Duke Nukem: Time to Kill FAQ Version 0.2 c1998 Seth Paul DISCLAIMER: Duke Nukem: TIME TO KILL is c1998 3D Realms Entertainment. All rights reserved. Developed by n-Space. Published and distributed by GT Interactive Software Corp. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective companies. ************************************************************************ * This file has been ************************************************************************ I. Credits II. Current and Earlier Versions III. Duke's Enemies(not done yet) IV. Duke's Arsenal(in progress) V. The Levels(in progress) VI. The Secrets in Each Level(also in progress) VII. The Challenge Levels(in progress) VIII. Cheat Codes(none just yet) I. Credits For this release of the FAQ, I decided to move the credits to the front (much easier for people to see them!). I also have some new names to add. 3D Realms: For making such a great series of games (and such a cool character to have star in them). n-Space: The real creative edge behind Time to Kill. Great job with the Duke license, guys! GT Interactive: The company that manages to put Duke Nukem and other fine products on the shelves. Thanks for bringing the work to the public! J Young : Provided me with the last secret to level 1 and was the first to send me info on the current state of the FAQ. Thanks! Rodrigo Silva : Not only gave me the last secret I hadn't found for level 2, but gave me all 6 secrets for level 3! The Last, but certainly not the Least: The following, unfortunately, weren't the first to provide me with the last secret to level 1 (of course, no one really knew I already found it!), but they were nice enough to send the information along to me, and I'm really very grateful for that: Simon Tompkins Julo Greg Foltz II. Current Version and Earlier Versions Version 0.2 -Clarified and completed entire Level 1 Section -Began work on Duke's Arsenal -Added new section: Challenge Levels -Added secrets for Level 2 and 3 -Added walkthroughs for Levels 2 and 3 -This FAQ should be available December 1, 1998. Version 0.1 -Finished the level 1 walkthrough -Found 6 of 7 secret areas of level 1 -That's about it. Pretty crappy to start, isn't it? -This FAQ was posted November 25, 1998. If you have any information on secret areas, please e-mail me at greypatch3@aol.com. Anyone submitting information WILL be included in the credits, as I probably would not have done it without you. II. Duke's Enemies This section has not been completed yet. Hopefully, it will include not only a short bio, but also the enemies' strengths and weaknesses. III. Duke's Arsenal Weapons are provided in the order that you are most likely to find them in the course of the game. This includes weapons found in secret areas. WEAPONS 1. Mighty Foot Not much of a weapon, really. Duke basically sticks his foot out and hopes it hits something. Mainly useful if you want to break open boxes or weak grates without wasting important ammo. AMMO USAGE: None (It's Duke's foot, all right?) AMMO CAPACITY: N/A (Duke has as many feet as needs.) SUPER VERSION: I wouldn't think Duke can get a super foot, but if he can, please write and let me know! 2. Desert Eagle Duke's trusty sidearm. A good, reliable piece when no other weapon is available. It's high accuracy, high rate of fire, and very little loss of damage over distance makes this a good sniping weapon. AMMO USAGE: Pistol clips. AMMO CAPACITY: Duke picks up 20 bullets per clip up to a maximum of 200 bullets. SUPER VERSION: The Super Eagle (Same as Desert Eagle, but fires even faster than the normal version). 3. Combat Shotgun A powerful gun (it can blow limbs off!) that has an acceptable rate of fire. However, the bullets spread out, so the further away the target is, the less damage it will take. This gun is probably the commonly chosen for wandering around the levels. AMMO USAGE: Shotgun shells. AMMO CAPACITY: Boxes of shells give Duke 10 rounds up to a maximum of 50. Used shotguns give Duke 24 shells. SUPER VERSION: The Super Shotgun (Can fire several quick blasts in a row before reloading). 4. Gatling Gun Another good gun to roam levels with. Has an EXTREMELY high firing rate, but has low accuracy, especially at far distances. It also consumes ammo quite rapidly, but Duke can hold enough ammo for this gun that this really isn't a drawback. AMMO USAGE: Boxes of bullets. AMMO CAPACITY: Duke can hold a maximum of 400 bullets, with boxes adding 100 bullets to his arsenal. Picking up Gatling Guns adds 150 to the total amount. 5. Pipe Bomb One of Duke's more useful indirect weapons. Duke can throw one a fair distance, depending on how long you hold down the action button. Duke can then either pull out another one (useful for setting up big explosions or multiple small explosions at once) or detonate them with a remote switch. There is no time limit, so Duke can wait until he's good and ready to set them off. Good for setting traps for the unwary. Be careful of the explosion, though. If you're too close Duke can get hurt or even blow himself up. AMMO USAGE: Pipe Bombs AMMO CAPACITY: Picking up Pipe Bombs gives you 5 bombs to toss, up to a maximum of (?). 6. RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) One of the most powerful weapons Duke can use. Basically, it's a rocket launcher. One shot can reduce most enemies to mere piles of steaming meat. Unfortunately, Duke can only hold a very limited amount of ammo. AMMO USAGE: Box of grenades AMMO CAPACITY: A box of grenades gives 4 rounds, up to a total of 8. Picking up an RPG also gives you 4 rounds. 7. Dynamite A weapon similar to the pipe bomb, but lights immediately and should be thrown quickly. Be careful you don't bounce it back into yourself! AMMO USAGE: Dynamite sticks AMMO CAPACITY: Comes in packages of 10, and Duke can hold 20 sticks. 8. Throwing Knife A weak looking weapon, but a well thrown knife can take out an enemy in one or two hits. But, Duke can't find many of them at once, can't hold too many, and don't have fantastic range. AMMO USAGE: Throwing Knives AMMO CAPACITY: Duke can only grab one knife on a pickup, but can hold a total of (?). 9. Buffalo Rifle A gun found in the Old West, this baby can do some fairly good damage for long range firing. Reload time on it is pretty bad. AMMO USAGE: Buffalo Shot AMMO CAPACITY: Duke can pick up a rifle for 8 bullets, but picking up shot gives him 10. The maximum he can hold is 20. 10. Flame Thrower At short range, this weapon can roast any adversary, but pig cops are probably the most susceptible. It has two problems: You have to hold the weapon for a fairly long time on the target or they won't heat, and it burns ammo very quickly. AMMO USAGE: Bottle of fuel AMMO CAPACITY: A Flame thrower offers 75 bursts of flame, but a bottle completely refills your ammo at 200. IV. The Levels A. Level 1 - Time to Kill Above Ground You start out in a small park. Shoot however many pig cops show up unexpectedly. Run towards the wrecked police car (NOT the regular gray car) and turn left. Shoot some more pig cops and run into the subway. One pig should drop a blue ID card. If you don't find one, then run to the locked door at the end of the end of the subway hall. Shoot the cop standing in front of it and take the keycard. Swipe it in the slot and the door will open. The Subway You are now in the subway station. Run onto the tracks and turn into the opening not blocked by the train. Kill some enemies and climb up to the doorway. Kick the door open and prepare to face some pig cops. Disposing of them, run to the farthest wall of the room from the door. There will be a switch there that activates the subway's power. Run back to the station and into the ticket booth, where a pig cop is waiting. Kill him and, if you want to, take a peek with the security cameras. A console will be just under the window of the booth. Activate the switch and the train will start. Don't get on it, though. It will crash shortly after you start it up. But, the way behind it is now clear. Kill the pig cops and shoot the explosive canisters as you head down the now clear tunnel. Jump up into the cavern created by the explosion and kill some Draks. One Drak in this passageway will drop an ID card for the locked room in this hallway. Open the door and you will find the time machine that started this whole business. It doesn't work yet, though. You will need three crystals scattered through this level. Crystal #1 Turn around and head through the hallway directly across from the transporter room. As you move through this tunnel you should see a tunnel branching off to the right (it has purple lighting). Go down this new pathway and you will reach a set of platforms suspended from chains. You will also hit a couple of Draks. Kill them, then jump off of the nearest platform and into the water below. There should be only one platform you can reach from here. (Well, there are more, but its the only one with chains) Climb up onto the platform and grab one of the chains holding it up. Climb up the chain, making sure to turn Duke enough so he can grab onto the ledge above. Turn and jump up into the inset of the wall. Here you should see a large gray statue-looking thing. In it is a crystal. Take it. Duke will comment and you can leave this room with a small series of jumps. Return to the original hallway that you entered this area from. Crystal #2 Follow the green hallway until you reach a large room with a broken bridge. Making sure no one can hurt you, run across the first half of the bridge and jump to the second. Follow the rest of the corridor (careful, there's an area where the water bogs you down considerably. The robot is seated on the ceiling at the other end. Try taking it out with the handgun as soon as it comes into your view. You can see it, but it can't see you unless you get too close). The crystal is just a swim across an empty pool. Crystal #3 Return to the area just outside the transporter room. Facing the room, turn right and head up the passage. It will open up into a large chamber holding a bunch of boxes and enemies. Jump down, taking out everyone necessary. Take the only (clear) exit out of the room and go until you come to the very end of the road. There should be a platform with a robot and valve in the middle of a pool of water. Shoot the robot and jump onto the platform. Turn the valve. The water should drain out. Backtrack to a another room with a valve and turn it. The room will fill up with water. Jump into the water and swim down halfway to an underwater tunnel. Swim into the tunnel and follow it (taking a breath at a midway point if you need to). At the end, surface. Kill any Draks and get out of the water. Move in and take the crystal. Now, with all three crystals, go to the transporter room. Place the three crystals and watch as the time warp opens. Jump in and get ready to go to the Old West! B. Level 2 - Duke Hill Duke now wonders what the aliens are up to in the Old West. But, to find out, he needs to get inside the bank vault. Then, once he knows, he can grab a key and storm the nearby garrison, where a mine shaft has been excavated. That shaft brings him to level 3. The important thing now, though, is to find the three pieces of paper scattered through the level that hold the combination to the bank vault. Note #1 Duke begins by an old church and a hangman. Further along is a street. Run down the street, dodging and shooting at Western pig cops. On your left as you run down the street is a building with the sign BANK above it. Kick in the door and shoot some pigs. Run behind the counter. Right in front of the vault door is a piece of paper. This is the first number of the combination. Note #2 Leave the Bank and proceed around the street corner, opening up upon a dusty walk with a saloon and pig cops. Shoot the pig cops and run down the street, turning LEFT when you reach the end. There should be a well here. Climb down the inside of the well and go into the water. Be very careful of the Necros down here! Swim around, making sure to stay to the left. Eventually you'll arrive at a surfacing point. Jump out to collect some ammo and the second combination note. Note #3 Exit the well the same way you came. The final note is around the corner, in a cell in the garrison. Problem is, two sentry guns block any access to the garrison. The easiest way to deal with them is to pull out the RPG (if you have it, but if you don't check The Secrets to find one in this level!) and blast them from a nice, safe distance. A cellar door will open. Proceed with caution until a pig cop or two jumps out. Deal with them and go in the cellar. You will come to a seemingly dead end. A wall in the back is movable, though (it's VERY differently colored than the other ones), so just push it. Grab the NVGs if you don't have them already and enter. The dark corridor leads to a ladder (and a box of grenades hidden in the dark). Climb the ladder and enter the cell. If a pig gives you trouble, shoot him. The note should be right in plain sight. The Bank You can now put the combination in at the bank. Run all the way back there and open the safe. Duke will find that bars of gold have been mysteriously changed to lead. What are the aliens up to? Anyway, grab the skeleton key from the back wall and be ready for a nasty surprise! Get safely out of the bank. The Garrison Now you can finally go in the front door of the garrison. Run all the way back (thankfully Duke's in pretty good shape!) and use the key in the door. Waste some enemies and run to the left. You will come to some stairs. Go up them and run straight through to the next room. Turn and run past the cells with the Necros. Turn right again, and follow the corridor to the end. Turn left and you will come to a mine shaft elevator. Pull the switch and you descend into Level 3, Miner 69er! (NOTE: There is a lot of stuff you can collect here, but for the sake of those who want to blaze through I have not mentioned them. A few tips, though: Next to a cell on the second floor is a gray switch with four settings. Put it on the fourth setting to collect some good stuff. The other setting open up cells with Necros inside! Also, should you go in the cell with the atomic health, the door will shut behind you. Don't worry: the wall on one side can be blown open. Just don' stand too close!) C. Level 3 - Miner 69er The Key: Long Way When you start this level, there are two ways of going through: one quick, obvious way and another, more cautious, but longer road. The long one involves going to the pool of water down the path behind Duke's starting location. A ledge with a pig cop on it holds a switch. Push it and go back to where you began the level. Go left and kill the opposing Draks. Turn left and kill more Draks. You will be in a room with another switch. Push it, then return down to Duke's starting point. Go into the new opening and kill some pigs. At the end of this route is a key and another switch. DON'T PUSH THE SWITCH! Take the key and run back to the Drak area. Run up the other pathway and take a right. You'll be in a room with a few levels of grating floors. If you want to, grab some ammo and items, then unlock the big door. The Key: Short Way Run straight ahead into the room with the weird gas and the Necros. Before going into the pit, though, make a right and snag the bio mask off the wall. Kill any Necros you can see, put on the mask, and run into the fumes. Kill more Necros on your way to the area with the grating floors. When safely out of the gas, take off your mask to conserve it. Go into the only other available pathway, killing Draks. Make a right at the dead end and push the switch. The dead end will open, letting you go through a path with pig cops in it. Kill them and grab the key. DON'T PUSH THE SWITCH! If you do, you'll have to run through the gas again. Instead, backtrack back to the grating room and unlock the big door. The Drill Both paths converge from now on. Follow the hallway until you get to a room with Necros and pillars sticking out of water. Kill the Necros and get ready to jump. The best path across goes around to the left. You can safely ignore the ledge with the bullet on it; it's really not worth the hassle in case you miss and fall in the water. Jump into the next tunnel and be cautious of pig cops and pig bombers. There are two ways to go here, but they don't really branch off, so pick one and you'll eventually get to a room with a mine cart and a ramp going down a ways. Kill any Draks that are here, and go down the ramp. There will be some more Draks here too, so kill them and follow the path until you reach a place with a pretty nasty looking device with several drilling heads on it. DON'T JUMP IN! Instead, jump up to the underside of the grating. Duke will hold on and you can swing him safely past the drill. On the other side is a hole that the drills periodically sweep over. Wait for a safe time and fall into it while hanging directly over it. The drop won't hurt Duke, and you'll be safely past this obstacle. The Chasm and Exiting the Level At the other end of this tunnel is a large chasm. Most of the bottom is consumed by an underground stream, but most areas are rock that can hurt if you fall too far. There are far too many jumps here for Duke it navigate it easily, but there is a jetpack up in the far right corner (as seen from Duke's POV when entering this area) that will make life much easier. To get there, jump to a ledge across from the entrance where a Drak is found. If you haven't already, shoot him. To Duke's left is another ledge. Jump up here. This ledge should allow Duke to jump and reach a bridge-like rock structure. Run along this bridge and turn left. There is a small hole in the wall. Do a run jump into it. Turn around and you should see a ledge with a jetpack on it. Run jump (and, if necessary, grab) to this ledge and take the jetpack. Turn it on and face across the length of the chasm. Fly across (be careful of any enemies that might show up!) and a tunnel should appear. Land and run through it. DO NOT TURN OFF THE JETPACK! Some parts of this tunnel will collapse under you unexpectedly. If they do, immediately jetpack out of the hole, land on safer ground, and keep moving. Unless you're low on health, ignore the atomic health at the end of this tunnel; it calls three pig cops in to take you out. Fall down the hole at the end and you'll end up on a railroad track. Follow the track all the way to the end. You will be in a room with a door in it. Push the button to the left of the door and prepare for the next level! More levels to come soon! V. The Secrets A. Level 1 - Time to Kill (7 secrets) 1. Go into the Club Bootylicious and walk around the bar. Under the cash register is a switch. Pushing it opens a secret area behind the stage. Go in to register the secret with the game. FINDS: Atomic Health (in the closet) 2. In the alley close to the Subway entrance, climb the ladder touching the ground. A doorway to your left holds a woman and a few pig cops. DO NOT SHOOT THE WOMAN OR YOU CANNOT GET THE SECRET! When the room is clear, talk to her. She'll move out of the way of a light switch. Turn it off and the bed will slide forward. FINDS: Pipe Bombs (under the bed: it has to slide up first), Portable Medkit(in the closet) 3. There's a rather large, green dumpster in the alley. Duke can push it by walking up to it and holding the action button. Then you can push it forward by moving forward. Anyway, the secret is a small niche that can only be gotten to by pushing the dumpster. FINDS: Gatling Gun 4. Outside, over by the gray car, a sidewalk grating should be a different color than the rest of the sidewalk. Throw a pipe bomb on it and step back. Detonate the pipe bomb to reveal an new exit into the ground. Go in and run down the hall a bit so the game knows you found the secret. Shoot the exploding barrels at the end to get out. FINDS: Night Vision Goggles (in a small rack just at the bend in the corridor) 5. On the way to Crystal #2, you will enter a room with a lot of air vents and a pool of water below. There is also two halves of a bridge that extend straight across the room. Near one half is an air vent with four outlets sticking out of the bottom of it. Walk (not run) up to this structure, jump straight up, and grab on. Turn slightly right and jump onto the next outlet. Jump from the end of the 2nd outlet to an air vent straight across from it. Turn right and jump straight up again to grab a thin platform above the second half of the bridge. Walk straight across the platform and do a stand forward jump to another air vent. Turn right and you will see a small chamber with yet another air vent right next to it. Do a running jump-and-grab to this next piece of vent. From here you can easily reach the small room, which is the secret area. The process may sound confusing here, but does make sense when standing in the room. FINDS: An RPG, Pipe Bombs, and a Portable Medkit. 6. On the way back from Crystal #2, a passageway will open and release some pig cops. This passageway leads to a small area with a couple of good powerups. However, many of the areas are dark. If you have Night Vision Goggles with you, put them on. On one side in the darkened area, you should find a ladder on the wall. Climb it and remove your NVGs. Another quick lift onto a ledge will lead you to the secret area. FINDS: RPG ammo, Challenge Icon(leads to Challenge Stage 1; It can be found by breaking open the discolored grating on the ledge just before the secret area.) 7. In the room that almost completely fills with water (the one with the valve that leads to Crystal #3), swim down to the bottom. Under the ledge with the ladder is a small room. FINDS: Atomic Health. B. Level 2 - Duke Hill (7 secrets) 1. Inside the church at the beginning of the level is a ladder that leads to a secret area. To reach it, stand Duke near the side of the table to the right of the cross. Jump straight up and grab. You will reach the ladder. FINDS: Pistol clips, Dynamite, and a Medkit 2. Next to the church is a gallows with a guy hanging from it. Shoot the guy with any weapon and he'll fall through the trap door, allowing you to drop into a secret area. FINDS: Gatling Gun 3. One of the shelves in the general store is movable. Try pressing against the discolored shelves behind the counter. Another exit from this secret is found by pushing a lantern in the room. FINDS: Buffalo Gun, Throwing Knife 4. In the large mansion, there is a grating in the center of the ceiling in the foyer. Shoot it and a ladder will be revealed. Climb to find another secret. FINDS: Shotgun shells, a Double Duke powerup 5. The third stall in the livery stable is empty save for a lantern on the wall. Push the lantern and you'll descend into the secret area. There's a ladder down the hallway leading to goodies, but watch out for the Necro! FINDS: Flame Thrower, Bottle of Fuel 6. There is an outhouse located somewhere in the level. Shoot from a safe distance to blow it up. Fall in and land softly on..well, let's move on, shall we? Move out into the water and swim forward. The secret area is a cave close to this point. FINDS: Box of grenades, Pistol clips, Buffalo shot, Boxes of bullets, throwing knife 7. The final secret is near the well where you can enter and exit the underwater area. In the corner of this area is a covered wagon and a green box. Like in Level 1, push the green box against the wall. You can climb on the box and jump to reach the ledge the pig cops were running around on. In the corner is an inset containing the secret. FINDS: RPG C. Level 3 - Miner 69er (6 secrets) 1. As soon as you start, turn around and run for the pool of water with the pig cop waiting on top of the ledge. Dive into the pool and look to the left. A niche holds the secret. FINDS: Atomic Health 2. After you unlock the first door(near the noxious gas area), run down the hall a bit. One part of the hallway has a hole in the ceiling. Jump up, grab the ladder, and find the secret. (If Duke says something looks interesting, you passed it by a few steps. Run back and look up.) FINDS: Bottle of fuel, pistol ammo 3. When you enter the room with the mine car and the ramp that goes down a ways, run all the way to the bottom. Straight across from the bottom of the ramp is a large rope ladder. Climb it to get to the secret. FINDS: Box of bullets 4. When you fall into the hole under the drill, go until you end up in darkness. Behind you in the dark is the secret. NVGs make this secret much easier to find. FINDS: Jetpack 5. In the large chasm area just beyond the drill, jump into the water at the bottom. Swim along until you reach a place to get out. This place is the secret. FINDS: Medkit 6. The chasm area ends at what a tunnel with a path leading on to the end of the level. Stand right in front of this tunnel and jetpack straight up. There will be a small room right above this point. FINDS: Challenge Icon (Challenge Stage 2) VI. Challenge Stages These areas are found by gaining challenge icons located throughout various levels; I mention their locations in The Secrets(above). Challenge stages are arguably more difficult than the regular stages of the game. Of course, if they were too easy, everybody would get the reward each one offers: a super version of a weapon in the game! If you earn the super version, you can keep it for the rest of the game. To beat the level and keep the gun, you must kill all the enemies and escape before time runs out. A good note, though, is that all the Challenge Stages are the two-player deathmatch levels. If you have problems beating the stage, get a good look at it by going in by yourself in the two-player mode (just don't move the other guy). It will help you find all the little secret places you can get to and waste those enemies in record time! A. Challenge Stage 1 (Level 1 - Time to Kill) STAGE: The Warehouse TIME: 2:30 ENEMIES: 20 EXIT: In the basement, right in the middle. WEAPON: The Super Eagle. B. Challenge Stage 2 (Level 3 - Miner 69er) STAGE: The Mesa TIME: 2:30 ENEMIES: 22 EXIT: All the way across the stage from where Duke begins. It's in a room, located in plain sight. WEAPON: The Super Shotgun. VI. Cheat Codes I don't have cheat codes at this time. If you know of any, write me. That's all for now. Check for newer versions of the FAQ as it rolls along! *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>