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Items 7.7 Magic Stones 8.0 Equipment 8.1 Claws 8.2 Saddles 8.3 Collars 8.4 Stones, Bottles 9.0 Mog's Stealing List 10.0 Equipment Break List for Feathers 11.0 Game Shark Codes 12.0 Frequently Asked Questions ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 1.0 - Introduction ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chocobo's Dungeon 2 is a very addictive game once you get use to it. It's very much like Secret of Mana. However, the battles are turn based. What also makes this game cool is how two players can play. Chocobo's Dungeon 2 is definitely worth it. There's millions of items to obtain, thousands of possible weapon/armor combinations to make, and a huge group of feathers to collect. Without a guide, it would be almost impossible to beat the game alone (that's why I wrote this guide). The first time I played Chocobo's Dungeon 2, it seemed like the easiest thing ever until an hour later. Everything requires patience, skill, and a bunch of items!!! I think that even with a guide, it would still be hard since all the dungeons are randomly made (yep, all of them). What's good is there's always a new challenge! Also don't expect me to write how to get through a dungeon especially since all dungeons are random! It took me quite a while to beat Chocobo's Dungeon 2 (around 2 weeks but I played almost 12 hours a day). What's also fun is how you can have your partner help you through 2P. I've nearly played until I had the largest radiation bath ever so I risked this all for you guys. (Feel proud) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 1.1 - Story ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This story has been ripped off the pages from the instruction manual. Once again, Chocobo has decided to embark on a journey with Mog. Passing through the forests and moving up the coastline, they find an entrance to a dungeon on a cape with a spectacular view. On the bank across the cove, the companions see a small, beautiful village. Although peaceful in appearance, it has been said that there are many impernetrable buildings, indecipherable ruins, and mysterious dungeons within the Village. What adventure aways. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 1.2 - Controls ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The controls are different from what I expected. However, it's not that bad once you get used to them. Button Action ------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- D-Pad Moves Chocobo in that direction. X Button Attack/Speak with characters or examine area one step ahead. On the menus screen, press to execute. Circle Button Dash (hold it down and press the D-Pad) On menus, press to cancel. Square Button Change facing direction (Hold down and press D-Pad) Triangle Button Display menu screen. Start Button Display status screen. Select Button Magnify floor map (hold down Select Button) L1 Kick equipped stones or bottles. L2 Speed through messages. R2 Speed up cursor (hold down and press UP/DOWN.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 2.0 - Characters ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Chocobo Specialty: Kick stones and/or bottles. Quote: "Wark!" The courageous main character. Inquisitive by nature, Chocobo can be reckless. Though claiming to be tough and unafraid of failure, Chocobo has been known to cry at times. Chocobo can kick equipped stones or empty bottles. When items are kicked at a target, they receive the effects of the item or take damage. For example, you kick a stone at a target, they receive damage. If you kick a Sleep Card at a target, they fall asleep. Name: Mog Specialty: Steal Quote: "If it's about money, just ask me me!" Chocobo's closest (?) companion. Mog joins Chocobo in order to travel around the world. Although he may be selfish at times, Chocobo can usually rely on him. Mog has the ability to steal items from enemies (YES!). However, you don't know what you are going to get (DOH!). Even so, Mog can help you get enough treasures and such. Mog's also a very powerful fighter. I noticed one thing, in the begin- ning of the game, Mog stole quite a lot. At the end, he didn't steal as much. I don't know why though. Name: Shiroma Specialty: Heal Quote: "You can count on me for white magic!" A kindhearted White Mage. This young girl is known to use holy power for healing. Being human, she is generally distrusted by non-humans. Shiroma only heals Chocobo if Chocobo's HP is low and when it's coloured yellow. Don't expect too much healing from her. However, Shiroma's very powerful and can be an awesome partner. Shiroma's also very important in the plot of the game. Name: Cid Specialty: Landmine Quote: "I don't wanna hear none o'yer complaints about my machines!" A passionate engineer with dreams of greatness. A talented, well-known creator, he and his vehicle inventions may assist Chocobo during the journey. Cid's slow but powerful. His landmine ability is really good if you use it in a hallway (heh heh heh). Just make sure that you don't step on it yourself. If you want Cid to plant a landmine, just turn around and talk to him. He'll place one right where he is. This is great if an enemy is tailing behind you. Name: Black Magician Specialty: Magic Quote: "Stop by my lab sometime." An expert in magic attacks who is proud of the quality spells he crafts. A powerful sorcerer, the Black Magician can wipe out a large number of enemies with a single stroke. Although the description above sounds like he joins you, he doesn't. I just took that right off the manual book. However, you'll be fighting against millions of Black Mages. However, listen to his quote. The Black Mages in the village are willing to help you. Give them whatever they need and they'll repay you back with no harm. Name: Chubby Chocobo Specialty: Sell Items Quote: "I'm hungry!" (I'm not surprised) A pudgy Chocobo who loves to eat. He's been called Chubby Chocobo for as long as he can remember. He loves to eat and hates any form of exercise. The Chubby Chocobo doesn't join you but does help you out every now and then. For example, he gives you the key to Cid's tower, sells you items, and breaks the fall for Chocobo and Cid in a battle with a big dungeon. Like said in his description, he HATES exercise and that means walking. Name: Golem Specialty: Water Trees Quote: "Small attacks no hurt me. Nope, not at all." A stone giant created by magic. A giant monster brought to life in order to protect his party. Since Golem's body is made of stone, he is extremely strong. Golem doesn't join you which makes me wonder why Squaresoft placed all these characters into the manual and stating (or sounding like) they'll join you. The Golem does protect some tree. Help him out and give up a couple of feathers. The tree can live and the Golems can give you some items and possibly more feathers. Golems are also enemies that you'll have to fight against. Don't worry. Even if they have a huge defense, it usually takes them around two turns to attack. Name: Behemoth Specialty: Carve Sculptures Quote: "You'll regret talking back to ME!" A giant creature who boasts amazing powers. Behemoth has a body the size of a mountain with mighty arms full of destructive power. There aren't that many good Behemoths in the game. However, there is one that can make scultptures and you can get feathers from them. This is the only useful known purpose. However, when you fight Behemoths, prepare for quite a fight. They pack a lot of HP and can kill! Name: Goblin Specialty: Annoy people Quote: " 'Ere, I'm not like them dungeon geezers!" Really a lonely monster? The Goblin loves to play tricks, but when he returns to the Village, he behaves himself - or so they say. The Goblin (his name is really Gobly) doesn't play much in the role of the plot but does get you cool items (like Dragon Essence). However, you'll fight against so many of these things that it becomes annoying! Name: Bahamut Specialty: Breath Weapon Quote: "......" The King of the Dragons A mystical dragon with great powers and fortitude. He only provides aid to those who have his approval. His presence is shrouded in mystery. Bahamut (a.k.a. the Keeper of Time) plays a major role in the plot. When you get a Bahamut summon feather, feel lucky. This guy can "POW" and "BOOM" everywhere. You don't get Bahamut normally if you go through the game but you do get him as a feather under certain conditions (there are many). Name: Mrs. Bomb Specialty: Self Destruct Quote: ??? Mrs. Bomb doesn't have any kind of descriptin given from the book. However, she is really important. Thanks to Mog, you are able to rest and save at her house as well as Shiroma's. Mrs. Bomb use to raise Shiroma but all the sudden had a change in attitude. Name: Kuz Specialty: Laser Thingy Quote: ??? Kuz doesn't appear until you've beaten the game through once. When you get the 2nd adventure, you will be able to use Kuz. He's a freaky doll who has a laser shooting head (cool!). He's rather weak unless you pair him up with Chocobo. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 3.0 - Basics of a Dungeon ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One thing you should know is that each time you enter a dungeon, it's randomly made. If you think that's a bad thing, think again. It's fun traveling new dungeons each time. A hard-core RPG player will definitely love it (I do). And in the dungeons, there are many things and devices. Saving - How you save depends where you are. When you are in the village, visit either Mrs. Bomb or Shiroma's house. Just walk up to the bed and you'll be asked if you want to save or not. However, when you are inside of a dungeon, you'll need an item called a Memory Tag in order to save. when you save inside a dungeon, you must go to the next floor in order to receive that option of saving. Fighting - Fighting in Chocobo's Dungeon 2 is different than any other RPG that most of you have played. There is a turn based game. You'll have to get use to it. If you move, enemies move. If you don't move, nothing happens. Also, when you attack, you attack the direction you are currently facing unless you have some kind of claw. Magic - Magic in this game is used through books, feathers, and stones. Whenever you use a magic book, one gets used up. Whenever you use a magic stone, you summon some kind of creature to attack. Whenever you use some summon feather, you'll get a magical ally who will help you out. Traps - Traps get really annoying sometime. They never happen when you expect them to happen. There are many kinds of traps which I listed out below. Trap What it does -------------------- ------------------------------------------------------ Level UP Trap Levels up Chocobo by one level.* Lost-Child Trap Forgets the map. Spinning Trap Unequips all equipment and may throw some around.* Warp Trap Warps Chocobo somewhere else.* Landmine Landmines blow up and cause damage. Nest Trap Drops your character to a lower floor. Spike Trap Causes damage whenever you step on it.* Sleep Trap Puts you to sleep.* Frog Trap Makes Chocobo into a frog. Invisible Trap Makes you invisible. Confusion Trap Cause temporary confusion. Poison Trap Poisons Chocobo.* Attribute Traps Raises or cancels certain attributes (haste or slow). Note: The ones with * don't disappear after you step on them. Geysers - You can fill up empty bottles or exchange tonics for others. What you get is random (I think). When you exchange or fill up a couple of times, the geyser will run out of water. You can always refill with the geyser with a Geyser Card. Stoves - You can combine weapons and saddles with this thing! You can either make a claw or saddle stronger or weaker depending on what you do. All you need to com- bine a claw or saddle is to have two claws or saddles and have either a fire or lightning magic book. However, if you certain nuts or essences, you can make a claw or saddle more powerful and advanced. Dying - When you die (or faint) in a dungeon, you lose all your items (that's right, even equipped ones). However, you won't lose Gil, your partner, or your feathers. Even so, dying can get really annoying. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 4.0 - Tips and Tricks ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Kick cards at enemies to see various effects. For example, Poison cards poison enemies and you might have known that. However, did you know if you kicked an Identify card at an enemy, it will show its name and current HP? A Rust Card will reduce mechangical monster's HP by 1/4. A Lost-Child Card makes an enemy scared to fight. * Warp Stones, Teleport Tags, Warp Cards, and Teleport Boxes may be kicked at enemies to make them warp somewhere else. * Divide cards can split Claws and Saddles into two but their stats will be halved. * Use Rust Cards when you want a Claw or Saddle to break faster so you can get the rare feather inside. * When you are in the frog condition, you can attack organic enemies and change them into frogs as well! And if you are in a watery dungeon, you can move around in the water. Sometimes you'll find an alternative exit as well! * When you morph into a monster, you can use that monster's abilities by pressing L1. Unlike the monster, you don't have to charge up so many turns. Instead, the action happens immediately. * Sometimes items and powerful equipment can be found in walls! Make sure you have a map card to find out where and some Digging claws. Don't use Crash Stones or Nitro since they have a good chance of blowing up the item (that's right, you can blow up items). * When you morph into enemies, your movement type will be the same as theirs. If the enemy could walk in water, you can walk in water. If the enemy can fly, you can fly. If the enemy hovers, you can hover over traps. * Amnesia Tonics paralyze targets so they are actually useful for something. * Empty Bottles always do 4 damage. Power Stones and etc. are random and weak. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 5.0 - Walkthrough ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Location: Cape Dungeon Party: Chocobo, Mog Floors: 6 Enemies: Goblin, Guz, Dark Goblin, Wild Rat, Hedgehog, Nut Eater, Black Mage Where you go when you die: Outside the dungeon 1F - On the first floor, Mog will introduce to you what a mysterious dungeon is. However, don't expect the first floor to be a cakewalk. Search around and look for items and the stairs going down. I would try to get to level 2 by the time I find the stairs so I think you should, too. Also, try to save up on spells and such. 2F - On the second floor, Mog will notice a Goblin beating the lights out of a Guz and then level up into a Dark Goblin. Mog suggests that you run away. However, if you want to duke this guy out, launch some spells at it from a distance. I'd try to get up to level 3 by now. 4F - When you reach the fourth floor, Chocobo thinks that they're stuck. Mog tells him that you can move diagonally. Just press down and left at the same time and you'll move diagonally (Whoa! Really HARD!). Afterwards, I'd try to level up by level 4. 6F - You can't do much here. Chocobo and Mog are automatically controlled. Mog finds a switch but is too nervous to pull it. Chocobo wanders off and disappears. After Mog hits the switch, Chocobo goes flying out of the dungeon, and Shiroma will nurse Chocobo back to health. Location: Shiroma's House Party: Chocobo After Shiroma introduces herself and leaves, you are free to do whatever you want. Make contact with the bed in order to save. If you examine the bookshelf, you'll get a tonic which you should name a Nitro Tonic when you get into the dungeon. That's just to give you and idea what the Tonic is. Location: Cape Dungeon Party: Chocobo, Shiroma (but later) Floors: 10 Enemies: Black Mage, Skeleton, Goblin, Guz, Kuz, Nut Eater, Hedgehog Where you go when you die: Shiroma's House Boss: Skullhammer If you get killed, you can get some items in Shiroma's bookshelf. That's just to let you know so you don't reenter the dungeon empty handed. While you are in the dungeon, you might stumble across some bookshelves and such. Go up to the bookshelves and you'll pick up a spell book. If you find a junk shelf, you can get some random items. 1F - On the first couple of floors, you'll find yourself pretty familiar with the place. Just explore around. i'd get up to level 5 by now. 2F - Start saving up on Fire books. Get up to level 6. 3F to 4F - Start collecting some claws and saddles and level up to 7. 5F - When you reach the fifth floor, you'll see a small scene of Shiroma and the Chubby Chocobo. Shiroma wants to go on while the Chubby Chocobo chickens out (no pun intended). 6F - You'll meet Shiroma here. If you've gotten any claws or saddles (at least two of either) and a fire or thunder spell book, Shiroma can teach you how to combine claws or saddles. Afterwards, she'll join you. If you have a Teleport Tag and you're low on HP, teleport out now. It's always good to go back out of the dungeon and come back more leveled up than ever. Level up to 8. Note: Shiroma has the ability to heal. Whenever you are low on HP (when it's yellow), Shiroma will heal you. However, don't expect her to do it every time. 10F - On the last floor, you'll meet Skullhammer, the boss of this dungeon. This is a pretty hard fight. If you've gotten some good claws and saddles, don't worry. If you have some Fire Books, it's time to use time. ----------------------- Boss Fight: Skullhammer ----------------------- Note: Skullhammer is weak against fire. Skullhammer is quite a tough boss for a first boss. I died three times from this guy so don't feel bad if you got killed quite a couple of times. Keep attacking him when he's in his first form. Shiroma will heal you when you lose a lot of HP. Keep using those Potions on yourself and blasting away with fire spells. When Skullhammer splits into four parts: the skull, the 2 arms, and the heart, chase after the heart because that's where Skullhammer will pull himself back together. However, you might receive a lot of damage if you go around the skull and two arms. When Skullhammer pulls himself back together, it's time to start attacking again. Skullhammer can cast Quakara. When you see his ATB is long as heck, pound away while you still can. When he casts Quakara, it's not a nice thing. Do around 250+ damage and Skullhammer bites the dust. 11F - You'll see Mog here. He tries to open up the door to the treasure room. Inside, Mog chases away the Guz and tries to get the treasure. However, the dungeon sinks and the group is thrown out of the dungeon onto a beach. Oh great, there's goes Shiroma's house! Location: Beach Party: Chocobo, Shiroma, Mog This is just a short scene. Not much happens here. You learn that everybody's fine and Mog hasn't gotten the treasure. After that chat is over, leave the beach and head to the village. You'll be confronted by Mrs. Bomb and her kids. Location: Village Party: Chocobo, Shiroma (she leaves though), Mog (he leaves though) Areas of Interest: Item Shop, Black Mage Lab, Chef le Tonberry's Restaurant, Gamedon's Storage Shack, Mrs. Bomb's House, The Tree of Life, Beach, Shiroma's House, Ben's House, Ben's Titan Sculpture Mog agrees to stay with Mrs. Bomb for a while. When you go to speak with them, you'll learn that Mog will want to get the treasure but puts the mission into the hands of our hero. Mrs. Bomb mentions something about Cid and a submarine. However, the gate to the man's tower is locked. Go to Shiroma's house after the talking is over. Shiroma will tell you that only one person has the key: Chubby Chocobo. Well, let's pay Chubby Chocobo in the item shop a visit. In the item shop, you'll see that Chubby Chocobo is working in the back. Talk to him and he'll tell you why he has the key: to get deliver stuff to Cid's tower. He goes to unlock the gate and becomes exhausted from walking a few feet. Walk diagonally out of the item shop and explore the village. --- Black Magic Lab: Talk to everybody here and you'll learn that they each need something. If you talk to the head magician, he'll give you a feather out of three: Fireball, Blizzard Storm, or Thunder Cross. If you want to get the feathers you will have to reply yes to his question. When you come back with a Cantrip Book, he'll offer some more feathers for the Cantrip book. Like before, you can only choose one out of the selection: Slow, Sleep, or Confusion. I would go for Sleep. When you have a Spell Book, come back and he'll give you one out among five of some feathers: Gravity, Meteorite, Doom, Flare, or Bio. I took Flare but whatever you choose should be up to you. In the magic lab, give Jesse any kind of Essence and give Biggs either a Fire or Thunder Book. Man, Biggs should of just learned from Shiroma. --- When you visit the basement of the magic shop, you'll find statues of all the enemies you've fought. --- If you visit Chef le Tonberry's restaurant, you'll learn that a drunk Malboro is keeping all the customers away. Give the Malboro seven Thunder Books to shock it in order for the Malboro to remember it's real form. Once you use the seven Thunder Books (whew), you'll get the Ramuh feather! WOO HOO! Later, Chef le Tonberry will have two new customers: Gobly and Gobbie. Talk to them both a couple of items. Enter and reenter a couple of times also. When Gobly is thinking about what he should give Gobbie, give him a summon stone. When you come back, you learn that it hasn't worked. Chef le Tonberry is going to make them a dish which can help them out. Give him either a Worm Essence or Octopus Essence. Come back and Gobly and Gobbie will eat it. A dramatic scene occurs. When you return, you'll have access to the Juice Bar which is in the upper left corner of the restaurant. In the Juice Bar, you'll find Lamy, a Lamia. She's looking for a Plant Essence. Help her out and give her a Plant Essence. She'll give you a Dragon Essence and access to the Juke Box which plays all the music in the game. --- If you visit Ben the sculptor, he'll ask what you think is missing. Say an earthy smell. Visit some time later and he'll ask for a Quake Book. Give it to him. When you come back after you visit a dungeon, you'll meet Titan and get the Titan feather! When he returns home, he'll need some Crash stones. Give him a Crash Stone or a Nitro tonic. Later, Ben will be looking at another sculpture. Give him a Bahamut magic stone and come back later. You'll get the Asura feather and meet Asura face to face! --- The Tree of Life needs feathers to continue living. You can give up some or not. I wouldn't since most of the items you get are nuts and stuff. --- Buy some space in Gamedon's storage if you have enough. Once you do have enough and has gone through the sixth floor in Cid's Tower, buy two Teleport Tags. Go through the shortcut in the item shop and you'll meet Chip. Give him a Telpeort Tag and when you return to Gamedon's storage, he'll increase the amount of space to 20 items. Now, Gamedon can repair your claws or saddles for 1500 Gil or 2000. --- In the item shop, you buy items (Gee). And whenever you reach a certain point in the current dungeon you're in, a shortcut may appear. You can use the shortcut to your will. --- When you collect some items washed up on the beach, there is a counter. When you have got the last one, a small little friend will meet you. The Sylph will now join you and give you the Sylph feather! Location: Cid's Tower Party: Chocobo, Cid (he joins you later) Floors: 15 Enemies: Cactus, Clay Golem, Imp, Onion, Roller, Floating Eye, Imp Robo #1, Thug, Thief, Land Turtle, Gnome, Bomb, Hedgehog, Puppeter, MiniMage, Tonberry Jr. Where you go when you die: Mrs. Bomb's House Boss: Imp Robo #55 Unlike the other dungeons, you go up a floor instead of going down a floor in Cid's Tower. The floors get harder and more confusing. You'll probably want some Crash Stones and such. There are strange machines in Cid's Tower. If you light them up with a Thunder Book and they act as a torch. However, you can only activate them with Thunder Books. If you run into Bombs (big red fireballs), don't use Nitro or Crash Stones on them or they will divide into two. No, they can't fuse back. Since you are able to get Gil now, you can finally buy stuff in dungeon shops which are managed by Doom. There are new treasure chests in Cid's Tower and going on. They are the Magic Sealed Chests and the Thief Chests. To open a Magic Chest, you can either cast the Drain spell or a specific time of spell. If the spell you choose (other than drain) is used and you see a reaction like a small fireball, cast fire on the chest and you'll open it. You'll need to get used to the reactions. However, there are some magic chestst that can only be opened by Drain spells. Thief Chests requires a Thief Key which is dropped from a Thief or Thug. In either one of these chests, you get awesome items. 1F to 2F - Level up to 9. Kill as many Cacti as you can to get more Gil. 3F - You'll meet up with Cid. He tells you what happened to his tower. When you see an Imp climb into a robot vehicle, destroy it before they fuse. Help Cid get rid of the Imps in the castle. Level up to 10. 4F to 9F - Collect as many items, equipment, etc. as you can. Save up on Thunder Books. Level up to 15. It's worth it. 10F - There's an exit to the side of this dungeon. You'll appear in a peaceful stop where you'll meet Bahamut for the first time. He mumbles something about time and junk. Afterwards, he disappears. Also, you can buy Octopus Essence here for 3000 Gil which you might have gotten fron the cacti. You can give it to Jesse later. Level up to 16. 11F to 13F - Collect and save up on Thunder Books and Ramuh stones if you have any. Go and level up to 19. 14F - Cid will introduce you to his tank, the Cidtank. That's what he's going to use against the boss on the next floor. Save and go up. 15F - You'll see two Imp Robo #1, and a boss robo. Here's the boss battle of the tower. If you've gotten the Ramuh feather, you're fine. Just let Cid pound away until he's wasted and then call out Ramuh. ------------------------ Boss Fight: Imp Robo #55 ------------------------ Imp Robo #55 and Imp Robos #1 have weakness to lightning so that's why you should've saved up on those Thunder Books! Cid should be attacking from the very start. These guys shouldn't be too hard if you are at level 19. If you are planning to cast spells, stay away from the Imp Robos. Imp Robo #55 can attack from a long distance so becareful. I'd try to defeat Imp Robo #55 first and then go after the two #1's. Imp Robo #55 has around 500+ HP meanwhile his two sidekicks have 400+ each. Don't worry, if things get nasty, pull out Ramuh and let him beat the nuts and bolts out of the three. Once you win, Cid will reclaim his tower and the two start heading back to the village since Chocobo forgot why it was supposed to find Cid. Shiroma reminds it and that they need a submarine to reach the dungeon. Cid is pleased to use the submarine but Chocobo makes such a big deal out of it. Location: Sea Floor Dungeon Party: Chocobo, Shiroma Floors: 27 Enemies: Sahagin, Bomb, Puppeteer, Octopus, Land Turtle, Gatlinghog, Lamia, Pudding, Magic Pot, Mudman, Ogre, Neon Magman, Necromancer, Blood Skeleton, Mummy, Zombie, Gargoyle, Margoyle Where you go when you die: Mrs. Bomb's House 1F to 3F - The area is mostly covered with water. Using a Waterwalk Collar will make traveling easier for you. However, just because you can walk on water doesn't mean Shiroma can. Level up to 22. 4F to 14F - Gather as many Thunder Books and Drain Books as possible. Level up to Level 25. 15F - You will be at the stove of the dungeon. Here, you'll find Bahamut waiting for Shiroma. He warns her that she should go back into her own time. After the chatting is over, go down to the next floor. 16F to 21F - Start saving up on spells. Make sure you've got some Magic Stones as well. Anything that is powerful should be saved. Level up to 30. Gather as many Thunder Books and Drain Books as possible. 22F - You'll meet Bahamut for the second time in this dungeon. You'll learn about Shiroma's past a little bit more. She was brought from the future in the machine but monsters took over. This all happened when Shiroma was a baby. Afterwards, Bahamut leaves Chocobo and Shiroma and it's time to continue on. 23F to 24F - Gather as many Thunder and Drain Books as possible. Level up to 32. 25F - Shiroma takes a while to get a breath. She looks at the ocean view. She talks about Mog and why Chocobo travels with him. 26F - Level up to 33. Gather as many books as possible. Save and go on. 27F - Meet Ultros! The guy I hated so much in Final Fantasy 6! He's back, thankfully without Chupon. This is a rather tough fight so prepare yourselves! ------------------ Boss Fight: Ultros ------------------ Ultros has a weakness to Thunder. Be sure that you have anything that hits them hard! Ultros has three attackable parts: the head and two arms... er, tentacles. Focus all your attention onto the head. Once the head dies, the tentacles die. The main reason why you had to stock up on Drain Books is because Ultros loves to cast Drain. By countering with your Drain attack, Ultros is more likely to lose HP than recover it. When Ultros is filling up on Drain, hit him with a couple of Thunders. If you can, get Shiroma close enough to attack. If you need to, summon Ramuh and let him attack. Magic Stones are also very useful in this battle. They do around 250-300 damage at the suggested level which is 33. Pound away Ultros and you'll be find. If you have a Carbuncle Stone, use it on yourself. You'll be shielded from many attacks. Once the head is gone, you win. As you procede into the next room, Shiroma gets kidnapped. However, they can't access the future yet. When you find Shiroma's pendant, you exit. You go back to the village and Cid decides to help out Chocobo look for Shiroma. He reveals that Bahamut had the time to tell him but not the time to help prevent Shiroma's kidnapping. Either way, Bahamut directed the group to go to the Snow Mountains. Before you go, stock up on items, save, and then go. Location: Snow Mountain Party: Chocobo, Cid Floors: 23 Enemies: Malboro, Mamon, Toad, Rock Slug, Worm, Giant Bat, Behemoth, Mole, Dark Titan, Mousse, Elephant, Vulture, Gremlin Where you go when you die: Mrs. Bomb's House Try to get the Holy feather if you can. In order to cast Holy, you'll need a MegaSpell Book. If you can, stock up on them. When you find a Holy Claw, use Polish cards on it until it is +6 or higher. Then break the claw. You'll have a chance of getting the Holy Feather. You'll need this feather. Also, save up on Fire Books and Spell Books (if you have the Flare Feather). 1F to 3F - Fill up your empty bottles in the spring and use a Verify Card to see what all those items are. You don't want to drink a Nitro Tonic on accident. The Mamons in the forest occasionally drop Gil when defeated. Always kill them when you can. You can fatten your wallet this way. 4F to 11F - You'll notice that the terrain and background changes a bit. Don't worry. This doesn't really mean anything. By the way, the higher the dungeon floor, the more likely you'll find items hidden in walls. Use your Map Card to figure it out. Sometimes, you'll see little grey dots outside the dungeon floors. Use a Diggin Claw or Crash Stone to get near them. If you are using a Crash Stone, be sure not to blow it up. 12F - You'll learn that Mrs. Bomb was following you. She decides to help clear away the block of ice that prevents you from continuing. After she tells why she wants to help Shiroma, he'll blow up the ice and split into two. Now, it's time to go on. By this floor, you should be level 38. 13F to 16F - Continue collecting spells. You'll notice that the terrain shifts into ice. The Fire Books work wonders here but save them. That's not why you started saving in the first place. Level up to 40. 17F - You'll find a small hut here. Inside is a Feast Nut which can refill your Energy and life. 18F to 22F - You're probably all out of energy by now. Use a couple of Peanuts and restore that energy! Make sure you've packed plenty of Hi-Potions too! If you have any Summon Stones at this point, save them too! Level up to 42 at least. 23F - Meet the Glass Goth! He's the big, bad boss of this dungeon. He's pretty hard to defeat, too! He asks for something you have but you don't know exactly what it is. ---------------------- Boss Fight: Glass Goth ---------------------- Glass Goth is weak against Fire and Holy. If you are capable of casting those, you're definitely prepared. It's time to go for it and dish it out! Let Cid be the head on attacker. If you have a couple of Summon Stones, use it on the Glass Goth. It will hinder his HP greatly. Afterwards, dish out with Fire, Flare, or Holy. The Glass Goth has quite a number of strong attacks. If Cid dies and fails you, summon Ramuh or Asura. Both of these are great powerful attackers. The Glass Goth has many status spells so be sure to plan your strategies carefully! The Glass Goth has around 2200+ HP. Once the Glass Goth disappears, you'll head back into the maze. You receive another visit from Bahamut and become more clear on Shiroma's background. Bahamut reveals that the item which the Glass Goth needed was Shiroma's pendant. Chocobo wanders off and finds Shiroma's image. Shiroma gets from Chocobo her pendant and leaves for the future. When she disappears, you'll return to the future and get some visits inside Shiroma's house. Chubby Chocobo comes in. Afterwards, you'll rush to the window and learn that the sea dungeon is lifted into the air. Chocobo says that it recognizes it. Cid decides that they should go back to Cid's Tower and get the Cidwind to battle the dungeon! Location: Cid's Tower Party: Chocobo, Cid Floors: 15 Enemies: Cactuar, Cactus, Golem, Toy Soldier, Gremlin, Drum Roller, Malboro, Thief, Tonberry, Mini Druid, Imp Robo #55 (not the boss) Where you go when you die: Mrs. Bomb's House The good thing about Cid's tower is that it's relatively easy. It's also easy to gain levels in. Once again, stock up on Thunder Books and have a couple of Ramuh Stones. By now, the Chubby Chocobo should be selling some Hi-Potions for 200 Gil! Make sure you have the Asura feather by now. Otherwise, scroll back up and look at the village events with Ben. Note: There's a new kind of trap: the nest trap. Whenever you step on it, you go down a floor. This is advantageous in other dungeons but not in Cid's Tower since you go up floors. 1F to 3F - Kill the Cactuars to fatten your wallet. If you want, teleport out and buy some Hi-Potions to aid you on your journey. You might run into a bunch of blue Imps that are called Gremlins. Don't let them teleport you elsewhere in a dungeon since it gets really annoying. Level up to 41. 4F to 9F - There's not much here that's new. However, beef up your experience points and kill some enemies. You'll need it but not for this dungeon. Keep those Thunder Books rolling and you'll be fine. Level up to 45. 10F - You'll meet Bahamut (again) and you'll talk about Shiroma and the villagers. After some weird talking, go on. 11F to 13F - Go kill as many things as you can. Once you've saved on the 13th floor, get ready to rumble! Make sure you are level 47 by now. 14F - You'll see Cid climbing onto his Cidtank again. 15F - You'll meet Imp Robo #99 and two Imp Robo #55's. Like before, the robos are all weak against thunder so Thunder Books, Ramuh Stones, and Ramuh himself makes good pancake out of them. ------------------------ Boss Fight: Imp Robo #99 ------------------------ Th Imp Robos have weakness to thunder. You'll want to whip their butts this time! Pack flenty of Thunder Books. If you have the Thunder-Cross feather and the Imp Robos are lined up, make it a chance to use it. Try to take out #99 first and then go for #55's. The #99 can attack from a long distance so becareful. #55's can lay bombs on the ground so go around them. You'll want to get out of a bomb's way before it's ATB bar is completely red. You can also toast the bombs but I suggest saving the trouble. Ramuh Stones can damage all the robos if you are positioned correctly. Dealing around 300-400 damage, using the Ramuh Stone is definitely worth it. If Cid dies, replace him with Ramuh and continue pounding away. Once Robo #99 is gone go take out the two sidekicks. #99 should have around 2500+ HP and the two sidekicks should each have around 1000+ HP. Once you win, you'll see an awesome cinema which I won't mind watching again. The Sea Floor Dungeon has crashed near the forest and you'll have to go in there yourself to save Shiroma. When you return to the village, Mog will ask to aid you in the finding of Shiroma. Location: Final Dungeon Party: Chocobo, Mog Floors: 26 Enemies: Mask, Stone Mask, Mudman, Butcher, Hill Gigas, Badger, King Behemoth, Demon, Vampire, Malboro Ghoul, Wood Eyes, Garden Slug, Blood Worm, Poison Toad, Mist Dragon, Shadow Dragon, Spirit Dragon, Grand Mummy, Metal Hitman, Holy Dragon, Dark Bahamut, Red Dragon, Slimy Slug Note: You'll meet the powerful dragons of this dungeon above the twenty-second floor. The best way to defeat them is to stay in a distance and cast magic. 1F to 13F - In the first couple of floors, you'll go through the forest. Unlike some of the other dungeons, you don't go down stairs in the first couple of floors. Instead, you go up some entrances (you'll see what I mean). Also, the Wood Eyes can drop Gil so grab and kill them. Level up to 55. Stock on up as many spells of any kind as you can. 14F - You'll see the doors to the treasure here. Also, check the left side to get the treasure chest with a saddle in in. Afterwards, use the stairs on the right side to go up. 15F to 17F - You'll need to pound your way through these enemies. When you encounter the slug like things, don't step on the puddles that they made. They'll cast slow on you which isn't very good in this dungeon. By the way, break through some walls and look for items. I've found a Gengi's Saddle once. Hopefully, you'll find it too! By now, you should have high level claws and saddles. I had an Order Claw+25 with every element inside it and I think you should try to get one, too! It really helps! Once again, get as many spells as you can and level up to 56. 18F - You'll see Bahamut again (again). This time, he adds Mog into the story. You'll learn that in the beginning, the Guz that Mog chased away in the first dungeon had became the Glass Goth. When Mog and Chocobo are thrown out of the dungeon, the Guz returned and was asked a wish. The Guz immediately asked for power. Over the years, the Guz became the powerful Glass Goth. 19F to 20F - Make sure you have a Memory Tag when you reach the 20F. However, don't save there yet! Also, avoid the Masks for they can make you forget the names of the items you had. Also level up to 57! 21F - You'll find the stove again! There should be a chest with a nut. Also, be sure to save 'cause you'll be fighting some awefully hard enemies! 22F to 25F - You'll find lots of dragons here! Stay away from them or they'll blast you with their breath. The dragons are best dealt with using magic. However, don't waste all your magic! Save before you go to the 26th floor. I'd go to level 60 and be prepared as heck! 26F - He's the Glass Goth X! This guy's a nasty boss so prepare yourselves! ------------------------ Boss Fight: Glass Goth X ------------------------ The Glass Goth X is weak against fire and holy. Make sure you've got tons of Fire Books, Spell Books for Flare, Ifrit Stones, Bahamut Stones, Hi-Potions, X-Potions, and even other spell books! Glass Goth X puts a hard battle into place! Becareful of his Jump attack! It's really powerful and can do 80-100 damage unless you have a good saddle. Let Mog dish out the attacks while you stay back and unload the Fire and Flare spells one right after the other. Don't use the Ifrit and Bahamut Stones yet. Use Hi-Potions when you're low on HP and use X-Potins when you really need them! If you ran out of Thunder books which I did, use your strongest spells. You'll have to do 4500+ damage in order to kill Glass Goth X. However, dealing that much doesn't mean you won yet! ------------------------ Boss Fight: Glass Goth Z ------------------------ Glass Goth Z has the same weakness as Glass Goth X so use the same attacking strategy. However, Glass Goth Z has a Mouth Beam which shoots in a straight line. Well, when you see his ATB bar go up, get away from the straight line. Continue hitting away with Fire, Flare, Holy, etc. This time, use Ifrit and Bahamut as much as you can in the beginning. If you have Carbuncle, use it on yourself to shield yourself from receiving too much damage. If Mog bites the dust, summon Ramuh, Asura, Ifrit, or anybody that has high attack power. It's very important to have a partner in any boss battle. Suummon Bahamut and Ifrit when you can and let him have it. Don't let Glass Goth Z move around too much or he'll aim the Mouth Beam at you and your partner. Keep an eye on your HP and if you're low, run off and heal. If you stand in the same place and heal, the Glass Goth Z will start charging the Mouth Beam or get close enough to attack. The Glass Goth Z has around 4000+ HP so it's a pretty long fight. Once you win, you beat the game! Once you do beat the game and finished watching the ending, don't turn it off yet! Read the following after you've watched the ending. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 5.1 - The Ending ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Warning: Contains spoilers! Chocobo finds Shiroma in the room where Mog was trying to get the treasure. Shiroma hops onto Chocobo's back and they both make a run for it to get out of the dungeon! Shiroma falls off Chocobo's back and Chocobo goes tumbling down. Chocobo then finds itself in Shiroma's house. Cid appears and says he found a little critter. It's the Guz that Mog chased away! Shiroma appears and tells the Guz that there's always another chance to start over. The Guz then transfers itself into the doll that Shiroma has made earlier. Later that day, Mog is leaving. Shiroma goes running over. Mog tells Shiroma that Chocobo should stay behind. As Mog starts heading in his own direction, something stops him. He turns around to see Chocobo behind. The two then start going away. Later that night, the Guz inside the doll goes looking for Chocobo and Mog. This is the scene where Chocobo and Mog was sleeping. The doll notices that both of them are asleep so it rests itself by a tree. This is before the intro in Chocobo's Dungeon 2. Have fun waiting through the credits! Believe me, you'll want to wait after the credits are over. That's because there's more to the game who think Chocobo's Dungeon 2 is so short! Welcome to the hardest part of the game! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 5.2 - The Second Adventure ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, you can replay each of the dungeons that you've finished before! Each one is harder than the ones you've played since there are new rules and new stuff. There's even a secret dungeon! Before you start, you get to name the doll that was once the Guz. His default name is Kuz so that's what I'll call him in this FAQ/Walkthrough. All the dungeons that you've played in the game are accessable now except for the Cape Dungeon. However, when you enter a certain dungeon, you'll only enter as either Shiroma, Cid, Mog, or Kuz. And when you enter a dungeon, you'll lose the items you had in hand and the character you entered the dungeon with has its level dropped to 1. However, this doesn't affect Chocobo in the secret dungeon. Dungeon Who goes Difficulty (out of 5) --------------------- -------------------- --------------------- Sea Floor Dungeon Shiroma 3/5 - Medium Cid's Tower Cid (duh) 2/5 - Easy Snow Mountain Kuz 4/5 - Difficult Final Dungeon Mog 5/5 - Insane! Secret Dungeon Chocobo + Partner 3/5 - Medium The secret dungeon's entrance is said to be in the village. Take some time to explore. When you give up, look below. Secret Dungeon Entrance: Chubby Chocobo's Workshop (It's what you used as shortcuts before). Location: Secret Dungeon Party: Chocobo, Partner (either Mog, Shiroma, Cid, or Kuz) Floors: 30 Enemies: Enough Where you go when you die: Mrs. Bomb's House 10F - You'll run across two Skullhammers here. They're easier to kill than before. A lot easier! However, you don't have to kill them. The exit is already open. 24F - You'll find Omega on this floor! I suggest running away from it. It can deal 200+ damage in one hit! Also, if you kill it with Empty Bottles, you get the Omega Essence. However, I'll explain how to do it later. 30F - You'll find Leviathan here who doesn't want to be a boss. Just kill it off and get the experience points. --------------------- Boss Fight: Leviathan --------------------- Don't bother casting ice spells on Leviathan. He's strong against it. Instead, cast a rarity of Fire attacks including Ifrit. Leviathan can cast Blizzard and Drain. Becareful! Have some Drain books to counter Leviathan's Drain. If you decide to engage into physical combat, make sure you have the Waterwalk Collar plus a good amount of Hi-Potions. Leviathan has a Gnaw attack that pretty much "hurts" you. Also, Leviathan has two parts, a head and the tail. Don't worry too much about the tail. If the head goes, so does the tail. Leviathan can put up a pretty good fight. Make sure you have enough HP to begin with. After that, make sure you have a good saddle and a good claw if you decide to be physical about the fight. I suggest turning your partner into Ifrit if you have it. Otherwise, get your partner close enough to attack Leviathan. I believe Leviathan has around 6000+ HP for the head (!) and 2000+ HP for the tail (!). If you have the Fireball feather, use it. Leviathan and its tail is likely to be close enough to each other so you'll be able to hit two targets at once. I came with around 10 Fire Books the first time and realized that it wasn't enough. The second time, I came around with 50 and it still wasn't enough! I suggest you pump out those Bahamut, Asura, and Ifrit Stones at the very start. Then pump out Flare and Fire. This is a darn hard battle! If you've beaten all the other dungeons and this one, you'll receive a secret ending plus a prize in town which I won't spoil for you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 6.0 - How to Get Omega Essence ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is no laughing matter! Trying to get the Omega Essence is really hard! Here's a list of items you should have before you come. Shiroma as a partner. 30+ Thunder Books 20+ Hi-Potions 10+ X-Potions 10+ Haste Tonics 10+ Bahamut Stones 5+ Carbuncle Stones 80+ Empty Bottles 30+ Warp Stones You're probably thinking WOW once you've looked through the list. However, you shouldn't need to kill Omega. Having Shiroma as a partner can benefit you since she'll heal. Here's what you do. As soon as you see Omega, use the Haste Tonic. Afterwards, use Carbuncle on yourself. Use up your Bahamut Stones. They should do around 5000+ damage to Omega which leaves around 3000 left. Afterwards, pound away with Thunder Books. When Haste runs off, use another Haste Tonic. Once Carbuncle is gone, use Carbuncle again. Shiroma should heal you when you are low on HP. If the Komega's get too annoying, use the Warp Stones and send them somewhere else. Once Omega has around 50 or less HP left, start kicking empty bottles. If you are unsure, use Identify Cards and kick them at Omega to see how much HP is left. Once Omega dies from the Empty Bottle, you'll get your own Omega Essence which is necessary to get the Titan Claw or Titan Saddle! Whew! This took over fifteen tries for me! I hope it's better for you! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 7.0 - Item List ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: I may be missing some items on this list. If you find any, tell e-mail me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 7.1 - Spell Books ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You'll find a rarity of spell books in the game. They each do different things. Here's a small list of them. Book Color Element??? Description ------------------ ----------------- ------------------ --------------------------------- Fire Book Red Fire Book of Fire Magic. Blizzard Book Light Blue Ice Book of Ice Magic. Thunder Book Yellow Lightning Book of Lightning Magic. Aero Book Green Wind Book of Wind Magic. Quake Book Brown Earth Book of Earth Magic. Drain Book Purple (none) Book of Life Magic. Cantrip Book Light Grey (none) Book of Tricks. (statuses) Spell Book Dark Grey (varies) Book of Spells. MegaSpell Book Peach (varies) Book of Hard Spells. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 7.2 - Potions and Tonics ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are a number of Potions and Tonics out there. You'll have to see through the list to make sure you've seen them all. Item Description ----------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Potion Restores some HP. (around 30) Hi-Potion Restores lots of HP. (around 100) Elixir Restores all HP, Energy. Antidote Removes Poison. Remedy Cures all physical ailments. Nitro Cause explosive damage. Invis Causes invisibility. (temporary) Damage Reduces HP by half. (current) Poison Poisons target. (temporary) Slow Slows down target. (temporary) Haste Speeds up target. (temporary) Silence Can't use magic (temporary) Eye-Drops Traps become visible. Dispel Removes curses. Spell Equipment becomes cursed. Amnesia Forget all item names. Blind Can't see around you. (temporary) X-Potion Restores all HP. Morph Turns you into a monster. (temporary) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 7.3 - Essences ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Essences are captured when you kill a monster with an Empty Bottle. Empty Bottles only do 4 damage each hit, just to let you know. Name: Bomb Essence Description: Cause explosive damage. Effect on Claw: Adds Fire Effect on Saddles: Resists Fire Name: Creature Essence Description: Increases Max HP Effect on Claw: Durability to 50 Effect on Saddles: Durability to 50 Name: Critter Essence Description: Restores some energy. Effect on Claw: Reduces chance of missing. Effect on Saddles: Raises Dodge. Name: Demon Essence Description: Raises one magic level. Effect on Claw: None Effect on Saddles: None Name: Dragon Essence Description: Useful for combining. Effect on Claw: Fire Element Effect on Saddles: Acts as a superior and merge seed. Name: Floateye Essence Description: Puts target to sleep. Effect on Claw: Adds Sleep. Effect on Saddles: Resists Sleep. Name: Giant Essence Description: Restores lots of HP. Effect on Claw: Raises toughness. Effect on Saddles: Raises toughness. Name: Goblin Essence Description: Restores lots of Energy Effect on Claw: None Effect on Saddles: None Name: Iceman Essence Description: Adds Ice element Effect on Claw: Adds Ice Effect on Saddles: Resists Ice Name: Imp Essence Description: Restores lots of Energy Effect on Claw: Raises Critical Effect on Saddles: Raises SPDEF. Name: Jelly Essence Description: Adds Wind element. Effect on Claw: Adds Wind. Effect on Saddles: Resists Wind. Name: Lamia Essence Description: Causes Confusion Effect on Claw: None Effect on Saddles: None Name: Mage Essence Description: Can't use any magic. Effect on Claw: Adds Silence. Effect on Saddles: Resists Silence. Name: Magman Essence Description: Adds Fire element Effect on Claw: Adds Fire Effect on Saddles: Resists Fire Name: Mask Essence Description: Adds Reflect ability. Effect on Claw: Raises toughness. Effect on Saddles: Raises toughness. Name: Merman Essence Description: Adds Ice element. Effect on Claw: Adds Ice. Effect on Saddles: Resists Ice. Name: MiniMage Essence Description: Shrinks target. Effect on Claw: Adds Mini Effect on Saddles: Resists Mini. Name: Mole Essence Description: Can't see around you. Effect on Claw: Adds Earth/Digging. Effect on Saddles: Resists Earth. Name: Mousse Essence Description: Adds Ice element. Effect on Claw: Adds Ice. Effect on Saddles: Resists Ice. Name: Mudman Essence Description: Slows down target Effect on Claw: Adds Slow Effect on Saddles: Resists Slow Name: Octopus Essnece Description: Restores some HP, Energy. Effect on Claw: Adds Confuse Effect on Saddles: Same as using Set and Fusion seeds. Name: Omega Essence Description: Restores all HP, Energy Effect on Claw: Makes it a Titan Claw. Effect on Saddles: Makes it a Titan Saddle. Name: Plant Essence Description: Restores lots of HP, Energy. Effect on Claw: Adds Poison. Effect on Saddles: Resists Poison. Name: Pudding Essence Description: Adds Fire element. Effect on Claw: Adds Fire. Effect on Saddles: Resists Fire. Name: Slug Essence Description: Slows down target. Effect on Claw: Adds Slow. Effect on Saddles: Resists Slow. Name: Thief Essence Description: Speeds up target. Effect on Claw: Steals Gil when attack. Effect on Saddles: Raises Dodge Name: Toad Essence Description: Turns target into frog. Effect on Claw: None Effect on Saddles: None Name: Tonberry Essence Description: Restores lots of Energy. Effect on Claw: Raises Critical. Effect on Saddles: Raises SP Defense. Name: Turtle Essence Description: Slows down target. Effect on Claw: Raises toughness. Effect on Saddles: Raises toughness. Name: Undead Essence Description: Causes Confusion. Effect on Claw: Adds Confuse. Effect on Saddles: Resists Confuse. Name: Vampire Essence Description: Restores all HP, Energy Effect on Claw: Adds Drain Effect on Saddles: Resists Drain Name: Wing Essence Description: Adds Wind element. Effect on Claw: Adds Wind. Effect on Saddles: Resists Wind. Name: Worm Essence Description: Restores some HP, Energy Effect on Claw: Reduces chance of missing. Effect on Saddles: Same as Level UP and Merge seed. Whew! That's over with! Have fun looking! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 7.4 - Cards ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are a varity of cards found in Chocobo's Dungeon 2. And most of the time, they don't seem like good things. However, use this list to figure out what they do. Card Name Description ---------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------ Identify Identifies one item. Verify Identifies all items. Confusion Causes Confusion. (temporary) Sleep Puts target to sleep. (temporary) Frog Turns target into a frog. (temporary) Mini Shrinks target. (temporary) Doom Calls Doom. (not good) Geyser Refills springs. (you must be in front of an empty geyser) Map Displays level map. Warp Warps target somewhere. LostChild Makes you forget map. (kick to make target not want to fight) Divide Causes item to divide. Polish Improves equipment. (kick to increase monster's level) Dull Degrades equipment. (kick to decrease monster's level) Repair Raises DUR. Rust Lowers DUR. (useful for breaking equipment) Reflect Adds Reflect ability. Morph Causes item to change. (risky) You can also kick cards at targets too. For example, a Sleep Card can cause a monster to fall asleep. A Warp Card can send a target elsewhere. An Identify Card will see what's the target's name and it's remaining HP. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 7.5 - Nuts ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are a whole bunch of nuts in the game. Most of the time, they're advantageous in both battle and equipment making. However, there are exceptions. Nut Description ---------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------ Peanut Restores some Energy. (around 30) Lasan Restores lots of Energy. (around 100) Tired Reduces Energy. (around 40) Energy Raises MAX Energy. (by 10) Lethargy Reduces MAX Energy. (by 10) Tasty Restores some HP, Energy. (around 30) Feast Restores lots of HP, Energy. (around 100) Rotten Reduces some HP. (10) Life Raises MAX HP. LevelUp Raises level by one. LevelDown Reduces level by one. Wisdom Raises magic level by one. (only one magic level) Speed Speeds up target. Slowpoke Slows down target. Fire Seed Adds Fire Power. (for equipment making) Ice Seed Adds Ice Power. (for equipment making) Wind Seed Adds Wind Power. (for equipment making) Lightning Seed Adds Lightning Power. (for equipment making) Holy Seed Adds Holy Power. (for equipment making) Earth Seed Adds Earth Power. (for equipment making) Merge Seed Can merge elements. (for equipment making) Remove Seed Removes special effects. (for equipment making) Fusion Seed Fuses two special effects. (for equipment making) Level Seed Useful for combining. (for equipment making) Superior Seed Useful for combining. (for equipment making) Set Seed Useful for combining. (for equipment making) Whew! There goes another list! You can also kick some of the nuts around such as the Slowpoke seed. Save most of the Merge Seeds and Fusion Seeds. Those tend to be really useful in the process of making equipment. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 7.6 - Misc. Items ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are also items that don't go into really any category so I just placed them into the Misc. section. Name Description ---------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------ Whistle Get item from storage. (you don't choose) Teleport Box Send item to storage. Thief Key Opens Thief Chest. Mystery Tag Raises all magic levels. Teleport Tag Exit the dungeon. (or kick at enemies to make them warp) Carry Tag Increases inventory. (by 1) Memory Tag Save at stairs. (only) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 7.7 - Magic Stones ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Magic Stones are also known as Summon Stones. They contain great power and all. Use them only when you need to or if you want to place a statue in the Black Mage's basement. Esper Description ---------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------ Ramuh Lightning summon magic. Shiva Ice summon magic. Ifrit Fire summon magic. Titan Earth summon magic. Sylph Wind summon magic. Carbuncle Invincible summon magic. Unicorn Restores all summon magic. Odin Powerful ally summon. Bahamut Breath attack summon. Asura Elemental/heal summon. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 8.0 - Equipment ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's a huge number of equipment on the list. However, I fear that I may be missing some. If you do find any that I don't, I'll put them in. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 8.1 - Claws ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Claw Name: Absolute Description: Strong, but no level up Claw Name: Arc Description: Perm a forward sweep Claw Name: Blitz Description: Contains Lightning power Claw Name: Brandname Description: Strong with brandname set Claw Name: Chaos Magic Description: Contains Confusion magic Claw Name: Critical Description: Easier to get critical Claw Name: Cross Description: Perform a cross-shape attack Claw Name: Crystal Description: Made of crystal Claw Name: Digging Description: Can dig through walls Claw Name: Dwarf Description: Contains Shrink magic Claw Name: Flame Description: Contains Fire power Claw Name: Frog Description: Contains frog magic Claw Name: Genji's Description: Pretty good claws Claw Name: Gil Description: Get more Gil Claw Name: Gambling Description: See what happens (I never tried but I lost it... sorry) Claw Name: Grudge Description: Cursed powerful item Claw Name: Healing Description: Attack enemy and heal HP Claw Name: Holy Description: Contains Holy power Claw Name: Hurricane Description: Contains Wind power Claw Name: Iron Description: Made of iron Claw Name: Kiai (in Cantonese, that means idiot) Description: Gets you tired fast Claw Name: King's Description: High MAX level Claw Name: Lite Description: Lightweight, easy to use Claw Name: Multi Description: Perform a 5-way attack Claw Name: Mythril Description: Made of Mythril Claw Name: Order Description: Attacks forward and back Claw Name: Poison Description: Contains Poison magic Claw Name: Silent Description: Cancels Spell casting Claw Name: Sleep Description: Contains Sleep magic Claw Name: Slowpoke Description: Contains Slow magic Claw Name: Spin-Kick Description: Attack in all directions Claw Name: Titan Description: Made of titanium Claw Name: Vampire Description: Sucks out Essence Claw Name: Vibro Description: Strong but misses a lot Claw Name: Weak Description: As HP are lost, ATK increases Claw Name: Wood Description: Made of wood A large list right? I definitely agree! That makes me wonder why I even bothered to try and get the claws. Oh yeah! The FAQ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 8.2 - Saddles ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saddle: Absolute Description: Strong but no level up Saddle: Brandname Description: One of the Brandname set Saddle: Calm Description: Hard to be confused Saddle: Counter Description: Returns 1/4 damage Saddle: Crystal Description: Made of crystal Saddle: Earth Description: Strong against Earth Saddle: Flame Description: Strong against Fire Saddle: Genji's Description: Pretty good saddle Saddle: Grudge Description: Cursed but strong item Saddle: Holy Description: Strong against Holy Saddle: Ice Description: Strong against Ice Saddle: Iron Description: Made of iron Saddle: Lightning Description: Strong against Lightning Saddle: Mirage Description: Causes enemy to miss Saddle: Mythril Description: Made of Mythril Saddle: No-Dwarf Description: Hard to be shrunk Saddle: No-Frog Description: Hard to be turned into a frog Saddle: No-Poison Description: Hard to be poisoned Saddle: No-Silence Description: Hard to be silenced Saddle: No-Sleep Description: Hard to be put to sleep Saddle: No-Slow Description: Hard to be slowed Saddle: Reflect Description: Reflects 1/4 magic Saddle: Ribbon Description: Helps avoid bad effects Saddle: Titan Description: Made of titanium Saddle: Weak Description: As HP are lost, DEF decreases Saddle: Wind Description: Strong against Wind Saddle: Wood Description: Made of wood Yep! There's also a huge list for the equipment list also! It's a shame that your partner cannot equipment these. However, it makes sense. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 8.3 - Collars ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The various collars do various things. They could be either advantageous or deadly. It is hard to find out what a collar does. Because if you equip it, it doesn't say what the Collar is unless you identify it. Collar: Bargain Description: Buy items cheaper Collar: Burden Description: Easy to get tired Collar: Brandname Description: One of the Brandname set Collar: CrazyClaw Description: Freezes DUR Collar: CrazySaddle Description: Freezes DUR Collar: Cursed Description: Cures all equipment Collar: Demon Description: Know monsters' locations Collar: Endure Description: Freezes HP and Energy (this is awesome!) Collar: Energy Description: Tire slowly, heas quicly Collar: Guard Description: Protects against theft Collar: Life Description: Nulls level Drain Collar: Magic Description: Improves magic Collar: Memory Description: Won't forget map Collar: No-Magic Description: Strong against magic Collar: No-Traps Description: Never get caught in traps Collar: Penalty Description: Always get caught in traps Collar: Recover Description: Easy to recover HP Collar: Stamina Description: Hard to get tired Collar: Strikeout Description: Misses more often Collar: Unlucky Description: Hard to recover HP Collar: Waterwalk Description: Can walk on water ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 8.4 - Stones, Bottles ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can also equip Stones and Bottles too. Press L1 to kick the equipped Stone or Bottle that you have. Item Name: Crash Stone Description: Kick to break walls Item Name: Empty Bottle Description: For water and Essence Item Name: Power Stone Description: Hurts when it hits Item Name: Stone Description: Kick at monsters Item Name: Warp Description: Go to new location That's about it for the equipment! There's quite a lot of equipment. You just got to learn how to use it wisely. You don't want to use a Waterwalk Collar in a lava filled area. That doesn't work! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 9.0 - Mog's Stealing List ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mog can steal a varity of things. However, some items can only be stolen from certain enemies. Take not that you can't steal everything. When Mog steals, he only has a 1/4 chance to stealing. Plus, the less items you have, the better the chance also! This list is for the Final Dungeon which Mog goes to. Monster: Badger Items: Earth Seed, Energy Nut, Lethargy Nut, Digging Claws Monster: Blood Worm Items: Poison, Slow Tonic, Remedy, Hi-Potion Monster: Butcher Items: Confusion Card, Repair Card, Rust Card, Genji's Claws Monster: Dark Bahamut Items: Fire Book, MegaSpell Book, Teleport Tag, Absolute Claws Monster: Demon Items: Tired Nut, Tasty Nut, Lasan Nut, Chaos Claws Monster: Doom Mask Items: Spell Book, MegaSpell Book, Cursed Collar, Magic Collar Monster: Evil Behemoth Items: Slow Tonic, Haste Tonic, X-Potion, King's Claws Monster: Giant Bat Items: Blind Tonic, Slow Tonic, Haste Tonic, Endure Collar Monster: Grand Mummy Items: Drain Book, Doom Card, Warp Card, No-Silence Saddle Monster: Holy Dragon Items: Thunder Book, MegaSpell Book, Crash Stone, Digging Claws Monster: Jet Mole Items: Earth Seed, Lasan Nut, Rotten Nut, Holy Claws Monster: King Behemoth Items: Nitro, Remedy, X-Potion, King's Saddle, (map Card, Aero Book Monster: Lich Items: Level Seed, Level Up Nut, Level Down Nut, Healing Claws Monster: Malboro Ghoul Items: Poison, Remedy, Hi-Potion, Calm Saddle Monster: Magic Pot Items: Poison, Hi-Potion, Unlucky Collar, Recover Monster: Mask Items: Doom Card, Reflect Card, Memory Collar, Cursed Collar Monster: Mist Dragon Items: Blizzard Book, Tasty Nut, Rotten Nut, Crystal Saddle, Lost-Child Card, Map Card, Geyser Card Monster: Mudman Items: Doom Card, Map Card, Geyser Card, Earth Seed, Sleep Card Monster: Pharoh Mummy Items: Drain Book, Morph Card, Reflect Card, No-Silence Saddle Monster: Poison Toad Items: Poison, Frog Card, Polish Card, Frog Claws Monster: Shadow Dragon Items: Aero Book, Invis Tonic, Blind Tonic, Reflect Saddle Monster: Slug Items: Damage Tonic, Slow Tonic, Remedy, No-Slow Saddle Monster: Sorcero Pot Items: Spell Tonic, X-Potion, Unlucky Collar, Recover Collar Monster: Spirit Dragon Items: Drain Book, Amnesia Tonic, Elixir, Absolute Saddle, Rotten Nut Monster: Steel Bat Items: Spell Tonic, Remedy, Amnesia Tonic, Endure Collar Monster: Stone Mask Items: Cantrip Book, MegaSpell Book, Strickout Collar, No-Magic Collar Monster: Summoner Hag Items: Aero Book, Quake Book, Reflect Saddle, CrazySaddle Collar, Thunder Book, Memory Tag Monster: Vampire Items: Level Seed, LevelUP Seed, Level Down Seed, Healing Claws, Hi-Potion Monster: Wizard Pot Items: Damage Tonic, Potion, Unlucky Collar, Recover Collar Monster: Wood Eyes Items: Hi-Potion, Warp Card, Lost-Child Card, Memory Collar ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 1.0 - Equipment Break List for Feathers ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whenever you break a Claw or Saddle, you have a chance of getting a really cool feather. However, sometimes you just don't know what kind of feather you are going to get. If you break a Claw or Saddle and don't receive any feather, that Claw or Saddle might not be over level +1 or may be a result of a combination. However, don't rely on the list below for complete accuracy. To ensure that you get the feather you want, always go a level or two higher to get a better chance. Note: This list applies for both claws and saddles. For example, you can the same thing from a Holy Claw and a Holy Saddle so why bother putting it twice? Name: Arc LV+1: - LV+2: - LV+3: - LV+4: - LV+5: - LV+6: Summon UP LV+7: Summon UP LV+8: Summon UP LV+9: Summon UP Over: Summon UP Name: Blitz LV+1: Thunder Cross LV+2: Thunder cross LV+3: Thunder Cross LV+4: Thunder Cross LV+5: Thunder Cross LV+6: Ramuh LV+7: LV+8: LV+9: Over: Name: Brandname (Claw) LV+1: - LV+2: - LV+3: - LV+4: - LV+5: - LV+6: Meteorite LV+7: Meteorite LV+8: Meteorite LV+9: Meteorite Over: Meteor Name: Brandname (Saddle) LV+1: - LV+2: - LV+3: - LV+4: - LV+5: - LV+6: Meteorite LV+7: - LV+8: - LV+9: - OVER: Bahamut Name: Calm LV+1: Confusion LV+2: Confusion LV+3: Confusion LV+4: Confusion LV+5: Confusion LV+6: Ramuh LV+7: Ramuh LV+8: Ramuh LV+9: Ramuh OVER: Name: Chaos LV+1: Confusion LV+2: Confusion LV+3: Confusion LV+4: Confusion LV+5: Confusion LV+6: Ramuh LV+7: Ramuh LV+8: Ramuh LV+9: Ramuh Over: Name: Counter LV+1: Bio LV+2: Bio LV+3: Bio LV+4: Bio LV+5: Bio LV+6: Odin LV+7: Odin LV+8: Odin LV+9: Odin OVER: Name: Critical LV+1: Critical UP LV+2: Critical UP LV+3: Critical UP LV+4: Critical UP LV+5: Critical UP LV+6: Gravity LV+7: LV+8: LV+9: Over: Name: Cross LV+1: Remove LV+2: Remove LV+3: Remove LV+4: Remove LV+5: Remove LV+6: Holy LV+7: Holy LV+8: Holy LV+9: Holy Over: Name: Crystal LV+1: Flare LV+2: Flare LV+3: Flare LV+4: Flare LV+5: Flare LV+6: Carbuncle LV+7: Carbuncle LV+8: Carbuncle LV+9: Carbuncle Over: Name: Digging LV+1: Quake All LV+2: Quake All LV+3: Quake All LV+4: Quake All LV+5: Quake All LV+6: Titan LV+7: LV+8: LV+9: Over: Name: Dwarf LV+1: Mini LV+2: Mini LV+3: Mini LV+4: Mini LV+5: Mini LV+6: Sylph LV+7: Sylph LV+8: Sylph LV+9: Sylph Over: Name: Earth LV+1: Quake All LV+2: Quake All LV+3: Quake All LV+4: Quake All LV+5: Quake All LV+6: Titan LV+7: Titan LV+8: Titan LV+9: Titan OVER: Name: Flame LV+1: Fireball LV+2: Fireball LV+3: Fireball LV+4: Fireball LV+5: Fireball LV+6: Ifrit LV+7: Ifrit LV+8: Ifrit LV+9: Ifrit Over: Name: Frog LV+1: Frog LV+2: Frog LV+3: Frog LV+4: Frog LV+5: Frog LV+6: Super Shoot LV+7: Super Shoot LV+8: Super Shoot LV+9: Super Shoot Over: Name: Frozen LV+1: Blizzard Storm LV+2: Blizzard Storm LV+3: Blizzard Storm LV+4: Blizzard Storm LV+5: Blizzard Storm LV+6: Shiva LV+7: Shiva LV+8: Shiva LV+9: Shiva Over: Name: Gambling LV+1: Critical UP LV+2: Critical UP LV+3: Critical UP LV+4: Critical UP LV+5: Critical UP LV+6: Random Summon LV+7: Random Summon LV+8: Random Summon LV+9: Over: Name: Genji's (Claw) LV+1: - LV+2: - LV+3: - LV+4: - LV+5: - LV+6: Ultima LV+7: Ultima LV+8: Ultima LV+9: Ultima Over: Name: Genji's (Saddle) LV+1: Def UP LV+2: Def UP LV+3: Def UP LV+4: Def UP LV+5: Def UP LV+6: Def UP LV+7: Def UP LV+8: Def UP LV+9: Def UP OVER: Def UP Name: Grudge (Claw) LV+1: Atk UP LV+2: Atk UP LV+3: Atk UP LV+4: Atk UP LV+5: Atk UP LV+6: Bio LV+7: Bio LV+8: Bio LV+9: Bio Over: Name: Grudge (Saddle) LV+1: SPDEF UP LV+2: SPDEF UP LV+3: SPDEF UP LV+4: SPDEF UP LV+5: SPDEF UP LV+6: LV+7: LV+8: LV+9: OVER: Name: Healing LV+1: Drain UP LV+2: Drain UP LV+3: Drain UP LV+4: Drain UP LV+5: Drain UP LV+6: Unicorn LV+7: Unicorn LV+8: Unicorn LV+9: Unicorn Over: Unicorn Name: Holy LV+1: Magic UP LV+2: Magic UP LV+3: Magic UP LV+4: Magic UP LV+5: Magic UP LV+6: Holy LV+7: Holy LV+8: Holy LV+9: Holy Over: Holy Name: Hurricane LV+1: Aero All LV+2: Aero All LV+3: Aero All LV+4: Aero All LV+5: Aero All LV+6: Sylph LV+7: Sylph LV+8: Sylph LV+9: Sylph Over: Name: Iron LV+1: Max HP UP LV+2: Max HP UP LV+3: Max HP UP LV+4: Max HP UP LV+5: Max HP UP LV+6: Exp UP LV+7: Exp UP LV+8: Exp UP LV+9: Exp UP Over: Name: Kiai LV+1: Atk UP LV+2: Atk UP LV+3: Atk UP LV+4: Atk UP LV+5: Atk UP LV+6: Doom LV+7: Doom LV+8: Doom LV+9: Doom Over: Doom Name: King's LV+1: Max HP UP LV+2: Max HP UP LV+3: Max HP UP LV+4: Max HP UP LV+5: Max HP UP LV+6: Holy LV+7: Holy LV+8: Holy LV+9: Holy Over: Holy Name: Lite (Claw) LV+1: Haste LV+2: Haste LV+3: Haste LV+4: Haste LV+5: Haste LV+6: Phoenix LV+7: Phoenix LV+8: Phoenix LV+9: Phoenix Over: Name: Lite (Saddle) LV+1: Haste LV+2: Haste LV+3: Haste LV+4: Haste LV+5: Haste LV+6: Random Summon LV+7: Random Summon LV+8: Random Summon LV+9: Random Summon OVER: Name: Mirage LV+1: Remove LV+2: Remove LV+3: Remove LV+4: Remove LV+5: Remove LV+6: Meteor LV+7: Meteor LV+8: Meteor LV+9: OVER: Name: Multi LV+1: Recover UP LV+2: Recover UP LV+3: Recover UP LV+4: Recover UP LV+5: Recover UP LV+6: Odin LV+7: Odin LV+8: Odin LV+9: Odin Over: Name: Mythril (Claw) LV+1: Critical UP LV+2: Critical UP LV+3: Critical UP LV+4: Critical UP LV+5: Critical UP LV+6: Atk UP LV+7: Atk UP LV+8: Atk UP LV+9: Atk UP Over: Name: Mythril (Saddle) LV+1: Critical UP LV+2: Critical UP LV+3: Critical UP LV+4: Critical UP LV+5: Critical UP LV+6: Defense UP LV+7: Defense UP LV+8: Defense UP LV+9: Defense UP OVER: Name: No-Dwarf LV+1: Mini LV+2: Mini LV+3: Mini LV+4: Mini LV+5: Mini LV+6: Sylph LV+7: Sylph LV+8: Sylph LV+9: Sylph OVER: Name: No-Silence LV+1: Silence LV+2: Silence LV+3: Silence LV+4: Silence LV+5: Silence LV+6: Ifrit LV+7: Ifrit LV+8: Ifrit LV+9: Ifrit OVER: Name: No-Sleep LV+1: Sleep LV+2: Sleep LV+3: Sleep LV+4: Sleep LV+5: Unicorn LV+6: Unicorn LV+7: Unicorn LV+8: LV+9: Unicorn OVER: Name: Order LV+1: Miss Down LV+2: Miss Down LV+3: Miss Down LV+4: Miss Down LV+5: Miss Down LV+6: Shiva LV+7: Shiva LV+8: Shiva LV+9: Shiva Over: Shiva Name: Poison LV+1: Poison LV+2: Poison LV+3: Poison LV+4: Poison LV+5: Poison LV+6: Power UP LV+7: LV+8: Power UP LV+9: Power UP Over: Power UP Name: Reflect LV+1: Gravity LV+2: Gravity LV+3: Gravity LV+4: Gravity LV+5: Gravity LV+6: Phoenix LV+7: Phoenix LV+8: LV+9: Phoenix OVER: Phoenix Name: Ribbon LV+1: Ultima LV+2: Ultima LV+3: Ultima LV+4: Ultima LV+5: Ultima LV+6: Bahamut LV+7: Bahamut LV+8: Bahamut LV+9: Bahamut OVER: Name: Silent LV+1: Silence LV+2: Silence LV+3: Silence LV+4: Silence LV+5: Silence LV+6: Ifrit LV+7: Ifrit LV+8: Ifrit LV+9: Ifrit Over: Name: Sleep LV+1: Sleep LV+2: Sleep LV+3: Sleep LV+4: Sleep LV+5: Sleep LV+6: LV+7: LV+8: LV+9: Over: Name: Slowpoke LV+1: Slow LV+2: Slow LV+3: Slow LV+4: Slow LV+5: Slow LV+6: Titan LV+7: Titan LV+8: Titan LV+9: Titan Over: Name: Spin-Kick LV+1: Meteor LV+2: Meteor LV+3: Meteor LV+4: Meteor LV+5: Meteor LV+6: Bahamut LV+7: Bahamut LV+8: Bahamut LV+9: Bahamut Over: Bahamut Name: Titan LV+1: Ultima LV+2: Ultima LV+3: Ultima LV+4: Ultima LV+5: Ultima LV+6: Asura LV+7: Asura LV+8: Asura LV+9: Asura Over: Name: Vibro LV+1: Max HP UP LV+2: Max HP UP LV+3: Max HP UP LV+4: Max HP UP LV+5: Max HP UP LV+6: Drill Shoot LV+7: Drill Shoot LV+8: Drill Shoot LV+9: Drill Shoot Over: Drill Shoot Name: Weak (Claw) LV+1: Power Shoot LV+2: Power Shoot LV+3: Power Shoot LV+4: Power Shoot LV+5: Power Shoot LV+6: Phoenix LV+7: Phoenix LV+8: Phoenix LV+9: Phoenix Over: Name: Weak (Saddle) LV+1: Slow LV+2: Slow LV+3: Slow LV+4: Slow LV+5: Slow LV+6: Phoenix LV+7: Phoenix LV+8: Phoenix LV+9: Phoenix OVER: Name: Wind LV+1: Aero All LV+2: Aero All LV+3: Aero All LV+4: Aero All LV+5: Aero All LV+6: Sylph LV+7: Sylph LV+8: Sylph LV+9: Sylph OVER: Name: Wood LV+1: Dodge UP LV+2: Dodge UP LV+3: Dodge UP LV+4: Dodge UP LV+5: Dodge UP LV+6: Recover HP UP LV+7: Recover HP UP LV+8: Recover HP UP LV+9: Recover HP UP Over: Recover HP UP ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 11.0 - Game Shark Codes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chocobo Codes ------------- Infinite HP..................................801026B8 03E7 Max HP.......................................80102FB2 03E7 Quick Level gain.............................801026D6 0000 Infinite energy..............................80103FAE 6464 Max Attack...................................801055FA 0063 Max Defense..................................801055FC 0063 Max SpellDefense.............................801055FE 0063 Max Stats (GS 2.2 Or higher).................50000302 0000 801055FA 0063 Max Level 301026BB 0063 Quick Level Up all Spells (GS 2.2 Or higher).50000302 0000 80104022 0000 Quick level Up Fire Spell....................30104022 0000 Quick level Up Blizzard Spell................30104023 0000 Quick level Up Aero Spell....................30104024 0000 Quick level Up Thunder Spell.................30104025 0000 Quick level Up Quake Spell...................30104026 0000 Quick level Up Drain Spell...................30104027 0000 Max Level All Spells(GS 2.2 Or higher).......50000302 0000 8010401C 6262 Max Level Fire Spell.........................3010401C 0062 Max level Up Blizzard Spell..................3010401D 0062 Max level Up Aero Spell......................3010401E 0062 Max level Up Thunder Spell...................3010401F 0062 Max level Up Quake Spell.....................30104020 0062 Max level Up Drain Spell.....................30104021 0062 Partner Codes ------------- Infinite HP..................................80102844 03E7 Max HP.......................................80102860 03E7 Misc Codes ---------- Max Gil......................................80103FA8 967F 80103FAA 0098 Infinite Spell Books/Stones( On pickup)......800282D2 2400 800282E6 2400 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 12.0 - Frequently Asked Questions ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (under construction) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- end of file for Chocobo's Dungeon 2 FAQ/Walkthrough (2/3/2000) (c) 2000 by GAMEPL7559@aol.com Chocobo's Dungeon 2 and all else related (c) 1999, 2000 Squaresoft, Ltd. 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