Ranged Dryad Guide Version 1.2 Copyright 2009 John "The Ogre" Kwitkowski. Contents: I. Introduction II. Disclaimer III. Play style & Focus IV. The Build -Skills -Combat Arts -Items -Basic Strategy & Tips V. Other useful Combat Arts VI. Boss Strategy VII Shrunken Heads VIII. Version/History VIIII. Thanks I. Introduction ____________ This guide is for those interested in the Dryad, a ranged dryad specifically with Nature Magic as a secondary damage output. It is written for the Xbox 360 version of the game and parts of the guide or it as a whole may or may not apply to the Play Station 3 and PC versions. The guide is solely my opinions based on my personal experience with Dryads in game only, any opinions or discoveries of the class from any outside sources at all have been added to the guide and have been modified by me in such a way as I deemed fit, with credit given where it is due. The Dryad is without a doubt the most entertaining class in Sacred 2 for me; hopefully I can shed some light on her abilities and use. I will not be explaining game mechanics and assume readers will know the difference between Combat Arts and Skills etc. * The Guide is based off of my Dryads, levels 64,75,80 and most importantly, my 105 Dryad that has been through Niob. II. Disclaimer __________ This character guide is my own work, and has been created by me for use on www.GameFaqs.com. However, as long as it is unaltered and left in plain text form with credit given to myself, anyone may use it for their site. For questions, comments, additions contact by email: jwkwitkowski@gmail.com , credit will be given for any additions or comments by you if they are integrated into the guide in any way, shape, or form. III. Play style & Focus __________________ The idea behind this build is to have a character that specializes in bows, blowguns, or even throwing stars and can drop normal and elite enemies quickly and easily without taking too much damage yourself. Speed and power is what we are looking for people, somewhat of a balance between the two. We will also be using the Nature Weaver Aspect to single handedly provide our defense and take out our bosses. You will not have to 'kite' anything you can stand in the midst of your enemies if you want, pelting them with projectiles without worry of death. You will be using four different combat arts to take down bosses however, so management and memorization of your hotkeys is important. Just remember, you can take down bosses as easily as big groups of goblins so item/exp runs are both well covered with this Dryad. There are also several other combat arts and skill choices I haven't used in my build much, I will try explain the usefulness of all of these as well. IV. The Build _________ This is a solid build based on my level 105 Dryad in Niob, listing attributes, skills, and character arts used. Details on each will be listed below. Attribute Distribution: All points into dexterity, the extra damage, defense and attack is all needed. If desired you can split between vitality once you begin to receive 2 attributes per level up. Skills Hard Points invested by level 100 ______ _________________________________ Level 2 Capricious Hunter Focus 63 Level 3 Ranged Weapons Lore 1 Level 5 Tactics Lore 63 Level 8 Combat Reflexes 5 Level 12 Armor Lore 1 Level 18 Concentration 1 Level 25 Nature Weaver Focus 88 Level 35 Nature Weaver Lore 85 Level 50 choice skill Level 65 choice skill You will have extra skill points for your own use, those are needed for mod points only. Skill Choices & Reasoning _________________________ * Capricious Hunter Focus- Reduces Regeneration times for the entire aspect, and allow for higher combat art levels without penalty. Since we are going to maximize dust devil and sinister predator levels 75 mastery is recommended but 63 will grant you the mod points you need. * Ranged Weapons Lore-Increase attack speed, and attack rating with all ranged weapons. One point is good as long as you can increase all skills, offensive skills, or ranged weapons itself through items (+offensive and ranged skills are common). * Tactics Lore- increases damage and chance for critical hits with all weapons but more importantly it stacks with Cap. Hunter Focus for gaining modification points. level 63 will grant you the mod points you need, not recommended any higher than 75 because of diminishing returns on the +damage. * Combat Reflexes-Increases chance to evade attacks and reduces chance for enemies to score critical hits on you. Need 5 points here only to gain access to armor lore, the evade chance does have great effect in higher difficulties but let it be boosted by gear since a Dryad has other means of evasion. * Armor Lore-Increases the level of armor you may wear without speed penalties. Also decreases the regeneration penalty on armor pieces. Good to gradually increase when you have spare points; not all that necessary to dump points into until higher levels though. * Concentration-Lowers regeneration times for ALL of your combat arts, and allows the use of 2 buffs at once. 3 at once with mastery. One point only for the 2 buff allowance, if you decide on having a third buff, you want this mastered at 75, and will have the points to do so if you follow my skill chart * Nature Weaver Focus-Lowers regeneration times for the aspect and increases the max level allowed for ca's. This is where your points will go; you want mastery for this skill. As soon as you choose the skill an immediate point boost is required, to start modifying and increasing combat art levels. This skill increases Ancient Bark's armor and defense values. * Nature Weaver Lore- Increase damage, cast speed, and chance for critical hits for the aspect. Also needs to be maximized, this is your skill for bosses. You need this for your Edaphic Lances' damage. It also increases healing for Ancient Bark and Golden Glade touch. To be more specific, you are going to be keeping the two nature skills the same level as you (hard points mind you) and after you obtain 12 Cap. Hunter modification points, you can spread your extra points where needed, armor lore or your other two skills. Between the 2 nature skills, 173 skill points will unlock a total of 15 mod points for the nature tree. This will allow you to fully modify every combat art except for acute mind which only gets 2 mods. As for the two choice skills, they are just that. While it is up to you, here Are skills useful to the ranged Dryad: * Combat Discipline: Increases damage and regeneration time for combat arts in combos, also allows 3 combat arts in a combo and at level 75 4 combat arts in A single combo. Since the Dryad uses combat arts to deal damage, this skill is Very useful especially with vines/curse/lances in one combo for bosses. ***Thanks to Pipboy2k for the combat discipline info.*** * Voodoo Focus: decreases regeneration times of the aspect and allows higher Combat art level without penalty. Only 2 of the voodoo skills rely on the lore To increase damage/efficiency, twisted torment and malicious totem and possibly Viperish Disease (I cannot be sure it does not). So if you take the focus alone You can have a powerful summon at your side as well as higher quality black curse and viperish disease. * Enhanced Perception: Increases chance to find valuables. Also opens up the modifiers for EP on items which include +exp per kill and +chance to find valuables. 1st tier General Skill. * Bargaining: Merchants offer better gear in shops. With high levels in this skill, you can find a whole list of rare (**) items for sale. Better quest rewards (or chance for?) with the 75 mastery. 2nd tier General Skill Of all the extra skills for a dryad, these four seem to be the best choices. If you do want bargaining to shop however, you must put 5 points into a 1st tier general skill such as the EP listed above. Combat Arts ___________ I am only listing the Combat arts used for the build, their modifications and recommended levels versus regeneration times. Unused CA's will not be mentioned at all here. Listed levels are applied to eaten runes only, socketed runes can increase the CA with little change in the build or its strategy. Ravaged Impact ______________ A single powerful strike to one target CA level - 1 Regen under 1 second Keep this mapped to one your main face buttons (i.e. hot keyed without having to press left or right trigger). Useful for finishing small groups, killing elites, and if you want a more intense fight, bosses. Just hold down the button and watch this CA tear apart anything. 1. Perforate- Gives chance for an open wound which is DOT 2. Breach- Gives chance to ignore enemy armor values. 3. Double Shot- This is what makes it worth a Damn, you fire 2 shots in quick succession with this mod, it glitches and fires 3 when it should fire 2 while mounted. You cap out at around 6 shots/second with low regen Darting Assault _______________ Multishot attack starts at 3 projectiles shooting in front of the dryad CA level 1 Regen less than 1 second. Your group attack, since the damage on this CA is a little less that RI it is useless against less than 4 enemies, again hold down the button and watch the large groups fall! 1. Reload- Adds one additional projectile to DA (goes from 3 arrows to 4) 2. Throwback- Chance to knock back enemies works well most of the time and gives you some breathing room if you get too surrounded. 3. Rotate- Allows you to fire at targets all around the dryad, instead of just the ones in front of her. ***** Suggestion/Info for Ravaged Impact/Darting Assault by Phadin: Regen per hit + x.x. Once a player has this mod at 0.5, they can start eating runes for RI and DA. Keeping RI bellow 1 second and DA at 2 will allow for spamming of these combat arts with this mod kicking in. As players are able to increase this mod further, they can increase their CA levels with it. It should be noted this mod can be purchased on rings from merchants without Bargaining skill. Forest Flight _____________ Teleports the Dryad with a chance to root enemies in place (must be targeted). CA level 1 This CA is a teleport/escape move only, it is very useful when needed though. Dust Devil __________ Create a wind cloud that provides increased evasion to the dryad and allies in the cloud. Starts with a 45 second cooldown time. CA level maximum allowed by focus Very effective/helpful in platinum and niob. 1. Recondition- lowers the cooldown time by an initial percent, and lowers it further with additional CA levels. 2. Spell Shield- Provides protection from spells 3. Spread- Increases the Protective cloud's radius ***** Suggestion/Info for Dust Devil by Phadin: This skill with the mod to reduce cooldown time becomes very useful, particularly in the high difficulty levels where evade can be critical to your survival. The regen mod is a bronze mod, so it can be picked up fairly easy as players move into platinum and niob. Once you have that mod, you can devour runes for the skill and actually REDUCE the overall regeneration time, as the cooldown usually drops faster then regen rate grows. At level 68, I have this over level 30 and a total cooldown+regen of about 25 seconds. I imagine itll be very close to regen=duration by the time I decide to move up to platinum. Sinister Predator _________________ Buff. Increases Attack Rating and Attack Speed with Ranged Weapons. CA level maximum allowed, penalty from buff N/A Ok this is one of your two main buffs, it increases effectivness with ranged weapons while active and when fully modded will actually lower the regeneration times for the Cap. Hunter Aspect! Good Deal. 1. Eagle Eye- Increased Chance for critical hits 2. Marked Shot- Chance that enemies cannot evade attacks 3. Hunting Focus- Decreases Regeneration times of the Cap. Hunter aspect. This actually lowers the time with each additional CA level. Marked Shot over Perforate: The other silver mod for SP grants a chance for projectiles to pierce targets and potentially hit others. With perforate you will indeed see your arrows pierce often but the chance that another enemy is in the flight path is slim and blowpipes cannot pierce regardless. Edaphic Lances ______________ A Stream of thorns shoot forth from the ground towards the target. CA level whatever your focus limit will allow with the Regen less than 10 seconds *Avoid pumping runes beyond your limit because if you don't 1 shot a boss you will need the regen to be under 10 seconds at the very least. (the 10 seconds will be lessened with acute mind running). 1. Density - Greatly decreases distance between thorns, allowing maximum effectivness against smaller targets and bosses with small hit boxes (scorpion,crystal,inquisitor,colossus) 2. Stings- Damage Increase 3. Barbs- adds Bleeding Damage Over Time Density over Thorns bronze mod: At level 105 with level 50 lances the number of thorns went from 15 to 19 when taking the thorns mod and only went up to 21 thorns 26 CA levels later. The density percent is at -49.5% at 76.x CA level. When testing Density at CA level 50 the distance of thorns (density) went to -70% (very thin line of thorns) so if one were to take the density mod over thorns they would likely not have more than 17 thorns but be able to use the lances effectivly vs small minibosses and elites which is hard to do with a wider spread of thorns. Also with acute mind running thorns hitting for 2x,xxx damage, 4 less thorns will not make all that much of a difference. Tangled Vine ____________ Vines Shoot up from the ground to hold an enemy in place, inflicting light damage CA level 1 use this to hold bosses in place, it works on every boss in the game except for one miniboss and ghosts. 1. Sprawl- Increased duration 2. Impair- Decreases rooted enemies' attack speed 3. Encroach- Small AoE effect around the target (approx 4 enemies). There is another option for TV since you can cast multiple vines on bosses, duration mod is not so needed, we can mod vines to damage mobs as well as hold our bosses. Again this is just one more option that does work. CA Level- High as allowed by focus 1. Tendrils- Increases the damage of the roots (physical) 2. Singe- Roots add Fire Damage 3. Encroach- Small aoe effect around the target (approx. 4 enemies if close) Since we have such great lore value and +damage already, this will make a fun diversion when your strangling vines can actually strangle and kill. And with the high amount of runes into vines versus high nature skill levels, the duration will still be easily managed for bosses. Golden glade Touch __________________ Healing Spell CA level High as possible while having the regeneration time at least .1 seconds below the duration. You can have this running mostly all the time, and especially against mages/elites. Can heal in the xxxx's per second at low-mid levels, I have had it at around 12,000 HP per second. 1. Flow-increases hp regen (more hp per second) 2. Persevere- Adds an invaluable willpower bonus while active 3. Diligence- Increases Duration, which allows you to keep dur. under regen. Acute Mind __________ Provides an intelligence boost as well as lowering regen times for all CA's. CA level High as possible regen not an issue regardless of mod choices. This is the most important part of your build when it comes to bosses, don't be afraid to eat runes, you need the intelligence boost to be in the thousands. 1. Insight - increases intelligence 2. Insight - increases intelligence further Additionally you can take the proficiency bronze mod and lose 1/2 potential INT increase in trade for lowering the cooldown time with CA level. With the Pro. bronze mod the regen/duration ratio will equal out eventually. Ancient Bark ____________ Buff. Increases Defense Value, Armor Value, & HP Regeneration. CA level as high as allowed by focus, Regen penalty N/A The regen penalty isn't going to affect anything except nature skills in the long run because Sinister Predator balances out Cap Hunter regen times versus buff penalties. And while fighting bosses, acute mind lowers the regen of all CA's so even the nature CA's are not affected in a way. 1. Rugged- Increases armor value 2. Divert- chance to reflect close combat 3. Invigorate- Improved healing ** All modifications listed that increase, decreases or give chance for a bonus are raised by a small % with each additional Combat Art level. (all CAs) Now here is the catch, you need to have the 2 nature skills maxed as much as possible so you can have 10 mod points as quick as you can. Here are the first 10 to mod: Sinister Predator- Eagle Eye,Marked Shot, Hunter Focus. Ravaged Impact- Perforate, Breach, Double Shot. Darting Assault- Reload. Dust Devil- Recondition Ancient Bark- Rugged,Divert. Golden glade- Flow, Persevere Edaphic Lances- Thorns Stings Acute Mind- Insight Golden glade- Diligence Edaphic Lances-Barbs Acute Mind- Insight After you mod those, you can mod out the rest whenever you want, you will have 15 mod points for nature weaver. You want to mod Sinister Predator and at least Ravaged impact fully first, darting assault & Dust Devil can get by for awhile with only the Bronze mod. Without any plus skills gear, you may have to spread some points in Armor lore/Ranged etc. so the above mods are chosen in order of importance for Convenience. Items _____ Weapons: Now comes the choice of weaponry, will you wield a bow? Blowpipe? Perhaps a Shuriken? There are differences between them all. Bows: Bows tend to have the highest damage of the 3 but have a slower firing rate than a Pipe or Shuriken. There are plenty of unique bows to be found and they usually have impressive stats! Also, the class quest reward for a Dryad is indeed a bow,so you can find one easily throughout your first campaign!. Bows are a good choice for beginners since they are common, have high damage, and have unique variants. Blowpipes: My personal favorite. Their damage is considerably less than that of a bow,but they have 2 things going for them: faster attack speed and lack of a visible projectile. This means that when you shoot your pipe, the hit is instantaneous. The problem is finding a good pipe, they are rare to see in the first place and there are no unique versions (from what I've seen). Also, a common modifier on blowpipes is chance to inflict damage type (fire,poison,freeze,weaken) mods, this and their attack speed make them great for setting enemies on fire or poisoning them. Shuriken/Throwing star: Their damage is somewhere between a pipe and a bow, not a bad choice if you don't mind being too close to your enemies since their range is extremely short. They have slightly faster attack speed than a bow and almost always have a modifier that adds open wounds chance. There is a unique star, but I have yet to see it. An interesting thought would be using a throwing star and a shield together for the added shield defense and modifiers. Armor: The three main sets for a Dryad are based on the three aspect trees, Daerwins for voodoo, Detheya's for Capricious Hunter, and Leaves & Twigs for Nature Weaver. The Detheyas set is perfect for a Ranged Dryad and as such I will list the general stats of the set pieces. -Detheya's Cowl (head) Grants a Willpower bonus and Bonuses to the Capricious Hunter Focus & Sinister Predator. -Detheya's Protection (chest) Grants bonuses to Vitality & the Capricious Hunter Aspect. -Detheya's Should Plates (shoulders) Grants bonuses to all Combat Arts, Darting Assault, and it reduces regeneration times for Capricious Hunter Aspect. -Detheya's Wrist Guards (bracers) Grants bonuses to Ravaged Impact and increase your attack value. -Detheya's Girth (belt) Grants bonuses to Stamina and Sinister Predator. -Detheya's Greaves (legs) Grants bonuses to Dust Devil & Forest Flight and also increases chance for critical hits. -Detheya's Footwear (boots) Grants bonuses to Dexterity & Forest Flight and also reduces regeneration time for aspect Capricious Hunter. Set bonuses unlocked for wearing partial or complete set: Wearing 3 pieces Bonus- grants Health Regeneration Wearing 5 pieces Bonus- increases aspect Capricious Hunter (also gain above bonus) Wearing 6 pieces Bonus- increases all skills (also gain above bonuses) Wearing 7 pieces Bonus- grants life leech (also gain above bonuses) Exact values I didn't list, because the stat values vary with the level of the set pieces. If you cannot obtain the Detheya's set through any means (farming bosses, trading) Then you can look for good modifiers on other armor pieces, here is a list of ones I recommend: + all skills + aspect capricious hunter life leech Increased attack speed + chance for critical hits Opponents level for deathblow % (when an enemy reaches the listed deathblow percent in hitpoints you will do double damage to it) Chance for poison/burn run speed + % + experience per kill % + chance to find valuables % Chance for enemy to evade -% Enemy defense -% Armor +% Defense +% Regen per hit x.x seconds (the x's are values in terms of seconds so every hit on a enemy with a .5 sec regen per hit modifer from your equipment recharges all of your character arts by .5, or half a second). This modifier is a must to have on at least one piece of equipment All of the above are good modifiers to find for you rings and amulets as well. While the armor set Detheya's Agility is hard to find, the listed modifiers are common on items you may find in the field or in shops so building an armor set from one and two star items can be as effective if not more so than putting together an armor set. Other notable set pieces/partial set combos: *Eternal Flames Set Wearing 3 pieces Bonus – Grants Damage Mitigation: Fire % Wearing 5 pieces Bonus – Grants Chance that Opponent cannot evade attacks % *Meho'Sun Set Meho's Wristguards (bracers) sockets 1 silver, 1 gold. Increased Attack Speed Chance to disregard armor Increased attack rating Meho's Greaves (pants) sockets 1 silver, 1 gold. Chance to evade Run speed *Tendrils of Time Set ChestPlate of Time (chest) sockets 1 bronze, 1 silver, 1 gold. Extremely high armor value split between all elements and physical. Chance to find valuables. *Daerwain's Revenge Set Daerwain's Headgear (helm) sockets 1 silver. Adds chance that opponents cannot evade attacks Adds Intelligence Bonus to Offensive Skills Bonus to Tactics Lore. Daerwain's Boots sockets 1 silver Adds a bonus to knockback resistance Adds dexterity Chance to evade Strategy and Tips __________________ -The general strategy for killing normal enemies is to use darting assault on large groups, and using ravaged impact to finish the stragglers. Use only ravaged impact for champion monsters while having them rooted. -Using forest flight to escape tough enemies not only teleports you, but also has a good chance to root enemies in place (enemies that were within a short distance of you at the time of your teleport). It can be used to strategically freeze groups of enemies for a time so you can easily fill them with arrows. -Tangled vines works on any enemy, save one miniboss and ghosts. Use it on champion monsters so they cannot reach you, then ravaged impact them to death. -Goldenglade touch, when fully modded can be kept active semi permanently, cast it when you are facing enemies of any type, you will never need to use health potions. -Dust Devil and Acute Mind also can be kept up semi permanently with the bronze mods and rune investments. -Putting tangled vines and edaphic lances in a combo, allows for auto targeted lances which is invaluable against bosses because the auto target ensures precise thorns placement to score more hits. Manual targeting may be off or boss may move out of the way, vines prevent this. -Choosing your mount, early in the game (throughout your silver campaign) it is best to choose the Capricious Hunter Lizard since your regen times start out high by default. Once you have you Regeneration times managed you can choose ANY lizard you wish, I choose mounts by color only. Cap Hunter Lizard- Green Voodoo Lizard- Dark Red with voodoo symbols covering him Nature Lizard- Bright Blue/Neon green Resistant Lizard- Dull Grey/Tan All mounts give a 20% health bonus and Small Defense Bonus. V. Other useful Combat Arts ________________________ This section is going to cover all the other Combat Arts that are not described as part of "The Build" but can easily be integrated into it if you so choose. Will list a short description and pros and cons of each CA. Twisted Torment _______________ Slows down a single enemy's movement speed and inflicts slight poison damage, also increases chance for a shrunken head to drop from the infected enemy. Pros * slowing down an opponent is never a bad thing * increased chance for shrunken heads is very good, and can be modified to increase it further Cons * poison damage over time is very low, even at high levels * slowed opponents can be stopped altogether by tangled vines * only affects a single enemy per cast Viperish Disease ________________ Infects targeted enemy with a deadly poison, deals damage over time based on enemies hit points, disease will spread to enemies of the equipped shrunken head type which restarts the disease's duration. Pros * with the correct shrunken head equipped entire large groups of enemies can become infected * can be modified to inflict more enemies even if the correct shrunken head is not equipped * the damage over time is not of a real damage type it is simply -enemy hitpoints. It is NOT poison damage. * Every time the disease spreads to a new creature, the disease duration resets * The damage stacks, though not added but multiplied in some behind the scenes way. Cons * without the correct shrunken head equipped, this will not spread unless modified to * damage seems to be very low the closer to full health an enemy is, damage increases with lower enemy hitpoints * damage starts at 8% enemy hp which is really low Black Curse ___________ Lowers a single enemy's attributes by a percent Pros * since it lowers all attributes by a percent this is extremely useful against bosses, it will lower their max hitpoints, defense, armor, spell resist, attack rating, damage etc. very impressive even at level 1 * bronze mod 'porous' reduces the enemy's resistance to physical damage. Cons * none really, except the fact is only affects a single enemy Malicious Totem _______________ Summons a totem which shoots out small poisonous arrows Pros * Can be modified to lower cooldown, lower regeneration time, increase physical or poison damage, increase rate of fire, and fear enemies away * With certain modifications listed above you could have multiple totems out at once, or a single fast shooting totem if you wish * Shrunken head equipped will grant additional damage to the enemy type of the shrunken head * Damage is enhanced with +% damage, +% physical damage, and +% poison damage items * Damage is also enhanced by acute mind, can be deadly without voodoo lore. Morbid Animus _____________ Buff. Summons a spirit based off of the shrunken head type you are wearing to fight for you. *see "shrunken heads" for specific head types and summons* Pros * pets at high level can kill and survive the toughest enemies * pets level increases with rune consumption and can easily surpass you own level Cons * most common shrunken heads produce weak summons, even with high level * summon is very slow (movement speed) The dragon summon is very fast though * regeneration penalties become very high with the more runes put into this buff, and might be hard to manage a pet level/ buff penalty ratio. * Being a buff, you have to sacrifice one of the other two buffs to use it. You can also max concentration to run 3 buffs. Using the above Combat Arts, you can rework my build for some interesting hybrids, or come up with your own unique build! Here's an example a melee/ voodoo dryad: Druid _____ Uses Spear/Polearm weapons, also uses tangled vines (modified for damage) and an 'animal' morbid animus summon. With totems for ranged support. Skills: Tactics lore - Doubles as +damage and gives hunter mod points Voodoo Focus Nature Focus Combat Reflexes Armor Lore Concentration Polearms Nature Lore Consitution ???? Combat Arts & How To Play her. Ravaged Impact- Envenom, Breach, Double Shot With spear attacks RI cause the Dryad to perform a quick double jab attack which looks really cool and still adds in damage for 2 hits, but only shows one damage detail number. Darting Assault-reload, Wounding, Rotate Dryad holds the spear with one hand and performs a 360 spin still only able to hit amount of enemies listed in the CA details. Dust Devil-recondition,Spell Shield, Spread You can have a cloud up all the time ala golden glade touch with plenty of room to maneuver inside it. Morbid Animus-Malice, Elevation, Fury My scorpion is level 127 and he murders everything, I sometimes switch to the boar summon to follow my roleplay of a druid but the scorpion just is too damn good to unsummon. Viperish Disease- gangrene, Transmission Very useful skill to cast before a big fight, quickly infects the whole group you are fighting and leaves easy targets for your scorpion. Black Curse Porous- Reduces enemies resistance to physical damage Boss/Elite debuff Malicious Totem Solid,Pointed,Expert Allows you to have multiple totems out at once which last for a long time Tangled Vines-Tendrils,Singe,Encroach This is my little aoe for small groups, even single enemies it kills pretty quickly. Boss holder as well. It does not work on the White Griffon or most ghosts. Golden Glade Touch- Flow,Perevere,Diligence Ancient Bark- Rugged,Divert Damage Mitigation and Reflection. I could never choose different mods for this CA no matter what. The playstyle is rather simple actually, Have ancient bark and animus running always and keep goldenglade and dust devil running when in fights casting viperish disease and totems before hand. Try to find a full voodoo set and luckily for you unique spears and polearms are extremely common. Usually the animus will kill everything and you can generally focus on a few creatures with no worry, but you can hold your own without him if needed with vines, viperish disease, totems and ravaged impact alone. VI. Boss Strategy _____________ This is where your build kicks in against bosses, required is at least 1 rune in the black curse voodoo CA. Black curse lowers the enemy's attributes (including hp) by a % so it's good even at level 1. I'll lay it out in steps so its not confusing like the rest of the guide probably was lol. 1. Cast your Acute Mind 2. Cast vines and black curse (combo works good) 3. Cast Vine/Lances combo (vine again so the lances auto target for you) Bosses easily one shot killed (niob even without acute mind): *Dragons *White Griffin (vines dont work on him so use lances not in combo) *Winged Daemon *Octopuss Octopuss it is really hard to hit him with a combo of vine/lances so put lances alone in a slot to kill him. Bosses That are hard to one hit kill but still go down in 2-4 hits with acute mind in niob: *Garganthropod *Carnach *Nameless Guardians *Gar Colossous (One lance usually takes his shield out) Bosses that are a pain in the ass to kill with lances, quicker to use bow: *Crystal Boss The boss should be either dead or close to it at step 3 in early difficulties, and may take 3 shots or more in higher difficulties. If he has more than half health left it's a clear sign that you lances or acute mind is not strong enough, you could use your 2 extra skills to help your damage or just try to pull off steps 2 and 3 again before your acute mind wears off. That's it have fun! VII. Shrunken Heads ______________ Shrunken Heads, what do they summon and how can I get the good ones? Head type-Summon (a * or ** gives summon type of the magic and rare variants of the head type) Animal- Wolf, *Boar Barbarian- Kobold, *Desert Mage Goblinoid- Goblin, *Orc Undead- Zombie, *Skelton Warrior Human- Human Dryad- Dryad High Elf- High Elf T-Mutation- T-Mutation (floating ghost looking thing),*Leaping Plant, **Tree Dragon- Lizard Man, **Small Dragon Monster- skull rock creature,*Werewolf, **Minotaur Insect- Spitting Spider, **Giant Scorpion ***Thanks to Gray Boulware for the * Werewolf find.*** Now, common heads (no *s) can be found off of any of the common creature in the land of its type. So a boar may drop an animal head while a zombie cannot. Shrunken heads themselves can have an increased chance to drop while using various Combat Arts with mods that have 'increased shrunken head chance'. There are also a few Combat Arts with the bonus chance already, without mods: Sinister Predator, Morbid Animus, Dust Devil, Twisted Torment. You must have those Combat Arts active to receive their bonus though. * Heads can be found off of some miniboss creatures and random champion ones: I have found the * animal shrunken head from the 'Raging Boar' mini boss and the * T-Mutation shrunken Head from the 'Tree' Miniboss on Dryad Island. All the rest of * heads I have listed I found from normal champions. The ** shrunken heads can ONLY be found from these story bosses: ** Insect Head (scorpion) - Garganthropod (scorpion boss in desert) ** T-Mutation Head (tree) - Gar Colossous (golem boss in Orcish Byway) ** Monster Head (Minotaur)- Octogalamus (octopuss boss in Orc Land) ** Dragon Head (Small Dragon) - Can be found from ANY large dragon, this is the one exception because it does not have to be found from the story boss dragon. Each of these heads can be attained by ANY Dryad, since the bosses you must kill for the first 3 heads are located conveniently near a Resurrection Monolith. They can be easily farmed over and over again. There is a portal in Grunwich near its dragon, which is a short run from the portal. When hunting for these ** shrunken heads make sure you have the listed four combat arts active when the boss DIES, so he has a better chance to drop your head. They can be found as soon as silver difficulty, as I have just found a level 41 ** monster head in silver. Happy (Head) Hunting! I don't use Morbid Animus or Voodoo at all, should I even bother with these Shrunken Heads? Shrunken heads are very important to a Dryad regardless of the Combat Arts that You use. Think of the head as an extra armor slot, with chances for good mods That can be found on the better head types. They all have a defense value of Course and I have found some very good mods on magic and rare heads including: Deathblow Nature skills + x Cap Hunter Aspect + x Voodoo skills + x Hit Points + xxx Chance to fear opponents away + % +xx stat values dexterity, intelligence, willpower + % open wounds Armor value poison + % Armor value physical +% Run speed (yes run speed) + % These are modifiers I have seen personally on rare heads I have found, I have seen multiple good mods on one head for example. So keep hunting! VIII. 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