Date: Sun, 05 Jul 1998 14:48:25 -0500 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night FAQ Sony PlayStation Version 1.0 Made by Cloud Edge E-Mail: Page: Cloud Edge's Castlevania: Symphony of the Night FAQ This is the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night FAQ. This copyright belongs to me and may not reproduced in any way without consent of me. This is freely distributed as long as the copyright remains. You may use this Strategy Guide or parts of it, but give me full credit where it is due. If you would like to help me with this Strategy Guide, or need to clear something up with me, E-Mail me at I would really appreciate your help if you can give it to me. If you see any mistakes that you wish for me to clear up, also mail me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.0 - I just started out, made Richter's moves, Spell List, Frequently asked questions, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You start out in the prologue as Richter Belmont, son of Trevor Belmont, who fought along side Alucard in defeating of his father, Vlad Tepes Dracula. Richter's Moves: Slide: Down + X. Super Uppercut Jump: Down, Up + X. Fire Whip: If you have no secondary weapon, push Triangle. Black Flip: X, then X again (in the air). Slide Kick: Down, X, then X again during the slide. Blade Attack: Up, Down to Forward, Up + Square. Dash: Tap forward twice. In the beginning, there is a small switch above the first overhang. This leads up to a small room with various treasures. Although this room is useless right now, it's good to remember when you come back here as Alucard. Note: When you play as Richter, you can't press the Start button to bring up the menu. Thus, Richter cannot equip things or use items. ------------------------- Spells for Alucard: ------------------------- Hellfire: (MP: 15) Up, Down, Down-Right, Right + Square. Summon Spirit: (MP: 5) Left, Right, Up, Down + Square. Soul Steal: (MP: 50) Left, Right, Down-Right, Down, Down-Left, Left, Right + Square. Dark Metamorphosis (MP: 10) Left, Up-Left, Up, Up-Right, Right + Square. Tetra Spirits: (MP: 20) Hold up for 2 seconds, then Up-Right, Right, Down-Right, Down + Square. Wolf Charge: (MP: 10 -You must have "Skill of Wolf" and be in Wolf form.) Down, Down-Right, Right + Square. Sword Brothers: (MP: 30, must have Sword Familiar) Down, Down-Right, Right, Up-Right, Hold Up for 2 seconds, then Down + Square. Wing Smash: (MP: 8, must be in Bat form) Hold X, Up, Up-Left, Left, Down-Left, Down, Down-Right, Right and release X. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Things You Can Do Once You Can Double Jump: ------------------------------------------------------------------ -Visit the clock face in the Marble Gallery to check two of the three passages above the clock. The left one leads you to the Colosseum, where you can get the Bat form item. -Smash the urn inside the door between the Marble Gallery and the Outer wall. -Visit the Save Point and the second half of the library. (With Soul of the Bat) ------------------------------------------------- This You Can Do Once You Can Fly: ------------------------------------------------- -Explore the enterance courtyand outside the castle. -Fly under the door between the Entry Hall and the Marble Gallery. -Fly up to the pool room of the Entry Hall and go through the passage to the Save Point. -Go to the Alchemy Lab and up through a hole to a barrage of secondary weapons. -Go to the upper-right passage after beating the boss in the Alchemy Lab. -Get the urns across the Chapel staircase. -Fly up the drop to the Groundwater Vein and into Nightmare. -Get the candles along the boatman's ride in the Groundwater Vein. -Check the room across the waterfall in the Groundwater Vein. -Fly around in the area above the broken bridge and go in between each column on the top. -Go through the area above the Chapel's staircase. -Follow the passage from Orlox's quarters to the courtyand, and to Orlox. -An open space in Castle Keep. -The secret rooms in Orlox's Room and the Colosseum. -The upper platform in the library. ------------------------------------------------------------- Things You Can Do Once You Get Mist Form: ------------------------------------------------------------- -Go through the door above the Observation Deck at the bottom of the Outer Wall. -Go into the room left of the Colosseum boss room. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Things You Can Do With The High Jump Boots: ----------------------------------------------------------------- -Go to the small room directly beneath the Librarian and do the High Jump maneuver. (Down, Up + X) to get the Life Max Up bonus under his chair. --------------------------------------- Frequently Asked Questions: --------------------------------------- Question: Is the USA version different than the import? Answer: No, as far as I can tell, it's all the same, except for two minor things. The Fairy 2 Card and the Demon 2 Card were not included in the USA version for one reason or the other. As far as I have seen, those familiars don't do much anything different than their original familiar counterparts, Fairy and Demon. Question: What is the highest possible percent to get with Alucard? Answer: The highest Iíve gotten and seen is 200.6%. For this 200.6%, I have 1890 rooms uncovered and Iíve seen every enemy in the entire game. Iíve never seen evidence of someone getting over 200.6% with more than 1890 rooms visited. *Note: Using a glitch, I have managed to get 210.1%! To do this glitch, you must first go to the normal castle's confessional, at the bottom of the bell tower. Here, turn your Sword Familiar card on and get ready to do the Bat transformation. Stand over to the left enterance, and do the "Sword Brothers" spell with the Sword Familiar. When the sword is spinning around, use the Bat form and go outside of the enterance. The screen will not change as normal, and you can fly around outside of the castle! You can also do this in the Inverted Castle as well. Question: How can I play as Richter Belmont? Answer: To play as Richter Belmont, you need to beat Dracula in the Inverted Castle with Alucard with at least 170%. After youíve beat Dracula with at least 170%, your game save on your slot should say "Clear". Now, start a new game, and enter your name as "Richter". Question: Is it ever possible to get outside of the Castle? Answer: Yes, but only with RichterÖ at the VERY start of the game, where Richter starts out beside the gate that closes to the castle, dash or do his slide move immediately to the left, and you can sometimes get out before the gate closes. Once youíre outside, there are a few very weird places, and a save point. Once youíre outside though, you canít get back in, but this is fun to try. Question: How do I get the Spikebuster Armor? Answer: To get the Spikebuster Armor, you must first go into the Catacombs. To get here, you must go to the groundwater vein right above a wooden platform with both a Life and Heart Max Up right below. Move over to the left slowly, and you will find an ape with a barrel. Lure the ape slowly over to the wooden plank by walking, and when heís close, close the gap between him and the plank, and heíll throw the barrel right over you, hopefully breaking the wood. Go down, and youíll eventually right your way around and to the Spikebuster Armor, which is on the right side of the Catacombs, around a twist. Question: How do I get to the Inverted Castle? When I beat Richter, I just get a crappy ending. Answer: To get to the Inverted Castle, you need to get the Green Goggles (Holy Glasses) from Maria. To do this, you need the Gold and Silver Rings. You can acquire the Gold Ring after you beat Succubus in the Nightmare area, and you can get the Silver Ring after getting the Spikebuster Armor (See above). Now, go into the Clock room where you first met Maria, wearing both of these rings. The floor will open, and you will go down to see Maria again, she will give you the Green Goggles. Now, go fight Richter again, but this time, youíll see an orb floating above Richterís head. Keep attacking only the orb, and you will release Shaft from Richterís mind. Alucard will then venture into a whole new castle-The Inverted Castle. Question: Where is the Mist form? Answer: To get the Mist form, you must first get into the Coliseum. When you're there, go up and around a red elevator shaft platform. Once on top of it, do a double jump over to the Mist form, without touching the switch. If you touch the switch, the bottom will open, making it harder to grab the Mist form. Question: What regular enemy gives you the most experience points? Answer: Guardians, the Yellow Knights to the left or the right of the Inverted Castle clock room, give about 2000 experience points per fight. This is a great way to gain levels, you can gain a few levels in a matter of minutes. I found it especially easy to beat them with the Alucard sword, using itís special attack (Down, Down-Right, Right + Square). Question: Where is the best place to level my familiars up? Answer: Iíve found the best place to raising familiar levels to be in the Inverted Castle Library. Most of the enemies here give around 25 experience points each battle. This is a good way to get most of your familiars up to level 50, where most of them gain special attacks. Question: What is the best equipment in the game? Answer: Well, this is a very opinionated question, but Iíve found my favorite combo of equipment to be: Alucard Sword, Alucard Shield, Dragon Helm, Alucard Mail, Twilight Cloak, Moonlight Stone, Many people like the Sword Familiar Sword, because it's more powerful than the Alucard Sword, but it hits much slower, so I prefer the Alucard Sword. Also, an Excellent Two-Handed Sword is the Yurasame, which can be gotten from the Werewolves in the Coliseum of the Inverted Castle. It makes many slices as fast as you can push the button. Also, a VERY important piece of equipment, the Duplicator, can be bought from the librarian in the normal castle later in the game. This Duplicates any item you use, making you have infinite of that item! Question: Is there anything to do with the Telescope on the bottom of the Outer Wall? Answer: Well, after you get the Snorkel (Holy Symbol), the fish is goneÖ maybe itís trying to tell you that you need the mermaid to summon the boatman. There is a strange thing that happens in this room, though... if you use the Wolf form, and crash into the wall on the right, it makes a weird noise, unlike crashing into other walls. I have no idea of what this has to do with anything, but it's interesting. Question: Help! Iím in the Inverted Castle, and the Gold and Silver Rings wonít open the way to Dracula! What do I need to do? Answer: You can pretty much forget about the Gold and Silver Rings after the normal castle, because they arenít used to get to Dracula in the Inverted Castle. What you need to collect in this castle are Draculaís body parts. Theyíre scattered around the castle after you beat various bosses. Question: Where are these Fairy and Demon 2 Cards Iíve been hearing about?! Answer: The Fairy 2 Card and Demon 2 Card were taken out of the North American version, for reasons I cannot say. Ask Konami. It doesn't really matter, though, because as far as I could tell, the Fairy 2 Card and Demon 2 card were exactly like the first, except for the fact that the Demon 2 couldn't open switches that the Demon 1 could. Question: Is there ANY way I can see these other familiars in the North American version of the game? Answer: With the use of some special GameShark codes, look in the GameShark section of this FAQ. Question: Where is the Sword Familiar? Answer: You have to break through a section of Orlox's Quarters, using either the Bible, or something that hits the whole room. You can also jump up and hit it. This is located in a room with a white arch at the top, and nothing else. Question: How do I get Maria? Answer: Maria was going to be put in the game, but was cut back, due to time restraints. Konami says that they plan to put Maria in the Saturn version of this game, but I doubt that the Saturn version will come to North America. However, I have found out that Maria's voice tracks are permenantly stored in the game's RAM, confirming that she was going to be playable. ------------------------- GameShark Codes: ------------------------- These codes work on both the import and USA version of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Alteration Codes ----------------------- Max Attack: 800F4BF6 1400 Max Guard: 800F504E 1400 Max Hit Points: 80097BA0 270F 80097BA4 2704 Max Magic Points: 80097BB0 270F 80097BB4 270F Max Hearts: 80097BA8 270F 80097BAC 270F Max Strength: 80097BB8 03E7 Max Constitution: 80097BBC 03E7 Max Intelligence: 80097BC0 03E7 Max Luck: 80097BC4 03E7 Max Experience: 80097BEC 423F 80097BEE 000F Max Gold: 80097BF2 0FFF Special Weapon Select Codes ---------------------------------------- Special Weapon Select: 80097BFC 000x Replace x with: 1: Dagger 2: Axe 3: Holy Water 4: Cross 5: Bible 6: Watch 7: Diamond 8: Bibuti 9: Agunea (This is the Lightning weapon) Familiar Select Codes ---------------------------- Familiar Select Code: 8006CBC4 000x Replace x with: 1: Bat 2: Ghost 3: Fairy 4: Demon 5: Sword 6: Fairy 2 (Not available regularly in USA version without GameShark) 7: Demon 2 (Not available regularly in USA version without GameShark) Simple Codes for Alucard and Richter -------------------------------------------------- Infinite Hearts: 80097BA8 00FF Infinite Magic: 80097BB0 00E0 Infinite Life: 80097BA0 0050 Special Items Codes --------------------------- All Special Items: 80097982 8180 80097984 8382 80097986 8584 80097988 8786 80097964 0303 80097966 0303 80097968 0303 8009796A 0303 8009796C 0303 8009796E 0303 80097970 0303 80097972 0303 80097974 0303 80097976 0303 80097978 0303 8009797A 0303 8009797C 0303 8009797E 0303 80097980 0303</p>