____________________________________________ /::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::\ /::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::\ /:| _ \ __/' _/| |/' _/_ _/ \| \| |/ _/| __|:\ /::| v / _|`._`.| |`._`. | || /\ | | ' | \__| _| ::\ /:::|_|_\___|___/|_||___/ |_||_||_|_|\__|\__/|___|:::\ /::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::\ =============================================================================== RETRIBUTION =============================================================================== ______________________________ | Resistance: Retribution Guide| | Created by: Axel7174 | | FAQ and Walkthrough | | Copyright 2009 Ryne Gardner | |______________________________| Version History --------------- Version 0.30 - 4/14/09 - 4/21/09 --I had been contemplating working on this for so long, but I had too many other things going on to really sit down and play my PSP. Here it is though. Work in progress. Version 0.40 - 4/24/09 --Completed two of the Bonn chapters. Also added more Intel from Rotterdam, only reflected in the Walkthrough as of now. More to come soon. Version 0.45 - 4/30/09 --I meant to be a little bit quicker with this. I was really sick over the weekend and that kind of carried further into the week. I finished Bonn and the rest will be on its way shortly. I'm about to add other sections too finally, so hopefully that will be up in the next update. I also made a few fixes. Version .60 - 5/4/09 --Next update. All of Construction Zone completed. Still working on the rest, unfortunately. Version .65 - 5/12/09 --Gotta apologize for the lack of updates. It's my last semester at my current college and I'm really focusing big time for my transfer to another school. Aside from that, my copy of Resistance was suddenly freezing on me in Luxembourg, despite not doing so the first time I beat the game. I fixed the problem, though it took about two days to get to the bottom of it. I'm continuing the walkthrough and I have started Luxembourg. I also added a few new Intel and made some fixes here and there. Version .75 - 5/14/09 --Finished Luxembourg. Not much more than that. Rest should be on the way soon. Version .80 - 5/20/09 --First two missions on Paris Catacombs are up. I kind of rushed them, but it should be good enough. New Intel added for previous missions as well. Other than that, not much else. I'm hoping to get that Basics section up before I finish the actual walkthrough. I'm in the middle of my Final exams though so I'll have to see what I can do. Version .85 - 5/22/09 --No updates to the walkthrough just yet. I just added a couple more missing Intels. I've gotten all of them for each series (not counting Infected which will be added later) in each completed chapter (so not counting Paris Catacombs just yet) except for one missing Secrets of the Maquis Intel in Luxembourg. Anyway, more on the way. Version .90 - 5/26/09 --Paris Catacombs is finished. All of the Intel up to this point have been located (minus Infected, which, again, will be added later). I also started the Basics section. Table of Contents 1. Introduction.......................................... [itro] * About This Guide * Using This Guide 2. The Basics............................................ [tr00] * Controls.............................................. [tr01] * Basic Combat.......................................... [tr02] * Swimming.............................................. [tr03] * Hammer Controls....................................... [tr04] 3. Advanced Information.................................. [tr05] * Enemies............................................... [tr06] * Weapons............................................... [tr07] 4. Retribution and Resistance 2.......................... [rscn] * Infected Mode......................................... [inmd] * Resistance: Retribution+.............................. [ret+] 5. Walkthrough........................................... [wlkt] * Rotterdam............................................. [rs00] - Area 01: Burning Skies.............................. [rs01] - Area 02: Crash Site................................. [rs02] - Area 03: Industrial Area............................ [rs03] - Area 04: Gun Tower.................................. [rs04] * Bonn.................................................. [rs05] - Area 01: Street Entrance............................ [rs06] - Area 02: Waterfall Chamber.......................... [rs07] - Area 03: Underground Complex........................ [rs08] - Area 04: Incubator Chamber.......................... [rs09] * Construction Zone..................................... [rs10] - Area 01: Mech Ride.................................. [rs11] - Area 02: Built Trenches............................. [rs12] - Area 03: Construction Zone.......................... [rs13] * Luxembourg............................................ [rs14] - Area 01: Casemates.................................. [rs15] - Area 02: Lower Tunnels.............................. [rs16] - Area 03: Science Labs............................... [rs17] - Area 04: Defensive Bunkers.......................... [rs18] * Paris Catacombs....................................... [rs19] - Area 01: Upper Tunnels.............................. [rs20] - Area 02: Lower Tunnels.............................. [rs21] - Area 03: Abandoned Processing Center................ [rs22] - Area 04: DNA Storage Facility....................... [rs23] * Chrysalis Lair........................................ [rs24] - Area 01: Mech Ride.................................. [rs25] - Area 02: River Approach............................. [rs26] - Area 03: Birthing Chamber........................... [rs27] - Area 04: Mother Chamber............................. [rs28] 6. Extras................................................ [exra] * Bosses................................................ [exbo] * Intel Locations....................................... [exin] * Unlockables........................................... [exun] 7. Miscellaneous......................................... [misl] * Frequently Asked Questions............................ [fak4u] * Credits/Special Thanks * Contact Info * Legal Spat .======================================================================== | __ | Introduction [itro] | /_ | |============================================================== | | | | | | | | | | | | | |_| | | | '=========' Welcome, one and all. Whether you're a big Resistance fan, or are just looking for something good on the PlayStation Portable, you might find this guide helpful. I can say that Resistance: Retribution is in my opinion, a must have for the PSP. It's a quality game with good gameplay and unlike some other big name titles, it actually delivers length. About This Guide ---------------- This is my second new guide of 2009 and it's also my first guide for the PSP, so I'm kind of happy about that I suppose. I had been contemplating doing this for a while, especially because no guide existed for the game. It took a while to get off the ground however, because I was busy (and still am actually) working on Resident Evil 5. Being that it is a PSP game guide, it might lack the full attention a console game guide might get, but I'm still devoted to trying to make it a helpful and insightful guide. Using This Guide ---------------- If you need to navigate quickly, please refer to the quickjumps in the Table of Contents. Most sections have a small four letter code that you can input into the ctrl+f function on your web browser and jump immediately to that section. If you have any questions, please first read the important information in the Contact Info section. Also read the Frequently Asked Questions section! .======================================================================== | ___ | THE BASICS [tr00] | |__ \ |============================================================= | ) | | | / / | | / /_ | | |____| | | | '==========' __________ |>Controls<| [tr01] '----------' If you've played any of the other Resistance games, the first thing you'll likely notice, is that Retribution is a third person shooter. You don't have two sticks on the PSP so moving and controlling your aim are a bit more tricky. Here's a look at the controls. Thumbstick: Movement Right Trigger - Primary Fire Left Trigger - Alternate Fire (hold) D-Pad Up: Interact/Manual Aim/Zoom D-Pad Right: Cycle weapons forward D-Pad Right (hold) Quick Weapon select menu D-Pad Left: Reload Triangle: Raise view Square: Turn left Circle Turn right X/Cross: Lower view/Confirm As you can see, your camera like functions are operated by the Triangle, X, Square, and Circle buttons which is nothing but awkward at first. It takes a lot of getting used to, but it soon becomes natural in time. ______________ |>Basic Combat<| [tr02] '--------------' Since this is a third person shooter, the dynamic of the game is slightly different from the main Resistance games, and first person shooters in general. In Retribution, you'll rely heavily on duck and cover tactics. Many walls and low objects can be used as cover. From here, you can jump out and fire, then use the cover to defend yourself. There are a few things to keep in mind. Anaylzing the enemy, the position, and what they're using against you will be key in becoming proficient at combat. First off, understand that the closer you are to the Chimera, the more of your bullets will hit, and thus, the more damage you can deal. The same is true for them however. A lot of enemies attack in waves. As such, it's often in your best interest to go for weapons that have a wide attack radius. The LAARK is the only gun that really fits this description, aside from maybe the Schrotflinte shotgun. Other explosives like Frag or Rifle Grenades do great in taking out numerous enemies at once when they're bunched together. Some enemies are more susceptible to certain guns (more on this in the Enemies section). However, your Storm Rifle is rarely a bad option for many situations. The Storm Rifle will always be reloaded at the start of each mission and you can find plenty of ammo for it. Manual aim can help you be slightly more accurate. It leaves you more exposed too though, so be cautious. You can also increase your accuracy by firing in shorter bursts, as opposed to one constant stream of fire. Reload when you're behind cover, so you have longer bursts of shots to attack with. __________ |>Swimming<| [tr03] '----------' COMING SOON _________________ |>Hammer Controls<| [tr05] '-----------------' Just real quick and simple, the Hammers are the giant black mechs used by the Chimera. You can see their brethren, the Goliaths in Resistance 2. The Hammer is equipped with a gatling gun and a small cannon. The gatling gun has a long burst of fire that devastates most enemies in just a couple seconds. The cannon fires small lighted missles with a large damage radius. Thumbstick: Move (forward) Right Trigger: Gatling gun Left Trigger: Cannon When piloting the Hammer, you do have a "health bar", so be cautious. You're assaulted by various ground forces, so even though you have an advantage, don't let yourself be overwhelmed. Keep in mind that the gatling gun can overheat, and that the cannon needs to be recharged (pay attention to the meters on the control panel). One last important note is that the Hammer's armor or "health" recharges itself. Just go a few moments without taking damage and it will replete itself. .======================================================================== | ____ | ADVANCED INFORMATION [tr05] | |___ \ |============================================================ | __) | | | |__ < | | ___) | | | |____/ | | | '===========' _________ |>Enemies<| [tr06] '---------' The Chimera have a wide variation of creatures within their ranks. Many of them are similar to those seen in Resistance 1 & 2. Some however, are unique and never before seen until now. Hybrids ------- These are your most basic form of Chimera. They are the "grunts" for the most part. They wield Razors which are similar to the Bullseye, except that the Razor doesn't have the same alternate fire. Unlike in Resistance 1 & 2, they don't wield Hedgehogs, so their only method of attack is the Razor, which in theory makes them easy foes. At the beginning of the game, their aim is also quite terrible, but it becomes slowly honed over the course of the game. Recommended weapon: Razor, Storm Rifle Armored Hybrids --------------- You'll start meeting these guys later on in the game. They have stronger armor as their name implies. They also wield upgraded Razors which fire blue bullets instead of red and deal more damage. Taking them out means expending extra ammo that you didn't need before. Recommended weapon: Razor, Storm Rifle Steelhead --------- This brand of Hybrid wear helmets, hence their name. They wield Auger rifles which makes them dangerous foes. Unlike in the console games, they are not quite as strong defensively. It won't take much more ammunition than it would for a normal Hybrid to defeat a Steelhead. Recommended weapon: Razor, Fareye, Storm Rifle Leapers ------- Leapers are very small Chimera that look like scorpions. They crawl around on walls and floors and attack in swarms. In Retribution, they can jump at Grayson to deal small amounts of damage. The biggest threat is when they land on his head and start biting. To shake them off, tap X repeatedly. This is especially dangerous because when Grayson is shaking off one Leaper, the others can jump at him to cause extra damage. The shotgun is superb against them. Recommended weapon: Schrotflinte .12 Gauge Titans ------ These are really big Chimera. They wield large cannon like weapons that have a somewhat small blast radius. Up close, they'll club Grayson for a lot of damage. They start out as mini-bosses, but eventually make their way into the roster of recurring enemies in the game. They may seem intimidating at first, but Titans are actually fairly easy to kill once you get your hands on new weapons. You can tell a Titan is near death when the device on its back is smoking. Recommended weapon: LAARK, Auger, WRAO Chaingun, Schrotflinte .12 Gauge Armored Titans -------------- They are basically the same as normal Titans, except that--surprise!--they possess extra armor. There doesn't seem to be any major changes to their weapons so it just is a case of having to do extra damage. Recommended weapon: LAARK, Auger, IWAO-R Chaingun Boilers ------- These new enemies can quickly become an eyesore in the game. These "female" Chimera possess no weapons. Instead, they rely on getting close and exploding their own heads to deal damage. They tend not to take straight routes to you either, so they can get on you in a hurry. It's usually best not to just shoot them straight on, especially when multiple Boilers are approaching. Instead, enter manual aim and fire at their heads for really easy kills. When you finally get the advanced Razor Mark II, you no longer have to aim for the head, because this gun takes them out in a few seconds. Recommended weapon: Storm Rifle, Razor, Razor Mark II (later) Hags ---- These creatures are similar to Boilers. They float around the area however and instead of exploding their heads, they shoot energy from them. They also possess shields which temporarily ward off your attacks. When their shields lower, attack their heads, like Boilers. Recommended weapon: Auger, Razor, LAARK, IWAO-R Chaingun Sirens ------ You'll only encounter these guys in certain underwater sequences and it won't be very often. They are similar to Resistance 2's Furies. Unlike a Fury though, Sirens can be killed. They are pretty bad shots and if you keep swimming they'll usually miss. You first encounter then in tight underwater corridors though, and they have rifles that emit large blast shots so their accuracy won't be a problem early on. Fire back and the Razor finishes them off pretty easily. Recommended weapon: Razor Slipskulls ---------- Slipskulls are Chimera which are extremely agile. They bound from wall to wall and use this to attack from far or difficult to reach places. What they have in agility, they lack in endurance. The Slipskulls are slightly weaker than Hybrids so they're easy to dispatch, should you get them to stay in your sights. Recommended weapon: Razor, Storm Rifle, Fareye FR-1 Brutes ------ Wielding large chainguns, the Brutes are very similar to Resistance 2's Ravagers. Unlike the latter though, the Brutes luckily, do not deploy shields. They take a lot of hits, and similar to Titans, the health of Brutes can be gauged by the condition of their back units. If they start smoking, you're almost done. They won't get close to you, and instead prefer to fire in very long bursts. There isn't much of a pause in between either to shoot them, so Augers help. Recommended weapon: Auger, Razor, LAARK Attack Drones ------------- Drones are mechanized creations of the Chimera. The Attack Drones fire small pulse energy bullets once every couple of seconds. They're easy to take down because the energy doesn't have any burst damage so taking cover will almost always protect you. When damaged, the drones catch fire and some may try to explode near Grayson to deal him damage. Recommended weapon: Razor, Storm Rifle Assault Drones -------------- These advanced drones are easily one of the more annoying enemies in the game. They wield chainguns and so if you are caught in the open by one of these, you'll probably be killed rather quickly. Cover and some quick shooting is necessary to take them down, but good judgement helps against a whole group. Recommended weapon: Razor, Auger, IWAO-R Chaingun _________ |>Weapons<| [tr07] '---------' COMING SOON .======================================================================== | _ _ | Retribution and Resistance 2 [rscn] | | || | |============================================================ | | || |_ | | |__ _| | | | | | | |_| | | | '===========' If you're looking to get more out of the game, or just want to have a little fun, you can link Resistance: Retribution with your copy of Resistance 2 and activate two unique fuctions for the game. This works on virtually every model PSP, but the exact features available will vary depending on what model you do have. What You'll Need: -Your PSP with Resistance: Retribution -A USB Cable -A PlayStation 3 with Resistance 2 Optional: -PSP AV component cable -Stand or something to hold PSP in place In order to connect, turn on your PlayStation 3 and put Resistance 2 in the drive. When the game starts up, go to Options and there will be a selection called PSP Connect. Now, start up your PSP with Resistance: Retribution. Get to at least the start menu. Now, plug one end of your USB cable into the PSP, and the other end into one of the USB ports on your PlayStation 3. Now, on Resistance 2, select the Connect option and the game should instantly recognize Retribution. You'll be presented with two options: _______________ |>Infected Mode<| [inmd] '---------------' If you select Infected Mode, Resistance 2 will "infect" your copy of Resistance: Retribution. In Infected Mode, you can play through Retribution with a slew of new features: -Grayson becomes infected. He has health regen and can breathe underwater -Grayson wears a SRPA outfit (same black outfits the Sentinels wear in Resistance 2) -You unlock the HE .44 Magnum -Some cutscenes and dialogue will change in the game -New Intel available to unlock the Plasma Grenade Infected Mode literally means that. You'll play a slightly different Campaign in which James Grayson is infected with the Chimeran virus. In the long run, it doesn't drastically alter the storyline, but there will be a few small differences along the way. The best benefit you gain from Infected Mode is the ability to heal after a few moment, as well as the ability to breathe underwater. These abilities make combat and exploration easier. Now the big question you might be wondering, is how do you go back to regular mode? Simple. Turn off your PSP. Quitting the game deactivates Infected Mode. Even if you save the game, the effect will be gone when you turn it off. You have to infect it again. This was designed like that so that you could still have the option to have the "original" experience. __________________________ |>Resistance: Retribution+<| [ret+] '--------------------------' The second option is to activate Plus Mode in Resistance: Retribution. You can do this with or without Infected Mode activated. What Plus Mode allows you to do is to play the game on your PSP with your DualShock3 controller! Yes! You can control your actions on the PSP with the DS3 controller! Even more impressive is that it controls flawlessly with the controller, and it allows you to use the Analog Stick instead of the X, Circle, Square, and Triangle buttons to control camera movement. What Plus Mode changes: -Use a DS3 to control the game -Increased difficulty -Aim Assist is disabled Also, depending on what type of PSP you own, you might be able to take advantage of another feature of Plus Mode. If you own a Slim or a 3000 series model PSP, you can use the video out slot with an AV component cable to hook the PSP up to your TV and play Resistance: Retribution on your TV with your DS3 controller! Holy monkey! If you're like me however, and have an older model PSP, you can't do this unfortunately. You'll have to settle for just the DS3 controller feature. Oh well. The one disadvantage of playing in Plus Mode with an older model PSP (or if you have a new one and just don't have an AV cable), and it is just a minor inconvenience at best, is that by using the Controller, you no longer need to hold the PSP, which is still your screen. You still need the PSP close enough so that you can see what's going on, so you need to find a way to keep it close without actually holding it. Prop it up agianst something so you can see and still hold your DS3 controller. Innovation! .======================================================================== | _____ | Walkthrough [wlkt] | | ____| |============================================================ | | |__ | | |___ \ | | ___) | | | |____/ | | | '===========' On to the nitty gritty, eh old chap? Here is the walkthrough. I'm not about making lackluster guides without sufficient details and tips. Since this is a PSP game, it doesn't require the same level of attention and care that a console game might receive in a guide. Despite that however, I will not be giving a mediocre walkthrough, simply glossing over the missions quickly. I'm hoping to provide help for every potential trouble part and just guide you through from beginning to end. This guide is written under the Normal difficulty setting, so you may observe some changes or differences playing it on a different setting. The guide will be for the most part, spoiler free. So, without further ado, let's go! ______ _ (_____ \ _ _ | | _____) )___ _| |_ _| |_ _____ ____ __| |_____ ____ | __ // _ (_ _|_ _) ___ |/ ___) _ (____ | \ | | \ \ |_| || |_ | |_| ____| | ( (_| / ___ | | | | |_| |_\___/ \__) \__)_____)_| \____\_____|_|_|_| =============================================================================== [rs00] Your first encounter with the Chimera war machine will be in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The game will of course, start off pretty easily at first so you will have time to get acquainted with the controls. ------->AREA 01 - BURNING SKIES<--------------------------------[rs01] After the scene, you'll finally get control over Grayson. Quickly note that you only have half of your life bar. [INTEL LOCATION - Secrets of the Maquis: From the Mouths of Babies] Intel is necessary to unlock some extra weapons in the game. Your first one can be tricky to get because it disappears very fast. As soon as the first level starts, bolt through the door on your left and go into the corner where there is a small fire. Right in front of the window is the Intel on the ground. Get very close and hit up on the D-Pad to grab it. If you wait too long, the fire will consume it. No worries though. You can restart this level and get it again. I mean, it's only the first 20 seconds of the first level... Back to the main room to begin. There are two Chimera on the ground below you. You should be able to spot them easily through the windows. They're terrible shots at this point in the game, and they won't even be aiming for you so you shouldn't have to worry too much about health, but if necessary, go to your left and there will be two health capsules in the doorway. So, from the safety of this floor, shoot at them with your Storm Rifle. You should automatically lock on, making it easier. [SKILL POINT - Kill 2 Hybrids from the attic with one grenade] You can do this with the alt. fire on your Storm Rifle. Hold L and the reticle will change. Now aim in between the two Hybrids and fire with R. If the blast is close enough, it'll kill both and you'll get a Skill Point. As you take out the Hybrids, several more will show up to replace them. Keep shooting them until none are left. At that point, go through the doorway on your left, grabbing the health capsules if you didn't already. Grab the Storm Rifle Ammo on the side of the room, then approach Raine and the large dresser. Hit the interaction button (down on the D-Pad on normal mode, X on Plus Mode) and then tap X to knock it down. [INTEL LOCATION - Retribution: The Futile Defense] You'll go down the stairs and land into the room below. Immediately spin around and in the corner is a large pile of dirt, next to the stairs. In this corner you should see a small yellow envelope. Take it with the interaction button. Intel are small journals that Grayson has made on his journey. Each of them are divided into certain "issues". This one is Retribution. Collect each Intel in an issue and you'll unlock new guns. Turn back around and assist Raine in taking out the Hybrids. Take cover behind the counter just by approaching it. You'll notice that Raine has a life bar, so if it depletes, obviously you'll get a Game Over. Three Hybrids are standing in front of you. Try out your Storm Rifle's alternate fire by holding L. You'll see the reticle change. Raise your aim and then fire as normal to fire a grenade round. You should easily obliterate the Hybrids. Two more will drop down on you, followed by a third. Save the grenade ammo and just use the primary fire of the Storm Rifle to finish these guys off. Hop over the ledge and go into the next room. Turn right to the opening in the wall and more Hyrbirds fire from below. Take the two packs of STORM RIFLE AMMO and the HEALTH CAPSULE. Now, you can take cover behind the right wall and duck out when you hit R. Fire on the gray drum barrel to knock out all the Chimera. Continue to slay the others that show up. Go ahead and use another grenade round from your Storm Rifle. Drop down when it's over. There are two health capsules near the soldier. To the left of there is a doorway with some Storm Rifle Ammo and Storm Rifle Alt. Ammo. The soldier wants to check up on his buddy, so follow him to the side of the building and interact to get lifted up. The guy is dead, but his gun is still there. "Shouldn't let his weapon go to waste." You'll get the BM001 RAZOR. This is like the Bullseye, just without the homing tags. When you return, the Chimera bust into the scene and kill the soldier. Use the sandbags as cover and kill them with your Razor. It takes a few less rounds to do them in than with your Storm Rifle. Move forward and there is Storm Rifle Ammo and two packs of Razor Ammo from the Hybrids, if you need any. Move forward and near Raine is a gun turret. Interact with it and aim at the Hybrids in the windows. Note that if you're in normal mode, the turret is moved with the thumb stick. More Hybrids appear above, so shoot them down too. Take the two Health Capsules to your right if you need them, then follow Raine around the corner. After the scene, you'll be with a soldier inside a house. Your flashlight is automatically turned on in dark areas so don't worry. Next to the soldier is a Health Capsule and Storm Rifle Ammo. Follow him now and he'll open the door. A Hybrid will leap out and snap his neck. Now you're on your own. No worries! Use your Razor and immediately gun down that Hybrid. Get closer and you will not need to take cover so just shoot the other two. Take cover behind the overturned tables as two more appear. Kill these guys too with your Razor, then the third one that shows up. [INTEL LOCATION - Cloven Lore: The Inhuman Doll] If you stand in the doorway where you entered, look to your immediate right. Near the corner (to the right of the fireplace) is a large trunk. Climb on top of this and there is a very narrow opening above it. Climb through here and you'll find a small nook with some candles and stuff. Collect the Intel on the table. There is Storm Rifle Ammo near the fireplace and two Health Capsules in the corner. Hop over the barrier and collect the Razor Ammo and some Frag Grenades to your right. Turn around and two Hybrids will likely be shooting from up the stairs. Use a rifle grenade from your Storm Rifle to kill them easily. Move up there now. There will be more Razor Ammo and a Health Capsule up here. Peek inside the door and you'll see a Hybrid shooting at somebody below. Just sneak up on him and get really close and hit R to melee. It should dispatch him in one blow. After the scene, you'll get another new weapon, the FAREYE FR-1. The sniper rifle feels very clunky with the standard controls so playing in Plus Mode feels more natural. Your job here is to give Cartwright cover by killing all the Hybrids in his way. Watch his life bar and be quick. Or maybe, be slow? Take advantage of the Fareye's alternate fire which activates slow-motion. Use this to easily pick off targets and keep Cartwright shielded from their attacks. The slow-mo runs out eventually, so you have to let the bar recharge. Fire at the replacement Hybrids by just zooming in normally (up on the D-pad, and again for extra zoom). Use the nearby gray drum barrels to help you out when possible. You'll find more Fareye Ammo near you. [SKILL POINT - Get Nine Headshots with the Fareye while protecting Cartwright] Use the slow-mo to help you with this. There's only so many Hybrids so make your shots count. Clear all the paths and Cartwright will enter your building and blow open the door. Go around the corner and find some Storm Rifle Ammo. Meet up with Cartwright and move out onto the street with him. Several Chimera who were apparently just about to ambush Grayson appear. I say that because they drop out of the opening that Grayson was standing at. Gun them all down with your Razor, then follow Cartwright. Enter the doorway to find some Storm Rifle Alt. Ammo. Now, with Cartwright, fire on the Hybrids. Since you don't have cover, use the Fareye for some of these guys, especially the ones that appear on the second floor (aim at the drum barrel). With the coast clear, stand between Cartwright and the wall, then hit the interact button. More Hybrids appear now so take cover. Use your Razor and the alternate fire from your Storm Rifle. Grab the Health Capsules and Storm Rifle Ammo nearby if necessary. After the scene, a Titan will appear. Immediately take cover and use your Razor. Only fire after he shoots his cannon. Cartwright will assist you by diverting the Titan's attention. Don't let the Titan shoot him too much though so keep firing at it to bring it back towards you. Keep shooting and if you run low on Razor ammo, go with the Storm Rifle. ------->AREA 02 - CRASH SITE<--------------------------------[rs02] Follow the soldier into the sewer. You'll make your first encounter with the Boilers. To kill these annoyances, enter manual aim (up on the D-Pad) and fire at their heads. Let them get too close and they blow up, causing damage. Help out the soldier with the first two groups. Grab the nearby Health Capsule if you need it. At the next corner, a Boiler opens the gate by exploding. This lets another wave of them come in. Stand your ground and pop them all in the head, using only your Storm Rifle. [SKILL POINT - Kill 8 Boilers with headshots before they self-explode] This should be pretty easy because without the headshots, the Boilers become a big nuisance. Enter now and you'll be taken to the bottom of an empty pool. The soldier spots the valve you need to turn to get the water on, but is killed by Leapers. A whole swarm appears. To kill these things, focus on backing up and firing with your Storm Rifle. Staying back is important since you can only aim at one at a time while all the others draw dangerously close. Stay out of their leaping range and if you're skilled enough, fire off a quick grenade round to wipe out a few at once. If one jumps on you, tap X repeatedly to shake it off. Once they're all dead, operate the valve. Now, immediately turn around and return to the opening in the wall from where you entered during the cutscene. [INTEL LOCATION - Cloven Lore: The Last Days of Pompeii] Before you reach the opening, you'll likely be lifted up by the water. The tutorial will fill you in on swimming. Move forward and enter the sewer again. As soon as you enter, go to your right just slightly and look up. There is a large opening in the ceiling. Wait for the water to lift you up and you can climb up here. You'll find a small shrine and the Intel on the dresser. [INTEL LOCATION - Retribution: Pass Me the Scalpel] From the location of the last Intel, you need to know which way the sewer exit is, and more importantly, which way you need to go to head into the tunnel further. Drop back into the water and start swimming down the tunnel. Go straight across the intersection to the other end of the tunnel. At the other end, near the bottom is the Intel. Grab it fast and then make your way back before you run out of oxygen. Hurry back and enter the pool area again to get your breath. Now, with the water level raised, climb onto the wooden platform. Climb up and the large gateway here will be the exit. Don't enter just yet though. [INTEL LOCATION - Secrets of the Maquis: Toaster Shortage] To the right of the gateway are a bunch of crates and containers. Approach the large yellow/brown container and you can climb onto it. Climb further up onto a walkway and then drop down the other end. Here you'll find the Intel. To get back, hop back into the water and climb onto the wooden platform again (thanks to Tonio_D_Monio for this Intel location). In this area, there will be some drones. The first ones you'll see are Worker Drones. They're harmless, but you can get something out of destroying them. [SKILL POINT - Destroy both Worker Drones before they retreat] The first one is lingering near the left wall so you can easily target it and destroy it with your Razor. Once you do that however, the second one will float on by and escape. You'll have a few seconds to shoot it, but the problem is that normal drones will appear and start attacking, making it difficult to target the Worker Drone. So, switch to your Fareye once you destroy the first one. Use slow-mo and shoot the second drone. Now, go back to your Razor and destroy the attacking drones. Grab health, and Storm Rifle Ammon on your left, then go to the right, through the large ring opening. Two drones emerge from the pipe and attack. Destroy them, then climb up into that pipe. Take it to the next room. From behind the opening, destroy the first drone and Hybrid you see. After that, enter the room and take cover. Use your Razor to take out the rest. Be careful of drones trying to fly at you once you set them on fire. If they explode near you, you'll take damage. Shoot them more to stop them. Return through the ring and take the health capsules if you didn't get them before. You can find more near the ramp. [INTEL LOCATION - Retribution: My Brother's Ghost] To the left of the ramp is a small closed off area. The only opening is a small part of the window which you can't climb through. On the other side is a shortcircuiting device. You can detonate this to blow open the glass. To do this, toss a grenade in and let it bounce off the far wall so it lands at least somewhat close to the device. Now back away and the way will be opened. Claim the Intel on the table. Go back out and use the ramp to climb onto the walkway. Enter the closest room and some drones will attack. They are not your biggest priority however. Some Boilers will approach you as well. When they come into view, enter manual aim and pop their heads. Now destroy the drones using your Razor. Be careful around the next corner as two more Boilers come out of the doorway. Get some health behind you, then enter that door. Find more health and some Storm Rifle ammo, then approach the barricaded door and interact with it to clear the debris. Interact with the generator too to get the power on. [SKILL POINT - Once operational, return to elevator without taking damage] Once you get the power on, you can get this skill point, but it won't be easy. Start by staying in this room and wait for two Boilers to come up the stairs. Kill them both by shooting their heads. Hurry out and hide behind the boxes to the left. Shoot the two Hybrids when they're not firing. Here is where you can mess up so be careful. Approach the next doorway, but quickly back away and retreat to the far side of the room again. Two more Boilers will attack so use the distance to your advantage to kill them. Return to the walkway here and take cover. A few Hybrids pile in. You can use the Fareye to make this easier, but just be careful because you can still get hurt, by staying exposed too long. The best thing to do is to watch their firing bursts and use the grenades or rifle grenades. You're not done yet after those guys though. Cautiously approach the door, then retreat as soon as you sense the Boilers coming. You can try and shoot them from a good vantage point or you can turn and run to the ramp and climb up to where they can't get you, then drop a grenade on them. Go back to the door, but don't enter just yet. [INTEL LOCATION - Retribution: The Chimera Drone On] There is a pipe to the left of this doorway. Get close to the opening and you can enter with the D-Pad. Crawl through and the other end of the pipe will be holding this for you. Go through the doorway but very quickly retreat. Two drones will appear. Don't let yourself get hurt now and mess up your chance for that Skill Point! Stay behind the doorway and the drones won't follow you. Back away from the doorway and toss a grenade in to soften them up. Use the Fareye and slow-mo to get some potshots but watch their blasts. Destroy them and activate the elevator to receive the Skill Point and end the mission. ------->AREA 03 - INDUSTRIAL AREA<--------------------------------[rs03] After the scene, you'll have some Chimera on the far side. Fareye ammo is next to you so use the Fareye. When they're dead, go down the platform to your left. Open the barricaded door to find some Frag Grenades inside. Go down the stairs. Two Hybrids emerge from a doorway so just gun them down fast. Inside that room you can find some Alt. Ammo for the Storm Rifle. More Boilers and a Hybrid appear from the doorway on the far side of the stairs. Focus on the Boilers first, then the Hybrid. The stairs is blocked with debris, so instead, climb the large container near the doorway. You can get onto the platform from here. A bunch of drones and a Hybrid attack. Aim at the Hybrid first, then shoot the drones from cover with your Razor. Go through the gate. After the scene, two Boilers will start off very close, so quickly take aim at their heads. Go up the ramp now and there will be a Titan waiting. Use the crates as cover and try your Razor. Switch weapons if you want to save some ammo. The Fareye can deal decent damage with headshots but it has limited ammo so be careful I guess. [SKILL POINT - Survive for two minutes without killing the final two Titans] After the first Titan is down, two more appear. These guys will actually try and get close to you. If you want this Skill Point, start softening them up with your Razor and the alt. fire from your Storm Rifle. Just get both of them to the point where they start smoking. Now, when they get too close, quickly run and find a new point to hide. Be fast, because their shots don't need to be accurate to hurt you. Luckily, there are health capsules all over so grab them. Keep hiding and running until you get the Skill Point. After this, go ahead and finish them off. Pick up any remaining health capsules to get some health back. Search the area for ammo, then approach the pylon and interact with it. Hit the buttons that appear and you'll be done. ------->AREA 04 - Gun Tower<--------------------------------[rs04] After the scene, you'll be right in the thick of it with a Leaper swarm attacking you and Mallery. [SKILL POINT - Mallery takes no damage from Leapers] This will be tough but you can make it easier by expending a few rifle grenades from your Storm Rifle. Do this when a few are approaching. Other than that, fire constantly by being closer to the Leapers, making your shots more accurate. Watch out for Leapers that come around the structure that Mallery stands near. Keep shooting and protect him to get this. The next wave of foes appear, in the form of some drones. With Mallery helping you out, they shouldn't be too hard. Before you destroy them all, the back wall should open up. [INTEL LOCATION - Retribution: Never Shrink From a Fight] Turn around and go back to where you entered this area during the scene. You should see near the beach there is the small black boat that Mallery had. On the edge of this boat is the last Retribution Intel. [INTEL LOCATION - Cloven Lore: Killing the Exodus] To the right of the boat there is an area to search. In a small nook there is some Intel. It's guarded by a pop-up mine that detonates after a few seconds. Prevent this by shooting it immediately. Claim the Intel now. Mallery needs you to do the grunt work of clearing the mines, similar to the one guarding that Intel. Slowly approach and lure them out, one at a time and destroy them. Once it's clear, Mallery asks you to boost him up, so do that and he'll pull you up after that. Inside this tunnel, which is actually the barrel of a cannon, you need to take shelter when Mallery tells you to. Hide in the niches on the side of the tunnel to avoid getting killed. Drones appear after that and so you need to destroy them to move up. This sequence has an easy pattern. Hide, kill drones, move up, hide again. Keep doing this until you reach the end. You'll be separated from Mallery and land in a new room. When you get control, there will be some new foes clinging to the walls. They are Slipskulls that Mallery mentions during the scene. They'll jump from wall to wall and shoot at you. They are pretty weak though, so just use your Razor when they're stopped. Once they're all dead, use the nearby control panel to turn off the nearby beams. Move up and four drones will attack. With no cover, you're exposed, but they're still easy to kill. Use your Razor and try to time their blasts. Simply strafe out of the way and sway back and forth to avoid most of their attacks. More drones attack near the control panel. Destroy them, then operate it. Slipskulls appear again. They might congregate on the central tower. Use your alt. fire on the Storm Rifle to wipe most of them out easily. Finish the others off with your Razor. Move up and destroy a few more drones. Keep moving to find some Razor ammo, along with health. Even more drones attack so turn them into scrap metal. Operate the console and then take cover to the right. A group of drones and Slipskulls will show up. Take cover when the drones are firing, then retaliate on them first. Pick off the Slipskulls next, but save your Razor ammo by using the Storm Rifle. Get some health and ammo, then step onto the green platform. A powerful force throws you up to the next floor. Grab some Fareye ammo to your left, then enter manual aim as some Boilers approach. Ignore the Hybrid shooting and just kill the Boilers. After that, take cover and get rid of that guy. Get more Razor ammo ahead as two Hybrids and a Boiler appear. Focus on the Boiler first, then return to regular aim and lock onto the Hybrids with your Razor. When they're dead, move up to where they were and get more Razor ammo. Beware a group of Boilers attacking. Don't let the Slipskulls distract you. You don't want to take too much damage from the Boilers. Carefully take them out, then focus on the Slipskulls. Approach the end of the platform and drones appear. Make a mad dash for the health capsules if you are low. Use your Razor to dispatch the drones easily. Enter the gateway now. Here, a trio of Hybrids attack. They're bunched together, so you can use Storm Rifle alt. fire or a Frag Grenade. Move up and at the end, you can find some Razor ammo. Many drones attack from your left now. Use the small wall to hide if you need to, then destroy all the drones. Get the Razor ammo pickups to restock again as Mallery comes down to you with the elevator. Climb over the barrier and join him. Fire at the drones that attack as you make your way up. At the top, Mallery notices Grayson looking at his custom Auger (or at least he thinks he does), but tells Grayson to dream on. As Mallery does his work, look around and grab health and ammo. When Mallery disables the shield, shoot at the top section to finish the job. Follow him to the second one and repeat the process. After you destroy the second one, drones attack. Help Mallery take them out, then move on to the next power cell. Take out this one and Hybrids appear. When they're dead, the fourth power cell will be guarded by a few Boilers appearing from over the wall. Let them go to Mallery and just shoot them in the head. [INTEL LOCATION - Secrets of the Maquis - Radio-Free Rotterdam] Find this in the corner where the Boilers appear, near the health and ammo pickups. It's also located to the right of the doorway where the Hybrids appear. More Boilers will appear from the other corner, so deal with them. After that, destroy the final power cell. A Dropship will appear and threaten your mission and your life. Mallery hands you the L206 LAARK. ------->BOSS FIGHT - DROPSHIP<-------------------------------- The LAARK is your only viable option. Find ammo pick ups from around the area. Try to only go when the ship isn't immediately firing. It will circle the tower and use its main cannons to shoot you. Try to quickly get a feel for the LAARK and its alt. fire. The way the ship moves, it can be hard to get a shot. Wait for it to stop and then aim and fire. If you miss or if the ship moves, it's not over yet. Stop your missile immediately by hitting L. Now, relocate the ship and put the targeting reticle over it. You can barely see a red line stretching from the missile to your new target. Hit L again to send it that way. You're never totally protected, even behind cover, as the blasts can still cause you some damage sometimes, depending on where they land. Move if necessary, but also seek out health capsules in the corners. Get more LAARK ammo, then continue to pelt away at the at the dropship. Replenish both ammo and health when necessary. The LAARK's alt fire will be of great help if you can learn to use it. --- Once you take the ship down, there will be a scene. The first chapter of the game is over. ______ (____ \ ____) ) ___ ____ ____ | __ ( / _ \| _ \| _ \ | |__) ) |_| | | | | | | | |______/ \___/|_| |_|_| |_| =============================================================================== [rs05] With the gun towers disabled and the Chimeran invasion staved off for now, it's on to Bonn, Germany. In Bonn, the Chimera have dried up the Rhine River, and there is a conversion center here. Raine Bouchard wants to get in and Grayson doesn't care for what purpose. He wants to get inside too... for more destructive reasons. ------->AREA 01 - STREET ENTRANCE<--------------------------------[rs06] After being separated from the rest of the gang, climb up the ledge above and then enter the destroyed hallway. Hop over a few ledges and engage the Hybrid with your Razor. Keep moving until you reach a barricaded door. Interact with it to remove the boards. As soon as you clear it, stay behind the door and hug the wall. A few more Hybrids are shooting. Wait for your chance, then fire at them. A third one will be around the corner and if he is stubborn in revealing himself, toss a Grenade up there. Go up the slope now and turn right. Two more Chimera will shoot from across the way. Kill them, and then drop down below. Approach the doorway, but beware the pop-up mine. Destroy it before it goes off. In the room, and the next room after that, you'll find more, so take care of them first. In the second room, there will be Health Capsules and Storm Rifle Ammo near the desk. [INTEL LOCATION - Secrets of the Maquis: Frozen Assets] Behind the desk, you'll notice there is an exceptionally large safe. Go around this safe to the left and you'll find the door. Interact with it to open it. The Intel is laying inside. Now climb onto the desk. From there, you can climb up further to the platform above you. A Hybrid on your left will scamper off. Follow him and a whole group will be waiting. Hide behind the left wall and pick them off with your Razor. Grab any ammo or health, then cross the narrow beam to a barricade. Tear it down, then go left. Drop down from here to the floor below. [INTEL LOCATION - Retribution: A Drain on our Resources] Turn around immediately once you drop down. Be careful as some Hybrids will be shooting at you from the next room. Grab the Intel which is located near another bloody table behind where you drop down. Take cover and kill the Hybrids with a quick Rifle Grenade. Go into the next room and grab the Health Capsules in the corner. Turn left and take cover now as a group of Hybrids scamper in. A Rifle Grenade placed on the wall in between the two top Hybrids should kill them. Finish the two closer to you with your Razor. Enter the next room and a pop-up mine appears. Destroy it, then drop into the opening on the right. Great, more sewers.... Grab the Health Capsule, then go down this short tunnel and you'll automatically pick up the SCHROTFLINTE COMBAT SHOTGUN. Go ahead and keep this equipped; it'll come in handy in just a second. Exit the tunnel and look to your right. With that little change in the music, you can tell something is coming. Sure enough, a small pack of Leapers are making their way toward you. Use the Schrotflinte shotgun and dispatch them. [SKILL POINT - Take no damage from Leapers in the sewers] To make this a reality, you have to be smart with the shotgun. Make note that the mag only carries six slugs. The reload time is also a bit long for the shotgun and as fast as the Leapers move, that's bad. You don't want to be caught reloading when one or more Leapers are getting close to you. Back away when possible or switch to another gun. Wait for them to get reasonably close and use the shotgun's wide spread to kill more than one Leaper in a single shot. With the first wave dead, approach the gate ahead. Grab the Schrotflinte ammo in the space to your right first. Knock down the gate, grab the health capsule if you need it, then enter the tunnel on your right. More Leapers enter the tunnel, so back up a bit. Let them bunch up together and then unload. Keep backing away as more of them get closer and keep firing until they're all dead. Exit the tunnel and straight ahead are more shotgun rounds. Turn left and go a little bit forward and yet another giant swarm of Leapers will attack you. This is the biggest one yet. Back up to the tunnel and begin picking them off. You'll have to reload at least once to get all of them, so continue to retreat into the previous tunnel and once you're rearmed, fire more. Once you're safe, enter the next corridor and refill on Shotgun ammo again. [INTEL LOCATION - Cloven Lore: Down the Volga] Don't move any further than the ammo location. On the left and right sides of this corridor, there are small drains near the floor. The one closest to the tunnel on the left side can be entered. Get close and interact to crawl through it. Inside you'll find the Intel, among other things. Go all the way to the end now and turn left. Bring down the gate and then begin climbing up the ledges. You'll find some health along the way. Keep going and you'll get a short scene. After that, kill the drones first, then the Hybrids. Some Storm Rifle Alt. Ammo is guarded by a pop-up mine in an alley to the right. Enter the building on the left. Take the Health Capsules, then go upstairs and take down the barricade. Approach the pillar or whatever in this room and interact with it. Hit X repeatedly to tear it down and knock over another pillar that will serve as a bridge. First though, you have to deal with the Drones. You'll start in cover already so just shoot at them with your Razor when it's safe. Their shots are easy to time so try not to lose any health against them. Kill the Hybrid in the window too, then cross that makeshift bridge. In this building, you can find some Fareye ammo downstairs, guarded by a pop-up mine. [INTEL LOCATION - Secrets of the Maquis: The Scorched Earth] In the room you enter after crossing that bridge, there will be an overturned dresser on the right. Climb onto this and you can reach a ledge above. Shimmy over to the left and then hit up on the D-Pad when you have room to climb up. Find the Intel here. Enter the Chimera gateway to the left and then take cover in the next room. Some more Drones and a Hybrid will attack. Take them all out, then cross the bridge. Hop out the window to your right and there is a Chimera door there. [INTEL LOCATION - Secrets of the Maquis: The Last Reich] Before you enter the door, turn around and go to the left (left from the window you hopped out of). There will be a small crawlspace in the wall. Go through here to reach a small nook with a safe. Approach the safe and you can claim the Intel. Go back out and pass through the Chimera gate. Find Schrotflinte and Storm Rifle ammo on your left, then proceed right. Take cover at the end of this hallway as more Hybrids attack. Toss a Grenade down there to make things easy. Finish off the rest and move up. Turn the corner and a Hybrid will basically egg you on into following. A trap, obviously. Try to follow and sure enough, you'll fall through the floorboard. Destroy three pop-up mines, then take down the barricaded door. Enter to find some Maquis soldiers fighting off a large mech. Just like that, you've got a fight on your hands. ------->BOSS FIGHT - HAMMER<-------------------------------- The bigger they are, the harder they fall, right? Well, don't take this fight lightly. The Hammer is heavily armed. Your main weapon of choice will be the LAARK, but the Storm Rifle can help you out too. The Hammer's weakness would seem obvious; that bright orange device on its back. Really though, the sweet spot seems to be elsewhere. I really don't understand it. Sometimes you'll deal it a lot of damage at the orange device, but other times, you'll do nearly no damage at all. The real area to aim for is its back, just below or around that area. The guys below will be distracting the Hammer for you at the start of the fight, so go around this floor to the side of the room with the dresser in the corner. You'll have a good view of the Hammer's backside from here. Fire a LAARK round and try to hit the right spot. The Hammer has two responses, depending on where you hit it. If you go for its main body, it fires off missile attacks, every few seconds. Just hide behind the wall where the stairs are, or in the corner behind the dresser on the 2nd floor. If you hit the orange device, the Hammer fires missile a lot faster and aggressively. The best way to shield yourself in that case, is to hide behind the dresser. If you rely on just hitting the Hammer anywhere but the orange device, you can rely on a simple strategy to make this fight go a lot faster. Since it only fires missiles slowly, you can run from left to right on the upper floor and just keep shooting LAARK rounds at it. Just keep moving to avoid its attacks and hide if you get hit. Go downstairs to find Health Capsules. More LAARK ammo is near you on the 2nd floor, so refill and repeat this strategy. If you hit it in the orange spot, it is stunned for a few seconds, letting you shoot another one or two rounds, but hide immediately to avoid the torrent of missiles. Keep up the work and it should go down soon enough. --- After that, Grayson heads down into the facility. Mission over. ------->AREA 02 - WATERFALL CHAMBER<--------------------------------[rs07] As soon as you get control, you have something to find. [INTEL LOCATION - Secrets of the Maquis: Mallery's Lunch] From where you start, turn around immediately. The open area here is the lift that Grayson took and where he confronted Mallery in the cutscene just earlier. At the end of the lift is an inactive console switch (orange light). Go behind the column where the console is placed and you'll find the Intel there behind it. Move forward and three drones appear. Taking cover won't be necessary if you just keep steady fire on with your Razor. Ammo and health will be near the exit. [INTEL LOCATION - Cloven Lore: Signs Below] Search the top left corner (to the left of the exit) in this room and you should spot this pretty easily. Go through the gates for a scene. After that, take cover at the bottom of this ramp and start taking care of the Hybrids. As you start to pick them off, drones will float into the scene. After them a pair of Titans. Great... Soften up the Titans with your LAARK. The explosions should damage both of them. You can follow up with the Rifle Grenades or regular Grenades. Otherwise, use your Razor, Storm Rifle, and even Fareye. You'll be safe for a while. If one gets close, your best weapon is the Schrotflinte. Without a doubt, it tears apart the Titans at close range. Move up and collect the Health Capsule and ammo. You'll find more health and ammo near the top. Activate the console here to rotate this platform. A strange new Chimera will appear and then quickly fly away. After that, four drones will attack. Destroy them with your Razor and make sure they don't try to explode in your face. When the platform is nearly done rotating, another group of drones appears, then some Hybrids, then more drones. They'll all gather at once, so try to see if you can lock onto the device on the right that is shortcircuiting. Shoot it to make it detonate, hopefully taking out a few enemies in the process. Finish the others with your Razor, taking cover behind the console if you need to. Go forward and collect the Health Capsules. Go down to the end of this platform where another Health Capsule and another console await. Activate the latter for a scene. A Steelhead will be approaching on the lift you activated. It wields an Auger, which can shoot through walls. Just use your Fareye and headshot it to make things easier. Just be sure he isn't firing and you're not standing still. When the lift comes up, get on and ride it back down. Beware two Chimera that will fire at you from the tower above you and to the left. When the lift stops, get off and prepare for some Slipskulls to attack. Take cover and take the two Health Capsules if necessary. The Slipskulls go down easily enough with just a little Razor fire. Two drones will also show up, so destroy those as well. Approach the gateway at the end of the platform and two Hybrids appear. Rush them with the Schrotflinte shotgun and they'll be mincemeat. Enter the gateway for a scene. In this next room, you'll have a few Hybrids shooting at you. Take the two to your immediate left first, and grab the Health Capsules in the corner there to recharge some health. Use the Fareye on the Hybrid on the walkway. There are three walkways you can get on. The center one has a console with the "Hand" icon above it. Right in front of the console you'll find the AUGER-WS. Schwing! The ammo is severely limited in the game so make good use of it. [INTEL LOCATION - Retribution: Iron Horse] Don't activate the console just yet. Facing the room itself, look to your left from the console walkway. There is another walkway on the left wall. Take another lifting platform up here to find ammo. Keep moving though and drop down the other end of this platform into a closed off area. You'll find this Intel here. Climb the boxes to get out and then return to the console. Activate it and a Hammer will appear. Move off your current platform and go to the left one. There is a console on this platform as well as the one on the other far side. Activating these casts an electric bolt on an easily identifiable piece of the floor. The Hammer will likely get close to you and step over this area so throw the switch to stun it. Pelt it with your LAARK, Razor, and whatever else. You can use the Auger, but I would recommend only using it for a few shots and saving the rest. The console needs to recharge, but you can use it again. Go over to the other side and use the other one. Keep this up, and if necessary, go down to collect health and LAARK ammo. Finish off the Hammer and that will do it. ------->AREA 03 - UNDERGROUND CHAMBER<--------------------------------[rs08] At the start, you'll have a Titan to deal with. You'll be clued in on how to properly use that new Auger. Now wouldn't be a bad time to give it a spin. Hide behind the box on the left. With the Auger equipped, you can fire from cover, totally protected. Not only that, the Auger will deal a great deal of damage to the Titan. Alternatively, you can stand up and deploy the Auger's shield, then fire at it with something else. Still, if you can avoid it, try not to use more than one clip of your Auger. When the Titan draws close, finish it with your Schrotflinte. Move down the walkway, where health will be available. Turn and then take cover as some drones appear. Finish them easily with your Razor. You'll find more ammo near you. Activate the console to create a bridge. A Hybrid will come dashing toward you. Try sniping him with the Fareye to make it simple. Another one should appear all the way in the back. Snipe him too, then the last two that appear after him. Get ammo and health here, then duck into the passage on the right. You can enter a very narrow corridor here. At the other end, you'll get a quick scene. Find the switch on the right wall and activate it. It lifts up a cover of a small pool. Hop in and dive to enter an underwater tunnel like the one Bouchard is in. The current will push you one way, so go with it to the end. A door opens, so keep swimming. At the very end, the water level will go down and you can get your breath. The next doorway will take you to a large chamber. Jump into the water and dive down. You need to make your way to a switch near the bottom and activate it. This raises the water level, but also releases a new enemy. Two Sirens (similar to Furies) will appear. They have a small blast type gun but they are pretty weak so use your Razor (you can use it underwater). Don't waste too much time and resurface for air. Make your way to the ledge you can now reach and climb up. Be careful if your health is low as two Hybrids will be waiting for you. Once you're done with all that, activate the switch here. It opens a door back underwater, and releases more Sirens. You can shoot them from the safety of the platform once they are in sight so don't bother going in the water. Find some Health Capsules to the right of the switch, behind a box. [INTEL LOCATION - Secrets of the Maquis: The Nights Go By] Once you throw that switch, turn around and walk through the gateway. There will be a body laying inside. The Intel can be found right there. Now go back out and into the water. Swim down to that opened doorway. Swim through and after another doorway opens, blast the Siren that appears. Keep going all the way to the end, letting the current take you. Swim up through the opening to fly out of the water and back to dry land. This room is similar to the one you were in before you made your underwater voyage. Find the very narrow passage like before and move through. You'll wind up in a large chamber that will be host to a few tough firefights. First, there will be several Hybrids shooting at you from across the way. A few will very likely charge you directly, so don't get caught up fighting long distance with others if this happens. You can take cover to your right, behind the wall. Use the Fareye, Razor, and Alt. Fire on your Storm Rifle to see you through the first wave. Drones appear next. Just stick behind the wall on the right. Health can be found here too. Go around the platform, toward the switch. When you get there, turn to your left and prepare for three more drones. Shoot them down, then throw the switch. This will lift you up to the next floor. Several more drones will attack from your right. Dispatch them (cover is to your left if you need it) then go to the left to find three Health Capsules. Make your way in the other direction now. [INTEL LOCATION - Retribution: The Fallen are not Forgetten] Keep going down the other side of the walkway, passing a switch and another elevator platform. Keep going until you reach a narrow beam to cross. Go across to the next platform and you'll find a Maquis soldier's body. Right next to it is the Intel. Fall back and activate that switch you passed. It will power up the nearby elevator, but also call on a few enemies. Two Hybrids and some Slipskulls should hardly prove a challenge. Just remember to stay behind cover. Activate that switch on the elevator and it'll take you back down. Once it lands, more drones appear so start moving to make yourself a harder target and down them with your Razor. [INTEL LOCATION - Cloven Lore: Deep Images] From the elevator, turn left and go to the end of the walkway (pretty short walk) and you'll find some Intel in the corner, just below a Cloven symbol on the wall. Go to the next switch and prepare for a few more Hybrids. Deal with them and go over to the covering that was lifted up by the switch. Hop into the hatch and you'll enter a long, empty corridor. Empty that is, til you reach the near end. A swarm of drones pile in. Start backing up and pick them off one by one. The drone shots are easy to dodge for you by now hopefully, but still, if you are low on health, don't take a chance. Continue to back away and if necessary, deploy the Auger shield. In the next area, you'll have a scene. After that, start picking off the Hybrids and drones. You can't take cover behind the wall in front of you and to the left, but you can still stand behind it to protect yourself. The two parts of this platform that jut out on the right have Health Capsules. Move to the end here and activate the switch you find. The path is opened, but some Hybrids are joined by a new enemy, Hags. The Hags are like Boilers, but they fly around and shoot blasts similar to those from the Sirens guns. They also have shields, but they have the same weakness as Boilers. Wait for the two Hags to drop their shields, then aim for their heads in manual aim. Pick off the two Hybrds at the far end now and move down when the coast is clear. You have another switch here, so go ahead and activate it. The lift drops and bring you to the next walkway. Grab the Fareye ammo right here and take cover on one side. Avoid expending that Fareye ammo just yet and instead pick off the two Hybrids with your Razor, Storm Rifle, or what have you. Approach the end of this walkway and a Hag appears. Wait for the chance, then fire at its head. Now take the green float platform up to the next level. Grab health and ammo, then take cover. These Hybrids are good choices for your Fareye now so use it if you want. Move down and beware four Slipskulls at this point. Back away behind the wall if you want, so that you can easily see one or more of them, and not have them all shooting at you. You can also take cover at the end of the walkway, but with how the Slipskulls can cling to the ceiling and all, you can still be shot at easily. Move up the ramp and grab some health. Turn right and you'll see the Power Core for the facility. Before Grayson can do anything with it, you'll have to fend off three Hags. Since you don't have any cover, using the Auger and its shield is not a bad idea here. The Hags blasts sting a lot, and with three of them you don't want to die here. Once they're dead, focus on the Power Core which has its own life bar. It'll take a lot of punishment so soften it up with some LAARK rounds and Grenades if you have them. Use your Storm Rifle to save Razor ammo. Keep going to the next weapon when you run out of ammo (but save your Auger and Fareye, etc). Refrain from shooting when the spinning walls cover your line of fire. Once it is stopped, you can approach the core. Three more Hags will attack. Try to attack them before they attack you. If you are in peril, run back to the previous room where those Health Capsules were. Once they're dead, go to the core and interact with it. Hit the corresponding buttons and that will end the mission. ------->AREA 04 - INCUBATOR CHAMBER<--------------------------------[rs09] Start off by diving into the water and finding the lever down here to drain it. The gateway opens and two Hybrids and a drone will be waiting. Try a Grenade if you still have one, or just take cover behind the small wall fixtures on the side. After they're dead, more drones pile in from the far end. Start blasting them with your Razor. Move to the end of this hall now. [INTEL LOCATION - Retribution: Cold as Ice] The exit is on your left. To your right however is a glass pane window and one of those explosive devices on the other side. The only way to blow it up is to use the Auger. Aim at it and fire a round through the glass to set it off. The glass will blow up and you can enter. To the right at the far end of this hall, you will find the Intel. [INTEL LOCATION - Secrets of the Maquis: Bouchard's Necklace] Right after you find the previous Intel, you'll notice the large silver gateway behind the location. Get close and it will open up to another hallway. Keep moving forward, through shallow water, and look for another Intel on the left. Return back to the other side after that. Climb up the ledge to the exit. In the next hall, some Boilers will make their way around the area to you. Stay back and wait for them to start walking toward you. Pick them off easily with headshots, then move forward. Drones will be your next victims, so strafe to avoid their shots and turn them into scrap. Take some Health Capsules at the end here, then go through the opening to the left. Go forward and kill the two Hybrids (cover shouldn't be necessary). Be sure to grab any Razor ammo they drop, since you might be running low. Climb the ledge on your right to the exit. Drop into the hall and fire on the drones to your left. Grab the Razor ammo and especially take the Auger ammo to your right. Now go down the large tunnel and down the ramp to some water. Get your feet wet and start moving through here. A couple Sirens will attack, so use your Razor to keep the waters clean. Try to keep moving though and not waste any precious oxygen, unless you're playing in Infected mode, in which case, this won't matter. Head to the end now. Some drones will be waiting for you to resurface. Turn to your right and shoot at them with the Razor. Go up to the top of the ramp to find Health Capsules. Cross over to the other side where the drones were and prepare to take another dip. More Sirens will attack down here and they may seem more aggressive than the rest. Keep swimming and have your finger held down on the fire button. Grab some Health Capsules near the end and finish off any of the Sirens if you have to. Be very cautious going up the ramp as three Boilers come down to you. Climb the ledge and go through the door to the next room. Some Boilers blow themselves up to open the glass and let a Titan have at you. Hide behind the left wall and soften it up a bit with one clip of your Auger. Remember that the Auger can fire through walls so just stay back here and shoot as long as you are locked on. Switch to another weapon to finish it off, or use the Auger all the way if you must. Grab a Health Capsule in the first corridor before crossing over to the side where the Titan was. Go down here and you can see the ledge to climb up with a green light inside. Ignore it for now. [INTEL LOCATION - Cloven Lore: Chew On This] To the right is another glass wall. If you stand in the right spot, you can see the same old electric device you can shoot. Fire at it, using the Auger to hit it through the wall. It'll blow the glass open. Cross over now and to the left you'll find this Intel tucked away in the corner with a body. Climb through to the exit for a scene. Grayson will find Bouchard, but some Boilers will attack. You'll have a long stretch of walkway between you and them to start with. Grab some health and ammo first. You can use the Fareye if you want with slow-mo to headshot the Boilers before they get close to you. There are a lot of them so it's really better to just enter manual aim and wait for them to come to you with another weapon. This part gets super annoying because as you make your way across the walkway, Boilers continue to pile out, sometimes eight at a time. Remain in manual aim and push forward. Headshot them all but beware how they strafe back and forth sometimes. Keep pushing forward, preferably using the Storm Rifle to make your way to the exit. Eventually the rush will stop. Grab health and ammo, then use the switch. More Boilers will rush Bouchard's capsule, but will detonate and do nothing to it or her. Move to the capsule and throw the switch next to it for a scene. Hybrids will start running in two directions. Try to snipe some and then use cover and your Razor/Storm Rifle on the others. Find some Health Capsules to the far right if you need them. That giant Chimera that Grayson saw earlier will appear and it seems intent on stopping him! ------->BOSS FIGHT - ANGEL<-------------------------------- This boss has one primary attack and although it has extremely poor accuracy, this attack should not be underestimated. The Angel will throw a blast that emits a fog of toxic gas in a small radius where it lands. This makes the immediate area damaging to Grayson so stay back. The key is to keep moving and as long as you do that, you'll hardly take damage. The gas fades after a few moments, making affected areas safe again. You want to go with the LAARK at first. Use it to weaken the Angel a bit and deploy the secondary fire if you should miss with a round so you can redirect it. You may luck out in a way with this fight if the Angel goes after Bouchard. She can't die or you'll fail, and that is a definite possibility if you put too much distance between yourself and the Angel. You can use these opportunities to get a few potshots in. Don't let the Angel focus on her for too long though, because Bouchard will not budge, making her very susceptible to its attack. When you need LAARK ammo, go around the walkway. Besides the LAARK, you can also soften this guy up with Rifle Grenades. The closer you are to it, the easier it will be to do damage with the Razor and Storm Rifle. If you can drop the boss' health to less than half, it will start using a shield. Wait for it to drop this shield and then continue your assault. When the shield is up, just run and avoid its attacks and grab the Health Capsules sprawled about. Just make sure Bouchard isn't getting assaulted. There's even more LAARK ammo to find so go back to it should you need it. Try not to use the Auger but it is a very good choice so it's definitely an option. Remaining mobile is the main thing. Avoid its attacks and fire back and you should win in due time. --- After the scene, the mission and the second chapter will be concluded. _______ _ (_______) _ _ (_) _ ___ ____ ___ _| |_ ____ _ _ ____ _| |_ _ ___ ____ | | / _ \| _ \ /___|_ _)/ ___) | | |/ ___|_ _) |/ _ \| _ \ | |_____| |_| | | | |___ | | |_| | | |_| ( (___ | |_| | |_| | | | | \______)\___/|_| |_(___/ \__)_| |____/ \____) \__)_|\___/|_| |_| _______ (_______) __ ___ ____ _____ / / / _ \| _ \| ___ | / /____| |_| | | | | ____| (_______)\___/|_| |_|_____) =============================================================================== [rs10] Grayson embarks on a quest to assist Cartwright in doing something about the Earth Mover. Arriving on the scene in a construction zone in Germany with the Hammer, it seems evident he is more than armed to put a dent in the Chimeran operations. ------->AREA 01 - MECH RIDE<--------------------------------[rs11] Get used to how the Hammer operates, because you'll be breaking it in big time here. Several Hybrids come out of the small tunnels on the sides of this canyon. When they are bunched together, you can fire the Hammer's missile launcher, but it needs to charge for a few seconds after that. The main gatling gun lets you fire for a long time, but it can overheat (watch the orange bar in the bottom right). Take out the first wave of Chimera, then lumber forward. A group of drones will attack. Now that you're a bigger target, drones are more of a threat. They can also be pesky with how they float around, making them hard to hit. Mow them down with your gatling gun. Just a little bit further and four Hybrids pop out of the next tunnel. Fire a missile as they're piling out to deal with them easily. Just around the bend, more Hybrids will be perched on a bridge. Fire a missile at the center one and they should all go down. Move on. A whole mess of drones attack. Try to make yourself a harder target by swaying left and right while firing the gatling gun. If drones are somewhat near each other, you can try to plant a pinpoint missile attack on one and it may blow up the surrounding ones. This can be tough though. Try to learn though, because as you get to the gate, more Hybrids, but also an exceptionally large swarm of drones swoop in. Take out the Hybrids quickly with a missile, then start plowing through the drones with the gun. Try to take out a whole bunch if you can with a missile. It's tough to hit one drone with it but if you can, it'll make things a lot easier. Otherwise, rely on how the drones tend to line up horizontally, and sweep your gatling gun across. Grayson takes the Hammer into the gate for a scene. Focus on the Titan which is now puny to the Hammer. Zap any approaching Hybrids with the missile launcher, then start picking off the others inside the outpost with the gatling gun. A lot of them are packed in there, so keep shooting until the coast is clear. After that, fire on the small core inside with your gatling gun until it blows up. When you get control again, you'll be confronted by three Titans. They are made easy work by your missiles and gatling gun. Keep moving past their remains and you'll come to another bridge. [SKILL POINT - Destroy bridge while 3 Hybrids are standing on it] This is easy. Notice the small white device on the left side of the bridge, similar to the ones you've been blowing up to reach Intel. Shoot on this with your gatling gun to blow the whole bridge and kill the Hybrids. Move on past that bridge and a whole unit of Titans will march toward you. Take advantage of the fact that they are close together and use the missile launcher to deal large damage to many of them simultaneously. While it recharges, use the gatling gun. After they die, hang back and let the Hammer recharge its armor. Move forward now and several Assault Drones will appear from over the gate. These guys have gatling guns and there are a lot of them. Try to land a missile on one of them to destroy many at once, then use the gatling gun while you wait for it to recharge. In the next area, deal with some more Titans and a few more drones. Make the Titans your first targets, then deal with the drones. If you've been having any luck killing them with the missile launcher, keep it up. [SKILL POINT - Kill 20 drones with Hammer missiles] You'll get this whenever you accumulate 20 kills with the Hammer's missile launcher. The swarms of drones always stay tight-knit so this is easy, provided you can hit one with a missile. Set your aim on the outpost next, and blast all the Hybrids inside. Once you've done that, you can destroy the outpost like the one before. In the next area, you'll find some armored Hybrids. These guys wield better Razors and they will take a few more hits, as you can probably tell. One of them will be using a gun turret so make that your first priority. Destroy it and hopefully some surrounding Hybrids with a missile. There will be another one on the right ledge. Mow down the other enemies, plus a Titan approaching, then continue. More drones will attack near the gate, so work that missile launcher and gatling gun. In the next area, you'll have company. Two other Hammers will be waiting. Take on the first one in front of you. Stick with the simple strategy of using your missile launcher first, then gatling gun until it recharges. When one is down, quickly turn to the other one. Try not to stand still in the Hammer while you attack either. You might be able to avoid *some* damage by moving. You'll get a quick scene after they are destroyed and the mission will be over. ------->AREA 02 - BUILT TRENCHES<--------------------------------[rs12] With the Hammer destroyed, you've got to cross this area on foot. No sweat. Move forward and you'll hear a little dramatic twist in the music. Sure enough, something approaches. A swarm of Leapers come at you suddenly so back up and use your Schrotflinte or Storm Rifle to fend them off. Go forward and destroy the two pop-up mines. Around the corner, two Hybrids appear. Either hang back and throw a Grenade or Storm Rifle, or rush them both and mow them down at close range. Move forward and another pair will appear. Dispatch them, as well as two more mines, then make your way to the door. In the next area, two Hybrids will be on the ground level with you. One will be on the far wall, using the turret. You might be inclined to snipe the turret gunner, but it has a protective guard in front of it, so that's out of the question pretty much. Instead, rely on the LAARK and it should hopefully destroy the turret or kill the Hybrid. After that, use your Razor or Storm Rifle on the Hybrids. Two more will come at you so either snipe them or wait for them to get closer. [INTEL LOCATION - Secrets of the Maquis: Tricon Rail Line] On your left from the start of this area, you can see a large Chimera machine apparently digging into the ground. At the very top of the canyon wall on the left, you can see that all too familiar white ball device. Shoot it until it blows up and the machine will stop. Go to the far left side of the wall where the arm was scraping up against. A small piece of junk metal will be there. Get close and you can interact with it. Tap X to move the metal and uncover the Intel. A large minefield awaits. Just pick one side to penetrate, so you won't have to deal with all of them. Throw the switch back here and use the activated lift to go up. Use the console and it opens a path for you. After the scene, man the turret. Keep in mind you move the turret with the PSP thumb stick. Target the Titan first. It should only take a few seconds to go down if you keep your finger on the trigger. Go after the Hybrids in the outpost next, on both the top and bottom levels. When it's all said and done, drop down below. [INTEL LOCATION - Cloven Lore: Leben Geist] As you approach the outpost, there is a small space on the left between it and the canyon wall that you can slip through. Go through here and around to find a jeep and two bodies, as well as the Intel. This part is a bit annoying. Yes, Boilers. Go into the outpost and up the stairs. You'll find plenty of ammo and health. Activate the switch on the console and it opens the gate in the distance. It also releases packs of Boilers after you. They won't stop coming until you force your way through to the gate. Go to the ramp immediately and scramble out. They are tough to hit because they go around obstacles instead of walking straight so be careful. Cut through them and keep moving toward the door. Beware the mines near there but try and focus on the Boilers primarily. Grab health to the right and enter when you finally are able. Be careful in here. Two Assault Drones probably won't notice you immediately. To your right are three Health Capsules so be at full health if you can before you start blasting them. Use the tiny walls as cover. Only fire with your Razor when they're not shooting. Destroy one, and two more show up. Quickly take out the other, then focus on them. Go back for more health if you need to. Move forward when you're ready, preferably at full health still. I recommend going with the Auger here. If you want to save it, make sure you absolutely fall back to the near start of this area. When you trigger the appearance of the next wave of Assault Drones, you'll likely see a tiny wall you can take cover behind. DO NOT take cover here, because the damn Assault Drones will simply get behind you and render it useless. If you don't plan on using the Auger, fall back. It's easier to just deploy the shield and turn them into junk with the Auger though. Make sure you finish the job too, because these guys love to blow up in your face. Die here and you have to do the Boiler part again. When you finally dispatch the drones, refill on health. Find some Fareye and Storm Rifle ammo near the end. Operate the switch here to go up to the next floor. You have to cross to the other side of this large lava river. Start by using your Razor to shoot down the Hybrids ahead and to the right of you. Use the console to ride the small lift across. Two more Hybrids will try and ambush you. You can use the walls of this lift as cover, so duck and answer back with your Razor. Grab health and ammo here on this platform, then activate the next switch. A few drones appear over the far wall. Start picking them off from a distance with the Razor. When the next lift arrives, get on and start fighting off even more drones. [INTEL LOCATION - Retribution: Boot Laces and Bubble Gum] This one is cleverly hidden. While riding the platform, you deal with some drones (above). Among them, are two Worker Drones. They'll be behind you as you ride the lift. Shoot one of these once with your Auger and it should move to the platform on the side and activate a console. This will call the lift toward that platform. Opposite the platform, sticking out of the wall is a metal beam. On top is the Intel that you can reach. Drop down and go through the next door. An outpost lies in front of you, so take cover. Use your Razor/Storm Rifle or the Fareye to dispatch all of the Hybrid inhabitants. Grab some health and ammo outside, then go into the outpost itself. Find more Health Capsules, as well as numerous ammo types inside. [INTEL LOCATION - Cloven Lore: Secrets and Passageways] With full health, you can attempt to get this one. Behind the outpost (go around to the left) is a little mining job that has revealed a patch of lava. No surprise, it'll hurt you to cross over it, but that is the only way you'll reach the Intel on the other side. With more than half health, you can get the Intel. With full health, you have a very slight chance of making it back across, but more likely than not, you'll probably die getting this Intel. It saves though, so even if you die, you don't have to get it again. Once you've done that, go inside the outpost and activate the console at the top. A Titan will appear. Fire on it with something to soften it up like the Storm Rifle, Razor, or Auger. When the drones show up, make them your next priority witht he Razor. After that, a second Titan also appears. Focus on the two Titans, using your LAARK, then other guns after that. Keep the heat on the remaining drones and you should tidily end this mission. ------->AREA 03 - CONSTRUCTION ZONE<--------------------------------[rs13] At the start, two Worker Drones will be fumbling about a explosive device. Fire on it and set it off to drop a nearby machine arm to form a makeshift bridge. Prepare to cross with your crosshairs pointed ahead, as a Hybrid on the other side opens fire. Gun him down and drop into this area. Another Hybrid on the right will likely start shooting as well. Shoot him quickly, then take cover behind the small rock ridge. Three more Hybrids will be just on the other side. A grenade will make quick work of them; just toss it when it's safe to do so and place it well. Stay put though, and lift your gaze to the sky. Three Assault Drones will enter the picture, guns blazing. Be patient and wait out their shots, then strike back with your Razor. If you really, really have to, you can go with the Auger and stay crouched. They swing back and forth relatively close to you too, so your shotty can be effective here too. It's still not over after that though. The door ahead opens and out come a bunch of Boilers. Son of a... Back up a bit and go to your Storm Rifle and enter manual aim fast. Wait for them to come straight at you and pick them off one by one. When the coast is finally clear, go to the door and grab the nearby Health Capsules, then enter. In the next area, a bunch of Worker Drones will get spooked off as a pair of Titans rumble in. From a distance, you can weaken them gradually with your LAARK, Rifle Grenades, Fareye (headshots), Razor, or what have you. Use your Schrotflinte shotgun when they get very close, because that works really well. Grab any health or nearby ammo when you've slain the giants. [INTEL LOCATION - Retribution: Up is Down, Down is Up] Not too far from the entrance, on your left, you should be able to easily spot the large tunnel dug out. Enter this tunnel and walk through until you see some green gas. Just before that, the Intel can be picked up off the ground. "Up is down. Well that's just maddeningly unhelpful." Climb out and move forward just a bit. [INTEL LOCATION - Cloven Lore: The Flesh Eaters] In the top left corner (or to the left of where the Titans came in) you will see a small fenced off area with a machine pounding the ground. Stand slightly to the right of the barrier and look to the left to see another explosive device to shoot. Do this to stop the hammering machine. Enter this area through a small gap to the right. Here you'll find a Cloven corpse and the Intel on the ground (thanks to koedt for this). You can find some health and ammo around the small rock. Approach the wall at the end and a Hybrid comes down a lift to attack. Just unload on him at close range. Step on the lift and it takes you to the top where another Hybrid awaits. Decimate him as well and move on. Grab health and then Schrotflinte ammo in the next corner. Turn left and man the turret here. Fire on the Titans until the drones appear, then turn your stights on them, since they go down fast. Finish them all off, then depart down the ramp to your left. You'll find Health Capsules and Storm Rifle Ammo down here. Take cover behind the nearby wall for protection against another large unit of Hybrids. Once again, a Grenade will make things super easy. Go around this wall to the other side. Ahead of you is a lava river with a machine to the right. On the other side of the lava river, four Hybrids appear and open fire. Did somebody order explosives? Use your Frag or Rifle Grenades and it'll be over before you know it. Following that act will be a small group of Assault Drones. Be careful and be patient, then unleash hell with your Razor or Auger if you're low on health. [INTEL LOCATION - Secrets of the Maquis: UED Field report] Now, if you turn around from the lava river and look in the corner (it will be to your right once you turn around), you'll see a strange white and red object. Approach it and you can interact to pick up some Intel that's not visible. The reason is because this object was a pigeon and it was carrying it strapped to its leg. Now to cross, target the white electrical device like always to blow it up. It'll drop the digging arm and you can cross it like a beam. Turn left now and take the Health Capsules. Take cover behind the barrier ahead and fend off three Hybrids. Two are on a ledge to the right. It's not a bad idea to pick them off with your Fareye to just make it easier. Gun down the last guy on the lift and then go that way. You'll find plenty of health and some shotty ammo on the sides of the ramp. The lift will carry you over as some Hybrids start down the walkway on the right. More will be replacing them so bring them down with your Razor and Rifle Grenades if you want, but take cover when necessary on the lift. As it moves forward, three Assault Drones will swoop in and attack, followed by a few more when you pick them off. Just play it safe and duck down, then attack with your Razor. When the lift comes to a stop, go down the ramp and grab some health and ammo down here. Duck behind the rocks here as three more Assault Drones make themselves comfortable in your view. They shouldn't be any more pesky than the last few so just be careful and retaliate with your Razor when it's safe. Switch to your shotgun and prepare for a scene. Approach the large burrower tunnel on your left. A couple Leapers come scurrying out so blast them. Inside the tunnel are more pods with Leapers ready to hatch. You can destroy these from a distance with some work, but they only give birth to two Leapers each most of the time, so it's not too much trouble to use your Storm Rifle. Keep the Schrotflinte handy though. Proceed inside and one pod will unleash several Leapers so back up a ways and pick them all off. Continue to a fork in the tunnel. Get close to lur the Leapers out of their pods, then dispose of them. Enter the left tunnel and find some ammo. Go right now and kill all of the spawning Leapers. Go through the right tunnel and lure a bunch more toward you. The Schrotflinte might help with this swarm, especially since sometimes one or two will take to the walls and ceiling to get around to you. After that, just walk out of the tunnel. After the scene, some Hybrids will start down the ramps of the Earth Mover. Stay where you are behind cover and use either your Fareye or the Razor/Storm Rifle to dispose of them. Boilers will follow so move up just a bit to get ammo (including more Fareye) and health. Also get away from the rock since the Boilers will circle around both sides and that's not good. Let them take a more direct route to you and pick them off in manual aim. Start up the left ramp and at the top, find more health and ammo, including LAARK ammo which you should definitely take. Operate the nearby switch. Your task is half complete. Some Boilers will come down the opposite ramp, cross over, and make their way up to you. Stay up here and snipe them with your Fareye, or use the Storm Rifle. Proceed down now and start up the right ramp. A few more Boilers may be coming down so enter manual aim as you climb up. At the top, procure any ammo or health. Make sure the coast is clear (no Boilers are following you up here), and if so, throw the second switch. The Earth Mover will be disabled, but a Hammer shows up to spoil the celebration. Stay behind the barrier. The two concerns here are that, number one: the barrier is destructible and the Hammer's gatling gun will slowly destroy it. And two: the Boilers that will be marching up to get you during the fight. Start with the LAARK and try to fire off four rounds right at the get go. Just watch for the Hammer moving left and right so stop your missiles and redirect them if necessary. Once you release the payload, turn your attention to the Boilers that should very likely be coming up to you. Enter manual aim with your Storm Rifle and pick them off. Just watch out for the Hammer. You don't wanna poke your head out when it makes a direct hit with its missile launcher. Turn around and grab more LAARK ammo. Reload and fire off a few more rounds. Once again, watch out for more Boilers. Hopefully it will just take another four LAARK rounds to destroy the Hammer, but you can refill again if necessary. Take it down and your job is done here. _ _ | | | | | | _ _ _ _ _____ ____ | |__ ___ _ _ ____ ____ | | | | | ( \ / ) ___ | \| _ \ / _ \| | | |/ ___) _ | | |_____| |_| |) X (| ____| | | | |_) ) |_| | |_| | | ( (_| | |_______)____/(_/ \_)_____)_|_|_|____/ \___/|____/|_| \___ | =======================================================(_____|================= [rs14] With the Earth Movers down, it's off to Luxembourg to aid in the Maquis evacuation effort. Grayson and company are about to learn that no place is safe from the Chimera horde; not even underground. ------->AREA 01 - Casemates<--------------------------------[rs15] Right back into the thick of it, two new enemies present themselves. The first is the armored Hybrid. You actually were acquainted last chapter, during the Mech Ride, but that was sort of informal. You'll get to see firsthand how these guys are. They obviously take more damage, but their improved Razors also deal a little more damage to you as well. Take cover behind the crate to the left. Start firing on the Hybrids, but soon, the second new enemy, the Brute will come into the picture. He wields a chaingun, which means anybody exposed will be turned into swiss cheese. They take a fair amount of damage, but you can try to get by with your Storm Rifle. Just be careful of the Hybrids. Once the Brute goes down, focus on the Hybrids, again with the Storm Rifle, if for no other reason but to save other ammo. If the other Hybrid is intent on hiding, you can rush him with the Schrotflinte in hand and go click click boom. Move past there and you'll notice Cartwright is backing you up; although you really have to do the majority of the work. Two more Hybrids are at the end of the hall. At a closer distance, again, the Storm Rifle or Razor will be fine. Here, find ammo and health. Turn left and Cartwright will be waiting by the door to seal it. Don't do that just yet though. [INTEL LOCATION - Cloven Lore: Living the Angry Night] Enter the doorway instead of sealing it. Go down the corridor and in a small nook on the left, you'll find this one fairly easily. Return to the doorway and help Cartwright seal it by interacting with it and mashing X. There is a chance Hybrids may try and storm in while you're doing this, so have your Schrotflinte handy for close encounters. As soon as that is finished, turn back to the hallway, and a small pack of Leapers will jump Cartwright. Give him a hand and retreat back down the hall. More Leapers will appear. Don't waste your Schrotflinte ammo on these small packs, so resort to the Storm Rifle. At the end, a scene plays. After an entrance is unexpectedly made for you, get a move on. Go down the tunnel carefully, as more Leapers approach. You can again deal with them with short bursts from your Storm Rifle (don't hold the trigger too long and you'll be a tad more accurate). Wait for the green gas in the Burrower tunnel to start receding before moving too far in. Approach the Leaper pods and let them come out. Only one will pop out of each one so that's easy to deal with. After the first two, a large swarm will come from the roof of the tunnel. Just wait for them to get closer, and you can pick them off pretty easily with the Storm Rifle. Move up and keep baiting the pods into bursting and kill the Leapers. Interact with the wall at the end to knock it down. A Hybrid comes in from the opposite side and starts shooting. He'll drop into the area below, so follow and just unload on him at close range. You'll also automatically claim the IWAO-R CHAINGUN. Schwing! Again, a great gun, but one you should use conservatively. It has a shield like the Auger, but unlike the Auger's shield, this one will move with you, though it makes you very, very slow. Take cover and give it a spin on the Hybrid that will fumble into the room. It needs a few seconds to charge up, so take that into consideration when timing enemy fire. Two more are in the next room, so take cover behind the door there and unload with your Razor or Storm Rifle. Enter and take cover again, but grab the health here if you need it. Two more Hybrids and a Brute will enter. Now's a good time to really pop the cherry on that Chaingun, so fire it up, making the Brute the first priority. Just don't leave yourself open just to get extra bullets in, because his chaingun can eat you up too. Feel free to unload on him and the other Hybrids, because more Chaingun ammo is right near you. Grab it and anything else you can find, then proceed down the tunnel. There will be health in a nook on your left near the end. After that is the door, so interact with it to open it up. After the scene, take cover. You have two Hybrids on the ground in front of you and one on the catwalk above. For the latter, use your Fareye and just snipe him in slow-mo. Deal with the other two with the Razor/Storm Rifle. You'll have to deal with a lot of Hybrids here, so actually, the Razor is the better choice, to see through it faster. Give good consideration to Rifle Grenades, Frags, and whatever else though. If one is hiding at the end, either lob a grenade, or rush him with the Schrotflinte. Enter the next corridor and open yet another door. After things go awry in the next room, hide on the walkway and fire at the Hybrid across from you. When he dies, get on the adjacent side of the walkway and look down to the ground below for another enemy. Razor, Razor, Razor. There's a ladder on this walkway just before the destroyed part so climb down. Turn around and go forward. Take cover right around here because there are three Hybrids to your right. A well placed Frag can make it a lot easier. Hop over these pipes and turn right to go around the center machine. Find the ladder here but don't climb up yet. [INTEL LOCATION - Secrets of the Maquis: Beg, Borrow, but Mostly Steal] Right behind the ladder here, there is a lot of fire, this is true. Just out of harm's way though, there is also a small metal box or whatever behind the ladder. Get close, and don't worry about the fire and face this box. You can climb up, and then further interact with the panel on the wall. Open it up to find this Intel. It is possible you may take some damage but if you're at near full health, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Now, climb the ladder. As soon as you reach the top, immediately duck behind the box here. Two more Hybrids come out of the doorway you entered from. Patiently wait for them to stop shooting and answer back with your Razor. Turn left around the walkway, pick up the Health Capsules and then approach the stairs. Stay in position to take cover quick as a Hybrid comes down. Lure him closer and blast him, then move up. When you reach the next level, you should again, take cover and look to your left. Three Hybrids will appear and at least one may get dangerously close to you. It's not a bad idea to either go with your Fareye and slow things down to snipe them all quick, or opt for the Chaingun with its shield. Assess the situation and make your own decision. When you reach the very top, once again, take cover. Stay back and at a good angle where the remaining Hybrids can't easily get potshots on you. If health is an issue, go with your big guns (Auger, Chaingun, etc). If you can be a bit more conservative, be patient and retaliate with your Razor. Dying here means starting at the bottom again, so be smart. It's one of those situations where just when you think you've killed the last one, another shows up. When all are vanquished, pick up Razor ammo, as well as Chaingun ammo in the small room at the other side. Approach the console on the center walkway now and activate it to open the door. A checkpoint thankfully settles in before a Hybrid enters. Waste him then go over to that door. Hide just behind the door as another Hybrid stands between you and some health. Enter and grab the health and other items then exit to a catwalk. Turn left and take cover. You've got Hybrids below and Slipskulls. Make the Slipskulls your first targets because they can get up to your level and they're also weaker. With them down, shoot or snipe the Hybrids below. In the next area, go through this narrow corridor and fend off a few Leapers. More appear near the end. Right before the stairs, turn right into the next area for Health Capsules. [INTEL LOCATION - Retribution: Burn before Reading] In the adjacent room from the Health Capsules, there is a small alcove and this Intel is in plain sight. Grab the Intel, then return to the main corridor and the stairs. Climb out for a scene. After that encounter with Mallery, you've got to get the hangar doors open for the VTOL's. An elevator will lower before you so get on and ride it back up. Inside the control room, interact with the console to start opening the doors. As if you didn't already know, it won't be that easy. The doors stop and some Assault Drones fly in. These guys are real bastards because they'll attempt to fly into the control room and blow up in your face so just wait for them to get near the door and finish them off. You'll have to face a few more and then you'll get a checkpoint. Grab health behind you, then prepare for a Hybrid through the right door. The lift there will take you above the doors where you can solve your little problem. Start by sniping the Hybrid straight across from you as you leave the hallway. Use your Razor/Storm Rifle/Chaingun on the other two. Next, go down into the corner and throw the lever. Two swarms of Leapers will close in on you from both sides. Choose one and rush them with your Storm Rifle or Schrotflinte. Turn around quickly and fend off the other swarm. Go over to the other lever now and that'll be good enough to allow the VTOL's to move. The first one lifts off, but a group of Slipskulls are attempting to spoil the party. Aim quickly at them with your Chaingun. Your Chaingun is the best bet since it will make quick work of them and there is a good amount of ammo around this room. You can also rely on the Fareye to slow things down if the VTOL starts taking too much damage. Swing around the ship to get a better view on them. After you've dispatched them all, you'll get a scene and the mission ends. ------->AREA 02 - Lower Tunnels<--------------------------------[rs16] At the start, go forward just a bit and some Leapers will attack. Fend them off with your Storm Rifle only. Go around the corner and Parker will be there, also dealing with the "riff-raff". Help her out and find a good spot in the room to help. You'll see the majority of Leapers coming in from the top corner of one of the walls so if they congregate there, you can use a Rifle Grenade to make quick work of them. After you've rescued Parker, you'll be behind cover with three armored Hybrids dropping in. With three, getting a shot off is not easy, and if you take too long, they'll swing around to the side and attack you up close. This can be good and bad. If you see one leave the room, whip out your Schrotflinte real fast and use that to kill it. Go at the rest with your Storm Rifle or Razor. After the first three are silenced, two more appear. Again, just wait for your chance to fire back and unload on them. When one falls, he is replaced by two Steelheads with Augers so beware the Auger's piercing shots. Instantly target them and try to beat them with a Frag or Rifle Grenade; the faster the better. Just keep your eye on the remaining Hybrid during all of this; if he disappears that means he's coming at you from the right for up close fighting. On the alternative, you can manage this part fairly easily with the Chaingun + shield. Once it's over, go to the right and grab some Health Capsules, then enter the next room where the Chimera were. Grab some ammo if you need it, then follow Parker into the room on the left. If you're wondering where the corridor to the right goes, it leads back to where you started. [INTEL LOCATION - Retribution: Guinea Pig] As soon as you enter this room, look to the right. Find the small cart at the end of the rails (on the ground) in the corner near all the other boxes and stuff. Stand at one end where you can interact with this cart. Mash X to push it. Once it locks into place, stand at the right side and you can climb up and another box. This allows you to get over the obstruction. Grab the Intel on a medical table here. Return to the main area. Inside this room, Parker needs Grayson to push another cart to the end of the wall for her. Do so by mashing X again. Just be prepared because this room is a tough one. Once you succeed in doing that, a swarm of Leapers will appear. You cna attempt to run about the room and fend them off. You're likely low on shotgun ammo from last mission, among other things though so you might be stuck with the Storm Rifle/Razor. You can also go up the ramp to where Parker is and try to funnel the Leapers toward you and blast them with Rifle Grenades to thin them out. Either way, you really don't want to take too many hits here. Refill lost health with the capsules near Parker. Stay near Parker and use the guardrail thing to be your cover as some Hybrids break in. Deal with them one at a time and be very patient. Take your shots when you see the chance. A few Slipskulls will appear in time so take them out too. To deal with the Hybrids, try to stay with the Razor, but since health can be an issue, don't be afraid to pull out the secret weapons: Auger or Chaingun. It'll come down to a bunch of Slipskulls. Be ready ahead of time once you've squashed the last one. Two or more Boilers will sneak in. Stay in the corner to Parker's right and point your gun toward the ramp where the Boilers will come up. At close range, it shouldn't be too hard to headshot them. Survive that and you're done with this part. A scene plays. Once you take the lift down, a Hybrid runs off. Grab health on yourt right, Schrotflinte ammo on your left. Turn right at the corridor and find Chaingun ammo at the end here. Go the other way now and take cover at the corner as two Hybrids come out of hiding. There's a good chance the closer one may charge you so be prepared for that. Get off the wall and melee him if necessary. Deal with the other one and then go down the hall. Enter the doorway at the end on the right. You'll automatically be attacked by a Leaper so force the little bastard off and then start retreating backwards into the hall as the rest start crawling toward you. Pick them off with your Storm Rifle. Go back into that room again. [INTEL LOCATION - Secrets of the Maquis: The Rack] This one is found in the far left corner from the entrance of the Leaper room. It's behind a bunk bed, on top of a rack. Go around to this corner and you should see it sitting on the bottom of the rack. Climb through the open vent on the wall. When you drop into the next room, a Hybrid retreats, and two others will file into the room. You can use the bunk beds for cover, but if one charges you, use your Schrotflinte. The Hybrid that ran off will come back when one falls. Use your Razor to kill them. There is plenty of Schrotflinte ammo, among other things, in this room so stock up. Go out into the hallway and peer to the left to see an unwelcome sight. A parade of Boilers are marching toward you. They don't sway back and forth much so headshots should be easy. And don't worry, there's a finite number of them so just keep plugging away and it should end eventually. After that, go down the hall, grab some Health Capsules, and turn the corner. You'll find a fork here. [INTEL LOCATION - Retribution: Sky High Treason] Go left (further down the hall) and at this little dead end, there will be a bunch of junk on your left, barricading this area from the adjacent hall. On the bunk bed is the Intel, pretty easily visible. Once you have that, go down the right tunnel and open the door. A few Slipskulls will be bouncing around the room so use your Storm Rifle to make them go splat. Go down the stairs and find a small alcove where a locked door is and some ammo. Take cover here and watch for the Hybrid in the distance, as well as another Slipskull. The stairs here are destroyed thanks to a Burrower. You should see the interact symbol above the pipe so hit up and grab on to shimmy over. Press down when you're safely across to drop down. Start down the stairs but only to lure out the group of five or six Boilers that come up at you. Quickly headshot them all and then continue on down the stairs. Two more Hybrids will be waiting so use your Razor. Collect ammo and then find health in front of the locked door. Be on the look out for two more Slipskulls on the walls and then continue down to lure out even more. Watch this green gas, don't rush through it or you'll take a significant amount of damage. Wait for it to dissipate and then move. Near the bottom, enter the dark corridor off the stairs to find Fareye ammo. Get to the very bottom of the stairs now and you can find health, and other ammo types. It's guarded by a few Boilers, two of which come at you from one side, and one from the other. The giant burrower tunnel in the center being filled with water can be dove into, but surprisingly, there's nothing in there to find so don't bother. Instead, go through the doorway on the right to proceed. Take cover right before a corridor and three Hybrids will be waiting. One might charge you so be ready for that. Deal with the rest with your Razor. That will end the mission. ------->AREA 03 - Science Labs<--------------------------------[rs17] From the start, you'll be behind cover with three Hybrids looking down on you. You might want to consider the Fareye and pop one or two of them, then switching to the Razor. When you kill them, you're free to look around the room a bit. You can find Chaingun ammo on the table, as well as Storm Rifle and Schrotflinte ammo near the center. Follow Raine up the ladder and you've got no choice but to give her a hand. But before you do that, take a small detour. [INTEL LOCATION - Cloven Lore: Malikov's Legacy] As soon as you climb up the ladder, notice that this platform is opposite another one on the left and that one is unreachable by normal means. Look up at the wall and you can see a pipe. Stand near the far left side of the platform and you can grab onto the pipe. Shimmy over and drop down. Approach the table with the machines that look like radios or something. The Intel is there. Return to the other side. Take the vial from Raine by interacting and then head up the hallway around the corner. You'll find ammo of various types, including Auger ammo near the end. Turn the next corner and you'll see the spot where you must place the vial. Wait a moment though. [INTEL LOCATION - Cloven Lore: Torture and Madness] At this deadend there is a blackboard on the wall. To the left of that is a small brown crate. Get on the right side of this crate and you can push it out of the way, revealing a crawlspace. Crawl through and in the next room, open the cage by mashing X. Inside, claim the Intel from the dead body. Climb back out and place the vial on the machine to get the merry-go-round started. Hoof it back to Bouchard's location and a quick scene plays. The Chimera are back. Focus on the two on the far right first. You have a slight advantage in this fight because the Hybrids may sometimes target Raine. That of course, isn't good if she dies, but it'll reduce the shots coming toward you at least. Many will flood in so keep killing them, using whatever you wish, but try to hold back on the big guns for now. Take a quick break for Health Capsules (find them near Raine) after you kill all the Hybrids. Drones will hover inside so easily dispatch them with the Razor. After that, turn to the right and watch for some Leapers coming across the wall. Pick them off before they reach your side. Back up though if they make it across and let them be distracted by Raine as you get in easy shots. They'll be followed by even more Drones. Switch to your Storm Rifle if you're running low on Razor ammo. When the Drones are nearly gone, Hybrids appear on the far balcony where you were to place the vial in the machine. They'll swing around toward you using that corridor. Don't go over there just yet though. Use your Fareye and quickly pick off the last remaining Hybrid on the balcony. This way, it can't kill Raine and you won't fail. Stand at the end of the adjacent corridor and take cover. Watch for the Hybrids charging you. The others should be easy kills for your Razor/Storm Rifle. Once you defeat them all, all seems clear. Just then, an armored Titan appears. As you can imagine, this one will take a lot more damage. It'll destroy the machine and Raine will go down to try to salvage what's left. This means you have to protect her from the Titan. It'll be accompanied by two drones so wipe them out first. With the Titan, you can pretty much destroy it with your Storm Rifle. You have the ammo pick-up to your left when you need it so just use that. Keep the Titan distracted by shooting it constantly. Feel free to quicken the process with some Rifle Grenaded if you have any left. Keep shooting and you should eventually kill the beast and end the mission. ------->AREA 04 - Defensive Bunkers<--------------------------------[rs18] Time to finish the evacuation. Once you get control, hurry to the small piece of cover in front of you and use it to fend off two Hybrids. [INTEL LOCATION - Secrets of the Maquis: The Lowest Depths] Once you've killed them, turn around and you'll see an open doorway. Enter this room and on your immediate right you will find the Intel. Move forward now and take cover behind the two stacked crates. Kill the Hybrid around the corner. Grab health on the left, then enter the bunker. To the right you'll find ammo behind some crates. Up the next ramp, two Hybrids attack. A well placed Rifle Grenade will solve your problems. Otherwise, just use the crates for cover. Enter the door at the top of the ramp for a scene. Now you have control over a special turret and need to defend the VTOL. The enemy consists of a Titan and some Hybrids. After they go down, more Hybrids and then an Assault Drone appear. Following that, you've got another Titan, and finally, a wave of Assault Drones. The turret you're using has missiles that can be guided. Once you fire with R, you can move the turret and it will direct the missile around in whatever direction you choose. Use this to adjust your aim if necessary, but also keep in mind to keep it still if you're aiming something straight on. After you've succeeded in that venture, you'll face the exit of the bunker with some Assault Drones bearing down on you. Take cover behind the opening and fend them off with your Razor. Find health and ammo to the left before you leave. [INTEL LOCATION - Cloven Lore: In Their Wake] To find this one, go forward through this trench to where the Assault Drones were. Turn around and face the bunker again. Look up to the roof and a Cloven should appear. Quickly shoot it down and its body will fall to the ground. Search that immediate area and the Intel should be on the ground. In the next area, a Hybrid will appear in a small area of the trench. Kill him and then prepare for a tougher fight. Another Hybrid, but more importantly, a Titan as well, will show up. It's an armored one. It'll bare down on you too fast for you to do any damage to it. To get through this easily, soften it up with a LAARK round or two if you got any. Switch to your Schrotflinte now and use the alternate fire. It shouldn't take too much ammo from the boomstick to vanquish the Titan. Kill the Hybrid if you didn't already and then go down the next path. Find more health and Schrotflinte ammo. On a bridge above the trench, two Hybrids appear. Target the gray barrel in manual aim and shoot it fast to be done with them. As you approach the bridge, an Assault Drone will appear in the distance. It might not attack so just shoot it. Turn the corner and use the stack of crates to protect you from the initial attacks of some Hybrids. Kill the closest one and then move forward to the smaller crate and use that as cover. Finish the others off with your Razor or Storm Rifle. Go around the corner and down this trench for more attackers to appear. Shoot the VTOL's engine to stop the propeller so you can pass. [INTEL LOCATION - Retribution: Blood of the Fallen] Just a little bit up from the propeller, look for a small crawlspace in the left wall. It might be hard to spot but get close and you can interact to crawl through. If you find one that you can simply walk through, this is the wrong one and you went too far. The space you're looking for is narrower. Follow this tunnel to the VTOL interior and find the Intel in there. Fend off the other Hybrids and march forward to another bridge. Lure out the Hybrid and again shoot the barrel. Move forward into the next area now. Just ahead, another above fixture will be crowded with Hybrids so again, shoot the barrel to blow their arses up. [SKILL POINT - Kill 3 enemies with explosive barrels] At least one more Hybrid will appear and will battle with the unseen Cartwright. Give him a hand and you'll get a scene. Cartwright will blow open the doors for you so be ready for the Chimera to come out, guns blazing. In the back left corner, there is health so back up to there if you need to as you strafe back and forth, filling the Hybrids full of Razor bullets. Kill all three and you'll get a scene. When you get control, jump on the turret to the right and use it to defend Cartwright. Start by destroying the three Assault Drones. When Cartwright disappears from sight, turn the turret to the left and watch for the two Hammers coming into the picture. Start unloading on them before they can attack the VTOL (the chainguns on the Hammers will wipe the VTOL's "health" away in a heartbeat). Target the orange spots on their backs to do more damage. When they're gone, help Cartwright out some more by going after the Hybrids and Assault Drones on the left. He'll get up on the bridge and head toward the VTOL. Two Hybrids attack, one from each side. These will be followed by two more near the VTOL. Kill them all and then you'll get a scene. That ends this chapter. ______ _ (_____ \ (_) _____) )_____ ____ _ ___ | ____/(____ |/ ___) |/___) | | / ___ | | | |___ | |_| \_____|_| |_(___/ _______ _ (_______) _ | | _ _____ _| |_ _____ ____ ___ ____ | |__ ___ | | (____ (_ _|____ |/ ___)/ _ \| \| _ \ /___) | |_____/ ___ | | |_/ ___ ( (___| |_| | | | | |_) )___ | \______)_____| \__)_____|\____)\___/|_|_|_|____/(___/ =============================================================================== [rs19] With the Maquis planning its decisive strike against the Chimeran Chrysalis Lair, they have chosen Bouchard to go deliver the serum. Grayson can see the writing on the walls though, and knows something bad is about to happen. He follows Mallery and Bouchard to Paris's catacombs, hoping to stop them. ------->AREA 01 - Upper Tunnels<--------------------------------[rs20] You'll start off crouched behind cover, looking up at your first target of the day. Easily shoot the first Hybrid with your Storm Rifle, if for no reason but to save a tiny bit of ammo. He'll be quickly replaced by two others. Get the Hybrid on the right first, since he has a good angle on you, even with cover. When Mallery starts talking, move over to the column on the right to find Health Capsules. One more Hybrid drops into the area, so gun him down. You can find more Storm Rifle ammo in front of the column to the left. Watch for some drones. After you destroy them, there will be a decent pause. Keep a steady vigil and watch for two Assault Drones that drop in. Take them out fast. Approach the gate at the end with Mallery. A Hybrid can be seen on the other side so kill him first. Once that's done, you can interact with the chain on the left. Do so, but do not mash X just yet. [INTEL LOCATION - Secrets of the Maquis: Draco's Dog-Tags] Don't mash X on the chain. Instead, let go of it with Circle. Turn around and head back to other end of the chamber now. On the back wall, to the left side will be a newly opened alcove. Inside and to the right will be an Intel. Once you have that, go back to Mallery, grab the chain, and help him open the gate. You'll get a scene. When you get control again, stay where you are as a bunch of Leapers crawl toward you. Start picking off a few of them with your Storm Rifle, but then switch to your shotty to blow the rest of them away. Walk over to the large coffin and interact with it. Pushing it reveals some stairs. Go down to a small room in front of a larger, more lit chamber. On your left in the smaller room, you can find plenty of ammo and some health. Stay here as you fend off the enemies in the larger chamber. They include some Hybrids, a Brute, and a Steelhead. One Hybrid might charge into the room so have your shotty ready for that chance. For the next closest Hybrid, try to waste him with just a few Auger rounds. As for the others, try to enter slow-mo with your Fareye as you strafe out into the open and get quick headshots, before taking cover behind the wall. Try to do the same for the Steelhead. If you need more health, there will be some just a little ways into the lighted chamber on the left. For dealing with the Brute, wait til he stops shooting and enter the chamber. Take cover behind whatever you find and use the chaingun and its shield to take down the Brute. Soften him up with the Fareye if you want. Move up a bit and two more Hybrids appear. Two others will be waiting in the wings so feel free to go with Grenades. Otherwise, use your Razor and cover to dispatch them. Grab ammo, health, then move up a little. Another Steelhead and another Hybrid drop in from above. Make the Steelhead your first priority since he has an Auger. Once you kill the Hybrid, go into the top left corner as the gate closes and find more health and Auger ammo dropped by the Steelhead. Behind the closed gate, another Hybrid is trapped. You can kill him with your Auger too, easily, or just go with something else. It seems like there's no way out of here. You'll notice the small fireplaces on the ground in the walls. Well, face the locked gate and look to the left. There is one fireplace with a cloth draped over it with the Cloven symbol on it. This fireplace is actually a small tunnel you can crawl through. Do so and move forward into the next area for a scene. This sequence of consecutive enemy waves will make for one of the tougher parts of the game. It starts with a few Hybrids and a Steelhead. Obviously, make the latter your first target. Do so quickly by either strafing in slow-mo with your fareye for a headshot, or use a grenade or LAARK round. For the Hybrids, you can now use the walls as cover and carefully take them down. You want to try not to lose too much health early. There will be a bunch of Health Capsules in the room to go to when you need to, but try to keep yourself from getting hit as much as possible. When the Hybrids go down, Assault Drones come in. These things can make life difficult, but you might have an easy way to take them down. If you take cover behind the leftmost wall, you can get a good angle at the drones. Hopefully they won't see you and will just be floating there. Go with your LAARK and fire on the closest one. It should go down and hopefully set the other drone on fire or at least seriously damage it. If this is not possible, then your second alternative is to not pull any punches and take them both out with your Auger. Once you've taken care of this, a large swarm of Leapers appear. Do your best to fend them off in this room with your Schrotflinte. After that, you're free to enter the chamber below, but make sure you collect the ammo and health before that. Drop down and take cover behind one of the small stone fixtures. Some Hybrids come in and spoil the party. Try to take them out really fast with your Razor or Chaingun. Try not to use too much of the shield for the Chaingun though if you can avoid it. Reason is, is because an Assault Drone will drop in and he will fly behind you making cover useless. Use the Chaingun and shield for the drone. After this, two more Hybrids and another drone appear. It's risky, but I suggest running over to the right side of the room and using the columns for cover, mostly because of the Assault Drones. From here, go with your Chaingun, Auger, or Razor. There are Health Capsules all over so go to them when necessary. With the Hybrids dead, a Cloven scrambles through. After that, a Brute knocks down the gate. Use your Chaingun and shield to kill him. Now, go ahead and take the ammo pick-ups and Health Capsules; whatever you can get your paws on. [INTEL LOCATION - Cloven Lore: They Taste of Death] Opposite the gate that the Brute knocked down, on the other side of the chamber is a small passageway. Enter and find some LAARK ammo, then go up the ramp a bit to a locked gate. This is the same one that was locked in the lighted catacombs chamber. In the corner here is the Intel on the ground, near a pile of bones. Go through the busted gateway and follow the corridor for a scene. The mission ends. ------->AREA 02 - Lower Tunnels<--------------------------------[rs21] Right away, you're faced with two Hybrids. Use your Storm Rifle to kill the one in front of you, then the one in the window. Another comes to the window on the left. Once they're dead, a bunch of Slipskulls start bounding in and on the walls. Swat these bugs, but be careful if they cling to the walls on your immediate left or right with the torches. They can shoot you from here so quickly kill them before that happens. A Hybrid will appear in between Slipskull waves so be aware of that. After dealing with all those buggers, grab some health on your right, plus more in a small room with some Storm Rifle ammo, that you likely need. Find Fareye and Auger ammo in the corner up a small set of stairs. Approach the gate now and interact with the chain to open it. A Slipskull is lingering in the following corridor, but he'll likely disappear from sight. Open it up and prepare yourself. Aside from Leapers, there will be a Steelhead just waiting. Try a quick Rifle Grenade on him to kill him and dispatch some of the Leapers. Fend the rest of them off and then deal with the Slipskull inside, as well as another Steelhead, going with your Razor preferably. Hop over the small wall and claim the Health Capsules in the corner. Drop down into the next area for a scene. When it's over, you'll be attacked by a Cloven. It grabs you so mash X to free yourself and kill him. Now, the exit is up the ladder in front of you. Ignore it for now though. To the left is a crawlspace. Go through it and fend off the Hybrid and Slipskulls. If you want, retreat to the previous room and shoot the Hybrid through the hole in the wall. [INTEL LOCATION - Cloven Lore: Smoked Ham] Inside this room, you'll find Schrotflinte and Storm Rifle ammo. In the corner however, you can see a small niche with a ledge you can climb up. Climb up the ledges here and get to the top. Move forward and two Hybrids will attack from above. Be ready and if you're low on health, use the Chaingun and shield. Now climb up to where they were and walk over to the candles. Here you should find the Intel. From where you find the Intel, you can easily drop back into the next room. Grab health as you crawl through the next crawlspace. Take cover and deal with some Hybrids. Just be careful because every so often, a lone Leaper will start down the corridor towards you. This makes things a bit frustrating, because you have a lot of Hybrids to deal with in this corridor and the Leapers become a constant vexation. Force your way forward, resorting to grenades if you want. Grab Health Capsules on the shelves to replenish your stock and keep pressing forward. You can use the Fareye and slow-mo to slow things down and make it a bit easier, which may come in handy in trying to fend off Hybrids before a Leaper reaches you. Really take care when you near the end, because three Hybrids will be waiting. Go with your Chaingun + shield combo to keep yourself safe. Enter the next area for a scene. After that, take down the Hybrid across from you, then cross the bridge and climb up the ledges. Go up these stairs just far enough so that you pass the handrail. Immediately retreat back down the stairs as Assault Drones appear. You have no cover up there so this is the best way to do this. Retreat back down the stairs so that the drones have no shot at you. Use your Auger and shoot at them through the wall. When they're gone, some Slipskulls appear. Climb back up to the ledge with the stairs, but stay down low enough so you can just see the Slipskulls to your left. Try and snipe them with the Fareye in slow-mo. With that threat over, go over to the left and find the Health Capsules for a recharge. Keep moving forward. [INTEL LOCATION - Retribution: 120 Men] Find a staircase leading down. Don't go this way just yet. Instead, go around it to the right. You should be able to see a platform on the far wall. To the right of the stairs is a cliff ledge you can use to climb onto this platform. On the wall here, it's hard to see, but there is a rock jutting out. Stand on the left side of the rock and you can push it out of the way, revealing a crawlspace. Inside will be a rather uncomfortable room. On the left on the ground is the Intel. Return and go down the stairs. Drop to the ground below. Take cover quickly near the edge of the cliff as an Assault Drone opens fire. Blast it with your Schrotflinte shotgun. Next, kill the two Hybrids across the gap with your Razor, Fareye, or Chaingun. Turn around to get Razor and Storm Rifle ammo. Grab health near the next staircase and use this to drop down even further. Leapers appear. Your shotty shouldn't be necessary, so try to rely on the Storm Rifle or Razor. Move into the next corridor and go around the bend. Cross the bridge. In this area, you'll have a few challenges. It starts with an armored Titan. It will circle the center rock which acts as your cover so if it does, just go around the rock so that the Titan is always in front of you. Blast it with the alternate fire of your Schrotflinte, or use the LAARK and Chaingun. When it falls, a few Slipskulls enter the area. They can also shoot you from behind so try not to stay still. Use your Razor, or the Chaingun to dispatch them. After that, face the two ledges with a ladder. Two Hybrids appear here so use the rock as cover and kill them with your Razor. If health is an issue, use the Chaingun + shield. Find some capsules and LAARK ammo in this area, near the burrower tunnel. Grab ammo and health, then climb up these ladders. You've got no cover as a Brute appears. This is the last obstacle, and if you die here, you start all the way back at the bridge, so do not hold back for a second. Use the Chaingun and shield and obliterate the Brute. That ends the mission. ------->AREA 03 - Abandoned Processing Center<--------------------------[rs22] After the scene, you'll start off in an early trouble spot in this level. This part can be quite frustrating. What you've got are a bunch of Slipskulls. They come in from quite a distance, using the ceiling and walls to get closer. It is too difficult to shoot them from a distance and when they get on the walls to your immediate left and right (the right wall in particular though), they have very easy shots on you, even if you're crouched. So, trying to manage all of them, and especially keeping track of them as they jump all over the place, becomes quite a chore and you might end up dying a few times. Always keep in mind you have Health Capsules to your right and a few behind you on the wall. My advice to you is to abandon cover all together here. Yeah, that's right, you heard me. Don't even bother with the wall. Instead, rely on a strafing tactic. Watch for the Slipskulls (again, pay attention to that right wall) and when they cling, strafe left and right to dodge their shots. Depending on the angle, you will still take some damage, but you can protect yourself well here. Fire back with your Storm Rifle (recommended because there's an ammo drop right there in front of the small wall) or the Razor. Keep firing while moving and swat them. Always keep an eye on them and don't get surprised from either wall. Also, since you're not on the wall, you can move quicker to grab health. You'll know you're finished if you get a checkpoint. Now an armored Titan shows up at the far end of the room. Seems like an easier time, and it is, but not by much. The Titan's cannon shots still have a large blast radius, so even though you can move, avoiding damage ins't easy. Again, I suggest you not cling to cover and instead move more swiftly and away from his shots. Fire back with the LAARK first, then grab more ammo on the left or go with your Razor. Keep it up and the Titan will blow a chunk of the platform off before meeting its demise. Slide down here to the bottom. Find health on your left if you need it, as well as three ammo drops on the opposite side. Approach the pool carefully but fall back to the side where you can crouch as some Assault Drones emerge. Go with your Razor mostly. You should be able to use your own judgement and patience to know when to fire and when to stay crouched. If one gets too close, you can switch to the shotty for an easier time. Dive right in. You can find health and some ammo down here. [INTEL LOCATION - Retribution: Scars of Youth] To make this one easier to find, reference the broken bridge where you got the Assault Drones to appear. If you hop into the water and turn around and face the broken bridge, this Intel will be in an underwater niche to your right. Explore down here and look for the submerged gargoyle statue at the bottom. The Intel is right in front of it. To make your way out, go to the right side of the pool and find the large slab of platform that is on a slant. Get near it and you can climb out and up to the platform above. Enter this corridor and some Schrotflinte ammo can be found on your immediate left. Appropriate too, because just around the next corner (be careful), there is a Hybrid. Eliminate him, then go down and turn the next corner. Approach the opening here and pay attention to the left side. Several Hybrids should come into view on the far end of the main room. Simply go with your Fareye here. Enter slow-mo and you can headshot them pretty easily. Since the gap is large, slow-mo will also help you strafe away from their shots. Keep the horse in the starting gate though. Two Brutes will emerge from that shield like opening. You can either go with the Fareye and headshots again, or try some explosives, or fight fire with fire and use your Chaingun (you might not have enough ammo though). There is Auger ammo on the right back in the corridor, so you can expend some of that on these guys here. With them down, you're free to explore. Find several ammo drops and health down the stairs where the other end of the broken bridge is. Now, find the switch on the left wall and activate it. This opens the next passage. Stay back and try to deal with the Assault Drones from a distance. You can stand on the stairs and they have a harder time shooting you. Explosives may also work if they fly near each other. After them, fire on the Slipskulls with your Razor. Make your way in, and you can crawl through an opening at the bottom of the right wall to reach a hidden room with some Chaingun ammo. Around the next corner, you have two Hybrids. Try tossing a grenade if you have one, or just strafe out of cover for quick shots, then return and repeat until they're dead. Ideally, you want to finish this part with full health. Grab health in front of the rock on the right, then approach the gateway. The opposite end deposits you on a cliff and a large swarm of drones encircle you. Son of a...! Surviving this isn't easy and dying means you have to do the cave over again. What makes this difficult is on the cliff, the drones attack from several sides and so your Chaingun and Auger's shields are rendered somewhat ineffective. The best strategy here is to use the gateway corridor as your safe haven and deal with the frontal wave first. Stand at the end of the gateway and allow the door to open. This triggers the wave at the end of the cliff. Fire up your Chaingun's shield and pull the trigger. Wipe out as many as you can. When your shield fades, back up into the corridor and let the door close so you'll be safe. When the shield recharges, go back out there and finish them off. Try not to take any chances and use this as your main method. Don't be heroic and step out because likely a drone will swing around to where you're not protected and you'll be in trouble. Repeat this process; more drones will likely move in from the left and appear near the cliff like the others. Keep relying on this method and wipe them out. If you run low on Chaingun ammo, your best bet is to try the Auger from the corridor, and if you run out of that, you can rush to the cliff and fend them off with your Schrotflinte and Razor. Just be cautious. Once you've dealth with this threat, pick up the goods, which includes Auger ammo. Approach what looks like an elevator shaft ahead. A Brute is waiting though. Lure him out then back up a ways. You don't want to use that small rock for cover because the Brute can hit you there even when crouched. Retreat and fire back with your Chaingun, if you still somehow have ammo left. Otherwise, cautiously go with your Razor, Fareye, or whatever you want. Also watch for a Hybrid around there at the end. [INTEL LOCATION - Cloven Lore: Four Leaf Cloven] This one is tricky and it might seem borderline reckless. From where the elevator is, go along an adjacent ledge (opposite the one you used to get to it). It should lead to a small nook with LAARK and Storm Rifle Alt. ammo. Now, look to the right and you should see below you, a few interesting areas. Keep your eye on bridge leading to a red glowing door. Keep it slightly to the left of your view. Now, tilt the camera so you can see just below the edge of the cliff. You should barely be able to see a ledge jutting out. Drop down, and then to another ledge to the left. On this one, find the crawlspace and scurry through. Find Health Capsules as well as a shrine with the Intel. Climb back out and up to the cliff. Return to the elevator and activate the switch. Be ready, because another Intel is coming your way and you need to be quick. [INTEL LOCATION - Cloven Lore: Unarmed and Deadly] For this one, wait until the cutscene ends. Once it's over, turn around 180 degrees. Stay close to the elevator wall and watch for an opening in the wall to appear. The elevator will continue to slide past this opening so if you want to get in, you have to do it before it gets too low. If you miss your chance, let the upcoming Hybrids kill you and you can try again. Inside, you'll find a few mines guarding the Intel. You'll not only get an Intel, but this corridor is a great place to snipe the Hybrids below. With more Fareye ammo here, use the gun to headshot them. You should just be able to headshot the turret gunner's skull. When you have that first wave down, a few more come up the walkway near that platform. Even more will come after those, if you still have the Fareye ammo to spare. If not, drop down and meet them halfway. Man the turret and you can easily dispatch the Steelhead that appears. More Hybrids will charge up the walkways so use the turret to defeat them too. Start down the walkways yourself. After you pass the first gateway, some more Hybrids should be on their way up. Use the box on the next walkway as cover and use your Razor and Schrotflinte. As you approach the next gateway, a Hybrid and a Steelhead guard it. Strafe and shoot and you should be fine. Go down the stairs and drop down into the next area. After the cutscene, you have a bit of a boss fight on your hands. ------->BOSS FIGHT - BURROWER<-------------------------------- The boss starts by receding into its tunnel and spewing out some toxic gas. Avoid the gas and then use this chance to search this area for ammo and health. The boss won't come out so you have to go to it. Instead, three Hybrids come out, so run and Razor. When you're prepared, enter the tunnel. When you reach the corner, the Burrower appears, seemingly from nowhere. It drops off a few more Hybrids. You might also encounter Steelheads so beware. Make them your first target. The tunnel is lined with ammo and health pick-ups, but they often require you to get close to the Burrower. This isn't as bad as it sounds, because the Burrower can't really hurt you at close range, but it does have its gas attack, which has decent range so be careful. Your weapon of choice for taking on the Burrower is the Chaingun. The shield will help protect you from any Hybrids. It won't protect you against the gas attack, so if the Burrower launches one, deactivate the shield (since it slows you down) and get out of the way. You should automatically lock on to the Burrower's eyes. The best way to handle this is to do it quickly. The closer you are to the Burrower, the more accurate you'll be, and thus, the fast you'll pop its eyes. Use the Chaingun at close range (but again, use your best judgement when dealing with the gas pockets; don't get too close if you risk damage). Destroying its eyes stuns it. The fiery opening in its mouth is its weakness. Shoot it first with the LAARK and the Alt. Fire on your Storm Rifle. Follow up with your Chaingun or the Razor. You'll likely need to do this again to make significant damage so return to the Chaingun, quickly pop the eyes again, and then shoot the mouth again. When you deplete nearly half of its health, the Burrower retreats. Take this opportunity to return to beginning of the tunnel. Grab LAARK ammo and Alt. Storm Rifle ammo as well as Health capsules. Go back into the tunnel and chase down the Burrower. You'll likely run into some Assault Drones. Put up the shield and destroy them with the Chaingun. Around the next corner, you'll either find another drone, or the Burrower will show up. Get to the Burrower and repeat the tactic from before. Stay close and unload with the Chaingun. You've got plenty of Health Capsules here to resort to, so disengage the shield when necessary. A drone will occasionally drop down in front of you, so use the shield to protect yourself. If you have the ammo and the health, this part should be really easy. The only thing that messes you up is the gas attack, but if you've learned to expect it (the Burrower always lets out some dark green drool or something before it unleashes the gas), this becomes easy. The drones will eventually stop interrupting you too, so it's just you and him. Use the Chaingun to pop the eyes, then the LAARK, Rifle Grenades, Razor, Auger, in that order to attack the core. If you run out of Chaingun ammo, use your Razor, Storm Rifle in that order to destroy the eyes. If you run out of all that ammo, fall back into the tunnel and find some pick-ups. You shouldn't have too much trouble finishing it off. Once you've bested the beast, the mission ends. ------->AREA 04 - DNA Storage Facility<--------------------------------[rs23] You'll begin in the tunnel. It's lined with Leaper Pods. These pods each have quite a few Leapers inside, so you can consider destroying them. Still, they are not difficult at all to dispatch with your Storm Rifle since they come out mostly one at a time. [SKILL POINT - Kill all Leapers without destroying their Leaper Pods] Kill the Hybrids, then drop into the hole in the tunnel. This takes you to a peculiar area. Enter and turn to the left. Two Cloven come toward you fast. Kill them and then watch for some Chimera. A few Hybrids join a Brute. Use your Razor or Schrotflinte for the Hybrids, then the Chaingun for the Brutes. There are Steelheads near the exit so try to run and gun to defeat them. [INTEL LOCATION - Cloven Lore: Tender Meat] Just before where you encounter the Steelheads, there is a body on the floor to the left. It is almost beyond identification. It's located right near one of the coffins. Stand near its head and you should be able to nab the Intel. [INTEL LOCATION - Secrets of the Maquis: If You Hear the Cloven] Return to the entrance where you ran into the Cloven. Go to the other end of this area. You should see a Chaingun ammo pick-up. To the very left of the ammo is a metal grate in the floor. If you stand on the left side of this grate (might need to move around a bit to find the exact position), you should be able to interact and lift and pull the grate off. Drop down into here and find the Intel. Return to the gateway and pass through. After the scene, look to your left for ammo and health. Now, cross the bridge and activate the switch. This will make the bridge fold up and the tower rotate so that the bridge can be placed in another location. As the tower slowly rotates, keep your eye on that opening on the far wall, with the air flowing out of it. Some drones will fly out if it so have your Razor ready. Pick them off before they get too close. The bridge lines up with the platform below that space. Two Hybrids come out of the opening, so use the box for cover and answer back with your Razor or Storm Rifle. Run down here, refuel on some pick-ups if necessary, then ride the green lift platform to the next level. Be immediately ready for some heavy fire. At the other end of this platform, there will be a few Hybrids. On your left is a Brute with his Chaingun. He is the biggest threat, because of his weapon and his angle on you. Answer back with your Chaingun, then your Storm Rifle. Next, turn to the Hybrids. If you go around the side of the crate here, you can find Fareye ammo. Use it and snipe as many as you can. Go to the next bridge. There's a switch at this end; ignore it. Go down to the tower and circle around it to find Auger ammo. [INTEL LOCATION - Secrets of the Maquis: Red Crumbs] On the side adjacent to the bridge you crossed, you should see a much narrower perch extending from the tower. Cross this beam and you'll find a rocky ledge with--among Health Capsules and LAARK ammo--the Intel on the left. Return back across the bridge and activate the switch. The bridge will rotate and again, some drones and Hybrids attack on the next platform. Razor for the drones, and a well placed Rifle Grenade will disptach most of the Hybrids if they're bunched together. Cross over here and get lifted up to the next platform. Take cover and deal with some drones, including Assault, and Hybrids. A Rifle Grenade can take out the Hybrids and perhaps even deal some damage to the drones. Ruin them all. Some Worker Drones will extend the next bridge for you. Cross and achieve a checkpoint in the meanwhile. Cross, hit the switch, then wait. As you expect, some enemies appear on the next platform. Drones along with a Steelhead will be the next targets. Do away with them with your Razor, then wait for the bridge to connect. Once it does, take cover as some Assault Drones appear, as well as Hybrids on the platform. Carefully deal with the drones first (use your Auger if you want), then target the Hybrids. You can also use the Auger to target two Hybrids that will be standing right above you. Go over to the platform, grab some things, then activate the switch here. Stay at the bottom of the ramp and wait for the Brute to appear. You can again resort to your Auger and kill it easily from behind the yellow coffins at the bottom of the ramp. If you want to save ammo though, go to the Chaingun and shield. Just watch out for the Steelheads with him. Kill them, then go up the ramp to the lift. Throw the nearby switch and watch the short scene. This part can be tough. You've got a large elevator shaft and the lift stops periodically and enemies pile in from various sides of the room. The lift itself is littered with cover objects and health and ammo pick-ups. Surviving the challenges is still not an easy task. It'll start with Hybrids on the left and right, and a Brute in the middle. Try and get the Hybrids first with your Razor (saving other ammo types for now) and the Brute as always, can be taken down with your Chaingun. When the lift moves, grab some nearby health real quick and then return to cover. At the next stop, it'll be two Brutes, one on each side, and a Hybrid down the middle. Your best bet, since you're surrounded by heavy fire, is to use your Fareye and slow-mo headshot one of them. You'll still take some damage but it won't take too long. Turn on the other one with your Chaingun or other weapons. Kill the Hybrid and you get a checkpoint. Again, try to refill real quick. If you return to your original spot (the two coffins that kinda make an 'L' shape). When the lift stops, you'll have two armored Titans. The key here is taking out the first one as fast as possible so the other doesn't swing around behind you. Start with LAARK rounds (it may be tough while the Titan is walking) or Auger. Switch to the Chaingun and then when it gets close, use the alternate fire of the Schrotflinte. Aim quickly at the other Titan, and use the shield of either the Chaingun or the Auger to protect yourself as you back away and stand on the other side of some cover (so the Titan no longer has you exposed). Fire with the Schrotflinte a few times and that should end this challenge. This last stop is tough. Besides two Steelheads, you have a Hammer. Make the Steelheads your first priority and use the Slow-mo function of the Fareye to headshot them. For the Hammer, soften it up with the LAARK, then go to the Auger, Chaingun, and Rifle Grenades. The last thing you want to do is go out for more ammo, because the Hammer's gatling gun will eat you up. Use everything at your disposal to take it down. That ends the mission and the chapter. MORE COMING SOON .======================================================================== | __ | EXTRAS [exra] | / / |============================================================= | / /_ | | | '_ \ | | | (_) | | | \___/ | | | '==========' COMING SOON .======================================================================== | ______ | Miscellaneous [misl] | |____ | |============================================================ | / / | | / / | | / / | | /_/ | | | '===========' The other stuff that isn't about the walkthrough, but still integral parts of the guide are found here! Frequently Asked Questions [fak4u] -------------------------- 1) When does this game take place in the Resistance story? A) It follows Resistance: Fall of Man and precedes Resistance 2 2) What kind of PSP do I need to play Plus Mode on my TV? A) You need a Slim or a 3000 series PSP 3) How does Infected Mode work? Does it remain if I save the game? How do I get rid of it? A) Infected Mode cannot be permanently "saved". Once you turn off the game, it is removed. You have to reinfect the game again to get it back. 4) Where are the Intel located? A) I've pointed out the locations in the walkthrough. As the guide is still in its early stages, more locations will be pointed out, and a section dedicated to Intel will be made. Credits/Special Thanks ---------------------- I always have trouble with this... -GameFAQs for always being a great place, hosting this, and allowing it to be shared with other gamers -My friend Mike for encouraging me to pick up the game, as well as listening to me bitch and moan about dying like 15 times on the Catacombs -Sony Bend for making a worthwhile PSP game and Insomniac for the Resistance franchise. I don't consider myself a huge fan of the Resistance series, although I do own and enjoy the games. This game was a huge installment for PSP fans though, in my opinion -http://www.patorjk.com/software/taag/ for minor ASCII help Contact Info ------------ Should you need to contact me for any reason, whether it be to ask a question or submit something to me, I have listed my e-mail address below. Please try and follow these two rules regarding e-mails and I'd be very appreciative. First, simply try and put something in your subject line that instantly tells me this mail is about this particular game. "Resistance guide" or "Retribution" or something like that would be very helpful. Secondly, and this is just an annoying policy of mine, is that if you are looking to submit some sort of tip or strategy, please, please leave me with some sort of username or alias you go by. Never leave me with just your real name or your e-mail address because I choose not to disclose them in my guides. I will notify you if you have not left me a screenname, and if you don't get back to me, I will not use your submission. That's just the way it is. I'm not sure how many I would expect for this game, but this is just a pretty simple rule to follow. E-Mail: veritas7ax@gmail.com Legal Ruckus ------------ This guide is solely my creation and therefore I own all the rights to it. Please do not steal my guide and pass it off as your own. Do not host it on your site without permission. 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