======================================================================= Mana Khemia: Student Alliance FAQ & Walkthrough by Leyviur v 1.00 ======================================================================= Disclaimer This walkthrough may only be used for personal use, and may be used electronically as long as it remains unaltered. Latest updates of this FAQ can be found at GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com). This guide is copyright Abraham Liu. Please do not repost it without permission; if you ask, I will likely consent, so please spare the five seconds needed to ask! Send any questions, comments, corrections, or death threats to leyviur@gmail.com Last update was on Thursday, May 7, 2009. ======================================================================= Table of Contents ======================================================================= 1. Introduction [MKInt] 2. How to Play [MKHTP] 2.1 Structure [MKStc] 2.2 Item Creation [MKItm] 2.3 Battle [MKBtl] 3. Walkthrough [MKSto] 3.1 Chapter 1 [MKC01] 3.2 Chapter 2 [MKC02] 3.3 Chapter 3 [MKC03] 3.4 Chapter 4 [MKC04] 3.5 Chapter 5 [MKC05] 3.6 Chapter 6 [MKC06] 3.7 Chapter 7 [MKC07] 3.8 Chapter 8 [MKC08] 3.9 Chapter 9 [MKC09] 3.10 Chapter 10 [MKC10] 3.11 Chapter 11 [MKC11] 3.12 Chapter 12 [MKC12] 4. Version History [MKVer] 5. Credits [MKCre] ======================================================================= I. INTRODUCTION [MKInt] ======================================================================= Mana Khemia is the latest in the Mana series, starting the the Atelier series of games. The PS2 version was a fun little game, and the PSP version is, too... but it has some weird flaws that make me think GUST just threw this one out without much optimization. The backgrounds are blurry and washed out and there's a hideous amount of loading times... it's a shame too, since the artstyle of the game is really great. Regardless of its flaws, though, the PSP version has everything the PS2 version has, and it's portable to boot. ======================================================================= II. HOW TO PLAY [MKHTP] ======================================================================= +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1. STRUCTURE [MKStc] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The game is structured into 12 chapters. Each chapter has a certain number of weeks in it. Each week, you have to do something different. However every chapter you need to gain a certain amount of units in classes. ----- EVENT ----- These are story events that cannot be skipped. You must do these events in order to progress the story. ------- CLASSES ------- When you have a class week, you have to go to the Student Affairs and select a class to go through. Sometimes you'll be given a list of classes you can pick and choose from, but a lot of the time you'll just need to do one class specifically. Completing these classes earns you a grade: A, B, C, or F. These go towards your unit requirement for the chapter. A gives you four units, B gives you three, C gives you two, and F gives you a big fat nothing. --------- FREE TIME --------- If you meet your unit requirement, you'll get free time to do whatever you want on certain weeks. You can use these weeks to build character quests (which you'll want to do if you want the good ending), do jobs (which net you rewards such as item and gold), and explore/create items for your inventory. --------- DETENTION --------- If you don't meet your required units, you'll be thrown into detention where you have to do a variety of tasks in order to proceed. These tasks yield little to no reward, so it's preferable to just meet your unit requirement. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 2. ITEM CREATION [MKItm] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ -------- WORKSHOP -------- As you progress in the game, you'll gain recipes. You can use these recipes to make items which you'll equip or use in battles. You can have partners help out in order to alter Ether Levels (which give bonuses to equipment). Item creation is a pivotal skill to proceed in the game, so get used to item creating early. ------- ATHENOR ------- The athenor is where you can make your equipment. While you can't have partners to help you, the items you use go towards the ether effects in equipment, so be mindful of the item types that you use, as well as the item itself. --------- GROW BOOK --------- As you gain more items in your inventory, each character's "grow book" will fill in slots according to the items you have. Each slot contains one to three orbs that are cracked, but can be made whole with AP that you gain from battle. These orbs have a multitude of enhancements. Green orbs increase battle efficiency, red ones increase your stats, and purple ones teach you new skills. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 3. BATTLE [MKBtl] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Battle goes in a turn based fashion, however there are a few wrinkles to the battle system in Mana Khemia. ----------- BURST GAUGE ----------- The burst gauge is at the lower left hand corner of the screen during battle. As you attack, it fills. Using an attack the enemy is weak against or scoring a critical strike fills the burst gauge. When it is full, your attacks do a lot more damage, and eventually you can do a ... -------------- BURST FINISHER -------------- When you fulfill certain requirements as the burst gauge is full, you will be able to use a burst finisher. This is a hugely damaging finishing attack, and can probably clinch any battle for you. ------------ CHAIN ATTACK ------------ When you gain a support party, during your attack you can press X in order to swap party members in and strike the enemy. The swapped in party member will stay while the other one withdraws to the support to rest. Eventually s/he will also be available for a chain attack. ======================================================================= III. STORY MODE [MKSto] ======================================================================= It is assumed and recommended that you explore the dungeons' entirety on your own. These places are huge and there's a lot of stuff to be found, so I'm just going to guide you through the dungeons to the story sequences and goal points for each class/event. Also, sometimes during the dungeon you'll want to go back to the campus for item synthesizing. Do so, as I won't mention that in this walkthrough. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1. CHAPTER 1 [MKC01] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ------ WEEK 1 ------ Everything in chapter 1 is pretty much tutorial, espcially during the first day, when all you really need to do is go to every location and watch cutscenes. On the second day you'll need to take a required course, "Synthesis I Basics." Contrary to what the title says, all you really need to do is gather the ingredients for synthesis; you don't actually need to synthesize anything at all. So you need three ingredients: Clear Water, Blue Petal, and Spinacherb. The Clear Water can be gotten from any faucet within the school grounds. Now for the other two, you'll need to go out of the school, off campus, and into the Living Forest Dungeon in order to find them. Living Forest ------------- When you enter the Living Forest, you'll immediately find the Blue Petal. You'll have to fight some Koalarias, but they're pretty easy since it's just a tutorial battle. For the Spinacherb, you'll have to cut down the any grass patches you see with the Square button. Cutting down grass patches will sometimes leave items behind, but these items are randomized, so just keep cutting down grass until you find the Spinacherb. Once you do, use the Wings of Icarus to leave the dungeon, and then, once you are back on campus, go to the Faculty Room to end the class and get a Healing Medicine recipe, as well as a Heal Jar. ------ WEEK 2 ------ You'll now have to take the class "Combat I Basics" from the Student Affairs. It's a battle against a rather difficult monster, so you're given a nectar and 2 heal jars. However, this might not be enough. You will soon realize you can visit more areas on campus. Some of these areas sell items for synthesis, so buy and synthesize what you need (I'd recommend some more heal jars) and go off campus to the Wind's Corridor dungeon. Wind's Corridor --------------- You'll want to go east as much as you can. Sometimes the path will only allow you to go north, or south, but eventually you'll be put back on the east path. Eventually you'll gain access to the map, which marks your target area with a "!" so make good use of it. In this area you can find a Hammery Hammer and Lovely Bag recipes. Before fighting the boss it is highly recommended you synth both items, because you can put the Flame Gaze ether effect onto the Hammer, which will help a lot in the upcoming battle. Anyway, once you are ready to face the enemy, go to the area with the assigned enemy (you'll know which one it is, as you'll get a cutscene when you see it). Approach it and you'll fight it. _____ |PUNIS| |===================================================================== |This is actually four battles in one. You'll have to fight 3 each of | |mini punis, punis, and red punis before the boss fight. These fights | |aren't difficult at all. The fourth battle is against 3 red punis and| |a platinum puni. The red punis were ok by themselves but with a | |platinum puni it might get dangerous. Luckily, if you had listened to| |my advice you'll have Flame Gaze on Nikki's hammer. Use it to hit the| |punis, and your burst gauge will fill by a lot since they are weak | |against it. When your burst gauge is full, unload all your specials | |on the platinum puni. Use Jess' Healing Echo and Heal Jars to keep | |your party afloat if your HP runs low. | ===================================================================== You'll recieve the Shiny Puniball. Go to the student affairs, and get your grade. ------ WEEK 3 ------ Go off campus and to the Old Schoolhouse after the cutscene. Old Schoolhouse --------------- The idea is to keep going west. There are a few doors you can enter but they lead to rooms with some enemies and a few items. The path is pretty straightforward, with whichever forks leading to dead ends anyway. Eventually you'll find a save point. Save your game and go north to the boss battle. __________ |LORE BEAST| |===================================================================== |Use Jess' Ice Storm to fill up your burst gauge. When it is full, | |throw everything you have at it and the Lore Beast should go down | |without too much trouble. Use heal jars to keep your HP up. | ===================================================================== After the battle you'll get a recipe, and then a cutscene. Then you'll move onto chapter 2. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 2. CHAPTER 2 [MKC02] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ------ WEEK 1 ------ You'll have an event now. Go to the classroom and watch the cutscene and the first week will end. Yes, it's that easy. ------ WEEK 2 ------ Go to the Student Affairs to get your next class, Predictology. In this class you need to go to a fishing spot and fish without picking up any monsters. Now, go to the dungeon The Heights, and enter. The Heights ----------- Here you'll want to keep going east, where the fishing spot is. The road will herd you north sometimes, but you'll keep going east. When- ever you hit a fork, go east. Use the map to figure out the location marked by a "!" if you're at a loss of where to go. You'll find a fishing spot. Fishing works as follows: there will be a bar in the lower right hand corner when you begin fishing. When you get a bite, the bar will have both blue and orange portions. You want to stop the bar on the orange portion in order to catch the fish. However, if the orange portion is really large, then it's likely a monster. Don't worry about not being able to tell - it's very different compared to the actual fish, so you'll be able to tell in an instant. Once you catch enough fish, or two hours pass, the assignment will end. Now go back to the student affairs and end the week. ------ WEEK 3 ------ You'll get a brief introduction to the gossip shop (which is an absurd but interesting system). Anyway, go to the Student Affairs to get your next class, Pharmacy I. Once you've finished the cutscene, grab some Clear Water from the faucets at school, and off to the Living Forest we go. Living Forest ------------- Go to the next area, and when you reach a fork, go east. Keep going east, and check your map regularly to see where you are relative to the goal. It's a long trek, but eventually you'll find the patch of dirt you need to water. Do so, and then clear the area of the gather points, and use the Wings of Icarus. When you're back at the academy, go to the Student Affairs to end the week. ------ WEEK 4 ------ You'll get free time now if you fulfilled your unit requirement. Other- wise you'll end up in detention. But this time it's easy to get As in both classes, so you should have no problem getting free time. Use the free time to knock out some jobs or do a character quest. ------ WEEK 5 ------ Same as week 4. Free time, or detention, though you'd have to be really inept to get into detention right now. ------ WEEK 6 ------ After the cutscene, go to the Workshop. After THAT cutscene, go to The Heights for your assignment. The Heights ----------- Keep going until you get to a fork, and go east. Keep going east, and south when you hit the fork. You'll find a save point (which you should use). Keep going south and you'll get into a battle with Roxis. Or, as I like to call him, lé jackass. _____ |ROXIS| |===================================================================== |Roxis isn't too hard. He can heal himself and can KO a character with| |one of his attacks, but mostly the battle is more long than difficult| |dur to his immense HP. Just keep attacking him until you activate | |Burst, then throw all your specials at him. He shouldn't be too much | |trouble for you. | ===================================================================== Now, go back, and then keep going to the next area. Keep going east until you find some steps going upward. Ascend the stairs, then you'll be at a cliff. Jump down and keep going. Go west at the next fork you come to. When you hit a sign, go south. Keep checking the map if you don't see the landmarks. Keep going and eventually you'll get a cutscene. Now, go back to the Workshop and synthesize a Dietary Fiber in order to end the week, and the chapter. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 3. CHAPTER 3 [MKC03] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ------ WEEK 1 ------ There's nothing to do but watch a cutscene right now. ------ WEEK 2 ------ You get free time here; use it to do some character quests or explore the campus. You'll also notice some new items in the shops. ------ WEEK 3 ------ Again, free time. Catch up on character quests. ------ WEEK 4 ------ You'll now be able to go to the Resource Center. Now go to the Resource Center, then Infirmary, then the Music Room, and then Old Schoolhouse. Now you'll have to traverse the Resource Center. Resource Center --------------- Go east, then north when you're at the fork in order to get to the next area. Now keep going down the path, then go east. Keep going east and eventually you'll see a cutscene. Again, remember to use your map if you aren't sure where exactly you are going. Now, go down the stairs and keep going and go to the east when you find a fork. Keep going east (the path will herd you north sometimes) and eventually you'll come to a door. Enter it and save at the save point inside, then head north to fight the boss. ____________ |FALLEN LOVER| |===================================================================== |The Fallen Lover has a crapload of HP, but its attacks aren't really | |anything that'll hurt you too much, plus unlike Roxis, it can't heal | |itself (at least, it didn't when I fought it). Anyway, keep attacking| |it with normal attacks, and cast Healing Echo with Jess. When you | |have your Burst meter up to full, throw your special attacks at it. | |At this point it should be weakened enough that throwing some more | |special attacks and nromal attacks will off it completely. | ===================================================================== You'll get the Curing Medicine recipe afetr the battle, and the chapter will end. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 4. CHAPTER 4 [MKC04] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ------ WEEK 1 ------ Just a cutscene this week. ------ WEEK 2 ------ After the tutorial, go to the Student Affairs to get your next class, Minerology. After the cutscene you'll be able to access the Mana Ruins, so go there. Mana Ruins ---------- You'll get a Pick Axe upon entering. For this class, you have a time limit in which you need to mine from three different spots. When you start, open up your map and check where these spots are. Now, go north, then head west when you see the stairs. Keep going on the path and you will find more stairs. Go up those stairs and keep going. When you find the fork, head east, then mine at the mining point. Now go back to the fork and this time head north. Keep heading north and when you reach the next area, head west immediately. Keep going west, then south when you finish going up the stairs. Keep going south and following the path and eventually you'll find another mining point. Mine there, and head to the next mining point. Now, head east, then north after the stairs. Keep heading north and you'll find a save point. From here, go west. Keep going west and you'll find a bridge. Cross it, and keep heading west. You'll see a fork in the road, keep heading west, then head south at the next fork. Keep going down the road and go to the west when you find some stairs. Keep going, and when you reach the next screen, go north. You'll eventually find the final mining spot. Mine there to end the class. If you got all three within the time limit, you should have an A. ------ WEEK 3 ------ This week you'll get the assignment Combat II Burst. You'll need to go to the Living Forest for this one. Living Forest ------------- Open up your map and you'll see the goal. THe path there is relatively straightforward. When you reach the goal, you'll fight a boss. _____________ |STONE WATCHER| |===================================================================== |The Stone Watcher isn't really that strong, especially for your | |purposes. All you really need to do is kill it during Burst Mode or | |do two Burst Modes. For most bosses this would be a feat, but since | |the stone watcher is weak against all elements, all you really need | |to do is throw some element attacks/items at it, then activate burst | |mode and throw everything you have at it, and repeat. It shouldn't be| |too difficult to win this battle. | ===================================================================== Use the Wings of Icarus to get out of the dungeon. Now go to the student affairs office to finish this assignment. ------ WEEK 4 ------ You get free time now. Use it to do character quests. ------ WEEK 5 ------ More free time. Use it to go through some character quests. ------ WEEK 6 ------ Free time again. ------ WEEK 7 ------ Go to the Classroom, then B-1 Classroom, then Campus Grounds. After the cutscene, go to the Auditorium. You'll fight two Qualified Students, who are complete jokes. Now go to the Campus Grounds. Grab a boatload of healing items, as you'll need them. Now go to the Mana Ruins, and when you reach the goal specified on your map, you'll fight a boss. _______________________ |RENEE & AZUREFLAME MANA| |===================================================================== |This is the first boss battle that's legitimately a challenge, so be | |prepared to throw everything you have at them. If she has it, Nikki's| |Decoy Shield attack will be immensely helpful, as will any healing | |spell Pamela can use. If Pamela has no healing spells, just rely on | |items and hope that they'll last you through the battle. Use chain | |attacks to build up your burst gauge, and when it is at max, go into | |Burst Mode and throw everything you have at them. Start with the Mana| |enemy since it'll go down faster, and once it does Renee becomes easy| |pickings for your party. | ===================================================================== If you used up a lot of healing items, get some more, then go to the Auditorium. ____________ |ROXIS & TONY| |===================================================================== |Man, what is with the game throwing these hard as hell boss battles | |at us one after the other? Anyway, attack Roxis first, as he can heal| |his party for a lot (which is annoying as hell and you'll want it out| |of the way ASAP), plus he deals a crapload of damage with his ice and| |stunning attacks. Tony is decently strong but he's completely lacking| |in any special skills, so he'll be a sitting duck when you get Roxis | |down for the count. | ===================================================================== With this you'll have finished the chapter. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 5. CHAPTER 5 [MKC05] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ------ WEEK 1 ------ You'll get an event cutscene, then the week will be over. ------ WEEK 2 ------ You'll get two new locations now: Millenium Tree and Dragon's Grave. Now go to the Student Affairs and take your next class, Naturology I Basics. For this class you need to get fruits from the Millenium Tree, and the rarer the fruit you get, the better your grade will be. Anyway, head out to the Millenium Tree for the next assignment. Millenium Tree -------------- Open up your map and make not of the goal. Go there for a cutscene. Now, open your map again and you'll see where the gather points are. Head west, and keep going. When you see a fork, ignore the north path and go the other way. Keep going west until you get to the next area. When you reach a fork, go west and you'll find a gather point. Wait until night to get the Night-in-grapes. Now go back to the last fork and take the other path, and eventually you'll reach a ladder. Climb it, then go up the north path on the next fork for a Sledgehammer for Nikki. Now, go the other path for the fork to the next area. Now, head east past the first fork, then ignore the south path for the next fork, and keep going along the path until you get to the next screen. Here you will find another gather point where you can get more night-in- grapes or Sunrise Oranges. Now use your Wings of Icarus to exit, then go to the student affairs to finish the assignment. ------ WEEK 3 ------ You have to choose between two courses here, Synthesis III Derivation or Combat III Chain. Personally, I chose Combat III Chain as I found combat to be much simpler, especially if you're not up to speed on item creation (like me). For the sake of completion, though, I will list both. The first one is Combat III Chain. Go to the Mana Ruins for the boss fight, and make sure you have lightning elemental items/spells. _____________ |STONE EMPEROR| |===================================================================== |The boss is weak against lightning, so either use Lightning Rods or | |lightning spells to fill your burst gauge. When it is full, start | |throwing chain attacks at it, and you'll probably beat it easily. | ===================================================================== Afterwards, go to the Student Affairs to end this class. The second assignment you can do is Synthesis III Derivation, which has you making a high grade healing potion. You can either listen to Jess (which is a decent suggestion) or you can just make an X-Heal (which is a guarantee for an A). You'll need a Taun, Lando, Grape/ Tangerine/Orange, and Black Liquid/Preservative, which are all rather easy to get at this point in the game. Synthesize it, and hopefully you have Flay's +30 E-Level ability on his card, because that'll help things along A LOT. You want 100 E-level on your item, so if Flay doesn't cut it, use Jess' +10 E-level ability to further boost it, and you should be golden. Go to the classroom to end the assignment. ------ WEEK 4 ------ You'll get some free time/detention now. Do some jobs or character quests right now. ------ WEEK 5 ------ More free time. ------ WEEK 6 ------ What do you know? Free time! ------ WEEK 7 ------ Cutscene. Then go to the Faculty Room. Now you want to go to Heaven's Road. To get there you need to go through Dragon's Grave. You'll want a LOT of healing items here because the boss is really tough. Dragon's Grave -------------- Go north, then keep going west until you find the Heaven's Road area. Here, keep heading west. At the fork, head north. You'll reach another fork, head east this time and keep going. At the next fork, ignore the western path, and keep going. Eventually you'll come to yet another fork with a ladder. Descend the ladder and keep going to the next screen. You'll find a save point. Save your game, then go north, then east, and then ascend the ladder to fight the boss. _______________ |GRANDWING DRAKE| |===================================================================== |This battle is difficult as hell. You can't damage the Drake until a | |story scene happens, so you'll have to wait. After that, he has a lot| |of HP for you to go through, and an attack called Flare Ray that can | |quite possibly kill your entire party in one hit. Thankfully, you'll | |see it coming, so when you do, defend so you won't be screwed over. | |The tutorial gives some advice about Variable Strike and Finishing | |Burst, so you'll want to try doing those in order to do more damage | |to the boss. You'll deplete possibly your entire healing item supply,| |but you'll eventually beat the boss. | ===================================================================== After the battle, follow the path and the cutscene will end this chapter. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 6. CHAPTER 6 [MKC06] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ------ WEEK 1 ------ Story cutscene. ------ WEEK 2 ------ Free time. ------ WEEK 3 ------ More free time. Build some character quests now. ------ WEEK 4 ------ Yet more free time. ------ WEEK 5 ------ Be sure to have a lot of healing items here, because you have a hard as hell boss fight coming up. Anyway, you'll have access to the Interior Heights of the Mana Ruins now, so just go there now. Mana Ruins - Interior heights ----------------------------- Open up your map to see where to go. Now, go south, and when you reach a fork ifnore the north path, and at the next fork go to the south one and keep going down the path. Eventually you'll get to some stairs, ascend them and go to the next area. At the next fork ifnore the west path and keep going. You'll find stairs in the next area, go up them and drop down to find a path to the next area. Keep going and eventually you'll find another fork. Go west here, and keep going west. After a while of walking you'll find a save point. Save your game. Keep heading west and you'll fight a boss. Well, three bosses. ____________________________ |RENEE, AZUREFLAME MANA, TONY| |===================================================================== |Possibly the hardest battle so far. In fact, this is the first battle| |where I actually died in the game. The two jackasses are tough, and | |that's not even considering that Renee summons ANOTHER AZUREFlAME | |MANA for this battle, which makes things even worse. All three now | |have skills (which they didn't have before, especially Tony), and you| |will have a tough time dealing with them. Like before, go after the | |mana first. Since they have no weaknesses use your chain attacks to | |build up your burst gauge, as well as variable attacks if you are | |able. When the Burst Gauge fills, unleash everything you have. If you| |are lucky you might be able to get off a finishing burst as well. | |Have Jess be the main healer, and never think twiceabout using curing| |items. Also, Nikki's Decoy Shield can help A LOT in this battle. Have| |her save her SP for it. Eventually you'll take down the Mana. After | |it's gone, go after Renee, then Tony. | ===================================================================== Go back to your workshop now to finish the chapter. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 7. CHAPTER 7 [MKC07] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ------ WEEK 1 ------ Story cutscene. ------ WEEK 2 ------ This week's class is Symbology I Basics. This has you going to the Wind's Corridor in order to go to the Abyss. Then you have to go to the deepest part of the Abyss for the best grade. Wind's Corridor --------------- Bring up your menu, and go to the goal marked by the "!" which will activate a cutscene, then allowing you to access the Abyss. Keep going along the path, then go east at the fork, then south at the next one, and west at the fork after that, and then south. Keep going to find a door and a cutscene will occur. Use the Wings of Icarus to escape from the dungeon, then go to Student Affairs to finish this class. ------ WEEK 3 ------ You'll have to do a class called Marathon Event this week, which is exactly what it sounds like; you just need to reach a spot in The Heights within a specific amount of time. When you go to the Heights, just open your map and look at where you're supposed to go. When you get to the goal, you'll have to fight two battles. The first is against two delinquent students, which are really easy. The second is a battle against Tony, Renee, and Azureflame Mana, which made me worry for a while, but they seem to have gotten WEAKER since last time. How is that possible? I don't know, but take a break whenever you can get it. ------ WEEK 4 ------ Free time. You have a few new jobs you can do now. ------ WEEK 5 ------ Free time. ------ WEEK 6 ------ More free time. ------ WEEK 7 ------ Now you need to find a partner for this event. I chose Jess, but I don't think there's much difference about who you choose. You need to catch a Tiger Blowfish, which is easy, you can just go to the same fishing spot back in Chapter 2 and fish one out. The second assignment is to make 'something huge,' which is the Huge Ring, the recipe for which you can find in your Workshop. Finally, you have to get a Black Muscat in the Wind's Corridor - Abyss. You were there for your last assignment, so go there and open up your map. Go to the goal point, and you'll have to fight four delinquent students. They're pretty easy. Once you finish, go back to the Auditorium and you'll finish the chapter. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 8. CHAPTER 8 [MKC08] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ------ WEEK 1 ------ Cutscene for the story. ------ WEEK 2 ------ You have a choice of four different classes to take this week, and they're all pretty easy. Synthesis VI Cooking -------------------- For this you want to make a red soup that the teacher 'will like.' The easiest way to achieve this is to use Nikki as a partner when you make the Red Soup so that the Ether Level will go down to zero. At that Ether Level you'll pass with flying colors, believe it or not. Combat IV Preservation ---------------------- To do this you'll want to go through the Mana Ruins Interior Heights without fighting an enemy. I'm not sure if killing an enemy with a slash on the map counts, so I just dodged all of them. Open up your map when you get to the dungeon and run straight for the goal. Synthesis V Application ----------------------- You need to make a 'neat' Teraflame. For this the Ether Level of the Teraflame needs to be pretty exact, I was able to get it at 15. Just use Nikki to reset it to 0, then Flay to get it up to 30, then use Pamela to get it down to 15. Alchemy History --------------- In this class, you need to go to the Wind Corridor, then go to the goal. While there you'll also want to get as many items as you can. I don't know how many items I got, but it was somewhere around 25-30 and I got an A. I'll keep count on my next playthrough of the game. ------ WEEK 3 ------ Choose one of the three classes you didn't take last week to do this week. ------ WEEK 4 ------ Free time. You have new jobs to do now. ------ WEEK 5 ------ Free time. ------ WEEK 6 ------ More free time. ------ WEEK 7 ------ Even more free time. These terms are pretty spaced out. I wish my school terms were this lenient. ------ WEEK 8 ------ Go to the faculty room for a cutscene. Now you need to go to the Old Schoolhouse's Closed Area. Go there. Old Schoolhouse - Closed Area ----------------------------- Keep going along the path and go east when you reach the fork. Keep going and when you reach the next fork go north to the next area. Go down the ladders. When you get to a fork, go east, and you'll find a save point. Save your game, then go to the stairs and you'll trigger a boss battle. _______ |CHIMERA| |===================================================================== |You don't have Vayne, so that makes this battle all the more | |difficult. The boss has a lot of HP and no weakness, plus it hits | |HARD. Use Nikki's Decoy Shield to keep yourself from taking too much.| |Use chain attacks to fill up your burst gauge, and hopefully you can | |get a Burst Finisher off. Make use of Chain attacks, and use your | |strongest attacks when in burst mode to deal the maximum amount of | |damage. It might take a while, but eventually you'll take down the | |Chimera and get a Moon Flower. | ===================================================================== Now go to the faculty room to end the chapter. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 9. CHAPTER 9 [MKC09] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ------ WEEK 1 ------ Story cutscene. ------ WEEK 2 ------ You now have to choose from a list of four classes. I didn't really find any of them easier than the rest, so I'll just list them and you can decide which one you want to do. Combat V Power -------------- You have to deal as much damage to your enemy as possible. The enemy is a dunkelknight, which is weak against fire. Throw some fire items to boost your burst gauge, and when it is full, throw everything you have at him. Hopefully you have the Burst Finisher ready, and if you do, use Vayne's Einzelkampf to deal massive damage to the enemy. You should be able to get an A by this method. Naturology II ------------- All you really need to do here is to go to each section of the Wind's Corridor - Abyss. While it might take a bit of time, it's in no way difficult in the least. Synthesis VII Equipment ----------------------- You need to find the items Flask, Synthesizer's Text, and Rusty Flask from the Resource Center. They are clearly marked on the map, so you should be able to locate them with little difficulty. Once you have them all, go to your workshop and make the Flask of Galileo, then go to the classroom to end the class. Synthesis VIII Attack --------------------- Make a few globes (you can get the recipe from "Twirly Thing" in the Student Store). Go to the clock tower and go to the goal. Use the globes you got to defeat the poltergeist. I forget how many are needed but I made 10 and that was enough. ------ WEEK 3 ------ Choose one of the three classes you didn't take last week to do this week. ------ WEEK 4 ------ Free time. You have new jobs to do now. ------ WEEK 5 ------ Free time. ------ WEEK 6 ------ More free time. ------ WEEK 7 ------ Free time. ------ WEEK 8 ------ Go to Mana Ruins - Bottom Center. Go south, then head east. Keep going east, and ignore the next fork. When you reach another fork, keep going and ignore the west path. Keep going east, then when you reach a fork, go west. You'll find a switch. Activate it, then go back to the fork and head east. WHen you hit a fork, go north. Ignore the west path on the next fork, and then head north. Keep going north and when you find a ledge to jump on, go onto it, then drop down to the lower part of the area. When you reach a fork, go south, and you'll find a save point. Now go east at the last fork and you'll have a cutscene, then a boss battle to contend with. ___________ |ZWEIS MONDE| |===================================================================== |Zweis Monde changes resistances depending on the little spirit on the| |sword. White means resistance to magic, black resists physical attack| |so you'll want to have Pamela in your party and use her Seeker spell | |to make them not resist anything. Now that they have lost their only | |true advantage, keep chain attacking and variable striking until your| |burst gauge is filled. Hopefully you can activate the finisher for | |some big damage. This boss isn't really too hard as long as you have | |a healthy supply of healing items. | ===================================================================== This ends the chapter. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 10. CHAPTER 10 [MKC10] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ------ WEEK 1 ------ Cutscene. ------ WEEK 2 ------ Free time. You have new jobs to do now. ------ WEEK 3 ------ Free time. ------ WEEK 4 ------ Free time. ------ WEEK 5 ------ Go to the faculty room to initiate a cutscene. Now you need to go to the Cave of Origin. Be prepared, as another tough boss fight is coming your way. Anyway, when you go in, keep going along the path. When you hit the fork, go north. Keep going along the path, and you'll find another fork. Go east and at the next fork, go south. When you find another fork, head east, then north to a save point. There will be a cutscene then a boss battle. ______ |ISOLDE| |===================================================================== |Isolde is strong as hell. Not only does she have resistance to | |lightning, not only does she have super high attack and defense, but | |she also makes it difficult to increase your burst gauge. First you | |want to use Pamela's Seeker, then start throwing everything you have | |at her. Jess' D-Support can heal your entire party if she's in the | |support group but it won't be enough to keep your party afloat; you | |will want to use healing items too. Your burst gauge will rise slowly| |but when it reaches max, use a Burst Finisher and attack Isolde with | |everything you have. It took me 3 burst finishes to defeat her. | ===================================================================== This will end the chapter. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 11. CHAPTER 11 [MKC11] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ------ WEEK 1 ------ Story cutscene ------ WEEK 2 ------ You'll need to do one of the following four classes: Combat VI Speed --------------- For this you'll have to fight a boss. The problem is after a few rounds of battle the boss will escape, denying you a grade. So what you want to do is unleash as much hell as you can on it before it does so. Put Vayne in the support party so you can use his Variable Strike. You'll want to focus on the Berserk Koalaria and ignore the other two. Since the boss is weak to fire, toss out some fire element weapons to charge your burst gauge. Using a burst finish after a variable strike should be enough to kill it outright. Combat VII Chain ---------------- Honestly I haven't really figured out how to do this yet. From what I can gather you have to get a 20-something hit chain attack. I got 26 or so hits and got an A, but I'm not sure what the lower limit is, so just try your best with this one. Symbology II ------------ You'll have to go into the Mana Ruins Bottom Center and find three items. They are marked by goal markers so you can find them easily. When you're finished you want to go back to the Classroom. You'll then be quizzed. Synthesis IX Application ------------------------ For this you want to make an Elixir of 100 Ether Level. You've already got the recipe from the last chapter, so you can make it now. You'll want to have your partners boost the E-level as much as you can. Use Jess, Flay, and Anna (in that order, because Anna's rising is percentage based while the other two give 10 and 30 respectively). This will get you 60 Ether Level, and the other 40 should be cake. ------ WEEK 3 ------ Choose one of the three classes you didn't take last week to do this week. ------ WEEK 4 ------ Free time. You have new jobs to do now. ------ WEEK 5 ------ Free time. ------ WEEK 6 ------ More free time. ------ WEEK 7 ------ Free time again. ------ WEEK 8 ------ Now you want to go to the Unorganized Zone. You can get to it through the Resource Center. Unorganized Zone ---------------- The way here is relatively straightforward. When you find the first fork, ignore the east path, and keep going. The path forward is completely straight now, and eventually you'll come to a save point. Save your game, then keep going, and you'll fight... Isolde. Again. ______ |ISOLDE| |===================================================================== |Isolde uses much the same tactics she did last time, but she's gained| |a few new tricks. They're nothing to worry about though, and she's | |actually easier now despite being stronger, because your growth is | |much more. The same tactics you did last time should suffice. | ===================================================================== This ends the chapter. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 12. CHAPTER 12 [MKC12] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Everything in this chapter happens in 1 week. So if you have everything done right now, just head to the classroom, then the faculty room, then the workshop, then campus grounds for some cutscenes. You now have access to Heart's Prison. Be warned that you may need to come back to campus sythesize items. Heart's Prison -------------- Keep going along the path, and then go west. When you hit a fork, ignore the south branch and keep going west. When you see another fork, ignore the north path and keep going, and you'll enter a boss fight with .... ____________________________ |RENEE, TONY, AZUREFLAME MANA| |===================================================================== |God, do these three ever give up? Try to silence Renee at the start | |of the battle. As always, go after the mana, then Renee, then Tony. | |They have a few new attacks (including one really annoying one called| |Path of Evil), but they're not that tough anymore. Nikki's Decoy | |shield is, again, a boon in this battle. Use Variable Strike, and | |Burst Finishers to defeat them as quickly as possible. | ===================================================================== You'll find that you can access another portion of the dungeon now. From the entrance, keep going and you'll find a ladder. Go down it, then go to the north when you're at the next area. When you reach a fork again, go east, and another boss awaits you. _______________ |GRANDWING DRAKE| |===================================================================== |Again, pay attention to Flare Ray, because that thing is nasty. He's | |grown stronger, but other than that he boasts nothing new and your | |current team should be more than enough to defeat him. | ===================================================================== You'll find another portion of the dungeon has opened up now. Go there and keep going north. Go up the stairs, head east, and jump onto the ledge nearby. You can now drop down to the lower area. When you see a fork again, go east, and you'll fight another boss. ___________ |ZWEIS MONDE| |===================================================================== |What's with this game throwing old bosses at us? Are we suddenly | |playing Megaman now? Anyway, Zweis Monde part Deux isn't that tough. | |She's stronger than before, but there's nothing that can really take | |you by surprise now, so you should be able to thrash her easily. | ===================================================================== Go back to the entrance and you'll find that there are platforms you can ride. Go to the lower one, and go onto the path. Keep going until you reach a save point. Save your game and keep going. When you reach a fork, go west. When you reach another fork, ignore the west path and keep going. Go south, then west, and jump on the platform to the south and when you reach a fork, ignore the east path. Keep going and when you reach a split, ignore the southern branch and keep going. You'll eventually reach some stairs. Keep going up and you'll find a save point. Save your game, and get on the platform. ________________ |FINAL BOSS ... ?| |===================================================================== |He's not very hard if you know what you're doing. His HP is rather | |high, but other than that his stats aren't too great for you to over-| |come, as long as you have a healthy supply of healing items. Keep | |attacking, and your usual fallback attacks will be good enough. | ===================================================================== Now, if you have completed any character quests, you'll move on to another battle. If not, you'll see the Bad Ending. __________ |CRAZED EYE| |===================================================================== |I have to say, an evil eye is slightly above the hilarity ratio for | |EVIL TREE found in Final Fantasy V. Just sayin' ... anyway, you'll | |want to place Vayne in Support so he can use Variable Strike. The | |boss can summon shadow versions of your characters as well as some | |normal enemies to attack you. Don't bother trying to fight them off, | |as the boss seems to have an infinite supply line of these clones. | |Use chain attacks and variable strike to begin the battle, and when | |the burst gauge fills, smash the boss with everthing you have, and | |use a finisher. You'll want to have characters with good D-support | |skills to help you along (Jess is good, as always, as support). And | |also, don't hesitate to use any and all items you have since this is | |the final battle. With your levels and items now, this battle should | |be decently challenging, but you should be able to overcome it. | ===================================================================== Congrats, you've beaten Mana Khemia! Enjoy the ending. ======================================================================= IV. VERSION HISTORY [MKVer] ======================================================================= +++ 1.0 +++ -First Version -Walkthrough finished ======================================================================= V. CREDITS [MKCre] ======================================================================= -GameFAQs, for making this site, which I use a lot.</p>