentioned only one line ago, but you'll face off against no less than four Cultists, and a steady supply of Fiends coming at you from the back. Once this fight is finally over, follow Ray back to the gaping hole in the wall. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT710] Together Again -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Badly-chosen name for the checkpoint. You'll be greeted by none other than the Venkmeister. There's still a nasty fen- ce between the two groups, so rendezvous is not really an option at this point - darnit! The guys can't continue due to yet another closed gate (you'll soon notice this is a theme for this level). The weight that opens it is being suspended by a big pile of skulls to your right - blast them! A few Bosons should do the trick, letting both you and the Ecto-1 proceed. Do so. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT711] Underground -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You'll find yourself entering another tunnel blocked by a few series of roots, leading into a cave with a pool. ARTIFACT ALERT: Skull Of Ivo Shandor As you enter the room, turn to your right - you'll see the tunnel is blocked in part by some rubble. Press up to its right side, and whip out the PKE-Meter. The leering skull should be just in your reach. The exit is on your left hand side, but you'll have to fight a few waves of your Crawler buddies first! They'll come from the pool area - actually from somewhere above, but you can't reach it to close any portals, so just bear with it. When they stop coming, exit stage left. Heed your PKE-Meter's warning, and be ready to take on a trio of terrible Fiends that will jump you from their coffins. Blast your way through the root-infested tunnel, and head towards the sarcopha- gus up ahead. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT712] Surfacing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take a right once you reach the sarcofagus. Run through the hall you just enter- ed, you can barely make out a tunnel in the rear left. You'll get assaulted by Fiends, and a Crawler-packing portal will magically appear in the tunnel's en- trance - clear things up in the usual fashion before you enter the tunnel. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT713] Attack Of The Stone Angels -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Be prepared to reload this checkpoint. Often. No matter what difficulty mode you happen to be on. (Except if you "cheat"...) The (short) tunnel will bring you to a small courtyard with - get this - a gate that Ecto-1 (and hence, your remaining co-workers) can't pass! Oh goodie. ARTIFACT ALERT: Archangel's Galbladder Blergh. Who would ever want to have that one? Anyway, you'll find it on the wall opposite of the three-headed gate, on your left side, practically straight ahead of you when you first enter the courtyard. Grab it either before the Stone An- gels appear (there's ample time), or get it after the fight. TROPHY ALERT: Spores, Molds, And Fungus Provided you've found every other artifact in the game, you'll receive this nice and shiny golden trophy for your efforts. Nice! You'll learn the gate is psionically shielded, and can't be harmed, but the fra- me it's in is rather weak, so some good impacts could tear it down. Then, one of the most irritating fights in the entire game starts. Behind you, small Cherub statues will animate into Gargoyle-like Stone Angels. You can smash or Tether them to destroy them, but they'll just keep coming! And as if that isn't bad e- nough, an endless stream of Crawlers will appear too. Hmm, let's see. Endless smashable enemies. Weak gate frame. See where this is going? Either Slime Tether or Capture Stream an Angel, and have it set up to impact on the gate. This won't be as easy as it sounds; they fly around a lot, usually at a distance, and they'll be shooting you in the meantime. Not mentioning those Crawlers. And all you have is Ray "Invites Trouble" Stantz to back you up. It'll take about three solid hits to take down the gate - it's hard, but not impossi- ble... There's a way to "cheat" your way past this fight, however. It takes anywhere from 10 to 30 second, and doesn't involve your Proton Pack. Dig this. Let Ray handle the Crawlers - he SHOULD be able to survive them long enough. The Angels will be shooting and charging at you, but if you move fast enough, they'll miss. If you happen to be, let's say, running (press O) back and forth in front of the gate, they will miss you - and crash into the gate instead. This is arguably the best use for the O button in the entire game, with dodging Golem attacks as a close second. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT714] The Final Gate -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This has to be the nicest thing they game's creators did - putting a checkpoint RIGHT after the hardest fight in the game. Thank you, Dev's! Once the gate goes down - one way or another - the Stone Angels will disappear. Oh, and Ecto-1 and the boys will join you. Now all you have to do is... open the next door. This time you don't have to run all over the map; the guys will sud- denly remember two things: horsepower and Slime Tether. Tether each part of the double door to the Ecto-1's front, and stand aside. And no, no matter how you aim the Tethers, you can't have the gate crash into Ecto-1. Head on through the open doorway, through the tunnel and puddle, towards the next area. Spengs? Fun part? Somebody please shut Ray up... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT715] Shandor Mausoleum -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You'll pass by two big statues and come to another door. Winston will confident- ly ask you to repeat the Slime Tether manoeuver - respond kindly and oblige. Too bad, though - it's a one-trick pony; the door will simply shoot magical energy at Ecto-1, breaking it down and temporarily take out Winstons. Oh, and the Super Slammer is out, too. At a most inconvenient time, might I add; you've got incom- ing bogies! Things will start off with four Cultists right on top of you, and wave upon wave of Crawlers coming from the tunnel behind you. Once you take down some of the Cultists, Fiends will spawn from the tunnel instead. When you're down to the fi- nal Cultist, you'll get some Stone Angels too - keep on the move and ignore them if you can, focusing on the Cultist. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT716] Headstones -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After you finally trap the last Cultist, the predictable will take place: the two statues will animate. More Crawlers from the back, too. Egon will speculate that those oversized, glowing blade-like objects lodged into the heads of the statues are they keys to opening the gate - literaly. Take the statues out; they're basically big Grave Golems. This should take care of most of your other otherworldly infestations. Now that the fighting has finally come to a (near-) close, you can focus on com- pleting the puzzle. Basically, you do what you did back in the trenches: pick up the keys, and put them in the glowing sockets. This will open up the big door, and give you access to the Shandor family mausoleum... It's showdown-time! But only after the boys boast about their MAD SKILLZ! The next CGI cutscene has you reunite with Ilyssa and Peck. Under less than hap- py circumstances. Ivo Shandor, possessing mayor Mulligan, will appear, and all the plot points are now exposed and put together. Peck was just a pawn to slow you down, and Ilyssa's Shandor blood is needed for Ivo to net himself a shiny Destructor Form. The heroic quintet will proceed to fluidly exorcise Ivo from the mayor, and then, the real fight can finally begin. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT717] Destructor Form -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ivo has a shield surrounding him, granting him invincibility - except to the Me- son Collider, which - if upgraded - can penetrate it. Once he gets damaged, he will open up one of the four pillars surrounding him and heal himself back up. So the standard strategy would be to Meson his sorry rear end, wait for him to try and heal up, and destroy a crystal. Too bad you can't destroy the crystals when he's not using them - they're protected by two shields. Two very movable shields... How about you try and move those shields? The unorthodox - yet more efficient, not to mention faster - tactic would be to use Slime Tethers to crank open one side of the shield, then fire something highly destructive (Bo-Bo-Bo, Bo-sonnn!) at the crystal. "Hey, I think the kid's on to something!" No [censor], Sherlock! However you do it, your goal is to take out all four crystals, at which point Ivo loses most of his power on the mortal plane. You can now grab him with the Capture Stream, and push him into the portal - you know, the big white light thingy that appears - back to the ghostworld. Did anyone mention it's not quite possible to turn off a Capture Stream when it's being used cross-dimensionally? Whoops. You'll find yourself back in the ghostworld. Peter will taunt Shandor - and we all know what happens when Peter taunts the BBEG. Shandor will choose a Destruc- tor Form - which he can freely assume in ghostworld - and become The Architect. As the Architect of this part of ghostworld, he can reshape it to his own desi- res - and reshape it he does. You'll end up with a big plus-shaped area, each of the four extensions having some wall left, sporting a big hole in the middle - and Ivo-turned-monster will threaten to destroy your world. Well, not if we have anything to say about it, right? Enjoy the nice little eclipse behind you as you listen to Archie's little comicbook-villain-exposé. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WT718] Cross The Streams! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And then he pops up right in your face. Boo! TROPHY ALERT: Back Off Man. I'm A Scientist If you've been scanning every single ghost you've encountered up to this point, adding The Architect to the list will mean you've got the last one of them, re- sulting in a filled Tobin's Spirit Guide - which in turn supplies you with this well-deserved golden trophy. Time for some dramatic epic-showdown music! Have Archie eat some Boson; once he took some bad hits, he'll disappear. He'll reappear in the center hole, and sum- mon four pillars - one on each of the area's extensions. Those will do exactly two things: one, fire recharge beams at The Architect; two, if left alone for too long, summon enemies. As such, it's in your best interest you destroy them as fast as you can. Boson Dart them from range, and use the Shock Blast up close for best effect. Once they're down, The Architect will dive away and reappear in one of the four intersection points again. Boson at will, and he'll move to an- other intersection; damage him some more, and he'll go back to the pillar phase. Repeat until victory is achieved. TROPHY ALERT: Distaster Of Biblical Proportions This is your seventh and final level-finish award. TROPHY ALERT: We Came, We Saw... TROPHY ALERT: Are You A God? You'll receive a trophy for completing an entire Career. Depending on the dif- ficulty of the entire Career, you'll get God (Professional) or Came/Saw (other). TROPHY ALERT: Nice Shootin', Tex! TROPHY ALERT: The Destructor Depending on your damage claim cost tally, you might receive one of these two trophies - Tex if you're below $100.000, Destro if you're over 3.000.000 You'll cross the streams and destroy The Architect for good. The psionic shock- wave that follows will dump you back on the material plane. Peter gets the girl, you get the pencilneck, the mayor gets Ray and Winston, and the girl gets, well, slimed. Hope you enjoyed your breakfast, by the way. It's divine. Enjoy the credits, during which you'll get to hear how your future career looks like - not too shabby, if you ask me... Congratulations! You just beat Ghostbusters: The Video Game! Now what, you might wonder? Well, there's still two more difficulty modes to do - not to mention some trophies you couldn't get in your first playthrough... So get cracking! And of course, there's always multiplayer mode... ################################################################################ [CHK] CHECKLISTS ################################################################################ ================================================================================ [CHK1] Artifacts ================================================================================ Sorted by alphabet. SEDGEWICK HOTEL [ ] Gustav Self-Service Tray: Near vending machines during meter tutorial. Checkpoint: Slime Trail [ ] Portrait Of G. Sedgewick: Up the stairs towards the Angry Fisherman. Checkpoint: Charge Of The Light Brigade [ ] Stay Puft Figure: Desk at dead end to the right after the kitchen fight. Checkpoint: Air In The Lines [ ] The Summoner Bell: On the lobby desk during the Bellhop fights. Checkpoint: Bad Service [ ] Toaster Of Unseen Sights: In the flooded hallways behind a couch. Checkpoint: Charge Of The Light Brigade [ ] Voyaging Case International: Behind the bar during Slimer fight. Checkpoint: Rodriguez Bar Mitzvah TIMES SQUARE [ ] Asmodeus' Hotline: At the end of the reception desk after the Minis fight. Checkpoint: Marshmallow Minis [ ] Gaillano's Enchanted Pail: Room near the laundromat exit. Checkpoint: Spin Cycle [ ] Hohman's Black Low-Rise: In the far corner of the architect's drawing room. Checkpoint: Race To The Roof [ ] Patrelli's Mischievous Cone: In an alley just before the Hindenburg Opera. Checkpoint: Spin Cycle [ ] "The Ravishing Red Prince": End of the corridor after the drawing room. Checkpoint: Puffy White Menace [ ] Three-Toed Jenkin's Midnight Goose: Behind the truck after the laundromat. Checkpoint: Spin Cycle PUBLIC LIBRARY [ ] Ali El-Baluu's Irksome Rug: Left portal after the first ghostworld golem. Checkpoint: The Other Side [ ] Featherwell's Stalking Chair: Upside-down room ceiling in ghostworld. Checkpoint: Topsy Turvy [ ] Pin-Up Calendar Of DOOM!: Chair-blocked room before special collections. Checkpoint: Special Collections [ ] Portrait Of Eleanor Twitty: Left door after first library golem. Checkpoint: Dangerous Books [ ] Reluctant Reading Lamp: Desk after first moving-bookcase-room. Checkpoint: Scary Stories [ ] Seat Of Vapors Foul: Far corner in beam-removal-puzzle room. Checkpoint: Old Secret Places HISTORY MUSEUM [ ] Bagged Head Of Azathotep: Next to water fountain after Peter spooks you. Checkpoint: The Ossuary [ ] Cursed Musket Of Cecil Starkey: To your left when entering the exhibit. Checkpoint: American History [ ] Painting Of The Trustees: On the left wall shortly after the Plague Vase. Checkpoint: Board Of Trustees [ ] Phoenician Plague Vase: In a display case during the Chairman Chase. Checkpoint: Board Of Trustees [ ] Remote Controlled Ecto-1: To the left in the first underground chamber. Checkpoint: Dark, Deep & Spooky [ ] Ritual Mask Of Bad Advice: On a shelf just before finding the curator. Checkpoint: Dr. Rutherford, I Presume? RETURN TO SEDGEWICK HOTEL [ ] Broccoli Queen Autobiography: On top of stairs when finding manager. Checkpoint: Endless Party [ ] Cruel Oven: Behind the metal closet at kitchen entrance. Checkpoint: The Kitchen [ ] Phantom Flush Toilet: Bathroom of hotel room on 12th floor. Checkpoint: The 12th Floor? [ ] Possessed Bell-Bottom Jeans: Near Alhambra Ballroom at start of level. Checkpoint: Access Denied [ ] Swiss Death Clock: Coat room, after restoring power. Checkpoint: Splitting Up [ ] The Unruly Beard Of Vladmir Belascu: Side-hall of 12th floor. Checkpoint: Ghostworld Again LOST ISLAND [ ] Anguished Stuffed Bear: Left rear of Hedge Maze. Checkpoint: Hedge Maze [ ] Church Of Gozer Songbook: Behind the barrels at top of the long ramp. Checkpoint: Million-Dollar View [ ] "Fox Hunt On Tiamat Island": Behind broken wall in evil church. Checkpoint: Black Mass [ ] Ghostbusters DVD: Sewers; go clockwise from the closed gate. Checkpoint: Sewer Maze [ ] Singing Slime: Ground floor, behind machine, in second slime lab. Checkpoint: Slime Labs [ ] Wheel of the Alabaster Wretch: Side room of the tunnels when alone. Checkpoint: Rescue Mission CENTRAL PARK CEMETERY [ ] Archangel's Gallbladder: Far wall in Stone Angel fight area. Checkpoint: Attack Of The Stone Angels [ ] Ghostbuster's Mug And Balloon: Behind crypt behind church. Checkpoint: Stone Gardens [ ] Ghostfruit Tree: Behind crypt before belltower. Checkpoint: Chance For Rain [ ] Stone Angel Head: Behind crypt just before Boneyard battle. Checkpoint: The Elusive Key [ ] The Skull of Ivo Shandor: Behind rubble in caves before Stone Angels fight. Checkpoint: Underground [ ] Whistling Bust Of Mausch: Far end at level start Checkpoint: Outside The Gates ================================================================================ [CHK2] Ghost Scans ================================================================================ Checkpoints given, while not always the first or exclusive opportunities, are the best opportunities in this humble FAQ-writer's opinion. This list does not include doubles (like the Black Slime Fiend/Ghost/Crawlers in Lost Island), nor does it include auto-scanned entities (such as the Sloth Ghost). MOST LEVELS (GENERAL SCANS) [ ] Black Slime [ ] Black Slime Portal [ ] Ectoplasm [ ] Ectoplasmic Residue SEDGEWICK HOTEL [ ] Bellhop Ghost (there's more of them later on) Checkpoint: Bad Service [ ] Candelabrum Flyer (flooded hallways exclusive) Checkpoint: Charge Of The Light Brigade [ ] Dead Fish Flyer (kitchen only) Checkpoint: Air In The Lines [ ] Kitchen Golem (solo opportunity) Checkpoint: And The Kitchen Sink, Too [ ] Pappy Sargassi (unique boss) Checkpoint: Sargassi's By The Sea [ ] Slimer (also, see ballroom) Checkpoint: Slime Trail (part of tutorial) TIMES SQUARE [ ] Construction Worker Ghost (there's more, such as rooftop) Checkpoint: Ghosts And Gargoyles [ ] Hobo Ghost (there are more, such as opera) Checkpoint: Mass Panic [ ] Marshmallow Mini (they're all over the place) Checkpoint: Mass Panic [ ] Opera Dive Ghost (opera exclusive) Checkpoint: Hindenburg: The Musical [ ] Stay Puft The Marshmallow Man (here, or quick rooftop scan) Checkpoint: Shadow Of The Stay Puft [ ] Stone Gargoyle (here, or opera) Checkpoint: Ghosts And Gargoyles PUBLIC LIBRARY [ ] Azetlor The Destroyer (one-time offer) Checkpoint: Wrath Of The Collector [ ] Book Bat (all over the level) Checkpoint: Sorted Out [ ] Book Centurion (very few opportunities) Checkpoint: Special Collections [ ] Book Golem (few more spread around) Checkpoint: Dangerous Books [ ] Coal Golem (only two chances at once) Checkpoint: The Trouble With Golems [ ] Cruster (with twin; more in ghostworld?) Checkpoint: Sorted Out [ ] Crusto (with twin; more in ghostworld?) Checkpoint: Sorted Out [ ] Cultist (becomes regular enemy in later levels) Checkpoint: Hall Of Mirrors [ ] Librarian Ghost (all over the level) Checkpoint: Ssshhed Again [ ] Paper Construct (level's infested with'em) Checkpoint: Slippery HISTORY MUSEUM [ ] Beauty Queen Ghost (four shots, one time) Checkpoint: Opening Night [ ] Black Slime Fiend (from slime portals) Checkpoint: It's The Chairman [ ] Black Slime Ghost (out of portals) Checkpoint: [ ] Confederate Ghost (get'im there) Checkpoint: Ghost War [ ] Flying Skull (Egypt exhibit too) Checkpoint: Chairman Chase [ ] Possessor Ghost (only chance) Checkpoint: Dr. Rutherford, I Presume? [ ] Possessed Human (or Ray at elevator) Checkpoint: Opening Night [ ] Possessed Statue (all over the museum) Checkpoint: Chairman Chase) [ ] The Chairman (maybe during chase) Checkpoint: It's The Chairman [ ] Union Ghost (get'em here) Checkpoint: Ghost War [ ] Venom Crawler (from black slime gates) Checkpoint: It's The Chairman RETURN TO SEDGEWICK HOTEL [ ] Cheff DeForrest (unique boss) Checkpoint: Power Restored [ ] Cook Ghost (only in kitchen) Checkpoint: Power Restored [ ] Kitchen Flyer (kitchen only; elusive!) Checkpoint: Power Restored [ ] Spider Crawler (or during bossfight) Checkpoint: Ghostworld Again [ ] Spiderwitch (unique bossfight) Checkpoint: Lair Of The Spiderwitch [ ] Webbed Fiend (lobby exclusives) Checkpoint: Enter The Spiderwitch LOST ISLAND [ ] Black Slime Monster (only very few) Checkpoint: Black Slime What!? [ ] Imprisoned Juvinile Slor (bossfight) Checkpoint: Black Slime Beast CENTRAL PARK CEMETERY [ ] Cemetery Crawler (more during level) Checkpoint: The Elusive Key [ ] Cultist Summoner (or Airstrike) Checkpoint: Battle In The Boneyard [ ] Grave Fiend (all over the place) Checkpoint: The Elusive Key [ ] Grave Monster (more later) Checkpoint: Crypt Alley [ ] Keyhead Monster (only two in existence) Checkpoint: Headstones [ ] Shandor The Architect (possibly during Ivo fight) Checkpoint: Cross The Streams! [ ] Stone Angel (or at the key-head-giant-types) Checkpoint: Attack Of The Stone Angels ================================================================================ [CHK3] Trophies ================================================================================ BRONZE [ ] Aim For The Flat Top!: Dissolve a ghost that you can't trap, like the Fish Flyer in the Sedgewick kitchen (where you'll likely get the trophy). [ ] ...And You Want To Keep It?: Collect a cursed artifact. You should get this one during the Slimer chase in Sedgewick Hotel, shortly after scanning him. Easy enough. [ ] But The Kids Love Us!: See all the events in the Public Library children's reading room. Blast the door to your left, Whip out your PKE-Meter, check the bear, follow the footprints, check out the bear, follow the handprints. [ ] Distaster Of Biblical Proportions: Complete level 7, Central Park Cemetery. [ ] Egon's Guinea Pig: Use each of the pickups, both equipment and power-ups, in multiplayer mode. Just run around the map a lot and grab whatever you can find from the dispensers; you'll get it in a few matches. [ ] Employee Of The Month: Become Top Earner for each type of multiplayer Jobs. Either play solo games, play with noobs, be an ace, or get lucky - repea- tedly. [ ] Get Her!: Complete level 3, Public Library. [ ] Ghost Fever Grips New York: Complete level 4, History Museum. [ ] Ghostbusters Drinking Game: Interact with each and every single water foun- tain in the game. As with artifacts and scanning, you can replay levels and quit at the next checkpoint. [ ] Gozer's Most Wanted: Successfully complete every type of multiplayer Job, each in every single type of environment. I advise making your own games for that. [ ] Heat 'Em Up: Buy all upgrades for the Proton Accelerator. [ ] Hedgebuster: Destroy every single bush in the hedge maze of the Lost Island. [ ] I Ain't 'Fraid Of No Ghost!: Trap a ghost. You'll get this trophy during the basement-tutorial, as soon as you bag the Sloth ghost. [ ] I Don't Want My Face Burned Off: Buy all upgrades for the Meson Composite Collider. [ ] I Feel So Funky: Get slimed by a ghost's charge attack. When you and Peter are after Slimer at Sedgewick, just shoot him a few times, then stand around for a bit to set you up for this one. It'll work out - trust me. Sargassi is another likely candidate for an early funktification. [ ] I Looked At The Trap, Ray!: Recover 20 filled traps you deployed. [ ] I Love You When You Rough-House!: Destroy everything in the architect's dra- wing studio during the Times Square level before opening the door. Just keep blasting until the property damage counter stops appearing. [ ] It's A Living: Trap 50 ghosts in Ranked multiplayer. [ ] It's Slime Time: Successfully use the Slime Tether on 15 ghosts. Works in tandem with Slime Dunk (both the technique and the trophy). [ ] I'm A Ghostbuster, Not A Doctor!: Revive downed 'busters 20 times. Get into a fight with lots of strong enemies and hide in a corner for a bit. As soon as someone goes down, sprint there - don't let the others beat you to it! [ ] I'm Picking Up A Signal...: Get a full scan (center circle) entry on a mon- ster. At the Sedgewick hotel, Ray will teach you how to scan Slimer; the latter is immobile enough to bag this trophy. [ ] I've Quit Better Jobs Than This.: Neutralize all the black slime from the coat room at the lobby during the Return To Sedgewick Hotel, after the power has been restored. [ ] Kosher!: During the Slimer fight in the Sedgewick Hotel ballroom, look on the table on the far side of the room; there's a ham to the left. Keep Blast Streaming it until it's gone to get this trophy. [ ] Let Me Guess, Gozer Worshippers: Complete level 6, Lost Island. [ ] Loans Paid Off: Earn a total of $100.000 in Ranked multiplayer. [ ] Mother Pus Bucket!: Buy all upgrades for the Portable Plasma Distributor. [ ] Nice Shootin', Tex!: Complete a Career with less than $100.00 in property damage claims. Be extra careful during the Times Square and History Museum levels for this one! Lost Island and Central Park Cemetery, on the other hand, are free game. [ ] No Job Too Big: Defeat all the Most Wanted Ghosts in multiplayer. That'll take a while... because you have to unlock them first! Currently unattainable because some of the final Slimer mutations will not appear. [ ] On The Payroll: Successfully complete a multiplayer Campaign. Doesn't need to be a Ranked Campaign. [ ] One S'More Into The Breach: Complete level 2, Times Square. [ ] One Down, On The Ground!: Intercept and destroy a few of the flying coffins in Central Park Cemetery. If you're as good with precise aiming with a con- troller pad as me, I wish you the best of luck - you'll need it. [ ] Overachiever: In Ranked multiplayer, 1) earn over $2.500.000 2) complete 50 Jobs 3) receive 30 Post-Job Awards. That'll take you a while. Reported to be hard to get, at near-random after conditions have been met. [ ] Payday!: Be the overall top earner in each Multiplayer Campaign environment type. [ ] Slam Dunk!: Use the Slam Dunk technique to get a ghost into a Ghost-Trap. [ ] Slime Dunk!: Use the Slime Dunk technique to get a ghost into a Ghost-Trap. [ ] Somebody Saw A Cockroach On 12: Complete level 5, Return To Sedgewick Hotel. [ ] Stasis Dunk!: Use the Stasis Dunk technique to get a ghost into a trap. [ ] The Destructor: Complete a Career with over $3.000.000 in property damage claims. Times Square and History Museum are your friends here - they're each worth easily half of the award. Don't bother with Lost Island and Central Park Cemetery, however. You can simply replay levels from an existing career and try to beat the damage score in it for this one. [ ] The Flowers Are Still Standing!: Complete level 1, Sedgewick Hotel. [ ] Total Protonic Reversal: Get knocked down with one of your own weapons. Childsplay. As soon as you get the Boson Dart, run up to a wall and let'er rip! Alternatively, cross the streams for 3 seconds. [ ] Wanted!: Defeat three of the Most Wanted Ghosts in multiplayer. Doable, if you manage to unlock them - or get lucky and have another player unlock them in the game you joined. [ ] We Be Fast! They Be Slow!: Buy all upgrades for the Dark Matter Generator. [ ] We Came, We Saw...: Complete a Career on either Casual or Experienced diffi- culty mode. [ ] We Have The Talent!: Complete the firehouse training portion of the Sedge- wick Hotel level (level 1). [ ] You Gotta Try This Pole!: Slide down a fire pole back at HQ. Shame on you if you miss this one! Available as soon as you get control over your character the very first time. [ ] You Never Studied: Interact with all of the speaker boxes in the History Mu- seum's Civil War Exhibit. There's 4 of them, centred around the entrance and heavy weaponry. GOLD [ ] Are You A God?: Finish an entire Career on "Professional" difficulty mode. It's possible to bag this one by finishing a career on a lower difficulty, and then finishing the first and last checkpoints of each level on Professi- onal mode later. [ ] Back Off Man. I'm A Scientist: Get a full PKE-Meter/Ecto-Goggle scan (center reticule) entry for every enemy. Yes, that's right - all of them. Luckily enough, you can simply revisit levels where you missed some, and leave after reaching a checkpoint as soon as you get the ones you missed. [ ] Spores, Molds, And Fungus: Collect every cursed artifact. No, you didn't just miss-read that - all of them. Not as hard as the scans though. And you can replay levels and leave after the next checkpoint as usual. [ ] We Have The Tools!: Buy all upgrades for all weapons and equipment (that in- cludes the PKE-Meter and the Ghost Trap). You should be getting this one somewhere around the Lost Island level. PLATINUM [ ] Platinum Trophy: Get all other trophies, I'll bet. Good luck! Currently unattainable (see No Job Too Big and Overachiever) RANT: Is it me, or should some of those bronzes (like Overachiever or No Job Too Big) have been Silver trophies? The game is clearly lacking Silvers, and some of those bronzes are pretty difficult to snag... ================================================================================ [CHK4] Water Fountains ================================================================================ [ ] At GB HQ, near the stairs to the basement. Checkpoint: Many; earliest: You're Hired [ ] At the Sedgewick Hotel lobby, a room to your right with vending machines. Checkpoint: Extended Service Agreement [ ] At the Sedgewick Hotel, just before Sargassi's, hidden behind a beam. Checkpoint: Charge Of The Light Brigade [ ] During Times Square, near the exit of the laundromat building. Checkpoint: Spin Cycle [ ] Still in Times Square, just before the architect office. Checkpoint: Race To The Roof [ ] In the hallway just before the children's reading room, Public Library. Checkpoint: Story Hour [ ] At the Museum, right after Venkman tries to spook you, you'll find another. Checkpoint: The Ossuary [ ] Sedgewick part 2, behind the door to the emergency generator. Checkpoint: Emergency Generator ################################################################################ [FAQ] Frequently Asked Question ################################################################################ Q: How do I get the [whatever] trophy? A: See the Checklists section; I provide a description there to the best of my abilities. Also, there's a few trophies detailed in the walkthrough; just look for the "TROPHY ALERT" lines with your browser's search function. Q: Where do I get the [whatever] Artifact? A: See the Checklists section; I provide a description there to the best of my abilities. Also, the artifacts detailed in the walkthrough; just look for the "CURSED ARTIFACT ALERT" lines with your browser's search function. Q: Where do I find all the water fountains? A: See the Checklists section; I provide a description there to the best of my abilities. Also, the fountains detailed in the walkthrough; just look for the "WATER FOUNTAIN ALERT" lines with your browser's search function. Q: Where/when do I scan the [whatever] ghost? A: See the Checklists section; I provide a description there to the best of my abilities. I haven't planned for it yet, but I might detail some scanning-oppor- tunities in the walkthrough itself in the future. Q: How do I beat the [whatever] boss? A: I provide strategies in the walktrough itself. Simply look up the appropriate checkpoint or name and get crackin'! I might create a separate bossfight section in a future update. Q: How do I beat those [censor] Stone Angels in the Central Park Cemetery!? They are driving me abso-fricking-lutely nuts! A: Technically, you can use the Slime Tether or Capture Stream to make them crash into the floor, each other, or better yet, the gate. But there's another way to get past that fight. Just run back and forth along the gate with the three magical masks; they will miss their attacks and damage the gate instead. When they destroy the gate, they disappear. Some reappear later in the keyhead monster fight; just fight the keymonsters, stay on the move, and ignore the an- gels; they'll disappear soon enough. Q: OMFGWTFROFLOLH4X Y IZ THEIR NO MTLIPLAYAR SECSHUN IN UR GUIDE!1!!1!1 A: It's in the intro. This is a walkthrough, with a few checklists and added info, not a complete game guide. Maybe I'll add it in the future, but I doubt it seriously. Also, learn some proper typing. Q: OMG dude, you sux0r! A: U-huh... Sure. Whatever you say. Now go play with your Barbie dolls. ################################################################################ [VER] VERSION HISTORY ################################################################################ 1.0: Finished Ghost Scan checklist. Made some corrections (e.g. PDS and CPS). Ran through spelling checker. Dated July 6th 2009. 0.7: Finished level 7. Corrected some 80-character spacing errors. First reader contribution! More interested parties. Dated July 4th 2009. 0.6.4: Finished levels 5, 6. Corrected minor errors. New interested parties. Dated July 2nd 2009. 0.6.3: Submission accepted! Finished level 4. Dated July 1st 2009. 0.6.21: Fixed some width-errors. Submitted. Dated June 6th 2009. 0.6.2: Finished levels 2 and 3. 0.6.1: Finished level 1. Started artifacts list. 0.5: Finished water fountains (list and alerts). Added level statistics. 0.4: Finished 80-character spacing; corrected some errors. 0.3: Finished tags, trophies checklist, introduction. Added ASCII art, controls, equipment, techniques, credits, copyrights, contact. Started FAQ section. 0.2: Finished skeleton; added more trophies and some water fountains. Started bracketed search tags too. 0.1: Made a rough skeleton based on the "Replay Mission" checkpoint names; added a few trophies. POSSIBLE FUTURE: GHOST SCAN ALERT entries? Seperate Bossfight strategies? Seperate Enemy strategies? Easter Eggs section? 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