PlayStation 2 PlanetPlayStation 2 PlanetXbox PlanetPC PlanetNintendo DS PlanetPlayStation Portable PlanetGameboy Advance PlanetGamecube PlanetPlaystation PlanetNintendo 64 PlanetDreamcast Planet Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- Complete solution for Broken Sword 2: The smoking mirror. By Martin "Zaifrun" Knudsen ( Let's embark on a great adventure game (even though I liked the first one in the series better! :-> ). notice : When I write "use" it means you have to use the left mouse button. When I write "look at" use the right one. This is how I completed this game but you don't have to do exactly the same as this to complete the game. Remember to save the game regulary - I experienced some game crashes and you can die in this game....... Try to use this guide as a last resort only when you're stuck. 1. In the professors house After wathing the intro you find your self in a very bad situation... Use the bookcase and you will find a block of wood holding the bookcase. Use the block of wood to push the bookcase. Use the metal bracket on the wall to get those ropes off. Open the writing desk and drink the tequila. Pick up the worm on the floor. Open the drawer in the writing desk to find a pot. Look at the pot (in the inventory) and discover a key. Pick up Nico's handbag and the dart on the floor. Look at the note from Lobineau to get his phone number. Use the dart on the cabinet next to fire. Try to pick up the cylinder and then use the panties on the cylinder (it's very hot). Use the cylinder on the syphon on the drawer and then use the syphon to extinguish the fire. Open the door and walk down the stairs. Pick up the newspaper and look at it to find a bank statement hidden inside it. Use the phone and then use the key on the left door and exit. 2. At the Cafe. Look at the flask on the other table. Talk to the waiter a two times to get some cofee. Ask him about the flask. Lobineau will enter the scene. Ask him about the stone, the pot and the professor - generally you should keep talking to people until there is no more to talk about. Watch scene with Nico. Ask the gendarme about himself until he looks down at the table. Exit the conversation and take the flask of absinthe. Exit the cafe and go to the gallery (window icon). 3. The Gallery. Talk to Glease (the man at the desk). Show the pot to the man drinking wine (he's an art critic). Use the flask of absinthe on his glass two times and he will fall and smash a display case. Try to open the boxes in the back of the room. Take the label just found and look at it. Then talk to Glease again. 4. Marseille - guard house. Walk to the fence. Walk down the stairs and pick up the hook in the water. Look at the trapdoor under the house. Go up to the window and talk to the guard (get the dog's name). Go down the stairs again and use the hook on the bottle in the water - the one the watchman threw out. Walk up the stairs and use the bottle on the chimney to cool it down. Use the chimney to open it and use the bottle on the open chimney to block it. Get into the house by using the trapdoor. Pick up the dog biscuits on the table. Throw a biscuit on the platform and when the dog is standing on the platform then use the hook on the platform to get the dog in the water. Go up and climb over the fence. 5. The Warehouse Walk to the end of the building and climb the ladder and open the first window. Use the hook on the fan. Go back down and knock on the door. Talk to the mexican man (Pablo) about the label - He'll come out the door.... Quickly climb the ladder again. Use the barrel to right and when Pablo stands there use another barrel to knock him in the water. Go in through the door. Examine the drawer in the desk to find a brass key. Go further into the building. Talk to the little guy about the key you just found. Use the noticeboard on the wall over the desk. Push the button to the elevator. Use the nearest crate to block the photocell. Push the switch to right of the elevator door. Use the skratch marks near on the floor near the wall. Open the door and enter. Take the statue and talk to Nico. Untie her by using the rope she is bound with. Go out and talk to Nico. Use the tape on the photo cell and put the crate in the door back. Use the small crate which is on the top of the other crate. Move the other crate so you can use the pallet carrier to lift the statue. Use the rope on the statue and then use the rope to connect the statue to the pulley. Lower the pallet carrier again and ask Nico to help you with the big statue. Go out and use the manacles on the cable. Watch the sequence because you're going to South America! 6. Quaramonte City. Talk to the band. Talk to the american woman (Pearl). Go to the right and talk to Duane in the truck. Talk to Pearl again. Go up the stairs to the mining office. Talk to Conchita. Go to the police station and talk to the general. Use the map on the wall. Go out and talk to Nico. Go to the truck and talk to professor Oubier. Talk to Conchita about the professor. Talk to Duane again and learn about the detonator. Talk to Pearl about the detonator. Talk to Conchita about the detonator and the chart. Go out and talk to Nico about the chart. Talk to the general about the chart and Nico. After the general is gone talk to Renaldo (the other guy) about the pyramid. Tell Pearl about the pyramid and she and Renaldo will go there. Then examine the chart on the wall to find out where the things are supposed to happen and go and tell Conchita about it. Get the detonator from the cupboard and give it to Duane. Go into the prison inside the police station and talk to Miguel. Now you will take on the role as Nico........... Look at the swordfish, look at the lava lamp and the tigerskin and the portrait on the wall. Talk to the general about all these things and his mother will enter the room. Switching back go George...... After the "explosion" look at the rope in Miguels cell and ask him about it. Use the rope on the cell window and then give the other end to Duane who is outside the window. Watch the animation and change the CD for more adventure.... 7. At the tree hut. Start by picking up the vine at the big wheel. Go to the left and use the vine on the press. Pick up the cross and use it on the press. Use the newspaper article on the damp leaves. Use the small ugly statue you have on the waterwheel. Talk to Hubert the priest about Nico and the Rod. Use the collar with the press and use the cross with the press. Pick up the collar and give it to Hubert. Ask about the rod again and he will take you to the village. Once there ask the guard about Nico, then mention the priest and ask about the shaman. You will have to give him a gift. Give him the dog bisuits. When the guard returns with the empty box put the mayan stone in the box to hide it and give the box to the guard again. Go into the village and talk to shaman. Listen to his story. Talk to shamen again and get the rod to save Nico. Back at the treehouse use the metal cone from the chimney with the press. Put the rod in the press and use the cross with the press. Pick up the cone and climb up the ladder into the treehouse. Now it is time for some stone hunting....... 8. Ketch's Landing - George. Talk to the man (Bronson) and try to take his plans on the table. Go down on the beach-bridge and talk to the boy (Rio). Then go up the stairs to the pirate museum. Talk to the old ladies and answer yes when they ask you about something. Go down to the beach and ask Rio about Emily. Go up to the house again and try to open the door. Then use the ladder and try to go up. Talk to the sisters again about the cat and Emely to get them away. Go to Rio and ask him about a fish - give him the worm for it. Wait a little and then try to talk to Rio again until you can ask about the fish. He will then catch a bicycle. Use it to get a tube from it and go up to the house again and then back (to give Rio time) to the beach and Rio will have caught a fish for you. Go to the house and give the fish to the cat. You'll then have to go to Rio to get another fish. Talk to him and wait until he catches another one. Go to the house again. Climb up the ladder and use the tube with the first flagpole. Climb down and use the fish with the tube. When the cat is gone take it's red ball. Climb up the ladder again and get the tube back. Use the tube with the tree to make a catapult. Then use the red ball as the bullet. When Bronson climbs up to the flagpole remove the ladder and pick up the marker he lost. Go to the beach and get the theodolite and the plans on the table. Go to the house and give the plans to the ketch sisters. You will then gain entrance to the museum. 9. The British Museum - Nico. Look at the cabinet to the left of the room where the scrying mirror is in. Then look at the cabinet to the right of the room, next to the curtain - there you'll find the jaguar stone. Next talk to the attendent and about everything except the stone. The professor will enter the museum after a while. Ask the professor about the jaguar stone. When he leaves ask the attendent about the stone... you discover it has been stolen! Take the small key from the cabinet where the stone was. Show the key to the attendent and he will phone the police. Look at the red bag in your inventory and find a hair clip. Use the key on the case to the left of the phone. You will find a dagger. Take the key back from the case. Ask the attendent about the ship to find out where Oubier is going. Use the curtain next to the mask. Then use the dagger you just found on the exit. 10. Inside Captain Ketch's museum - George. Take the quill from from the desk. Take the lantern and use it on the ink well on the desk. Pick up the pirate map and place it on the desk - it fits perfectly. Next look at the pirate portrait on the wall. Open the sea chest near the window. Ask Emily about the cross and about Rio. Go back to Rio and talk about everything - you find out that you need to make a fly to him to get the sea shell for Emily. Go to the cat. Give the quill to it and pick up the rest of feathers when the cat has destroyed the quill. Give the feathers to Rio and you will get a conch shell. Give the shell to Emily. Use the cross you just got on the pen holder on the desk. Go to Rio and ask him to take you to Zombie Island (I hear evil laughter in the background - :) When on the island start by looking at the boat. Then ask Rio about his fishing net. Use the net on the rock outcrop to get up. 11. Subway station - Nico. Use the hairclip on the top coin slot that is at the blue vending machine to the left. Pick up the coin from the lower coin rejection slot. Use the coin with the weighing machine and get a white card. Use the dagger with the black cupboard below the subway map. Use the white card with the new crack. Push the red button..... 12. Zombie Island - George. (prepare yourself for the hideos monsters?) Take the upper exit into the woods. Pick up a reed near the swamp. Take the exit in the right top of the screen - you'll come to a small lair. Use the reed with the lair to get it cut. Then use the dart with the reed - now you are armed! Go back to where you climbed up from the cliff (go left, take lower left exit). Once back at the starting point take the lower exit. Walk right until you come to a boar. Use your new weapon (the reed and dart) on the boar. Take the right exit. You now are at the rock needle. Use the marker that Bronson dropped with the net. Pick up the creaper on the rock. Use the net with the creaper. Pick up the 'creaper with net and marker' and use it on the rock needle. Time to go into the jungle... Take the upper exit in the middle of the screen. Then take the upper right exit to get back to the lair. From there take the middle left exit to continue. Take the lower left exit. You should now be standing on the other side of the swamp. Take the middle right exit. You are now on the other side of the lair. Take the middle right exit again (there are 3 exits on the right side of the screen). Take the middle right exit again. Finally you should come to a high cliff point. Place the theodolite on the 3 holes in the stone. Use the theodolite. Pan the view to right (move the cursor to the right of the screen) until you can see the blinking marker in the bottom of the view. You can also see some stone pillars. Look at the marker and then use the pillar in the same vertical line as the marker. George will tell when you got it right. Exit the camera view and take the new exit to the right of the cliff to get to the beach. 13. At the harbour - Nico. Go to the first crate on the left. When the guard is past the ladder climb up to the roof. Wait for the guard to pass again. Then open the cupboard and climb back up the ladder. When he guard goes in to check it close the door behind him (heh). Pick up the mob and use it with the cupboard to really lock him up. Look in at the first little window and see the professor being killed by Karzac. Talk to Oubier! Then take the Jaguar stone now that you are sure he is dead. Use the dagger on Karzac when he tries to strangle Nico. 14. The Movie set - George. Pick a bun, a pancake and the syrup from the foodtable. Talk to Bert (the man next to the table). Talk to the director (Hawks). Talk to the girl (Sharon). Talk to the boy next to her (Haiku). After the shot use the syrup with the pancake and give the pancake to Bert. Use the bun on the bush. Take another bun and also use that one on the bush (poor Bert). 15. On the beach - George. Talk to Hawks about the movie and the cave. You are going to be stuntman now. Talk to the camera man about everything. Try to take the small handheld camera. Talk to Hawks again and you can get to the cave. 16. The jungle village - Nico. You don't need the white underpants you see in the start of scene. Try to pick up the Mayan stone to the left of the barrel. Look at the barrel and then ask Titipoco about the barrel. Pick up the Coyote stone and go to the left exit. 17. Outside the pyramid - Nico. Walk to left to the guards. It doesn't matter what you tell them. Pick up the cylinder at the generator. Then use your dagger to cut the fuel line at the generator. Use the cylinder to get some of the fuel. Then use the cylinder on the fuel cap on the machine to the right. Look at the engine and then look at the elevator. Pick up the rope and show it to Titipoco and ask him about it. When he is done, use the rope with the engine. Push the red button and pull the lever. Ask Titipoco to help you with the lever. Stand on the elevator and ask Titipoco to turn the lever. Going up.... Pick up the green ammunition belt and use the elevator to get down again. What follows now is maybe a bug in the game or at least a very stupid puzzle. You have to go and pick up the giant torch in front of the pyramid right away. If you try to do something first, fx. talking to Titipoco you cannot pick up the torch and you cannot get up with the elevator again - very strange indeed I think. Anyway - show the torch to Titipoco and throw it on the fuel. Then throw the ammunition belt on the fire for some extra fun. Next talk to the general holding the gun. Talk to George in order to set him free. Inside the pyramid pull the left lever - you find out you cannot. So ask George for help. Watch the eclipse and get ready for 18. The Mayan Machine - Nico You find yourself in a room with two big wheels with 8 different symbols on each wheel. To the right there is 10 tiles with symbols that are made up of one symbol from the left wheel and one symbol from the right wheel. Under the statue head there is another 4 tiles with symbols. These symbols are made up of two of the symbols from the other tiles (the group of 10 tiles). You have to 'create' the 4 large symbols to open a secret door. Your have to figure out which two tiles from the group of 10 tiles that a large symbol consists off. Then figure out which two symbols on the wheels that smaller symbol is made up of. Then turn the wheels until the two symbols are beside each other (thats 3 o'clock for the left wheel and 9 o'clock for the right wheel). When the wheels are aligned push the symbol that you have created in the group of the 10 tiles. Create the other part of the large symbol by using the wheels again and push that small symbol. Now push the large symbol. Repeat this until you have created all 4 of the large symbols. Note that only two of the small tiles can be pressed at once. When all 4 large symboles have been pressed the secret door will open - enter. 19. Inside the pyramid - George. Pick up the torch on the wall and show it to Titipoco. Pull the lever on the wall (it's part of a painting) - you'll fall. Pull the lever on the wall in the new room and go to the left through the door. Pull the lever on the right to open the door. Then pull the other lever on the left. Go through the door. Only pull one lever - the one nearest towards the screen - that is NOT the nearest to George. Go through the door on your left. Pick up the torch on the floor and use it on the torch that is hanging on the wall. Take the newly lit torch on the wall and go through the secret door. Pull the new lever on the wall next to the stairs. Go down and that's it!! You made it to the end of Broken Sword 2. Watch the nice end sequence and listen to the cool credit music - hope you enjoyed the guided tour :-) 20. Pray for the next one - Broken Sword 3: ??????????????? cya - Zaifrun (</p>