______________________________________ INTRO ______________________________________ This is my first FAQ so I'm excited because of the fact that I'm going to reveal an UNTRUE FAQ and make one at the same time!! This took 4-7 hours to make so I hope this information is useful. _______________________________________ Special Thanks _______________________________________ To Emily who without I wouldn't have played this game. _______________________________________ Lies,lies,lies _______________________________________ The only other FAQ for this game is a LIE!! That person needs to get her FAQs straight. She said that a watermelon is +36 for hunger(or something)and -5 for bladder! LIE!! It is +50 for hunger,+5 for comfort, and -35 for bladder! I hope that the person reads this so she can update her FAQ. And DON'T say that your friend or somebody told you all the info 'Cuz it was me! All credit for the game itself goes to Electronic Arts(EA),and all credit for This FAQ goes to me, so if you want my FAQ to be in your FAQ it must say that the credit is ALL MINE!! Anyway, onward to the truth! _______________________________________ Fruits _______________________________________ Peach: Can be found at the chef's little place and on the left island after you water it. Hunger:+9 Comfort:+10 Bladder:-6 _______________________________________ Orange: Can be found after you trade with Ms.Weeder and plant the seed. Hunger:+10 Comfort:+14 Bladder:-7 _______________________________________ Lime: Same deal as the orange. Hunger:+7 Comfort:-2 Bladder-4 _______________________________________ Brazil Nut: OVER and OVER AGAIN WITH THE TRADING!! Hunger:+5 Energy:+3 Comfort:+7 Bladder:-1 _______________________________________ Raspberry: Can be found in the area above the object crafting rock(must be watered first) Hunger:+6 Comfort:+6 Bladder:-2 _______________________________________ Mango: Can be found on the left island around the lake. Hunger:+13 Comfort:+8 Bladder:-6 _______________________________________ Tomato: Can be found at the lookout point on the middle island. Hunger:+12 Comfort:+7 Bladder:-6 _______________________________________ Avacado: Can be found at the egg place (must be watered) Hunger:+11 Energy:+4 Comfort:+13 Bladder:-9 _______________________________________ Pineapple: Can be found at the bridge. Hunger:+13 Energy:+5 Comfort:+7 Bladder:-8 _______________________________________ Sparkleberry: Can be found below the lookout point where you find the tomato Hunger:+5 Comfort:+4 Bladder:-2 _______________________________________ Coconut: Can be found EVERYWHERE!!! Hunger:+13 Energy:-2 Comfort:+8 Bladder:-6 _______________________________________ Watermelon: Can be found on the beach, can trade with Suzy, and can get a seed from Ms.Weeder and plant it. Hunger:+50 Comfort:+5 Bladder:-35 _______________________________________ Banana: Can be found at Ms.Weeders or you can plant a seed.(either way, you'll have to water it.) Hunger:+10 Energy:+3 Comfort:+5 Bladder:-7 _______________________________________ Vegetables _______________________________________ Wheat: Seed must planted.(cannot be eaten) Useful for cooking. _______________________________________ Truffle: Can be found by digging. Hunger:+6 Comfort:+24 Social:+5 Bladder:-5 _______________________________________ Carrot: You must trade with Weeder(Trades,Trades,TRADES!!)and plant the seed. Hunger:+9 Comfort:+7 Bladder:-3 _______________________________________ Ginger: Trade with Weeder(she must have everything!!)plant the seed BLAH,BLAH,BALH!!!! Cooking ingredient _______________________________________ Brown Mushroom: Can be found in the cave. Hunger:+13 _______________________________________ Green Seaweed: Can be found on the beach or by trading with the DR. Hunger:+5 Comfort:-6 Bladder:-4 _______________________________________ Red Seaweed: Same as the green Hunger:+7 Comfort:-8 Bladder:-4 _______________________________________ Eggplant: Seed BLAH,BLAH,BLAH,BLAH,BLAH Hunger:+8 Comfort:+9 Bladder:-6 _______________________________________ Yam: Seed Hunger:+12 Comfort:+5 Bladder:-3 _______________________________________ Red Mushroom: Same as Brown Hunger:+14 Hygiene:-20 _______________________________________ Brown Seaweed: (look above at the Green) Hunger:+6 Comfort:-6 Bladder:-4 _______________________________________ Chili Pepper: Ms.Weeder's house Hunger:+4 Energy:+10 Comfort:-10 Bladder:-7 _______________________________________ Zucchini: Above object rock (Water) Hunger:+11 Comfort:+5 Bladder:-4 _______________________________________ Meat _______________________________________ ALL BUGS: Under the rocks Bad for Hygiene and barely does anything for Hunger!(don't eat later on!!) _______________________________________ ALL FISH: Found at water. (DUH!!) AT=anytime of the day FR=need a fishing rod FS=fishing spear S=salty water F=fresh water N=Night only D=Day only _______________________________________ Bocaccio: N,FR,S Hunger:+17 Energy:-11 Comfort:-10 Hygiene:-6 Bladder:-10 _______________________________________ Raw Steak: SOS Beach Hunger:+5 _______________________________________ Common Hatchetfish: AT,FR,F Hunger:+10 Comfort:-10 Bladder:-7 _______________________________________ Skate: AT,R,S Hunger:+8 Comfort:-8 Hygiene:-5 Bladder:-6 _______________________________________ Sting Ray: AT,FR,S Hunger:+11 Energy:-4 Hygiene:-5 Social:-5 Bladder:-5 _______________________________________ Tarpon: AT,FR,S Hunger:+17 Energy:-3 Hygiene:-9 Social:-13 Bladder:-1 _______________________________________ Black Rockfish: AT,FR,S Hunger:+14 Energy:-9 Comfort:-4 Bladder:-6 _______________________________________ Pampano: AT,FR,S Hunger:+15 Energy:-5 Social:-14 Bladder:-15 _______________________________________ Rainbow Trout: AT,R,F Hunger:+11 Comfort:-10 Bladder:-7 _______________________________________ Arowana: AT,FR,F Hunger:+11 Energy:-3 Comfort:-15 Bladder:-13 _______________________________________ Red Snapper: N,FR,S Hunger:+10 Hygiene:-10 Bladder:-12 _______________________________________ Freshwater Eel: N,FR,F(NAH REALLY!!) Hunger:+14 Comfort:-20 Social:-10 Bladder:-18 _______________________________________ Gray Birchir: AT,FR,F Hunger:+10 Comfort:-10 Bladder:-12 _______________________________________ Arapaima: AT,FR,F Hunger:+4 Hygiene:-7 Bladder:11 _______________________________________ Freshwater Puffer Fish: D,FR,F(DUH!!!) Hunger:+16 Energy:-10 Comfort:-20 Hygiene:-10 Bladder:-17 _______________________________________ Smallmouth Bass: AT,FR,F Hunger:+7 Energy:-10 Social:+10 Bladder:-8 _______________________________________ Barracuda: AT,FR,S Hunger:+10 Energy:-11 Comfort:-7 Hygiene:-10 Bladder:-8 _______________________________________ Mangrove Snapper: AT,FR,S Hunger:+14 Comfort:-10 Hygiene:-10 Bladder:-14 _______________________________________ Grouper: D,FR,S Hunger:+15 Energy:-10 Comfort:-15 Hygiene:-5 Bladder:-7 _______________________________________ Tuna: AT,FR,S Hunger:+15 Comfort:+13 Hygiene:-10 Social:-7 Bladder:-6 _______________________________________ Koi:D,FR,F Hunger:+10 Comfort:-15 Bladder:-11 _______________________________________ Moonfish: N,FS,S Hunger:+12 Comfort:-6 Hygiene:-5 Bladder:-7 _______________________________________ Wahoo: N,FS,S Hunger:+15 Comfort:-4 Social:+3 Bladder:-7 _______________________________________ Sea Slug: Dive Hunger:+15 Comfort:-15 Social:-10 _______________________________________ Striped Bass: AT,FS,F Hunger:+12 Energy:-5 Social:-3 Bladder:-15 _______________________________________ Sardine: AT,FS,S Hunger:+18 Energy:-8 Comfort:-4 Hygiene:-22 Bladder:-7 _______________________________________ Cowcod: N,FS,S Hunger:+8 Comfort:6 Hygiene:-7 Bladder:-13 _______________________________________ Pufferfish: D,FS,S Hunger:+16 Energy:-7 Comfort:+5 Hygiene:-4 Bladder:-13 _______________________________________ Dag Dag: AT,FS,F Hunger:+11 Energy:-4 Comfort:-9 Hygiene:-12 Bladder:-7 _______________________________________ Salmon: AT,FS,F Hunger:+15 Energy:-9 Comfort:-13 Social:+13 Bladder:7 _______________________________________ Turkeyfish: AT,FS,S Hunger:+9 Energy:-3 Comfort:-5 Social:-5 _______________________________________ Flonder: D,FS,S Hunger:+11 Comfort:-9 Social:-6 Bladder:-14 _______________________________________ Black Carp: AT,FS,F Hunger:+10 Hygiene:-8 Bladder:-6 _______________________________________ Catfish: AT,FS,S Hunger:+16 Energy:-5 Comfort:-18 Bladder:-13 _______________________________________ Yellowfin Tuna: AT,FR,S Hunger:+13 Energy:-7 Comfort:+4 Hygiene:-5 Social:-11 Bladder:-5 _______________________________________ Prepared Foods _______________________________________ Carrot Juice Hunger:+24 Energy:+3 Comfort:+7 Hygiene:+2 Bladder:-19 _______________________________________ Fire Sushi Hunger:+19 Energy:+15 Comfort:-9 Bladder:-7 _______________________________________ Guacamole Hunger:+26 Comfort:+12 Bladder:-12 _______________________________________ Urchin Flesh Hunger:+15 _______________________________________ Eye of Bettle Salad Hunger:+24 Energy:+6 Comfort:-5 Hygiene:-10 _______________________________________ Crab Meat Hunger:+15 _______________________________________ Pinapple Slices Hunger:+17 Energy:+7 Comfort:+10 Bladder:-11 _______________________________________ Fruit Salad Hunger:+20 Energy:+5 Comfort:+10 Hygiene:+5 Bladder:-5 _______________________________________ Fruit Cocktail Hunger:+26 Energy:+7 Comfort:+11 Hygiene:+10 Bladder:-6 _______________________________________ Sushi Hunger:+24 Comfort:+5 Hygiene:+15 Bladder:-7 _______________________________________ Sugared Dates Hunger:+18 Energy:+5 Comfort:+10 Bladder:-9 _______________________________________ Fish Soup Hunger:+33 Energy:+5 Comfort:+10 Social:-4 Bladder:-11 _______________________________________ Spiced Lime Meat Hunger:+26 Energy:+5 Comfort:+10 Bladder:-9 _______________________________________ Surf and Turf Hunger:+25 Comfort:+15 Hygiene:-7 Bladder:-11 _______________________________________ Paella Hunger:+28 Energy:+4 Comfort:+15 Hygiene:-5 Bladder:-15 _______________________________________ Spiced Fich Risotto Hunger:+33 Energy:+5 Comfort:+8 Bladder:-19 _______________________________________ Vegetable Taco Hunger:+20 Comfort:+15 _______________________________________ Veggie Burger Hunger:+23 Energy:+5 Comfort:+6 Social:+11 Bladder:-14 _______________________________________ Ocean Pie Hunger:+32 Energy:+5 Comfort:+8 Social:-10 Bladder-11 _______________________________________ Spicy Green Curry Hunger:+35 Energy:+5 Comfort:+10 Bladder:-24 _______________________________________ Fajita Hunger:+29 Energy:-5 Comfort:+9 Bladder:-2 _______________________________________ Ginger Brazil Nuts Hunger:+20 Bladder:-10 _______________________________________ Spiced Steak Hunger:+28 Energy:+10 Comfort:+21 Bladder:-18 _______________________________________ Cooked Steak Hunger:+25 Comfort:+21 Bladder:-17 _______________________________________ Cheese Bug Fondue Hunger:+24 Comfort:-18 Bladder:-13 _______________________________________ Sardines with Salsa Hunger:+34 Energy:+6 Comfort:+14 Social:-5 Bladder:-14 _______________________________________ Seafood Sticks Hunger:+32 Energy:+6 Comfort:+15 Social:-5 Bladder:-11 _______________________________________ Mushroom Risotto Hunger:+31 Energy:+8 Comfort:+9 Social:-5 Bladder:-17 _______________________________________ Unleavened Bread Hunger:+18 Comfort:+3 Bladder:-4 _______________________________________ Tomato Soup Hunger:+24 Energy:+5 Comfort:+10 Bladder:-13 _______________________________________ Low Fat Bug Omelets Hunger:+27 Energy:+9 Comfort:-20 Bladder:-18 _______________________________________ Roach Surprise Hunger:+22 Energy:+4 Comfort:-25 Hygiene:-10 Bladder:-15 _______________________________________ Island Burger Hunger:+29 Energy:+5 Comfort:+19 Bladder:-13 _______________________________________ Nut-room Roast Hunger:+26 Comfort:+5 Social:+5 Bladder:-8 _______________________________________ (GOD IT'S FINALLY OVER) Is probably what your thinking right now,huh? Well it is,But I'm going to make one this summer for Pokemon Platinum and it is going to be on this site and on: www.gamewinners.com so look for the name: Giratina Rules!!</p>