_____ _____ _ _ _ | | |___ ___ ___ _ _ | | |___| |_ ___ _ _ _ ___ ___| |_| |_ | | -_| | _| | | | | .'| _|_ -| | | | . | _| _| | |__|__|___|_|_|_| |_ | |__|__|__,|_| |___|_____|___|_| |_| |_|_| |___| In the Puzzling Adventure Hatsworth Secrets and Tips by mdiehr@gmail.com In this guide are a list of controls (in case you forgot them, you dummy) and a list of secret levels and how to get to them. This guide is version 0.5 and was last edited on 3/26/2009. Hatsworth is © 2008 Electronic Arts Inc. All Rights Reserved. ==================================================== Table of Contents: ==================================================== 1. Hatsworth Controls 2. Tea-Time Robot Controls 3. Secret Exits 3. Secret Levels 4. Questions and Answers 5. Bonus Tips 6. Credits ==================================================== 1. Hatsworth Controls ==================================================== B: Jump Y: Attack Y, Y, Y, Y: The fourth attack is a Stronger Attack. This hits enemies away from you, and has a bit higher range than the normal attack. DOWN + Y: Low, sweeping attack. This also hits enemies away from you, but if an enemy is right next to you, you'll get hurt instead of attacking them. UP + Y: High attack. This hits guys above you and in front of you. It hits enemies up, and they are stunned on the ground for a moment. A: [Bullet] Bullet ranged attack. Stopped by walls. Upgrades to a large shot in the puzzle. A: [Bomb] Bomb ranged attack. Bounces off walls. Upgrades to a huge bomb in the puzzle. DOWN + A: [Bomb] Short-range bomb throw. A: [Boomerang] Medium-range boomerang toss. Goes through walls. Upgraded to homing boomerang in puzzle. UP + A: [Bullet] Laser special attack - lots of damage over a long range. Fires through walls. UP + A: [Bomb] Big explosion special attack - hits guys in a small radius around you. UP + A: [Boomerang] Boomerang shield special attack - Shield of five boomerangs that circle you. Can destroy naval mines, great for flying enemies. If you press UP + A again, it shoots a boomerang from your shield out in a straight line in the direction you're facing. ==================================================== 2. Tea-Time Robot Controls ==================================================== B: Jump Y: Attack B, Y: Jump attack. Has long range, and slows your descent. A: Rocket Fist. Good for occupying enemies at range. Uses up a tiny part of the Special Meter. DOWN + A: Rockets. Good ranged attack, though less useful than rocket fist most of the time. Uses up a tiny part of the Special Meter. UP + A: Mega laser. Tons of damage, fires through walls. Uses up 1/2 of the Special Meter. B, DOWN +A: Mines. They explode. I don't use them much. Uses up a tiny part of the Special Meter. B, DOWN +Y: Stomp. Hits EVERYTHING on the screen. Good for clearing out all those tiny, pesky bad guys that are so hard to kill as Hatsworth. RB: Rush attack. Does a bunch of damage as the robot charges through badguys. This is the fastest this tea-time robot can go. ==================================================== 3. Secret Exits ==================================================== Some levels have a second, secret exit which unlocks a secret level on the world map. For most of the secret exits, you'll need the golden pipe and the golden trousers. 1-1, 1-4 2-3, 2-4 3-1, 3-5 4-1, 4-4 5-1, 5-2 World 1-1: You need the golden pipe for this. Go through the level until just after the part where there are three sword-guys with a target right behind them. First, blast them with the bullet special attack! Right after this, you'll see a tiny pool. Jump down there and continue through that secret area until you find the 2nd exit. World 1-4: Once you have the golden trousers, go to world 1-4 and continue until you get to an area with a skull fire-spiter sitting on a stone platform with a huge wall behind him. Climb up that wall and jump on all the floating platforms. When there are no more platforms, you'll drop down a big tree and there's the hidden exit. World 2-3: In this level, continue to the screen where there's a moving platform. At one point you'll see a gem statue in the upper right, there's a platform with a little path where you can shoot bombs through to switch it to the correct color. It's far easier to use the boomerang or the bullet special attack, though - sometimes the bombs don't want to fit through that tiny little passage. Once you do this, a little platform will show up (above the spikes) that will lift you up to that area, and from there you can make it to the secret exit. Hurry up though, the little platform won't stay around for long. World 2-4: (Thanks DAI MAJIN) Continue to the third screen. After a section where there are two cannons hiding in nooks, there's a long pole (this is the prow of the ship) sticking out with a skull fire-spitter on the end. Fall straight down between the end of the pole and the next platform. Head to the right into the next screen, where you will find the secret exit. World 3-1: Go to world 3-1, continue to the underwater section. There's a spot where you can go down to a bonus room portal, or go right up a gently sloping sequence of upward currents. After you drop down at the right side of that screen, there's a mine with currents to the left and right. You can float down between the left current and the mine, then follow that passage to the secret exit. World 3-5: (Thanks Gigafreak) The first time you come across a bridge of those breakable blocks (the crumbled ones that you can get to show up again by matching in the puzzle), break some of the blocks and jump into the lava. You'll know it's the right one when you see the down arrow. Since lava hurts like the dickens, it's useful to either have the golden vest (reduces lava damage) or be in robot form - you can down- stomp to get through the lava faster. World 4-1: Go to world 4-1, continue until almost the end (you can see the edge big white treasure chest) and you'll find a puzzle floor. Match away the rightmost three blocks, and fall down hugging the right wall. You'll find some platforms and they will lead you to the secret exit. World 4-4: (Thanks CecilMoS) Continue through this world until you come to a screen where there are vertical walls of hidden blocks that you can reveal to climb farther up in the level. Instead of going up, continue right until you get to a spot where the conveyor belt is running right into a huge red gem. Duck to get under it, and fall straight down to the secret exit. World 5-1: (Thanks CecilMoS) Once you get to the second arena battle (under the green waterfall), stand in the middle of the screen and press down + B to drop through the thin platform. You'll land on a series of small platforms, follow them right to get to a room with tons of treasure chests and the secret exit. World 5-2: (Thanks CecilMoS) Continue to the part of the level where there's a conveyor of blocks travelling slowly to the right, with another conveyor above it with blocks travelling quickly to the right. Once you get to the far right of this floor, there's a pit with a sign pointing up. Disregard this sign! Instead, fall into the pit and walk through the wall at the lower right. In the next screen, you'll climb up a colossal shaft with enemies climbing up and down the walls. You can fight them, or you can nimbly jump around from wall to wall. You will eventually arrive at the top, after collecting tons and tons of treasure along the way. ==================================================== 3. Secret Levels ==================================================== To complete these extra challenging levels, you'll need lots of hearts, plenty of dexterity, and a resolve of steel. World 1-1S: This level is fairly straightforward. There's an arena fight above a pit of spikes, but if you saved up Tea-Time it's a cakewalk. World 1-4S: This level starts out easy, but then you have to do a bunch of tricky wall-jumps. There are no checkpoints, so don't die! The first wall-jump section has skull-mask firespitters in little nooks, you don't have to fight them - jump across to the next wall section after their fireball has gotten out of the way. At the top of the wall is a sword-guy, don't let him hit you off. After that, you'll jump across a series of pillars to a group of three more fire-spitters. You can jump past them and up to the next wall-jump section, with spikes on each side. Be careful here - they deal 2 hearts of damage! If you have less than 3 hearts, you should probably wait somewhere safe to get more hearts in the puzzle, or more Special Meter so that you can turn young again. Once you make it to the top you'll run into some purple eyeballs that shoot tiny bullets. Be careful about attacking these guys - at the bottom of this wall is a spike pit. Use your ranged attack here. Next is one of the trickiest wall sections, since you have to climb up another spiky wall, but now there are purple eyeballs on the wall, too! If you have the boomerang, you can climb up near one of the eyeballs, fire a boomerang, and then switch to the puzzle so you can upgrade it to a homing boomerang. The boomerang special attack works too, since the rotating shield kills the purple guys in one hit. Other options include a lightning bolt powerup, or deft jumping and attackmanship. The final wall-jumping section is the hardest, because you can get crushed and die immediately if you mess up. It's fairly straightforward up to a point, there are nooks in the wall to hide in and catch your breath. The last nook has a smasher opposite it, and one immediately above going the other direction. Once you get to here, you'll have to move quickly to climb up - there are no more safe places until you get to the top. Once you're at the top, there's an arena fight. It's fairly difficult, so rely on the puzzle and on tea-time as much as you can. You get a neat piece of the Gentleman's suit here: A wallet which increases the value of all treasure you pick up by 15%. World 2-3S: This one is much easier than the last, but there is some tricky jumping. Most of the platforms fall down a bit after you step on them, and there are flying eye-bats. You should use your ranged attack on them to be safe - note that you can wait for the platform you're on to fall a bit before jumping if you're afraid of hitting a bat with your head. You can also use the boomerang's special attack here, to provide a shield to the bats. Then you can jump around and do whatever you want. On the second screen you'll ride up a platform and there will be axe guys to your left and right. Even though the sign says to go left, if you go right instead, you'll find a bonus room with a ton of treasure inside. After this, follow the signs and keep climbing higher. Bombs are super useful here, since they can kill those spitting guys with boxes on their heads in one hit, as long as you upgraded your ranged attack enough. There's a section where these spitting guys are hiding in tiny nooks - just ignore them and dodge the shots they spit out. This part of the level is pretty easy since you can't accidentally fall and kill yourself. Soon enough you'll be at the exit, where you'll get another piece of the Gentleman's suit: The golden monocle! World 2-4S: A fairly straightforward and short secret level. It autoscrolls up, so watch out for flying bats, bouncing bad guys, and so on. Use your ranged attacks as much as you need to, since they are easier to hit flying bad guys with. Jump over the bouncing blue guys if you can, and don't get caught up trying to grab treasure or attack guys that you can skip. You'll come to a section where the platforms crumble once you stand on them, keep focused here or you'll end up destroying your changes of proceeding. Watch out especially for bats carrying potions and those guys with boxes on their heads who spit bullets out. Once you get to the top you'll find a treasure chest, but that's it. World 3-1S: This is an underwater secret level, and the current pushes you to the right, so the way you jump and float around is much harder to get used to. If you can grab a boomerang before you enter this level, it'll help out. There are a sequence of increasingly tricky jumps to make. It's really hard to float left to grab onto a wall, so don't try it unless you're really close. The first two jumps are just little hops, but the third one is over an arc of mines, with floating purple guys in top hats just above your head. Hold down the right d-pad, otherwise you'll graze the mines below you. The fourth jump is shorter than it looks, watch out for the mine above you in the middle. Then there is a sequence of hops up increasingly tall pillars. The last one has tentacles growing out of the side. For the next jump, go over the first mine, but under the second. Make sure not to run into the purple floating guys. You don't have to go right very far to land on the platform. The next jump is trickier. There are floating guys right in the way, and if you miss this one, you'll be grabbing onto tentacles. It might be wise to use the boomerang's special attack here, or to use lightning mid-jump if you are going to run into a purple guy. Jump up to the next pillar and then onto the moving platform. If you jump when it's moving about halfway down, landing on the next moving platform is easy. The final one has you jumping over a completely tentacled pillar, but once you've cleared it you can fall straight down - there is a solid floor here. Walk right and there's the end of the level. World 3-5S: This level begins with a skull axe man on a platform in front of you. This will happen a lot during this level, a Down + Y attack at the right range will get you past most of them. Watch out for lava bursts - if the screen rumbles, one is about to show up. Take note of safe platforms to stand on. After climbing up past the first lava burst section, there's a heavy-handed skull guy. Make sure to be in the air when is attack hits, then use low attacks to defeat him. To the right of his platform is a pipe that pours out basic bad guys, you can match something in the puzzle to seal the pipe. You'll come across one more heavy-hander and another pipes, and then a series of lava bursts interspersed with skull axe guys. Use ranged shots to take out the axemen, they are too dangerous to jump into from that distance. You can clear all the jumps easily with a dash-then-jump maneuver. After that section, there is a bomb powerup (get it) and two more guys to fight before you come to a lava flow. You can block it off by matching 3 in the puzzle. Next are two more axe guys, you can hit the closest with your low attack, but the farther one you will probably need to jump attack. Continuing onward, there are more bad guys on tiny platforms - a deliberate pace is required or you will end up being knocked back into the lava. Another lava flow blocks the path, and after you seal it by matching in the puzzle, all of the purple bad guys decide to catch on fire and they rush you. You can crouch and throw bombs at them, or try to jump over them. You'll fight two more bad guys (a heavy-hander and an axeman) before entering an arena battle. Here, you can juggle guys as they fall down the central pipe. Next, jump on the tiny platforms and fire projectiles at the purple guys as you wait for the lava bursts to end. Finally you will arrive at the exit: This level has a golden moustache suit piece and an upgrade for your Robot that makes teacups fall from defeated enemies. The teacups increase your special meter. World 4-1S: This level is ridiculously hard. Be prepared! It auto-scrolls too, so you are constantly in danger of falling off the left side of the screen. The first sequence has a pair of purple guys that explode - blast them or jump out of the way. Wait for all three hidden platforms to show up then match 3 in the puzzle to reveal them. When you are landing on the third of these platforms, fire off a bullet to kill the exploding guy. A vertical wall of hidden blocks will show up, reveal them immediately then climb to the top. Wait until you see the purple guy and shoot him, then jump over to where he was. Now, slide down the left wall (past the bubble brains) and switch to the puzzle so you can reveal the next hidden platform. Jump off the wall to it and climb up the left wall. This next jump is kind of tricky - jump over the bubble brain and fall down on his right side right next to the wall, so you can grab it right away. If you're too slow, he'll start spitting out bubbles which make it really difficult to do anything. Anyhow, once you grab the wall just past him, immediately switch to the puzzle and reveal the next hidden platform. Jump from this up to the next sequence of normal platforms. You'll have to fight three of those quadruple guys - the best way is to hit their top hat, since it kills them the fastest (3 hits when melee is fully upgraded), and the four guys that fly out won't hurt you for the first second, so you can run past them and fight the next guy. If you get in trouble use a special attack - you don't want to get knocked back or else you'll probably fall off the platform. Don't use the Down + Y attack here, it's a liability. You'll go from here to a sequence of gems that move up and down. After a couple gems, there's another quadruple guy. Stand on the edge of your gem and Down + Y attack him twice to get rid of him. The timing is kind of tricky. After a couple more gems, there's another quadruple guy, this time you can Down + Y attack his hat. If one of the smaller purple guys lands on the gem, jump above it then Down + Y in mid-air to clear it. After the gems, there's a long floor with a crystal that shoots out the exploding guys. Shoot them whenever you see one, and use Down + Y to hit the crystal at a distance. There's a boomerang powerup here - grab it and activate the special via Up + A. This is where the level starts getting tough. There are moving gem blocks with bubble-brains on them. The boomerang shield will deflect away the bubbles they shoot out, but you'll need to clear off the bubble-brains themselves, or jump over them somehow. If you get hurt, use your momentary invulnerability to jump past the guy who hurt you. After the first one, there's a bunch of sideways- moving platforms leading up to a bunch of small gem blocks with a bubble-brain and some hidden blocks on it. Reveal the hidden blocks to keep it from shooting out bubbles, then jump on the revealed blocks to get over him. Re-activate the boomerang's special if it runs out of steam. After two of these bubble-brain platforms, there's a quadruple-guy - use Down + Y to kill it, then continue on the platforms to the end of the level. You'll get a golden vest here. It halves damage from things like spikes, lava, and tentacled walls. Bonus! World 4-4S: This is a slippery level - almost every surface is an ice gem. You start out at the bottom of a ramp with a ranged box-head guy at the top. There is a bubble-brain a short ways away on a separate platform, then another ranged box- head guy. The bubble-brain is the only difficult guy to fight, as they always are, since the bubbles it spits out are good at interrupting whatever you are doing. If you have boomerangs or bombs, fire off some fully-upgraded shots and let them do their job. If it comes down to it, you can use a special attack to finish it off. Continuing onward, you'll climb up a conveyor-belt wall to fight another ranged guy on an ice block. Here you can practice a maneuver you'll use a lot in this level - cling onto the side of the ice block the monster is standing on, and when there isn't a bullet coming out of his box, hop up and attack. Repeat until the monster is defeated. In a couple more jumps there's another ranged guy, this one actually has enough room in front of him to land and attack properly, but take care or you'll slide into him. Next up is the first timed section where you could get crushed if you aren't careful. There is a yellow gem behind a puzzle-block wall that will go up once you step on it. Instead of riding it, climb up the wall as fast as possible - there is another puzzle-block wall that you need to get through quickly, or you will be crushed by the yellow gem block. Jump and do an air-attack at the top of the puzzle-block wall to clear it. Make sure you are healed up at this point, because when you head to the right there will be a difficult arena battle. You'll fight against some wizards, some ranged guys, and some bubble-brains - a tricky combination when the floor is slippery. Abuse tea-time and anything else you can get out of the puzzle, especially hourglasses and lightnings. After you defeat everything, a gem will show up that will lift you up to the next floor. The next section has a big block that closes in from the left, and it will crush you unless you hurry, so use your RB dash to quickly get to the right side and climb up to the next area. This transition is tricky as well, since the alternating tall and short blocks can crush you against the wall. If you can, jump up right after a tall block passes, which gives you more time to jump off of it onto the next short block, and then up to the stationary blue block that sits mostly off the screen. You can take a breather here. From the spot on this blue gem you can barely reach the bottom edge of the ice block sitting in the air near you. You can climb up to it and ambush the ranged box-head standing atop it, which will save a little trouble trying to jump acros all of those blocks the normal way. Next up is a trio of thin walls with conveyors running up their sides. The first two are safe, but the third has a ranged box-head on top of it. You can stand on the second one and plink away with ranged attacks to clear it. Jump across the remaining big ice blocks, defeating the ranged guys with whichever method you prefer. After climbing up the next conveyor wall, you'll see the next row of ice blocks are considerably smaller. Luckily, there isn't much danger below, as you can grab onto one of the larger ice blocks easily - and in the worst case, you will land on the gem conveyor far below. The ranged guys here are best dispatched with your own ranged attacks. On the far right, you'll see more conveyor walls to climb up. This time, there is a ranged guy standing on top of the rightmost wall. You can skip past him easily, then climb up to the top of the tallest conveyor wall. Below and to the left will be another ranged guy - below him is a bubble-brain, but if you do things correctly, you won't need to fight it at all. The best way to take this guy out is to fall off of the conveyor to the left, then grab onto the conveyor so that you can see where the ranged guy is. Jump far out to the left so that you are directly above it, and use down + Y to do a strike that will unseat the ranged guy from his tiny platform. Immediately after it's cleared, look out for shots coming from the left - you can't duck under them. Instead, hop onto the next platform, which will put that ranged guy in a perfect place to be hit by any of your ranged attacks. Climb up the next set of conveyor walls, ignoring the first ranged guy you see. At the very top of the third one, make sure you are ducking while you look around - there is another ranged guy who can hit you there if you are standing. If you have the bullets you can fire a special attack to kill him; with the boomerang you will need to create a fully-upgraded shot. With the bombs, your best option is to stand at the very right corner of the top of the conveyor wall, and jump straight up. Fire a bomb at the very top of your leap, and it'll hit the ranged guy. Once he's dead, you are three jumps away from the exit - don't slip! World 5-1S: I haven't played through this one yet, it'll show up in a later FAQ. World 5-2S: I haven't played through this one yet, it'll show up in a later FAQ. ==================================================== 4. Questions and Answers ==================================================== Q. Where's the soundtrack? A. Navigate to this webpage: http://www.henryhatsworth.com/en_us/home.action Click on downloads. Q. How do I juggle bad guys? A. Once you have a bad guy in the air via UP + Y, you can juggle them for a long time by attacking twice or three times with Y, and then UP, Y again. Y, Y, Y, UP + Y, Y, Y, UP + Y, Y, Y, Y, UP + Y, and so on. If you hit Y a fourth time, you'll do a strong attack instead, sending them away from you. Q. What's the best way to fight those skull-axe guys? A. Unlike most enemies with a big attack, these guys don't have any delay or 'tell' when they are about to swing their axe. It almost hits as far as the DOWN + Y attack, so it is usually better to jump towards them, hitting them once while you are in the air. Once you have them stun-locked, the best thing to do is either hit them off the platform into a pit (Just keep pressing Y), or if that's not possible, juggle them in the air. Q. How do I fight those skull-ballerinas? A. Don't stand right next to them when they stand up, they have a quick attack that is faster than your regular attacks if you are too close. Instead, stand off to the side, and they'll start their mid-air spin. Use UP + Y to attack them when they are above you, and then you can either wait for them to start the sequence again, or you can juggle them. Q. What upgrades should I buy first? A. Make sure you get melee mastery early on, because it makes every fight just that much quicker. Projectile Pro is almost as important, since you need those bullets to be able to kill ranged guys in one or two hits if possible. The puzzle-related upgrades should be bought evenly, since they all help out when you just can't fight your way out of trouble. Extra hearts should be bought whenever you have the money to do so, but they are expensive, so wait until you have upgraded everything else a bit first. Q. Which ranged attack is the best? A. Normally, the bombs will be the most useful - they do more damage than the others, and if you are in trouble, shoot off a bomb or two and go upgrade them in the puzzle. The fully-upgraded bombs (squarish, with a skull logo) have a huge range and do tons of damage, as well as popping up all the badguys into the air. You can get yourself out of a lot of tight spots with this. The bombs are great for taking out the guys with shields and spears, since their shield can't block a hit from above - and you can upgrade the bomb to make sure it blows away the enemy in one hit. If you need slightly more range, or if there are a lot of flying enemies, the boomerang is better. Its special attack kills most flying enemies in one hit, and it also kills naval mines, which are normally only killed by stepping into them. This is great because you can fire it once, and then jump around killing guys with almost no effort. Also, being able to fire out two boomerangs and then upgrade them to giant homing boomerangs can clear a screen of weaker enemies really quickly. The regular gun is fine for plinking away at guys you'd rather not go near, like the purple basic guys who catch fire then explode. Also, if there is a huge pack of badguys, the regular gun's special attack does more damage than anything else that isn't the Robot. ==================================================== 5. Bonus Tips ==================================================== If you lose your last silver heart you turn old again, depleting your special meter to 1/2 blue. If you're close to losing that heart, you should use up your tea-time. If you run out of silver hearts, the only way to become young again is to fill up your special meter until it is fully blue and starts turning gold. If you're stuck, wait somewhere safe. The puzzle will refill and you can grab hearts, special meter power, and other things until you are fully powered again. The lightning powerup hits everyone on the screen when you match it in a puzzle - very useful when you're in a tight spot, because all the badguys will be stunned or killed. The star powerup charges your attack so that you can do extra damage. Fully upgraded bombs are savage tech. ( ) ( ) ) ) ( ) ( ( ( ) ( ) ) _____________ <_____________> ___ | |/ _ \ | Good | | | | Show! |_| | ___| |\___/ / \___________/ \ \_____________________/ Go buy this game! It's great. ==================================================== 6. Credits ==================================================== A list of the levels where the secret exits are found was posted in this topic on GameFaqs: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.php?board=952300&topic=48689130 Credits for this list of secret levels (in no particular order) go to: MyUsernamesMud, Gogo726, Sheek the Geek, Shrooomy, paperwarior, metroid4life14, Egil_, DAI MAJIN, Gigafreak, and CecilMoS. Hatsworth is © 2008 Electronic Arts Inc. All Rights Reserved. ==================================================== END OF FILE ====================================================</p>