+==========================================+ | | | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed | | Walkthrough/FAQ | | | +==========================================+ | | | Written by: Skylighter | | Copyright (C) Invention R Us, 2007 | | ctg_skylighter@hotmail.com | +==========================================+ *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* SSSSSSSSSS W W SSSSSSSSSS WWW WWW SSSS WWW WWW SSSSS INTRODUCTION WWW WWW SSSSS WWW W WWW SSSS WWW WWW WWW SSSSSSSSSS WWWWWWWWW SSSSSSSSSS WWWWWWW *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* I wrote my first and only FAQ for Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. I had really enjoyed the time and effort I put into that Boss Guide, knowing that it would help my fellow gamers and, according to feedback I received, it has! It was a joy and I was eager to soon begin work on another. However, I was at a loss as to which game to write one for. That search ended the minute I completed Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Despite the many mediocre reviews floating around on the Internet, I found The Force Unleashed to be a magnificent game. Reports of glitches were greatly exaggerated and while I did run across a few minor glitches, none of them were enough to deter me from enjoying the game. While few games before have attempted the feat, none have been able to truely encapsulate the raw power of a Jedi and allow the player to use those powers in such a diverse way. It is this factor alone that makes The Force Unleashed, in my opinion, the greatest Star Wars game to date. And I've played a lot of them, folks. Whether you agree with me or not, I want to write this guide in order to assist my fellow gamers and Star Wars fans in their quest to complete the game. Whether you're playing to unlock everything, to kill endless swarms of Stormtroopers, or simply to experience the immersive story, I hope my efforts assist you with the hectic, and at times frustrating, gameplay. Also, for your information, this walkthrough was written with the highest difficulty, Sith Master, in mind. Additionally, I wrote this guide while playing the Xbox 360 version of The Force Unleashed. In the future, I may try playing the Wii version. May the Force be with you! *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* SSSSSSSSSS W W SSSSSSSSSS WWW WWW SSSS WWW WWW SSSSS Table of Contents WWW WWW SSSSS WWW W WWW SSSS WWW WWW WWW SSSSSSSSSS WWWWWWWWW SSSSSSSSSS WWWWWWW *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* 1...... Version History 2...... Walkthrough A. Prologue - Kashyyyk [M00] B. Mission One - TIE Fighter Factory [M01] C. Mission Two - Raxus Prime [M02] D. Mission Three - Felucia [M03] E. Mission Four - The Empirical [M04] F. Mission Five - Cloud City [M05] G. Mission Six - Imperial Kashyyyk [M06] H. Mission Seven - Imperial Felucia [M07] I. Mission Eight - Imperial Raxus Prime [M08] J. Mission Nine - Death Star [M09] 3...... Achievements, Secrets, and Codes [ASC] 4...... Frequently Asked Questions [FAX] 5...... Legal Stuff, Credits, and Contact Information [LCC] *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* SSSSSSSSSS W W SSSSSSSSSS WWW WWW SSSS WWW WWW SSSSS Version History WWW WWW SSSSS WWW W WWW SSSS WWW WWW WWW SSSSSSSSSS WWWWWWWWW SSSSSSSSSS WWWWWWW *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* ==================== Version 1.0 September 20, 2008 First draft. Added the walkthroughs for all nine missions, including the prologue. Found all Jedi Holocrons. Added some anticipated questions in the FAQ section. Didn't include any codes, since I haven't had time to verify any of them (and it seems there are a lot of phony ones floating around). I will add them in a later update, as well as any additional questions I receive. ==================== Version 1.1 September 29, 2008 Added a few FAQ questions, thanks to the people who e-mailed me. Also, I went back and filled in some of the Recommended Upgrades sections that I forgot to write. Oops! Also some minor typo and error corrections. Lastly, added to the Credits and Legal Stuff section, including sites where this walkthrough can be found. *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* SSSSSSSSSS W W SSSSSSSSSS WWW WWW SSSS WWW WWW SSSSS Walkthrough WWW WWW SSSSS WWW W WWW SSSS WWW WWW WWW SSSSSSSSSS WWWWWWWWW SSSSSSSSSS WWWWWWW *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* =========================== [M00] Prologue: Kashyyyk AKA: Vader's Day Out =========================== MISSION OBJECTIVES: PRIMARY: Find and Destroy the Rogue Jedi BONUS: N/A FORCE POINTS BONUS: N/A NUMBER OF HOLOCRONS: 0 After the classic Star Wars opening scroll has gone by, none other than Darth Vader steps forth from his shuttle to accomplish what his pathetic minions have failed to do. Take a moment to get a feel for the Sith Lord's movements, if you wish, and then take Vader's lumbering boots over the bridge in front of you. You'll find some Stormtroopers firing, rather uselessly, at some Wookiees near a large door. [ACHIEVEMENT: Kill 12 of your own Stormtroopers to unlock Worst Day-Shift Manager Ever, worth 10G]. Saunter up to each Wookiee and slash them with your saber, throw them into the ocean... or just stand still and let them kill themselves as you automatically reflect their lasers back into them. Hmm. Do as the game prompt commands and charge up your Force Push to blast open the primitive wooden door. Stroll through in Vader-like fashion and laugh as more Wookiees rush forth to challenge you. Force Grip the nearby barricades and rocks and throw them forth to take out several furballs at once. If there are any left, mop them up saber attacks or, my personal favorite, throw them over the cliff. Keep moving down the path, between the rocks and trees, til you hit a savepoint. >>SAVEPOINT<< You'll face no opposition as you walk along the path, until you come across more embattled Stormtroopers. Kill the two Wookiees firing on them from a balcony on your right, but watch out. Two melee Wookiees will quickly come at you, and they can chop off half your health on Sith Master difficulty. Luckily, they are incredibly fragile. Try to kill them from afar, just to be safe. Keep going til you reach another balcony. >>SAVEPOINT<< Walk down the bridge on your left. More Wookiees! Charge up a Force Push and send it directly down the bridge to take them all out at once. Mop up any survivors as you waddle through the fallen debris. You'll come across another wooden wall. Force Push it away and move on. On your right, you'll find Stormtroopers battling Wookiees on a ramp going upward. Grab the nearby rock and chuck it at them all. Move up the ramp and enter the building. You'll find two melee Wookiees inside and another will approach you from behind. Wipe them out! Step further inside and a wooden elevator will take you upward. Exit the building and head up the wooden ramp. Many Wookiees, both melee and ranged, will try to take you out. Send a few Force Pushes at them and kill any stranglers. Move forward when it's all clear. At the top, you'll find several bridges. Unfortunately, some dumbass TIE Fighter pilot crashes into the nearest bridge, forcing you to go the long way. Curse your fate and do so. As you move along, look to your right and you'll notice several Wookiees running parallel to you on a far bridge. If your aim is good, send a Force Push over to knock them off. Once they get in your face, use Force Repulse to send them into the waters below. Don't worry too much after the ranged Wookiees. You can simply face them and reflect their blaster fire perfectly back at them, without even blocking. Feel free to take them out manually if they're getting too annoying, though. Try not to throw your lightsaber, no matter how cool it makes you look, because it'll leave you vulnerable from other Wookiee blaster fire until the saber returns. The Wookiees will endlessly spawn and attack you as you cross the bridges. [ACHIEVEMENT: Use this opportunity to kill 200 Wookiee scum! Doing so will earn you the Bossk (15G) achievement. But don't move too far ahead or the endless spawn will deactivate. I recommend hanging on the circular, wooden platform after the first bridge you cross and leisurely Force Pushing off any Wookiees that jump to you into the abyss while killing far away Wookiees with reflected blaster fire. Grab a sandwich, cause it will take some time]. Continue across the bridges and approach the building. >>SAVEPOINT<< BOSS FIGHT: Rogue Jedi Time for a showdown! Unfortunately, the Rogue Jedi is kind of a pushover. In fact, you may take more damage from your own TIE Fighters shooting at the ground than from his attacks! Thanks for the help, fellas! Anyways, you can easily Force Grip the boss and very rarely will he block it. Throw him into the rocks and trees for good damage. If he lands close enough to you, walk over and stab him on the ground. You can also throw your lightsaber at him and he won't block that very often, either. Be careful, though, because this'll leave you vulnerable in case he decides to throw his lightsaber at the same time. Occassionally, he'll stop and a bubble will form around him. Don't even try to hurt him at this time and just get out of the way. He'll grab a TIE Fighter and throw it down at the spot where you were standing. Circle around behind him and get ready to slash him when the bubble disappears. Also, he may do a Force Repulse when the bubble appears instead of throwing a TIE Fighter, but this does very little damage (which is good, cause he doesn't give you time to move away). When his health is down, get close and the Quick Time Event finisher will appear. Input the commands correctly and a cutscene will intiate, ending the level. ================================== [M01] Mission One: TIE Fighter Factory AKA: Bull in a TIE Fighter Shop ================================== MISSION OBJECTIVES PRIMARY: Find and Eliminate General Kota BONUS: Destroy Five TIE Fighters FORCE POINTS BONUS: 200,000 NUMBER OF HOLOCRONS: 15 RECOMMENDED UPGRADES: N/A Start moving down the hallways. You'll face no opposition, but you can throw the canisters lying around for some Force Grip practice. [ACHIEVEMENT: You can earn Proxy Won't Be Happy (15G) if you destroy 35 droids over the course of your adventure. Start killing the droids in the hallways now to get a headstart]. At the end, you'll find a closed door. Two Force Pushes will open it. You've just walked into a huge firefight between Stormtroopers and Kota's Militia! Don't think the Stormtroopers will treat you like allies. Directly in front of you, on the walkway, you'll see several Stormtroopers. They'll immediately begin firing on you, so chuck a box at them with Force Grip. Hanging along your right, you'll see some suspended TIE Fighters. Force Grip them and throw them down upon your enemies, or just smash them into the wall. Either way, destroy them to earn your Bonus Objective. There's only four TIE Fighters parked along your walkway, so either throw one TIE Fighter into another across the hanger, or jump over onto the opposite walkway later and Force Grip the TIEs suspended over there. All the way at the end of the walkway you enter the hanger on is a Sith Holocron that grants you Unlimited Energy for a short time. No matter how much Force power you use, your Force meter won't go down. Use this opporunity to kill as many enemies as you can, either by Force Pushing them or throwing boxes at them (or throwing them at the boxes). You may be comfortable walking toward enemies after playing as the mighty Darth Vader, but the Apprentice can get chewed up pretty quickly by common troopers. Don't rush directly at whole squads unless there's only one or two by themselves. Retreat when faced against large groups and throw items at them from afar, then hide behind cover while your Force meter charges up. This may seem cowardly, but until you earn more upgrades, you have little options. Squads of Stormtroopers will rise up from an elevator next to the wrecked shuttle, so don't let them catch you by surprise. Keep killing enemies and, eventually, the entire hanger will fall quiet. [This is a good time to collect the two Jedi Holocrons in the hanger. Holocron #1, which grants you 10,000 Force Points, is sitting in the center of the walkway opposite of the one you started on. Jump onto the shuttle and jump to the Holocron from there. Holocron #2 is higher up, on a walkway in the center of the hanger. Double jump onto the shuttle's highest point, a fin, and then double jump onto the walkway, using Force Dash if needed. From there, you'll be able to run to the Holocron, which a Yellow Lightsaber crystal]. When you're done, walk up to the sealed door. Force Grip the piece with a flashing red arrow and drag it leftward. The door pops open to reveal another door! Drag the next red arrow upward and step through. >>SAVEPOINT<< Force Push the door open and kill the Miltia troopers directly in front of you. Move on and three more troopers will confront you while a door seals to prevent you access. Kill them. [Holocron #3 is behind the optional doors on your right. Force Push them open and claim your 10,000 Force Points]. Force Push open the door and continue. Melee Troopers will approach you from down the hallway. Throw some explosive canisters at their faces to deny them a duel. Further down the hallway, some Stormtroopers await you in a deadend on the left. Show them your true power! Then Force Push the door open. You'll come out into a huge open area. TIE Fighters will swoop by occassionally and, yes, you can grab them if you time it correctly. Troopers will approach you. Watch out for their grenades and take them out with the conveniently placed explosive canisters. For chuckles, you can Force Grip one of the beams connected to the walkway and bend it into the path of the passing TIE Fighters. Their wings will clip it and they'll explode, but the beam will bend back and you'll have to reset it into place if you want another kill. Jump over the gap, making sure you don't get knocked off by a passing TIE Fighter (don't laugh, I've seen it happen!) and approach the conflict between Stormtrooper and Miltia. They'll ignore you until you get close, so throw canisters at them from afar. Force Push open the doors and step inside the building. More Stormtroopers and Militia await. [After they're all dead, head out the doorway opposite of where you came in. You'll be able to see Holocron #4 glowing behind some boxes. It grants a Force Talent Sphere]. Step onto the lift and head upward. You'll be greeted by Stormtroopers and Miltia. Take them out, but be careful with the explosive containers cause it is a bit claustrophobic up there. Don't hurt yourself. [Force Push open the doors on your right after exiting the elevator. Outside on the walkway, there will be Holocron #5 sitting behind some boxes. It grants a Force Combo Sphere]. Force Push open the doors on your left and head out onto the walkway. >>SAVEPOINT<< There will be some Miltia ahead with their backs to you. Throw some canisters at them to get their attention (with death) and then move up to kill their Stormtrooper targets. As you approach the door ahead, a TIE Fighter will crash into the walkway on your left, creating a gap, while Stormtroopers pour forth. Wipe them out, then jump over the gap. Miltia await you. Kill them how you please. As you head down the walkway, melee Troopers will pour out of an opening on the right. Dispatch them quickly, because TIE Fighters will aggressively fire on you all as they fly by. [Head into the alcove the Miltia came out of and you'll earn 10,000 Force Points from the awaiting Holocron #6]. Further on, ranged Miltia will appear. Defeat them, all the while being aware of the ruthless TIEs, and move on. A door on the right will open as you approach it. >>SAVEPOINT<< You'll enter a control room with a healthy mix of melee and ranged Militia. If they prove to be too much, grab the Sith Holocron floating in the center, which gives you Increased Damage. Afterward, go nuts and they'll fall much quickly. Once all the Militia are dead, Stormtroopers will appear. Don't let them feel left out, kill them, too! Exit the control room and head down the hallway. A short cutscene will introduce you to the Miltia Elite. These guys can tear you up with their gattling gun. Luckily, you'll be provided with some throwing boxes. Take him out and his two Trooper cohorts. Another Elite and two Troopers await behind the next door. >>SAVEPOINT<< Another cutscene shows a bunch of Miltia rush in to greet you just as a laser gate seals you all in together. Uh oh! This can get ugly fast. Quickly jump to the other side of the globe-like object before the Elites cut you to pieces. You'll need to utilize the deadliness of the laser gate in order to make it out of this encounter alive. Your high priority targets are the Elites and Saboteurs, since you can outrun the melee Troopers. Run around the room until you encounter one, then quickly Force Grip him and throw him into the laser gate, incinerating him. Nice! Repeat until they're all dead and evade when your Force meter has to fill up. You can also Force Push them into the laser gate if they're close enough. When they're all dead, head to the yellow dot on your minimap. You'll see a glowing blue object on the other side of the laser gate. This is your cue to Force Grip it. Pull it outward and the laser gate deactivates. Head through the next door and face a huge squad of Miltia. There's an elite in there, so watch out! If they're too overwhelming, head back through the door you came in. Let them all bunch up, then Force Push them all at once, allowing you to pick one off while the others recover. In the next room, with a large cresent-shaped object in the center, you'll find a Sith Holocron that grants Health Drain. While this is active, you'll automatically drain health from any enemies you stand next to. Quickly walk into the next room to meet a group of Stormtroopers. Simply walk into them and do nothing as they collapse around you. Ha ha! When you're done, Force Grip the shimmering square in the wall and pull the pillar outward. Jump on top of it. A Stormtrooper will hassle you from above, so grab him and chuck him away. Then Force Grip the next shimmering panel and drag it downward. Jump onto it and then jump up into the small tunnel. Run through it and drop down into the next room. >>SAVEPOINT<< Force Push the doors open and join the party. A bunch of Miltia are firing on a modified AT-ST, which can grab canisters like you can and throws them. It hurts. They'll keep it busy for awhile, so chuck a few boxes at the AT-ST while it ignores you. Eventually, though, it will start throwing things at YOU instead of the Miltia. Take this opportunity to thin out the Miltia numbers before they turn on you, also. You can simply throw them upward and the resulting fall will kill them. When the AT-ST is weak enough, a Quick Time Event will be ready. Get close and press the correct sequence to destroy it. Then finish off the Militia. Ride the TIE wings upward to reach the second level. Melee Troopers will rush you while long-range Miltia fire at you from afar with turrets. Try to throw explosive canisters to kill the far away Miltia quickly before the Troopers reach you, or else they'll keep you too busy to focus and you'll be cut down. Or, you can also dash straight toward the turrets, but beware because some of the catwalks will fall apart beneath you. [Ride the TIE wings higher up and jump onto the catwalk on the right side. Holocron #7 waits to give you 10,000 Force Points behind some crates. From there, it's easy to spot and jump to Holocron #8, which grants 10,000 more Force Points]. Head through the small room opposite the TIE wings and head down the hallway, destroying Imperials as you go. You'll emerge in another TIE wing room, though it'll be far more damaged. Kill everyone in the room, using the nearby Unlimited Energy Sith Holocron to help you do so. [You can see Holocron #9 sitting on a TIE wing from the floor. Getting this Holocron takes some ingenuity. Grab a TIE wing lying on the ground and push it into an empty slot on the wall. Then use it to jump up to the Holocron and claim your 10,000 Force Points. It's not over yet. From there, jump up onto higher TIE wings until you can reach the catwalk on the right side. Jump across the gaps and grab Holocron #10's Rubat Power Crystal. This crystal doesn't change your lightsaber's color, but instead allows it to deal extra damage]. When you're done, head through the doorway with the yellow light. In the next hallway, you'll encounter a load of Stormtroopers facing off against a Miltia with an Eweb turret. Throw a big Force Push down the crowded hallway and then throw a crate at the turret. Once everyone is dead, Elite Militia will come down in an elevator. Retreat a bit and patiently throw crates at them all until they're dead. Then take the lift upward. >>SAVEPOINT<< Enter the next room and you'll find an assembly line for TIE Fighters. A small group of Stormtroopers will be battling Miltia, but they won't last long. You main targets should be the Miltia Elites, since they have such a long range and can quickly cut you down. You'll be in no short supply of throwing items, since the spherical TIE bodies can be grabbed and are never-ending. There's a Health Drain Sith Holocron in the center of the room if you need it, and you probably will. [Stick to the left-hand side of the assembly line room and you'll find Holocron #11 hiding in a tiny hallway. It holds 10,000 Force Points]. As you progress, a laser gate will be activated, blocking your route. Kill the incoming Miltia, then head up the ramp on your left. Head toward the laser gate and more Miltia will greet you. Push them all into the laser gate. Fun, isn't it? Then grab the shimmering plug to deactivate the gates. [Holocrons #12 and 13 await you nearby, one between the glowing energy pillars on your left and another in a tiny hallway on your right. They hold a Force Power Sphere and 10,000 Force Points, respectively]. Retract your steps and continue on where the laser gate blocked your progress. Another assembly line awaits you with more Miltia. There aren't as many this time, but there's another Sith Holocron, with Increased Damage, if you need it. [Holocron #14 sits in a tiny hallway on the right side with 10,000 Force Points. Facing the exit door, look to your right and you'll see Holocron #15 at the far end with 10,000 Force Points]. Head out through the door, go down the hallway, and head up the elevator to the boss fight. >>SAVEPOINT<< BOSS FIGHT: General Kota Kota is an old man who enjoys throwing his lightsaber and Force Pushes at you from afar. When his force bubble goes up (indicating his invulnerability), he'll throw his lightsaber into the air, jump up to catch it, then slam into the ground and damage everything around him. So avoid that. He'll also put up the shield and grab a bunch of junk. When it floats above his head, seek cover because he'll throw three bursts directly at you. Either hide behind a sturdy wall or dodge out of the way. The best way to win this fight, as with most boss fights, is to be patient. Kota will block most of the time if you rush straight at him and start hacking away. Additionally, he'll probably push you onto your ass or throw his saber at you if try to rush him. Inch your way close to him, blocking occassionally, then unleashed your Sith Shien combo on him. Half the time, he'll be knocked to the ground on the 4th hit. Rush up to him and do a downward stab for good damage. Do this each time he's on the ground, whether you Force Push him down or whatever. He'll also be vulnerable to attack right after he lowers his force shield, so rush close and knock him to the ground then. When he gets down to 3/4th of his health, a cutscene will initiate and the battlefield will change a bit. Don't worry, there isn't a time limit to the fight. Just keep whittling him down. If he starts swinging at you with his lightsaber, back off and throw a Force Push to easily knock him down. He'll turn his back to you often, so either combo him then or Force Push him. At 1/4th health, the floor will suddenly glow red hot. Get off it! Knock him down onto the floor and he'll take damage, though it won't seem like much. His tactics won't change, but there's less room to fight in. Just Force Push him down each time he jumps back up. Piece of cake. Once his health is gone, get close and initiate Quick Time Event to win! ========================== [M02] Mission Two: Raxus Prime AKA: Send in the Droids ========================== MISSION OBJECTIVES: PRIMARY: Seek Out and Destroy Kazdan Paratus BONUS: Destroy 10 Scavenger Skiffs FORCE POINTS BONUS: 250,000 NUMBER OF HOLOCRONS: 15 RECOMMENDED UPGRADES: Pump up your Force Lightning to at least Rank Two and, if you can afford them, get the Sith Slash and Sith Saber Smash combos. All three of these attacks deal lightning damage, which will be useful against the Force droids you encounter later. You've acquired Force Lightning! I have no idea why such an iconic Sith power is held from you until the second level, but you'll get plenty of opportunities to use it on Raxus Prime. Now, let's begin. Run forward and drop down next to the shimmering pod lying on the ground. When your square targetting box is over it, use your Force Lightning. POW! The engine blasts off and smacks into a wall. We're gonna need to do that three more times before we can continue through. However, enemies will soon start to show up once you drop down the next ledge. Look to your right and run over to the pit of molten lava. There is a platform beneath the lava that you can Force Grip and drag upward. Do so and jump onto it and then jump again onto solid ground. [Holocron #1 can be seen from the platform you lift out of the lava. Jump to it and earn yourself 10,000 Force Points.] By now, you'll notice a skiff stopping nearby to drop off some enemies. Now, you can be polite and wait for them to land so you can engage in an honorable duel... or you can destroy the skiff immediately and kill everyone on board. I'd recommend the latter. Now, skiffs are pretty tough and can take quite a few hits before going down. Worst yet, they're usually floating over lava, which can make jumping out to attack them a challenge. Luckily, you can kill them in one hit by throwing explosive canisters at them, or you can simply run up and tap them with Force Lightning and they'll instantly explode. Do the Force Lightning, since it can be a hassle to find and throw a conveniently placed canister. Remember to kill nine more skiffs throughout the mission to earn your Bonus Objective. A second one will show up soon after the first. Now run over to the nearby engine pod. They all show up on your minimap as yellow dots. Set it ablaze and then drop down a short ledge to your right. Pull another platform out of the lava and jump over to a small, stable platform with a throwable cylinder on it. A third skiff should show up at about this time to hassle you. Quickly pull up the next platform and, from there, jump between some iron bars to land on a solid platform behind them. You'll land next to an Invincibility Sith Holocron, so grab it to take out the skiff, a fourth skiff that'll fly by soon, and all their buddies. When it's all clear, run over to the last engine pod and light it up. The doorway is now open! Make your way toward it by utilizing another platform, take out the guard, and step on through. Or wait for another skiff to stop by. Five more to go! >>SAVEPOINT<< Hey look, Jawas! Aren't they cute? Well, maybe if they weren't trying to kill you. They may act afraid of you, but if you turn your back, they'll attack. Additionally, they'll use a healthy amount of grenades, which you can Force Grip and throw back at them. If you have Sith Punt, then get ready to have a ball with these guys. Otherwise, they'll go down with one or two lightsaber hits. Follow the circular path, killing Jawas along the way, then jump up onto the above platform. Start heading back in the direction you came from, jumping higher as you go. Eventually, you'll emerge above a large, rotating disc and you'll be greeted by Rodian Defenders firing on you from afar. Use the walls as cover and jump your way over to them. Or just Force Grip and throw them down. [Look upward and you'll spot Holocron #2. Keep following the outer wall around, jumping from platform to platform, until you reach some rusty, brown pipes angling upward. Walk over them and then jump up onto the next two elevated platforms. Dead end. Now, jump toward the central pillar and land on the tiny ledge circling it. Walk around and jump to the platform with the Holocron. You'll have to use a mid-air Force Dash, but you'll gain a Force Power Sphere.] Head through the hole with the light shining through. Head to your immediate left and kill the two Rodian Rippers. Continue through the narrow path and Force Push open the iron wall with an X carved into it. Drop down and kick the impudent Jawas' little asses. Jump over the raised platforms and you'll run into more Rodian blaster fire. Throw the nearby canisters at them from long-range, then close in and finish off the Rippers (if they survived). Another Defender will approach from the distance, so look out for him if you're too distracted. When it's all clear, move on and jump over the small lava pit. You'll see a shower of sparks raining down on the bridge you need to cross. Force Grip the closest sheet of metal leaning against the wall and bend it down to block the sparks. Jump down and repeat the process with the next two metal sheets until it's clear to walk through. >>SAVEPOINT<< Head through the narrow tunnel and emerge into a massive battlefield. Droids and Rodians alike are engaged in total warfare. Welcome to the fight. [Holocron #3 waits quietly on your left as you leave the tunnel. It's an easy 10,000 Force Points.] Drop down and immediately head left to take out troublesome skiff firing on you. Be quick, cause the three Rodian Defenders it drops off can cut you to shreds in seconds. Afterward, you can safely run over and grab yourself the nearby Unlimited Energy Sith Holocron. You're going to need it. The Force Droids should be coming for you by now. These guys are tough, especially when it's too early for you to have bought any kickass upgrades for yourself. Not only can they teleport to your feet from anywhere on the map, but they also fire homing missiles if you get too far away. Plus, there's a lot of them and they don't take turns attacking you. Try to focus on one in the middle of a fight and you'll probably get jumped by five others. There's where Force Lightning and lightning saber combos come in. Lightning stuns them and takes away more health than any other attack. The only problem with Force Lightning is that it drains your Force meter pretty quickly at this stage, so shock them while you can, then run away and dodge missiles until you recharge. Then repeat until they're all dead. If any happen to stand near the ledge where the skiffs drop off Rodians, then go ahead and Force Push them into the lava. Instant kill. Oh yeah, and at least three more skiffs will stop by to harass you, so kill them when you're not too busy with the droids. Once the initial excitement is over, mop up any stragglers while being careful not to get a missile in your back. [When the battle is over, face the giant crashed starship (it's a Corellian Corvette) and head to your left. There will be a giant circle near the skiffs' ledge. Force Push open the cracks and jump through to claim Holocron #4 and a Compressed Red Lightsaber Crystal]. Walk over to the giant shimmering rectangle in the ground and lift it up. Quickly jump onto it and over to the shimmering pod on top of the starship before it falls back down. Use Force Lightning on the smoking pod and jump in. >>SAVEPOINT<< Rodians! Kill the Defender before he makes life difficult for you, then end his two Ripper friends. Drop down through the hole in the floor and get ready to fight more droids! Try throwing the nearby escape pods at them for some good damage, though they tend to get destroyed quickly. Two more skiffs will park near another ledge hanging over lava, so run over and destroy them before they drop off their angry passangers. While you're there, toss your droid buddies into the lava. [Holocron #5 sits on the right side of the ledge. Get yourself 10,000 Force Points!] Head to the right of the crashed Corvette and kill the droids loitering in the area. Force Push open the metal circle with the gashes in it and head into the narrow hallway. Just run through and electrocute all the Jawas in your path. [At the end of the hall, before you jump up into the circular doorway above you, Force Push open the metal doors in front of you. Holocron #6 and 10,000 Force Points wait inside.] Jump up and run through to enter the next part of the mission. >>SAVEPOINT<< Run forward. Rippers from below will begin throwing objects at you from below. See if you can catch their stuff in mid-air and throw it back at them. Whether they're dead or not, drop down and throw some barrels at the far off Defenders before you try and cross the narrow catwalks. At the other side of the chasm awaits another Defender and two Rippers. Throw a crate to take out the Defender, then head out to meet the Rippers. Once they're dead, Force Grip the metal doors and pull them open. Head through. >>SAVEPOINT<< It's a trap! The doorway seals behind you and you're left to contend with the massive amounts of Rodians. Don't try and be a hero. Hide behind the nearby beams and start throwing canisters in the direction of red laser fire. Hopefully, you'll take out a few Defenders. When the coast is clear, head out. If a Rodian begins firing on you, try and get close enough to throw him far away. The fall might not kill him, but it'll get him out of your hair and weaken him enough for the next time you meet. Try to use the trash that floats by overhead as projectiles, especially the sparkling explosive barrels. If you think you can make it to the Sith Holocron in the center of the area, you'll gain Increased Damage. Use it wisely. If the area proves too troublesome, you can always wait near the ledge on the left and camp it. Wait for Defenders to run at you, then grab them and chuck them over the edge. Cheap, yet effective. You can do the same thing with the tall laser gate in the area. Remember, it disintegrates enemies instantly. [From where you entered, go right and around a corner. You'll see Holocron #7 next to a blue force field through which trash floats out of. Grab it for a Force Combo Sphere. Afterward, face the giant laser gate and look to your left. Holocron #8 sits on a catwalk hanging far over molten lava. It contains a Gold Lightsaber Crystal.] Once the area is clear, head through a small opening between the laser gate and a blue force field. Take the lift down and head through a short hallway to emerge into another large area. Guess what, more Rodians! Throw the canisters and boxes littering the hallway at them, or Force Grip them and pull them in with you for a little one-on-one time. You should be fairly used to negotiating wide-open areas filled with long-range enemies by now, so do whatever works best for you. Just watch out for those crafty Jawas and their damn grenades! [From the wallway, out into the open area and go right. Up on an elevated platform will be Holocron #9 and the Compressed Yellow Lightsaber Crystal. Holocron #10 sits on the bottom floor between the electrical generator and its two tall antenna. A Force Talent Sphere will be yours.] When the area is clear, Force Grip the stubby rectangular box sitting next to the electrical generator and slid it along the line in the floor. Boom! No more shield generator! >>SAVEPOINT<< I think we've made them angry. Head back through the hallway, killing some Rodians along the way, and take the lift back up. You'll come back into the previous open area surrounded from all sides by Defenders, and you'll be in a poor position to do much about it. Throw some boxes if you see any, but you may just have to chuck the Defenders, then track them down and kill them one-on-one. Just don't get more than one on you at a time. When it's safe, head to where the laser gate and the shield generator previously were and head through the tiny tunnel. >>SAVEPOINT<< You'll run into some Scrap Drones. Just zap them, they die quickly. A giant valley awaits you. Head along the left side, killing Force droids and flying droids alike, til you run into a gigantic shimmering engine. Force Lightning that sucker! Hm, well that didn't do much. You're gonna have to walk around to the other side of the valley. Do so. But wait! A Junk Titan forms to put a stop to your dastardly deeds! Oh yeah, I almost forgot that I'm supposed to be the bad guy here. This guy likes to punch the ground and then the spot where you're standing will immediately begin to glow. Move out of the way FAST, because the surrounding area will explode. Oh yeah, and he throws boulders at you. Try to time his punches right so you can throw something big at him between each one. Otherwise, you'll have to get in close and slash him to death. You can do it that way if you want, it's good practice for future AT-ST and Rancor battles. Just make sure you're not on the ground when he stomps his feet and don't get stuck beneath his body. Still, there's tons of spherical objects lying around the room to throw at the Titan, so you might as well use them. Also, there's an Increased Damage Sith Holocron on the right side of the room, so use it if you need it. In a pinch, Force Lightning will stun him for a good amount of time and so will a Leaping Slam combo. When he's near death, do the Quick Time Event for victory! Now we can continue out task at hand. Jump up onto the right side of the valley. [Whoever "hid" Holocron #11 needs to be fired. It's sitting plainly on the right side of the valley. Oh well, free 10,000 Force Points!] Walk over to the shimmering hunk of metal and Force Grip it. A cutscene will pull it down for you. Jump down, run along it, then jump to the next platform. >>SAVEPOINT<< Run over the small bridge. Scrap Guardians will pop up to foolishly try and stop you. Throw them over the edge! Once they're all gone, Force Grip the curled piece of metal and bend it down to form a jumping platform. Then double jump and dash over to the other side. [Directly ahead, you'll see several metal beams sticking up. Bend them back with a Force Push and you'll find four curled metal pieces behind them. Level each one out until they're all suitable platforms. Then jump over and claim Holocron #12, the Sith Robe costume, and then jump back.] Head through the passageway. >>SAVEPOINT<< Several droids and Drones rise up to greet you. Force Lightning them all at once in the narrow passage. Continue through and jump down into a suspicious arena. >>SAVEPOINT<< It's another Junk Titan! The only different thing about this guy than the last is that he likes to spin his arms around when you get close. So, actually, it's a big difference. This makes it harder to attack him at close range and since most of the throwable items in the area barely phase him, you're in for a much tougher fight. So what can you do? Well, do what I did, RUN! Well, sort of. The safest way to beat him is to get close enough to unleash a full Force meter of Force Lightning on him. This'll hurt the Titan a lot. Five complete Force Lightnings (at Rank Two) will be enough to activate the Quick Time Event. Otherwise, stay back while your Force meter recharges and Force Dash away from his nova punches and boulder throws. When he's dead, head up to the giant metal doors and Force Push your way through. There's no threats in this room, so just walk all the way through and step into the elevator. [Immediately on your left, after the metal doors, you'll see Holocron #13 worth 10,000 Force Points. Use one of the items littered around the room as a platform to reach the walkway above you. Holocrons #14 and #15 await up there holding a Firkrann Power Crystal and 10,000 Force Points, respectively.] >>SAVEPOINT<< BOSS FIGHT: KAZDAN PARATUS Talk about crazy. Not only does Kazdan talk to himself, but he also uses a lightsaber as a lance. Now that's just silly! It should come to no surprise that Kazdan is as weak to Force Lightning as his creations are. I mean, he's helpless against anything that deals electrical attacks! This is a good time to equip the Firkrann crystal you just picked up outside his room. If he comes at you, use Force Lightning. When he's stunned, run in and do some electical combo on him, either Sith Slash or Sith Saber Smash. They both own his socks off. Also, stab him whenever he's on the ground. As for his attacks, he'll sometimes disappear and begin crawling up the tall spire in the background, at which point he'll slam down and create a damaging shockwave around him. He'll mostly do this if you manage to push him off the stage, which is easy considering how often he'll get stunned by your lightning. Also, even though he is easy to stun, his attacks are very damaging, even his Force Pushes. Don't allow yourself to get too comfortable, because then you'll begin to forgetting blocking and he'll take that chance to tear you up. He's quick, with his spidery limbs, and he recovers quickly when he gets up. Don't rush in too easily for a hit as he rises, because he will smack you around as soon as he gets back up. Keep your distance. Also, if he does block your Force Lightning, he will counter with a Force Push, so pick your moments. At 3/4ths of his health, he'll do a Force Repulse and knock out the remaining walls of the room. Then he'll disappear and a Junk Titan will form in the middle of the room. Luckily, this one doesn't do the spinning arm trick very often, so get behind it and constantly stun it with a combination of Force Lightning and Leaping Slam while you hack away at it. Do the Quick Time Event to finish it off and Kazdan will reappear after he throws some junk at you. Hide on the left side until he jumps back into the ring. At 1/4th of his health, he'll do another Force Repulse and disappear again. Guess what? Yup, another Titan. Unfortunately, this is the kind that does the wide-sweeping melee attacks. You'll have to keep your distance from this one, which is hard considering the small size of the room. Force Lightning him down, four full-meter shocks should do it, and finish him off. Kazdan will throw more items before he lands, so avoid them on the left side, behind the standing wall once more. Finish the little rat off with a Quick Time Event! ====================================== [M03] Mission Three: Felucia AKA: Honey, I Shrunk the Apprentice! ====================================== MISSION OBJECTIVES: PRIMARY: Hunt Down and Destroy Shaak Ti BONUS: Destroy 4 Rancors FORCE POINTS BONUS: 375,000 NUMBER OF HOLOCRONS: 15 RECOMMENDED UPGRADES: Get Rank Two of Force Repulse. Later on, you're going to run into buffed Felucian Warriors and they're going to be a pain in the ass while you hunt down their leaders. Force Repulse will be useful in getting them off your back til you kill the Shaman, making the Warriors vulnerable. You've got Force Repulse! Trust me, it's gonna come in handy. Make your way across the bright pink mushrooms and enter the narrow path. Two Felucian Warriors head out to greet you. These fellows mainly use melee attacks, which may not seem horrible, but they tend to parry a lot of your saber strikes. Shock them briefly with Force Lightning, knock them down with Force Push, or throw them to the ground with Force Grip to make them defenseless against your strikes. [Holocron #1 is on your right when you come across a fork in the path. Grab it for 10,000 Force Points.] As you continue, many Warriors will come at you. If it gets too crowded, use your Force Repulse to knock them all down, then downward stab as many as you can for an instant kill. Head around the corner and you'll find a Poison-Spitter. These are the primary long-range shooters of Felucia. Luckily, they can't move, so seek cover if they're annoying you. Destroy it, the Warrior, and then enter the cave. >>SAVEPOINT<< This enormous misty, green cave is filled to the brim with Warriors. Be prepared to defend yourself as soon as you step inside. Throw them into the big pit in the middle if their parries cause trouble, or you just want to vent. [Head toward the center pit and drop down to a level below your own. You'll find Holocron #2 with 10,000 Force Points.] Make your way around the pit and head up the first ramp on your left, all while constantly killing Felucian Warriors. The next level up is a dead end, so you'll have to walk around a bit til you line up with another ramp. Jump down onto it and continue your ascent. [Okay, I lied. It's not really a dead end. Follow the second level's path all the way around and you'll find Holocron #3 and 10,000 Force Points behind the ramp.] Grab the Increased Damage Sith Holocron and go ape on the Warriors. On the third level of the cave, keep following the pathway upward. You'll run into another Spitter, so kill it (or give it a peace sign and move on, it doesn't really matter to me, it can't chase you). [From where the Spitter is, you can see Holocron #4 floating on a small platform suspended over the cave's pit. Jump to it for 10,000 Force Points.] On the fourth floor, you'll find a Health Drain Sith Holocron, just in case you've still got some persistent Warriors on your ass. Watch out for the bulb pods hanging off the plants. They get really numerous up there and, if a stray shot his a bulb with you next to it, it could set off a chain reaction that takes away most of your health. [Near the top, you'll see another suspended platform hanging near the ledge. Jump onto it and follow the trail of similar platforms upward. At the very top, you'll find Holocron #5 with an Unstable Red Lightsaber Crystal.] When you're done playing with the Warriors, head through the exit tunnel. >>SAVEPOINT<< You'll be introduced to the Felucian Shaman. These guys give a buff to their surrounding Warriors, which makes combat a bit more complicated. In fact, some Shaman give the Warriors an invincibility buff, in which you can't hurt them at all until the Shaman dies. This is what Force Repulse is for. Knock down the grunt Warriors, then dash toward the Shaman and asssassinate him. Then mop up the rest. [Head to your right from the cave exit. You'll find Holocron #6 hidden behind a tooth-like growth. Collect its 10,000 Force Point goodness.] Head left once the Shaman and Warriors are dead. Watch out for those bubbles on the ground! If you step on them, they'll explode and knock you on your ass. You'll have to be careful of them for the rest of the mission, so watch your feet! You'll enter a wide-open area with, guess what, invincible Warriors! Make a beeline straight for the red Shaman and kill him. There's only one problem: there's two Shamans. And they're both guarded by a Spitter. And then typically, when you begin to attack a Shaman, a Warrior will come stab you in the back. My suggestion is to hit-and-run. More specifically, run over to a Shaman and Force Push him onto his back before he can teleport. Then run over and downward stab him. He'll survive one hit, so it takes two. However, the Warriors might be on you before you can finish the Shaman off. Retreat if needed, you can get him next time. Lead the Warriors away, then circle back. Do the same for the next Shaman. Then mop up the Warriors. [On the left-hand side of the area is a secret path that goes beyond the boundaries of the minimap. Follow it to nab Holocron #7, which is the Compressed Gold Lightsaber Crystal. Go back to the area and begin lifting up all the tooth-like plants in the area. Holocron #8, 10,000 Force Points, is under one of them.] >>SAVEPOINT<< Follow the tunnel and kill any Warriors you find along the way. [At some point in the tunnel, you'll find Holocron #9, a Force Combo Sphere, floating in the middle of a split pathway, basking in some sunlight. It's hard not to see it.] >>SAVEPOINT<< Ahead, you'll see a Felucian Chieftan. He's the big yellow guy, can't miss him. They're basically just really tough Warriors, mostly because THEY BLOCK ALL THE TIME. But that's okay, just Force Grip this one and throw him into the abyss. You can do the same for the invulnerable Warriors if you can't find the Shaman. Anyways, move on and drop down into the big arena. I smell a mini-boss fight! >>SAVEPOINT<< Oh boy, smell was right. It's a Rancor. Oh please, these guys aren't as tough as they look. At least this one isn't, because there's an Increased Damage Sith Holocron right in the center of the area. Grab it, then go to town on the beast. If you choose to melee, make sure you stay behind it. He can turn moderately fast, but you can run faster. Just treat him like a Junk Titan and you should be fine. If you need to, throw explosive bulbs at him from afar, but keep an eye on the nearby Warriors who will try to interfer. Kill them first if you want, but you'll need to juggle your attention between them and where the Rancor is. [When the coast is clear, look for Holocron #10 to the left of where you fell down. It holds 10,000 Force Points.] When everything is finally dead, move on. >>SAVEPOINT<< Glowing Warriors. More Shamans! And Chieftans! You've got your work cut out for you this time. Here's my recommendation: dash past all of them, staying in the air as best you can, and grab the Unlimited Energy Sith Holocron near the entrance to the tunnel. Once you have it, start spamming the hell out of Force Repulse, making sure the Spitter isn't killing you. Find that Shaman and just keep spamming Force Repulse until it kills him. When the red glow of terror fades from the Warriors and Chieftan, then just keep being cheap with the Force Repulse until the Holocron wears off. You'll probably kill most of them by then. When they're all dead, enter the tunnel. Warriors, with the help of one Shaman, greet you in the tunnel. Force Repulse the Shaman, stab, and kill the Warriors. [Holocron #11 is sitting really obviously in the middle of the tunnel. It holds 10,000 Force Points.] Keep going through the tunnel, killing another Shaman and his Warrior cronies, before entering a more open space. >>SAVEPOINT<< Holy crap! Three Rancors? Well, it seems like we're about to get our Bonus Objective. Luckily, they'll only come at you one at a time. Once the first one dies, the next one steps up, and then the third. Begin by throwing the nearby explosive bulbs at Contestent Number One. Of course, it'd be too easy if the Warriors just let you kill the Rancor. You've got to either move to avoid the incoming Warriors, or kill them quickly and refocus on the Rancor, because he'll start throwing boulders at you as he walks closer. Prioritize! When the Rancor does get close, stick to his back and attack. If you want to be really cheap, then jump up onto the first platform on your right. The Rancor won't attack you up there, so you can simply use Force Lightning on it like we did with the Junk Titan. However, be aware that Warriors will jump up there to attack you. When the first Rancor dies, then the Warriors really begin to come out of the woodwork. A Chieftan will jump down from the Rancor you just killed, another will join from elsewhere, a Shaman enters the mix, and tons of Warriors back them up. It's best to retreat back to where you entered the area and let them all come to you. Beat them the best way you know how, though I'd suggest hunting down the Shaman in the open area, then retreating to the congested funnel. It seems as though they will never stop spawning, but they will. The second Rancor is a throwing. Very rarely will he chase after you, even if you hide behind cover. So either risk doing melee combat, or just hide while your Force meter recharges for more Force Lightning. It's not like he's going to try and stop you. A handful of Warriors will step forth to accompany the last Rancor's Chieftan. Deal with them before the Rancor, since you have such a wide-open space to do it in now, then focus on the Rancor. You've killed three of them, I don't think one more will be very challenging. [When the battlefield falls silent, four Holocrons await collection. Holocron #12 is visible on the right, up on a platform, from the room's entrance, and it holds 10,000 Force Points. Keep hugging the right-hand wall and you'll find Holocron #13 on another platform. It has a Force Talent Sphere. Holocron #14 is on the left-hand side of the area and it contains a Force Power Sphere. Lastly, Holocron #15 is hiding behind the second pillar in the area and contains 10,000 Force Points.] Run to the tunnel at the far end of the area. >>SAVEPOINT<< BOSS FIGHT: SHAAK TI I cannot say this enough: WATCH YOUR FEET. Those damn acid bubbles are back and they're more annoying than ever. So many times I've rushed over to Shaak Ti to try and stab her when she's down and I've ran right into a damn bubble. ARGH! Just be careful. If you're lucky, she'll step on them, too, or you can throw her into them. Much like Kazdan, Shaak Ti is most vulnerable to the ability to learned in her level: Force Repulse. It seems like it doesn't matter where she is or what she's doing, but Force Repulse will knock her on her ass (and hopefully bounce her into some acid bubbles). You'll especially want to use this when she's running at you. However, it seems that Force Repulse is so powerful, that it knocks her too far away for you to do anything before she gets up. You'll have to hope she hits an acid bubble, or bounce her off a wall so that she lands closer. One of her attacks involves her putting a red Force shield around her as she charges up an attack over her head. Get some distance from her and get ready to jump over the energy ball she shoots at you. It's not too difficult. The main challenge involves NOT HITTING A DAMN BUBBLE WHILE YOU RUN AWAY. Okay, I'll calm down now. Also, she'll put up a Force shield and send a ground shockwave at you. This doesn't take as long to charge up as her energy attack, so it may catch you off guard. Just be ready. If she's really far away, she'll put up the Force shield and then charge directly at you. This usually follows a Force Push. NOT ONLY THAT, but she'll also put up the shield and whistle to summon three Felucian Warriors. Hot damn, she's versatile. The Warriors aren't anything special, and they do provide some good health. Shaak Ti isn't a slouch in the fencing department, either. One of her combos includes performing a few slashes, then quickly leaping into the air and slamming down with an outward shockwave. She'll also string several hits together, leaving you very little time to react. VERY BAD if you have your back to her. She'll do all of these attacks, even the Force shield ones, in rapid succession. Don't think she'll be done attacking after she does one move. My suggestion is to hit her with Force Repulse right off the bat. This'll knock her all the way across the stage. As she gets up, back off to let your Force meter recharge. By the time she runs back into range, you should have enough to do anything Force Repulse. Keep doing that over and over and you'll slowly wittle her down. This is a battle of patience. Rush in and she'll hand your ass to you. At about 2/3rd of her health, the battlestage will change to right in front of a Sarlacc pit. This is tougher because the stage is smaller and she'll summon Warriors more often. When she jumps off the top of the screen, then that means the Sarlacc tentacles are about to come down on your head. It can be tricky dodging them, but you can always go to the far left and far right to avoid them all. Unfortunately, that's always where all the acid bubbles are. Mind your feet! Just keep moving and using Force Repulse when it's up. The Warriors become so common that they'll bounce around like pinballs and, slowly, they regenerate your health. Your main goal is to focus on avoiding the tentacles, since Shaak Ti does that attack more than anything. Preserve your health and hit her with the occassional Force Repulse. Try hanging on the far right side of the stage, beyond the acid bubbles. Here, you can't be hit by the tentacles and, when Shaak Ti comes to you, she's more likely to take extra damage from the surrounding bubbles. Just be careful about the Warriors' leap attack. It hurts. When she's near death, Quick Time Event, blah, blah, blah, she's dead! ================================= [M04] Mission Four: The Empirical AKA: Apprentice Without a Cause ================================= MISSION OBJECTIVES: PRIMARY: Escape the ISS Empirical BONUS: Destroy All Remaining Escape Pods FORCE POINTS BONUS: 150,000 NUMBER OF HOLOCRONS: 5 RECOMMENDED UPGRADES: Rank 3 Force Repulse is a good idea, considering the tight quarters of the ship. Also, you're going to be fighting a lot of Stormtroopers from now on and it's a good move against their large numbers. Begin the mission by performing a massive Force Repulse inside the glass cage. Very impressive! Unfortunately, you're now going to die. Quick! Find the shimmering power generator on your right and drag it upward. The gas stops and you're free to leave. Step through the exit. [Hey looK! Free Holocron #1! Hm, it's not going to explode, is it? Ah well, enjoy your Blue Lightsaber Crystal.] Ah, Stormtroopers! Mostly, you can kill these guys however you want, they're hardly a threat. I suppose in large numbers, if you simply ignore them, they could kill you. Either way, just have fun with them. I like to throw a Force Push at the window that they're all standing next to and watch them get sucked out into space. Ha ha, whee! Enter the next room and meet the new batch of Stormtrooper: the Evo Stormtrooper. These guys have a shotgun-like weapon that can tear you apart instantly. Worst yet, they're invulnerable to electical damage. Instead, it powers up a shield around them that does damage to YOU. So now would be a good time to take off the Firkrann crystal in your lightsaber. Not that getting into a melee scrap with the Evos is a good idea. Your best bet right now is to either throw them or throw something at them. Bash them against walls, then run over and stab them through. Easy-peasy. [Know what else is easy? The Holocron #2 inside the glass tube. Grab it for a Force Combo Sphere. Then, head back the way you entered the room, but on the bottom floor instead. You'll find Holocron #3 and a Force Talent Sphere.] Force Push open the door and head into the hallway. >>SAVEPOINT<< Head through and kill Stormtroopers the same way you did when you left the medical room. Break them windows! Mwahaha! Keep going til you go through a door and enter the escape pod room. Then quickly leave! Damn, it's crowded in there, and with a bunch of Evos, you won't last long. The best technique is to peek your head inside and quickly Force Grab a hapless victim and pull him into the hallway with you to finish off at your leisure. Unfortunately, some of the Evos have their shield up, which means they're impervious to Force powers, and the shield won't go down til you hit it with a lightsaber. Additionally, there's a new type of Stormtrooper, the Shadow Trooper, that phases in and out of visibility and can stun you. This is BAD, because they the shotgun-happy Evos can rip you a new one if they see you. With enough perseverence, you'll clear the room. Now step inside and let's do that Bonus Objective! Walk over to each escape pod and hit them with Force Lightning. When the engines light up, that means it'll explode in a few seconds. Good work! [Holocron #4 is waiting in the escape pod pit. It holds a Force Power Sphere.] Force Push the door open. >>SAVEPOINT<< Sith Holocron! And it's... Restore Health. Ah well. Send a Force Push down the hallway to destablize the Stormtroopers, then run in and do a Force Repulse. Hunt down the Commanders that survive and kill them. [Holocron #5 is hiding behind some barrels at the end of this hallway. Grab its Lorrdian Power Crystal.] Force Push open the door and meet the Purge Trooper! This guy can be a real pain in the ass, but get used to fighting him, because he's about to become really common. It's important to note that these guys HATE electricity. You know what that means. Force Lightning! Of course, the Purge Trooper's two cohorts aren't going to make your job easy. They'll stun you, which allows the Purge Trooper to fire his homing missiles. AND THEY HURT A LOT. So try to pull the two Evos through the gap in the broken door like you did in the escape room. Otherwise, they will beat you. Once they're gone, the best tactic with the Purge Trooper is to let it chase you til you can fire off Force Lightning. Then rush in and perform your lightning saber combos on it. It'll die quickly. Now get that door open! Kill the Stormtroopers with a Force Repulse and then stab all the tough ones on the ground. If you want to, throw them into the laser gate. Once they're all gone, you need to deal with the two Purge Troopers on the bottom floor. Try and kill one entirely with Force Lightning by targetting it from above and using the walkway as cover. Two Purger Troopers are just murder right now. Once one is dead, you can drop down and go man-to-machine with the last one. When they're dead, pull up the two power generators and run over to Juno. OH FINE, kill the Imperial Officers IF YOU MUST. =========================== [M05] Mission Five: Cloud City AKA: Liquor + Jedi = Fun! =========================== MISSION OBJECTIVES: PRIMARY: Escape Cloud City with General Kota BONUS: Freeze 10 Imperials in carbonite FORCE POINTS BONUS: 200,000 NUMBER OF HOLOCRONS: 5 RECOMMENDED UPGRADES: I have no idea what you've been buying as far as Force Talents go, but I would recommend you begin investing in Vitality and Resilience. There's not a lot of cover on Cloud City, and there won't be on Kashyyk either, so you'll want to get the most health possible out of each puny Stormtrooper you kill. Additionally, the Resilience helps you survive a few seconds longer when surrounded. You'll begin next to a carbonite chamber strangely converted into a bar. Huh. Anyways, the Ugnaughts are as harmless as Jawas. Punt them if you wish, but they generally won't harm you. In fact, the ones here will run away. So, how good are you with Force Grip by now? If you're really good, you can grab any nearby Imperial (either a Stormtrooper or one of the Senate Guards) and drop them into the carbonite chamber you start next to. Try and freeze as many as you can for your Bonus Objective. Move on through the bar area, killing Troopers and Guards. The Senate Guards aren't very tough, especially if you elect to freeze them or throw them over the railings. In fact, I'd recommend just throwing them if you ever face one with Stormtroopers firing on you. [Holcron #1, a Ruusan Power Crystal, is sitting above the semi-circular bar. Jump up onto the overhanging. Holocron #2 is nestled inside the second carbonite chamber near the exit tunnel. It holds the Unstable Gold Lightsaber Crystal.] Head through the tunnel and emerge outside. >>SAVEPOINT<< Senate Guards rush to meet you. Use Force Repulse to bounce them off the walls for some good damage, then downward stab them. Head up either ramp. [Or take the right ramp and, when you reach the top, look down over the railing. You'll spot Holocron #3 and its 10,000 Force Points.] See cylindrical canisters littering the path? Those contain carbonite. Throw them at enemies (or throw enemies at them) and they'll die instantly. Do it enough time and you'll get your Bonus Objective. Head out into the open area. Directly ahead, an Imperial transport will drop off some Stormtroopers. Dispatch them quickly, then start heading up the ramp to the upper-level catwalks. Watch out for Scout snipers. You can easily tell by the yellow line that'll follow you around. Simply follow it to find the sniper. If you get hit, not only can the blast briefly stun you, but it can also take off a HUGE chunk of your health. More Guards will soon arrive to lock sabers with you. Throw them or freeze them. Another new enemies will soon show up. Jumptroopers. Stormtroopers with jetpacks. They'll periodically shoot bursts of fire on you, which can come from seemingly nowhere. Most of the time, they'll catch you off guard unless you're actively switching the camera around and looking for them. Luckily, they're weak to Force Lightning. Shock them for a second or two and their jetpack will malfunction and they'll explode soon after. Just watch out cause they'll still shoot at you while they're flying out of control. Keep heading across the walkways. [When you reach the first circular part of the walkway, look left. You'll find Holocron #4 floating high above the area you were just at. Double jump and Force Dash to win a Force Combo Sphere. Get back up to the circular catwalk. Just past it, you'll see a long rectangular platform above the catwalk. Jump up onto it and look left. Holocron #5 and the Unstable Yellow Lightsaber Crytal are at the far end.] You might lose track of Kota at this point, but you'll never really have to worry about him. The enemies always attack you, not him, and he can take care of himself. >>SAVEPOINT<< Kill the Stormtroopers and Scouts in your way, then head down the ramp on your right. You'll enter another large, open platform, but this time you'll have to contend with Ugnaughts riding mechs! First thing's first, turn to your right and kill the two Scouts and the Guard that just got off a transport. You don't want them picking you off from afar. There will also be some Jumptroopers in the area, but they may not show up all at once, so be wary as you attack the mechs. The mechs will pick up canisters and throw them at you. So do the same. When you're out of items, get close and use Force Lightning to shock them. Treat each one like another Junk Titan or Rancor, though they are considerably less danger. They'll do a shockwave stop if you get too close and also fire a tracking laser at you, though it doesn't do much damage if it clips you. If the two mechs get too close together, just retreat and throw canisters at them both. Kill one as fast as you can, then destroy the other. Once both mechs are dead, you'll face a Shadow Guard, along with some Stormtroopers and a new batch of Jumptroopers. Kill them as fast as you can so you can focus on the Shadow Guard. He's got some Force powers of his own. He can use Force Lightning, Force Push, and he can even Force Grab you. When he does, rapidly your Force button to get out of it. There's no real weakness to this guy, nor is there any real strength. Anything will work on him if you're persistent, except Force Grab. Knock him down and stab him. His attacks aren't very damaging, either. When he's weak, do a simple Quick Time Event to end the mission. ================================================================ [M06] Mission Six: Imperial Kashyyyk AKA: How to Earn a Million Life-Debts in One Easy Installment! ================================================================ MISSION OBJECTIVES: PRIMARY: Investigate the Imperial Base on Kashyyyk BONUS: Destroy the Imperial Comm Tower FORCE POINTS BONUS: 360,000 NUMBER OF HOLOCRONS: 15 RECOMMENDED UPGRADES: Get Dashing Blast if you don't have it already. You'll need it in the next few levels to reach difficult places. Ah, Kashyyyk. It's good to be back. Aside from the small brush fires. And the destroyed buildings. And the crushing Imperial presence and slave trade. But look at that prime beach real estate! Head forward to investigate the house. [But before you go, head left and grab Holocron #1 and its Compressed Blue Lightsaber Crysal.] A cutscene begins. Oh no, zombie ghosts! Okay, not so much, but very mysterious. >>SAVEPOINT<< Head forward. [WAIT! Turn around and look behind a bent piece of wood to find Holocron #2, Kento's Robe.] You'll run into some very much environmentally-unfriendly Stormtroopers. Those flames HURT! Do not get too close to these guys. Too bad they have a shield, right? Well, you can knock the shield off by throwing explosives at them, like the barrels to your left. This saves you from having to melee them. Once the shield is gone, kill them from a distance, because their flamethrower explodes when they die and it'll damage you if you're too close. If you're out of explosives, throw your saber. Once you pass the Flametroopers, an AT-ST shows up. Hide behind a nearby tree stump and make it come to you, because the Eweb turrets at the wall will chew you up if you fight on their terms. Throw explosives at the AT-ST until it catches up to you. Suffice to say, these guys are not unlike Rancors, so fight them like one. Only thing is, they're easier because they don't have hands. Avoid the shockwave stomp, shock them, slash them, do the Quick Time Event kill. Voila! [For a reward, look for Holocron #3 on the right side of the path. It's way up high, hiding behind a rock outcropping. Use a nearby tree stump to reach its 10,000 Force Points.] Head over to the large steel wall. Throw rocks or barrels at the Eweb turrets from afar, or double jump up and electrocute them. Either way, Force Grip the door and pry it open. >>SAVEPOINT<< Catwalks galore! Grab the Health Restore Sith Holocron if you need it and dispatch the Stormtroopers. Watch out for invisible Shadow Troopers. [Also watch for Holocron #4 on a narrow, thin beam to your left. Get the 10,000 Force Points and don't fall off!] Keep heading across the catwalks and walk for the Scout sniper high on your left. Hit him with a barrel. You'll reach a fork. [From the junction, you'll be able to see Holocron #5 on another thin beam. Double Jump up and walk over to it and get 10,000 Force Points. Be careful of the Eweb turret fire. Then return to the fork.] Head along the upper path and use the heated radiators as cover from the Eweb turret fire. Throw the Stormtroopers over the edge and take out the turret. [From where the Eweb turret sits, look back at the path with the heated radiators. Holocron #6 floats behind the large pipe over the pathway. It has 10,000 Force Points.] There's an Invinciblity Sith Holocron nearby, but look directly across from it. You'll see the Comm Tower and a grated panel on the side of it. Rip the panel off with Force Grip and then use Force Lightning on the generator inside. Continue along the catwalk. Jumptroopers will appear on your right, so shock them into oblivion. Evo Troopers will rush at you, so use the conveniently placed barrels or throw them over the edge (for bonus points, throw the Evos at the Jumptroopers. Whee!) Start heading down the ramps. When you get to a square, transparent shield, you'll see another steel wall flanked by two Eweb turrets in the distance. These ones shoot homing missiles instead of lasers, so grab the nearby explosive barrels and take them out from a distance. If that fails, use Force Lightning. [From the transparent shield, look behind you. Next to a large pipe and the Comm Tower, you'll find Holocron #7. Jump to it and nab a Force Combo Sphere.] When you're back on the ground, walk around to the side of the Comm Tower. Pull off the panel and shock the generator. You'll complete your Bonus Objective. Pull open the huge metal door and run inside. An Eweb turret and several Stormtroopers await you, but just run up to the turret and use a Force Repulse to take them all out at once. Then move on. >>SAVEPOINT<< Step around the large monitors and you'll run into an Imperial Royal Guard. He's not so tough; basically just a weak version of a Shadow Guard. Knock him down and then stab him over and over til he dies. Further inside, you'll find a caged Wookiee. Poor guy. Let him out if you want, but he won't do anything. [Holocron #8, however, will give you 10,000 Force Points. It's sitting on top of the Bantha horns.] Head toward the doors to begin a cutscene. >>SAVEPOINT<< Time to save some Wookies. Follow the path around and you'll enter an area full of Scout snipers and other Stormtroopers. Grab the Invincibility Sith Holocron to get started right. Try and take out the Flametrooper and Senate Guard while you're impervious to their attacks. When it runs out, however, jump on top of the nearby Wookiee cage box to reach the sniper. Kill him. [Then grab Holocron #9 next to him. It's a Force Power Sphere.] You can slash the cages to release the Wookiees. They'll immediately begin attacking the Imperials, so you can use them as a distraction while you head for the snipers. They're a priority. Head to the next part of the area. More Stormtroopers, another Scout, and a Senate Guard. Release the Wookies! Getting to this Scout can be tough. You'll need to stand on the nearest Wookiee cage and use a double jump combined with Dashing Blast to land on the platform. Kill the sniper. [Holocron #10, which holds 10,000 Force Points, sits next to him. Drop back down and open the Wookiee cage you stood on to claim another 10,000 Force Points and Holocron #11.] When the entire area is clear, head through the door. >>SAVEPOINT<< Yay, Stormtroopers and laser gates! Throw them into it! At each laser gate here, you'll need to Force Grip the end of the glowing cord and pull it out of the wall. There will also be Wookiees trapped in jail cells along the wall, so bend the doors open and let them out if you want some help. Head toward the second laser gate, take out the Eweb turret, and pull the plug. Here you'll run into some Evo and Shadow Troopers. Take them out, or throw them into the laser gate farther on. [Instead of a Wookie, Holocron #12 is inside the first jail cell on your right after the bend in the tunnel. It's a Force Talent Sphere.] Beyond the third laser gate waits a Purge Trooper and an Eweb turret. Throw a crate to take out the turret quickly, then throw another at the Purge Trooper. When they're on the ground, Purge Troopers die quickly to downward stabs. The only trick is actually managing to knock them down, which throwing objects does well. Grab the Unlimited Energy Sith Holocron if it'll help you out. [Right in front of the fourth laser gate is another jail cell with Holocron #13. It awards 10,000 Force Points.] Disable the last laser gate and then deal with the lone Purge Trooper. >>SAVEPOINT<< Here we go, the Skyhook. There's a lot of enemies milling around it, so prepare for a battle. [As you approach the Skyhook, you'll see Holocron #14 on your right, hanging up in a tree. Grab it for a Purple Lightsaber Crystal.] You'll notice that the area around the Skyhook is divided into sections by spokes sticking out of the central tower. As long as you stay inside each section, then typically only the enemies in your immediate area will attack you and enemies in other sections will patiently wait their turn, which is good because there's a LOT of Purge Troopers here and it can take awhile to kill each one. Slowly make your way around the Skyhook and focus on killing Eweb turrets, then Scouts, then any Stormtroopers, then Purge Troopers (in that order) in each section. There's also some Wookiee cages, so let them go if you want some help, though they don't really help so much as divert focus from you for five seconds, but it's better than nothing. There's also a few Sith Holocrons in the area, including Increased Damage, Unlimited Energy, and Health Drain, but you might want to save these for the boss fight. Just pace yourself slowly, use cover wisely, and don't step into the sight of a Purge Trooper or Eweb turret until you're ready to fight it. When the entire area is clear, you're ready to pull out the pins. [But don't forget Holocron #15, which holds 10,000. It's floating right next to the central tower on the right-hand side from the entrance.] Use Force Grip to pull each pin upward. When it explodes, you can toss it aside. However, after you pull your second one out, Sturn will step out to fight you. BOSS FIGHT: CAPTAIN OZZK STURN Oh please, this guy barely counts as a boss. He's just like any other AT-ST, except with a bigger cannon. Just stay behind him and he'll never get a chance to use it. Jump up and slash at the back of his head, then land with a Leaping Slam to stun him. Then jump up and repeat til he dies. Throw in Force Lightning if he gets away from you. He'll go down in no time. Now pull out the rest of the Skyhook pins. Mission Accomplished! ======================================== [M07] Mission Seven: Imperial Felucia AKA: Where's a Fett When You Need One? ======================================== MISSION OBJECTIVES: PRIMARY: Find and Rescue Senator Bail Organa BONUS: Release the Sarlacc FORCE POINTS BONUS: 425,000 NUMBER OF HOLOCRONS: 15 RECOMMENDED UPGRADES: You should definitely have Rank Three Force Lightning by now. I think it's the most useful Force power in the game. Your selection of Force Talents is entirely dependent on your personal play style. If you use your lightsaber a lot, get Saber Combat, and if you find using Force powers a lot, get Talents that help with that. The level begins with a firefight in progress between the Felucians and the Imperials. Jump down and join the fight! Now that you're back on Felucia, you'll have to deal with the Warriors again. They haven't changed much, but you'll have to fight them while dealing with Evo Troopers. Use your old Force Repulse tactic, but be aware that the Evos may have their shield up and, thus, won't be affected. If all else fails, throw canisters at them all. [Holocron #1 is at the tip of a particular huge tooth-like structure in the center of the battlefield. Jump up it and claim a Force Talent Sphere. Also, look near the parked Imperial transport for a secret, off-borders passageway. At the end, you'll find a Flametrooper and Holocron #2, a Green Lightsaber Crysal.] More Evos and a Purge Trooper await further on down the map. Dispatch them and head up the metal ramp ahead. [If you can past the ramp, you'll find another tooth-like protuberance. Lift it up to find Holocron #3 and 10,000 Force Points inside.] Force Repulse the Eweb turrets. >>SAVEPOINT<< Utilize the nicely placed shields as you make your way down the walkway. Use the barrels on the Evo Troopers and kill each Purge Trooper in single combat. Just don't go down too far before the first one you meet is dead. Keep going til the metal walkway ends. [Look up and to your right. Use the mushroom to reach Holocron #4 and its Compressed Purple Lightsaber Crystal.] >>SAVEPOINT<< There's a bunch of Evo Troopers and a Flametrooper ahead. Don't get too close to them, because there's an Eweb turret high above your right that will shoot you to pieces. Instead, let them come close and pull anyone unshielded to you. Finish him off, then do the same to the others. Throw your lightsaber to kill the Flametrooper. When they're dead, head out and throw an explosive bulb at the Eweb turret. Move father on and an AT-ST shows up. Plus, rocks fall down to block your progress. Kill the damn thing, you know how. Just be patient. Trying to take shortcuts in your attacks will just make you slip up. When it's dead, Force Push the rocks out of the way. [Jump up into the small tunnel to the right of the rockslide. Holocron #5, with 10,000 Force Points, sits right at the entrance. Move further in to find Holocron #6 and a Force Power Sphere.] >>SAVEPOINT<< Head forward and another AT-ST drops down on top of some Stormtroopers and Warriors. This one can be a bit tough just because you'll have Stormtroopers and Spitters firing on you. However, if you put the AT-ST between yourself and the Spitters, then they'll actually attack the AT-ST instead. You'll have to Force Repulse the Stormtroopers to death when you get the chance, but don't do it when the AT-ST is facing, or you'll get bit. Move on when it's dead. >>SAVEPOINT<< Apparently the Imperials decided the Sarlacc needed some remodeling. Head toward the large vehicle on your right. Eweb turrets will begin firing at you from a distance, so dash in quickly and climb up the side. When you reach them, do a Force Repulse to knock away the Stormtroopers manning the turrets. If anyone gives you some trouble, especially the Evo Troopers, throw them into the Sarlacc. At the top of the machine, zap the shimmering blue generator with your Force Lightning. [Look up at where the cables are. Holocron #7 sits up there and awards a Vexxtal Power Crystal. Then drop down to the ground and walk around the giant machine. Next to one of the treads is 10,000 Force Points in the form of Holocron #8.] Your Bonus Objective is to cut three chains holding Sarlacc tentacles with your lightsaber. However, they're too far, so you'll have to throw your saber. One of the chains is right next to the first crane machine. Get closer to it until a targetting box shows up on the chain, then throw your lightsaber. Walk around the Sarlacc pit and head across the bridge. Stormtroopers, some Evos, and a Purge Trooper await you. Use Force Push and Force Repulse to knock them over the edge, then deal with the Purge Trooper. The elevator is inactive for now, so head down the left bridge. [When the ceiling overhead ends, turn around and jump on top of it. You'll find Holocron #9 with 10,000 Force Points.] Climb up the second crane vehicle, Force Repulse the Stormtroopers and Eweb turrets, shock the generator, and cut down another tentacle chain. Head back to the elevator, cross the third bridge, and do the same thing. Climb, Force Repulse, Force Lightning, cut chain. Now head back to the elevator and step onto it. >>SAVEPOINT<< And I thought they smelled back on the outside! I... apologize for that. Well, head down the metal pathway. [Holocron #10 is on your right. You can't miss those 10,000 Force Points!] As you head down the tunnel, don't worry about the tiny tentacles that grap you. They don't do any damage and just slow you down slightly. What you do want to worry about is the large, gaping hole in the side of the tunnel. If you step in front of it, it WILL kill you, no matter how much life you have (lower difficulties can survive falling it at least once). Use Force Lightning on the little generator in front of the hole and you can safely run by for a few seconds. Pass the horde of barrels and crates and you'll emerge into a huge cavern. Jump down and fall into the hole on the floor. [Holocron #11 is floating WAY out over the floor. To get it, you'll need to double jump, Force Dash, and then use Dashing Blast to reach it. Be careful you don't fall into the hole on the center or you won't be able to try again. It holds 10,000 Force Points.] >>SAVEPOINT<< Keep heading through the tunnels, using the generators to safely pass the killer maws. >>SAVEPOINT<< You'll reach a long cavern with heavy winds. If the wind hits you, you'll be knocked all the way to where you started. You need to wait for the wind to stop, then run foward and hide behind a pillar (stand in the light). Wait until the wind calms down again and move forward. [Holocron #12 is behind one of the pillars on your right. It has 10,000 Force Points.] Don't worry about the Warriors in the cavern. The wind will keep them too busy to fight you. Enter the room at the end and the Sarlacc will throw you up. Must've been something he ate! Ha ha! ...Sorry. >>SAVEPOINT<< You'll land in the middle of another Felcian and Imperial battle. Worst yet, there's a Shaman in the area. Go kill him. On your right will be a Rancor. Don't even THINK about taking it on with all those Evo Troopers around. In fact, stand back and they'll attack it for you. They can't kill it, but they can severely weaken it for you. You can help by throwing explosive bulbs at it. When that's all done, kill the Eweb turrets from afar with some more bulbs. [Head back to where you started and you'll see Holocron #13 high above you. Use a nearby mushroom to jump to it for a Force Combo Sphere.] Head up the steps to the next ground level. Force Repulse the next two Eweb Turrets. [Then turn around and look back over the steps. Jump out to Holocron #14 and get your Unstable Blue Lightsaber Crystal.] >>SAVEPOINT<< Time for some Felucians! Kill the Spitters quickly or they'll harass you while you deal with the Chieftans. Force Lightning kills the plants quickly. Afterward, deal with the Chieftans. They shouldn't be hard since they haven't change at all and you've become more powerful. In the next part, you'll be swamped with a Rancor and several Warriors. Don't go too far or you'll have Spitters, too. It's stupid to run to them, so let the Rancor come to you. He'll be unable to follow you beyond a point in the path marked by a metal piece of junk. So stand there and shock him to death while he stands there stupidly. Then finish off the Warriors and the Spitters. [Holocron #15 is sitting to your left along some explosive bulbs. It has 10,000 Force Points.] Further along, you'll face more Warriors with two Shamans. You can kill them if you want, or just dash past them and to the boss. BOSS FIGHT: BULL RANCOR This guy isn't too tough, just intimidating. The trick is to not melee him, cause he'll knock you away. Back away from the Rancor and let him charge at you. At the last second, dodge out of the way. He'll stop for a good few seconds, giving you time to tear into his backside. Just don't stay there too long or he'll hit you when he recovers. Give yourself time to back out. Also, make sure you're not staying next to some bones when you're about to dodge his charge, or they'll stop you and you'll take the hit. Also, you'll need to watch out for Maris the entire time. She'll pop in and out to harass you and she does it more frequently the more you damage the Rancor. If you hear the hiss of her lightsaber, which means she's back, then it's usually safer to hold back an opportunity to attack that to risk having her jump you while you're hitting the Rancor. Use Force Lightning instead because that way you can see what's around you. She'll use Force Push and throw her lightsaber at you besides melee attacks. When the Bull Rancer is near death, do the Quick Time Event. BOSS FIGHT: MARIS BROOD This chick shares her master's weakness: Force Repulse. What Maris likes to do is phase in and out of visibility and try to catch you by surprise. Luckily, this is very easy to avoid if you just keep moving and stay in the air. Try jumping just when you think she's about to attack and you'll avoid her. Then, when still in the air, do a Force Repulse. Most of the time, this'll knock her to the floor. Do a downward stab for extra damage, but it isn't necessary. When her attacks do connect, they're brutal. Her combo will knock you to the floor and then she'll immediately throw her lightsabers at you, which will hit you before you can get up. AND THEN she'll throw a Force Push at you. So, basically, don't get on the ground or you're screwed. Any other time she throws her lightsabers, they're unblockable, so just get out of the way. Most of the time, her Force Push follows immediately after the saber throw, but I've seen her do it at other times. Otherwise, a very predictable, and easy, fight (if you've got good timing). Quick Time Event and victory! ================================================================= [M08] Mission Eight: Imperial Raxus Prime AKA: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Star Destroyer ================================================================= MISSION OBJECTIVES: PRIMARY: Destroy the Orbital Shipyard BONUS: Destroy the Imperial Tractor Beam Tower FORCE POINTS BONUS: 500,000 NUMBER OF HOLOCRONS: 15 RECOMMENDED UPGRADES: Rank Three Force Grip is helpful so you can Grip several enemies at once and toss them into the many laser gates littering this mission. Or throw them over cliffs. Back in trash. Great. Run forward and drop down to meet some old Rodian buddies. Say hi by KILLING THEM. [Holocron #1 is a bit out of the way. Jump up onto the narrow platform on your right. Walk to the end and you'll see another platform high and to your left. Double Jump and use Dashing Blast to reach it. Head into the darkness, go left, and drop down. You'll find a Jawa and a Sigil Power Crystal.] Become reacquainted with the Rodians as you move forward. Grab the Health Drain Sith Holocron if you want to. [Directly left of the Sith Holocron is a tall tunnel with a Jawa and a 10,000 Force Point Holocron #2.] Jump up the platforms and use Force Push to blow back to metal beams. >>SAVEPOINT<< Hm. To throw or not to throw, that is the question. The Defenders and Rippers have gotten a tiny health boost since Mission Two, but they're still not a dire threat. Kill them with any one of your huge arsenal of death-makers and continue on. You'll reach a chasm that you must jump over. Before you do so, go ahead and throw junk at the Rodians across the gap. Also, yes, you can Force Grip the passing TIE Fighters. Grab the Health Restore Sith Holocron and walk across the metal girder bridge. [There's a rusted door on the crashed starship. Force Push it down and grab Holocron #3, a Force Power Sphere, inside.] Jump down, kill the Defender, and then jump over to the large blue circle and go through. [If you miss Holocron #4 and its 10,000 Force Points, then you need to turn the game off.] >>SAVEPOINT<< Boy, those Imperials sure get into it with the locals no matter where they go. Grab the Unlimited Energy Sith Holocron immediately to your left and jump down to join the fun. I recommend you head for the Purge Troopers and unleash as much Force Lightning on them as you can. Of course, it doesn't really matter what you do, because soon a bunch of Defenders are going to interrupt you by pouring out of a hole in the wall. Soon afterward, the Imperials will drop off an AT-ST and a transport full of Stormtroopers. Quickly grab that Invincibility Sith Holocron and go to town on the AT-ST. Hopefully the Defenders will help you out, but you never know. Try and kill the AT-ST before the Sith Holocron wears off. If you can't, then Force Repulse away the Stormtroopers and position yourself so the Defenders hit the AT-ST if they try to fire on you. Once it's down, finish off any Purge Troopers and Defenders remaining. Head toward the blue circle high above the left hand side so we can continue. [But first lets get all these juicy Holocrons. Holcron #5 and its Compressed Green Lightsaber is on a platform to the far right. Jump to it using Dashing Blast. Holocron #6 is inside the small tunnel the Defenders blasted open in a cutscene and it holds 10,000 Force Points. On your way up to the blue circle opening, you'll find Holocron #7 floating high over the deserted battlefield. Jump out and grab its delicious 10,000 Force Point goodness. Finally, head through the blue exit and grab Holocron #8 and 10,000 Force Points just inside.] >>SAVEPOINT<< Grab the Invincibility Sith Holocron and drop down. Quickly kill the closest Purge Trooper before the invincibility runs out and a second Purge Trooper begins firing on you from the distance. Stick to the raised platform so that the Scout up above can't target you. When the Purge Trooper is dead, jump up and dispatch the Scout. Grab the nearby Increased Damage Sith Holocron and quickly hunt down the last two Purge Troopers. They'll die incredibly fast to your Force Lightning. Now you can leisurely hunt down the remaining Scouts and Stormtroopers. [You can also nab Holocron #9 on top of one of the tall black platforms in front of the hanger door. It holds 10,000 Force Points.] Once the last one is dead, the hanger door will open. Quickly grab the other Increased Damage Sith Holocron sitting high up on the right and rush to the AT-ST. One full-meter Force Lightning will knock it down into Quick Time Event range. If you still have time on the Holocron, use Force Lightning on the two Purge Troopers. If not, grab the Unlimited Energy Sith Holocron inside the hanger and kill them that way. Then use Force Repulse on the Stormtroopers and use one of the AT-ST heads to reach the catwalks where the Scouts are. [Grab Holocron #10, a Force Talent Sphere, while you're up there on the center catwalk.] When the room is clear, head to the back, wait for the lift, and then ride it upward. >>SAVEPOINT<< Head forward and kill the Stormtroopers. They're hiding behind shields, so throwing objects probably won't hurt them. Still, nothing like throwing an R2 droid at a Stormtrooper. Ride the lift upward and kill the Imperial Officers. [You can see Holocron #11, with 10,000 Force Points, at the far end of a walkway from the top of the lift. Go get it.] Step inside the door. >>SAVEPOINT<< Run around the ring and throw Stormtroopers into the laser gate or into the pit. If you can get close to where the Eweb turret is between the two laser gates, then do a Force Repulse to knock several Troopers out at once. Then, head up one of the two ramps and jump across the pit and onto the walkway surrounding the tower in the center. Clear it of any enemies and then use Force Lightning on all five of the conduits on the side of the tower. Bonus Objective complete! Now walk back to the laser gates on the other side of the entrance and Force Grip the two round generators behind each gate. Pulling each one out of place will deactive the laser gate blocking the exit. Head through. [But before you do, head back up the ramps to the second level, either side. Move the crates out of the way and slash at the wall behind them. The wall will cut away to reveal a hidden tunnel. Run through and collect Holocron #12, the Unstable Purple Lightsaber Crystal.] >>SAVEPOINT<< Step off the lift and into a giant cavern with a narrow walkway in front of you. Two Stormtroopers and two Jumptroopers await you. Dispatch them. Now run to the other side. You'll need to jump down to a lower walkway on both sides and Force Grip the four-spoked gears on the wall. Drag each one upward and the main door will open. [Holocron #13 is on the far end of a walkway to your left. You'll need to jump down onto the lower walkway and then Dashing Blast over to the walkway the Holocron is on. You'll receive a Force Combo Sphere.] >>SAVEPOINT<< You're emerge into a gigantic circular room. Kill the enemies in the immediate area and then pick either left or right to walk around the huge silo in the middle of the room. It doesn't matter, both sides lead to the same exit. [However, there's one Holocron each on both sides, sitting in plain sight along the both paths. Holocrons #14 and #15 both hold 10,000 Force Points.] Ride up the elevator. >>SAVEPOINT<< Attack the Shadow Guard! Oh wait, it's...! BOSS FIGHT: PROXY The first part of the match against Proxy is just you re-fighting old matches. He'll first turn into Maris Brood, but he's not as tough as the real version. Use Force Repulse when he reappears, then stab him on the ground. After awhile, he'll turn back into the Shadow Guard. Treat him like the one you fought on Cloud City. Shortly after, he'll change into Kota. He'll mostly just throw his lightsaber at you with a backflip and hit you with Force Push. He'll block most long-range attacks you throw at him, so instead wait for him to attack, then dodge and strike from behind with your lightsaber. When that's done, he'll go back to Shadow Guard briefly, then to Shaak Ti. Shaak Ti will use the old energy ball attack, so jump over that, as well as the Force shield plus charge maneuver. Force Repulse is still her kryptonite. Lastly, Proxy will transform into Darth Maul, complete with Duel of the Fates soundtrack! When he throws his lightsaber, it's nearly impossible to dodge, but you can do it if you're fast on your feet. Do NOT let him hit you with a melee attack because he will combo you into next week. IT. HURTS. Instead, dodge away from his attacks and Force Repulse him to the ground. Then stab. He doesn't do much besides that. He will use Force Push occassionally (and also he'll counter your Force Lightning with it), but not too often. He's a very hands-on boss with few frills. I guess that's why he's easy. Quick Time Event and mission complete! Oh wait, we still have a shipyard to destroy. >>SAVEPOINT<< Force Push open the door straight ahead of you and run outside. Immediately turn around and jump on top of the building you were just in. Force Repulse to knock all the Stormtroopers away and then mop them up. There will be a Jumptrooper somewhere in the air. When it's all clear, you need to use Force Lightning on the generator sitting on the building. You need to run to four more buildings and do the same thing. Each will have a similar complement of Stormtroopers guarding it. They should be peanuts to you by now. Let me know when you're done. I'm going to get a sandwhich. You want anything while I'm up? No? See, that's what I like about you, you give without taking. Alright, when all four generators are lit up, a cutscene will start. >>SAVEPOINT<< Here we go, the infamous Star Destroyer battle. It's not that hard, really. First thing you need to do is kill the TIE Fighters. No, don't Force Grip them. That's difficult and time consuming. Instead, run to either the left or right, depending on which side your target is going to, and then jump up and unleash a Force Lightning the split-second you see the little targetting box appear on the TIE. It'll go down in flames. In fact, you can get two TIEs in one shot if they both go in the same direction. Their aim sucks, so long as you keep moving. When they're all dead, do as Kota says and use your Force Grip. The camera will shift and two images representing your analog sticks will appear on the screen. Hold the left stick in the direction indicated. This will start turning the Star Destroyer's pointy nose to face you. This is one of the goals. The other goals is to tilt the nose upward or downward with the right analog stick. This part is pretty twitchy, so pay attention to with direction the game wants you to put it in. Also, be aware that the directions for the right analog stick are UP and NEUTRAL, not UP and DOWN. Once the Star Destroyer's nose is pointing the right way, the lights behind the sticks will turn green and it'll tell you to push the sticks up and then pull them both downward. Do it and HOLD them both down. Do not push them back up, despite what the image shows. Keep them hold down until the TIEs get close and begin firing on you. Then let go and kill them again. Repeat until the cutscene kicks in. Congratulations! ====================================== [M09] Mission Nine: Death Star AKA: Technodrome! Let's Kick Shell! ====================================== MISSION OBJECTIVES: PRIMARY: Find General Kota and the Founders of the Rebel Alliance BONUS: None FORCE POINTS BONUS: 500,000 NUMBER OF HOLOCRONS: 15 RECOMMENDED UPGRADES: All of your Force Combos should be filled by now, including most of your Force Powers and a good deal of your Force Talents. You'll need every upgrade you can muster for this mission (especially for the hanger you start out in). If you feel you need more training, feel free to go back to previous missions and level up for more sphere points. Of course, this does take some grinding, so it's up to you. Welcome to Hell. If you can do it, I recommend you immediately pull up one of the shimmering metal panels in the floor and dive through to the next part of the mission, because the hanger battle that kicks off this mission is torture. However, if you want to stick around and fight (or if the snipers and missiles won't let you open the floor), then you'll need a plan. >>>On the bright side, you can step on top of the shimmering panels and use a Force Repulse to instantly blow them open and drop down. That way, you can skip the hanger battle entirely. Just grab the Jedi Holocrons if you don't already have them. Credit goes to Bamir for telling me this. Forget everything and immediately run from the stack of boxes ahead of you. Climb to the top and jump onto the catwalk. You need to kill both Scouts immediately or else they will harass you for the entire battle. While you're up there, kill the Jumptroopers who will follow you. Be careful, because missiles from Purge Troopers on the bottom floor can hit you up here if you're too close to the edge. [While you're up there, grab Holocrons #1 and #2. One holds 10,000 Force Points and another has the Katak Power Crystal. These also instantly refill your health and Force meter, so consider saving them for emergencies.] Now you're ready to do battle. The Purge Troopers are, without a doubt, the most troublesome part of this encounter. This is where the Sigil Lightsaber crystal comes in handy. Three full-meter Force Lightnings can take out a Purge Trooper. If you don't like using just Force Lightning on these guys, then tough cookies. In this battle, you don't have the time or space to be dancing around in the middle of a combo, because a missile or a crate from the AT-ST will hit you in the back. So drop down next to one of the Eweb turrets, kill it, and then duck into the open room next to it. Hide behind the center wall and wait for the enemies to come to you. With any luck, only one Purge Trooper will come instead of one. Kill it and the Stormtroopers accompanying it. When that's done, wait for the next one, you go out briefly to lure it in and then dive back into the room. Patience, young Jedi. Once they're both dead, then kill the AT-ST that is no doubt lurking outside the room. You can simply Force Lightning it twice and it'll be weak enough for the Quick Time Event. Just dodge the barrels it throws at you, cause they hurt as much as a missile. When it dies, another AT-ST, an old fashioned one, will arrive on a lift. Lure that one over to you, too. Kill it just like the last one, though it is a bit tougher. Yay! Celebration? NO! Now three new Purge Troopers arrive on the lift with a complement of Stormtroopers. Damn you, Lucasarts! These jerks will stun you while the Purge Troopers unload their missiles on you. It's gonna take a lot of hiding to manage this. Just remember you have two Sith Holocrons in the area, a Health Restore and Energy Restore, if you need them. If your sideroom gets to crowded, make a mad dash for the other one on the far side of the hanger. Once they're all dead, pry open one of the metal panels in the floor with Force Grip and drop down. >>SAVEPOINT<< Alright, we're in the infamous Death Star laser tube, or one of them. Wait patiently for the laser to end and start running down the tube. Use Force Push to obliterate both green lenses in your way and then duck into the chamber on your left. >>SAVEPOINT<< More Imperials! Use Force Repulse and they'll bounce of the walls of that crowded little room like ping-pong balls. If you're feeling especially cruel, push them out into the tube hallway and they'll be blasted into dust when the laser powers back on. When it shuts down, continue down the tube. Destroy the gun turrets if you want, but they're pretty shy. They won't hurt you much either and you can just dash past them. Dive into the chamber on the right and do another Force Repulse. Kill the Imperials then wait for the laser to stop. [While you're waiting, run through the doors here and claim 10,000 Force Points from Holocron #3.] Smash two more green lenses and head through the door on your right. >>SAVEPOINT<< Throw a crate at the missile Eweb turret and head down the hallway. At the end, you'll find a bunch of Flametroopers and another Eweb turret. Grab the Drain Health Sith Holocron to help you in the fight. There are four gun turrets in the middle of the tube pathway and they can be a problem, since they can hit you from most anywhere in the room. Use Force Lightning on them. Then head to the other side of the tube and take out the other Imperials and Eweb turrets there. [On the left side of the room, there's a small lift that'll take you up to a walkway. Head toward the laser tube and jump up onto a small, thin beam. To your left, you'll find Holocron #4 and an Unstable Green Lightsaber Crystal. To your right is Holocron #5 and 10,000 Force Points.] Force Grip the exit door and drag it upward. Go through. >>SAVEPOINT<< Open the next door in the same way and face two Purge Troopers. Throw crates at them before they fire their missiles, then mercilessly use Force Lightning on them. Try and get the nearby Stormtroopers caught in the electricity. You have plenty of crates, so make liberal use of them. [Holocron #6 is in a door off to the right. It has a Force Talent Sphere and is guarded by two Imperial Gunners.] When they're dead, head through the doors and Force Repulse the silly Officers and their Eweb turrets. [Holocron #7 is in a door to the right, just like the last one. It has 10,000 Force Points.] >>SAVEPOINT<< You're back in the laser tube. Head right. [You'll see Holocron #8 directly ahead of you. Collect its 10,000 Force Points.] You need to Force Grip the three rings and line them up vertically so you can jump through them. [Before you do that, head down an elevator inside a door on your left. Go through the small hallway and you'll come out on the bottom floor of the spherical ring room. On your right is Holocron #9 and a Force Power Sphere. Two Evo Troopers and a Gunner will attack you on your way back.] Align the rings and jump through them to the other side quickly before the laser fires again. >>SAVEPOINT<< Wait in one of the side rooms for the laser to fire again, then align the next set of rings and jump across. [Grab Holocron #10 and 10,000 Force Points on your way over the grap.] Go through the door on your right and down the hallway. >>SAVEPOINT<< You'll emerge in a HUGE room where all the lasers in the Death Star converge. Your goal is to jump down to the bottom floor and activate the lifts. [Before you do, look down at the center laser tube situated between the two on your level. You'll see Holocron #11 floating in one of its rings. Wait til the laser is off and then jump down to collect 10,000 Force Points.] When you reach the bottom floor, you'll be confronted by two AT-STs. Dance and jump to avoid their lasers and, when you Force Lightning one, make sure the other is on the other side of your target so it can't attack you. Only use Force Lightning. Attacking with your lightsaber makes you an easy target for the other AT-ST. When one goes down, kill the other however you like. Now run over to the giant shimmering block and push it inward. Your goal now is to ride the lifts upward and head to the semi-circular platform that you say in an earlier cutscene. So do that when you're ready. [Let's go Holocron hunting first. Right a lift up as high as you can go. Look at the top of the highest center laser tube. You'll see Holocron #12 sitting up there. Double Jump and Force Dash onto the thin ramp leading up to it and claim the legendary Black Lightsaber Crystal for yourself. Now face the huge giant green lens in the room and drop down one level to your right. You'll land on a platform with a Scout. Run to the back and through a door to find Holocron #13 and 10,000 Force Points. Now head back toward the center of the room and start running to the other side. When you get there, drop down to the next lower level. You'll find a Purge Trooper and two Evo troopers. Kill them both or dodge them, but grab the nearby Holocron #14 and its 10,000 Force Points. When you finally do head to your goal, there will be Holoron #15 sitting on your left in one of the circular consoles. It holds a Force Combo Sphere.] A cutscene introduces your opponents: a Shadow Guard and four Royal Guards. Grab the nearby Health Drain Aura to help you out. You're going to need it. Force Repulse does not work well against these guys, so don't even try it. Okay, go ahead, try it. Told ya. Lightning attacks work really well against them. Not Force Lightning, but electrical combos. It breaks right through their defenses and knocks them down. When they're down, stab them if you can. If not, just keep using the combos and it'll give you some breathing room. When it's just the Shadow Guard, be patient and block his attacks, then sneak in more lightning combos. He blocks just about every Force power, so use your lightsaber. When he's dead, Force Grab the lock on the door and slide it all the way around the door. >>SAVEPOINT<< BOSS FIGHT: DARTH VADER As a half-machine, it isn't a surprise how vulnerable Vader is to Force Lightning. Try to use it often, but he can counter it and will immediately go into his Force shield. When he does this, get behind him cause he'll do a massive Force Push in front of himself, but then you're free to whail on him for a bit. Other times he may counter by forming a red cloud around you. This means he's about to grab you and you won't have much time to get out of it. Mash your Force button to break free. If you don't, he'll throw you and that's a dangerous position. When you're down on the ground, Vader will dash forward and begin stabbing you over and over. It's tough to recover from that, especially in such a tiny hallway, and it doesn't take him long to walk over if you fall down. When he gets down to two-thirds of his health, the stage will change to another room. He'll start to throw object at you. Quickly move to the side and throw items at him first. You can find grippable object lining the walls. This is the best way to damage him for now. Basically, you'll both be racing to use up the limited amount of throwable boxes in the room. When you do hit him, he'll be stunned for awhile. You can use this opportunity to keep throwing things into his face, or you can jump over and slash him. If you do that, however, make sure you quickly get off the center platform, because he'll quickly try to grip you if you're near him. At one-fourth of his health, he'll bend some of the walkway to shrink the stage and then jump over to you. Just do what you did back in the hallway, except the arena is smaller and the hot floor will damage you if you touch it. He'll start rushing at you more often, so be prepare to jump over him when he does. Then combo his mechanical ass! Quick Time Event and then it's time to make a choice. Run toward the Emperor for the Light Side fight or jump down and finish off Vader for the Dark Side fight. LIGHT-SIDE BOSS FIGHT: THE EMPEROR The old man is pretty predictable. One of his most frequent attacks is when he summons four crates, which he infuses with his lightning, and then throws them at you. Simply hide behind one of the two consoles until he's done throwing them, then run out and combo him when the shield goes down. Just make sure you NEVER touch that shield, because it'll hurt more than anything he can do to you. In fact, I would recommend you avoid using your lightsaber on him because he can randomly put up his lightning shield when you're in range. So, instead, use Force Lightning or Saber Throw. However, if you feel safe in taking the risk, then go ahead and try it. When he starts running around the room, this is your cue that he's going to start shooting Force Lightning at you. You can simply face him and hold down Block to keep yourself safe, or you can parry the lightning back at him. To do this, you have to time your blocks so that you do so right before he actually attacks. If you do it right, the lightning will glow around your lightsaber and then bounce back at him. This does a good amount of damage to him, but if you're too far away, he may move before the lightning reaches him. If you're having trouble timing your parries, then I recommend blocking right as he stops moving and turns to face you. Be aware of two things: his Force Lightning CAN go through the two consoles places on the field, so don't use them for cover like you can with the crates he throws, and he'll sometimes fire a type of Force Lightning that lasts longer and drains your Force meter as you block it. This can drain your entire Force meter, so always try to keep it full when you're about to block, in case he does it. Lastly, he'll frequently put up his Lightning Shield and send some Guards after you. Just kill them as you have in previous missions and don't worry about Palpatine, he'll wait patiently to attack until his Guards are dead. Each time they show up, the type of Guard changes. The first time, it'll just be two Senate Guards. The second time, it'll be on Senate Guard and one Royal Guard. The third time, it'll be two Royal Guards, and so forth. They're pretty easy, plus they give you a much appreciated health boost when they die. Those are his three phases. Just get used to dodging/blocking his attacks and hit him whenever you get the chance. You'll whittle him down. When he's defeated, perform the awesome Quick Time Event and enjoy the ending! OR... DARK-SIDE BOSS FIGHT: Darth Vader (without hat) Honestly, this fight is just a repeat of your previous duel with Vader. He won't do anything new. The only difference is that he's MUCH faster and more aggressive. Surprising, considering you finished beating him within an inch of his life. Guess he's pissed. Just do what you did before. Get behind him when he uses his Force powers and hack him up. Quickly get out of his Force Grip or suffer the consequences. Stay quick on your feet, because he can close the gap between the two of you quickly. Just keep running around the perimeter of the stage and leap in to attack him when you see an opening. Quick Time Event and take Vader's place at the Emperor's side! *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* [ASC] SSSSSSSSSS W W SSSSSSSSSS WWW WWW SSSS Achievements, WWW WWW SSSSS Secrets, WWW WWW SSSSS and Codes WWW W WWW SSSS WWW WWW WWW SSSSSSSSSS WWWWWWWWW SSSSSSSSSS WWWWWWW *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* ACHIEVEMENTS: Here is a list of all the achievements for the Xbox 360 version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, placed merely for the sake of not having to look them up elsewhere. Apprentice (75G): Complete Game - Apprentice difficulty. Do not change the difficulty after the game has started. Bossk (15G): Defeat 200 Wookiees on Kashyyyk Prologue Bully (15G): Defeat 25 Ugnaughts or Jawas. Cannon Fodder (15G): Defeat 150 Stormtroopers. Corellian Star (10G): Complete all bonus objectives on one level. Destroyer (10G): Complete Level - Raxus Prime, act 2. Empirical (10G): Complete Level - Empirical, act 2. Expert (10G): Earn 500,000 Force Points on a single level. Force Grip Mastery (20G): Defeat 500 enemies with Force Grip. Force Lightning Mastery (20G): Defeat 500 enemies with Force Lightning. Force Push Mastery (20G): Defeat 500 enemies with Force Push. Force Repulse Mastery (20G): Defeat 500 enemies with Repulse. Frenzy (5G): Get a Frenzy x4 bonus. Grappled (15G): Defeat 100 enemies with a grapple move. Gripped (5G): Defeat 100 enemies with Force Grip. Holocron Collector (75G): Collect all Jedi holocrons in the game. Impaled (5G): Defeat 100 enemies with Saber Throw. Infestation (10G): Complete Level - Felucia, act 2. Insurrection (10G): Complete Level - TIE Factory, act 1. Invasion (10G): Complete Level - Prologue. Jedi Hunt (10G): Complete Level - Felucia, act 1. Junkyard (10G): Complete Level - Raxus Prime, act 1. Launched (20G): Defeat 100 enemies with Aerial Ambush juggle combos. Legend (25G): Earn 600,000 Force Points on a single level. Lightning Shield Mastery (20G): Defeat 500 enemies with Lightning Shield. Lightsaber Throw Mastery (20G): Defeat 500 enemies with Saber Throw. PROXY Won't Be Happy (15G): Destroy 35 droids. Pushed (5G): Defeat 100 enemies with Force Push. Rebel Leader (15G): Defeat 500 Imperials. Redemption (20G): Complete Game - Light Side. Repulsed (5G): Defeat 100 enemies with Force Repulse. Revenge (20G): Complete Game - Dark Side. Shocked (5G): Defeat 100 enemies with Force Lightning. Sith Frenzy (10G): Get a Frenzy x8 bonus. Sith Lord (100G): Complete Game - Sith Lord difficulty. Do not change the difficulty after the game has started. Sith Lord Frenzy (15G): Get a Frenzy x12 bonus. Sith Master (100G): Complete Game - Sith Master difficulty. Do not change the difficulty after the game has started. Sith Training (20G): Complete all Training Room lessons. Sith Trials (20G): Complete all Training Room challenges and Combat Modules. Sith Warrior (100G): Complete Game - Sith Warrior difficulty. Do not change the difficulty after the game has started. Skilled (5G): Earn 250,000 Force Points on a single level. Skyhook (10G): Complete Level - Kashyyyk, act 2. Stormed (5G): Defeat 100 enemies with Lightning Shield. The Bigger They Are (15G): Defeat 6 Rancors. The Harder They Fall (15G): Defeat 10 AT-STs or AT-KTs. Vapor Room (10G): Complete Level - Cloud City, act 2. Worst Day-Shift Manager Ever (10G): Kill 12 Stormtroopers as Vader during the Prologue. SECRETS: On Raxus Prime (Mission Two), before you go through the hole in the side of the wrecked starship at the very beginning of the level, head to the far left of the area. In the molten lava is a glowing pillar of light that signals the use of Force Grip to pull up a platform. However, instead of a platform, one of them will pull up a sunken X-Wing, just like Luke did (or tried to do) on Dagobah. There's plenty of references to the movies and extended universe in Captain Sturn's trophy room on Kashyyyk, including the head of a Krayt Dragon, the head of a Wampa, and large Bantha horns. Additionally, hanging on one of the walls, is a Gungan frozen in carbonite. Hmm... I wonder where Jar-Jar went after the prequels. CODES: Coming Soon. *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* [FAX] SSSSSSSSSS W W SSSSSSSSSS WWW WWW SSSS Frequently Asked WWW WWW SSSSS Questions WWW WWW SSSSS WWW W WWW SSSS WWW WWW WWW SSSSSSSSSS WWWWWWWWW SSSSSSSSSS WWWWWWW *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* This is where I'll put any questions that aren't covered in great detail in my walkthrough (or those that are, but need more explanation). If you have any such questions, feel free to send me an e-mail and I'll put it in this section on future updates. Q: Where is the Black Lightsaber Crystal? A: This legendary crystal, which turns your lightsaber's color into a black core with a white glow, is one of the last Jedi Holocrons in the Death Star mission. In the very last room before the fight with Darth Vader, activate the gravity lifts and ride one of them all the way to the top. When you stop and land on the highest ring, look at the laser tube sitting between you and the other gravity lift. The Holocron is sitting on top of one of the laser's focusing rings. Jump up there and claim it! Q: Help! I can't defeat the Star Destroyer on Raxus Prime! A: Okay, that's not a question, but never fear! I wrote a pretty detailed explanation of the pseduo-boss fight event at the end of my walkthrough for that mission. Scroll up and check it out. Q: SERIOUSLY! THE STAR DESTROYER IS IMPOSSIBLE! RARRGH!! A: Geez, calm down. It isn't terribly difficult, you just need to be patient and take your time on it. The TIE Fighters aren't very dangerous at all, so you're at no real risk of dying, and the Star Destroyer's laser fire will never even hit you. So the only factor here is time and how long it takes you to do bring it down. So relax and take your time. When the lights behind the analog sticks turn from red to green, then you're close to aligning it and will soon be ready to pull it down. The Star Destroyer will never drift back up, so you don't have to worry about your progress being reset if you take too long. You'll get there, whether it takes you five cycles or fifty. My record is three, can you beat it? Q: Sometimes when I die right after collecting a Jedi Holocron, it won't be added to my status on the mission screen and it will still disappear from the map. What's going on? A: Thanks to Ryuzaki187 for bringing this to my attention. This seems to be one of the many elusive glitches littering The Force Unleashed. I can't attest to how common this glitch is, since I never ran into it personally. All I can suggest is that you restart the level over. If it still doesn't reappear, then you may have to start a New Game entirely. Sorry. Q: How do I unlock the Sith Stalker Armor and Ceremonial Jedi Robes costumes? A: To get both of these, you need to complete the Dark Side and the Light Side endings of the game. Obtaining the Dark Side ending will unlock the Sith Stalker Armor, and reaching the Light Side ending will unlock the Ceremonial Jedi Robes. Remember, you have to beat the Emperor for the Light Side and Darth Vader (without his helmet) for the Dark Side. You can only do one at a time, so once you beat one boss, you have to replay the Death Star level to beat the other. Q: Can I play through the game on an easier difficulty, then switch to Sith Master when I continue my game and unlock the achievement that way? A: NOPE! Sorry, but that'd be a little too easy. The game won't grant you the achievement if you change your difficulty in the middle of your current game. Once you select New Game and then your difficulty, that's it. If you change it at all from that point on, even if you're just on the Apprentice difficulty, then beating the game won't earn you the appropriate achivement. You must start a new game from scratch and stick with the difficulty you chose until the very end. Yes, this means you have to start Sith Master with no Talent, Power, or Combo spheres, but that's what makes it challenging! Q: So does that mean I have to beat the game four times to unlock all four of the difficulty achievements? That sucks! A: Yes, that would suck, but you don't have to do it that way. If you beat the game on a higher difficulty, then you'll unlock that achievement and all the achievements for the easier difficulties below it. That means if you beat Sith Master before beating the other three difficulties, you'll unlock all four difficulty achievements at once. Q: Is there any way to replay the Kashyyk prologue with Vader? A: Nope. Once you beat it, you can't go back to it unless you start a New Game. *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* [LCC] SSSSSSSSSS W W SSSSSSSSSS WWW WWW SSSS Legal Stuff, WWW WWW SSSSS Credits, and WWW WWW SSSSS Contact Information WWW W WWW SSSS WWW WWW WWW SSSSSSSSSS WWWWWWWWW SSSSSSSSSS WWWWWWW *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* ============ LEGAL STUFF ============ Do not copy and use this guide without my permission. If you do, then your computer will explode in a mighty fury of death and destruction! Also, I will be slightly annoyed. Only slightly. So ask politely if you want to replicate this guide elsewhere. Currently, you may find this guide on: GameFAQs Gamershell Super Cheats GamesRadar CheatPlanet Game Revolution ======== CREDITS ======== Lucasarts: For making such a kick-ass game, even if they didn't properly test it as much as they should have. Skylighter: For writing this awesome guide! Go me! Valdosta State University: For giving me a ridiculous amount of projects and assignments, further delaying my progress on this guide. Also, for letting me waste time at work by typing this up on their computers. Ryuzaki187: For bringing the Jedi Holocron glitch to my attention and taking his time to find a way around it. Bamir: For the tip to use Force Repulse in the Death Star hanger room to skip straight to the laser tube. Everyone who e-mailed me with a question: Without your relentless e-mails, I wouldn't have been able to add them my FAQ section. Stay classy! You: For reading my guide. Who's awesome? 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