300 Strategy Guide For the Sony PSP by hugaddict This document may be freely distributed providing it is left in its entirety and is unmodified. hugaddict at nusmata.com (replace the “at” with "@" and remove the spaces) Game release date: February 27, 2007. Strategy Guide release date: ------------------------------------------------------ INDEX ------------------------------------------------------ 01. Controls 02. General Tips & Info 03. Characters 04. Enemies & Killing 05. Weapons 06. Combos 07. Battle Skills 08. Phalanx 09. Level Outline & Lambdas 10. Annoyances 11. Disclaimer ------------------------------------------------------ 01. Controls ------------------------------------------------------ Joystick – Character Movement X – Light Attack Square – Heavy Attack Triangle – Change Weapon O – Shield Bash Left Trigger – Block Right Trigger – Wrath Left + Right Trigger – Tuck Tail, the arrow Shower Block (also blocks from the suicide bombers) Right – Fortitude Down – Blood Drunk Up – Warlord Left – Defense Spear Throw - Left Trigger + (Square + X) Weapon Pickup: Triangle Shield Pickup: O ------------------------------------------------------ 02. General Tips & Info ------------------------------------------------------ Red Bar: The Red Bar is your Health Meter. When it is gone, you die. Yellow Bar: The Yellow Bar is your Wrath Meter. There are three levels. Each level allows you to do one Battle Skill. Also, the Wrath Attacks require a small amount of this. Kleos: The Kleos is honor in which you can exchange for Weapons, Battle Skills, or Combos. You gain Kleos with every kill. You can update from the Start Menu. HUD: The HUD is the circular gauge in the top left of the screen. It shows your Health Meter, Wrath Meter, and Battle Skills. Invest in the Spartan Uppercut Combo before anything else. This knocks the enemy off their feet allowing you to finish them off on the ground. The Spear Combos are harder to execute than the Sword Combos as it takes longer to do a full swing of any Spear Attack. Press the second Combo button at the end of the first swing, and so on. Poison Attacks (against): When you are poisoned, you are greatly slowed. Your damage is minimal and the poison will soon wear off. Your attacks don’t lose any strength, so you’ll just have to adjust your timing temporarily. Blue Attacks (against): When the enemy’s weapon(s) are Blue your Shield offers no defense. Red Attacks (against): When the enemy’s weapon(s) are Red their attack will knock your Shield from your hands. Press O to pick your Shield back up. Yellow Attacks (against): Best guess, is the yellow weapons power up the enemies Strength. Flame Attacks (against): When the enemy’s weapon(s) or arrow(s) are lit, you will catch on fire. You will continue to lose Health until you are put out. ------------------------------------------------------ 03. Characters ------------------------------------------------------ King Leonidas: King Leonidas is the King of Sparta. He leads 300 “Body Guards” to battle vs. King Xerxes and the Persian Army. Dilios: Dilios is the Narrator of the game and movie of the same title. He loses an eye, and then leads the Persian Army to victory after Leonidas is slain. Daxos: Daxos is the Leader of the Arcadians. He and 1100 Arcadians join Leonidas in taking on King Xerxes and the Persian Army. King Xerxes: King Xerxes is the self proclaimed God and ruler of the Persian Empire. He marches on Sparta and his army slays King Leonidas. ------------------------------------------------------ 04. Enemies & Killing ------------------------------------------------------ Sneak Attack: During certain parts of the game you can sneak up behind an enemy and slice his throat by pressing Square + X together. It is better however, to sound the alarm and kill all of the enemies that come out. This will give you far more Kleos. Achilles Attack: Okay not based on the actual Achilles, but for some reason I envision Brad Pitt in the movie “Troy” attacking then circling around to attack again during his fight with Hector. This is useful for when an enemy is blocking too well. Simply run in a mini circle and do an attack to connect while the enemy is lowering their defense. Spear Piles: There are Spear Piles located around the game. They provide many Spears for you to lob at your enemy. Simply press Triangle to get another one. Wrath Attacks: Some enemies require the Wrath Attack. Press and hold down the Right Trigger while pressing Square or X. Knockdown: Some enemies require you to knock them down then stab them whilst on the ground. Once down, walk up to them and press either Square or X. Thirsty Persians: You can knock many of the enemies off of the cliff by doing the same attack that knocks them to the ground. You just have to have them between you and the cliff within reasonable range. This applies to close to all the enemies that attack you along the cliff. Slave: The slave is wearing nothing but a white loin and head wrap. He is an easy kill, just do any attack until death. Blue Grunt: The Blue Grunt wear Blue with a face covering. They are easily killed. Do any attack until death. Blue Shielded Grunt: The Blue Grunt with a Shield. Their Shield must be destroyed with the Spear before you kill them. Alternately, you may knock them to the ground and finish them off. You may also do a Wrath Attack to finish them off. War Elephant: The War Elephant is an Elephant trained to kill. It will stomp, double stomp, and do a nose sweep to kill you. You can kill it by the basic Downward Stab. You can Downward Stab two times before the Elephant’s next attack. If you are quick, you can Downward Stab three times before the Elephant’s next attack. Archer: The Archer is in Yellow and has no defense. Simply kill with any attack. Be wary, further in the game their arrows are poisoned. You may block their arrows with the Left Trigger. Orange Grunt: The Orange Grunt has a covered face and wears orange. He is easy to kill. Choose any attack you wish. Orange Shielded Grunt: The Orange Grunt with a Shield. Their Shield must be destroyed with the Spear before you kill them. Alternately, you may knock them to the ground and finish them off. You may also do a Wrath Attack to finish them off. Persian Champion 1: He is the first Champion to kill. Simply hold down the Left Trigger and walk Counterclockwise around him. Soon as he’s done his attack, attack him with your Sword. The Spear is useless against him. Note that combos will build up your Wrath Meter faster than regular attacks. Persian Heavy Infantry: The Heavy Infantry carry heavy shields. They wear black and brown, and have their faces covered. They can be killed while on the ground or when pushed into fire. Bone Golem: The Bone Golem is a large enemy that can only be killed with the Blood Drunk Skill. If you have no more Wrath, simply do combos on him until you have enough to enable the Blood Drunk Skill. Stalker: The Stalker is dressed in black and wields poisoned Dual Swords. Block or dodge the poisoned blades. Kill by any means desired. Immortal: Legend has it the Immortals cannot be killed. Though they are easy to kill and can be done so by many methods. A spear thrown through the armor is one method. You can also perform a Wrath Attack. You can also knock them off of a cliff. You can stab them while they are down. Executioner: The Executioner has two giant blades as arms. You can only kill him during a Blood Drunk Battle. Once Blood Drunk, he is easy to kill. If you need more Wrath, simply perform combos on him until your Wrath bar is high enough. Base Commander: The Base Commander is a large man dressed in Blue. He is extremely easy to kill. Simply arm yourself with your Spear before you enter, and throw it at him when there’s a clear path. One hit will kill him. Persian Commander: The Persian Commanders are large men in heavy armor. They differ from the Base Commander as they require a Heavy Wrath Attack (Right Trigger + Square) to kill. Pyro Bomber: The Pyro Bomber is the Persian that throws the old fashioned grenades. They have no defense and are easily killed. Suicide Slave: The Suicide Slave is the regular slave in the white head and loin wrap, but with a giant bomb. The best way to kill him is by throwing a spear. When you encounter him near the end of the game simply run up to him until he stops (About 8 feet) then run away. He will scream to mark his suicide bombing just before he detonates himself. You can also press (Left Trigger + Right Trigger) to Tuck Tail. This prevents damage from the explosion. You will however, catch aflame. The flame will do damage to you. Slave Master: The Slave Master is dressed in loose leather and carries nothing but a whip. He has no defense and is easy to kill. Watch out as he will power up the other soldiers. Shielded Immortal: Same as the regular Immortal, but with a Shield. Wrath Attacks won’t work. To kill them, knock them down and finish them off while they lay on the ground. You can also bash them off of the cliff. Giant Immortal Fight 1: The Giant Immortal might be tricky to figure out at first, but is easily killed. It however, is a long and tedious process. You first have to destroy his armor by bashing it with your Spear. The Counterclockwise Method described with the first Champion is recommended. Use the Ironsplitter Combo to destroy his armor faster if you have it. Then after you have destroyed his armor, use your Sword(s) to injure him, before death he will run away. Giant Immortal Fight 2: More or less the same as the first fight. When he goes on a rage attack and rams you, go on the other side of the statue and he’ll ram into the structure and not you. Once you got him wounded he’ll run in front of a statue to heal. Push the statue over on top of him. You have to be fast. Repeat three times to kill him. Be cautious, he can knock you into the hole in the ground. Bone Grunts: These are the most annoying of enemy. They hop around and often make the camera move in such a way that is annoying. They are however, easy to kill. Knock them down and Stab them while they’re on the ground, or do a Wrath Attack. You may also kill them with a Spear. Mongol Warriors: These Mongol Warriors are dressed in Green and carry Shields. The only way to kill them is to knock them down and Stab them when they’re on the ground. Wicker Grunts: The Wicker Grunts are made mostly out of branches. They only take damage while stunned. Use your Shield Bash or preferably Zeus’ Fury to stun them. Then do any combo to kill them. Rhino 1: The Rhino is very easy if timed right. Just like in a movie one Spear to the eye kills it. If you miss, you’ll have to take it on. It will ram you again and again if you don’t be careful. Kullulu: Kullulu is a Giant Wicker Grunt. Unlike the regular Wicker Grunt, you don’t need to stun it to inflict damage. Just avoid its rolling attacks and hit it when it stops. Blue Persian Champion: You fight against along with the Red Persian Champion. They take turns fighting you. Do the Counterclockwise Method I described earlier until they’re almost dead. Red Persian Champion: After you almost defeat them solo, they both fight at the same time with their Health maxed out. Now here is where I used my Hit & Run tactic. I ran to and from them drawing out their attack. Soon as they are done this, go in and attack. Keep doing this until one is dead. Then you can go back to the Counterclockwise method. General Hydarnes: General Hydarnes is the General of the Immortals. You start off by destroying his armor with a Spear like previous fights. Once you do this he will jump up on one of the cages. From there he is immune to attack. Run to the opposite side of the area and stand behind the opposite cage or behind one of the short pillars. He will attack you 8-10 times with his claws which he then reels back. After he’s done those attacks he will jump down and run to the other cage and jump on. During this run attack him, preferably with a combo. The Gut Ripper will take him down almost all the way. Keep doing this until he is dead. Persian Guard: These Persian Guards dress in white and carry Golden Shields with a Flaming Sword. They can be killed by using the Heavy Wrath Attack (Right Trigger + Square) or by being bashed off of the cliff. Commander Mardonius Fight 1: Mardonius is the Commander of the Persian Army. He expectantly is also the most difficult to beat. Difficult as even your most powerful hit takes so little life from him. Follow the my Counterclockwise Method and use the spear to strip him of his armor. Once his armor has been destroyed, choose any of the three weapon arrays to kill him. The most useful combo is the Gut Ripper. Antaraxes, Hydorus, Virga: Antaraxes, Hydorus, and Virga are Xerxes top three generals. Each are big, dressed in Dark Blue, and carry a giant Axe. They are extremely easy to kill. Simply use the Strong Wrath Attack (Right Trigger + Square) to kill them. If you don’t have enough Wrath built up, simply kill any enemies in the fields. --While Entering the coliseum, slaves will be running out not even wanting to fight you. Slaughter them if you want. More importantly, equip your spear for inside. Rhino 2: This is the easiest Rhino fight. Simply immediately throw your spear into its eye and the battle will be over. If you don’t do it, or miss you’ll have to face three Rhinos along with enemies. Mardonius Fight 2: The Commander is fully healed. Simply use the same Counterclockwise method with a Spear. He will run away again once his armor is gone. Most useful combo is the Ironspliter. Mardonius Fight 3: The Commander’s armor will still be gone. This fight is different than the previous two. He will now split his Double Headed Spear into Twin Swords. Right before he does a leaping Blue Attack (with Twin Swords) he will use the Red Attack. If you do not run away, there is no escape from this. Use the Counterclockwise method and any weapons you wish. ------------------------------------------------------ 05. Weapons ------------------------------------------------------ Spartan Sword: The basic weapon of every Spartan citizen. Perfect for killing Shieldless or unarmed opponents. Runed Blade: A blade touched by the dark magic of the ancients. Increased Sword damage. Spiked Xiphos: A vicious Sword forged to maim and kill the enemy. Increased Sword damage. Obsidian Edge: Forged from the hottest fires, death itself is baked into the very iron of this blade. Increased Sword damage. Kopis of Titans: The Ephors say this legendary blade was used by the Titans themselves. Increased Sword damage. Spartan Spear: The basic weapon of every Spartan soldier. Perfect for piercing and breaking Shields and armor. Runed Spear: A Spear touched by the dark magic of the ancients. Increased Spear damage. Spiked Spear: A vicious Spear wrought to rip through the flesh of the enemy. Increased Spear damage. Obsidian Spear: Topped with a blade forged from the hottest fires, death itself is baked into its very iron. Increased Spear damage. Spear of the Gods: The Ephors say this legendary Spear was used by the Gods themselves. Increased Spear damage. Spartan Shield: The basic Shield of Sparta, emblazed with the symbol of Lakonia. Minor chance to stun enemies when used as a weapon. Runed Shield: A Shield touched by the dark magic of the ancients. Increased damage and chance to stun when used as a weapon. Spiked Shield: A vicious Shield coveRed with spikes to inflict more damage. Increased damage and chance to stun when used as a weapon. Obsidian Shield: Forged in the hottest fires, death itself is baked into the very iron of this Shield. Increased damage, chance to stun, and stun duration. Shield of Heroes: The Ephors say this Shield was used by the greatest heroes of Greek legend. Increased damage, chance to stun, and stun duration. Spartan Armor: The basic armor of every Spartan soldier designed to allow for speed in battle. Does not absorb any damage from attacks. Runed Armor: Armor touched by the dark magic of the ancients to increase protection. Decreases damage taken. Spiked Armor: A vicious armor forged to inspire fear in your foes to decrease their effectiveness in battle. Decreased damage taken. Obsidian Armor: Forged from the hottest fires, death itself is baked into the very iron of this armor. Decreases damage taken. Armor of Legend: The Ephors say this armor was used by the greatest heroes of Greek legend. Decreases damage taken. ------------------------------------------------------ 06. Combos ------------------------------------------------------ Combos raise your Wrath Meter significantly faster than regular attacks. While the enemy is running at you, time your combo to connect at the peak of its thrust. While an enemy is getting up, you can time your combo to connect at the moment the enemy is just standing. Sword – Light Combo: X, X, X – Basic light attack combo. Fast attacks, minor damage. Sword – Heavy Combo: Square, Square, Square – Basic heavy attack combo. Medium speed attacks, medium damage. Sword – Shield Combo: O, O, O – Basic Shield attack combo. Fast attacks, light damage. Causes enemies to stumble. Sword – Shield Slam: X, Square, O – A fast combo that punches the enemy with the Shield. Has a chance to stun enemies. Sword – Spartan Uppercut: X, O, Square – A Sword Uppercut combo that knocks enemies in the air. Sword – Gut Ripper: Square, X, X – A Double Sword Stab combo that deals high damage to a single opponent. Sword – Vicious Strike: Square, O, Square – A Sword Sweep combo that knocks enemies back. Sword – Zeus’ Fury: O, Square, X – A Jumping Impale combo that deals massive damage to a single opponent. Spear – Light Combo: X, X, X, X – Basic light combo. Fast attacks, minor damage. Spear – Heavy Combo: Square, Square, Square, Square – Basic heavy combo. Slower attacks, high damage. Spear – Shield Combo: O, O, Square, Square – Basic Shield combo. Opens up the enemy with Shield attacks before hitting them with the Spear. Spear – Skullcracker: Square, Square, X, X – Smashes the enemy with the Spear butt and stuns them. Spear – Ironsplitter: X, Square, Square, Square – An extremely powerful Armor Breaking combo. Breaks through armor and Shields quickly. Spear – Whirlwind: X, X, Square, Square – A Sweeping Knockback combo that clears the area. Spear – Meteor Slam: O, X, X, O – A Jumping Knockdown attack that leaves the enemy vulnerable to a ground attack. Dual Sword – Light Combo: X, X, X – An extremely fast, chaining combo. Does minor damage, but is fast and can quickly kill a single foe. Dual Sword – Heavy Combo: Square, Square, Square – A basic heavy combo. Does moderate damage and can hit multiple enemies. Dual Sword – Eviscerate: X, Square, Square – A spinning combo to tear apart enemies. Dual Sword – Hades’ Strike: X, Square, X – A devastating combo that knocks enemies to the ground. Dual Sword – Heartseeker: Square, Square, X – A high damage attack aimed at your foe’s heart. Dual Sword – Decapitator: Square, X, Square – The most powerful dual Sword attack. Does massive damage to enemies as it takes their heads off. ------------------------------------------------------ 07. Battle Skills ------------------------------------------------------ Blood Drunk 1: You unleash an intense battle rage, increasing the damage of your attacks. While attacking, you gain Health instead of Wrath. Blood Drunk 2: Damage and Health regeneration are increased. Longer duration that also increases damage done by nearby allies. Blood Drunk 3: Further increased duration, damage, and Health regeneration, with greater damage bonuses to nearby allies. Also stuns enemies. Warlord 1: Your extra focus during battle slows down time without affecting you. While attacking, you gain Health instead of Wrath. Warlord 2: Increased duration and Health regeneration. Allies are no longer affected by slowdown. Warlord 3: Further increased duration and Health regeneration. Defense 1: Automatically blocks all incoming attacks. Regenerates Health when attacking. Defense 2: An improved Defense that automatically counters all incoming attacks, regenerates more Health, and has an increased duration. Defense 3: A maximized Defense, with even greater Health regeneration and further increased duration. Fortitude 1: Allows you to pull upon your inner strength and resolve to regain Health. Fortitude 2: A more focused meditation that allows you to heal more during battle. Fortitude 3: A calm and focused meditation that allows you to regain all your Health. ------------------------------------------------------ 08. Phalanx ------------------------------------------------------ The Phalanx is the military formation in which the Shields of the soldiers lock together forming a barrier. Phalanx Command Bar: The Command Bar during the Phalanx mode shows how strong your Phalanx is. When the Command Bar is gone, you die. Every kill raises the Command Bar. X – Downward Stab attack to kill any enemy. Square – Stab Attack which breaks the enemies Shields. O – Phalanx Push which pushes against the enemy when they push you. If you time it correctly, you don’t have to destroy the enemy shields to kill them. Press X just before they get their so your Spears connect with them before they block. ------------------------------------------------------ 09. Level Outline & Lambdas ------------------------------------------------------ 01. The Hot Gates. 02. Tree of the Dead. 03. Boarding Party. 04. The First Day. 05. The Immortals. 06. The Second Day. 07. Persian Camp. 08. The Third Day. 09. Battle of Plataea. There are 4 Lambdas per stage. Lambdas are markers, using the letter “A” without the horizontal bar. When you get one, it fills your Health and Wrath Meters up. Once gotten, they will not be there again; this is counting continuation games. ------------------------------------------------------ 10. Annoyances ------------------------------------------------------ There is serious lag during a large percentage of the game. The game pauses to tell you how to kill an enemy when you first encounter it and also when you achieve a new Battle Skill. It however, does not stop telling you each new continuation (new game with all your old upgrades and stats) you play. However, the continuous pop ups did make it easier to make this Strategy Guide as they told the names to the enemies. While in the Phalanx and an arrow shower, the enemy pushing does not get harmed while you do. This demolishes your Phalanx Strength. You can however, press O to push back then Tuck Tail to minimize damage. The Champions can “block” the arrow shower with only a sword or like weapon. You however, cannot block an arrow shower with your Dual Swords. Your Spartan “Body Guards” will constantly get in the way of you finishing an enemy off. Which is annoying when it takes time to knock someone down. They will also block your only way out of an attack while you are surrounded. Thus causing you to take more damage. ------------------------------------------------------ 11. Disclaimer ------------------------------------------------------ The Level Outline, Weapons, Combos, and Battle Skills were all taken directly from the game. The opening three tips in the Combos section, and the rest of this Strategy Guide were done by me. No claim of ownership of any fashion to the game is intended.</p>