Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising Campaign Guide 6/13/08 Copyright 2008 Ross Ramsey Version 1.00 The following guide may not be reproduced under any circumstance for commercial use. Permission to use the guide on a web site may be obtained by email at the address listed above. Any unauthorized use of this guide is strictly prohibited and a violation of copyright. Version History 1.00 - Finished the main campaign. Final Continent missions coming soon and possibly some information about alternate modes of play. Also a General FAQ section as questions come in. Table of Contents ============== i. Orange Star Campaign a. Cleanup [osm1] b. Border Skirmish [osm2] c. Orange Dawn [osm3] d. Flak Attack [osm4] e. Lash Out [osm5] f. Andy's Time [osm6] g. Test of Time [osm7] h. Liberation [osm8] ii. Blue Moon Campaign a. Reclamation [bmm1] b. Tanks!!! [bmm2] c. T Minus 15 [bmm3] d. Nature Walk [bmm4] e. Toy Box [bmm5] f. Neotanks?! [bmm6] g. Two-Week Test [bmm7] h. Factory Blues [bmm8] iii. Yellow Comet Campaign a. Silo Scramble [ycm1] b. Sensei's Return [ycm2] c. Show Stopper [ycm3] d. A Mirror Darkly [ycm4] e. Duty & Honor [ycm5] f. Foul Play [ycm6] g. Sea of Hope [ycm7] h. The Hunt's End [ycm8] iv. Green Earth Campaign a. Sea Fortress [gem1] b. Drake's Delimma [gem2] c. Sinking Feeling [gem3] d. Navy vs. Air [gem4] e. To the Rescue [gem5] f. Rain of Fire [gem6] g. Danger X9 [gem7] h. Great Sea Battle [gem8] v. Final Continent Campaign a. Hot Pursuit [fcm1] b. Final Front [fcm2] ============= Orange Star Campaign ============= [osm1] Mission 01 - Cleanup The Orange Star Campaign is basically one big tutorial campaign, with cleanup being the most basic mission. Through a series of dialogue, Nell will tell you how to move/attack/etc. You probably already know how to do all this anyway. The mission is pretty simple. Three of your infantry versus two of Flak-s. To begin, move all units as far right as possible. On your next turn, load the southernmost Infantry into the APC and drop him off into a forest by the river, preferably where only one of Flak's Infantry can attack him. Hopefully this will induce Flak to attack from the river, giving you a decided advantage. On your next turn, attack whichever Infantry Flak used to attack you. Do this with one of your completely healthy Infantry. You should be able to do this from a forest because Flak generally attacks from the corner of the river. Then finish that Infantry off with your wounded Infantry. That should leave you a three on one scenario which I imagine you can handle yourself. Try not to attack from the road, as it leaves you defenseless. Instead, use forests and even plains for cover. You can also use your APC to block Flak in. Remember that you can combine injured units if you need to. [osm2] Mission 02 - Border Skirmish This mission is also an easy one. Start by attacking Flak's Tank with your Mech unit then finish him off with your Tank. Move the rest of your units closer to the bridge where all the fighting will go down. Go ahead and take the neutral city if that floats your boat. It will give you an extra place to heal if you need it. On the next turn, move your APC to the grassy plain one space to the right of the bridge. It will take all kinds of damage before it is destroyed. Move your Artillery onto the bridge and move your Tank onto the city by the bridge. Finish capturing that other city and move your Mech closer to your other units. Your APC will likely be destroyed by the two tanks, but it doesn't really matter. Bombard one of the Tanks with your Artillery and finish it off with a tank of your own. Move your Mech into the city to heal and move your infantry one space below the bridge. Flak should attack your Tank with his. This will give you an opportunity to strike him with your Artillery again. Finish him off with a Mech or a Tank. From there, just try to keep your Infantry alive while your Tank and Artillery take care of Flak's Infantry. Do it quickly for more points. Typically Flak's APC will run away and it may be faster if you just go ahead and take his HQ. He might block his HQ with the APC, which is just annoying more than anything. [osm3] Mission 03 - Orange Dawn The first semi-difficult mission. Well, not really. Less difficult than it was for Paul Pierce to come back from that fake injury in Game 1 of the Finals. Destroy Flak's Battlecopter (Bcopter) with both of yours. Move your Md. Tank to the woods south of the bridge. Move the other Tanks and Artillery around it. Load your Infantry into the Transportcopter (Tcopter) and move as far to the left as possible. On your next turn, move the Md. Tank to the woods north of the neutral city. Move the Artillery onto the city and put the smaller Tanks around it. Now pick one of Flak's Md. Tanks and attack it with your Bcopters. Move your Tcopter into the ocean directly south of Flak's HQ but stay closer to your side of the ocean so he can't attack you. On Day 3, you should be able to do some damage with your Artillery and Tanks. Hopefully Flak will have moved his injured Md. Tank farther away from his HQ. If that is the case, go ahead and drop your Infantry off at his HQ from your transport copter. Counter his other Md. Tank with your Bcopters so that he can't hurt your Infantry too much. Your ultimate goal will be to capture his HQ in three more turns (assuming he does decide to attack you there). If he doesn't attack you, then it's your lucky day. Keep protecting your Infantry with your Tcopter and picking on Flak's Md. Tanks with your Bcopters. Remember to do a lot of damage to his units before you capture his HQ so you can maximize the points you receive from this mission. [osm4] Mission 04 - Flak Attack To start, move you Bcopter away from Flak's air units so that it can be protected by your Anti-Air (AA) units. Eliminate Flak's (Bcopter) with your Missiles. Then form a defensive setup with your AA units protecting your Missiles from Flak's units in the north. Load your Infantry into the Tcopter and drop it off by the Missiles. The Tcopter and Infantry can be used to take some blows because they're not important to your cause unless you're going for S-rank. Take the neutral city with your Mech, follow it with your Rockets, and end the turn. On Day 2, attack Flak's Fighter with your Missiles. This should almost eliminate it. At this point you may be able to use your Power. Do so as soon as you can, though I'm not sure what difference it makes. Take out the Bomber with an AA and use the other AAs and your Bcopters to take out Flak's Bcopters. You can also load your infantry into the Tcopter and start heading to Flak's HQ if you've taken out Flak's Bcopters and injured his fighter. Finish capturing the city with your mech and move your Rockets into the woods. Flak will use his Super Power (Barbaric Blow) but it shouldn't really affect you. Clean up the remainder of his troops on your next couple turns. [osm5] Mission 05 - Lash Out This mission entails a vareity of units. Load a Tank and a Mech into your Lander and move as far as you can along the coast. Attack Lash's Sub with your Cruiser and protect your Lander on the other side with your Sub. Place your Battleship next to her Rockets. Move your Tcopter back to your side of the map so that you can eventually load a Mech into it. Move the remaining Rocket, Artillery, Tank, APC and Mech towards the bridge. (Your other Mech will be loaded into the Tcopter on the next turn) Lash will probably attack your Lander with her Rockets. No harm done though. Finish off her Sub with your Cruiser then eliminate her Cruiser with your Battleship. Move your Lander out of the range of Lash's Rockets (this can be done by putting it right next to the Rockets). On the left side of the map, move your Rocket so that it can eventually attack the Infantry that is currently capturing that factory. Do the same with the other nearby units. On Day 3, use your Rockets and Tank to destroy the Infantry on the northern factory. If possible, move your APC on top of the factory so that Lash can't generate more units. Position your Battleship so that it can fire on Lash's Rockets on the next turn and possibly protect any units you'll have next to Lash's HQ. Get your Lander and Tcopter ready to make a push to the HQ on the next turn. Day 4 is typically when you can put your Mech units right on top of Lash's HQ. Only do this if Lash has moved her AA units off of that island to attack your units in the west. If she has, block them with your Tcopter. Attack Lash's Rockets with your Battleship. Do as much damage as you can to the AA units with your Rockets, Artillery and Tank to make it harder for Lash to retreat back to her HQ. You should be able to capture Lash's HQ before Flak's troops arrive. [osm6] Mission 06 - Andy's Time This one doesn't take as long as you'd think. Load your Infantry into your Tcopter and take it towards the factory in the middle of the map. Build a Recon in the factory on the corner of the road and an Infantry in the other. Flak can't use that Cannon of his for a couple days I believe. On Day 2, drop your Infantry off at the factory. Take your Recon as far north as possible and capture the city near your HQ with your Infantry. Build another Recon and another Infantry. On your next turn, start capturing that factory and finish capturing the city. Attack the Infantry nearest your Recon unit. Send your remaining units north. Move your Tcopter back towards land so that it can pick up your newest Infantry unit on the next turn. Build a Tank. Come Day 4, use your Tcopter to drop off an Infantry near Flak's northern factory. Finish off his Infantry with your Recon units. Day 5 is when you seal your victory. Flak will likely have built another infantry in his factory. Use your Recon units to eliminate it and the place either your Infantry or Tcopter on top of it so that he can't make any more units. Once you've done that, attack Flak's cannon until it has no more health. [osm7] Mission 07 - Test of Time This is the first Fog of War scenario. It's pretty annoying but you can easily take advantage of the game's poor AI here. Hit Flak's Artillery with yours to begin with. Finish it with a small Tank. Move your Recon to the middle of the bridge to reveal an Infantry in a nearby city. Hit it with your Md. Tank. Load up your APC with a Mech and move behind the Recon unit. Move your Rockets to the neutral city by the bridge. Back by your HQ, you have one Infantry and an AA. Move the Infantry directly north into the mountains to reveal more of Flak's reinforcements. If you see his Infantry, attack it with your AA. He also has a loaded APC, Recon, and AA. There are also long-range units along the northernmost forest. Just avoid that part of the map. On Day 2, use your Rockets to eliminate the Infantry blocking the bridge. Flak may have hit your Md. Tank with his Rocket already. Move your Recon unit as far to the east as possible to reveal the Rockets hiding in the forest. Hit the Rockets with your Md. Tank. Using your APC, drop a Mech unit close to Flak's HQ and where his Rockets can't attack you (the city to the east of his HQ is normally a good place). Bring your small Tank to the bridge so that Flak's AA unit can't hit your Mech from behind. Flak will most likely use his power but it will be of little consequence. Finish off his Rocket and capture his HQ by Day 4 (four days before time runs out). [osm8] Mission 08 - Test of Time The last mission for the Orange Star campaign. This one can be a little tricky. I chose Max for this one but any CO will do. Your goal will be to destroy the weak point in the pipe to the north. Flak's strategy for this mission is a little unpredictable so you may need to modify your builds a little. Your first objective should be to obtain the Air Port in the center of the map. From there, you can conduct a series of Bcopter raids on the pipeline until it is completely destroyed. To start, build an APC in the northernmost base and an Infantry nearby. On your next turn, load the infantry into the APC and head towards the Air Port. Build a Recon and two more Infantry. On Day 3, take your APC back to your new Infantry. Send one infantry north to capture the cities across the river. Load the other Infantry into the APC when you can and head towards the factory in the west. Send your Recon west as well. Build another Recon and an Infantry in your northernmost base. On the next day, take your loaded APC and drop the Infantry off by the factory near the Air Port. Make your newest infantry head towards or get into the APC now. Keep sending the Recon units west. Begin capturing the Air Port. Build a Tank. Use your Recons to stall Flak in the west. Hopefully you will be able to capture the buildings over there before he gets his main force to that area. Save your money for a Bcopter (you can build one on Day 5). Flak may build Missles or AAs near your Air Port. If that is the case, make sure that any air units you make are out of his way. Build an Md. Tank in the nearby factory to take it out if need be. Continuing stalling in the west by using your Recons, Tank and APC while your Infantry captures cities. Don't forget about your Infantry in the east. Keep pushing north from your Air Port and factory. It will take 3 or 4 Bcopter strikes to destroy the pipeline, depending on if you can use Max Blast or not. ============= Blue Moon Campaign ============= [bmm1] Mission 09 - Reclamation The first mission with the acclaimed Colin, weakest of all COs with his bargain-brand units and meak stature. No worries. Build a Recon and an Infantry to start. Send the Recon straight at Lash to block her advance. Do the same on your next two turns. Send your Infantry to the Air Port in the east (the one on your side of the river). Send another Infantry to the factory in the center of the map. Build more Infantry to take the remaining cities. Save up for a Bcopter and a Tcopter. The opportunity should arise when you will be able to block Lash's factories with your Recon units. It all depends on how Lash goes about building her units. If you see her build a weaker unit like a Mech, cover two of the factories with your Recons. If you have an injured Recon, send it to the HQ for protection. She'll attack one of your Recons (hopefully the one on her HQ). She'll attack with her Mech and you'll be able to move your units around to kill the Mech while maintaining position on her factories. Like I said, this is just an example. The basic strategy is to be able to paralyze her unit production. Remember that she has an Air Port as well. Typically she won't build much more than a Tcopter, but cover that with one of your units if you get the opportunity. While all this is going on, you should be able to obtain map control with your Ifantry and Bcopter. Once you've covered at least two of Lash's factories, send a loaded Tcopter to her HQ for the easy capture. Again, use your Tcopter to shield the Infantry while you make the capture. [bmm2] Mission 10 - Tanks!!! More fog of war but at the very least you get to use the coolest CO. To start, move your Infantry units onto the road between the mountains to avoid Adder's tanks. Move all of your Rockets so that they are positioned in cities. Move your Recon units into woods along the road. They'll be the eyes for your Rockets and Artillery. Your main focus should be on Adder's Md. Tanks, but if you get the chance to destroy a Recon unit then do so. It will reduce his attack to a literal "shot in the dark". Placing your Recons along the woods will trap his units, stifling his chance to attack. There are a couple areas on the map whith a forest surrounded by mountains on three sides and a road on the other. These are good spots to place your Infantry if you want to "trap" Adder's units. Be wary of Mech units crossing the mountains. If your Rockets are on cities, they'll be decently defended and will heal on your next turn. Use one of your Infantry to activate the Missile Silos. Use the other to help defend your Rockets. You may need to pull back a couple Recon units to help defend as well. Take note of Adder's power. He obtains it almost every other turn, allowing him to move an extra space with every unit. As the mission progresses, some of Adder's tanks will move forward while others remain behind. Those that are advancing on your position are your first priority. Some people like to injure every unit possible or take out those that are already injured. Ignore whichever tendency is yours and just focus on the units coming around the road or over the mountains. Keep trapping his units with your Recons and clean up with your Rockets and Artillery. I find that Adder typically focuses on the south road. Once you finish his forces in the north, bring your Artillery and whatever else to the southern side. Adder's Mechs are the only units that may cause you trouble. [bmm3] Mission 11 - T Minus 15 You're given 15 days to stop Black Hole from launching a missile that apparently has the ability to wipe out half of Blue Moon's troops. For this particular mission, you get to use Average Andy and Old Man Winter. Brute force plays more of a role here than strategy, though there are a few things you can do to make it easier on yourself. Ignore Flak's troops in the north for now. Focus on getting your forces in the north (Olaf's and Andy's troops) together with Olaf's units in the center of the map. In the south, don't worry about breaking through the pipe on that side. Just stall those Bcopters and Bombers. In the center, send your smaller Tanks ahead to hit Flak's rockets. Use an Md. Tank to start breaking through the pipeline. Finish the breakthrough with Andy's units and overload Flak in the center. Your goal is to capture all eight cities around the silo. Keep your Infantry at full health to make capturing easier. Md. Tanks should be taking the blunt of Flak's attack. In the south, make sure that your AA units can't be attacked by Flak's Bombers on Day 3. Position your units so that you can counter Flak's advance on Day 4. The first strike is very important in AA/Bomber battles. Finish off Flak's rockets in the center. Blow your way through with Md. Tanks and Bcopters. Move your Missiles and AA units in the center so that they are closer to the south side of the map. This way you can pick off Flak's air units as they advance on your position. Use your Mechs and Rocket to lure Flak into range of your Missiles. Also save up for Olaf's Super Power because it will deal 20% damage to all of Flak's units. You should be able to use it in about 5 turns. As you move Andy's Bcopters closer, take notice of where Flak places his missiles. You don't want to unnecessarily lose one of them. Once you take out Flak's air units in the south, you can block the entrance to the center with your Fighter. Flak's Neotanks can't attack it, completely off-setting his advantage on that side. When you have cleared out Flak's units in the center of the map, remember that you can use your APC to carry your units from city to city. You can capture all eight cities faster if you have Infantry on the east and west of the silo as opposed to taking one side at a time. [bmm4] Mission 12 - Nature Walk This can be a ridiculously easy mission. Use your Rockets and Tanks to take out the Black Hole units nearest to you. Send two of your tanks all the way north along the western side of the map. Move from one forest to another, keeping them hidden from the Black Hole army. All you need to do is touch your HQ and you win. Lash will occassionally throw a wrench into this strategy. She typically has two Recons, an AA, a Tank and Rockets guarding the cities around your HQ. She may even place one of her units (an AA) on your HQ. If that is the case, you're not going to be able to regain your HQ with just one or two Tanks. Bring your other units through the map as well, keeping to the forests and avoiding roads. This may be a little time consuming given the limited mobility of your Rockets and Artillery, but Lash's cannons will pick you off if you stick to the road. Use your APCs to transport your Infantry and Mechs, but I would avoid keeping them loaded when you end your turn. You probably won't know what units are coming so it's safer to drop them off after you have transported them, unless of course there are no forests to drop them into. In fact, you could keep the APC loaded to save a forest for more important units. Just make sure that the APC is in a relatively safe position. One item of importance regarding touching your HQ: On the northernmost part of the map, you will see two cities across the road from your base to the west (I'm not referring to the cities directly next to the HQ). Of these two cities, look at the one closer to your HQ (i.e. the one closer to the center of the map). One space east and two spaces south of this city is a forest. I have found that this forest is the best place to position your tank before you advance to your HQ. Otherwise, Lash might spot you and nullify your hard work. [bmm5] Mission 13 - Toy Box What an awful map. Barely navigable at all. You can only reach Lash's HQ through a very narrow path unless you take your Infantry across the mountain. You can't even do that until you've blasted your way through. Start by making two Infantry. Send the Infantry in the south to the center of the map to capture the factory. Send the other one to capture the city nearest to him. Build a Recon. You'll send it directly west to keep Lash from capturing that city. Build two more Infantry. Send one to help your Recon and another to capture the cities by your HQ. Build one more Infantry in the south. You should now have two Infantry in the south. One will take both of those neutral cities and one will head to the city south of the factory (on that little island). Build a Tank in the south. You may need to do a little fighting to get to that city. Once you've finished capturing all the cities on your side, send your Infantry there. Use your Tank to clear a path. Capturing the city will unlock a bonus for you. Build a Mech in the center. On your next turn, build a Tank. Once you get an Infantry on that city on the island, start blasting through the path to Lash's HQ. She should have a Tank by this point so counter that with your Mech and Tanks. Keep defending the city in the north by rotating your Recon and one Infantry. Build an Artillery in the center to support your Tanks. Remember to combine injured units if necessary. A good place for your Artillery to set up shop is next to the mountain by Lash's HQ. You can place an Infantry on the mountain to protect it while it clears the way for your Tanks. Keep building Tanks in the center or save up for an Md. Tank if you feel like it. You gained map control in the first few turns so do whatever it takes to keep Lash on her heels. She may break through your forces in the north. By that time, you have probably made too much progress towards her HQ for that to even matter. If not, send a Tank up there to stall her. Once you've reached her HQ with your Tanks, follow them with your Infantry (either over that mountain or via APC). You can use your extra Infantry and APCs as buffers. [bmm6] Mission 14 - Neotanks!? I chose Colin for this mission, partly because of Grit's glaring weaknesses in direct combat and Olaf's lack of noticeable advantages. Build three Infantry to begin with. Send one to the neutral factory across the bridge. Send another to the neutral air port in the west (you'll be able to launch a missile on your way there). Send the other to launch the set of missiles near the center of the map (you can come back to the others later). Build an APC to help you capture that factory and one more Infantry to capture the cities around your base. As you get to the missile silos, launch the missiles at Lash's Infantry in the northwest. This will delay her production of more units. Build one more Infantry to help you capture the cities around the factory. Use your APC to bring one of your extra Infantry to the factory. Now save up for an Md. Tank and a Bcopter. You'll eventually reach the other missile silos. Launch those missiles at Lash's Rockets and Md. Tanks near the lab you're trying to capture. This will weaken them and leave your Md. Tank and Bcopter for cleanup duty. Build a Tank to back up your Md. Tank. Lash's Md. Tanks should be down to 10% of their health. She'll likely combine them. You'll have more than enough to clear them out. You should also have one missile left when Lash's Md. Tanks are down to 10% each. Launch it at whatever units Lash is sending over the bridge. If your lucky, she'll have an unnecessary amount of units on the western side of the map. She'll focus on your Air Port. Just ignore her altogether on that side. Keep building Tanks and Md. Tanks in the center to help protect your Infantry. Use your APC to carry your Infantry to the lab. Capture it for the win. You can use your Bcopter to block the northern bridge if there are no AAs present. She'll cross the river with Infantry but they're no problem. [bmm7] Mission 15 - Two-Week Test This is one of my favorite missions. All you have to do is survive for two weeks. Build two Infantry on each of your first three turns. You can have everything around your base captured within five days. On that day, you should be able to build a Neotank (assuming you've built nothing else). Take two of your Infantry units and capture cities farther into Lash's continent. One of them will likely be destroyed first, but they'll be well-defended in the cities. At the very least, they'll stall Lash for another day. Use your other Infantry as buffers to clog up the path between continents. Get an AA out on your next turn. Put your Neotank on your southeast city (to block the path). Build Rockets to give you some range and occasionally throw out some more Infantry. If you feel your defenses wearing thin, Md. Tanks are pretty cheap for Colin. Use whatever you have after that to build Infantry. You should be able to build an Md. Tank and three Infantry one turn after you build that Rocket. Your Neotank will probably scare away a few of the Tanks and AAs. This will give you a couple turns to reinforce your defenses with whatever you feel like building. Make sure to have a couple AAs out in order to repel the Bombers and Bcopters. Colin's Power will give you a 50% bonus to your funds. When you are first able to use it, you may want to wait a turn to maximize that bonus. If you think that you're going to need units right way, by all means, use it immediately. Once you get your power units out (Rockets, Neotanks, AAs), you can overload your island with Infantry if you feel like doing so. It might not be great for your power score but it'll make it impossible for you to lose. [bmm8] Mission 16 - Factory Blues I chose Colin and Max for this one, though you can also choose from the Yellow Comet COs if you've already beaten the missions on that continent. All it takes is one of Max's Bombers to destroy the pipe. Regardless of which ones you choose, I'll be referring to the COs as "Colin" and "Max". Naturally, you may need to make a few changes in the following plan if you pick someone else. Build lots of Infantry and an APC to begin with. You need to gain map control early. Send a loaded APC to the air port in the east. You'll probably need to protect it with a Tank, so build that on Day 3. Use your other Infantry to capture the cities nearest you. Keep sending Tanks to the center of the map. They're cheap, but they'll allow you to protect the silos until your Infantry get there. Move all of Max's troops (or whichever CO you chose) to the north. Load your Mech into the APC and send it to the air port in the west. Use the Infantry to capture a couple cities on your way. You can really set up shop around the air port with the rest of Max's units. Most of the fighting will take place in the center of the map around the silos. You should be able to generate some Neotanks with Colin's cheap production costs. Combine your forces with Max's in order to control the center. Basically you'll just be stalling until you have enough money for Max to build a Bomber. To do this quickly, you'll have to capture both cities around the air port and hopefully another in the center of the map. I advise saving up for Colin's Super Power. If you've been building lots of Tanks/Md. Tanks/Neotanks, you'll be able to do massive amounts of damage on that turn. The more money you have, the better. Max's Power will help you take out Missiles or AA units in one turn if they are blocking your Bomber's path to the pipe. Do whatever it takes to get the Bomber there with full health. [ycm1] Mission 17 - Silo Scramble Let's begin with this one because it's the easiest Yellow Comet mission. To start, build two Infantry on each of your first two turns. On Day 3, build an APC and another Infantry. Use your APC to carry one of your Infantry to the silos in the center. Follow it with two other Infantry and send the other two to the south to capture buildings and set off the silos on your side of the map. Make sure to keep an Infantry inside your APC while Flak launches missiles from his silos. It will protect that Infantry so you'll be able to capture the factories in two turns once you reach them. Don't build anything on your next few turns. Wait until you have captured the factories in the center. Once you do obtain those, put out an Md. Tank. Given Kanbei's ridiculous strength, you'll be able to plow through the Black Hole defenses. While you're capturing the factories in the center, block the road with your APC so Flak can't get his units in there. This will give you enough time to get your Md. Tank ready. Flak typically builds a Lander in his port. Don't worry about it. Focus your attacks on his land units, rendering his $12000 investment a complete waste. Kanbei's Tanks and Md. Tanks make this an easy mission. Use them to slip a loaded APC into Flak's HQ. [ycm2] Mission 18 - Sensei's Return Build two Infantry on your first turn. Then build a Tcopter and another Infantry. Use the Tcopter to capture the air port in the center of the map. Capture the cities around your HQ with leftover Infantry. On the third day, build another Infantry to be transported by your Tcopter. On your 5th day, you should have enough money to produce a Bcopter. This will be vital as it is able to keep Adder at bay while you gain map control. Don't bother with the cities in the west. Adder will already have them. Once you capture the air port in the center, keep building Bcopters. You'll have to be wary of AA units but you'll plow through anything else that Adder throws at you. You should probably send a Tcopter and a couple Infantry to the city in the southwest. Adder will send a significant amount of units there. Just make sure he doesn't catch you by surprise and end up taking your HQ before you can do anything about it. There are a couple cities to the northeast of the air port in the center. Place a Bcopter on the northern one to keep Adder from capturing it while you build up your army. Get out a few tanks to clean up any AAs in the area. If your Tcopter dies, build another one and put an Infantry in it so you will be able to capture a few cities on the way to Adder's HQ. Save up for your Super Power. You'll have more cities by then so it will be much more effective than your Power. Adder typically builds ranged units (Artillery and Rockets) around his HQ, so be prepared for them. A Recon will allow you to see deep into his territory to make sure it's okay for your Bcopters to advance. You should have enough Bcopters to protect your Infantry while you take Adder's HQ. It's another easy mission. [ycm3] Mission 19 - Show Stopper Before you begin, know that you can capture the southwestern city (across the map) to unlock the bonus level. This mission can be a little difficult if you don't know what's coming. Get three Infantry out there. On Day 2, get out a Tank and an AA. Don't worry about taking that port to the west. Just get the lone neutral city next to the cities you already own. Place your other Infantry in the forests nearby. They'll alert you to Adder's forces and take the blunt of his attack. On Day 3, get out another AA. Produce another Tank at your convenience. By this time, Adder will be on your doorstep. Put one more Tank out. You'll need it to take out Adder's Tanks and Infantry. The big thing here is to take out his Bomber and Bcopters with your AAs. I know this tactic is a little different than what I've been telling you up until this point in the campaign. Usually we make a mad dash to grab the middle of the map. If you try that here, you'll likely be torn to shreds. It's better to play defensively here. Once you repel the first wave of attackers, Adder will leave you alone. It will make the mission much easier. One more thing before the fighting begins. Make sure your AA units are safely behind the rest of your units. Don't let Adder's Bomber come out of the fog and destroy them or you'll have a hard time repelling the invasion. Keep them on two of the cities in that cluster of four just to be safe. Get an Md. Tank out on Day 6. Try not to let Adder capture the factory in the center. If you can't kill the Infantry on it, at least injure it while you put out more units. Sonja's Power is pretty useless right now. Save up for her Super Power. You'll probably obtain it by Day 9. Once you repel Adder, start capturing all the cities on your side of the map. Adder will probably build a Lander in the northern port. Don't worry about it. It can't hurt you and will only waste Adder's finances. Be careful about advancing on Adder's units. He has Rockets and Artillery hidden all over the place. Get out a couple Recons to show you where they are, though I can give you a relatively good idea. The following is a diagram of the fortress with each of the cannons numbered: -1-----2- 3-------4 --------- --------- --------- 5-------6 -7-----8- There is typically a Rocket next to 6 and 8. If not, Adder has moved it to the city to the south of 8. To the northeast of #4 are two cities. There is always a Rocket on one of them. There's an Artillery nearby as well. There is an Artillery south of #7. There is a Rocket in the forests to the west of #3. To be absolutely sure where Adder's units are, place your Recon units in nearby forests to scout ahead. They'll be hidden from the cannons that way. Build Rockets to take out the cannons. They can attack from afar so you won't have to sacrifice any units as you advance. Adder will eventually bring out 3 or more Bcopters and at least one Md. Tank. I'm not sure what else he has on reserve back there but be prepared for a fight if you venture forward. I'd stay back and pick off the cannons with Rockets, though. [ycm4] Mission 20 - A Mirror Darkly This is another Fog of War mission, war-room style. Lash has the superior force and you need to use some strategy if you're going to win. Here's a list of her units: 2 AA 4 Tanks 4 Infantry 3 Mechs 2 Artillery 1 Recon 6 Md. Tanks 2 Neotanks 1 Rocket Move your Artillery and Rockets closer to the mountains on either side of the map so that you can pick off her units as they advance. Move your Mechs to the mountains but make sure that they can't be attacked by anything other than Lash's Infantry (i.e. mountains that are behind other mountains). Your Mechs and Recons should provide the line of sights for your Rockets and Artillery. One technique you can use is to injure as many units as possible. If you're fortunate, Lash will combine her units and give you less to shoot at. Don't worry about capturing those cities. They're useless. Sonja's Power is just as effective in this situation as her Super Power is so go ahead and use it as soon as you obtain it. Take out the Md. Tanks and Neotanks first. Your next priority is to clean up the smaller Tanks. Keep your three Tanks and Rocket at your HQ. They'll be able to finish off anything that reaches that part of the map if you've injured as many units as possible. Lash will leave her Rockets and Artillery behind. Don't worry about them until you've eliminated her other units. [ycm5] Mission 21 - Duty & Honor Your goal here is to prevent Adder from taking the 10 cities in the northeast. You'll need to get your forces over there quickly and efficiently. Adder has a couple Lasers on this map which will fire every other day. They fire in every direction in a straight line. Don't let your Md. Tanks stand in their way. You'll need them. Avoid the road and the forest line to the east on even numbered days. Lead the attack with your Md. Tanks. Adder will probably charge you with a Recon unit. Destroy it with a Rocket or Md. Tank. Move the rest of your units northeast. Adder has a Tank and Artillery on the other side of the mountains. He'll bring the Tank around so have a couple Mechs on hand to destroy it. That Artillery will be a couple days behind. A single Mech can take it out. Move your Rockets north to take out that laser. They can eliminate it in one turn if you attack with both of them. You should be able to reach the northern bridge by Day 5. Remember that the Lasers can harm Adder's units as well. Use that to your advantage. Break through with your Md. Tanks. Make a path for your smaller Tanks so that they can engage the Infantry in the northeast. Load up an APC and take it through as well. You should have your Power by then. Use it to clear out any remaining Md. Tanks. Get some units on those cities to prevent Adder from taking them. Once you eliminate Adder's Md. Tanks, it's smooth sailing. Use whatever cities you have left to heal your units. Clear the map of Adder's units to win. [ycm6] Mission 22 - Foul Play Your objective in this mission is to destroy the 3 cannons in the north. Move all your air units to the seam in the pipeline to begin with. Capture the nearby cities with your Infantry. Begin breaking through on the other side with your Md. Tank and Artillery. Build two Infantry on Day 1*. Use them to capture the air port and factory between the pipes. *You could wait until Day 2 and build a Neotank. Then on Day 3 build Infantry to capture the factory and air port. Do what you prefer. In the south, load up one Tcopter and take an Infantry to the cities by the pipe. Follow your other Infantry with Tcopters so that you can transport them when you finish capturing the cities to the very south. On Day 2, take out Adder's AA with a couple Bombers. You can also eliminate his Infantry with one Bcopter. Attack his Md. Tank as well. Build an Md. Tank. Start chasing Adder's Mech in the south, but watch out for the AAs. You'll need to take out the AAs and then the Mech so that Adder can't use the missile silos to his advantage. Bust through the southern pipeline with a Bomber and send another one through to start breaking through the next one. In the north, keep attacking the seam with your Md. Tank and Artillery. Follow with your Infantry so you can capture those buildings. When you obtain your Power, use it. You'll gain five Infantry in the northeast. Send two to the forests next to the silos (activate them on the next turn). Order two of them to attack the Adder's Rocket. Use the remaining Infantry to capture that city. In the west, move your new Infantry back towards your HQ. By Day 4, you'll have broken all the way through the pipeline. Squeeze all your air units through to protect your HQ. You may also be able to use your Power again. Once you get your Bombers to your HQ, take out Adder's Md. Tanks and Neotank. When they are gone, he'll have nothing to stop you. Back in the northeast, Adder will probably bring a Tank to destroy your Infantry. Remember to join injured units so that you can capture the cities and factories more easily. After you've successfully countered his first wave, replentish your army and charge the cannons. Refuel your Bombers and Bcopters as they work nicely against the cannons. Adder is probably guarding them with Missiles though. [ycm7] Mission 23 - Sea of Hope Sensei was my choice for this mission. His Bcopters are practically your trump card and it is easier to capture nuetral buildings than it is with Kanbei (less expensive units). I don't particularly care for Sonja. You also get to use Sami. She's not great but is necessary to turn the tide in this battle. Build a Tcopter and an Infantry to start. Using the Orange Star units, clean up Adder's Mech and Tank. Make sure his Rockets can't do too much damage. Move closer and closer to them but stay out of their range. Watch out for Adder's Bomber as well. Keep it at bay with your Cruiser. Make a rush for the neutral air port. Use it to produce Bcopters as often as possible. Pave the way for whatever land units you decide to build. Once you have a firm hold on Adder's main island, squeeze in a loaded Tcopter or APC for the win. [ycm8] Mission 24 - The Hunt's End Another CO select mission. I prefer Kanbei to Sensei here as there are no air ports to capture (in the beginning). Max is a good choice for two different reasons. You can try to sneak in a Bomber to the pipeline or you can just use his brute strength to forge a path through Adder's units. You can also choose Grit and take out the pipe with a Battleship. I'll just refer to the COs as Kanbei and Red/Blue. Build as three Infantry on Day 1 for Kanbei and one more for Red/Blue. Put out an APC on your next turn for Kangei. Build another Red/Blue Infantry and then save up for a Lander. Use the APC to carry and Infantry to the factory in the southeast. Your objective on the first few days is to capture as many buildings as possible. Don't worry about the neutral cities in the center of the map yet. You'll be wasting units if you try to take them. Get out an AA pretty quickly in case Adder puts out some Bcopters. You don't want him to delay your initial land grab. Build a Lander with your Red/Blue units and take the buildings to the east. Get out an Md. Tank for Kanbei so you can partially repel Adder's forces. After you've transported that Red/Blue Infantry to the eastern island, build a Tank and transport it to the north to keep Adder from capturing those buildings. If you chose Grit in the beginning, you may just want to save up for a Battleship. If you chose Max, save up for a Bomber. What you decide to do with that Bomber is up to you. You could go for a sneak attack on the pipe or methodically make a path for your Tanks to blow through. In the south, two Md. Tanks, one AA and a Rocket should be enough to keep Adder at bay. Try to save up some money while you hold him off. If you can get out a Battleship then save up for your Super Power and take a shot at the seam in the pipeline. You may also need to build a Sub to protect your Battleship if Adder has a Battleship. If you don't think that you can manage an attack using a Battleship with each CO, you may just need to push forward with Kanbei's land units. That method will take a while but is certainly possible with Kanbei's Md. Tanks. If you chose Max, it will be hard to get a Bomber to the pipeline because Adder will likely have it guarded by various Missiles and AA units. Hopefully you'll be able to open up a path to get a Bomber in there. If not, try taking in two Bombers at once. Don't get desperate though. You can work your way there slowly if necessary. The most efficient way to go about this mission, in my opinion, is to first take out the cannons with Max's Bombers. You can destroy them in one hit and it will make it much easier on you to get to that pipe. ============= Green Earth Campaign ============= [gem1] Mission 25 - Sea Fortress You're going to need your Fighters to lead the way for your Bombers in order to get to the Sea Fortress with enough firepower. On the first day, move your Fighters as far to the east as possible without being in range of Hawke's Fighters. You should be able to take out both of his Fighters and at least three of his Bcopters on Day 2. Move you Bombers as far ahead as possible so that you'll be able to hit the Sea Fortress on your next turn. Save up for your Super Power as well. It will win this mission for you. On Day 3, take out Hawke's remaining two Fighters. Move a couple Bombers forward to take out the nearest cannons (one Bomber for each cannon) but make sure that Hawke's Missiles can't destroy them. This next part is important. Attack Hawke's AA units with your Bombers to fill your Super Power meter. You should have it if you have destroyed all the Bcopters and Fighters that he sent at you in the beginning. Use your Super Power to gain an extra turn and dominate Hawke's Missiles and cannons. Make sure to move your units as far to the east as possible before you use your Super Power in order to maximize its benefits. Use your Bcopters to take out his Cruisers. You'll need your Bombers for his ranged units and your Fighters for his Bcopters. Remember to combine your units if they are injured by cannon fire. One completely healthy Bomber can take out a cannon in one hit. [gem2] Mission 26 - Drake's Delimma This mission gave me a lot of trouble the first time around. Hawke has a lot of troops hidden in the fog of war and you'll need to find a way around them. Move one of your Battleships south into a reef for cover. Move the rest of your Battleships to the southwestern coast of that island (out of the way of Hawke's cannons). Move a sub as far south as possible and dive to reveal a number of ranged units waiting on the coast. Get the rest of your ships out of the way of Hawke's Rocket. Build an Infantry. When it's Kanbei's turn, build two Infantry. On Day 2, move two more Battleships into the reefs in that bay area (keeping the the Battleship and Sub you move on Day 1 in the same places). Capture the factory with your Infantry. You can use one of your Battleships to take a shot at Hawke's units if you feel like doing so. Get out a Tank as soon as you can to help Kanbei defend Hawke's first wave of troops. Use one of Kanbei's Infantry to capture a city and the other to launch a missile at the area where Hawke has one Rocket and two Artillery. Move two more Subs forward and dive to maintain your range of vision while you move your southernmost Sub farther south. Move a Battleship into the passage between the two continents to where the reef is. On Kanbei's Day 3, build a Tank and launch that missile. On Day 4, move a Sub so that it is directly east of the cannon's weakest point in order to reveal a Rocket. Move a Battleship close to the Rocket so that it can't attack you and move the rest of your navy south. Just keep stalling in the east while you get your Battleships through the strait. Hawke will have advanced very far into your territory and you'll have no chance at pushing north. Move your Infantry into forest so you can trap his units. A couple of Kanbei's Tanks will be enough to halt Hawke's advance. Raise your Subs out of the water if they are out of harm's way. Otherwise you'll be wasting fuel. There's a cluster of reefs to the north of Drake's HQ from which you can fire at Hawke's cannons. Once you get a Battleship all the way to the other side of the strait, you have won. [gem3] Mission 27 - Sinking Feeling You get 17 days to destroy 9 Battleships. Easy enough, right? You'll need to capture the southernmost city on the island in the west in order to unlock the bonus mission. Begin by moving all your troops east and capturing the sea port. Lash will charge you with a Tank on Day 2 so make sure she can't do any damage with it. Once you take it out, move east but just out of the range of Lash's Md. Tank. You may want to take a Tank across the bridge in order to keep Lash from capturing those factories. On Day 3, clean up Lash Md. Tank with yours. Take out her smaller Tank as well. Get out a Battleship and start taking control of the buildings in the southeast. You should be able to use your Power by Day 4. Use your Battleship to start taking out those in Lash's dock. Produce another one on Day 6. By then, you'll have captured most of the buildings in the southeast and have Lash on her heels. Push forward with your Md. Tanks. You may have to do this slowly as Lash will gradually move her Rocket and Artillery farther north. Keep your AA units handy as Lash may send a Bcopter your way. She may even get out a Bomber at some point. Get out another Md. Tank to help you finish off Lash's land units. As you are picking off her Battleships with yours, make sure to injure them as opposed to finishing them off. Lash will combine her units and give you less targets to shoot at. This will help you complete the mission on time. You may choose to get out a Cruiser if you think Lash is going to send Bcopters at your Battleships. You may go another route and build up your land forces. You should decide which tactic will work better for you. Remember that your Super Power can help you reach Lash's docking bay from very far away. You can use it to sneak past her cannons or even destroy them. I find that even your Md. Tanks are pretty much ineffective against Lash's Battleships. You'll probably need probably three Battleships to safely eliminate her forces. Get those out when you can. You'll have enough pre- deployed units to take control of the eastern portion of the map. Fortunately, Lash's Super Power will not affect her Battleships because their terrain defense bonus will remain at 0. [gem4] Mission 27 - Navy vs. Air Load an Infantry and your AA into a Lander and head to the port just east of your HQ. Send your Cruisers with it. Build an Infantry and use your other predeployed Infantry to capture nearby buildings. Build an Md. Tank on Day 3 and get ready to repel Hawke's air forces with your Cruisers. Send your Lander to pick up your Md. Tank and Infantry. Once you've cleared out Hawke's Bcopters, send your Cruisers east to take out any loaded Tcopters that he might have. Send your AA east as well so that you can keep him from capturing buildings. Your Md. Tank should serve the same purpose while you gain map control with your Infantry. Make sure to capture the factories in the center so that you can use them to to launch quick attacks. Save up for your Super Power because it will severely cripple Hawke's advance. Get out a Battleship if you choose to do so. It will provide cover for your land units and deal a significant amount of damage. You'll have nothing else to buy while you capture the factories in the center of the map. Hawke's Power and Super Power will make it harder to capture cities but you really don't have a choice except to brave through it. Once an Infantry is finished capturing a building, it will heal on its next turn anyway. It will just take an extra day to capture something. Once you take control of the factories in the center, get out some Md. Tanks. Use them to keep Hawke's Infantry from capturing those cities in the east. Your Cruisers will be nearly dead or out of fuel by now but keep injuring Hawke's Bcopters to the best of your ability. After you've taken that part of the map, send a couple Infantry to the northern island to take that air port, city and sea port. You should be able to capture Hawke's HQ pretty easily. He'll keep sending Bcopters at you so have a Missile or some AA units on hand to destroy them. [gem5] Mission 29 - To The Rescue Move one Bomber north and follow it with a Bcopter and both Fighters. Move your other Bomber west use the rest of your units to take out Adder's Bombers and Bcopters in the south. You'll need to use your Bomber to take out his AA on Day 2. Build an Infantry to help capture cities. When it's Sami's turn, try to escape across the mountains towards Eagle with one of your Mechs. With the rest of the units, set up a formation that will maximize your survival time. Move your Missile east so that you can possibly pick off any Fighters or Bcopters that are in Eagle's way. On Day 2, use your Bomber to take out the southeast laser. Protect that Bomber from Adder's Fighter by shielding it with your Fighters and Bcopter. In the south, attack Adder's Bcopters with yours and move your ground units out of his Bombers' range. Take them out with your AA units on your next turn. On your next turn, finish off Adder's Bcopters in the south. Your AA units should deal damage to his Bombers but they won't eliminate them. Keep moving one of your Bombers to the southwest laser. The only things you need to worry about are Adder's Missiles. Back in the east, take out Adder's Fighter with yours and move your other Bomber closer to the northeast laser. Build a Bcopter or AA unit if you need help repelling Adder's units from your HQ. With Sami's Missile, you may be able to take out a Bcopter or Bomber. Do so if you can. Otherwise, keep moving one Mech across the mountain range and defending with your other units. Use your APC as bait. Use Eagle's Bcopters in the south to defend Sami. You'll need to keep at least one of her units alive to complete the mission. Once you've eliminated all of Adder's troops near your HQ, you may want to load up a Tcopter and head to the cluster of buildings in the southwest. You really won't need those unless something goes horribly wrong with your Bombers but it can't hurt. On Day 4, move your eastern Bomber north in order to take out Adder's Missile. Move your southern Bomber to the west so that you can attack that laser on your next turn. You should obtain your Super Power midway through Day 4. Save it for your next turn. Use your Fighters to help Sami's Mech cross the mountains safely. On Day 5, take out the northeast and southwest lasers. Take out any Bcopters that might threaten Sami's survival and use your Super Power to bring your Bombers closer to the last laser. Place them over the mountains so that they are not vulnerable to AA attacks. If all goes well, you'll be able to complete the mission on Day 6 with no trouble. [gem6] Mission 30 - Rain of Fire Build an APC and Infantry on Day 1. Send them north. Do the same on Day 2 and move them to the east. Build a Recon and Infantry on Day 3 and follow your APC east. In the north, capture the factory on the Adder's side of the bridge first. That way you can put out units closer to his HQ and paralyze his assault early in the mission. Hawke will tell you that the volcano eruption follows a certain pattern. There's a screenshot by gauntletjackal that will show you where the lava falls. It's under the FAQ pages. You'll want to capture factories before neutral cities so that you can have a couple places to initiate your attack. Build a Tank and send it east as well. Bring your northern APC back to HQ to pick up another Infantry. Once you capture the factory in the north, build a Recon to keep Hawke from capturing the northeastern cities. Use your Recon and APC in the southeast to stall his forces until your Tank arrives. Send an Infantry to capture the cities to the south of the volcano as well. When you capture the southeast factory, get out an Md. Tank or two so that you can blow your way through Hawke's Infantry. It should only take a few turns to clear out that area. Use whatever spare money you have to make a push towards Hawke's HQ in the north. Your main focus should be in the south though. At some point you may have to just let Hawke advance in the north. Keep pumping out Md. Tanks in the south and charge his HQ. You'll eventually have enough to literally "cover all the bases" (lol I'm funny). Put an Md. Tank on each one to keep Hawke from producing units. Then sneak in an Infantry for the win. [gem7] Mission 31 - Danger X9 You have nine days to eliminate the Black Hole army or capture the lab. You'll get to pick your CO and I went with Jess as sea/air units won't really give you an advantage on this mission. To begin, build an Infantry so that you can take the air port in the center of the map. Use it to pump out Md. Tanks. They'll be the key to busting through to the other side of the map. Move your Battleship and Cruiser into reefs so that the fog of war conceals them. Use your Recons to improve your line of sight and an Md. Tank to lead the way. You'll be attacked by four Bcopters as well as a Tank and Mech initially. Use the AA units to your advantage and get in a couple hits with your Battleship. Once you eliminate that first Tank, use the forests to trap the Bcopters. They will probably attack your Recon units first. If this happens, combine them after you've cleared out the Black Hole units. You'll only need one when you have to squeeze through the area between the pipes. Clean up any AAs with your Md. Tanks and use your Bcopters to take out anything else. You'll encounter a hidden Artillery and Rocket on the other side, so take them out as soon as possible. Finish off the rest of the enemy units or capture the lab for the win. [gem8] Mission 32 - Great Sea Battle This will be a long battle but probably my favorite mission in the entire game. I chose Sensei, Max and Eagle for sheer manliness. Hopefully this part of the guide won't become to convoluted with different orders for different COs. I'm going to use a different format. OS = Orange Star YC = Yellow Comet GE = Green Earth If you chose a Blue Moon CO then alter your strategy accordingly. Remember to check the line of sight for Hawke's cannon. Don't let him sneak a hit in with that thing. Day 1: GE - 1 Infantry, 1 APC OS - 2 Infantry YC - 1 Infantry Day 2: GE - Send the loaded APC towards the air port in the north. You'll need it to help out your OS units. Build 2 more Infantry. OS - Send both Infantry east and build 1 more and an APC. YC - Build 1 more Infantry to help capture those buildings and save up for a Lander. Day 3 GE - Capture two neutral cities and drop your Infantry off by the air port. Build two more Infantry and a Bcopter. OS - Send loaded APC to the east. Build two more Infantry to send south on your next turn. YC - When your first Infantry is finished capturing a city, send him to capture the easternmost city. That way you'll be able to load him into the Lander before it leaves. Day 4: GE - Send Bcopter north. Take your APC back to pick up another Infantry. Finish capturing the neutral cities near your HQ and send an Infantry to launch the missile. Save up for a Fighter. OS - Launch the missile out Hawke's powerful units and capture a city nearby. Send the loaded APC to the island southeast of your HQ to capture the factory. Build an AA if Hawke has a lot of air units. Get a Tank if he has more land units. YC - Build another Infantry so that you can load it into the Lander in a couple turns. Day 5: GE - Send all Infantry north except the one launching the missile and any who may still be capturing cities. Make sure you have enough money to build a Fighter on your next turn. OS - You should have two Infantry heading south of your HQ, two to the east and one to the southeast. Send your AA east and build a Tank if you can. YC - Build a Lander finally. Day 6: GE - Build a Fighter in your northern air port. Move everybody else north. OS - Save up for an Md. Tank. Keep capturing cities and factories. Head for the missile northeast of the cannon to launch it. Save up for a Neotank. YC - Send the loaded Lander east to capture cities. Capture the factory first. Day 7: GE - Build a Bcopter in your northern air port. Send your Fighter to where you'll need it (wherever Hawke's air units are). OS - Keep capturing cities. Build a Neotank on your next turn and prepare for Hawke's attack. YC - Take control of the southeastern island. No need to build anything yet unless you think Hawke is going to send his Bcopters at you. Send your Lander back to your HQ to pick up that last Infantry. Day 8: GE - Build a Bomber in your northern air port. OS - Build a Neotank in your southeastern factory. YC - Launch the missile on the southeastern island to weaken Hawke's troops. Day 9: GE - Save up for another Bomber. Use your other Bomber to start destroying the cannons. You could go into defensive mode if you wish because your Yellow Comet troops are going to accomplish the mission objective for you. OS - Finish capturing cities and build up your defenses. Day 10: GE - Build another Bomber unless you feel like you need a Fighter. OS - Build a Neotank if you have enough money. I find that more powerful units work better than numerous weaker units because Hawke will typically run from them. YC - Build an Rocket in your new factory. Keep capturing those cities. Day 11: GE - Use your Bombers to take out those cannons when you get the opportunity. OS - Wait until the cannons are eliminated before you push forward with your Neotanks and whatever else you have. YC - If you are in no immediate danger, build a Battleship. Load your Rocket and an Infantry into your Lander when you get the chance and take them to the island north of your new base. Use your Battleship to take out that cannon while you use your Rocket to sneak an attack on the pipeline. Your Infantry should capture the closest factory. If you can't build a Battleship, get out some AA units to protect against Hawke's Bcopters and loaded Tcopters. Day 12: GE - You know the deal by now. Destroy cannons. Push forward. Repeat. OS - Keep using Eagle's air units as support while you advance. Repeat. YC - Get your Lander ready to drop your Rocket and Infantry off on the next turn. Get out an AA. Day 13: GE - You may want to get a Tcopter and capture the air port and sea port to your east. OS - Keep trucking. YC - Drop your units off. Head back to pick up your AA on the next turn. Start taking down the cannon with your Battleship. Day 14: YC - Hopefully Hawke won't have any Bombers or Bcopters in the east yet. You should have enough time to get your AA unit to the north before any harm is done. You may even want to bring Missiles over to that island. Protect your Rocket at all cost. You'll need it to beat the mission. Day 15: YC - After you destroy the cannon with your Battleship, send it north to take out the cannon next to the pipeline you're trying to destroy. Move your Rocket closer to the pipeline and watch out for any incoming air units. You may want to send one of Eagle's Fighters to help you out. You should be able to finish off the pipeline within a few days. ============= Final Continent Campaign ============= [fcm1] Mission 33 - Hot Pursuit This is an easy mission, despite the game's difficulty rating for it. Ranged units and Bombers will be your primary weapons here. Andy, Eagle and a random third CO would make a good combo. I'd pick Sensei because his CO power will distract Sturm's Meteor from your more powerful units and he can produce powerful Bcopters on every turn. Remember that the CO you choose first will start in the middle, your second CO will start on the left and your third will start on the right. ******* Another great strategy to use is to choose Eagle, Max and Grit. Clear out Sturm's ships and allow Grit to capture a sea port on both sides of the map. Pump out a couple Battleships to take out the two outside cannons from long range. Then use a powerful combination of Eagle's Bombers and Max's Md. Tanks/Neotanks to break through the first wave of cannons. Sneak Grit's Rocket Launcher up the middle to take out the last cannon. This strategy works much better than the one below but I don't feel like re-typing anything. ******* The following strategy only works if you picked Andy, Eagle and Sensei in that order. Basic principles remain the same for whomever you chose though. Adjust your strategy accordingly. Keep your units out of the range of Sturm's cannons and lasers. His cannons will be more likely to attack your Bombers and Bcopters than your Infantry. One technique is to put your Tcopters in their way so that you can allow your Infantry to capture cities. A Tcopter with 10% health is just as good as a 100% Tcopter. Just as a side note: It is best to take out all the minicannons at the same time Day 1: GE - Two Infantry OS - Two Infantry YC - Bcopter and Infantry Day 2: GE - Build a Bomber. Move Infantry to capture the factories nearby. OS - Build a Cruiser. Move Infantry to capture a factory and the buildings on the island north of your HQ. YC - Build a Bcopter and Infantry. Use your Bcopters to take out Sturm's ships (the Cruiser first). Make sure you get the first strike or his Cruiser will punish you for it. Day 3: GE - Build two more Infantry. Send your Bomber to help Andy. OS - Build nothing. Move your Cruiser so that it can't be attacked by Sturm's Battleship or Sub. Build nothing. YC - Two Bcopters should be enough to take out Sturm's Cruiser. Once it is destroyed, head for his Battleship. Build a Tcopter to carry one of your Infantry to the island with the neutral buildings. Don't get your Bcopters too close to Sturm's Missiles. Day 4: GE - Build another Bomber. Attack Sturm's Cruiser with your first Bomber if possible. Build two more Infantry. OS - Build a Sub. Attack Sturm's Sub with your Cruiser if you can. If not, avoid his Battleship. YC - You'll gain your CO Power after you attack Sturm's Cruiser or Battleship a couple times. Use it as soon as you get it. The Infantry you receive will help you capture the neutral cities in front of the cannons and will absorb any hits you take from Sturm's CO Power. Send one Bcopter to start taking out cannons. Bulid another Bcopter. Day 5: GE - Attack Sturm's Battleship with your Bomber. Send your second Bomber to start taking out cannons. Just keep pumping out Bombers when you can. OS - Take out Sturm's Sub with your Cruiser. You may also be able to finish off his Battleship or Cruiser. YC - Start taking control of this side of the map and use your Bcopters to take out Sturm's cannons. After that: You'll just need brute force to break through the first line of cannons. Whatever you do, don't break through the second pipeline. You can take out the cannon with a Rocket Launcher without having to fight Sturm's ridiculous force. [fcm2] Mission 34 - Final Front You have 30 days to send a Bomber to take out Sturm's death ray. It works best with Max, so I'd choose him, Eagle and Sensei. Feel free to choose who you want and remember that your first choice will be in the center, your second on the left and your third on the right. Day 1: OS - Build two Infantry. Send both north. GE - Build two Infantry. Send one south and one east. YC - Build two Infantry. Send one south and one west. Day 2: OS - Build two Infantry. Use them to take cities. GE - Build a Tcopter in the northern factory. Build another Infantry to take north on the next turn. YC - See GE strategy. Day 3: OS - Build two Infantry and two Tcopters. Send one Tcopter east and the other west on your next turn. You'll need Max to capture most of the buildings so that he can pump out Bombers almost every turn. GE - Build a Bcopter. Take a loaded Tcopter north. YC - See GE strategy. Day 4: OS - Take cities but save your finances. GE - Build a Bcopter if you can. Send your first Bcopter to the center of the map. YC - See GE strategy. Day 5 OS - Build a Bomber. Send your Tcopters back to pick up more Infantry. GE - From here, do what you need in order to stave off Sturm's attack. YC - See GE strategy. Bcopters are your main option if you chose Sensei. Day 6: OS - Send your Bomber forward. Build a Tank. You should have 15 bases by now. GE - Defend. Use your Tcopter to block Sturm's units from capturing the center factories. YC - Build another Bcopter unless Sturm has sent some AA units your way. If he has, build a Tank. Day 7: OS - Get your units out of the way of Sturm's Death Ray. If fires straight down the middle of the map. GE - Build whatever you think is necessary to defend against Sturm. AA units, Bcopters and Tanks are your best option. YC - Keep pumping out whatever you need to defend against Sturm. Day 8: OS - You'll have to move your first Bomber to the northern part of the bridge on the right. Hopefully nothing will get in its way because you need to go directly north from there in order to avoid the cannons. GE - Defend. YC - Send your Bcopters to the center to clear the way for Max's Bomber. Day 9 to whatever: OS - You may need to send a Fighter with your Bomber if Sturm has a Fighter blocking your path. You can build one with Eagle if you need to. Once you get your Bomber to the Death Ray, it will be eliminated in one hit. ============= Frequently Asked Questions ============= None yet. If you have them, reach me at ============= Credits ============= Author - The Return of Hylian SBallen and Gamefaqs gauntletjackal for Rain of Fire map</p>