From: "John T. Carr III" Newsgroups: Subject: CRITICOM FAQ v.1.0 Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 11:50:13 -0400 CRITICOM FAQ v 1.0 Written by John T. Carr III (c) 1996. The name CRITCOM and the characters (c) Kronos corp. All opinions expressed within, unless otherwise stated, are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect those of Vic Tokai, Kronos Corp, or the Chosen Ones. Permission is given to reproduce this FAQ on the net (or one Printed copy for home use) provided that this header is included. Failure to comply will bring a Nezom battalion to your doorstep. ***** C O N T E N T S ***** 1. Why this FAQ 2. Story 3. Game Mechanics 4. Characters and Moves 5. Weird Stuff and Extras 6. Reviews and Views *************** 1. Why this FAQ *************** Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there who *like* this game. And the people who hate it, I've found, tend to fall into one of two camps: the "It isn't better than Tekken/Toshinden" crowd and the "What's up with these moves?!" crowd. This FAQ is for both camps - as well as for those who like the game. I'm not saying that CRITICOM is easy. If ever there was a fighter for which the acronym 'RTFM' fits, it's CRITCOM. The move patterns don't fit under any of the big 5 entirely. The results of actions your opponent makes means you *do* have to think when you play this game. You can't just cheese your way through it (and incidentally, despite what a certain popular game magazine says, you can't always lure your opponent to the edge and watch him/her fall off. Maybe in Level 1, but not after that). Doing the research for this was a labor of love. It had to be, because the Road TO THE RELIC is a bastard and a half. But, it holds surprises for the inventive. Or did you *really* think that each character only had no more than four moves per level? Immediate thanks for this FAQ go to Jim Kapostas, anime music video meister extraordinaire, for getting me the game as a Christmas present, and to Craig A. Jensen of, whose review in the midst of all the "THIS GAME SUCKS!!!" posts intrigued me enough about the game to give it a second look. Comments and criticisms are welcome, and if it inspires someone else to go at the Chosen Ones, I'll be happy. Still looking for: ----------------- Get-up moves Secret codes Verification on SID's groundshaker ******** 2. Story ******** "The Nezom and Zerai clans annointed themselves as the "Chosen Ones" -- a self-proclamation spurred by the acquisition of an ancient relic which bestowed great powers upon its possesors, but not the wisdom to wield that power. Led by their emperor, the Chosen Ones purged all resistance, annihilating entire races. The planet Hyperia fell into the War Era. In the end, the Chosen Ones achieved compliance, if not obedience. The years of ruthless supremacy took its toll on the Emperor. In his old age, the dying Emperor passed on the relic to its new heirs. A new age of peace and prosperity is about to begin... ... or so it seemed..." - from the opening Two flashes of light, and suddenly the relic is gone - its protectors lying on the floor. The Chosen Ones, fearful that news should leak of the events, quickly replaced the relic with a replica and began taking steps to finding and reacquiring their source of power. Both Delara Zerai and Sonork Nezom, heirs to the throne, went on seperate quests: Delara, to regain her honor, as she was one of the guardians of the relic when it was stolen; and Sonork to prove his fitness to rule, given his brother's untimely passing. The Chosen Ones also hired a soldier-of-fortune, Dayton Trent, to pursue the relic. However, rumors spread of the existance of the Relic. Rumors which, in certain ears, inspired thoughts of lost pride, power unimaginable -- and a chance for revenge. ***************** 3. Game Mechanics ***************** Each bout is one fall. You win by either knocking your opponent out, knocking him out of the arena, or having the most energy left when time runs out. The severity of this "critical combat" (get it?) is mitigated by your character's having two life bars. You know you're on your second life bar when the gold circle by yours disappears. After you've defeated all your opponents (including a mirror image of yourself), you face the next higher-level version of yourself. Triumph, and you get the password for that version of yourself as well as more moves and better defensive armor. It is this progressive nature of the gameplay that makes Criticom unique: your character improves and learns new things. Lest we forget, so do your opponents. Take Sonork for example. As combat progresses, he replaces one arm with a wicked scythe; by Level 3, he is almost totally cyborged - testimony to his willingness to do anything to win. And, at the end of your Level 3 battles, you face the thief who stole the relic - who is none other than... Button Configuration -------------------- (Config. 1 (Default), with character facing right:) _____ _____ / \------------/ \ L1: Dodge right : U : SONY : T : L2: Dodge left : B F : -- -- : S O : R1: Special (1) : D :----------: X : R2: Special (2) \_____/ \_____/ Select: Start: U - Up S - Square: Jab (1)\ Menu Select B - Back X - Cross: Jab (2)\ Menu Select F - Forward T - Triangle: Kick (1)\Menu Select D - Down O - Circle: Kick (2)\ Menu Select Option Screens -------------- TITLE SCREEN: Select TOURNAMENT, 2-PLAYER, or OPTIONS by moving the cursor with the direction pad and pressing S, X, T, O, or START. CHARACTER SELECT: Pressing the direction pad will circle the clansmen around, with their data appearing in the window above their standing form. Pressing S, X, T, or O will select the character in front. In tournament mode, the computer will pick your opponent. In 2-player mode, pressing Start after selecting the characters will start the game. Pressing select will move you to the Options screen. Pressing select and start together will reset the game and move you to the title screen. OPTIONS SCREEN: Move up and down the various options with the direction pad. Moving right or left at an option toggles the various choices: TIMER: 99 or 00 (infinity) MUSIC VOLUME: 0-9 (9 is default) SFX VOLUME: 0-9 (9 is default) BUTTON CONFIGURATION: P1 AND P2 There are four different configs; I humbly suggest you stick with Config.1 while learning the game. LOAD/SAVE: Moves to the LOAD/SAVE screen. EXIT: Takes you back to either main title or character select. LOAD/SAVE SCREEN: This is where you enter in passwords to fight with your warrior at a higher level (and get more nifty moves). Conversely, you can load in data saved on your memory card here or save an existing game as well. If you try to enter in a password during the course of a game, the computer will ask you if you wish to quit that particular game before it does the power-up. NB: You cannot enter the access code given at the end of game here. That's for Criticom II, which has been announced as an upcoming title by Vic Tokai at the 1996 E3. Basic Moves and Strategy ------------------------ First and foremost, it cannot be stressed enough that Criticom is a true-space 3D fighting game. What this means is, if you flub an attack and go sailing past you opponent, you will not automatically swivel to face him\her. In other words, *you*have*to*aim*your*attacks*. Nothing is more frustrating than catching your opponent unawares, knocking him down, and then flubbing the pounce because you didn't take into account where he landed when you knocked him down. By the same token, however, few things are more satisfying than blasting an obnoxious opponent in the back a few times. You also have to be a bit more aware of where you are in relation to the edge of the arena (mostly because it's circular) than in other polygonal games. Wheras most players find this frustrating and\or cheesy, I think it mirrors real life: if you're fighting someone at the edge of a cliff, you're going to try and knock them off the cliff if they give you half the chance. A good example of this principle is in Toshiden with Fo's and Sofia's stages. So, having a good grasp of the fighting fundamentals - more so than the combos - is more important in becoming a good player at this game (which is a radical idea for fighting games these days :) ). Or, as a friend of mine put it after managing to throw me off the edge after being beaten down to his final flashing lifebar (he was S.I.D., I was Exene), "It's a lot like playing 9-ball. It doesn't matter if you have a run on 1-8 if you make a mistake and your opponent sinks the 9." 1. S + X - Strong Jab T + O - Strong Kick\ Roundhouse For most characters a kneeling roundhouse results in a knockdown if it connects. 2. Charge: Double tap and hold F Retreat: Double tap and hold B Retreats can also do damage if, like Delara, your character backlflips to get out of the way. 3. Use L1 and L2 to roll right and left, respectively. A good way to avoid projectiles, though it can leave you open if you do it too much. 4. U - Jump D - Crouch Some projectiles can be thrown from the air; others can be ducked or jumped. 5. Guards: a standing guard will block any standing or air attacks, while a low guard will block low attacks and ground projectiles. Learn your oppenent's combos so you'll know how to block them, as they mix both high and low attacks. If you take too many hits in succession, your character will get dizzy. Hit right and left on the directional pad repeatedly to bring him out of it quickly. 6. While your character will get up after three seconds when he falls, tapping the directional buttons will bring him up faster. Tapping U or D will bring him up where he fell; tapping B or F will bring him up in that direction (this can cause damage with Demonica and other characters.) When your opponent is down, pressing U and X will make your character leap in the air and land on your opponent, usually weapons first. This is true even from far away, but be warned - the farther the pounce, the more time your opponent has to recover and dodge out of the way\ counterattack. Some characters have "down" attacks - i.e. when knocked down, hitting that sequence will make them get up quick and fight, often surprising your opponent. 7. Throws: when close to your opponent tap forward, hold and press R1 and R2 simultaneously. You can't throw someone if you're behind them or to the side. Learn how to throw. Trust me, it's worth it. 8. Chain, but aim: you can chain combos in this game by entering in the combo for one just as the first is ending (Delara, Dayton and Exene seem to be able to do this the easiest.) YOu can also tack on single moves to the end of combos. Be warned, though: if you lock yourself into *too* long a combo, or don't aim your attack by tapping the directional button, you can leave yourself wide open. *********************** 4. Characters and Moves *********************** DAYTON TRENT ------------ "Oh yeah!" Dayton's motto: "If it exists, I'll find it." His fast wit and a "trust no one" attitude perpetuated this career as a soldier of fortune/ investigator. The Chosen Ones hired Dayton to find the Relic. His motive is to retire on the sale of the Relic to the highest bidder and perhaps take up fishing. -=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=* L E V E L 1 M O V E S -=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=* Flying Uppercut LVL 1 Hold R2 + F Leap upward with screw upper cut. ----------------------------------------------------------- Triple Slash LVL 1 Hold R1 + F Three slashes with knife. ----------------------------------------------------------- Lazer Blast LVL 1 | \ -o + S Blast from hand laser. o o ----------------------------------------------------------- Roll Slash LVL 1 Hold R2 + S Roll forward + low slash ----------------------------------------------------------- Punch Kick Slide Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + S, X J(1) + K(3) + Slide ----------------------------------------------------------- Triple Punch Kick Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + S, O J(1), J(2), J(3) + K(3) ----------------------------------------------------------- Strong Punch Kick Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + O, X P(3) twice + standing round- house ----------------------------------------------------------- Multi-slash Double Kick Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + F + S Multi-slash + J(2) + J(3) ----------------------------------------------------------- Triple Punch Slide Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + X, X Kneeling J(1), J(2), J(3) + slide ----------------------------------------------------------- Double Punch Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + X, O P(3) twice + kneeling K(1) ----------------------------------------------------------- Low Triple Punch Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + X, S Kneeling P(1), P(2), P(3) ----------------------------------------------------------- Roll Slash Uppercut Combo LVL 1 Hold R2 + S, T Roll Slash + Flying Uppercut ----------------------------------------------------------- Roll Slash Triple Slash Combo LVL 1 Hold R2 + S, S Roll Slash + Triple Slash -=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=* L E V E L 2 M O V E S -=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=* Slide LVL 2 Hold R2 + D Slide forward ----------------------------------------------------------- Slide Multi-slash Combo LVL 2 Hold R2 + D + X Slide + Triple Slash ----------------------------------------------------------- Aerial Blast LVL 2 | \ -o + T Shoot into air o o NB: Can also be done while jumping; in-air Aerial Blast is air-to-ground. ----------------------------------------------------------- Jumping Lazer LVL 2 Jump, | \ -o + S In air, shoot directly in o o front. ----------------------------------------------------------- Slide Lazer Combo LVL 2 Hold R2 + D + S Slide, jump back, Lazer blast ----------------------------------------------------------- Slide Uppercut Combo LVL 2 Hold R2 + D + T Slide + Flying Uppercut -=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=* L E V E L 3 M O V E S -=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=* Rapid Lazer LVL 3 | \ -o + R1 Five quick bursts from Lazer o o ----------------------------------------------------------- Roll Slash Rapid Lazer Combo LVL 3 Hold R2 + S, T, T Roll forward, Triple slash, side roll, Rapid Lazer ----------------------------------------------------------- Roll Slash Slide Combo LVL 3 Hold R2 + S, X Roll slash + slide ----------------------------------------------------------- Punch Kick Combo LVL 3 Hold R1 + S, S 2 punches and Kick ___________________________________________________________ DELARA ZERAI ------------ "It's my destiny!" Delara is from the Zerai clan. Zeraians' ideology rejects technology in all forms. They view that skill and honor weave the very fabric of a true warrior. While defending the Relic from the thief, her Nezom counterpart was killed. Now she seeks vengeance on the one who stole the Relic and her destiny. -=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=* L E V E L 1 M O V E S -=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=* Flying Uppercut LVL 1 Hold R1 + F Jumping Uppercut ----------------------------------------------------------- Roll Slash LVL 1 Hold R1 + D Roll forward, low slash ----------------------------------------------------------- Roll Slide Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + D + X Roll Slash + Low K(3) ----------------------------------------------------------- Roll Slice Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + D + S ----------------------------------------------------------- Roll Slash Uppercut Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + D + T ----------------------------------------------------------- 3-hit Blade Kick Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + T, S ----------------------------------------------------------- 3-hit Low Swing Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + X, S -=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=* L E V E L 2 M O V E S -=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=* Tri-slice LVL 2 Hold R1 + S ----------------------------------------------------------- Dragon Wave LVL 2 | \ -o + S o o -=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=* L E V E L 3 M O V E S -=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=* ----------------------------------------------------------- Multi-slice combo (UNVERIFIED) LVL 3 Hold R1 + S + X ----------------------------------------------------------- Air-wave Blast LVL 3 | \ -o + T o o ----------------------------------------------------------- Ground Wave Blast LVL 3 | \ -o + X o o ----------------------------------------------------------- Slide Ground Wave Combo LVL 3 Hold R1 + X, X ___________________________________________________________ DEMONICA -------- "Heeee hee hee hee heee!" Demonica comes from an alternate Dimension and her desire for the Relic is speculative. Her intentions may be to bring the Relic into her own realm for some diabolical purpose. Demonica has an ancient stone similar to the Relic in her own dimension. She knows that in obtaining a second stone, her evil will be supreme and darkness will spread to the ends of the universe. -=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=* L E V E L 1 M O V E S -=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=* Fireball LVL 1 | \ -o + S Shoots fireball o o ----------------------------------------------------------- Claw Charge LVL 1 Hold R1 + F Lunges forward, claws extend- ed; multiple hits. ------------------------------------------------------------ Claw Fireball Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + F + S Claw charge followed by fireball ----------------------------------------------------------- Claw Charge Punch Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + F + O ------------------------------------------------------------ Triple Fireball LVL 1 | \ -o + S + X Fireball, then sidestep, then second fireball, then side- step, then third fireball ------------------------------------------------------------ Triple Kick Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + S, S ------------------------------------------------------------ Triple Kick Combo (2) LVL 1 Hold R1 + X, X ------------------------------------------------------------ Triple Punch Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + S, X -=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=* L E V E L 2 M O V E S -=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=* Worm Wave LVL 2 | \ -o + O o o ----------------------------------------------------------- Triple Wave LVL 2 | \ -o + T + O o o ----------------------------------------------------------- Hurricane LVL 2 Hold R2 + F ----------------------------------------------------------- Claw Charge Worm Wave Combo LVL 2 Hold R1 + F + X ----------------------------------------------------------- Hurricane Kick Combo LVL 2 Hold R2 + F + X -=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=* L E V E L 3 M O V E S -=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=* Tumble charge LVL 3 Hold R1 + O Forward flip kick, knockdown if connects. ----------------------------------------------------------- Upwards Fireball LVL 3 | \ -o + T Wormblast sent skyward; if o o done while jumping, it be- comes a tri-directional blast. ---------------------------------------------------------- Rapid Fireballs LVL 3 | \ -o + R1 Five fireballs in rapid o o succession. ---------------------------------------------------------- Alternating Fireball LVL 3 | \ -o + R2 Fireball, wormblast, fire- o o ball, wormblast ---------------------------------------------------------- Flip Kick Bouncing Fireball Combo LVL 3 R1 + D + X Flip kick followed by worm- blast. __________________________________________________________ SGT. EXENE DULAIT ----------------- "Who's your daddy?" Exene grew up on a planet scarred by constant wars. She was raised in the military, but after witnessing mass de- struction of entire cities, she left her planet dismayed by the senseless loss of lives. In her travels, Exene learned of an ancient Relic that possessed great mystical powers. She now seeks the Relic with the hope of using it to stop the wars on her beloved planet. Outfits: -=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=* L E V E L 1 M O V E S -=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=* Roundhouse Slap LVL 1 Hold R2 + F Spins around, hitting with tonfu. ----------------------------------------------------------- Rapid Stick LVL 1 Hold R1 + F Wades forwards, tonfu flying. ----------------------------------------------------------- Tazer Blast LVL 1 | \ -o + S Pulse blast o o ----------------------------------------------------------- Roundhouse Blast Combo LVL 1 Hold R2 + T + F Roundhouse w/ Tazer ----------------------------------------------------------- 3-hit Punch Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + S, S Standing punch, kneeling mid- punch, kneeling strong punch. ----------------------------------------------------------- Swing Backflip Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + F + T See title. ----------------------------------------------------------- Rapid Stick Backflip Roundhouse Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + F + S Rapid stick to backflip to standing roundhouse kick. ----------------------------------------------------------- Roundhouse Kick Combo LVL 1 Hold R2 + S + F Roundhouse slap, high round- house kick to low roundhouse kick. ----------------------------------------------------------- Get Up Slash LVL 1 R1 + D (After being knocked down) roll forward, kneeling rapid stick ----------------------------------------------------------- Get Up Slash Swing Combo LVL 1 R1 + D + S (After being knocked down) roll forward, kneeling rapid stick, kneeling strong punch -=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=* L E V E L 2 M O V E S -=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=* Tumble Jab LVL 2 Hold R1 + T Forward somersault w/ rapid stick ----------------------------------------------------------- Tumble Low Jab LVL 2 Hold R2 + T Forward somersault w/ low slash ----------------------------------------------------------- Electro Blast LVL 2 | \ -o + R2 Large blast; longer range o o than tazer ----------------------------------------------------------- Kick Slide Combo LVL 2 Hold R1 + S, X Mid-kick and slide kick ----------------------------------------------------------- Rapid Stick Slide Combo LVL 2 Hold R1 + F + X Rapid stick plus slide ----------------------------------------------------------- Swing Backflip Electro Combo LVL 2 R1 + F + S Low strong punch, backflip, and Electro blast ----------------------------------------------------------- Slide LVL 2 Hold R1 + X Slide forward ----------------------------------------------------------- Rapid Stick Backflip Tazer Combo LVL 2 Hold R1 + F + T Rapid Stick, retreating back- flip, tazer blast ----------------------------------------------------------- Roundhouse Tazer Backflip LVL 2 Hold R2 + F + T See title. ----------------------------------------------------------- Get Up Slash, Backflip Electro Combo LVL 2 R1 + D + T (After being knocked down) roll forward, low slash, backflip w/ Electro blast ----------------------------------------------------------- Get Up Slash Slide Combo R1 + D + X (After being knocked down) roll forward, low slash, slide kick -=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=* L E V E L 3 M O V E S -=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=* Taser Rush LVL 3 | \ -o + R1 Multiple Taser blasts o o ----------------------------------------------------------- Power Charge Uppercut LVL 3 Hold R1, O, S, T Low electrified charge for- ward ending in uppercut w/sky backflip ___________________________________________________________ GORM ---- [Editor's note: Still waiting for Dorlonese/English dictionary, thus no quote.] Gorm comes from a dying race called the Dorlons. The number of Dorlons that still remain are unknown. They are a peaceful race whose culture was forged by one prophecy. It is their belief that the ancient Relic was the birth stone of their race. It was prophesied that some day a champion will acquire the Relic and return it to its rightful home. Outfits: -=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=* L E V E L 1 M O V E S -=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=* Low Jab LVL 1 Hold R1 + X ----------------------------------------------------------- Power Blade LVL 1 | \ -o + X o o ----------------------------------------------------------- Tri-slice LVL 1 Hold R1 + S ----------------------------------------------------------- 3-hit Slide Kick Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + S, O ----------------------------------------------------------- 3-hit Punch Kick Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + S, T ----------------------------------------------------------- 4-hit Blade Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + S, X ----------------------------------------------------------- LVL 1 Hold R1 + O, S -=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=* L E V E L 2 M O V E S -=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=* Dual Edge Blow LVL 2 | \ -o + S o o ----------------------------------------------------------- Charge Jab LVL 2 Hold R1 + D ----------------------------------------------------------- Charge Multi-Jab LVL 2 Hold R1 + D + X ----------------------------------------------------------- Charge Low Jab Hard Punch Combo LVL 2 Hold R1 + D + O ----------------------------------------------------------- Triple Low Jab Combo LVL 2 Hold R1 + X, X -=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=* L E V E L 3 M O V E S -=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=* Body Torpedo LVL 3 R1 + F ----------------------------------------------------------- LVL 3 Hold R1 + F + X ----------------------------------------------------------- LVL 3 Hold R1 + F + S ___________________________________________________________ S.I.D. ------ [machine roar] Product of a twisted experiment, the Sentient Inte- rated Droids wander the wilderness with one goal: destroy all carbon based life forms. Outfits: -=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=* L E V E L 1 M O V E S -=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=* Missile LVL 1 | \ -o + S o o ----------------------------------------------------------- Double Side Kick LVL 1 Hold R2 + F ----------------------------------------------------------- 4-hit Jab Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + T, S ----------------------------------------------------------- 4-hit Jab Kick Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + S, O -=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=* L E V E L 2 M O V E S -=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=* Aerial Missile LVL 2 | \ -o + T o o ----------------------------------------------------------- Charge Slash LVL 2 Hold R1 + F ----------------------------------------------------------- Ground Wave LVL 2 | \ -o + X o o ----------------------------------------------------------- Slash Combo LVL 2 Hold R1 + S, S ----------------------------------------------------------- Charge Slash Leg Sweep Combo LVL 2 Hold R1 + O, O -=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=* L E V E L 3 M O V E S -=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=* Rapid Fire Missile LVL 3 | \ -o + R1 o o ----------------------------------------------------------- Air Roll Charge LVL 3 Hold R1 + X ___________________________________________________________ SONORK NEZOM ------------ "That didn't hurt!" Sonork's brother was destined to become the Emperor. However his brother was wounded in the attempt to protect the Relic. Seeing an opportunity to become the leader of the Chosen Ones, Sonork killed his brother. Despite his lack of physical strength and combat skill, Sonork proved that he will go to extreme lengths to wield the ultimate power. Outfits: -=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=* L E V E L 1 M O V E S -=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=* Power Slide LVL 1 Hold R2 + F ----------------------------------------------------------- Roundhouse LVL 1 Hold R1 + F ----------------------------------------------------------- Punch Kick Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + S, S ----------------------------------------------------------- Slide Punch Kick Combo LVL 1 Hold R2 + F + S ----------------------------------------------------------- Roundhouse Uppercut Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + F + S ----------------------------------------------------------- Triple Punch Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + S, X ----------------------------------------------------------- Triple Uppercut Combo LVL 1 Hold R1 + X, X -=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=* L E V E L 2 M O V E S -=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=* Plasma sickle LVL 2 | \ -o + R2 o o ----------------------------------------------------------- Ground Plasma Sickle LVL 2 | \ -o + X o o ----------------------------------------------------------- slide slash Kick Combo LVL 2 Hold R2 + F + X ----------------------------------------------------------- Triple Kick Combo LVL 2 Hold R1 + O, O -=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=* L E V E L 3 M O V E S -=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=* Rapid fire Sickle LVL 3 | \ -o + R1 o o ----------------------------------------------------------- Aerial Blast LVL 3 | \ -o + T o o ----------------------------------------------------------- Single shot LVL 3 | \ -o + S o o ----------------------------------------------------------- Triple Punch Rapid Fire Combo LVL 3 Hold R1 + S, O, S ----------------------------------------------------------- Tricky Slide Rapid Fire Combo LVL 3 Hold R1 + X, S, T ___________________________________________________________ YENJI ----- "Hmph!" Yenji was young when she witnessed the death of her family during the War Era. She and other survivors hid in caves to evade capture. Fueled by hate, she trained diligently both physically and mentally knowing that her time for vengeance would be at hand. Rumors of the stolen Relic prompted Yenji to leave her dwelling. If she can find and destroy the Relic, the reign of the Chosen Ones will be at a complete end. Outfits: -=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=* L E V E L 1 M O V E S -=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=*=-=1=-=* Claw Charge LVL 1 Hold R1 + F ----------------------------------------------------------- Lightning Kick LVL 1 Hold R1 + S, S ----------------------------------------------------------- Roll Jab LVL 1 Hold R1 + D ----------------------------------------------------------- LVL 1 Hold R1 + S ----------------------------------------------------------- LVL 1 Hold R1 + X ----------------------------------------------------------- LVL 1 Hold R1 + O ----------------------------------------------------------- LVL 1 Hold R1 + S, X ----------------------------------------------------------- LVL 1 Hold R1 + X, X ----------------------------------------------------------- LVL 1 Hold R1 + X, S ----------------------------------------------------------- LVL 1 Hold R1 + D + T -=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=* L E V E L 2 M O V E S -=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=*=-=2=-=* Giant Shuriken LVL 2 | \ -o + S o o NB: Can also be done in air ----------------------------------------------------------- Multi-cut LVL 2 Hold R1 + T ----------------------------------------------------------- LVL 2 Hold R1 + F + S ----------------------------------------------------------- LVL 2 Hold R1 + T, S -=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=* L E V E L 3 M O V E S -=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=*=-=3=-=* Ground dash LVL 3 Hold R1 + S + D ----------------------------------------------------------- Tri-Shuriken LVL 3 | \ -o + R1 o o ___________________________________________________________ ************************* 5. Weird Stuff and Extras ************************* 1) CD Tracks --------- Track 1: Data Track Track 2: Delara's Theme Track 3: Gorm's Theme Track 4: Yenji's Theme Track 5: S.I.D.'s Theme Track 6: Dayton's Theme Track 7: Demonica's Theme Track 8: Sonork's Theme Track 9: Exene's Theme Track 10: Character Selection Screen Track 11: Title Screen Track 12: Emperor's Theme Track 13: Closing Credits 2) Weird Criticom Facts -------------------- S.I.D. can only be thrown by Yenji, who leaps over him and knocks him over. No one else's throw works against him - not even Demonica's! When S.I.D. wins, be it player or computer, there is no vocal recognition of that fact (i.e. "Player 1 triumphs." All demo fights are Exene Vs someone else. If you have data loaded in from a memory card, the levels of the demo characters will change accordingly. LVL 3 settings on both P1 and P2 make for some interesting viewing. Track #13 is the end theme, true, but the audio during the end credits is redbooked (i.e., the program does not read track #13 to play the music). Does this mean that track #13 is just for show? Or is it similar to track #12 in Battle Arena Toshinden, which is played only when a certain condition is filled? And, if so, what condition? Sprite collision detection (that which keeps the polygons from melding into the same space at the same time) is turned off at the instant one character's life end. This makes for some pretty interesting victory poses at times... Slip Slidin' Away: When you retreat with Delara, if you hold D as she backflips, she'll keep sliding backwards in the crouch position until she eventually slides off the side... 3) Passwords and Access Codes -------------------------- Name LVL 2 LVL3 ACCESS ---- ----- ---- ------ DAYTON SIER ETER DIRAT DELARA PHAN KING DCINO DEMONICA GONE WORL DANAR EXENE SPHE WING ESCIN GORM CHAM MARV GODNE S.I.D. ODTH BATM SOBRU SONORK PLAY CHRO SSISE YENJI SPID STAR YAHAM 4) View the Endings ---------------- To see the ending for your favorite character, enter the LOAD/SAVE screen and at that character's name enter TTAM. You'll then see that character's ending movie, his/her access code, and the end credits. 5) On the Emperor -------------- Your final opponent is none other than the Emperor himself. Fearing that his successors did not have the ruthlessness needed to rule, he stole the Relic and used its mystic powers to regain his youth and strength. He's smart, fast, ruthless and has most (if not all) of both Delara and Sonork's moves. And from all empirical evidence, he can't be thrown. Oh, one last thing: your fight with the Emperor is un- timed. Either he dies or you do. Good luck; you'll *need* it. ******************** 6. Reviews and views ******************** From: (Orion Pax) Date: 1995/12/02 Newsgroups: Look for the grabs, secret moves that get added each level, and codes. :) Date: 1996/01/20 Newsgroups: Hi, I would like to just make some corrections to your excellent review of Criticom. Don't want people to get even more skewed views of what the game is like. :) PETER BOTT ( wrote: [snip] : *** Sound: 8.0 *** : i *really* liked the sound fx in this one. it's standard : kick/punch/hit fx, and the music is decent, but not groundbreaking. : what i really liked were the in-game taunts and screams. each fighter : features his/her unique taunt set. while you're fighting, your Thanks. It was initially my idea when I suggested Criticom didn't do the StreetFigher-ish sound effects that get real repetitive. At least somebody liked it. :) : *** Gameplay: 4.0 *** : grab a thesaurus and look up bad. see all those words? well that : basically sums up the game engine here. allow me to explain :) : each fighter features 4 attack buttons: light punch, hard punch, light : kick, hard kick. 2 roll buttons, you either roll to the left or to the : right. 2 special moves buttons, to do a special move, you hold in one : of the R buttons and do a simple move with the d-pad, it's too easy. No, actually there's 3 different attacks per limb. Light, medium, hard. It's one, the other, and both buttons to do these different ones. There's also a short-jump attack besides the normal jump-attack; similiar to Tekken's short hop attack. Grabs and ground slams are pretty fun too. There's a large variety of moves too besides hold the button and d-pad motion. Some are Tekken-ish, some Street-Fighter II-ish, some WeaponLord-ish, whatnot. Guess it's too many combat systems combined, huh? :) : the main problem here is that the standard attack buttons only do ONE : thing despite whatever way you're holding the d-pad. the only : variation you'll get on an attack is if you're holding down, that way : you can do a crouch attack. becuz of this, the standard attack moves : are very VERY limited, and this is what in the end, kills the : possiblity for any sort of combo system. There's built in pre-programmed combos, besides the ones you can do yourself since the moves sorta "cache" as you do them. You just have to find these moves. : as well. i believe you can be leveled up three times(each time you : level up, your character's graphics change slightly), and i'm not sure : so bored after leveling up one of my characters once, that i couldn't : stand to play it through again, let alone 2 more times. Try TTAM. :) Date: 1995/12/25 Newsgroups: Try FE** somewhere and see what it does. There's still other hidden codes. Stop and think about it and you won't spend hours trying out the right combination for the codes. ;) From jensen@math.cornell.eduTue Mar 26 10:30:06 1996 Date: 25 MAR 1996 16:49:36 GMT From: "Craig A. Jensen" Newsgroups: Subject: Re: CFD: Criticom In article <4j64ai$>, says... > >Hey, I know most people didn't like criticom, but I remember at least >one >person who said it really was good, once the characters were all up >levels. Is there anyone who would give the game a positive review? How >about a comparison with zero divide? Ok, I'll bite. It is currently at a friend's house, but I think I can remember the relevant details. **Graphics: 8/10. It has extremely good graphics. There's very little polygonal flickering (much less than Tekken). (For the Zero Divide comparison, ZD has much less flickering than either Criticom or Tekken.) Although each character doesn't have an extremely large number of polygons, they still look nice. Also, you need to recall that they have different graphics for each character. Arenas are essentially 3D floors with 2D stuff pasted to the sides/horizons, if I recall. Some of the arenas had sides/horizons that looked more 3Dish than 2Dish, though, if I recall correctly. The characters were colorful and exotic. The backgrounds, while lacking the clean elegance of TSDs, were creative and attention-getting. Overall, the game looked very nice. The graphics had some glitches that were annoying. First off, when you did a throw you would often partially meld into the other person while the throw was being performed. This looked wierd but had no other effects. The other glitch was that when you died, collision detection for the characters was turned off. Hence when your character killed the other character, you would move right through him as he fell to the ground. This obviously didn't really effect the game, as it happened after the match was over. The game had tons of very good FMV. If you are a big fan of FMV, this could very easily change the graphics score of 8/10 to one of 9/10. There is introductory FMV and closing FMV for each character. Also, while the final credits are rolling, there's some very nice sketches that they show. **Sound: 5/10. They did an average job on this. Sound effects were sparse and sometimes repetitive. Characters did sometimes say things. The music is ok, but sometimes a little too attention getting (i.e., Sonork's "galactic empire" music.) Overall, they did a standard job on this. **Difficulty: Easy. I think this is where the game ran into problems. See my comments under gameplay for more details. **CD access: Fast and unobtrusive. **Gameplay: 7/10. This one is really tricky to rate. It could vary very easily from person to person, and you should probably look at 7/10 more as an averaging of what different people would rate it. The main problem that people have with the game is that it doesn't really play like a fighting game. Its actual playing style has more in common with a simple mech game or shooter or perhaps Double Dragon. Combos are extremely easy to enter. Most don't involve more than a few button pushes, and the most difficult joystick motion in the manual is a QCF one. (A couple of moves not listed in the manual require HCF motions, but again it's no big deal.) You *will* get them the first time you try, and mastering the controls will never be a difficult part of the game. In other words, entering special moves isn't much trickier than it would be for Double Dragon or Golden Axe or some similar game. Most combos also have a rather quick recovery time. Some had an effective "warm up time" as they started with weak moves that were easily cancelled. This could be resolved by starting the combo a step away from the other guy. What this ended out meaning is that you didn't want to go head to head against characters who had combos which started with high priority moves and had small recovery time, as they could just do the combo over and over again. Throws could be performed if you were close to the other person, even if he was at an angle to you due to rolling. Then there were projectiles/shots. Almost all of the characters got significant shots later on in the game. I mean, *really* significant shots that were very powerful. Some characters (e.g., Yenji, Demonica) also got shots with small recovery times. The characters that ended out shooting characters weren't the ones you expected based on their level 1 powers. The shooting characters could spend a lot of time just firing away. A sample strategy might be: Sit there firing until they get close to you. Then throw them. With some characters, it was pretty difficult to go against this. Once someone was down, you could pounce on them, although you usually didn't want to. It was usually better to shoot at them. If you an attack that shot a stream of bolts, you could just keep firing away so that they'd eat quite a few when they got up. Also, many people had shots that would travel on the ground. If you timed it correctly, you could RO soeone who fell down. This is because the ground shot would cause them to "bounce" away from you if you timed it right. That way, you could fire several times and just bounce them out of the arena. *So what am I trying to get to with all of this? My friend called this "remedial Street Fighter." It is a fun game, but was not really meant to appeal to die-hard fighting game fans. The moves are too easy to pull off and it is too easy to cheese someone. But you do get to advance through three levels of characted, which was pretty fun. The Double Dragon analogy also holds here: Easy moves, and you can progress through levels. If you have friends who don't really like fighting games, they will probably like Criticom. It would be a good "beer and pretzels" game. I am surprised people on the net were so harsh on it, as I think it was immediately evident that Criticom wasn't trying to be anything more than it was: An easy-to-learn game with good graphics and causal gameplay. **Summary: Criticom is a toned-down fighting game with good graphics. I will never know for sure, but this is what I think it's designers intended it to be. It will proably appeal to people who aren't really into fighting games. If you are a fan of fighting games and would just relax a little, you'd probably also like to play it as a "beer and pretzels" game. If this is how you look at the game, they did a *very* good job. ****************John T. 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