___________ ___________ __ _________ __________ | ________| | ________| / \ | ____ \ | _______\ | | _____ | |______ / /\ \ | |___| | | |_______ | | \___ | | _______| / __ \ | __ / |_______ | | |_____| | | |_______ / / \ \ | | \ \ ________| | |__________| |__________|/__/ \__\ |__| \__\ \__________| ___ ____ _________ | | |__ __ __ __ __ _______ /_______ | |__| | \ \ \ \ / / / \ | ____ \ _______| | \ \ / \ / / / /\ \ | |___| | | _______| \ \/ /\ \/ / / ____ \ | __ / | |________ \__/ \__/ /_/ \_\ |_| \_\ |_________/ ================================== WALKTHROUGH BY RED-RAY Hessam M. halo@rocketmail.com version 1.00 ================================== I know that this type of games don’t need any guide but I’ve found some guys who didn’t know how to kill certain bosses or how to pass some places. But this walkthrough is not for them. I think they better quit gaming, this guide intended for noobs who want to be veterans and finish the game on insane difficulty. Shooter veterans will find this game so easy even on hardest difficulty, but don’t be disappointed Horde mode is tough enough to last for days. Contents ____________________________________________________ Walkthrough **1 Act 1 : tip of the spear ***1 Chapter 1 : welcome to Delta *1*1 Chapter 2 : desperation *2*1 Chapter 3 : rolling thunder *3*1 Chapter 4 : the big push *4*1 Chapter 5 : roadblocks *5*1 Chapter 6 : digging in *6*1 Act 2 : denizens ***2 Chapter 1 : scattered *1*2 Chapter 2 : indigenous creature *2*2 Chapter 3 : disturbing revelations *3*2 Chapter 4 : sinking feelings *4*2 Chapter 5 : captivity *5*2 Chapter 6 : intestinal fortitude *6*2 Act 3 : gathering storm ***3 Chapter 1 : dirty little secret *1*3 Chapter 2 : origins *2*3 Chapter 3 : rude awakening *3*3 Chapter 4 : ascension *4*3 Chapter 5 : displacement *5*3 Act 4 : hive ***4 Chapter 1 : priorities *1*4 Chapter 2 : answers *2*4 Chapter 3 : hornets’ nest *3*4 Chapter 4 : no turning back *4*4 Chapter 5 : the best laid plans *5*4 Chapter 6 : royal acquisition *6*4 Act 5 : aftermath ***5 Chapter 1 : escape *1*5 Chapter 2 : desperate stand *2*5 Chapter 3 : free parking *3*5 Chapter 4 :tenuous footing *4*5 Chapter 5 : closure *5*5 Collectibles **2 Unlockables **3 Achievements guide **4 Credits **5 * to go straight to the desired content press ctrl+f and search for the related code Walkthrough **1 ============================================================================ ACT 1 : TIP OF THE SPEAR ============================================================================ *1*1 ACT 1 : Tip of the spear CHAPTER 1 : Welcome to Delta Collectibles : #1 the eagle newspaper #2 ambulance driver’s log At first you have to choose if you want to train the rook or not, firstly I consider you have chosen to train. Go forth in the street, at the end use LB for checking objectives then use A to take cover, the golden rule of gears. Wait till Jack rips the fence, after that at the right in front of the boards leaning to wall there’s #1 The eagle newspaper. Go ahead and cover next to Dom, use RT for blind fire then use LT to aim after that use DOWN directional button to equip your pistol then shoot three bottles, finally use RB to reload. Now go left, way is behind the crates. When you see the eye below screen press and hold Y to see the point of interest, here you will see a Wretch, yes these annoying enemies are still about, no need to shoot it, just pass. Further use A to pass over barricades. At the end use X to open the fence. At right in basketball ground grab some grenades, when you see wretch throw a grenade there, after the explosion use X to heal your buddies. After reaching parking equip long time favorite Lancer to use chainsaw on board that blocks your way. Here you can grab some ammo, behind the fired area use x to go down the ladder. Beware if you go left chapter will be finished so take the right, at the end in the left side of the room, in front of the desk you will find #2 Ambulance driver’ log. Return left, pass the fence turn right and finish. ************************************************************************* *2*1 ACT 1 : Tip of the spear CHAPTER 2 : Desperation Collectibles : #3 doctor’s journal #4 Jacinto medical center file #5 COG letterhead #6 COG proclamation #7 COG tag After the light above door becomes green enter door, Tai is now with you. Further take right and go up the stairs, enter next door now there’s two way. Some Locusts will enter the middle yard, don’t shoot them directly wait for a hole in one, after all of them entered shoot tanks in middle and blows… Now take the left, at the end turn right, in this corridor at your left there’s a room with an opened door, in this room on the ground you will find #3 Doctor’s journal. No matter you take left or right turn inside, kill enemies from up now you can go from upstairs or downstairs. If you go from downstairs, go left then right. where you killed enemies grab Boltok pistol, this little gun is comparable to a shotgun. Continue your way, kill the locusts in the middle then grab #4 Jacinto medical center file right from where the locusts had taken cover. If you had went from upstairs, you would get downstairs and enter here from the door on opposite side. In the next open area you can find ammo and grenade on top right and left corners. Kill the reaver and go forth. After this and control help, there’s two ways take the left one and you will see a room with a half opened room, this room contains #5 COG letterhead. The room at the far left has a metal door at the end, kick open it for ammos. After the crash of Raven gunship clear the area, you can grab ammo and grenades beside stairs. Go up the stairs use tanks to kill grubs. Pass the door. In new area don’t go down stairs, just go right at the end you will find some ammo and #6 COG proclamation. In the opposite side there’s some grenades. Now go downstairs, another power out so jack is going to open the door, best time for ambush, take cover in middle locusts will attack from both sides after killing them search the doors they entered from you will something of value. go to the door that jack opened. Once you pass the door before going down the little stairs turn right behind the first column near wall is #7 COG tag. in the left side you can get ammos if you need turn right and go ahead in street . here a reaver will step in your way but don’t worry a raven gunship is out there or help. If you find it hard to go straight in street before the collapse building at left there’s a way in go in and a little further you will backstab those uglies kill them then go out. when a reaver collide with the front building chapter is ended. ************************************************************************** *3*1 ACT 1 : Tip of the spear CHAPTER 3 : Rolling thunder Collectibles : #8 grindlift notice #9 munitions requisition form In the war machine when you are on board at the rear at the left side of dummy ladder on the wall is #8 grind lift notice. There’s a Troika at the top of the ramp on left. First shoot nemacyst mortars before they hit the vehicle, ue your weapons not troika for them. Now is time for troika to face the reavers. After getting off the board go left behind the ammo and grenade beside the toppled vehicle on the ground you’ll find #9 munitions requisition form. Kill the grubs across the vehicle beware of right side some will attack you from above, mortars will come too, if you can’t resist there, fall back and take cover behind the metallic cover at the right side of where you got off. Here you can obtain shotgun. **************************************************************************** *4*1 ACT 1 : Tip of the spear CHAPTER 4 : The big push Collectibles : NILL Here you can shoot locusts and Brumak but no need to do that, when their vehicles approach you shoot its crew, when that vehicle goes away from you some locusts come to your vehicle, reminds me of The two towers, kill them all troika is useful here, the vehicle goes back again after some collisions side screen of those vehicle will break, shoot the driver before reaching the bridge or all your rogress will be in vain. After crossing the bridge when someone yells “Brumak” there’s one right at your left side, Shoot it down. Another one is a little further on left and the other will topple a vehicle on your right. Once you’ve dealt with them you’ll encounter a Corpser just shoot it till it goes underground, now there’s a Brumak across shoot it and your bullets will automatically seat in its nasty eyes and finish. ********************************************************************** *5*1 ACT 1 : Tip of the spear CHAPTER 5 : Road blocks Collectibles : #10 Jacinto sentinel newspaper #11 Memorial inscription #12 Truck driver’s note #13 COG tag Now you’re introduced to Tickers some disturbing creatures that will make a hell when come along with others but with a shotgun it’s a really easy deal. There’s a door on left use X three times to open it after entering right side is your way but you should go behind the lank and go upstairs if you’re willing for achievements, grab ammo and grenade but #10 Jacinto sentinel newspaper is in this very room right in the middle of the room on the ground, try to find it. Time to play with your shotgun from here kill every ticker go outside on left there’s some ammo continue to kill until one of them explode and destroys the wooden fence across the door you entered from. Go there and continue your way use lancer on boards, after that kill tickers then pass the traffic light, here left the way across cars is the right way but on the right after those half walls there’s something glowing on the wall, that’s #11 memorial inscription. Take it and back to the left. Beware of nemacyst mortars, there’s a troika on the roof in front of you, don’t go till the end of the alley or troikas will double. Destroy the first on roof kill other grubs and tickers then go further, on your left is another troika! Just kill other eventually Cole eliminate it. go to the door across the alley, grab some ammo and in the back room you will get #12 truck driver’s note. Then go to the fenceless part at the right side of the room. After exiting from yard go to the tunnel but wait for the light. Tunnel is straight forward but notice that this place has a huge population of tickers so stay alert! Go until some cars and barricades block your ways and you have to go up few stairs on left, just steps before stairs there’s a door leads to a little room with #13 COG tag. Go up the stairs and down from other side continue tunnel till you will able to see outside light, but here a reaver will come in destroy it and exit the tunnel. Here you should choose between roof top or hotel I prefer hotel. Kill grubs and wait till Dom opens the door with some explosions. Go forth in hotel to exit to the roofs after reaching roofs a Brumak will come, use mortar to kill the monster and finish. ************************************************************************** *6*1 ACT 1 : Tip of the spear CHAPTER 6 : Digging in Collectibles : NILL This chapter is particularly easy. Use troika and kill locusts the key to survive here is kill mortars asap. Boomers and Mulchers come here too kill them quickly, and if you feel danger feel free to use mortar on those beats specially reavers. ************************************************************************** **2 ========================================================================= ACT 2 : DENIZENS ========================================================================= *1*2 ACT 2 : Denizens CHAPTER 1 : Scattered Collectibles : NILL First take the left again when you reach a two way take left every way you go hee will lead you to the same place but this is the shortest. Continue till see a group of gears a grind lift and at last Carmine will call for help, here kill every creature. Now jack is mending the grind lift and this means ambush again. Take cover on right and kill everybody, a routine is never hard absolutely. When Jack has done the job go to grind lift and press X, continue the way it’s made and turn left, go down and kill locusts here are some Mulchers and Boomers kill them first. Achievement enthusiasts can use boomers weapons here but in the expense of duck and run. Now go to where locusts came from, after earth shakes go left to red lights and you will encounter some wretches. Play with them and at the end use lancer on branches. **************************************************************************** *2*2 ACT 2 : Denizens CHAPTER 2 : indigenous creatures Collectibles : #14 Gear’s journal #15 Locust emblem Here you’ll see a giant worm called stone worm, these creatures are harmless unless you stay in their way. they feed from red glowing fruits hanging from ceiling, I think they would extinct if there were no battle here! Just use them as cover. Go ahead until you see another rock worm, use chainsaw on branches on left side grab ammo and beside the body in front of the grind lift grab #14 gear’s journal. A little further at right shoot the glowing fruit now use the worm as cover, beware of troika in both sides, in left there’s cover a worm is there too, after beating troika and others climb up the ladder grab ammo and further kill the locusts try to shut the hole by throwing a grenade to it try this trick whenever possible, it’s much easier than dealing with a horde. Continue and you will see a grind lift with a corpse beside, next to the next grind lift you will find long shot I recommend to equip it. Go forth and use the worm as cover kill the troika and snipers at right to reach the end, now worm is gone and two way before you, no matter which way you choose you have to do the same job go the way you choose and half way through you will see a long shot, you can improve your sniping skills here, this is totally harmless, after done with that go until reach an open area. Cover behind the first barrier and clear the area use headshots for an advantage, after clearing go and take the nearest troika and kill reavers now go to the left troika and aim for the big door the door’s shown by Y, some tough guys will come in shoot em up. When you are on the left troika and facing the exit door (the doors boomers came from) at your right across the troika near the wall, behind the cart like thing lies #15 locust emblem. Go to that door further you will see grind lifts coming down go on till where you have to help other gears use troika and do the job, mortar is here too. You will see the giant worm here continue the way to right. ************************************************************************** *3*2 ACT 2 : Denizens CHAPTER 3 : disturbing revelations Collectibles : #16 Locust emblem Pass the water and go up the stairs just shoot the main enemy to lure it out of its place, it will come from the door on middle. Kill the tickers and others now. After clearing once you’ve passed the middle door on your right there’s some ammo and #16 locust emblem. Continue till reach a ladder, choosing left you have to make worm to move, left and you just take cover. I prefer left. Now shoot the glowing fruits to help your buddies pass, there’s two on right and one on front, then pull the lever, the door on left will open. Use long shot on troika you can take cover behind worm. Go ahead and kill other grubs, beware of one with toxic grenade kill it and equip its pistol, it’s like a sub machine gun when door opens boomers come in kill them to finish the chapter. ********************************************************************* *4*2 ACT 2 : Denizens CHAPTER 4 : sinking feelings Collectibles : #17 Ilima city help. Wanted ad #18 COG tag Go on and you will see a Raven crashes a little further on left get ammo then you will see a civilian, here have a special attention on blood mounts, grenade tag is a good trick for them. Here you can go from right side of fired area. Jump over the wall and a reaver will come. At the end of the street turn right a column will fall. “everything happens for a reason” Tai was right, return where the head of the column is laid after falling now you can get #17 Ilima city help. Wanted ad, near the head of the column on the ground. You can kill enemies from here or get back to your way and fight them face to face. Continue your way and at the far left there’s a long shot equip it and kill incoming grubs on bridge. Then a reaver will appear from right destroy it and it will open the way to the other side, kill all locusts on opposite side and the building will collapse. Now go. Go down take a way and pass the fired building. in the next alley on the far left side there’s a grenade. Back to right and enter. Quickly take cover behind the collapsed wall in the right hand corner, this is the only safe place,locusts are going to attack you from all sides. Survive until Cole comes and kill them in a hilarious way. When you take control of Marcus again go front and still inside the hose turn left behind the wall there’s a dead body, next to it is #18 COG tag. Go ahead and in graveyard kill the reaver try to go further as much as you can. If you’d be able to shoot them when their on wooden bridge, there would be no cover for them. Although graveyard is a nice play for a killing job. Go ahead for next chapter. ************************************************************************* *5*2 ACT 2 : Denizens CHAPTER 5 : captivity Collectibles : #19 stranded’s journal Go and exit the tunnel. Continue your way among cages and find Baird. Move forward once you reach some cages, go down the ramp and see two crates, turn right, behind the crate there’s #19 stranded’s journal. Go a little further to see torture barge, kill the grubs on left, some enemies are trying to get off the barge eliminate them, put priority on boomer. Now jump in the barge there’s a Mulcher on far right kill it go there and press the button, the lift will take you down, across from you there’s a button on middle stone press it and go up to deck. Kill grubs and reaver pull the lover behind the thing in the center of dock. Barge starts to move use troika at the end to kill reaver and deal with other grubs. Clear up and go to the their barge. enter the barge next to go down and pull the lever to open the torture jails. Kill locusts on the left side of barge and get off. Further on your right you can kill enemies they will turn and face you from front, any way you have to kill them. After the break go ahead the way is opposite the wooden bridge. Kill the enemies and now you can attack from both sides of building, from left you’ll face reaver sooner. Before reaching gas station on right side in a little area there’s some ammo. Attack from right side of gas station it puts you on the side of enemies and you can destroy them in a blink of eye. The entrance is at the left side of building but remember when you go ahead don’t go back cause there’s a chance to face more grubs. If you don’t enter the building and go to far end of left side you can enter the last area from roof, once entered quickly cover beside others in that room and fight till Raven comes. ************************************************************************* *6*2 ACT 2 : Denizens CHAPTER 6 : intestinal fortitude Collectibles : #20 car gold magazine #21 COG tag Once you start this chapter on the left behind the wooden column take #20 car gold magazine that lays on the ground. Achievement fans will be happy here. Go ahead use A to go through two first digestive teeth and go a little further to the left of third one, pass it . Now use A to run under these teeth, be careful stop a sec and you’re finished so beware of walls on your way through. Take the lancer from left, go right and pass the horizontal and vertical digestive teeth. Kill the little things that pop up from ground. Carmine is gone but you have a bigger problem some weird thing is swallowed by this monster and if it reaches you… stick to the left side and run you will find #21 COG tag on the left side of way before turning right and going up the ramp. Now is time to flea as fast as you can when you reach the end shoot the circle shape limb. When it opens go through it that weird thing is still behind you. Beware of these needle like things at sides of way when you reach to a curtain like limb rip it with lancer further shoot the circle limb again, go ahead and you will see a car above shoot it to open your way. in the end tear apart the shell with chainsaw and this chase is over. This time you have to avoid acid. Shoot the limbs that pour acid on your way and go. At first if you go down to right you’ll find nothing but lancer ammo. Right way is on left when you reach the place where two limbs are pouring try to shoot them quickly one after another and pass. Go until reach the place that smells like old spirit. If you stay in this maze long you’ll be a dead gear. Here you have to choose the ways that have bright ends, don’t go in a way that leads to darkness, they’re dead end. Be careful to don’t get lost. After entering you have to go right then left then choose middle and the last choice is middle too. At the end tear the curtain. Now you’re in sternum nothing special here just use lancer on curtain. Once you’ve torn the curtain on left is the heart use lancer on vein further is another vein, now take the way behind you on right. Kill these little enemies and use chainsaw to enter the second heart area. The way on right is dead end so cut the veins and open your way, on your way out you’ll see the former right way is no more dead end. At the end use lancer and enter the final area, here you can grab ammo for lancer beside body. on left side of area cut two veins of first heart, further another two veins of the other heart and act 2 is finished. ************************************************************************ **3 ======================================================================= ACT 3 : GATHERING STORM ======================================================================= *1*3 Act 3 : Gathering Storm CHAPTER 1 : dirty little secret Collectibles : NILL Go front and right enter the big building on right. Go to the right corridor to reach the door at the end. After taking control of the game move in only way, follow the jack’s light. In the room after the room with shelves you can obtain flame thrower, though I don’t find it useful in game. Next room press the switch and go back to the room with shelves, this time take right and press the switch on te right side of the door. In next area if you climb up stairs you’ll find flame thrower ammo. Kill wretches and circle the lever beside door. Rain’s become heavier and you have to carry bomb to the door at the end of right corridor first met once entered the building. This part is special you and Dom are carrying a heavy bomb so one hand is left to fight and gone are days you could run. First stand on the lift go ahead and kill the wretches, use melee if they were near. wait until Jack opens the door, pass the door and turn right then carry the bomb to the end of way, kill wretches here too. ************************************************************************** *2*3 ACT 3 : Gathering Storm CHAPTER 2 : origins Collectibles : #22 interoffice memo #23 memo #24 new hope medical file Continue the way, after climbing two sets of stairs go to the right room, in the right side of room you can get #22 interoffice memo. At the next room wait until the right door opens, go and before going down the stairs in the right room you’ll find shotgun. Once down go to right room and press the switch, automatic gun will kill the wretches. When done with that press switch again to disable the gun. Return go to left and enter security room. Go left and enter another room, exit and go to right. Exit the room, if you go left to the corridor with automatic gun, you’ll be able to see a room on left side of corridor, quickly enter it and disable the gun. Now go to right corridor, enter open door on right side then open the door at the end of the room with X, in this room grab #23 memo in front of the half opened door. Now continue the main corridor, at the end of the corridor on right there’s flame thrower, on left use cover to go forth. Second room on right has the switch to disable the gun, do it and return, enter the doors on left and kill wretches. In the room with automatic guns go far right then far left, you can past safely if you go fast. at right side of the door before exiting the room is the switch to disable them. Go to right then cover behind the first barricade, jump over it an press the switch quickly. Alternatively you can enter first door on right and exit from second door, switch is at the left side of this door. Continue your way to the far end of area and open the door on left. kill wretches and in yard go to the right door, some wretches will pop out kill them. Go to left and on left side of the corridor with automatic gun there’s a room with ammo and switch. Enter next room, go to the far right from there use A to pass. Go forth and exit the room, switch is on the left side of door. go to right corridor and in the room with a switch beside its door you can find flame thrower and #24 new hope medical file. After the gun kills wretches press the switch and enter the room with two automatic guns hanging from the ceiling. To pass this room safe and sound go forth to the far end (top left corner) from here go to far right. after passing go to the far left of the corridor to grab ammo then return to front and down the stairs. At the end of the way automatic flame throwers will burn wretches use A to run if you don’t want to have the same destiny. When Jack opens the door go left, now there are two ways, you can press switches and Dom pass the automatic guns, otherwise Dom press the switches and you do the rest. At the end of both ways you should press a switch stimulately and the door will open. continue your way up the stairs and press the switch in middle. ************************************************************************** *3*3 ACT 3 : Gathering Storm CHAPTER 3 : rude awakening Collectibles : #25 doctor’s journal #26 captivity marks Here some zombie like creatures will pop out of their glossy capsules so be prepared, if you’re skilled with chainsaw it’s the best here otherwise reload your shotgun. These rooms contains lots of ammo so don’t worry. the exit door in third room needs both of you to open, I recommend kill all of creatures before trying to open the door. Next room press the switch, go up stairs and turn right. In this room quickly go right in security room press the switch and automatic gun will kill all enemies. Press the switch again to safe the way. Before the next door go to left and enter the room on right, at the far end enter security room and press the switch and kill the enemies. pass the corridor at the end go left kill enemies and go forth. Where you encounter enemies again the left room contains grenade, open the door on the right.Take cover try to bring down the boomer asap. don’t step in the middle the hail will kill you. Exit the room. Now the rule to survive is always have a ceiling above your head. On your right inside the far warehouse you’ll get #25 doctor’s journal. Try to get there quickly. Return and go left, grab some ammo and enter the train. You should know that there’s a grub inside train, don’t be surprised. On left side of the wagon pull the lever. While moving you are free to kill enemies, after train stops get off kill locusts and go right down the ramp and go past the next rain. Go to the far end while under ceiling, enter warehouse on left use valve to open the door and yes now it’s a ceiling, do the same for next door. If enemies disturb you kill them or quickly go out from second door go right and enter the third one. After entering from third door go out from the other door of warehouse on right. Go under the ceiling across then right and instead of going to the train go to the opposite side enter the warehouse grab ammo and to the left of the door there’s a mark on the wall, that’s #26 captivity marks. Return and get on the train. Pull the lever on left, fight while moving, after stopping go to left and climb the ladder. Quickly pass the open skies and reach the barricades in front. Use grenade on their holes to close them or just kill them in classic way. Further two big enemies will come. they are tough and equip with a shield, fortunately they don’t have rifle so they should be close to harm you. Try to shoot them precisely, their shield are bulletproof. Use grenade tag on them or just shoot their foots. Kill them and you can use their shield to protect yourself from hail, but in expense of fighting with a pistol. Go a little further and weather become better, just a heavy rain. So go front then left and met Cole and Baird. While Baird is repairing the vehicle you should deal with reavers. Now you are three so it’s easy. ************************************************************************* *4*3 ACT 3 : Gathering Storm CHAPTER 4 : ascension Collectibles : NILL This level is with vehicle active reload is so useful here. Remember whenever your vehicle was damaged wait till it condition returns to normal. There’s no noticeable difference between left and right, just go ahead and kill everything on your way, but put priority on reavers they can damage you heavily then troikas and boomers. Use RT to destroy big barricades that block your way, and A for a temporary boost to jump from boards. Go till where the road ends now go on icy lake. Hesitation here means die, wait for nemacyst mortars to break the ice then go ahead. You should go from right side of the first hole. Approximately go across and after reaching shore go to right. Kill the reavers and go to the next icy lake. Kill the reavers on lake, beware of their missiles. Go from the left of first hole, across from here go to the far end then turn right kill the reaver and go from where it was. After reaching the firm ground kill the boomers on left. Here there’s three ways. Right is dead end, take the left one. Kill the reavers on your way, troikas are about too. Shoot the seeders on rocks far across your place, do this asap. When you reach the broken bridge don’t try to jump, go to the right of the bridge and jump from the big slope rock. At the other side go left and continue your way across the bridge, on your way kill the reavers. When you’re going down the ramp and going to turn right there’s a reaver over the rock on the right. After turning you’ll see the main gate. That’s heavily guarded, kill the reaver on your way down, kill troika and others from long distance. Go further and bring down the tower at the left and the gate will be open. Enter the cavern little further you’ll see a corpser but will not bother you. Go ahead and beware of falling stones, when you jump down you will see a Brumak, but don’t worry it’s so far away to see you. Further a stone fall but not completely. You will jump down again. But this time your vehicle will damage when the lights turn on you will see three corpser too close. Shoot them when their foots are open, don’t miss a shot. Go forth and now another ugly stepped on your way Brumaks. Shoot them, go back and forth to avoid their missiles. ************************************************************************** *5*3 ACT 3 : Gathering Storm CHAPTER 5 : displacement Collectibles : #27 stranded’s journal There’s nothing behind so go forth across the shore to see Theron. If you go from the cavern like way at right you will find the Bow at the end and use it on thorn, other advantage is that you are much closer to him now. Go ahead to reach the open coastal area. Go forth from right because gunboats will attack from sea. There are some stairs in the middle of this area go all the way up and take #27 stranded’s journal. You can kill enemies first then go for collectible. There’s a troika on gunboat, remember the priorities. Go past the broken gunboat, at the other side you have to reach the dock. Move from right to avoid gunboats. There’s a long shot at stairs, I strongly recommend to take it. Kill the wretches ad others in front. Further blood mounts will attack, there are enemies at stairs, tickers are about too. Get rid of all then go past the building with stairs. Go on dock in the way of approaching the end a gunboat will appear, there are boomers as well. there’s ammo on left kill them and reach the end of dock, a gunboat will take you apart from dock and a gunboat will attack you take cover and kill its crew. Another one will attack, do the same. You’ll be pushed forward, the third one will attack kill its crew too, you can shoot the tanks on back of flame throwers and they will explode. Once third gunboat is cleared quickly get to itin the new boat another boat attacks you. Two more will come, so use troika. There’s ammo at rear always so don’t worry about running out of ammo. On your way press Y when prompt to see the point of interest, its really interesting, a giant sea monster, things get even more interesting when you find out that you’re going to kill it! After falling down the waterfall boat is full of grenade and lancer take both. After some creepy moves the monster put its foot on your boat approach it and use chainsaw on it, do this until the trick changes. now it comes out and bite your boat, shoot its eye no need to shoot both, you can stay at the back and concentrate on one eye. This just bites from the front. When its mouth is open go inside shoot the blue moving thing then at the center a hole to its throat will open. If you’re a basketball fan, this is the easiest part throw a grenade inside it. If you failed don’t worry, shoot the blues and throw another. A successful 2 point throw and the giant will die. ************************************************************************** **4 ========================================================================= ACT 4 : HIVE ========================================================================= *1*4 ACT 4 : Hive CHAPTER 1 : priorities Collectibles : #28 locust terminal Get off the boat, go forth and enter the door. Run forward jump over barricades and enter the lift. Press the switch, exit lift go upstairs on right, then left. You will see a scene of Brumak and enemy forces. Go ahead enter lift and press the switch. Upon entering the next area you will see rows of flows, so close the valve on left. Beware there’s another valve on opposite side. And unfortunately enemies do their best to open it and once opened, you’re drowned. So the priorities has changed here, shoot every enemy who tends to go left. And notice a grub is opening the valve already so it should be the first target. Anyway kill them and go forth. After crossing enter the lift. Press the switch as you know. Get out and grab ammo notice there’s a long shot here, no matter you’re a sniper fan or hate it grab it or you will regret. Go left kill annoying wretches and big shield guy. Go left and now you should cross the bridge. Get ready you will be ambushed here, shoot the frustrating light and use long shot on troika and theron. Infiltrate the bridge, have a look on left, some will shoot you from there. After crossing there’s ammo up stairs on right, go up the second stairs on left once up the terminal on your right is #28 locust terminal, The left one is a switch. If you go up from first stairs on left the first terminal on right is switch and second one is #28. NOTICE if you press this first, chapter will end and you’ll miss #28. ************************************************************************** *2*4 ACT 4 : Hive CHAPTER 2 : answers Collectibles : #29 prisoner’s journal In this area you have to follow Dom, whenever Y prompts press it and you will see a particular terminal, approach it and press X. here there’s a patrol group you can attack them whenever you like or just follow Dom and go sneaky. After the first terminal before turning right, across the terminal behind the second barrier next to the tire of vehicle there’s #29 prisoner’s journal. There are about 6 terminals, make your weapons ready, after the last one you’ll be attacked from front and left. Boomers on front and Therons from left. Blood mounts will come from both ways, and wretches… again. ************************************************************************** *3*4 ACT 4 : Hive CHAPTER 3 : hornets’ nest Collectibles : #30 locust jailer document #31 human finger necklace our golden rule has changed in this chapter, pull the lever asap to have good covers. Go forth down the stairs once down turn right, at the end turn left, half way through on the grey ground there’s #30 locust jailer document. Turn left then right and enter the door. You can shoot enemies from here but if you’re a close combat fan go down and kill them. But first kill grubs on platform above then get below them. From the stairs across and a door on left that you haven’t seen yet you’ll be attacked. On left under the ceiling there are some ammo. Two circle covers on right are good places to fight safely, go there and kill the theron on tower if you haven’t done this already. Go al the way up the stairs ad in the room which theron was press the switch, now the left door I mentioned is open for you. Go there but ready for ambush, kill the flame throwers first, try to explode them. Pass the door and kill enemies. if you go right you can pull the lever and enemy covers will come down, now their exposed kill tem. Then two doors will open that lead to the same door. If you take left stairs and go all the way down, you’ll obtain a grenade. Get back and go to the door next to. Once out you can take cover at the right side of door and kill some, or risk more go behind the middle cover pull lever and have good covers. Fight untill reaver comes kill it and some rocks fall down, now you have more covers and you can go ahead. Get ready for boomers. Kill them and past the door across. Now go left. You should do followings fast if you want to get #31. Go up the stairs then another set of stairs on right two doors are closing enter the one on right. To be successful all these have to be done by A. once entered the close area on the right there’s #31 human finger necklace, go left pull lever on right to open the door and use troika. Consider you haven’t entered here. Once entered the room with stairs there’s a room on right with grenade. There’s another closing door, ignore it. Whichever door you choose to enter the next area a large wave of enemies will attack. Two smashers will attack, I call them smashers unofficially, feel free to check why I’m calling them so. Just pour bullets on them or grenade tag. Clear the first wave go further and another wave will appear explode flame throwers. Go ahead pass the door and take the right stairs. There are two doors on left. Enter the second to grab grenade and ammo. Back to first and shoot the tank of flame thrower on the bridge for a explosion that leads to the collapsing of the bridge. Now you’re compromised, kill others. Watch out for right smashers will come. Kill it and go up from right. Continue your way till you see some enemies inside a circle area kill them, a grenade do the job well. Now get there and pull the lever to rise the covers. You’re on your enemies position so they take your former place, fare enough but justice has no mean here. A column will fall, now they have a new cover to come closer. Kill them and move away from tickers. Try to shoot them when they’re near enemies. At last reavers will come, inside the circle is no more safe. Now a door is open. On your way pull the lever to have covers ready. You can find a mortar on your way. This is so valuable here, by equipping it you’ll lose no weapon. Go behind the cover on right and pull the lever. A wall will come down and some covers will rise. Watch out for the enemy mortar. It’s in middle. It’s priority one, strictly shoot him or one mortar fire and you’re down. Go to the cover with lever at end. Pull the lever and the wall before cover will come down. Kill the enemies, there’s a mortar on right, do the same. Pull the levers and go forth, there are more mortars. Go all the way and take the stairs on right. Cole and Baird will join you. Go ahead and pull the lever at the left side of the door and enter it to have a break after this mess. ************************************************************************* *4*4 ACT 4 : Hive CHAPTER 4 : no turning back Collectibles : #32 locust calendar #33 locust defense plan In the cable wagon use Y to see reavers and shoot them. After while you’ll be stopped and another wagon will approach you kill the enemies inside it, when it stops beside your wagon quickly jump in that. Press the switch on top right hand corner to start moving. Again shoot the reavers. At the end get off from right. Go left, after the break grab ammo on left side of stairs and go up, now approach the sun like thing on left and grab #32 locust calendar. Now go right and down the stairs. There are some ammo on left, pull the lever on right to raise the covers. Kill enemies and go forth. A little after right side stairs you can find ammo, go down the stairs to reach the switch. If you go down even more, you’ll find ammo. Next stairs are dead end for now. Here you have to choose between troika lift or stairs. Battle ground lovers should choose troika. You use a troika and kill enemies face to face in three levels. But if you want to be safe choose lift and let your buddies do fight. If you have chosen troika go behind one and get ready for ambush clear up each level and your buddies will bring down the lift, at last you should go and use switch to open their way. But if you choose stairs (recommended). Go down the formerly dead end stairs, all the way across Dom and go right, press the switch and down the stairs. Now get back to Dom turn right, press the switch and down the stairs. Go to the door with torches. Go down stairs on left and press the switch. Go up and down the stairs on right. There’s grenade on right. Pass the opened way and continue till you see a switch on left. Go past it and at the end there’s ammo, next to it on the ground there’s #33 locust defense plan. Press the switch to raise covers. get back there is a set of stairs on right. When you reach down boomers will attack you from behind so take cover. There’s an ambush from the other side, stay alert. clear the area and enter the door at the right of the stairs (now disappeared). Go down stairs, grab ammo on right and further kill enemies on left, close combat veterans can go down and clear them up. Continue your way on opposite side. At the end turn right, pass the door and down the stairs. Kill enemies and flea with lift. ************************************************************************** *5*4 ACT 4 : Hive CHAPTER 5 : the best laid plans Collectibles : #34 locust invasion map #35 trinity of worms artifact When lift stops go up the stairs. You can grab ammo on left, go to the front door but it’s a trap. Now you’re in center and will be attacked from windows above, so take cover. Kill them and go back to the stairs, take right. Here covers will pop up automatically once you reach them. If you take down way, before going up stairs grab ammo on right. Kill the enemies and go ahead to reach the lift on left, if you’re looking for achievements don’t catch it. Go further, after the lift move from right to reach second door with little stairs in front, in front of the little stairs you’ll find #34 locust invasion map. Now get back to the lift and pull the lever. After getting off go forth now you’re in some stable like room, don’t worry about cages. Grab grenade. Pull the lever on top right hand corner. Another choose. Down is so hot I recommend left way that leads upstairs. Go up and help your buddies down there, watch out for boomer on the other side. Go forth down the stairs then right on your right there’s a room go stand on the switch in center of the room and your buddies are now with you. go upstairs again, to be in opposite side. If you haven’t kill the boomer already do it now. Go all the way front, down the stairs, once down a little tend to right you will find #36 trinity of worms. at the end grab ammo. Get up and down the stairs again. This time turn right and in the open area go right. Kill enemies and annoying tickers on your way. Here you are four gears so enemies are heavily outnumbered. After entering the door on right grab ammo kill enemies and go behind the middle area in front, where there’s a display. ************************************************************************** *6*4 ACT 4 : Hive CHAPTER 6 : royal inquisition Collectibles : #36 locust tablets once entered the door go left and at the end between last column and wall you will find #36 locust tablet. Pull the lever in front, now you have to choose right or left. They’re identical, so you’re on point here. Just go ahead and kill tough guys. Theron, shield guy and others are about. If you cleared your path you can help the buddies on the other side. Wait for lift to come and catch it, pull the lever. After you’ve been got off, grab ammo on left and mortar on right. Take cover and clear up the area, now your way to front is open go forth and do the same. Again the way is blocked, but this time enemies tend to go up stairs and attack you from right. Kill them on stairs or take cover on top right corner so they won’t be able to shoot you. when your way is open go forth, now enemies will attack you from all sides. There’s a circle lever on left side f middle bar. Use X and A to take the lift up. Enemies will interrupt you but do this whenever you can. Now enter the front door to encounter Skorge. killing this bastard is so easy. First it will shoot you, usually from right, so take cover. When toxic grenades are thrown run away from them. Tickers are about as always use your jump with A to avoid them. then it uses chainsaw to cut the columns, they will fall on you, so move around to avoid it. After this Skorge will jump down on you and now a chainsaw duel, rapidly tap B to win the duel. Winning these duels don’t count for achievement. This will happen two more times, then it will go away with its giant reaver. Now go out from left or right stairs and cross the bridge as fast as you can, use A. this is safest way. ************************************************************************** **5 ========================================================================= ACT 5 : AFTERMATH ========================================================================= *1*5 ACT 5 : Aftermath CHAPTER 1 : escape Collectibles : NILL At first you’re flying with a reaver. First shoot the troika nests. Later you’ll land to help other gears, shoot boomers, then a Brumak will come from left rapidly shoot it to die. Now you’re chasing by the giant reaver. This is the first part o battle. every time it approach you, Y will prompt, press it and you’ll see point of interest, it’s the troika on its back or inside its mouth. Shoot the point of interests and eventually the troika will fall from its back. Now you have to bring down little reavers chasing you. Focus on ones that chase you, some of them will shoot your buddies’ reaver. Eventually the giant reaver returns. Shoot its head, it will approach and grab your reaver. Shoot the arm that you’re grabbed by, and it will release you. If you fail to shoot the arm you’ll be a dead gear. Now it goes in front of you shoot it with your powerful front gun (your gun will become cannon when is used in front). This will happen two more times and the giant will be dead. ************************************************************************** *2*5 ACT 5 : Aftermath CHAPTER 2 : desperate stand Collectibles : #37 COG recon report #38 COG tag There’s stairs near your right, down them there’s ammo. Kill the reaver and enter the door. There’s ammo on left. Go right, where you can see first stairs on left, go down and on right near the wall a little further from ammo you will find #37 COG recon report.now kill the grubs and reavers over two platforms on left. This is easy because they can’t get close to you. When the door opens go right to parking then kill locusts and reavers on right with whatever you like. There’s an arsenal of weapons on your left. When the chopper comes the bridge will set so you can cross. Go and exit the parking. Continue your way then use a troika on your left to bring down 6 revers. Pass the door (where captain find out we are the support), go all the way across the door then at the end go down the stairs on left and next to ammo take #38 COG tag. Now get back and kill locusts till two Brumaks appear. Use mortar to kill those uglies. You can find mortar near entrance. ************************************************************************** *3*5 ACT 5 : Aftermath CHAPTER 3 : free parking Collectibles : #39 Jacinto sentinel newspaper When you cleared the yard, go to the front door watch out for snipers above and boomers and flamethrowers in side doors. If you take right door go up stairs and you’ll be upstairs in the middle room. If you go through left door, you’ll be down stairs and after killing enemies go to the door opposite stairs. Kill the enemies here, beware of troika in middle, it will cost you a grenade. After clearing up go forth then some wretches and grubs attack you, get rid of them. Enter the door in middle and do a teamwork with Dom to open the door. Once out go all the way left then on your left up the little stairs there’s a grenade, grab some ammo and get back and proceed to right. After clearing the street, once you go through two walls instead of going left to the other street, go right and behind the cement block grab #39 Jacinto sentinel newspaper. Now you have to choose between garage and street. If you choose street you have to deal with reavers, flamethrowers and other locusts. You can use left rooms to proceed. But I recommend sweeping the garage. You have to kill less enemies and help your buddy on street. Now in garage go upstairs and kill enemies inside. Now use long shot or whatever you like and help Dom in the street. Watch out! You’re not totally safe here enemies will shoot you from street. Now go through the door kill enemies and push the car on left with X to kill a group of enemies in the street. Now jump over the barricades and at the far end get back to the street from the ramp on left. Here some locusts will go up with hooks right in front of you, next to car, you can kill them either by grenade tag or by chainsaw, of course you can just shoot them. Go to the end of the street and go right. While you’re turning right take the Hammer of down, as far as I know this is the only place in game that you can find this weapon , so take it and kill someone with it. Kill the enemies and reavers and go forth, hammer of down is a miracle on reavers. go past from the far end of the street. ************************************************************************** *4*5 ACT 5 : Aftermath CHPTER 4 : tenuous footing Collectibles : #40 COG tag #41 stranded’s journal Once you’re out in the street on your left there’s a collapsed wall. Pass the fallen wall and get #40 COG tag. Now go to the far end and go down the collision on left. Go right and get on the crane. Now you should bring the crane left and down so Dom will get on it. Then take him right and down so he will got off go up the stairs and fall a metal object ( another crane) for you to use it as bridge. Use long shot and kill locusts. Then join Dom and go down the stairs. Kill the enemies which go up from hooks, then the guy with shield will come, here is a small area so it will get close to you quickly, I think grenade tagging is the best way. When you’re going to go down a reaver will land on the roof on your left so take cover and kill it. Now go down and left. Destroy tickers or use them to kill others. Go past the room kill the enemies and enter the area at the end. Enemies will use hooks and attack you from all sides. If you love tough jobs go middle and improve your chainsaw skill, but if you’re cautious go right and take cover behind irons beside Dom. Anyway kill them all and suddenly the floor breaks and you’ll fall down some floors. Once down shoot enemies from windows, go out through those windows. Here go to the top right corner and take #41 stranded’s journal. Congratulations you’ve collected all collectibles. go downstairs, here you can kill enemies through windows or go down the ramp, enter the room across and exit from the door at the far left. Now use chainsaw on locusts from behind. Now cut the two cables between the room and the cage like thing on the left of the room. If you haven’t got lancer there’s one there. Now enter the cage like thing and go forth. After falling down go ahead then right. Kill locusts and tickers. After collision go inside through windows. You can see Brumak through windows on right. You’ll fall again. Now you’re in a building on fire. You have to reach the lift quickly or you’ll be a roasted gear. Go ahead jump over barricades, to the left and jump over again, at the end press the button and enter the lift. When you get out of the lift Brumak will burst fire. Use A and run to pass. Jump out through window, go to the far left and shoot the Brumak or you can get closer through the window on left the shoot Brumak. ************************************************************************* *5*5 ACT 5: Aftermath CHAPTER 5 : closure Collectible : NILL Now you’re riding a Brumak. Brumak is a powerful colossus, so this chapter is a piece of cake. Shoot missiles with X on distant locusts, ignore reavers. A little further on your left, where you saw a Corpser shoot enemies. Destroy the reavers before gate and use B to open the gate. After passing gate kill troikas on your left and right and kill grubs on your way. A little further kill Boomers on right. Then reavers will come again. Continue your way and a Corpser will attack, it’s just like a chainsaw duel repeatedly tap B and your ugly will win this colossus duel. Further kill the reavers on bridge and destroy locusts at the right side of the bridge and open the gate. Go forth and kill grubs continue and kill two boomers on your right. Go straight ahead and kill locusts on left, do the same with distant enemies. Again reavers, you know what to do. Further when you see an area like a yellow sea in front fire some missiles to the torture barge and destroy it. Now go left, destroy the gate and enter the final area. Here you have to destroy three columns that hold the ceiling. Beware of seeders and their missiles. Reavers are not a serious threat here but watch out for them. Fire missiles to the up and bottom of the column. It will fall with three shots at most. If you shoot the best place, it will down with just one missile. Do the same for two others and… Now you’re in chopper. Aim the Brumak with hammer of down. Try to put your crosshair on top part of her body, hold it and eventually the real giant Brumak will explode… ************************************************************************ ________________________________________________________________________ **2 COLLECTIBLES’ LOCATION Collectibles are certain objects that have a description about whole story, if you approach them you will see a lens icon on screen. If you don’t follow the walkthrough and want to do it on your own, you can find collectibles’ location here separately. But if you can’t find a certain collectible refer to walkthrough. #1 the eagle newspaper Act 1 Chapter 1 When Jack opened the fence for the first time in game, on your right in front of boards. #2 ambulance driver’s log Act 1 Chapter 1 After you go down the ladder and get out of parking, go all the way to right, in the room on left, in front of the desk. #3 doctor’s journal Act 1 Chapter 2 After exploding the tanks in yard take the left way at the end go right, go forth on your right there should be a room with open door, inside it on the ground. #4 Jacinto medical center file Act 1 Chapter 2 Where you get the Boltok pistol for the first time, go forth and kill locusts in the center of room. Exactly where they had taken cover on the ground. You should take this before proceed to open area. #5 COG letterhead Act 1 Chapter 2 After the open area, where you killed a reaver, take left and you’ll see a room with half open door on your left, inside it. #6 COG proclamation Act 1 Chapter 2 Upon entering the area where you have to go downstairs and Jack will open the door. Before going down, go all the way right. #7 COG tag Act 1 Chapter 3 Once you entered the street, on your right, behind the first column. #8 grind lift notice Act 1 Chapter 3 When you’re on board at the end of vehicle on left of dummy ladder on the wall. #9 munitions requisition form Act 1 Chapter 3 When you’re off the vehicle go left near ammo next to toppled vehicle. #10 Jacinto sentinel newspaper Act 1 Chapter 5 Where you open the door with three X in front of the door jump over the plank and go upstairs, right in the middle of this room. #11 memorial inscription Act 1 Chapter 5 Where you go past a traffic light, on your left among cars is your way but on right the big glowing thing on the wall. #12 truck driver’s note Act 1 Chapter 5 After Cole destroyed the troika nest on the left, go to the front building, in the back room #13 COG tag Act 1 Chapter 5 In tunnel where cars have blocked your way and you have to go up the stairs on left, just steps before stairs there’s an entrance. At the end of this area. #14 gear’s journal Act 2 Chapter 2 Where you see the second rock worm, on your left use lancer on branches. There’s a body in front of a grind lift, next to it. #15 Kantus scroll Act 2 Chapter 2 The open area on top with two troikas, where you reach after some sniper practices. Go to the troika which is near to the door boomers came from. Face to the door, now on your right behind a cart like thing. #16 locust emblem Act 2 Chapter 3 After going up stairs, where you should shoot a semi-tough enemy, it will come from a door in middle. Tickers and other enemies will ambush you. Clear up go through the middle door and on your right. #17 Ilima city help. Wanted ad Act 2 Chapter 4 When a column fall, go back where the head of column has laid now. Right next to the head of column. #18 COG tag Act 2 Chapter 4 After saving by Cole, in new area go to left ,behind the wall next to a body. You should find this before going out of building. #19 stranded’s journal Act 2 Chapter 5 After releasing Baird go forth till see other cages. Once you see the cages on right, behind two crates. You should get this before encountering barge. #20 car gold magazine Act 2 Chapter 6 Once you start the level behind the wooden column on left. #21 COG fag Act 2 Chapter 6 Once the giant thing (swallowed by worm) start to chase you, run from left. you will get this before turning right and going up the ramp. #22 interoffice memo Act 3 Chapter 2 After you went up two set of stairs, inside the room on right, at the right side of the room. #23 memo Act 3 Chapter 2 After killing the wretches, go left enter the security room. Go left and pass through the room. Now go right then after going out of the room. Here If you go left you will face an automatic gun, go right and on your right there should be an open door. enter it, at the end of the room open the door with X. in front of the half open door at the end, you’ll find this. #24 new hope medical file Act 3 Chapter 2 Before entering the room with two automatic guns mounted on ceiling, There’s a room with a switch beside its door. This room contains a flamethrower and collectible. #25 doctor’s journal Act 3 Chapter 3 Once you get out of the building, where you have to avoid hail, go right to the far warehouse. #26 captivity marks Act 3 Chapter 3 After you leave the warehouse with three doors which have been used as ceiling, go to the front, then right. Here instead of going left to the train, go right, opposite the train and enter warehouse. On your left, on the wall. #27 stranded’s journal Act 3 Chapter 5 In the open coastal area, in middle, there are some set of stairs, go all the way up at the end. #28 locust terminal Act 4 Chapter 1 After you’ve crossed the bridge, go up the first stairs on left. The second terminal on right. If you go up from second stairs on left, the terminal on your right is collectible. NOTICE: if you press the switch (other terminal) before getting collectible, chapter will ends and you’ll miss this collectible. #29 prisoner’s journal Act 4 Chapter 2 After checking first terminal, before going right, go front, behind the second barricade, next to the tire of the vehicle. #30 locust jailer document Act 4 Chapter 3 Go forth and go down the stairs on right. Once down, go right, at the end turn left. Go ahead, This collectible is on your way on the grey ground. #31 human finger necklace Act 4 Chapter 3 There’s a room that contain two doors which start closing when you enter the room. This room contains two set of stairs. Once entered this room run up both stairs and enter the closing door on right. On your right on the ground. NOTICE : you should be quick after entering the room once doors closed, there’s no way to pass them. #32 locust calendar Act 4 Chapter 4 After getting off the cable vehicle, after the break go up the stairs and on left take this from the sun like weird thing. #33 locust defense plan Act 4 Chapter 4 After going through the door with torches, go down the stairs on left. Press the switch and get back. No go down the right stairs. Pass the newly opened way. On your way there’s a switch, ignore it. Go to the far end on your right. Get this before going down the newly appeared stairs. #34 locust invasion map Act 4 Chapter 5 Continue the curved way, but don’t catch he lift on your left, Go past it. There are doors with little stairs in front of them on your right. In front of the second door from lift. #35 trinity of worms artifact Act 4 Chapter 5 After you’ve chosen upstairs or current floor : if you’ve chosen current floor (RT) after clearing the area, your squad will open the door for you. Go right and up the stairs on your right, further down the next stairs, once down, a little tend to left on the ground. If you’ve chosen upstairs. Help your buddies down there. Go down the next stairs and stand over the switch in the middle of the room on right. Now go up the stairs on right, where the boomer was. Down the next stairs a little tend left. #36 locust tablets Act 4 Chapter 6 After starting the chapter, once you went through the door go all the way left, between the last column and the left wall. #37 COG recon report Act 5 Chapter 2 Where you kill reaver and enemies on platform, on opposite side, at the right of the stairs you used to reach here, next to the wall. #38 COG tag Act 5 Chapter 2 After going through the door where commander found out “we are the support”, go forth. At the end get down the stairs on left. #39 Jacinto sentinel newspaper Act 5 Chapter 3 After entering the street clear up and go all the way right. At the end before turning left and entering the next street, go right, behind a cement block. #40 COG tag Act 5 Chapter 4 Once entering this street from left corner, there’s a collapsed wall on your left. Pass it and grab the collectible. #41 stranded’s journal Act 5 Chapter 4 After you kill enemies who use hooks to climb up the floor will fall down. Kill the enemies and go through windows, here at top right hand corner. ___________________________________________________________________________ **3 Unlockables Insane difficulty Complete the game once on any difficulty Dizzy Complete act 1 on any difficulty Kantus Complete act 2 on any difficulty Tai Complete act 3 on any difficulty Flame grenadier Complete act 4 on any difficulty Skorge Complete act 5 on any difficulty Anthony Carmine having any of the completed act 1 achievements from gears of war 1 Raam having the "a dish best served cold" achievement from gears of war 1 Lt. kim having the "time to remember" achievement from gears of war 1 * I haven't got the latter three yet, maybe some kind of bug... any help on this will be appreciated. ___________________________________________________________________________ ***4 Achievements guide Green as grass (10G) train the rook (any difficulty) Obviously To get this, you have to choose “train the rook“. It’s a trap (10G) Story progression in act 1, chapter 2 Escort service (10G) Story progression in act 1, chapter 4 Girl about town (10G) Story progression in act 1, chapter 6 That sinking feeling (10G) Story progression in act 2, chapter 4 Freebaird (10G) Story progression in act 2, chapter 5 Heartbroken (10G) Story progression in act 2, chapter 6 Longitude and attitude (10G) Story progression in act 3, chapter 3 Tanks for the memories (10G) Story progression in act 3, chapter 4 Water sports (10G) Story progression in act 3, chapter 6 There’s a time for us (10G) Story progression in act 4, chapter 2 Better wrapped in beacon (10G) Story progression in act 4, chapter 3 Have fun storming the castle (10G) Story progression in act 4, chapter 6 And the horsey you rode in on (10G) Story progression in act 5, chapter 1 You are the support son (10G) Story progression in act 5, chapter 2 Brumak rodeo (10G) Story progression in act 5, chapter 4 Does this look infected to you? (10G) Story progression act 5, chapter 5 Tourist of duty (25G) Complete all campaign acts on casual difficulty Guerilla tactician (50G) Complete all campaign acts on normal difficulty For this you can choose co-op, put your difficulty on normal and your buddy’s on casual. This make things much easier. Artist of war (75G) Complete all campaign acts on hardcore difficulty For this you can choose co-op, put your difficulty on hardcore and your buddy’s on casual. This make things much easier. Suicide missionary (150G) Complete all campaign acts on insane difficulty For this you can choose co-op, put your difficulty on insane and your buddy’s on casual. This make things much easier. Collector (5G) Recover 5 collectibles (any difficulty) If you follow the walkthrough, or just refer to collectibles section, you will get this. Pack rat (15G) Recover 20 collectibles (any difficulty) If you follow the walkthrough, or just refer to collectibles section, you will get this. Completionist (30G) Recover all 41 collectibles (any difficulty) If you follow the walkthrough, or just refer to collectibles section, you will get this. One-night stand (10G) Complete 1 chapter in co-op on any difficulty (Marcus or Dom) Open relationship (30G) Complete 10 chapter in co-op on any difficulty (Marcus or Dom) Friends with benefits (50G) Complete all acts n co-op on any difficulty (Marcus or Dom) Crossed sword (10G) Win 10 chainsaw duels (any mode) Go multiplayer and choose your opponent as human, try to chainsaw your opponent from front. Chainsaw duels with skorge wont count for this. Pound of flesh (10G) Use a meat shield to save your life 10 times (any mode) In hornets’ nest use a downed enemy as shield and face theron, let it throw you an arrow. Organ grinder (10G) Kill 30 enemies with a cover mounted mulcher (any mode) Get this on horde. Shock and awe (10G) Kill 30 enemies with the heavy mortar (any mode) On act 4 there are cool chances to get this quickly. Said the spider to the fly (10G) Kill 10 enemies with a planted grenade (any mode) Crowd control (10G) Melee 10 enemies down with the boom shield equipped (any mode) Act 5 after the crane is good place to get this. Smells like victory (10G) Kill 30 enemies with the scorcher flamethrower (any mode) This is so easy, in horde or campaign you will get this. You can use flamethrower on wretches Once more with feeling (10G) Perform 30 perfect active reloads (any mode) Veterans will get this on their thirtieth reload Takes a licking (30G) Melee 30 tickers (any mode) Get this at the start of roadblocks. Variety is the spice of death (30G) Kill an enemy with every weapon in game (any mode) This is list of weapons you should kill an enemy with them. Their location is included in walkthrough 1. Lancer 2. Shotgun 3. long shot 4. enemies main gun 5. Your pistol 6. Boltok pistol 7. Sub machinegun like pistol 8. Flamethrower 9. Mulcher 10. Boomer’s rocket launcher 11. Hammer of down 12. heavy mortar 13. Bow 14. Grenade 15. Toxic grenade Kick’em when they’re down (10G) Perform all 11 unique executions on a downed enemy Seriously 2.0 (50G) Kill 100000 enemies (any mode) Repeat the start of closure. After killing two waves of locusts, restart the chapter. You’ll kill about less than 200 per min. Photojournalist (10G) Submit a spectator photo Standing here beside myself (10G) Win 3 matches wingman (public) Beat the meat flag (10G) Capture 10 meat flags in submission (public) It’s good to be the king (10G) Win 10 rounds of guardian as the leader (public) You go ahead, I’ll be fine (10G) Win 3 matches of king of the hill (public) Back to basic (10G) Successfully complete the 5 lessons of multiplayer training grounds A parting gift (20G) Kill 10 enemies with a grenade while down but not out (any mode) Party like it’s 1999 (30G) Play 1999 rounds of multiplayer (any mode) Set the rounds number at maximum 15 and put second player as human, now go for a long routine. Around the world, again (30G) Win a multiplayer match on each of the10 shipped maps (any mode) Put second player as human and set the rounds number at minimum 1. do it in every map. Dirty, dirty horde (20G) Survive the first 10 waves of horde (any difficulty, any map) This will suits veteran well. Hoard the horde (30G) Survive all 50 waves of horde (any difficulty, any map) This will destroy veterans. ____________________________________________________________________________ **5 Credits I should thanks Shahab for his unvaluable helps, without him there was no guide at all. Also thanks Abbas & Hadi for their support. Thanks Epic for making such a beautiful game, and Microsoft for making the most powerful gaming machine! This walkthrough lacks many thing, I appreciate any help from others to improve this guide. Contact me by this email: halo@rocketmail.com. This guide should be used just by the permission of its author. copyright 2008 Hessam</p>