Version 1.3 4/19/09 DDDDD DDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDD DDDDDD DDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDDD DD DDDDDDDDDDD DD DDDDDDDDDDDD DD DDDDDDDDDDDDD DD D DDDDDDDDDDD DD DDDDDDDDDDDD DD D DDDDDDDDDDD D DD DDDDDDDDDDDDD D D DDDDDDDDDDDDD D DDDDDDDDDDDDDD DD DDDDDDDDDDDDDD DD DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDDDDDD DDD DDDD DDD DDDD DDDD DDDD DDD DDDD DDD DDD DD DDD DD DD D DD D D DD D DDD DD DD DD D DD D Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek Walkthrough A Walkthrough by Michael Gray AKA The Lost Gamer ( Videogame humor: Copyright 2009 Table of Contents: 001. General information 002. Video Guide 003. Pieces of Photo 004. Walkthrough 005. Credits 001-General Information ----------------------------------------------------------- This is a walkthrough for the Wii game called Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. If you want to contact me, e-mail, but make the subject something like "Nancy Drew White Wolf" (or just leave it blank) so I know it's not spam mail. If you'd like to put this guide on your website, you should ask permission first. 002-Video Guide ----------------------------------------------------------- Hey! Want to see how to beat the game instead of reading about it? I've got a video of me playing and beating this game. You can see it at... 003-Pieces of Photo ----------------------------------------------------------- The Wii version of this game comes with a fancy "find all the photo pieces scattered throughout this game" challenge. Here are the locations of the various photo pieces. You might want to turn on "twinkle", under game options, which lets the pieces of photo (as well as everything else you can pick up) twinkle so they're easier to spot. 1. Fireplace on second floor 2. With Elsa's crumpled notes in the closet where you get the laundry bag 3. When you're going to the basement, on top of one of the things to the left. 4. When you go out the front door, turn right and it's on the gray walkway. 5. Avalanche Ridge – when you see the sign, it's on the right- hand side. 6. At the foot of the stairs outside of the Lodge. Oddly, you can see it if you're a step away from the stairs, but if you're right next to them, you can't see it at all. 7. In the crater past Avalanche Ridge 8. When you're approaching the house beyond Avalanche Ridge, it's inside the path that the wolf uses to get into the house. 9. Inside the house on Avalanche Ridge. As soon as you enter the door, it's on the left-hand side of the screen. 10. On the desk in the house past Avalanche Ridge. 11. On a crate, when you're looking at the base of the ladder in the green mines. 12. In the green mines, past the rope that Isis must pull 13. In the basement, when you're going between the shelves and looking at the red radiator, it's on the ground on the left. 14. Open the sauna door, and it's on the left hand side. 15. When you're looking at the Trapper Dan wall display, it's on the bottom/left part of the desk. 16. On the walkway to the blown-up bunkhouse, on the left. 17. At the skating pond, near the pile of cones. 18. In the entranceway to the lodge, look out at the windows. If anyone can help me find the last piece of photo, the one which contains the face of the man in the picture, please let me know. 004-Walkthrough ----------------------------------------------------------- When the game starts, you can read the case file to see what the story to the game is. You can click "How to Be a Detective" to learn about controls, too. To start the game, click on the plane ticket and choose either senior or junior detective. The game is identical in both modes, but the puzzles in junior mode are slightly easier. The game starts with Nancy in the car with Ollie. Nancy was asked to come to Icicle Creek Lodge in Canada to solve the mystery behind all the accidents that have happened there. Ollie is the acting head of the hotel, while the real owner (Chantal Moique) is in Edmonton. Apparently, the hotel is being plagued by wolf sightings. Whenever the wolf howls, bad things happen. The wolf howls while they're driving, and BOOM! The bunkhouse explodes. The game skips to later on, when Nancy and Ollie tell Chantal about the explosion (over the phone). Chantal says that Nancy can go undercover as her maid and cook. Then the game begins. Get up, then turn around. On the desk next to Nancy's bed is her master key to all the rooms, as well as a list of maid duties. It looks like a lot of work, but it's actually simple. Leave the room and turn left. Go down the stairs to the main floor of the lodge, then turn left again. Go forward and left to the receptionist desk. Here, you can use the phone to call people, but no one picks up this early in the game. You can use the computer, too, but it's rather useless. Instead, you want to open the closet on the right. Inside it is a laundry bag for your maid duties. You should also read the three crumpled-up letters to learn that Elsa, the old maid, was having major boyfriend problems. Elsa also crumpled up her resignation letter, which is under the desk the computer is sitting on. Read that to learn what Elsa's phone number is, so you can call her later. Head back upstairs. All the rooms with guests in them have a tag hanging from the handle. This tag means the room needs cleaning. Go inside each room, and walk up to the bed. Make the bed by pressing A while holding your cursor over it. Also, each room has a towel rack next to the door. Go to the towel rack and pick up the towels. Some of the rooms have things you can look at. For example, Guadalupe's room has a magazine to read. Bill Kessler's room has books to look at. The fun abounds. Once you've cleaned all the rooms, head to the end of the hall that leads to the stairs. On the wall here is a laundry chute. Put the laundry bag down the chute. You can also go to the bathroom if you want to, but do you really want to? Okay, so now it's time to meet the people in the Lodge! Go downstairs and turn right. Examine the wall of photos (AKA the Trapper Dan display), and note that some photos are missing. Also missing is the Rex bone from the display case at the bottom of the wall. Interesting... Turn left. Guadalupe will be at the window, looking for birds, unless she's not. Talk to her for a bit. Then head right. Sitting in a booth across from the fire are Lou Talbot and Bill Kessler. Talk to them to get a chore--Bill wants you to clean off the skating pond. Time Schedule: Guadalupe: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM, 1:15-2:45, 4:15-6:00, 9:00- 12:00 Bill and Lou: 8:30-12:00 AM, 4:00-6:00 PM, 7:00-10:00 Bill alone: 2:30-4:00 PM Ollie: 6:00-7:00 AM, 1:15-6:00 PM, 7:15-9:00 Yanni: 8:30 AM–12:00 PM, 7:15-9:00 PM Move along through this area, and head back to the stairs. In between the stairs and the Trapper Dan display, right next to the stairs, are stairs to the basement. In the basement, you can go all the way forward, then all the way left to meet Yanni, the skiing champion from Fredonia. You can take a left at Yanni, then go forward all the way to see the sauna. Left of the sauna is Ollie. When you finish talking to everyone, you can go outside, or go make phone calls to various people, such as Tino Balducci (who gives Nancy hints), Chantal, Ned Nickerson (Nancy's boyfriend, and all the various people who were at the lodge, but left, such as Carl Jenkins, the Farthingdales, and Elsa. You can get Elsa to confess that the wolf did not attack her car tires by confronting her about her boyfriend problems. Exploring Outside for the First Time ------------------------------------ Here's a map of the area outside the lodge. The D is the door you go in and out of. It faces the reception desk inside the lodge. Trapper Dan's Needle Skating Pond \ _D_____/ | | Bunkhouse | Lodge |----Freddie / |_______| \/ / | \ / | Icicle Lake Skookum | Ridge Avalanche Ridge There's a heat meter at the top of the screen. If you're outside too long, Nancy freezes. Don't forget, Nancy has cooking duty at 12:00 to 1:00 PM, 6:00- 7:00 PM, and 7:00-8:15 AM. So when you go exploring, don't forget you have to return whenever one of those time frames passes. I'll explain all the various things you can do the first time you explore, then I'll explain cooking. You can check out Trapper Dan's Needle to see a piece of fabric stuck in it. That must mean there's something inside the needle, but Nancy can't figure out how to get in quite yet. Freddie is Ollie's daughter, AKA the Ice Princess. When you visit her territory, she challenges you to a snowball fight. Move the cursor over her and press A. Then move the Wii-mote like you're throwing a snowball. You can be hardcore and swing your entire arm, or just flick your wrist like a lazy bum, by pointing the Wii-mote up, then forward to make the game think you swung your whole arm. If you hit Freddie ten times before she hits you ten times, she lets you pass. You should beat her twice, so you can get a letter from her the next time you enter the lodge. When you pass Freddie, you can go to the lake, which is useless at this point in the game. Instead, go the bunkhouse and notice the alarm clock. This lets Nancy call the Sheriff and talk about the bunkhouse explosion. And...that's it. At the Skating Pond, you have a minesweeperesque game. Your goal is to find all the holes in the pond and put cones over them. When you shovel snow off a square, that square is a certain color. The color tells you how many of the eight squares touching it have holes. For example, for square X: ddddddd ddOOOdd ddOXOdd ddOOOdd ddddddd The color of square X tells you how many holes there are in the O squares. It tells you nothing about the d squares. You'll be grateful for the squares with no holes surrounding it, because that lets you clear off all eight squares around it with no fear. You have to use this to figure out where the holes in the ice are. Guesswork is involved to some degree, but logic helps a lot. For example, say you have a setup like this... f10 e20 d30 cba20 22110 00000 In this diagram, the numbers are the number of surrounding holes, while letters are unknown. See the bottom/right 1? All the spaces around it are not holes, and the "a" is unknown. That means the "a" HAS to be a hole, in order for the bottom/right 1 to be a 1. Because "a" is a hole, that is enough for the 1 directly under the "a". This means that "b" has to NOT be a hole. If it was, the spot under "a" would be a 2. And since "a" is a hole, but "b" is not, "c" has to be a hole, otherwise the 2 under "b" would not be a 2. Likewise, "d" has to be a hole, otherwise the 2 right of "a" would not be a 2. "a", "d", and "e" all have to be holes, or else the 3 right of "d" wouldn't be a 3. See how there are only three unknown spaces next to the three? These are the only three spaces that can have holes, so that means all three must have holes. Because "e" is a hole, the 1 right of "f" is accounted for. That means "f" must NOT be a hole. Okay, that's the end of my example. See? Use logic like that to solve the puzzle. And if you're too lazy, you can always look up the four solutions on the Gameboomers walkthrough for this game. Once you shovel off the pond, Nancy sees wolf tracks on the far side. Follow them to reach Trapper Dan's Needle. Now you can follow the tracks from Trapper Dan's Needle to reach a new area. This new area is Chicken Ridge. Go through it, and a bomb goes off. This causes an avalanche! Nancy gets trapped in the snow, but she's soon saved by...the wolf?! Once Nancy is saved, you can go from Chicken Ridge to Trapper Dan's Needle. You can explore the explosion area on the way. Once you're at Trapper Dan's Needle, you can reach the lodge by taking the icy path, like normal. Cooking ------- Okay, that's everything you can do while exploring the first time. Once you're finished exploring, it's probably time to cook. The door to the kitchen is found by walking up to Trapper Dan's display, then turning right. Go forward to the door to the kitchen. Whenever you cook, you start off by finding ingredients. Cooking for breakfast: Milk is inside the door to the fridge, on the bottom shelf. Bread is in the bread box (shocker!). Eggs are inside the fridge door, just above the milk. Cooking Spray is on the shelf right of the cabinets. Ceramic Pan is in the cabinet, on the top shelf. Whisk is hanging upside-down next to the spatula, meat mallet, spoon, etc. Powdered Sugar is in the cabinet, on the bottom shelf. Start off with the cooking spray. Coat the pans with cooking spray by moving the Wii-mote around in a circle. Then break the eggs by moving the Wii-mote down quickly, but not TOO quickly, or the egg breaks. Fill the milk by tilting the Wii-mote to the side, and whisk the eggs by moving the Wii-mote in a counter- clockwise circle. Pick up bread by pressing A+B. Put bread in the eggs and let it soak until the timer turns green. Then put the bread on a pan. When the timer turns green, grab the pan handle and flip the pan by pointing the Wii-mote upwards. Once the timer turns green again, put the cooked French Toast onto a plate. Cut it by moving the Wii-mote down, and coat it with powdered sugar by shaking the Wii-mote up and down. Cooking for lunch: Tortillas are directly below the right cabinet. Peppers are left of the sink. Plates are on the left part of the shelf left of the cabinets. Cooking spray is on the shelf right of the cabinets. Cheese is in the middle shelf of the fridge. Tomatoes are on the bottom shelf on the fridge door. Coat the pans with cooking spray by moving the Wii-mote around in a circle. Shred cheese by moving the Wii-mote left and right. Chop peppers by moving the Wii-mote up and down, and cut tomatoes by moving the Wii-mote down, then left and right (to be honest, I've found that moving just up and down works fine). Pick up a tortilla by pressing A and B. Move it to a pan. A timer appears above the tortilla. Quickly, using A + B to pick up items, put cheese, then tomato, then peppers on the tortilla. Then put another tortilla on top of the first one. If you're not fast enough (ie. When the timer fills up all the way past green), the timer turns red and the food burns. You want to do everything in the previous paragraph before the timer turns red. Once you get the second tortilla on top of the first, grab the pan handle with A+B, then move your Wii-mote up to flip the tortilla. Then wait for the timer to turn green, and once it does, pick up the quesadilla and put it on a plate. Chop the quesadilla just like the tomatoes, then make a second quesadilla. That's it for lunch! Cooking for dinner: Steak is in the fridge, on the bottom shelf. Steak Sauce is on the second shelf on the back of the fridge door. Corn is on the second shelf of the back of the fridge door. Butcher Knife is in the knife drawer near the sink. Meat Mallet is hanging upside-down next to the spatula, whisk, spoon, etc. Ceramic Pan is in the cabinet, on the top shelf. Start by picking up the meat. Tenderize it by moving the Wii- mote up and down. Then cut the meat by tilting your Wii-mote down three times. Fill the sauce to the line by twisting the Wii-mote to the left. Then pick up the corn. Shuck it by tilting the Wii-mote down, and cut it by doing the same thing. Now you want to cook the meat. Pick a thing of steak up by pressing A+B, then drop it in the steak sauce. Watch the timer appear, and when it turns green, pick up the meat and drop it on the grill. Once the timer turns green again, put it on a plate. Repeat this process three times. You want to do the same thing for the corn. Press A+B to pick up the corn and put it on the grill. Once the timer turns green, put the corn on a plate. Do this for all four pieces of corn. Back from Exploring Outside --------------------------- When you're done with all the various things you can do the first time you go out exploring (see the previous section for more details on that), there are a few things to do. First, call the Avalanche Patrol and tell them about the avalanche at Chicken Ridge. They tell you that Ollie is on the Avalanche Patrol. Second, read the letter from Freddie that you get if you fought her a few times (this letter is in the entryway of the lodge). In it, Freddie says she'll tell you her secret to being outside in the cold. After reading the letter, every time you beat Freddie, she gives you a toasty pack. That's an item you can use outside to keep warm in the cold. Great! Third, you need to tell Bill Kessler and Lou Talbot that you cleaned off the skating pond for them. Bill gives you another chore--a fishing competition. Fourth, you have to talk to Ollie, in order to relay a message from the Avalanche Patrol. Ollie wants you to check Skookum Ridge for avalanches for him. Okay! So, do those four things inside after doing all the exploring outside. This gives you three more things to do while exploring outside. Exploring Outside Again ----------------------- The first thing is to go to Skookum Ridge. Head to that area by going to the appropriate corner of lodge property, and hopping on the snowmobile. You get a simple mini-game. Press A to use the snowmobile, and use the Wii-mote to aim it. You want to go up, through the woods, without hitting anything. You can tap A instead of holding it down so Nancy drives slower, thus making it easier. Just be careful while driving, and you'll do fine. Once you reach Skookum Ridge, you see that it's avalanche-free. Turn around and drive all the way back to the lodge. The second/third things to do outside are going to Icicle Lake to do ice fishing, like Bill Kessler asked you to. In order to get there, you have to pass Freddie. Beat Freddie at a snowball fight, and she gives you a toasty pack (provided you got her letter inside the lodge, which you get when you beat her twice at snowball fights). That's the second thing you have to do outside. Continue on to the third thing, by going to Icicle Lake. Enter the warm cabin, which is wrecked. Oh no! Grab the flyer that the saboteur left, then head back to the lodge. Back at the Lodge ----------------- So once you're finished with exploring outside for the second time, you have three things you have to do inside. First, call the Avalanche Patrol to tell them that Skookum Ridge had no avalanches. Second, call the number on the bird flyer that was left in the ruined ice fishing shack. The number belongs to a nonprofit nature conservation group. If you confront Guadalupe, she admits she's a member of the group. Third, tell Ollie that the ice fishing shack was trashed. He gives you his ice fishing gear so you can fish. Oh, joy. Around this time, Ollie kicks Guadalupe out of the lodge. Nancy overhears this after she uses the alarm clock in her room to skip ahead in time. Once this happens, Nancy will find a note from Guadlupe in the entryway. Guadalupe leaves her phone number, so you can call and talk to her about being an environmentalist who wants to protect the wolf. Fishing Fun ----------- Go to Icicle Lake and enter the solar-heated house. Fishing time. There's a trick to catching a two-foot Northern Pike, and that's using the right bait: a yellow fish. Choose a worm as bait, and use it to catch a yellow fish. Now you can use yellow fish as bait to catch the Northern Pike. That's the long blue/gray fish. Beware of logs and sturgeons, as they break your line. Keep trying to catch the fish (sometimes, this takes a LONG time), and eventually you get it. Once you do, leave the ice fishing shack and...WOAH! Someone throws an ice ball at Nancy, and she gets knocked unconscious. She wakes up to find that the ice fishing shack has been blown up, and she's trapped on the broken lake without a jacket. Fortunately, the White Wolf shows up with a jacket. Boy, that wolf is a real lifesaver! You get a Wii-exclusive puzzle at this point in the game. Balance your Wii-mote to avoid having Nancy fall in the water. When you're balanced perfectly, the ice floe turns green. When this happens, press A or 2 in order to jump. Jump from ice floe to ice floe to reach the shore. If you take too long, Nancy freezes. If you don't balance well enough, she falls into the water and drowns. Once you get across, Nancy finds a piece of paper in the coat. It's a simple number mirror puzzle, with two sevens back-to-back touching each other, two ones back-to-back touching each other, and so on. In Junior Mode, it's 6512, and in Senior Mode, it's 7914. Nancy decides to follow the wolf tracks and see where they lead. They lead you to Avalanche Ridge. Walk up to Avalanche Ridge up to the point where Nancy notices she needs snowshoes. Turn around. See how Yanni's ski tracks are there? Follow them all the way back to the lodge. You might need to use a Toasty Pack to make it all the way there. So now, Nancy's quest is to find snowshoes. If you ask Lou Talbot, he refuses to loan you his pair. If you go to his room and try to steal them, he catches you. There are snowshoes in the Trapper Dan display, but they're locked. Call Chantal and ask her about the snowshoes, and she says she'll give them to you...AFTER you fill out a survey from Tino Balducci. Tino's survey is pretty dumb. You need to learn what side of the bed people get up from, their hometowns, and their favorite planets. You learn their hometowns from the computer database, the side of the bed they get up on from your maid duties, and their favorite plants by talking to them. Guadalupe: Earth, Los Angeles, left Lou: Planet X, Brea, both Bill: Mars, Toronto, right Yanni: Pluto, Eladsaet, right Tino's survey doesn't identify the perpetrator (duh), but he gives you the combination to the snowshoe lock, which is 7669. Great. Grab the snowshoes and head over the Avalanche Ridge. You might want to fight Freddie for a Toasty Pack in case it's really cold. Make sure to use the snowshoes before crossing the ridge. Once you do, you find yourself near a crater where there's an important journal for you to pick up. Continue following the wolf tracks to reach a shed. Open the lock with the combination you found in the coat pocket. Inside this shed are a few things to look at. Grab the drill- like thing (which is a geophone) with a phone number on it, as well as the Krolmeister Geiger counter. Isis apparently used both those things as chew toys. Grab the toasty packs, and notice that there's a place in the wall for you to put a Rex- bone in. On the desk is a diary. Read it all the way through. Julius trained the wolf, whose name is Isis. Isis shows up and Nancy verifies that she obeys commands. Isis can also sort objects by scent, so now Nancy is going to use that ability to figure out who owns the journal that was left in the crater. Go back to Icicle Creek Lodge and skip to the next day. Do maid duties like normal, and Nancy saves a washcloth from everyone. When Ollie isn't downstairs, go to his area and steal a washcloth from him. You don't need to take Ollie's washcloth if you don't want to. At this point in the game, you can also call Dr. Sabatini for info on the geophone, and call the hospital for info on Julius McQuade. Go back to Julius' hut. Give Isis the journal, then put washcloths in front of her. She will not like Yanni or Bill's washcloth, but she will accept Lou's. Looks like the journal belongs to Lou. Go back to the lodge and confront Lou with this information. Lou admits that he's collecting dinosaur bones for later resale, but he denies setting off explosions in order to find dinosaur bones. Lou gives you the key to his closet, where he has the Rex bone stashed. Go to his closet, open it, and take out the Rex bone. Then head all the way BACK to Julius' shack (you do a lot of running back and forth between there and the lodge, huh?) and put the Rex bone in the indentation. A small door in the wall opens. Look at it to see that you have a puzzle. The goal is to line up all the animals in a row, and the way to move pieces is to take a disc and put it at one of the three holes at the top. Solution: Put the bird in column three. This puts out a cat. Put the cat in column three. This puts out a rabbit. Put the rabbit in column one. This puts out a cat. Put the cat in column one. This puts out a fish. Put the fish in column one. This puts out a rabbit. Column one is now finished. Yay! Put the rabbit in column three. This puts out a fish. Put the fish in column two. This puts out a fish. Put the fish in column two. This puts out a cat. Put the cat in column three. This puts out the bird. Put the bird in column two. This puts out a rabbit. Put the rabbit in column two. This puts out a fish. Put the fish in column three. This puts out a cat. Column three is now finished. Yay! Put the cat in column two. This puts out a fish. Put the fish in column two. This puts out the bird. Put the bird in its place left of the puzzle. The puzzle is done, so now you have access to the green mine tunnels. Go through them, and you'll notice a pedestal-like thing on the right. Open it up. It's a map! Now turn around and see that Isis has followed you through the tunnel. See the small hole? It leads to a small maze. You just saw the map for that maze. Send Isis through the maze with these instructions: forward, right, left, right and jump. Isis then runs into the maze and you can see her progress. She makes it to the only part of the maze that she can reach at this moment: the blue dumbwaiter. Now climb up the ladder near the map. You can see it by going up/right from the hole Isis goes through. The ladder leads to tunnels. Go down them, and at the fork in the road, you can go right to see where Isis is. Isis is by a rope. Grab the rope and give it to Isis. She pulls on it, which opens something inside the Icicle Creek Lodge. If you go down the other fork, you end up at the base of Trapper Dan's Needle. To get in, you need to open up all the keyholes (by sending Isis in the maze) and you need to find all four keys. Know where the first key is? Inside the Icicle Creek Lodge! Isis is keeping it open for you by pulling on the rope! Go all the way back to the lodge (Isis sure is holding that rope for a long time!), and go to the top floor. At the end of the hall is a boar's head. Its mouth is open, and inside is the pig key. While you're here on the second floor, you should go to Bill's room. There's a note on his dresser about getting revenge. Interesting... There's a housekeeping sign on Guadalupe's door. Enter the room to find Nancy's jacket, along with a threatening note. Also interesting... You can talk to Ollie to learn that Lou's not at the lodge anymore. After Nancy confronted him about stealing the Rex Bone, he decided to leave. The good news? This mean you don't have to cook anymore! Yay! When you read the note in Bill's room (you could have done this much earlier in the game), Nancy gets a message in the entranceway of the lodge. It says that somebody has interesting information for her in the sauna. So, go to the sauna. Inside are pictures of a younger Bill Kessler at the Icicle Creek Lodge. Interesting... The door of the sauna gets stuck behind you. Oh no! Now you have a timed challenge to fix the cold water intake so Nancy doesn't burn to death! If you don't like time limits, turn around and click on the door rapidly. After clicking it a certain number of times, the game becomes temporally isolated, which is a fancy way of saying Nancy gets stuck in time. That way, you have an infinite amount of time to try to solve the puzzle. The pipe puzzle is on the right-hand side of the sauna. Open up the little wall. Rotate all the pipe pieces until they form a full pipe. Here's my not-so-good picture of what the whole pipe looks like: |------------------- ____|_ |________| ----| | | | | ___| |___| |__| Once you solve the puzzle, Nancy gets saved by Bill Kessler. Nancy talks with him, and he tells you that his grandmother used to own Icicle Creek Lodge. Bill tells you that the key to Trapper Dan's Needle is inside the weird pyramid thing on the side table near the kitchen. Just turn all the pictures to pigs to get it. So, go to the pyramid thing and turn all the pictures into pigs. This isn't too tough. Just turn each of the pictures into pigs, moving row by row. This opens the side of the pyramid, which is...empty. Darn. Go back and tell Bill. Bill lets you know that Trapper Dan's journal is hidden inside the pyramid, too. Just turn the top of the pyramid forty-five degrees, then redo the pig puzzle with all four animals. That is, make it so all the pictures are pigs, then wolves, then moose, then raccoons. The order you pick the animals in doesn't really matter, by the way. On the third animal, trickery happens and a lot of pictures move whenever you press one piece. When this happens, restart the puzzle by moving back, then towards the puzzle again. Then click all four corners. Tada! The trickery has been foiled! Once you solve the puzzle, you get Trapper Dan's journal. Of course, he set up an elaborate puzzle system to protect Trapper Dan's Needle. Read the journal. Most of it is in code. You can call Tino to learn how to crack the code, by reading the first letter of line one, then the first letter of line two, then the second letter of line one, the second letter of line two, the third letter of line one, the third letter of line two, and so on. The decoded parts read: First things first. Locate my secret hideout up in the mountains. It's so secret, you'll probably never find it - but if you do, find my rex bone and use it in the wall of my hideout. That'll open up my secret lock. Then, match my wits with the infernal slot machine. Use the duck counter to match up all 3 animals. It helps to first put the same animals in a column and work from there. There are 3 more animal keys hidden in the lodge: the moose, the wolf, and the raccoon. It's easy to find the moose - just push out his eye and see the surprise! The fire necklace will tell you all you need to open up the sly raccoon's hiding place. Just don't wake up any lodgers. The wolf is the trickiest to find because only the likes of Marie Curie or Mr. Geiger can hear his call. Good stuff. We already have gotten into the green mines and found the pig key. What we need to do now is find the moose key, the raccoon key, and the wolf key. Also, we need to unlock the gates in the maze that Isis goes through. The way to unlock the gates in the maze Isis goes through is by playing Fox and Geese with Bill Kessler. Use Nancy's pig piece instead of the fox, just like Trapper Dan's journal says. Now you have to win four games of Fox and Geese, in each of the four corners. Ugh! TOUGH! My strategy goes like this: Position One: MMM MMM MMMMMMM M.....M ....... ... ... Position Two: ... MMM MMMMMMM M.MMM.M ....... ... ... Position Three: ... MMM M.MMM.M .MMMMM. MM...MM ... ... Position Four: ... ... M.MMM.M .MMMMM. MMMMMMM ... ... These positions are good positions, because you cannot be jumped while in those positions. You automatically start the game in Position One, unless you're on senior mode, in which case, lose a few times until you start in Position One. Move to Position Two. Basically, all you do is take the 3 by 3 block of marbles at the top of the board and drop it down one square. Move to Position Three. Then Position Four. Your opponent is now trapped in the bottom six spaces. The way to trap your opponent is by dropping either the left or rightmost column down all the way. Then drop the middle column down. And finally, drop the last column down all the way. Game over. Now to beat your opponent on the other three parts of the board, use the same strategy, just rotate the board. Ie. If you want to trap the opponent at the top, picture the positions flipped upside-down. Check my video walkthrough if you want pictures of the four positions in their rotated forms. Cool. Once the Fox and Geese game is done, you need to find the various keys to get into Trapper Dan's Needle. You already have the pig key from the boar's head on the second floor. Trapper Dan's journal mentions the fire necklace in the Trapper Dan display. Blue Green Red Blue White Red Go upstairs and flip the colors on the switches on the six doors so they match up with the colors on the necklace. You can then take the raccoon key from the picture of the raccoon on the second floor. Pull on the moose head, specifically, touch the eye. This opens a secret compartment with the moose key and a radio. Use the Geiger counter from Julius' shack in the basement to find the wolf key. It's on the stairs that lead to the outside exit to the basement, not the stairs that lead to the inside exit. There you go. Now you have all the keys to the Trapper Dan's Needle. Head back to the green mines. If you remember, the keyholes were covered. You need to send Isis to flip the switches in the animal maze in order to uncover the keyholes. The way to flip all the switches is to send Isis through the animal maze with these three sets of orders: Forward, forward, forward, jump, paw Forward, Left, Left, Paw Forward, Right, Forward, Jump, Left, Paw Then go up the ladder and all the way down the tunnel to the bottom of Trapper Dan's Needle. Stick all four keys in and open the door. Walk forward here. Nancy notices Lou's backpack. Open it to see that it's full of explosives! Yanni shows up, and leaves to inform the authorities. Nancy notices that Yanni dropped something...INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE THAT SHOWS YANNI IS THE MAD BOMBER! AND YANNI IS ABOUT THE BLOW UP TRAPPER DAN'S NEEDLE WHILE NANCY AND ISIS ARE INSIDE!!! Nancy and Isis run away as fast as they can. Of course, they survive, but Yanni's getting away! Nancy borrows Ollie's snowmobile. Chase time! Chase after Yanni. See the meter in the bottom/right part of the screen? That's a timer. When you are close enough to see Yanni, the timer goes down. If he escapes your sight, the timer refills. Fortunately, you get to deplete the timer by thirds, so the timer refilling itself doesn't hurt you TOO badly. When the timer is empty, Yanni wipes out on his snowmobile. I wonder where he got a snowmobile? In any case, Yanni is caught and Nancy has saved the day! Yay! 005-Credits ----------------------------------------------------------- This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2009. 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