The Jiggly Yo Wigly Do-it-yourself Legendary Halo Wars Guide Index: 1. Introduction 2. Campaign 3. Appendix i. Base setup ii. Understanding my directions iii. Copyright Info 4. Farewell 1. Introduction Imagine that twenty minutes before you started your mission, the Covenant landed, built bases, fell in love, got married, created massive armies, had families, researched all possible upgrades, and created a unique historical and cultural environment on the map all before you landed. This is the essence of Legendary. Hey guys, my gamertag is Jiggly Yo Wigly. You may know me from my Horde Guide for Gears of War 2. What I present here is not so much a walkthrough as it is a set of strategies to get you through each level of the game on Legendary. I expect that if you are playing Legendary you've done the missions before and so I don't need to baby you too much. The AI is a different foe on Halo Wars than you may be used to in the multiplayer. There is a way through every level, and I will present them here. If you find a more efficient strategy, email me at! Vers. 1.0 - Added levels 1-6 and base setup strategy Vers. 1.1 - Added levels 7-10, minor corrections Vers. 2.0 - Added levels 11-15, changed strategies to an appendix section and added the Understanding my directions, Copyright Info sections to it. 2. Levels Level 01: Alpha Base Alright so you start as Forge in his Warthog. Drive up the street till you meet some enemies holding down some of your friends. The most effective way to kill guys here so they don't get you first is to use Forge to ram anything on foot, because it'll kill it pretty quickly. Then take out the turret normally. Utilize this strategy during this level as you collect more vehicles, it'll keep you alive. In case you're wondering, you can ram by selecting Warthogs and pressing Y over a target. Don't ram buildings or turrets, they'll hurt your Warthog. And remember, you have one use of the healing ability (D pad up and then select it and press a over your troops.) After this first engagement, you'll sometimes encounter outposts where no marines are holding out, it's just bad guys trying to mess with you. Drive by them. Once you get to the base, you should have many men and a few warthogs. You'll have to send your men through to kill a shield generator and then you should storm in. Focus on the foot soldiers and ghosts by selecting all units and hitting Y over these guys, your warthogs will run them over and your men's grenades will mess them up. Once the initial flood of guys is clear, there'll maybe be a few Wraiths and some grunts holed up on the outskirts. Flee from the Wraiths and run around the border killing all the grunts hunkered down out of view, and then leave what's left of your warthogs in one corner and bring all your infantry men to the center to deal with any Wraiths left. You can select all your infanty by double clicking one, and don't forget to use the Y grenade power to hit the Wraiths with grenades whenever you can! Congratulations, you've beaten your first Legendary level. Level 02: Relic Approach First things first, once they finally give you control after you build a barracks, a supply pad, and some marines, upgrade your base and have every little supply box get collected by Forge and your minions, including the ones up on the hill a little to your left(Forge is fastest - send him.) For this level you're going to want a vehicle depot along with the usual. Get the max upgrades you can on every unit(except Cobra, you won't really be needing it) as you steadily build for base and your forces, and build turrets complete with upgrades to missile launchers since they bring in dropships to drop troops on you and you can kill them before they get a chance this way. Steadily build a starting force of 5 tanks, 4 warthogs, and the rest men. Then go out the back door you had Forge go out to grab some resources earlier and cross the bridge. If you clear this area you'll get some reinforcements that don't add to your population. There are also two warthogs being held hostage somewhere along this back trail heading up that you can get if you release them. At the end of this channel, if you could call it that, there is a shield generator, behind it is a blackbox. You should grab that. The reason I chose this way and not the front is because it isn't guarded nearly as well and as you come up the channel you can cut across to where you start your final charge up to the temple. As you cut across, you'll find a Covenant base. I'd recommend telling your tanks and your men to RPG/Shell the hell out of it, taking it for yourself, you can use it as another staging ground. Whether or not you do this, when your population is close to maximum, you should kill the shield generator leading to the temple and just have your men charge in and destroy the detonator, ignoring all else. You should have enough men and tanks to take the losses. The danger of going out the back door in your approach, however, is that reinforcements from your main base tend to run out the front door and get slaughtered, so you'll have to first redirect them to go over the back door bridge, and then tell them to come and join you. This didn't really cause me any problems, however, so I support this method. Level 03: Relic Interior This is a pretty simple level, and it's not too hard if you're smart about it. You start with two grizzlies and have to work your way in without any repairs, so you need to move slowly and methodically, rushing will only get you clusterfucked. Make sure all enemies are dead in each little piece of area before you move on - but don't stop to attack the guys hiding in the little corner right before you cross your first bridge. There's no need. Also, always have your grizzlies first focus on turrets and hunters, and make good use of the Y ability, because these enemies are the ones that can really make short work of your tanks. When you finally get to Forge, use Anders to heal your tanks. After you find one bridge exploded by grunts, you will goto the other, and protect it while it gets hacked. Put some people in the alien defense post and defend as normal. It's not difficult. Then, once the bridge is operational, enemies will start to flood across it. Let them come in clumps and then make sure your men are off the bridge, use the control(press A over the terminal) and then select the off button. Watch them fall. Turn it back on, wait for more, rinse, repeat. Move on. After you cross the bridge, use Y to kill the one tank and then you'll be told there are too many hunters to continue. Make a run for it with all your units, just click on the location, and you'll get there, no problemo. Level 04: Arcadia City I found that protecting both transports is impossible. As soon as you get permission to build your base, move all flyers to transport 2 and have two guard the upper right region of the pad where banshees come in and the other two the front door. Have Forge go to the base location south and build a base there. Build a barracks first, then build two supply depots, and upgrade your base. Then build a reactor asap while constantly building main infantry men when you can, and transporting them in groups of three or four up to transport 2. Make sure to upgrade main infantry first and keep building supply pads to support yourself, as well as a couple turrets to keep your base safe. When your transport is attacked, make sure to send units out to destroy any large things or any banshees before they can hurt the transport, and always keep it fully healed. Note, you should have them do this manually, often, most of your units around the transport won't see the thing attacking the transport unless you tell them! You don't have time to do much research or building so you can't rely on tanks and stuff like that, men will have to do. Towards the end you should have enough excess resources to buy a level 2 reactor, do so, and then research the RPG for infantry and warthog machine gunner so you can start churning out warthogs as well and send them up. If ever the bridge to the right of the transport pad gets rushed by tanks and what not, feel free to carpet bomb the shit out of them. Save often, as I was almost always on the edge of losing. The most important thing, and I emphasize this, as this is a hard mission, is to watch the transport when it gets attacked, and always have units on the upper right of the pad, on the bridge and on the street in front of the transport so you can instantly select them and press Y on any enemy. Hunters, banshees, and those bastard locusts are your greatest enemies in this. Good luck. Winning is a matter of flooding your opponent with too many people to kill for them to look at anything else. Level 05: Arcada Outskirts First things first, send your entire army down the ramp to your left but get your Spartans to grab as many of the attacking banshees as you can, then bring those banshees to help your army clear the area down the ramp. This is a much safer route to the base and now you should have anywhere from 1 to 3 banshees. I'd save now if I were you. And use the healing ability to heal all your units. Don't worry about the guys chasing you from Arcadia following you down the ramp - they won't. Now take all your units and click the far side of the base crater you're supposed to goto, the banshees should help you out and as long as you don't allow your units to stray too far towards the front entrance of the crater they will only have to fight the Covenant waiting in the crater and not the ones that you were supposed to fight if you took the main road in. Getting too close will attract them into the battle and you'll lose if that happens. Once you get your base, have Forge go collect all the resources, upgrade your base, build two supply pads, one reactor, a turret asap, and put two of your master chiefs in the two fortifications sitting by the entrances to the crater, they're really hard to push out. You should put the third in your tank. It'll make it so much better. Eventually you want to have atleast two turrets and a full base with two reactors,and the rest supply pads. Have all units not in some form of cover at the door at the back of your base where they can't get shot so badly. When you can, upgrade one of your reactors and start making warthogs, upgrading them if you can. Make sure you have at least one flame turret and one missile turret. They are going to keep shooting your buildings every now and then with some "plasma weapon" and hurting them but you can either rebuild them easily or heal them. Just keep making your hogs and upgrading them, surviving until the seven Spartans drop. When they do, they'll be slaughtered almost instantly. Right afterwards, one Spartan makes a wry comment "This is going very well." or something like it. This was probably meant to be serious in normal where I clearly remember the seven Spartans ripping the Covenant some new anal cavities. Now it's just sad. Take your warthogs and charge to where the Spartans are, you should have at least ten by now, since the laser keeps destroying them and keeping your numbers down. Once you get in the thick of it with your hogs, the Spartans will start reviving and as they do take them and have them use their Y ability to first jack the surrounding alien wraith tanks, then the ghosts. With seven Spartans and all these hogs, you'll quickly convert/destroy all resistance nearby. Take these off the bridge and onto the sidepath that originally got you to your base and destroy the uber laser unit once and for all, and also build a base there if you want. If you still have a sizeable force(some tanks, warthogs, Spartans, etc) just go up the ramp to where you first started the level and focus all fire on the base and get it over with. Congratulations. This one was a bitch. Level 06: Dome of Light After clearing the area, build a turret and then before doing anything else take ten minutes or so to build your base up to full power with one reactor( advanced), one vehicle depot, one field armory, the rest supply depots, and don't forget to station a man in the reactor sitting behind the base! Don't worry, nothing big'll attack you so you don't have to build any defense units yet. Build another turret if you want, and you've got your Spartans. Get fully upgraded warthogs and some tanks, cobras, wolverines made and put the Spartans in the tanks. Use your field armory to increase population, turrets, etc, and then destroy it when you're done to get another reactor so that you can get the final upgrades to your vehicles. Once this is done, destroy the reactor for a supply depot. Take your time in this base setup, you'll thank me later... Once you finally get everything done, then order your first rhino. Before you do, make sure you have your Spartans in tanks and a sizeable army. Mostly warthogs and tanks, but a few cobras and wolverines in there for good measure, and with everything upgraded. You should feel like a badass(Hint: You are.) Make sure your turrets are all up and upgraded too, because after you order this rhino, the Covenant are steadily going to try to ram things into your base's rectum at an accelerating rate throughout the level. I'm not going to go into specifics here, now that you have an army, I assume you're fully capable of reinforcing, creating new armies, and watching your base. The goal is to get rhinos where they are asked for and to protect the ones that are already in place. I can tell you the two farthest to your left will almost never get attacked, so leaving men there is just a waste of time. The big places to fortify is the rhino right above your base(first rhino placement) and the one right beside it to the right when you finally take that area(fourth rhino placement). Don't fret if you lose a rhino - it happens a lot. You can't replace the rhino tank in that spot though till you put one in the spot it asks for - then it'll give you a chance to replace those rhinos lost. I found that the best protection for the rhinos that I said get attacked were either three tanks or one tank and four warthogs. Make sure to watch these rhinos often to check their health - getting another one up there is a real pain. The healing function is your best friend! Anyway, this mission shouldn't be too much more than a little base management while in crisis. You may even lose a few buildings to the locusts that come - but the tank Y feature wreaks hell on them, and if you can, maybe grab one with a Spartan to use in your conquests. Good luck. This shouldn't be overly difficult. Level 07: Scarab This can be no fun if you don't do it correctly. Start by building supply pads on all the leftover pods on your base as well as one field armory. Build turrets, upgrade them, set your base rally point for somewhere behind your base and start working on getting all the field armory upgrades, warthog upgrades, and the first tank upgrade. After you've paid for all your field armory, warthog and tank upgrades, or when you feel you can safely start doing so, begin to churn out warthogs and tanks as fast as you can humanly do so. Don't forget to replace the field armory with a supply pad when you're done with it! When you get around eleven hogs made(fully upgraded) send them out in search of the power stations to your right, these control the movement of the head. They look like little purple pimples. Pop them. Take out the first you come to with a mac blast and then race up to the one around the little mountain and kill everything there so your hogs can hide behind the mountain and use it as a staging point. Also there is a station there - destroy it. Once you've done this, wait for the head to move away from the area and then send all your tanks that you've made up to hide behind the mountain. Then bring them out the other side and attack the cliff that the scarab is attached to. There are a lot of hunters and locusts so you'll lose many units but there is another station up here that you can destroy these guys won't respawn once you've killed them. If you've got any sizeable force left, you'll notice a little nook you can hide in when the laser comes back around(Also has black box number seven!). The key to this now is to keep building tanks and warthogs. When your units to the right are not in danger of getting lasered, move them up to the scarab head and have them chip away at it. Make another set of hogs and tanks and send it up to the other side of the scarab laser to shoot it when it's pointing at your units to the right(which should be safely hidden at that point). As Forge remarks, it can only shoot in one direction at a time! Unfortunately, your units to the left have no where to hide when the head comes around so when it does take your units far to the left and blow up some power stations(these control it's laser strength) using mac and tank blasts until the scarab lasers these units. You're going to lose a lot of men - just make sure you're always attacking it from one side or another with what you have left, and replenish regularly. You'll get attacked a lot at your base by locusts but if you have heavy turrets and mostly rail guns you should be able to hold them off, but keep an eye on them as they are pretty dangerous. I also noticed the head didn't chip away at my protective ruins when I was attacking it. So if you think you need to fall back - carefully consider how many ruins you have left. It might finish you off in that time. Anyway, this mission is hard even on Normal. Good luck. Level 08: Anders' Signal Alright so park your elephant and put all your good money into the always profitable flamethrower brigades. There are about four choppers up ahead and A LOT of infantry. Flamethrowers like infantry. But still, even using all your resources, charging in is tantamount to suicide. Instead, sit back by your stationed elephant with it's lovely machine guns and wait for them to come to you! When it gets a little slow, send Forge up to attract them, then have him run back to the soldiers and the elephant machine guns and eventually, over time, you'll weaken the outpost enough that the Spartans will drop in and soon the entire post will be wiped out. (Hint: When the Spartans drop, then you should charge.) Next you'll lose contact with your two buddy elephants. Bring your men up to the other side of the post with the elephant and collect some resources so that you can make more flamethrowers. Flood don't like fire either, I suspect. Also, put a Spartan in the elephant. Now, It should be pretty easy to save the other two elephants - focus on the buildings that shoot you and the tentacle things mostly, and you should be fine. After each elephant finding, make sure to make more flamethrower units, and put a Spartan in the new elephant. Then take them back to base and finish the mission. This has to be by far one of the easiest missions in the game. Don't even think of touching the firebase they give you. You don't need it. Level 09: The Flood Okay so this is actually a simple level. Ignore the Spartans' cries for help right now. Instead, upgrade your base, build a turret, build two reactors(make them advanced as you accrue more resources), an airbase, field armory, and the rest supply depots. The goal here is to steadily add turrets, get all armory upgrades(except adrenaline), get all hawk upgrades, and steadily build a fleet in the back of your base(set your marker there so they don't fight when the base gets attacked.) Make sure all your turrets have missile launchers except one of the front ones - make that a flamethrower. This should be enough to keep the Flood off for the fifteen minutes or so you'll need to prepare. Once you're done with the field armory, replace it with another supply depot or air base, your choice. Then take your fifteen or so hornets, save the Spartans, put the Spartans in the hornets, and charge the big flood brain thing, carpet bomb it and kill it. You'll lose nearly all your hornets here but you can keep resupplying them and anyway I lost my first batch but within seconds after that the Spartans that landed on the ground had killed the thing anyway! The reason I use hawks with the Flood is because on the ground they overwhelm you with these giant horse-like things that prance around destroying vehicles and what not. In the air, all you have to worry about are those ugly seagulls and the flak around flood bases. Not too bad when you consider the alternatives. Anyway, easy level, enjoy your day. Level 10: Shield World Okay so as soon as you get your base, build a turret, send some guys up to the pylon a little to the right of your base and up because there is a forerunner reactor they can use. Upgrade your base, get two reactors(one advanced when you have the funds), an airbase, a field armory, and the rest supply depots. Research population and reserves at the armory, then destroy it. Get another supply depot. Build one vulture and a fleet of hawks, all fully upgraded. Don't worry about saving the first group. You don't have the time nor wherewithal to do so. When you are ready(and have many turrets plus the two tanks you should still have from the beginning at your base) send over your flying fleet to the middle flood base and make sure to cryobomb the flying seagulls from hell right before you get there. Kill them and the flak buildings first, then focus on the main base. Make sure you don't send all your units to the center of the base from the getgo, they can then get hit by all the flak around it. If you make a slow approach, killing all flak as you see it, you'll only encounter clusters of three or four flak buildings at a time and it won't hurt so much. Be methodical. Then, when you've got your foothold, move around the area, cleaning out all the buildings until you get the second group saved. Reset your main base marker to this place so all hawks will come here upon being made and make some more to replenish your fleet, and heal the ones still alive. Send a Gremlin to a pylon if you're short on time, and if he has to go through flood territory, remember the easiest is by the base, second easiest a little above that one, and if you just took the middle flood base, you can send your Gremlin to it for the third easiest one right to the left and up of this flood base. Don't try to send it to this third one right from your base, it'll go through the first team's flood base and it'll die. Make it goto the middle one you took first, then send it from there up the rise to the pylon. Finally, when you're ready, attack the third base by the same strategy above, and then when the Pelican is unable to get the third team, simply select all and send'em home. Mission accomplished. Level 11: Cleansing This mission is so so easy. Start by building three hawks and some turrets near your two air-bases. Get the Spartans in the Hawks and then start taking them around the hull destroying flood buildings(flak guns first, as always.) Keep churning out hawks and turret guns and make sure to take out the flood city at the back of the ship first. This should be extremely easy to pull off. Note that there are also buildings on the sides of the hull, so you'll have to fly your fleet over there to get them as well. Also note that the buildings regenerate so constantly make rounds to make sure they're dead when the next cleansing ring comes around. It shouldn't take too long to do. Level 12: Repairs Another easy as hell mission. Make two turrets by the core, have your cyclops start repairing it, put two Spartans in the two starter hawks and one in one of the anti-air cars. Then start churning out cyclops and hawks and send them all to the engine core. I had like 10 cyclops healing my core at one point, once you have five or six hawks and two turrets(rail and flamethrower) at the egnine core it's pretty easy from there. You don't really have to do anything once it's all set up but wait! Level 13: Beachhead After you finally get your orders to "lock down the area" head down the path you're on(not over the bridge you saw when you came out of the transporter, that base is stronger.) Stop right when you first encounter a locust. Send a Spartan ahead to grab it and then bring it back to your main contingent and then heal it. After this, have your contingent attack the base there, while manually using your locust to take out the plasma cannons on the base from outside their range. Don't be afraid to use the healing power - that's what it's there for. After you have this foothold, it shouldn't be too hard to get your base built. When you see an enemy vehicle or get attacked by one, have a Spartan jack it. Tanks and Locusts preferred. In the first few minutes, you're going to get attacked a lot. Be ready for it, build turrets for your base first(seems like anti-air would be the best mod since after a while they just do bombing runs), then two reactors(one advanced), a field armory(get adrenaline, population increase, all turret upgrades, and then destroy), a barracks(get through the main infantry upgrades so you get ODST then destroy) and all the rest supply pads. Don't forget to upgrade your base beforehand for more pads. The key here is that now you have ODST access(you can drop them from the sky!) but need three reactor points to do so, and a lot of supplies. Just in case you hadn't learned by now: Don't forget to upgrade all your supply pads! When you feel you're ready, take your troops and take over the other bases. Use ODST drop to drop more ODSTs on the enemy and as a way to reinforce. They are awesome! Don't forget to take the bases you destroy and rebuild them as your own with all supply depots and full turrets, so they can't get them back. Also, if you start at the transporter and walk across the first bridge you found, and go past this Covenant base and cross the bridge to the right of the first bridge you crossed, you'll find a scarab all locked down in flood-stuff. Kill the flood- stuff and take the Scarab. Yeah. Should be more fun now. A word to the wise: Often, your many bases are going to be attacked by banshees(and one even got destroyed because I was so busy that I didn't look at it.) So watch your bases, rebuild turrets, and heal things. Don't be an idiot and lose a base(and maybe even your drop capability) right when you're invading another Covenant base. It's not friendly. Level 14: Reactor Build a turret first, then build two reactors(one advanced), a barracks(get ODST upgrade, then destroy), a field armory(get population and adrenaline, mac blast increase if you want, then destroy), and all the rest supply pads. Upgrade your base before you start building all that nonsense though. Also grab all the elephant upgrades. Point of this is to get ODSTs and one well stocked elephant to hook onto the core. Make sure to put a Spartan in it and put save the other two for vehicle jacking. While you are preparing you're going to be attacked by some nasty Covenant contingents. Protect and heal your reactor, jack vehicles, and to help protect your reactor in the interim setup period, build and take your elephant and lock it down near the reactor as a sort of mobile base and start making main infantry out of it, they'll eventually become ODSTs. Once everything is ready, you can attack, and reinforce using the ODST drop capability. It's advisable to leave your elephant(and a few army units to protect it) in a safe spot and clear out the areas ahead before moving it up. So, at the top of the first hill is a Covenant base - wipe it out and put your own base there before you send up your reactor, and so on. Then you can use that base's turrets and some ODSTs to protect your elephant while you have your main force get the base at the top of the next rise. After I killed the second base I began to send my elephant and escort up the ramp and was attacked, somehow, by a scarab. Watch out for this and be ready to drop ODSTs to take it's attention while you get your elephant up safely and your main force down to deal with this threat. I also used an upgraded mac blast on it a few times too. All in all, a good, solid level. Enjoy. Level 15: Escape This one is timed so you want to work quickly. Upgrade your base and get a field armory(population upgrade, mac upgrade, destroy), barracks(ODST and destroy), two reactors(one advanced) and all the rest supply pads. There is a forerunner supply pad just to the left of your base and one a little farther along to your right if you can get men to them. They are good to have. Concentrate on getting your ODSTs as quickly as possible. Your Spartans should be able to protect you(maybe a turret as well). Try to get ODSTs before you start using the field armory - in fact, don't worry about building a field armory until you've got ODSTs, just put the armory on the barracks spot when you're done with it. I want you out and about fighting while you're still upgrading at the armory. I had my ODSTs by 5 minutes in. You should, too. Now, I was able to do this with 2 minutes to spare. What you have to do is once you have your ODSTs, leave two Spartans at your base, and send the rest directly across the map to the first marker. You should be able to get it within a few minutes(a lot of flood to kill). Then set up a base there and make sure you put two barracks on it with your supply pads. Note there may be a fledgling Covenant base here that you will have to destroy first. When you're ready head over to the Covenant base on your left, it has another switch and you need to destroy this base to activate it. Use your two barracks to supplement the reinforcement power of the ODST drop and try to take this base as quickly as possible. By now you should have upgraded your mac a few times, use it to weaken the shielding. Once you have cleared the area, activate the switch. The other switches won't be as hard to take, now that this one is out of the way. Use the Pelican drop ability as well as your ODST drop ability to put ODSTs at each switch in turn, and activate them one by one. You'll continuously be attacked at your bases so have good turrets, and don't bother the scarabs if you don't want too - they seem more interested in killing Flood. I managed to kill one and severely damage another before I learned this little factoid! Anyway, save every now and then, as this is probably the hardest mission. You're constantly on the verge of not having enough time, men, or resources. Good luck. If you've been following along with me this entire time, you just beat Legendary with me. As the Spartans say, "It's been an honor!" And enjoy the little cutscene at the end of the credits. You earned it. 3. Appendix i. Base setup In general during the game you'll be given a base that you need to turn into a working armory of men, machines, and supplies. Every level this strategy is tweaked for that particular level, but I thought I should go over some basic things here. First, add a turret, since you will be attacked occasionally. If you have the resources, upgrade your base to a full one with all the trimmings, if not, start to save up for it. You're going to need two reactors(one if you don't have the largest base, build the other when you finally upgrade), a field armory that you will destroy after you get the upgrades you want, and a lot of supply pads. If there are no other bases in sight that you can take over or colonize, then you have to modify what I said above to include a vehicle depot and/or an air base. It's really a good idea to consider what kind of enemies you're facing - it may be that you might not need an airbase, for instance, to do the job at hand, giving you an extra spot for supply depot. When in doubt of whether or not to have a building like this, ask "Could I live without it?" If the answer is yes, then don't build it. Remember, once you get your army, you have to be able to make reinforcements! It's always good to make your first two buildings a supply pad and a turret, because you're likely to get attacked and it's good to get revenue going. Normally, my third building is a reactor. Generally speaking, it's always beneficial to be on the lookout for a second base as well, as it gives you more room for supply pads and you can have luxuries like more reactors, or maybe that airbase you were always dreaming about. Once you're up and going, don't forget to upgrade your supply depots, add/upgrade turrets when you can, and occasionally(every five hundred resources or so) build an army unit to protect your base. Consider it a long term investment. When all your supply depots are upgraded, and you have enough protection for all your holdings, upgrade one of your reactors so you have a tech level of three and can get superunits like ODSTs, Grizzlies, and the like.(Not available till much later in the Campaign.) Remember, this is a continuous enterprise: don't save up for things and be idle for long periods of time unless you can handle an attack. Finally, be aware of your surroundings. You'll start to get a feel for what's right to do as you play along. ii. Understanding my directions I often tell you where things are by saying left, right, up, down, or a linear combination thereof. What I normally mean, in most circumstances, is "right" within relation to your location on your map-HUD gadget, or, alternatively, right with respect to what you'd see if you were standing at the front of your main base, looking away from it. Sometimes these represent the same coordinate system, other times they don't, but normally it should be pretty obvious. If it really isn't, shoot me an email, at, and I'll try to help you out myself. iii. Copyright Info Alright, if you want to post my guide on your site, email me for permission at 4. Farewell Thanks for reading, guys, it's always a pleasure to help players enjoy the game more. Remember, if you have questions, concerns, or alternative/better strategies, email me!</p>