==================================================== = = = Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude Walkthrough = = by Sarah Lam = = = = Copyright 2005 Sarah Lam = = Submitted: 23 October 2004 = = Mail me at: sarahlsy@gmail.com = = = ==================================================== =============================================================================== Table Of Contents =============================================================================== - [NOT] Notes - [CON] Controls - [GAM] Game Section - [INT] Intro - [WAL] Walkthrough - [CR] Credits =============================================================================== [NOT] Notes =============================================================================== This FAQ is still a bit messy, but I promise it will be cleaned up soon! Feel free to email me at sarahlsy@gmail.com. Thanks and enjoy the game! =============================================================================== [CON] Controls =============================================================================== L1 - shows how much money & secret tokens you have R1 - brings up the camera view so you can take photos R2 - gives you hints on what you can do next START - brings up a menu with several options - BLACK BOOK WHAT NEXT? : if you need any hints on what to do next, the black book gives you all the hints you will need GIRLS : shows the girls you have met and the tokens of affections they have given you (if any) OUTFITS ITEMS : displays all the items you have collected STATS : overall - percent complete, rating, play time : mini games total wins, losses, wimp outs : wander mode : bodily functions - SAVE GAME : saves your game progress - OPTIONS : options for audio settings, difficulty, and controller settings - PHOTOS : you can view the photos you have taken here, save them on your memory card, or delete them so you can take new photos : NOTE - photos are a great way to make some extra cash, show them to a photo evaluator to sell them - EXTRAS : Bonus art : View Larry's costumes and girls : Bonus options (naughty and nude modes) : Game credits X - activates objects, searches for money/secret tokens Circle - examines objects Triangle - when your confidence is high, you can pose for people. Press the button to start the mini-game. There will be a sequence of buttons you have to press before time runs out. If you do it quickly enough, this will maintain your confidence level. =============================================================================== [GAM] Game Section =============================================================================== You will need to play all of the following games at least once or twice in order to advance in the game. ------------- |Whack-A-Pole | ------------- " In this version of whack-a-pole, you move larry's hands up and down, keeping the ball in play. each volley gets you closer to the goal, indicated by the size of his in-dick-ator. ring the bell for a confidence boost. yes, this is how larry jerks off." This game is pretty simple, all you need to do is control the hands by moving up and down. You must make sure the ball is kept in play, the longer it is kept in play, the longer the pole grows. When the pole is long enough, the bell will ring and you will have won the game! If you win, you will get an increase in your confidence. With a perfect score, you will also get some scret tokens. However, if you lose, your confidence will decrease. ----------- |Sperm Game | ----------- I call this game the sperm game. You control a swimming sperm, and need to hit as many green smiley icons as you can. Try and avoid the red icons. There is a heart on the left side, which measures your life. If you hit too many red icons, you will lose the game. It is also harder to control the sperm when you are drunk. Later on in the game, there will also be beer mugs and glasses. When you hit these icons, you will become more drunk. Hitting a coffee icon will make you slightly more sober. There are also bomb icons which will destroy the icons in front of it. Snowflake icons will freeze the sperm for awhile so that you cannot control it. If you lose the game, and choose to play again, you will automatically urinate all of your booze out. This is an advantage with girls such as Luba, where you have to start the sperm game semi-drunk. This means that in the second game, you will start the game totally sober. ----------------- |Correct buttons! | ----------------- This game is fairly simple, all you need to do is to hit the buttons as they appear on screen. If you don't hit any wrong buttons, you will get a perfect score. Dollar signs will also appear occasionaly, if you hit those, you will get some money, but most likely will also score a miss. ------------------- |Dancing/Trampoline | ------------------- In dancing/trampoline games you have to press the correct buttons when the icons pass into the circle. If you miss the timimg too many times, your heart score will be lowered. To get a perfect score, don't miss any icons! --------- |Quarters | --------- For quarters, you and your opponent have to take turns throwing a coin into a glass. Every time you manage to get the coin into the glass, your opponent has to take a drink. The first person who can get the opponent completely drunk wins. In order to get the coin in the glass, pull the analog stick back and then push it forward. Occasionally, you will see some money on the table. If you hit the money, you will win it, but then you will lose your turn. ------ |Slaps | ------ In this game, you and your opponent take turns slapping each others hands. When it is your opponent's turn to slap, there's usually some kind of signal when they're about to make their move (eg. a shake of their body, etc). When you see this signal, press the square button. When it's your turn to slap, press the circle button as many times as you can. You can also press the square button simultaneously to fake out your opponent. If she gets tricked, press the square button as soon as she puts her hands back into play. The person whose hurt meter fills up the fastest is the loser. ------- |Photos | ------- You need to take 6 photos of the person you are aiming at. Each model generally has a specfic part of the body that you will get higher points if you aim at, eg (the face, butt, etc.). The Super Lens Camera, which you can get from one of the lights near the Swingles stage, is a must for this game. The left analog stick moves Larry around, the right one rotates the view, the up button zooms in on the subject. X button takes the shots. =============================================================================== [INT] Intro =============================================================================== As the game begins, we see Larry Lovage Walking around the campus. He gets invited to parties, hot girls are hitting on him...but you know this is just to good to be true, right? Well, it turns out that he's dreaming! When he wakes up, he turns on the TV, and finds out that there's going to be a reality dating show, where 3 girls compete against each other for a change to date a guy. So of course, being a chip off the old block from his Uncle Larry, he decides to join the competition. Here is where the tutorial from Uncle Larry begins..all you need to do is some simple stuff like turning on the radio, etc. After the tutorial ends, examine the bed twice to find ten secret tokens. If you turn on the tv, you can play a game called whack-a-pole (see games section). Once you get bored of your room, it's time to head outside and meet some girls! =============================================================================== [WAL] Walkthrough =============================================================================== Well, you need to start finding girls to hit on, so let's jump straight into the first girl. After you step out of your room, there will be a Swingles cut scene showing you what places you can access at this point in time; the Greek Quad, the Dorm Hall and the Main Campus. =============================================================================== Girl 1: Sally Mae =============================================================================== After you step outside of your room, head to the right. There's a girl dressed like a farm girl, standing at the lounge area. Talk to her to begin the first chat game. For each perfect game, you'll get 5% confidence and 5 secret tokens. For a win, you get 5% confidence. If you lose, your confidence will decrease by 10%. -------------------------------- |Picking up Girls 101: Sally Mae | -------------------------------- "Smooth talkin's the name of the game. Try to keep your heart meter full by hitting the GREEN icons and avoiding the RED hazards. Don't be afraid to hit a few hazards though, sometimes being bad can be fun!" Refer to Sperm game ---------------------------- |Mixin' It Up 102: Sally Mae | ---------------------------- Activate Mixed Drinks Station for part 2 "Time to mix up some Grade A panty-peeler. As a button appears, hit it before it goes away. Finish with five or fewer mistakes to make something she'll consider tasty." Refer to Correct Buttons -------------------------------- |Picking up Girls 103: Sally Mae | -------------------------------- Talk to Sally Mae for part 3 "Nuthin' like a little social lubricant to get the conversation going. Remember: YOU ARE A COUNTRY MUSIC PROMOTER. Don't get caught in a lie." Refer to Sperm Game ---------------------- |Boogie 104: Sally Mae | ---------------------- Talk to Sally Mae for part 4 "Show 'em who can boogie. Follow the girl's lead by pressing the proper button sequence at the appropriate time. When she calls out "BUTTON", press X." Refer to Dancing/Trampoline -------------------------------- |Picking Up Girls 105: Sally Mae | -------------------------------- "A little drink...a little dancin'...now just a little smooth-talkin' should seal the deal. Now don't let her get away." Refer to Sperm Game ------------------------ |Quarters 106: Sally Mae | ------------------------ "Quarters. The favorite college pastime...after studying, of course. Pull your left analog stick back to start your throw and push it forward to follow through. First one to get smashed loses." Refer to Quarters After you finish the last step, you will get a cut scene and then you will receive her token of affection - a cowboy hat. =============================================================================== Girl 2: Ione =============================================================================== Now that you've finished with Sally Mae, it's time to find the second girl! Head towards the same direction as Sally Mae, and walk a bit further on. Take the staircase leading downwards. Once you're outside, there will be a cutscene with the Swingles host, Uma. After it's over, knock over the light towards the back of the stage. You will receive the Super Lens Camera, with which you can zoom in and out when taking photos. There are some secret tokens by the Swingles van. Head towards the library and look for Ione. She's sitting at a table. --------------------------- |Picking up girls 101: Ione | --------------------------- "Who's this? She's no beauty, but she's got potential. She's smart. Right? And maybe she's got a great personality. Maybe a good old crank phone call will ease her out of her shell." Sperm Game ----------------- |Boogie 102: Ione | ----------------- "Looks like there's only one way you're getting that cognac. Luckly you're a HUGE Akshaye Khanna fan. Too bad the Commissar prefers Sanjay Dutt! (We never said this would be easy). Dance like the wind!" You need to look for the commissar who has the bottle of cognac. He's easy to find, just look in the Greek Quad for a bum. Talking to him will activate the.. Dancing Game --------------------------- |Picking up girls 103: Ione | --------------------------- "You know the way to the heart of those bookish babes: poetry. You know a few poems. Limericks, really; but how hard can it be to write a poem?" Once you've gotten the bottle of cognac from the commissar, go back to the Dorm Rooms to Ione's room (it's the one with lights around the door). Talk to Ione. Sperm Game ------------------- |Quarters 104: Ione | ------------------- Activate Ione to play.. "Quarters. The favorite college pastime...after studying, of course. Pull your left analog stick back to start your throw and push it forward to follow through. First one to get smashed loses." Quarters Game --------------------------- |Picking up girls 105: Ione | --------------------------- Ione is back in her room. Go there to continue the next stage. "It looks like the foundation is there with Ione, it just needs a little touching up. Maybe if you subtly suggest a makeover you can help turn this ugly duckling into a beautiful swan." Sperm Game -------------------- |Makeovers 106: Ione | -------------------- You need to have 5 dollars before you start this part of the game. "Eat your heart out, Oprah! As a button appears, hit it before it goes away. Finish with five or fewer mistakes to win." Correct Buttons! After you finish this section, you will get her token of affection which is the Teddy Bear Head. =============================================================================== Girl 3: Analisa =============================================================================== If you've done the first stage of Swingles, the following places are available to visit: Nice Streets, Power Station, Sorority House ------------------------------ |Picking up girls 101: Analisa | ------------------------------ Look for Analisa standing somewhere in the Greek Quad. "Are you talkin' to me? Are you talkin' to me? Perhaps this little slice of Sicily might be interested in sampling your salami." Sperm Game ---------------------- |Quarters 102: Analisa | ---------------------- Talk to Analisa to activate the next game. "Drinking is fun. Pull your left analog stick back to start your throw and push it forward to follow through. Make sure you do a nice, straight throw." Quarters Game ------------------------------ |Picking up girls 103: Analisa | ------------------------------ You need 10 dollars to get into the Frat House which is where Analisa is. "Let's face it: you and Analisa have about as much in common as prosciutto and spray cheese. But maybe if you can find some common ground she'll let you have a little bite. Maybe..." Sperm Game --------------------------- |Bouncy Bouncy 104: Analisa | --------------------------- "Trampoline games! The next big fad to hit the nation! If you're good enough, Analisa just might bounce right into your arms. Don't lose too much clothing, though, or she'll dump you like a moldy lump of mozzarella!" Dancing/Trampoline ------------------------------ |Picking up girls 105: Analisa | ------------------------------ This stage begins automatically after you finish the previous one. "You're doin' good. It looks like the only thing standing between you and Analisa is Daddy. And he can't be so bad. Right?" Sperm Game ----------------------- |Avoidance 106: Analisa | ----------------------- This stage begins automatically after you finish the previous one. "Looks like you're about to be on the receiving end of an old-fashioned Sicilian beating, courtesy of the goons on Mr. Gambozinni's payroll. Get Larry to the exit safely before time runs out!" You need to get the 10 keys while avoided the guys chasing you. You can use the cheese mummies to prevent them from catching you. After that, you will receive Analisa's token of affection which is - Fishpaper. =============================================================================== Girl 4: Zanna =============================================================================== ---------------------------- |Picking up girls 201: Zanna | ---------------------------- Look for her at the Greek Quad, near the sorority house. "This little lamb looks lost. Look at her. All alone in a foreign land. Barely able to speak the language. You know what that's like: you've been to West Virginia. Why don't you show her some American hospitality?" Sperm Game --------------------- |Avoidance 202: Zanna | --------------------- All the INS agents are chasing you because they want to deport Zanna. Get all of the keys, use the cheese mummies to distract the agents, and head aim for the Main Campus once you have collected the keys. Don't use any cheese mummies if you want to get a perfect score. "Uh oh. Immigration evidently didn't approve Zanna's student visa! Keep your eyes open for the INS files, collect them, and get the two of you safely to the exit!" ---------------------------- |Picking up girls 203: Zanna | ---------------------------- Go back to the Greek Quad to activate the next part of the game. She's standing on the porch of the sorority house. "What's that Zanna up to? Could it be she's a spy? Well, Agent Lovage, will this be 'The Sky Who Loved Me' or 'A View To a Kill?'" Sperm Game -------------------- |Quarters 204: Zanna | -------------------- It costs you 5 dollars to play quarters with Zanna. "Wow, check out the tolerance on that babe. Pull back the right distance to wind up, then push forward the right distance to throw. Make sure you do a nice, straight throw." Quarters Game ---------------------------- |Picking up girls 205: Zanna | ---------------------------- She's standing inside the sorority house. You need to buy the snazzy suit from the guy standing outside the frat house before you can start the next step. "Zanna's taken you back to her place. Things seem to be going good. Let's just hope there's not a communcation breakdown." Sperm Game ---------------------------------- |Trampoline 206: Pride on the Line | ---------------------------------- Automatically, you'll be brought to the next game. If you're too drunk, exit after the first loss, buy some coffee and sober up, then try again! "Like most foreigners she talks a big game, but can she back it up? Expose her gargantuan communist jugs for what they are! Just try to keep your clothes on in the process, okay? U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!" Dancing/Trampoline Zanna's token of affection is a Jar of Borscht. =============================================================================== Girl 5: Harriet =============================================================================== After 2 rounds of swingles, the art gallery, lab and crappy streets are now available. ------------------------------ |Picking up girls 201: Harriet | ------------------------------ She's standing in front of the library, near the bull. "I've heard about band girls! They're suppoed to be total freaks! A few smooth words and soon you'll be making beautiful music together. Avoid hazards." Sperm Game ------------------- |Slaps 202: Harriet | ------------------- Don't let her hit you at all to get a perfect score. "She's thrown down the gauntlet! The circle button powers up your meter before you strike. Press X to slap at your opponent (while on offense) and dodge their attacks (while on defense). You can performed fakes by tapping X or pressing Square." Slaps ------------------------------ |Picking up girls 203: Harriet | ------------------------------ Meet her at the Dance Club on the Nice Streets. "As the two young lovebirds head off on their romantic date, we must ponder the immortal question: Is there any girl too boring and scary for even Larry to hit on?" Sperm Game ------------------------------ |Picking up girls 204: Harriet | ------------------------------ Automatically, the next stage will begin after you've won the previous one. "Places, people...places...Looks like Walnut Log's cheering section's in a jam. Who else is better qualified to jump around and dance like an idiot than you?" Sperm Game --------------------------- |School spirit 205: Harriet | --------------------------- You need to find 8 people to spread the school spirit to. You have to pass Harriet in order to gather the school spirit, and then you have a limited amount of time to find someone to spread the spirit. If you take too long, you will have to pass Harriet again in order to get more school spirit. "Pass by the Band Geek to get your school spirit up, then share the love when near other students with X. If you take too long, you'll lose your school spirit and irritate them instead. Get at least 10 students fired up to win." ---------------------- |Spanking 206: Harriet | ---------------------- Automatically, the next stage will begin after you've won the previous one. "who doesn't like a little light S&M? As a button appears, hit it before it goes away. Finish with 5 or fewer mistakes to make Twiggy her master." Correct Buttons! Harriet's token of affection is a Jaw Harp =============================================================================== Girl 6: Luba =============================================================================== --------------------------- |Picking up girls 201: Luba | --------------------------- Go out through the doors near the Swingles stage. She can be found in the Power Station Dance Club. You need to be drunk in order to chat with her. Note: If you lose the first game, you'll be totally sober for the second game. "Everyone in Walnut Log knows about Luba. She's the community bike. Everybody's had a ride; except you, of course. But now that you've finally mustered the courage to talk to her, maybe she'll let you take her for a spin." Sperm Game --------------------- |Trampoline 202: Luba | --------------------- Meet Luba by the trampolines at the main area. "Wow, I bet she bounces well! Follow your opponent's lead by pressing the proper button sequence at the appropriate time." Dancing/Trampoline --------------------------- |Picking up girls 203: Luba | --------------------------- Luba is back at the club once again. "Time to belly up the bar and try again. She let you have a bounce...on the trampoline, but that's a start. Right? You know what they say, 'If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.'" Sperm Game ---------------------- |Drink mixin 204: Luba | ---------------------- Sober up for this part. Activate the drink station to start the game. "This is a woman who knows her alcohol. As a button appears, hit it before it goes away. Finish with five or fewer mistakes to make something strong enough for her taste." Correct buttons! ------------------- |Quarters 205: Luba | ------------------- "If any girl can drink you under the table, she's the one. Pull back the right distance to wind up, then push forward the right distance to throw. Make sure you do a nice, straight throw." Quarters --------------------------- |Picking up girls 206: Luba | --------------------------- This game will begin straight after the previous one. "Finally! You've got her right where you want her. What could go wrong now?" Sperm Game Now you can get her token of affection which is the Beer Bong. =============================================================================== Girl 7: Koko =============================================================================== --------------------------- |Picking up girls 401: Koko | --------------------------- She's the mime standing at the Nice Streets. "Hasn't everyone always dreamed about one day dating a clown?" Sperm Game -------------------- |Mime Time 402: Koko | -------------------- Starts automatically. Pass by the clown girl to learn secret mime techniques. Press X when near passersby to impress them. But mime is hard. So get off quickly, before you forget! Get at least 12 people cheering your act to win. Impress 12 people with mime skills --------------------------- |Picking up girls 403: Koko | --------------------------- She's working at the Art Gallery serving coffee. If you're drunk, buy some coffee from the vending machine near the railroad crossing first. Is fine literature the key to this pale beauty's heart? Sperm Game ---------------- |Photo 404: Koko | ---------------- Use your camera to take photos of Koko. Zoom in on her face, try only to take the photos if there are many lights lit up above the screen. It's a bit surreal for your taste, but if you get her some good photos, she may give you a taste. ------------------- |Painting 405: Koko | ------------------- You need 5 dollars for "art supplies" to play this game. Find her in the Art Classroom. Koko wants to see more of your artistic side. Maybe then you'll get to see her NAKED side, heh, heh...ahem. As a button appears, hit it before it goes away. Finish with five or fewer mistakes to complete your masterpiece. Correct buttons! --------------------------- |Picking up girls 406: Koko | --------------------------- "You've wooed her with your French-seeming ways. Now reel her in." Sperm game Koko's token of affection is a Jumbo Weiner =============================================================================== Girl 8: Beatrice =============================================================================== -------------------------------------------- |Picking up Girls 301: Professor Robensenito | -------------------------------------------- She can be found in the lab, which is inside the library. When you enter the library, it's on the left. "You always hear about professors fooling around with hot young studs in their classes. Let's give it a try." Sperm Game ------------------------------------ |Feeding Time 302: Stuff The Monkeys | ------------------------------------ Monkey Feeding Room - room next to Beatrice's office Don't miss any to get perfect score. This time, feeding your monkey is not a euphenism! Run between the four rows, press X to toss a bowl at a monkey before they reach the end of the row. Be sure to grab the empties, avoid the shit and don't litter. Clear five waves and you win! Bartending ---------------------- |Quarters 303: Leopold | ---------------------- Talk to Beatrice "Show the monkey a good time. Pull back the right distance to wind up, then push forward the right distance to throw. Make sure you do a nice, straight throw." Quarters Game -------------------------------------------- |Picking up Girls 304: Professor Robensenito | -------------------------------------------- "Wow, being all smart and shit is hard work. Maybe now's a good chance to talk to her." Sperm Game -------------------------------------------- |Picking up Girls 305: Professor Robensenito | -------------------------------------------- Automatic. "Ok, this is just too weird." Sperm Game --------------------------- |Banana Appeal 306: Leopold | --------------------------- Automatic "In this version of Whack-a-Pole, you move the Monkey-Larry's hands up and down, keeping the ball in play. Each volley puts more pressure on the banana to shoot it out at the Brain-Exchanging Machine. Good thing this monkey has been 'working out'. Whack-a-pole Professor's token of affection - Colobus Sample =============================================================================== Girl 9: Charlotte =============================================================================== She only becomes available after you finish Beatrice. -------------------------------- |Picking up girls 301: Charlotte | -------------------------------- She's at the Main Campus - the annoying girl with the speaker. "It's time to build a wheelchair ramp to her heart. Some civil disobedience should do the trick." Sperm Game ---------------------- |Fliers 302: Charlotte | ---------------------- "Press the X to pass out a flier. Don't waste any and DON'T let anyone litter (you can chase down fliers instead of waiting for them). Clear four waves and you win!" Bartending -------------------------------- |Picking up girls 303: Charlotte | -------------------------------- "Charlotte sees a born leader in you. Speak to the people!" Sperm Game ------------------------- |Vandalism 304: Charlotte | ------------------------- You need to pay her 10 dollars in order to play this game. "It's tradition at Walnut Log to paint the bull statue as a sign of wacky student protest. Most people paint the side, but that's got too much bird doo-doo on it. Icky" Correct Buttons! -------------------------------- |Picking up girls 305: Charlotte | -------------------------------- "Once again, looks like Charlotte's got a plan. it also looks like there's doughnuts!" Sperm Game ---------------------------- |Avoidance 306: Free Leopold | ---------------------------- You need to collect all the 37 keys, while avoiding the people chasing you. "Quick! Get the key to open the exit and get away with your primate friend in tow. Watch out for the guards. Damn the Man! Power to the Primates!" Charlotte's toke of affection - Das Kapital =============================================================================== Girl 10: Tilly =============================================================================== Picking up girls 401: Tilly She can be found in the Greek Quad. You need to be wearing the suit. This game is not easy, as there are many glasses of beer all over! Could an upper-class broad like this every love a loveable loser like Larry? Doubtful. But give it a try. Sperm Game Photo 402: Scott Sober up before this part of game. You can buy coffee from the vending machine outside the library. Take photos of Scott (standing upstairs in the frat building) when he poses. You seem to get a higher score if you zoom in on his butt and take a photo. Don't stand too close to him, use your Super Lens Camera to your advantage! You said you wanted to take pictures of naked people. You probably should have specified a gender. Picking up girls 403: Tilly She'll be in her office at the sorority. You've always wanted to be used for your body. Looks like this might be your chance. Sperm Game Peeing 404: sweetwater Go to the Art Gallery (Nice Streets) and talk to Tilly. You need to pee on at least 9 out of the 11 paintings to win. If you run out of pee, you can get more water near the drinks table on the lower ground. Sweetwater will not chase you when you are upstairs. Stain the reputatil of Asst Dean Abrahamson by defiling as many paintings as possible, but watch out for that notorious art-loving pimp, Sweetwater! Use Square to pee and don't forget to shake! Picking up girls 405: Tilly automatic you know, for once it would be nice if larry could hit on a girl without a series of blatant lies. Maybe next time. This time, its Rathgar. Sperm Game Avoidance 406: Tilly Pick up all the 25 icons, while avoiding the guys chasing you. Drop the cheese mummies when needed. She's at the Crappy Streets. Gather up the parts of Assistant Dean Abrahamson's machine for Tilly in order to activate the exit. Time is short and security guards are everywhere. Good luck! Tilly's token of affection for you is the Chard Skull. =============================================================================== Girl 11: Morgan =============================================================================== Mixin' it up 501: Morgan She's standing at the library, talk to her, then head over to the drinks counter on the ground floor. Correct buttons! Picking up girls 502: Morgan Buy the geeky outfit plus accessories from the librarian before you can talk to Morgan. Sperm Game Picking up girls 503: Morgan You'd think she'd be smart enough to stay away from Larry's room. We all make mistakes. Sperm Game Slaps 504: Morgan Slaps Picking up girls 505: Morgan Sperm Game Streaking 506: Morgan This game is slightly harder. You have to streak past 16 people. It's not that simple, though. You need to avoid all the guys, and can only offend the girls if your body is directly facing them. Morgan's token of affection is a Dice Bag. =============================================================================== Girl 12: Bilzarbra =============================================================================== Picking up girls 301: Bilzarbra You can find her in the Plaid Mart at the Crappy Streets. You need to wear the Preppy Suit. Hey, check out the hottie in line at the checkout Sperm Game Getting pissy 302: Bilzarbra This part will begin straight after you finish the first stage. How dare that Bavarian Boy-Toy refuse you entrance? As a button appears, hit it before it goes away. Finish with five or fewer mistakes to show him. Correct buttons Picking up girls 303: Bilzarbra It will cost you 10 dollars to take her on a hot date. Wow, a real date. With a hottie this time! I'm sure you two will find lots to talk about. Sperm Game Photo 304: Blizarbra Take some good head shots, and then maybe she'll give you some...Yeah, I think you know where this is going. Try and get at least 3 lights before you take the photo. Meet Blizarbra at the Art Classroom. Take 6 pictures of her. Remember to zoom in all the way using your Super Lens. Picking up Girls 305: Bilzarbra Starts automatically. Finally! You've been trying to get a girl to read your porn script for years now. Sperm Game Drama 306: Bilzarbra Time to impress her with your knowledge of porn positions. As a button appears, hit it before it goes away. Finish with five or fewer mistakes to win. Correct buttons You get a Signed Glossy from Bilzarbra as a token of affection. =============================================================================== Girl 13: Lesbian Ione =============================================================================== Bartending 401: Spartacus You must be wearing the Cool Suit. Talk to the guy at the gay bar to start the game. Picking up people 402: Mystery A gay bar's a great place to pick up chicks! Right? Isn't it? Really? Shoot. Sperm Game Picking up girls 403: Ione Sperm Game Boogie 404: Helmut Maybe Helmut can make you happy. Follow his lead by pressing the proper button sequence at the appropriate time. When he calls out "Button", press X. Dancing/Trampoline Picking up girls 405: Ione You must express your true feelings to her! Sperm game Streaking 406: Spartacus Run past 10 people in the gay bar, while avoiding Helmut. Ione's second token of affection is a Double Dong. =============================================================================== Girl 14: Barbara Jo =============================================================================== Picking up girls 501: Barbara Jo Find her in the sorority. You need to wear the preppy outfit. Sperm Game Bouncy Bouncy 502: Barbara Jo Dancing/Trampoline Picking up Girls 503: Barbara Jo Go back to your room and use the phone to prank call Barbara Jo. Sperm Game Wet T-Shirt 504: Barbara Jo Now, go back to the sorority to pick up Barbara Jo. It will cost you 15 dollars to take her on a hot date. Wet 8/8 girls to get a perfect score. Picking up girls 505: Barbara Jo Sperm Game Quarters 506: Barbara Jo You have to pay 15 dollars to play this game. Quarters You get some School Panties as Barbara Jo's token of affection. =============================================================================== Girl 15: Suzi =============================================================================== Photography Extra Credit Take photos of Helmut Handshake of doom correct buttons picking up girls 501: suzi Sperm Game Tapper 502: Suzi Get some people for your gig! Clear 4 waves of people. Picking up girls 503: suzi Sperm Game Rock out! 504: Suzi Correct buttons Picking up girls 505: Suzi Sperm Game Spanking 506: Suzi Woo hoo! Slap that ass just right, and she'll be yours forever. Correct buttons Her token of affection is a Brass Knuckles =============================================================================== Swingles =============================================================================== Each time you get two tokens of affection, you can play the next part of the swingles game. Trampoline 199: Swingles! Apparently Uma's decided you're not a total scumbag, 'cause here comes your big break. Out-tramp the babe over here and you're in the running to be on Swingles. Screw up and you're the campus pariah until you get it right. Dancing/Trampoline Perfect game - 20% confidence and 5 secret tokens Win - 20% confidence Boogie 299: Swingles! You know the drill. You'll have to really impress Uma if you want to stay in the running to be on Swingles, and other chicks on campus aren't going to have much to do with you until you can prove yourself here. Good luck! Dancing/Trampoline Clear the Set 399: Swingles! Pass by Uma to get a really mean insult, then deliver it to each John with X. If you take too long, Larry forgets what to say. Ged rid of all 8 eager patrons to win. Don't let the Ho's hear you talkin' smack or it's lights out. You need to chase all the prostitutes that have gathered around the swingles set. You need to chase all of their prospective customers away, while making sure that none of the women are within earshot. after win, sorority president's office Wetness 499: Swingles This is a wet-t shirt contest. It's pretty simple, just aim the white dot at the girls - make sure their hands are not covering their boobs. Hit 10/10 for a perfect score. "Uma's giving you another chance to show the world you're Swingles material. You'll need to use your sharp-shootin' skills to get at least 7 girls wet. Don't let your water gun run dry, Tex." Right analog moves gun around, triangle, square, circle or X to shoot after win, VIP dance club, fat sam's titty city On the show: Talkin' it up on swingles Sperm Game Boogie 599: Sexy Swingle Dancing You're almost there! Only one more challenge to go, then you're off to do a private dance called the 'horizontal mambo' with the gorgeous babe of your choice! Dancing/Trampoline Picking up Girls 601: Uma =============================================================================== Frat Side Quest =============================================================================== For each of the frat side quests, you need to pay Big Daddy War Pig 10 dollars. Bouncy Bouncy: DIO Rules! Beat the sorority at their own game! Follow your opponent's lead by pressing the proper button sequence at the appropriate time. Go into the Frat and talk to Big Daddy War Pig. Dancing/Trampoline Mixin' it up: liquor party! show the DIOs what you can do behind the bar! As a button appears, hit it before it goes away. Finish with five or fewer mistakes to impress them with your cock(tail). Correct buttons! Spread the love: frat party get psyched! Woo! grab 10 babes! woo! don't invite the dudes! woo! don't take too long! woo! Run around and talk to 10 girls. You must do it when there are no guys standing near them. You need to keep returning to Big Daddy War Pig to get the invitations from him. Avoidance: Panty raider Talk to Big Daddy War Pig. You will be then start the game in the sorority. Run upstairs and collect 30 panties. Make sure you avoid all the girls. Use your cheese mummies when needed. After collecting all the panties, run downstairs and out of the sorority. You are on the most hallowed and respected of quests for the college male... the quest for the panties of sorority girls. Be fleet, and gather ye panties while ye may! Streaking: Dingly Dangly Deeds Streak past 15 people. Don't let the guys catch you, and remember to position yourself so that you're facing the people when you streak! =============================================================================== Commissar & Sweet Lou Side Quest =============================================================================== Photography: Extra Credit Take some hot shots of Sweet Lou for the Commissar. Think happy thoughts. And remember, he's an ass man born and raised. Talk to the commissar who's at the crappy streets. He'll ask you to take photos of Sweet Lou for him. Judging by the game's description, I think you get a higher score if you take zoomed in pictures of her ass. Picking up girls: Extra Credit Talk to the commissar outside the Plaid Mart again to activate the final part of this side quest. The things you do for your friends. Give Sweet Lou the cookie without making her think you're hitting on her. If you're having trouble resisting the urge to woo, just look at her. Sperm Game =============================================================================== Russell Side Quest =============================================================================== Makeovers: russell Russell needs your help. Maybe this is the way to bury the hatchet with him. As a button appears, hit it before it goes away. Make less than 5 mistakes to win. Correct buttons! =============================================================================== Sweetwater Side Quest =============================================================================== Pimpin dem hos: extra credit Get the good word from Sweetwater, then mack you bitch with X. If'n you be too tardy in yo mackin', the bitch get all up at you. Get Sweetwater 12 new hos to win. Find Sweetwater at the Crappy Streets. He needs you to find 10 ladies to come and work for him. Run around looking for these ladies, you need to keep coming back to Sweetwater to get the hat symbol above your head. You can only talk to the ladies when you have that symbol. =============================================================================== Porn Faerie Side Quest =============================================================================== There's a picture by the peep hole near the sorority wall. Press X at the picture and the you'll get a visit from the Porn Faerie. There's another picture in the Main Hall (the place where you climb escape from your room after certain games) Look on the floor in the dance club's VIP room, near where Nigel is standing. ? Room upstairs in sorority house - 15 secret tokens Near staircase of hotel (crappy streets) - Judd Nelsons phone number Magazine rack on right of library - Wings of Hermes Painting upstairs in art gallery - 20 secret tokens Back alley in crappy streets - Rick Allen's arm =============================================================================== [CR] Credits =============================================================================== Thanks to GameFAQs...this is an incredible site!</p>