Metal Gear Solid 4: Sons of the Patriots Big Boss Rank Guide Copyright 2008 Stephen Hellicar Written by: Hellcar e-mail: wormix[at]gmail[dot]com This guide may contain spoilers for Metal Gear Solid 4: Sons of the Patriots Note that this guide was written using the Australian PAL release. Table of Contents [1] Introduction / The Purpose of the Guide [2] Big Boss Emblem Requirements [3] Helpful Items [4] Tips and Tricks [5] Main Walkthrough [5a] Opening [5b] Act 1 [5c] Act 2 [5d] Act 3 [5e] Act 4 [5f] Act 5 [6] Specific Areas/Fights [7] Best Times Quick Find: just search for "[6a]" (without quotes) if you want to skip to the opening section quickly. If you want to skip to a certain area search for "--Red Zone" for example. Version History Version 1.0 (23 Jun 2008) - Initial Version Version 1.1 (25 Jun 2008) - Updated Advent Palace strategy significantly. Updated some Boss strategies. Version 1.2 (27 Jun 2008) - Updated Acts 1 through 3 so that it also applies to a naked run. Slightly updated Resistance section. Expanded and updated Bike Chase strategies. Version 1.3 (3 July 2008) - Updated Act 4 walkthrough and Acts 4 and 5 Boss strategies. Some minor updates. Version 1.4 (27 July 2008) - Various Updates Been busy recently and haven't had time to spend on updating the guide. I read every e-mail sent to me but I can't reply to them all. This file is only permitted to be hosted on the following sites ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [1] Introduction / The Purpose of the Guide ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Big Boss Emblem (BBE) is the hardest emblem in the game to get; however unlike MGS2 and MGS3 there is no restriction on the number of times you can save. This makes it very possible for people to get who would have no chance in the previous MGS games. In my opinion it is much easier to get than the Fox Hound rank in MGS3. This guide is meant to aid a player who has completed MGS4 at least once in attaining the Big Boss rank with a good time on completion of a game. This is not a normal walkthrough and skips over many details that you should already know such as locations of some enemies and which path to take through non-combat areas. You should be somewhat familiar with the areas so you can move through them quickly. As the aim of this guide is to get a good time you can take it slower and crouch in areas it says to run and crawl in areas it says to crouch if you keep getting spotted. This guide should also be able to aid a player in attaining the BBE during a naked run. i.e. a run that is started from a New Game instead of loading a complete save file. More information on naked runs can be found in the Tips and Tricks section. One important thing is that the enemies are still as stupid as they are on the lower difficulties. If you shoot them with the Mk22 in the chest they still don't go into caution phase, and if their friend drops asleep next to them they don't instigate an alert. Unless you're worried about getting the best time possible (i.e. 3 hours or less) you don't need to be a good shot as you can just shoot four enemies in the chest and wait for them to all fall asleep without worrying about having to get four headshots in a row. Here's what you get for the Big Boss rank. -Big Boss FaceCamo While it's called "Big Boss" it's actually Solidus' face with no skin on it. If you run up to enemies with it equipped they will drop their weapons in fear and run around screaming. -Patriot The Boss' weapon from MGS3. It has an infinite clip with infinite ammo, meaning that you don't even have to reload. It also plays a couple of sound clips of the "Snake Eater" song when you ready it with L1. -Big Boss iPod Song You also get an iPod song. It increases your accuracy while aiming a weapon and also your stun damage. Normally in extreme the Solar Gun only knocks enemies out with a single star. With this playing you can knock an enemy out with five stars. I started playing on The Boss Extreme for my third play through. I wasn't aiming for the BBE when I started and only decided I would try to get it when I got up to the Act 3 chase sequence as I found it to be the most frustrating so far. For anyone worried about their game time: don't be. As long as you're not crawling through every single area you should be fine for time. I got the BBE with a game time of 4:51. My times for the acts were as follows. 1st BBE 2nd BBE Naked BBE Total Act Total Act Total Act Act 1 - 1:29:08 - 1:29:08 0:35:03 - 0:35:03 0:31:37 - 0:31:37 Act 2 - 2:44:56 - 1:15:48 1:04:56 - 0:29:53 1:04:28 - 0:32:51 Act 3 - 3:33:04 - 0:48:08 1:34:25 - 0:29:29 1:34:58 - 0:30:30 Act 4 - 4:08:09 - 0:35:05 2:00:31 - 0:26:06 2:03:29 - 0:28:31 Act 5 - 4:34:39 - 0:26:30 2:21:12 - 0:20:41 2:25:21 - 0:21:52 End G - 4:51:04 - 0:16:25 2:37:17 - 0:16:05 2:41:26 - 0:16:05 The reason I'm putting these times here is to illustrate the fact that even if you take an inordinate time during the first two acts you can make up for it later. Of course if you do finish the first act in almost 90 minutes I'd still recommend you to restart. In my opinion the first two acts are the hardest of them all in terms of sneaking although the bosses later on are harder. Also note the 16 minutes of unskippable cutscenes at the end of the game. I would recommend to try to aim to beat the following times. Total Act Act 1 - 1:00:00 - 1:00:00 Act 2 - 2:00:00 - 1:00:00 Act 3 - 2:45:00 - 0:45:00 Act 4 - 3:30:00 - 0:45:00 Act 5 - 4:10:00 - 0:40:00 End G - 4:30:00 - 0:20:00 This leaves you with 30 minutes to waste just in case. If you take more time than this then you are in danger of not finishing in time unless you're sure you can complete Acts 3, 4 and 5 quickly. If you have any questions, notice any mistakes or would like to help, send me an email at: wormix[at]gmail[dot]com with [GameFAQS] in the subject. Thanks to: L_i_o_n - Smoke Grenade strategy during Bike Chase terje - Syringe trick on Meryl during Screaming Mantis Vulpy - REX Escape strategy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [2] Big Boss Emblem Requirements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: Anything done during the MGS1 sequence including time, kills, alerts, healing items, etc does not count. --Under 5 hours of play time Almost everything counts. Cutscenes, codec calls, menu time, ps3 home screen time and even time saving the game. -Counts Saving the game Codecs Cutscenes Sequences Time paused during cutscenes Time on the Start menu Time with the PS3 home screen displayed When "Press Start" is displayed after loading an area -Doesn't Count When "Now Loading" is displayed while loading an area Any installation time including the "Press Start" screen Act results screen After certain areas I've listed the times you should aim to be between. The format is ## x:xx to y:yy where x:xx is a fast time and y:yy is a slow time. I would recommend you try to complete acts 1 and 2 in an hour each. The time taken to complete Act 3 doesn't change much if you don't scare the Resistance member and you should aim to complete Acts 4 and 5 in about 90 minutes total. If you hit these markers you should get an end game time of about 4 hours. --No alerts If the alert box displays or would have displayed on your screen it counts. Basically if you hear the alert sound and the music changes it's probably an alert even if you never see the box appear (because it disappears instantly). --No humans killed The kill stat increases when you kill someone with a lethal weapon or you tranquilize someone and they fall to their death. The exception to this is frogs clinging to walls. Gekkos and scarabs don't count and neither do tanks. NOTE: Reducing the bosses first phase life to zero does not count as a kill. It only counts as a kill if you kill them after they come out of their suit and start chasing you. Also you can safely reduce Vamps life gauge without clocking a kill. Any frogs I tranquilized during the Act 1 sequence and also the Act 3 bike chase that fell to their deaths did not count as a kill. Tranquilising a PMC on a ladder who falls asleep and falls to their death doesn't count as a kill. The Tanegashima tornado is lethal. Helicopters fall into the same category as tanks and don't count, but you really shouldn't be destroying them anyway. If you think you may have killed a person then save in a new slot when you reach the next checkpoint and use the mission briefing trick to check your stats. --No Continues used This is almost irrelevant. 90% of the time when you continue it's because you triggered an alert and died. Because there's no save limit you can just save whenever you reach a checkpoint and load as many times as needed to get through the area undetected. To exit quickly select Save and then Exit from the main menu. The main time you might continue without dying is during the Advent Palace escape in Act 1 if a Rat Patrol member is killed. --No Healing items used This includes anything that instantly replenishes your health bar. As far as I know the only items that fall under this category are rations, noodles and regain. iPod Healing music doesn't count. --The Boss Extreme Difficulty You must play on The Boss Extreme. Anything lower and you will not be awarded the emblem. Certain areas have more enemies than on lower difficulties. This means that you CANNOT buy non-lethal ammunition. Don't worry though as there's more than enough in the actual game to use. You can stockpile non-lethal ammo during your previous game to make it a bit easier, but if you go around shooting everyone you're just wasting time. Also note that it is "The Boss" not "Big Boss" difficulty. --No Special Items Used Just don't set the Bandana or Stealth Camo as one of your items and you can't accidentally equip them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [3] Helpful items ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The only item that you can't get during your current play through that you need is the Solar Gun. The costumes are not required even for a good time and there are chaff grenades in certain areas of the game. --OctoCamo The most important factor in getting through an area is obviously whether or not you get seen. The difference between two types of grassland OctoCamo may only be 10%, but that may be the difference between an alert and no alert. If you keep getting spotted try laying down in a different spot to get a different shade. --Chaff Grenades At first, like many others, I thought these were crucial in completing a BBE run with a good time however after playing a naked BBE run I have found that they aren't really needed at all. The main areas that I would use them in are: -Blast Furnace This area can be annoying to sneak through, and it will save you about a minute. -Tank Hangar Not needed, but may save you maybe 10-20 seconds. -Casting Facility North I find that a chaff grenade doesn't help at all here. You may want to use one near the end of the area to deactivate the scarabs patrolling near the door, but I find the gekko that falls off the ceiling to be more trouble than it's worth. -Missile Hangar While it won't save much time here, it will save frustration as rolling through the scarabs is and surviving is based on luck. Don't worry if you don't have any carried over as you can get all the ones you need in a single play through. There are two at the end of the Marketplace just to the left of the exit and the other two you need are the ones you find on the helipad in Act 4. You should also save one for the last area in Act 5. The point in Act 5 is more important than the ones in Act 4. --Solar Gun This will help you gather items quickly in a couple of areas during the game and will be invaluable during the bike chase sequence near the end of Act 3. If you don't have it I highly recommend not risking your sanity in this challenge until you do. The chase is hard enough with it and although it is possible to complete without the Solar Gun I can't recommend it enough. You may want to use this weapon even when I don't say to in the guide as it may make some areas easier. I prefer not to rely on it however and my guide reflects that. Note that you cannot get this weapon until the end of the game even if you're just missing a single figurine. How to get: Collect the five figurines from each act. Act 1: Don't kill a single frog during the sequence with Meryl when you help their squad escape the Advent Palace. It is found to the right of the doorway after the Rat Patrol leave. Act 2: Beat Laughing Octopus' first form non-lethally and you will find the figurine on one of the beds. Act 3: Beat Raging Raven's first form non-lethally and you will find it on the top floor. Act 4: Beat Crying Wolf's first form non-lethally and you will find it close by behind you against the wall. Act 5: Kill Screaming Mantis's first form with the (red) mantis doll and you'll find it at the end of the passage you entered from. --Middle Eastern Costume This may save you about half a minute in the first act. It's not needed at all until you can actually pick it up in the game so don't worry if you didn't get it on a previous play through. --Rebel Costume The rebel costume may help you during the start of Act 2 if you can't manage to make the rebels you rescue friendly or neutral. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [4] Tips and Tricks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --PS3 Date Trick In MGS4 if you come back to a save game a few days later you may notice that your health is more than when you saved. Your health gets replenished by about 25% per day and you can take advantage of this. After saving, quit to the XMB and change the date ahead four days and when you load your game your health will be on full. This is probably most useful during the Act 3 bike chase and for Raging Raven. --The Solid Eye The circle that grows around you on the eye shows you which enemies will spot you with your current camouflage percentage. Using this information you can tell if it's safe to crouch run through an area or whether you'll have to crawl. Also while crouching it is more sensitive and shows smaller creatures or signals that are weaker which is useful if it's not showing enemies normally. Also during fire fights when the enemy is distracted your camo index (the percentage) will turn blue increasing your camouflage. Not only that but since you know which way the enemy will be looking you can take advantage of this to sneak through certain areas when normally you couldn't --Emotion Ammo Emotion ammo can be used as additional ammo for your Mk22. However they are not needed for the emblem. They may be for a speed run however. I've never used these in a section that I saved afterwards. --Solar Gun Although the Solar Gun can be used to knock enemies out it has two major draw backs. One is that if you fire it at someone who is looking at you, you will trigger an alert. The other is that when the enemy wakes up they will likely trigger a caution phase. Avoid using the Solar Gun when on a map where a caution phase can be triggered unless you need anaesthetic ammo which you shouldn't except at a couple of points in the game. --Mission Briefing To monitor your stats at any point simple go to the main menu and select the mission briefing option. I choose the one for the second act as you can skip the first two cutscenes and the stats ticker comes up straight away. Note that collecting items or FaceCamo and saving your game doesn't increase the save game time. The Act 1 Mission Briefing will tell you the controls on the ticker instead of your stats so don't choose it. --Bodyshots vs. Headshots At first headshots may seem better, and with lethal weaponry they obviously are. However with the Mk22 bodyshots have multiple advantages over headshots. The first is obvious: they're easier and quicker to pull off in succession. The second is that they don't work instantaneously. And the third is that it's more likely you're going to miss a headshot than a bodyshot. If you miss they will hear the round hit the wall behind them and go into caution phase. Why they don't go into caution phase when a tranquilizer needle gets shot into them I don't know. These may seem like drawbacks at first, but picture this scenario. There are three enemies 20 metres away. If you shoot the first in the head, the others will react and try to wake him up. This means you need to shoot the other two in the head without missing quickly before they wake him up. However if you just shoot them in the body, they won't even move and it gives you more time to shoot the other two before the first falls over. --Terminology Just so I don't need to add a new section I'm putting this here. Hopefully the meaning of most of the stuff I say is known, but just in case I'm adding this part to clarify. -Cutscene Any sequence that you have no control over that you can skip by pressing Start. -Sequence Any sequence that you have no control over that you can't skip by pressing Start. This is usually because what happens during the sequence affects things in the game world. -Lethal Any weapon or ammo or damage that if used on a normal enemy would drain their health bar and add to your kill count. Weapons with lethal ammo selected will appear red. -Non-Lethal Any weapon or ammo or damage that if used on a normal enemy would drain their psyche bar. Note that different weapons have different effects. The Mk22 and Mosin are an instant knockout after they take effect while most other non-lethal weaponry drains the psyche bar as damage is caused. When the psyche bar is depleted the enemy is stunned. -50 Calibre By this I'm talking about the M82A2 .50 calibre rifle. -Tranq Tranquilize or tranquilizer. When I say tranq I'm referring to the Mk22 not the Mosin Nagant. -Naked A naked run means that the game is started from the New Game option from the main menu instead of loading a Game Clear save file. The difference between a naked and continued run is minimal, coming down to the FaceCamo in Acts 1 and 2 and the Rail Gun during some boss fights. Carrying over ammunition can help, but you can still buy the M82A2 in Act 3 when you need it and it's almost as good as the Rail Gun. -Frog The enemies you first see during the Advent Palace escape. They can jump around and cling to walls. If you try to CQC them when they're aware of you they will start garrotting you which is a quick way to see the continue screen. If you tranq them while they're clinging to a wall and they fall off and die it will not count as a kill. They are a good source of stun grenades if you use them. --Taking out the Enemy When I say to take out an enemy I mean to use whatever method you want to neutralize them non-lethally. You can stun them with the stun knife, Metal Gear Mk.II, CQC, non-lethal shotgun rounds, thrown or shot (from the MGL-140) stun grenades, Solar Gun. Put them to sleep with the Mk22 or Mosin Nagant or hold them up. There are various differences between these which I'll go over. Most of the time when I say to take someone out I shoot them once with the Mk22, so as long as you don't go gung ho with it shooting everyone three times you shouldn't have any problems with ammo. In extreme, each star or 'z' above an enemies head corresponds to 1 minute of time. If you CQC throw an enemy they will have two stars and wake up in two minutes. Some enemies will never wake up when stunned or slept such as respawning enemies or during sequences such as the Advent Palace escape. Shooting an enemy with the Mk22 or Mosin Nagant will put an enemy to sleep. It only takes a single round to knock them out but it will take a few seconds to come into effect. Sleeping enemies is the best method but requires ammunition to do. The reason it's the best is because if an enemy wakes up or is woken up by another enemy they will not go into caution phase. Stunning an enemy is quick with CQC throw or stun knife. You can do this while crouch walking also to decrease the chance of being spotted. Non-lethal rounds for the shotgun work as well but are loud and will get you spotted. Same with stun grenades. The problem with stunning enemies is that if they wake up they will go into caution phase. If another enemy wakes them up they will go into caution phase too, making your sneaking a problem in certain areas. A third method of neutralizing an enemy threat is to hold them up. To do this you need to be holding a pistol. You do this by grabbing an enemy by holding R1. Pressing X to crouch and then during the crouch animation, let go of R1, press a direction with the left analogue stick and then press R1 again. Release R1 and then hold L1. After the animation is done you should pull out your gun and say "Freeze" (or the like) and the enemy will put his hands over his head and stay in this position. They will get up if you go into alert, but it's game over then anyway. If an enemy comes across someone in this state, they will go into caution phase. You can also hold someone up while they are standing and with any weapon, but they will only keep their hands up for about five seconds if you don't keep your gun pointed at their back. Useful for sneaking up behind two enemies as you can hold them both up and then take them out however you like. =============================================================================== [5] Main Walkthrough =============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [5a] Opening - Middle East ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: try to start the game with at least 20 tranq bullets. You won't need them for the first act but there isn't much time to collect them during the second. --Ground Zero Notes: Even though the sound plays no alert box pops up so you are free to run as fast as you can through this section. [1 cutscene] *Checkpoint* Climb under the truck like normal. [1 cutscene] *Checkpoint* Run back to the truck you just crawled under. [1 cutscene] *Checkpoint* This section is easy if you know which way to go. If you don't you may find yourself getting killed by Gekkos a lot. Just go through the buildings and you have no chance of dying. [1 cutscene] *Save Point* [2 cutscenes] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [5b] Act 1 - Middle East ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [codec] [1 cutscene] --Red Zone NW Sector Stand up and run forwards until the sequence starts. [1 sequence] *Checkpoint* Note: You may as well just crawl through the entire area here. The difference between moving through quickly and crawling the entire way is maybe a minute. Crouch and move forwards and go through the doorway on the right and then crawl through the passage. Keep crawling forwards and around the corner and through the doorway letting your camo adjust. Just watch your percentage and stop moving until it goes up again. Keep going forwards and crawl through the rubble. Wait for the PMC to turn away and move out of the hole. Crawl on the ground to the doorway on the right. Keep going but watch for the PMC if he starts to back up. Just CQC him to the ground and keep going. Wait for the PMCs to pass by and then crouch or crawl to the next area. --Red Zone ## 0:08 to 0:33 (What's this?: Any point marked with a ## lists the times from my two play throughs. The quick time and the very slow time. As long as you're somewhere between these two you should be fine. If you're close to the slow time you may not be able to make the time up later.) Crawl up the stairs to your left and roll across the gap. The PMC should have just turned around. You'll want to crawl along the ground in the next room or the PMC on the ground level will spot you. Once you get past the box stand up and press against the wall to the right of the doorway. After he walks past move slowly to the small wall ahead of you to jump over. Run to the doorway ahead then start crawling. A PMC at ground level will likely be coming out of a doorway. Crawl into the middle of the room and wait for the PMC to move. He'll start to walk towards you so move into the next room and drop down. Stay prone and the PMC will walk past. Crawl forwards and look to your left. There should be a PMC there. Wait until he turns around and crouch run around the corner and hide in the area with the dumpster. Wait for the two man patrol to move past and make a break for the objective. [1 cutscene] *Checkpoint* Go back the way you came in and crouch as you exit. There's some militia outside who will see you if you're standing although they die quickly anyway. What you want to do is follow the building ahead of you around to the right and shoot the two PMCs at the end of the building. This will get you to neutral with the militia. Then just make a B-line to the barricades and go into the safe house. --Militia Safe House ## 0:11 to 0:36 If you have the ME outfit you can just run through this entire area without a second thought. If not then you'll have to stop every time they tell you not to move. Note that on my first run I went through this area stealthily and it took forever. My time in the next area was 42 minutes. (Without ME Costume) You should have three rations at this point. Equip them and run forwards. Give the guy in the first room one and keep going. There's a ration to the right of the boxes ahead. Keep moving until you hear the group of militia coming and hide to the right in the blocked tunnel. There's some anaesthetic ammo here too. After they pass keep moving. A militia should stop you just outside the room with all the wounded. What you want to do is run just a bit past him so you're inside the room and give him a ration. This way the other militia in here sees it and won't stop you too. Keep moving and there'll be a lone militiaman. Give him your second last ration and keep going into the room with two guys and a wing on the table. Run around the left of the table and give the guy a ration. Move into the next bit and hide to the left while two militia run past. Then move forwards and take a right to get the Middle Eastern costume (it's in the middle locker on the left). Take the RPG if you're playing a NBE game. Put it on and run through the rest of the level. There's some anaesthetic rounds in the last room although you should be on full ammo at this point. [1 cutscene][codec][1 cutscene][codec] --Urban Ruins Run through this area like normal. [1 cutscene] --Downtown ##Time 0:14 to 0:44 With the ME costume equipped run along the building until you get to the car and turn right twice. Keep moving until you meet up with a militia group and run in the direction they go until you see another group taking cover from snipers. Move left towards where they take cover and turn right at the second gap and jump over the box. Move right a bit but don't expose yourself past the wall and wait for the vehicle to move past. As soon as it does run past. Keep running past the first building and move into the alley way. Peek left at the end of the building on your left and wait for the 2 PMC soldiers to move away. Run past to the end and to your left should be a single PMC soldier. Take him out at range as he won't turn around while he's fighting. You can try to CQC him but either him or you may get shot by the militia. Run past the car and the van and you should see a crawl hole going into the building on your left. Dive for it and crawl into and through it. Then just make your way to the back entrance into Advent Palace. --Advent Palace ## 0:16 to 0:51 Just go straight to the room with Meryl and co. In case you forgot it's up twice then move across and up again. Collect the Sleeping Gas Mines if you want as they're useful for the upcoming escape sequence. They are five to collect. [3 cutscenes] *Checkpoint* ============= Advent Palace ============= Check Section 6 for details. [1 cutscene] *Checkpoint* Jump down the lift. [1 cutscene][codec] --Advent Palace Garage ## 0:28 to 1:13 Move to the next area as usual. --Crescent Meridian Keep moving. [sequence] Equip your OctoSuit if you're still wearing the ME Costume. I go prone on the black edge of the crater to get a dark shade of camo. When you're ready get up and run to the gap in the wall on the right if you're looking towards the tank. Follow the wall around and either go prone to crawl through the hole or climb the ladder and roll off it. There's some anaesthetic ammo up the ladder if you need it. Go into a crouching position and run out the doorway when the closest PMC isn't looking. Hug the right wall as you keep moving along. When you get to the part where there's two PMCs behind a group of sandbags keep hugging the wall and go around behind the car. Then run towards the ladder and climb up. Run around to the next area. --Millennium Park If you're running low on tranq ammo you might want to either use the Solar Gun to shoot the corpses or manually search them although that would take a while. The way I do this area I only need 5 tranq bullets though. There are many ways to do this area. Here's how I do it. Move forwards and shoot the two PMC in the head. Run forwards and dive into a crawl. After your camo is set, get up and crawl. If you move right the patrolling PMC won't spot you. The PMC to the right will see you but not set off an alert and you came move to the building before he arrives to investigate. Note that this is without FaceCamo so with FaceCamo you shouldn't have a problem. After you get to the building go through the hole and walk up the steps quietly. Press against the wall and wait for the PMC to go past. Walk to the hole and drop down. Crouch walk through the door in the same direction you were heading before dropping down. The second locker from the left has anaesthetic ammo. Crawl out the hole and shoot the closest PMC. Hug the wall and move to the left while watching the other two PMCs. When they look away crouch and make a dash for the hole in the wall up ahead. You can either enter here or keep moving along the wall and go in the larger entrance. The larger entrance is much riskier as some people will most likely become suspicious and come to investigate assuming there's not a PMC inside who spots you instantly. If you go through the larger entrance just hug the right wall and you should only come across one PMC on the way who you can headshot, or just wait for him to walk away. Otherwise just crawl and crouch walk through the area moving from vehicle to vehicle. I basically follow the left wall around here. Take careful note of your visibility radius on the Solid Eye when you're moving while crouched. I made my way to the opposite corner of where I entered and shot the guard there, then crouch ran to the exit while the guard in the tower wasn't looking. If your OctoCamo is set to the ground then you shouldn't have a problem. --Act 1 Complete ## 0:35 to 1:29 Congratulations. If you completed this act in an hour you are on track to getting the BBE. If you're over an hour you will have to make up for some time later on. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [5c] Act 2 - South America ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --Cove Valley Village This is one of the hardest bits of the BBE challenge. If only for the reason that you can't crawl through the entire area like you can with 90% of the areas in the game. However you can still get through it relatively easy as long as you have 10 tranq rounds at the start of the Act. Because of Laughing Octopus' antics, the rebels in the first area are all hostile. However any rebels in the second area and onwards will be neutral. There are two ways to approach the first area. You can either try and rescue the rebels, so that the rebels in the second section of this area are neutral to you. Or you can just sneak through the first part of the area. If you sneak past the first area you'll need the S.A. Disguise, or the rebels will attack you. Sneaking past is very easy. Just stand up and run to the left down the ramp and keep running all the way around the perimeter hugging the rock wall. When you get to the next section equip the S.A. Disguise and follow the next section. If you don't have the disguise or want to rescue the rebels it will be much harder. Equip your face camo and Solid Eye with Night Vision. Move forwards until the enemies spot you and stop moving. Shoot the three enemies near the rebels in the body once each. When they start dropping stand up and execute a forward roll off the edge to land at the bottom. Stay crouched and shoot all the enemies that come over to help the sleeping enemies. There's one just to the right obscured by the building and two at the south west end of the area. They might come over now or they might once the rebels get up. You'll want to save all the rebels if you can. They die very easily so you'll want as many of them in the next bit as you can. If you're close enough to the rebels when you do this they should turn yellow by the time you're done. The only other enemy to watch out for is the one reading the porno magazine who will come out of the door to your left. When all the enemies are sleeping pull out your Solar Gun and shoot each corpse until you're satisfied with your anaesthetic ammo count. Now just take out the last enemy in the west section to help the rebels progress. There's some anaesthetic rounds in the stables which you may want to grab if you have time before the PMCs wake up. Now for the hard part. I just move with the rebels here and tranq any enemies I encounter. Because of the fire fight your camo index is raised and the enemies also won't wake up any that fall asleep. Unfortunately the rebels are completely useless for killing the enemies. Stay crouched and you should make it to the end of the area without an alert. Don't worry if you get a caution as only a few more enemies will appear. You can use the Solar Gun near the end to get some more anaesthetic ammo although you won't need much after this. There's also an ammo pickup in a bit so don't collect any more than 30. [codec] *Checkpoint* Go prone to set your camo to grassland. Try to set it to a darker shade if possible. Run forwards until you see the anaesthetic ammo to your right in a crawl hole. Crawl through and when you get out crouch run hugging the right wall. Some of the PMCs may get suspicious but if you keep going they shouldn't follow you all the way. You may not be able to do this if you don't have FaceCamo. You should be able to run through the rest of the area while crouched. Just make sure to wait for the two PMCs who run into the next area to move away or they may hear your footsteps. --Power Station ## 0:41 to 1:49 [codec] This section is easy. Stand up and run through the main gauntlet along the left wall. When you get to the bit with all the rebels dying cut across the area and follow the dirt track. You'll see a log in the way after a short run. Dive into the grass to the right and crawl out into the dirt. Set your camo then crouch and run to the right of the boulders. From here just run to the wall and stick to it while you keep making your way forwards. There's an alternate route if you can't pull off the first but it's slower. Take the first right path you can before the snipers. Climb up onto the crate and raised section and roll over the gap and then roll again to the left. Walk through here crouched. There's a PMC to your right and a sniper and spotter to your left. They shouldn't see you but may hear you if you run. You'll need to take out the enemy in front of you that circles around. There's another enemy watching your path from the left past where the PMC was patrolling that you can take out when he turns and isn't looking. [3 cutscenes] *Checkpoint* Make sure to crawl immediately or you'll cause the PMCs to become curious. I use the Mosin here to take out the two guards and two snipers. Then just run for the next area. If you're too slow then two more enemies will be walking towards you from the exit so either take them out or just wait for them to walk past you. --Confinement Facility # 0:44 to 1:57 Stand up and run following the left wall. Watch for the nearby guard on the right as he'll turn around forcing you to crouch for a couple of seconds until he's out of your line of sight. Stand up and run following the left wall back to the Power Plant area. --Power Plant Just stand up and run following the right wall until you reach the Confinement Facility again. --Confinement Facility Stand up and run forwards. Don't worry about the vehicle. Keep running until you get to the bit with the PMC and tranq him in the head when he stops moving. Move out onto the road and keep going until you see another PMC. Tranq him then keep moving forwards. Tranq the PMC that's patrolling (he's still behind the vehicle if you're fast enough) and then run to the sign to the left of the cliff, crouching when you get into range of the tower lookout. Jump over the sign then run to the tunnel to your right. Note: There are some chaff grenades in the other part of the Confinement Facility but you won't need them if you get the ones in the Marketplace. --Vista Mansion Crouch run along the path until you hear a guard say "Huh!?" and then crawl. Keep crawling until the rebels start fighting then get up and run along until the sequence triggers. [sequence] Just run to the left of the gate and wait for the vehicle to destroy it. [sequence] While crouched run in and go up the steps to your left. Keep going forwards until you get to the hedges. You'll want to turn right before them and head straight for the door. Even though there's probably a PMC not even 2 metres from the door he shouldn't spot you as he'll be locked in combat with the rebels. Run through the room and press against the wall under the stairs. Two PMCs will come down the stairs. Wait for them to leave and crouch run to the stairs then stand up and run when you reach them. Now just keep running through the area like normal to the roof and then through the tunnel. There's some anaesthetic rounds on the roof just to your left if you need them for the frogs in the Laughing Octopus fight. [3 cutscenes][save][1 cutscene] --Research Lab # 0:48 to 2:12 ================ Laughing Octopus ================ Check section 6 for details. --Mountain Trail Get up and start running. If you're fast in this area you can get past the guard patrolling just after the bridge. Otherwise just tranq him. Take the right path and run under the sniper just ahead. There's a guard in the next area who is sometimes on the lookout towards where you're coming from. Wait until he starts to move away and either tranq him or chokehold him and take him to the ground and hold him up. Run towards the river. --Mountain Trail Riverside ## 0:56 to 2:30 Take the left path here and keep going. To your left in the next clearing there should be a frog. Run around the tree and as she runs off start running to the path beyond where she was. Dive a few seconds later and turn around and tranq her. It's too dangerous to crawl here. If you weren't fast enough to do this just use the MGk2 to shock her. After that stand up and run through the middle path and dive just before the end. There's a frog well hidden to your left. Just crawl forwards a bit and tranq her. Run to the next area but crawl near the end as there's the guard setting a claymore. Tranq him and continue to the path on the right. There's just one more guard in a clearing now and if you keep going and then turn left it's the end of the area. NOTE: If you have the Solar Gun (and you should) make sure it's fully charged as you don't get a chance to charge it in the next act. [1 cutscene] [sequence] ============ Drebin Chase ============ Check section 6 for details. Time for the chase. It's pretty easy just a couple of things to remember. Do not kill the men in powered suits as they will increase your kill counter. They're the guys who come in through the gate in the first area. ========== --Act 2 Complete ## 1:05 to 2:45 Congratulations. If you completed this act in a good time you are on track to getting the BBE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [5d] Act 3 - Eastern Europe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --Midtown S Sector ## 1:07 to 2:46 Move forwards a bit to start the resistance sequence. ========== Resistance ========== Check section 6 for details. At first this seems like one of the more annoying areas but with a bit of practise and good execution you can get through it pretty quickly by taking advantage of the FaceCamo behaviour. If you equip a FaceCamo that's not snake or the OctoCamo the guards will pretty much ignore you making the entire sequence much, much easier. There's also plenty of anaesthetic ammo along the way. If you follow my path you'll pickup 60 rounds which is more than enough as you only need some for the boss in Act 4 and hardly any for Act 5. [5 cutscenes][save][3 cutscenes] --Church Courtyard ## 1:23 to 3:20 ========== Bike Chase ========== Check section 6 for details. This is one of the most frustrating sections in the game and the reason that I decided to go for the BBE because I didn't want to do it again. Well I am doing it again while writing this guide but with the strategies here it's not as hard as it seems at first, unless you don't have the Solar Gun and then it is next to impossible and will probably take you hours to complete assuming you don't break your controller first. [1 cutscene] --Echo's Beacon ## 1:32 to 3:32 ============ Raging Raven ============ Check section 6 for details. You don't get healed but it shouldn't matter unless you're on a fresh game. Raging Raven is pretty easy to kill. ============ --Act 3 Complete ## 1:34 to 3:33 Congratulations. As you can see from this section the time taken for this act pretty much entirely depends on your luck/resourcefulness during the resistance tailing section. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [5e] Act 4 - Shadow Moses ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --Snowfield Equip your FaceCamo here and equip any weapons you're going to use up to and including the Crying Wolf fight. I equip the Mk22, Rail Gun and or M82A2 and then activate Night Vision. You can run straight past the gekko in the next area. As you run into the next area you can either go right up to the elevated area or turn left. Turn left and then right. The gekko will be in front of you and to your left is a path behind a raised rock. Run to the left of it and follow it around and head into the next area. Alternately you can either destroy the gekko with a charged shot with your Rail Gun or two shots from the M82A2 in the head. --Heliport Get the Chaff Grenades on the helipad and run into the tank hangar. --Tank Hangar Turn right as you go into this area and run through. If there's some scarabs in front of you follow them and hug the wall to avoid their infrared detectors. When you run to the door leave some distance between you and the room to the right or the scarabs will see you. Just run through the next room avoiding the beams. If you have the Solid Eye with NV enabled you can easily avoid them. --Canyon Kill the two gekkos with the M82A2 with two headshots each and then head into the next area. --Nuclear Warhead Storage Bldg 1F Run forwards and crawl under the door. [codec] Run to the door. [codec] Run to and use the elevator to go down. --Nuclear Warhead Storage Bldg B2 Run through to activate the cutscenes [1 cutscene][enter code][2 cutscenes] *Checkpoint* Run back to the lift and go prone when you hear the gekko land. Shoot it in the head twice with the M82A2 quickly and it should blow up without triggering and alert. You can also start charging the Rail Gun a bit before you trigger it coming and shoot it straight away. If for some reason you don't want to kill it this way you can sneak past it like usual or activate the electrified floor with the MGk3. Just move the MGk2 to the damaged panel in the room adjacent to where the lift is and hit triangle while facing it. --Nuclear Warhead Storage Bldg 1F Head to the door. [codec][sequence] Destroy the gekko with your Rail Gun or M82A2 and the door will open. You can also just tranq its legs with the Mk22 but you'll need to wait for the time to run out and it's a waste of ammo. --Snowfield & Communication Towers There's some anaesthetic rounds to the right of the door as you enter the storage room and stun grenades to the right of the ramp if you need them. Set your camo by lying down and equip only the weapons you want to use in the fight (so the M4 won't replace any). I use the Rail Gun (or preferred sniper rifle), Mk22 and Mosin. [1 cutscene] =========== Crying Wolf =========== ## 1:42 to 3:45 Check Section 6 for details. Go to the next area. --Blast Furnace ## 1:47 to 3:53 It seems that you don't need to head to the door to get the codec message and you can head straight for the lift. This makes it a lot easier for sneaking without a chaff grenades. If you have four or more chaff grenades at this point you should use one here. Just throw it as you enter the level then jump down and make your way straight to the lift. If you don't want to use a chaff grenade here's what you do. After entering the area turn to your left and move along the catwalk on the left to the walk. Press against the wall and shimmy to the right to the other catwalk. Once there you can run along it. Keep moving until you get to the bit just before the stairs. Either roll or climb over the railing on either side. Then move to the gap underneath the stairs. Press against the wall and move as far in as possible so you don't get spotted. Two of the scarabs should come up and look around. Start crouch walking slowly down the stairs and hug the wall on your right as you make your way to the lift button. As long as you don't make any noise and don't bump into any scarabs you should be able to call and enter the lift without any alerts. --Casting Facility South Hug the right wall and turn left at the end. Avoid the scarab on the wall and make sure the nearest gekko won't see you if you run past. Wait for it to look to the left then run into the next area. --Casting Facility North After trying to find a strategy with an without using a chaff grenade in this area I've found that it's just easier to not use one. Because if you use one here, a gekko will fall down from the ceiling and start causing havoc. It's much easier to just sneak past. As you enter the area you'll want to turn left and head towards the conveyor belt. There's a gekko behind the two rollers so if you see its infrared beam go to the right of the rollers and climb up onto the conveyor belt, otherwise climb up on the left. If you go around the right make sure to walk so the scarabs don't detect you. Walk along the conveyor belt to the crawl hole into the next bit. The gekko will move back and forth and turn around so make sure to go prone and stay still until your camo adjusts if it's about to turn towards you. You should now be in the crawl hole on the right with a gekko in front of you in the next area. Just crawl out and head to the left a bit. When you get to the middle let your camo adjust and then keep moving towards the wall at the end. After you pass the gekko you should be able to get up and crouch run to the wall and then drop off to the right if there's no scarabs. Then just crouch run or walk depending on where the scarabs are to the exit. --Underground Base Run to the hole and dive into it and crawl through. Switch to the Mk22 and crouch walk along the wall until you can see the closest scarab. Shoot it once in the leg and it will be stunned allowing you to stand up and run to the exit. Just watch for the beam watching the bridge and the other beam watching the door. You could also just throw a chaff and run through. --Supply Tunnel [2 cutscene] ==== Vamp ==== Check Section 6 for details. Take vamp down with any weapons and use the syringe on him. He doesn't count as a kill even if you use lethal weapons. ==== For the suicide gekko segment turn around and run past the mound under Rex. Stay crouched here and the gekko's bullets shouldn't hit you. You can use the Rail Gun if you want but I prefer to use the M82A2. If you hit a gekko right in its mouth (front faceplate) it'll die in one shot. If you shoot it in the main part of the head it'll die in two, and if you shoot the outer part of its head, it'll die in three shots. [1 cutscene] --Surface Tunnel ====== Escape ====== ## 1:56 to 4:03 Check Section 6 for details. --Port Area [1 cutscene] ============== Metal Gear RAY ============== Check Section 6 for details. --Act 4 Complete ## 1:56 to 4:08 Only one Act remains. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [5f] Act 5 - Outer Haven ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the shortest act. A lot of the time is taken up by the interactive cutscene. You need about 12 tranq rounds here. --Ship Bow I know a lot of people probably think this would be one of the hardest areas in the game but it's actually quite easy. If you do it right there's no chance of detection at all. You do however need a decent aim to get through quickly. After you regain control switch to the Mk22 and move to the left. Shoot the two frogs and wait for them to fall asleep then move forwards. Press against the crates and peek out with L1 and shoot them both. After they fall over move forwards and perform a dive roll just past them. A single frog will jump down. Take her out and keep crawling forwards. Two frogs will come around the corner one by one. Take them out then stand up and run to where they were. Move left and press against the massive pillar to get through the small gap between the pillar and a crate. Make sure that the gekko isn't looking when you move forwards. Keep going until you reach the bit between the second and third pillars. Two more frogs will drop down. Take them out and move to where they landed. A gekko should drop down in front of you. Start crawling and tranq its legs. After it falls over you should be free to open the door as the other gekko won't see you. If you find it keeps seeing you either tranq it or wait for it to turn away. --Command Center ## 2:04 to 4:12 There's some anaesthetic rounds to your right here. Select the weapons you want to use for the fight. I use the M4 (because it automatically equips it), Mosin and Mk22. [1 cutscene] *Checkpoint* If you have the Solar Gun now is a good time to use it. You can just run to where you entered this room and shoot the frogs as they move into your line of sight. After the first group run out and start sniping with the Mosin. Then use the Solar Gun again for the last group. Alternately at the start run out and move up to the 2nd last level and start sniping. If you stay at the start and don't manage to take them out quickly they will quickly damage you leaving you in no state to fight Screaming Mantis. ================ Screaming Mantis ================ ## 2:07 to 4:16 Check section 6 for details. --Missile Hangar Run forwards for a while to trigger a cutscene. [1 cutscene] *Checkpoint* If you have a chaff grenade throw it right away and keep running. If you don't have a chaff grenade then just run. Roll whenever you're about to come into contact with a scarab. I've done it this way before but it depends on luck a lot as well as your timing of the roll. The scarabs can easily knock you back instead of you knocking them out of the way. Also if one grabs you, you most likely won't make it. [1 cutscene] Hold forwards and then mash triangle when prompted until your thumb bleeds. [1 cutscene][save][3 cutscenes] *Checkpoint* While it's a checkpoint here you can continue from, you can't save. ============= Liquid Ocelot ============= --Act 5 Complete ## 2:21 to 4:34 Yay! You've beaten the game and hopefully fast enough to get the Big Boss Emblem. Only 9 cutscenes left to skip! [4 cutscenes][credits A][5 cutscenes] Unfortunately you can't skip the rest of the cutscenes and credits. If you want to estimate your time, quit and re-enter the game after your save and check the time it displays. Add about 16-17 minutes and that should be what your game clear time is. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [6] Specific Areas/Fights ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some of the current boss fight strategies are not very in depth. As I play through them again I will update them with more information. ===================== ACT 1 - Advent Palace ===================== You're healed here if you took any damage from random fire so far. If you collected all five of the SG Mines on the way up you can use them here to make it easier on you. If you use them here you won't be able to use them before the Laughing Octopus fight in Act 2 but this is probably the more frustrating area of the two. You'll need about 10-20 Mk22 rounds here to be safe. Johnny may give you some if you're low and go near him but it's inconvenient. If you don't have enough use the Solar Gun on the first floor to hopefully collect some ammo. If you don't have the solar gun and many tranq rounds stick to using the MGk2 as much as possible. The most important thing to remember is that you can take your time. Either you or a member of Meryl's squad will die if you try to rush ahead. Also, if you need to heal between floors just lay on the ground and wait. Meryl will wait for you. Another method is to use the Drum. If you know exactly where the frogs will appear or come from, you can equip the Drum quickly and roll over them. --Fourth (Top) Floor There are four frogs on the ground as you start here. Take cover immediately to the right or by going prone or they'll all start shooting at you. Personally I use the Metal Gear Mk.II (MGk2) here so I'm on full health for the rest of the area. By the time you take the MGk2 out the frogs will most likely be dead. Four more will come after this. Two will jump onto the scaffolding to the left and two on top of the stairwell. One of the two in each group carries an XM25 (25mm grenade launcher) which can take off quite a bit of your health. They jump down to the ground after a short while allowing you to pick them off with the MGk2. --Third Floor The easiest way to do the next floor is to get to it before Meryl and go around planting SG Mines. Just roll into Meryl if she's in front of you. Meryl will wait at the stairs until you come back giving you ample time. Here are the best locations in order of importance -Top of the stairs on the opposite side. -At the elevator in the top left area of the map. -On the stairs behind Johnny after you trigger them to move. -In the north hallway just outside the kitchen doorway. -Just inside the kitchen from the doorway. -Outside the bar/diner area after everyone's moved into it. Do this while you're fighting the frogs, not before triggering Meryl or you'll know out the Rat Patrol. After you've placed any mines you want to move back and place the last one behind Johnny. If you only have one or two SG Mines left when you move back to Johnny, he'll drop a pack of two for you to use. I recommend taking cover at the leftmost pillar. It's the one that Meryl takes cover next to for a couple of seconds. If you didn't place an SG Mine at the opposite stairs you'll have to deal with two frogs. The first will land past the kitchen door. Tranq, Stun Knife or CQC her. The second will land near the bottom of the stairs you just came down. Tranq her and take cover. If you didn't place a mine in the stairs, keep taking cover behind the pillar. The four frogs should come out at the same time so you can take them all out with some stun grenades, or the MGL-140 stun grenades, or just shoot them once each with the Mk22. Place an SG Mines outside the east doorway of the bar/diner area if you want. I'd recommend to save two or three for the Laughing Octopus bit if you don't have many.. Meryl will be fighting the frogs in the kitchen if you didn't plant an SG Mine. Either take them out or just wait for Meryl to move to the dining area. It's easier if you take them out now though. The MGk2 works well. Move to the dining area. If you didn't plan an SG Mine at the elevator you'll have to take out four frogs here. Go prone behind the barricade on the left and use the MGk2. Watch out as they throw grenades into the room as they enter. At this point there will be either zero or two enemies in the kitchen and either zero or two enemies in the bar/diner area. Beware of the ones in the kitchen as they wield XM25's. Take out the ones in the bar/diner area first if they're alive. I use the MGk2 again. After this just move down to the next area. --Second Floor Roll into Johnny to make him have his accident quicker and move to the toilet area. The wall will explode and knock Johnny out. I recommend throwing a smoke grenade through the breach so it lands outside the room and either tranqing the enemies once in the chest each then taking cover while they fall asleep or use the Solar Gun. Just watch that you don't knock out Meryl or it's likely Game Over. In total six enemies should come through from here. The first group throws grenades as well. Try not to stand in line of sight from where you entered from or the frogs may be able to shoot and kill you. After taking out all the enemies coming from the breach there should be four frogs that followed you to the last room. Take out any the Rat Patrol hasn't killed. I use a smoke grenade and tranq them. Wake Johnny up if you haven't already and head through the hole. [sequence] There's no checkpoint here in case you were wondering. Jump down the hole. --First Floor I recommend taking cover in the doorway towards the next room. Meryl will complain but you can easily die here if you're crouching and hope the bar will save you. Stay crouched and tap X to stand, then shoot, then tap X again to crouch. As long as you run out of the room occasionally the frogs should aim for the others giving you a chance to shoot them. There's not much other help that I can give except to use stun and smoke grenades if you need to. Just watch that Meryl doesn't run in front of you as you throw it as you'll end up knocking yourself out and maybe Meryl too. There are some anaesthetic rounds in the room just after the foyer. You'll probably need them for Act 2. ======================== ACT 2 - Laughing Octopus ======================== Hopefully you didn't take any damage through this Act. Don't worry about your anaesthetic ammo count after this fight as you don't need much for the next bit. I'm going to revise my statement about being the easiest in the game. If you have the Rail Gun and 50 calibre (i.e. you're not on a clean game) it's pretty easy but she can dish out some serious pain with her rolling attack and tentacle shock. On normal difficulty a shotgun blast is enough to knock her down during her rolling attack; however that won't work in extreme. Just make sure to fight in the inner rooms and near doorways so you can make a quick escape for one of the beds. Also don't fight in the halls unless you're near cover as she may do her shock tentacle which can easily take off half your life. Her bullet spray is potentially more deadly but much easier to dodge. --Frog attack By putting on FaceCamo you can just lie prone in the middle of the room and shoot the Frogs once as they move around. If you keep getting spotted try crawling under the bed. You can also lay sleeping gas traps around. Just remember where they spawn. Alternately you can use Sleep Gas Mine to great effect. Place one just to your left inside the doorway at the start then move to the bottom left (based on the map displayed when you press Start) and put a SG mine there too. Then move to the middle window on the right wall and place a mine just to the left of it. Move down a bit and wait. The four frogs that spawn at the start should all get knocked out by the first mine. Then the next group should appear at the bottom left and get knocked out. Run to the bottom left and place a mine at each of the two exits. If you place it too close to the sleeping frogs they will go off. Alternately place an SG Satchel. Two more frogs should spawn near the right window and get knocked out. Now just run back to this spot to make the next group spawn at the bottom left and they should both get knocked out. Then just run to the left part to trigger the cutscene. If you don't have FaceCamo or SG Mines you can either just camp in one of the corners and shoot any frogs that come into view or memorise the paths the frogs take when they arrive and move around to take them out quickly. As long as you're not running around randomly you shouldn't have any trouble after a bit of practise. --Laughing Octopus Two words: Rail Gun. As long as you avoid her spray of bullets and her roll attack there's really no way you can die here and the Rail Gun will take her down very quickly. Just make sure to run away at the start or you may take a load of damage from her gun. If you've shot your Rail Gun and she's still attacking switch to the 50 calibre. In case you missed it before, as you don't actually kill her in this phase, it won't count as a kill no matter what means you use. Just beware that if you shoot the explosives that come out and they kill a frog, that WILL count as a kill. If you're playing a naked game I used the PKM here as I picked it up outside the Vista Mansion. The SAIGA-12 or M870 with slugs also works well. Explosives do crap all damage to her so I wouldn't use them. --Laughing Beauty Since there's some rounds of non-lethal shells under the desk I use these in the SAIGA-12 or M870 to take her out. You can also use the Solar Gun. ==================== ACT 2 - Drebin Chase ==================== This is quite an easy sequence although the bane of many if they kill the powered suits. You can CQC any PMC that climb onto the APC without registering a kill although it may be easier to use the SAIGA-12 with non-lethal rounds. As with all chases you have unlimited rounds. --Vista Mansion You can just wait this section out. If you don't shoot anything Drebin will eventually drive through. You may take some damage however. The easiest way is to just use the SAIGA-12 and shoot the Powered Suits with non-lethal rounds. Try to use the turret before entering the next area so that you're behind a shield for the start of the next area. --Confinement Facility Just kill the gekko. Ignore the PMCs until they hurt you and then just QCQ throw them all to the ground. Whatever you do don't move away from the turret shield or you'll get ripped to shreds. The other thing to note is that PMCs may climb the vehicle directly into the line of fire of the turret so you may want to use the briefing trick to make sure you have no kills in the next section. --Power Station Ignore the MGS. Use the turret to destroy the gate and CQC the PMCs every now and again. You can stop the CQC throw down animation by pressing R2 to equip a weapon during the animation, which speeds it up a bit. --High Woodlands Highway Just kill the gekko and make sure not to kill the powered suits again. There's one near the start. Now for the hard part. --Marketplace If you get hit by the gekkos legs here you're dead. You can survive a few bullets depending on your health bar however. If you have the Rail Gun you can just kill the gekko in your way and run the distance. IMPORTANT: There are some chaff grenades here at the end of the area if you need them. With these two and the two you get in Act 4 you won't need any carried over from a previous game. Here's the path I take. Run forwards and just a bit to the right there's an alley you can go through. Turn left then right and a gekko will land just in front of you however you can run past it if you stick to the right. Just keep running to the exit. The only consistent way I've found to get past the last gekko is to fake it out. Run towards it and run back at the last second when it does a sweep then roll through the opening. Trying to tranq it just gets you killed from gunfire and rolling through and hoping it triggers the cutscene before you die isn't reliable enough. ================== ACT 3 - Resistance ================== In these areas there are points at which the resistance member will wait indefinitely until you're nearby and usually behind him. If you know which points these are at you can speed up this area considerably. The other thing to note is that at certain points he may decide to take a different path. At the end of the first area if you don't take out the two PMC guards he'll walk back up the steps and go a different route which takes a lot longer. There's an easy way through this section. If you keep the Eastern Europe disguise on and switch to another FaceCamo that's not Snake's, the guards won't shoot you on sight. You can freely move about without them harassing you. They'll go into alert however if you do any of the following when they can see you. If you perform a roll, go prone or change FaceCamo they'll get wise and trigger an alert. Also if you run around with a weapon drawn. You can, however, run around without a weapon even though snake draws his knife. --Midtown S Sector With your non-Snake FaceCamo equipped, select the Mk22 but don't equip it. There's some anaesthetic rounds to the left of the stairs near the end of the first street if you need them. Run so you can see the first group of PMCs and shoot them both in the body with the Mk22. De-equip the weapon and run up to them. After they fall asleep move their bodies between one of the vehicles and the wall. Then move back to where you first saw them as there's a wait point. As soon as he starts whistling again run to where the PMCs were standing and shoot the next two at the foot of the steps in the body. Run to them and move their bodies behind the vehicle. Then just wait for him to walk past and start tailing him until he gets to the fountain which is another wait point. As soon as he starts moving shoot the two PMCs that have just appeared. Run to them and move their bodies over the hill to the left. Just wait for him to walk down the steps and follow taking the anaesthetic rounds on the right if you need them. At this point stop following him and run along the ground level street. There's a wait point he stops at at the top of the ramp. Keep moving along and go left and tranq the two PMCs. You'll have to go back to trigger his wait point. As soon as you pop around the corner he'll walk out. Run back to the bodies and wait at the corner as he has another wait point. He should make it past the guards just as they wake up. Wait at the end of the street on the right side and follow him into the next area. --Midtown NE Sector Follow him until he runs from the van to the truck. After he starts moving run the way the trucks facing through the alley and turn right into the alley so you come out where the two guards are. Run to the left until you're next to the black car and crouch and tranq them once each. Now just hide and tail him as he goes past. There's not enough time to hide the bodies. There's some anaesthetic rounds behind the truck that's near where you stopped to shoot the guards. --Midtown N Sector Just follow him to the hideout. There's some anaesthetic rounds to your right next to the trash after you start following him. Equip the four weapons you want to use during the chase now so you don't have to every time you load. The Vz.83 will be equipped into the fifth empty slot. ================== ACT 3 - Bike Chase ================== This entire chase sequence is a real pain in the butt. Luckily you're healed between the second and third areas or I think it might be near impossible. Unfortunately you're not healed before the boss fight but then I'd rather die 10 times on Raging Raven than 10 times on this bike chase. IF you have the Solar Gun it'll be much easier but it is possible to do without although it does require some luck. The weapons you should use here are the Mk22, Twin Barrel (with non-lethal rounds), Solar Gun and you can also use Smoke and Stun Grenades. I've done it with only the Mk22 and Grenades before without too much trouble although it does require some luck and practise. IMPORTANT: You can press triangle to take cover behind Eva. Luckily she doesn't have a health bar. AUTO AIM: You should turn on Auto Aim here if you haven't already. Go into the option and enable Auto Aim. Then press Square while in the over-the-shoulder view to toggle it on and off for certain weapons. VIEW CHANGE: Switch the view change method to CHARACTER if you use CAMERA normally like I do. Otherwise when you press L1 to aim you will aim backwards half the time due to the cinematic camera. It's the second last option in the controls section. --Church Courtyard There's two spots you'll most likely take damage here. One bit when you go past the second pack of enemies. The first pack you go past at the very start won't attack you. The second pack may hit you and I recommend to reload if you take any damage. Try to land a Stun Grenade on them or just hold Triangle to take cover and hope you don't get hit. For the next bit when you stop in the area where the helicopter was overhead keep lobbing stun grenades at any of the PMCs that come. You can also try using smoke grenades here. As long as you keep throwing the grenades you shouldn't take any damage. You should get to the next area without taking any more damage. --Riverside West Try to throw a stun grenade into the first pack. If you're lucky you'll take no damage as you go past. Either try to tranq the gunner or just ignore him and take cover. He shouldn't hit you as the driver drives further ahead. Make sure Auto Aim is on and switch to the Mk22 or Twin Barrel (with non-lethal shot). Hold L1 while the camera zooms in on the frog that lands on the van and shoot as soon as it says Lock On. You should knock her off. It's sort of important to hit her off here so you can ignore one of the frogs on the van later. For the next bit where you drive and stop and two vehicles you should switch to first person mode with the Mk22 and shoot both of the gunners. Then go out of first person mode and use Auto Aim to shoot the rest. If you have the Solar Gun then when you drive over the ramp use Auto Aim to take out all the enemies. Fire a single shot at each PMC and then tap the right analogue stick to target the next and fire again. If you do this correctly there should only be two PMCs left that come out from behind the vehicle. Throw a stun grenade at them to take them out. If you don't have the Solar Gun then use the Mk22 to take out the gunner on the closest vehicle during the slow motion part. He's the only one you need to take out. After you land switch to first person mode and shoot the other gunner, then either shoot the rest with Auto Aim or spam stun or smoke grenades. For the next bit I just take cover as much as possible and try to knock the frogs off the van when they land on it. If you hit the first frog off straight away you can ignore one of the frogs here and take cover hopefully reducing the damage you take. You can also pop up and shoot your Mk22 when no one's shooting at you. [1 cutscene] --Riverside East You're healed here thankfully. In case you didn't know you can just ignore the flying Ravens. For this section you should use the Twin Barrel if you have it. For the first enemy on the jeep make sure you're taking cover and just as you're about to pass it pop up and shoot him. He should be knocked out instantly. If you're really unlucky he'll take off half your health so load. For the next enemy just do the same if you have the Twin Barrel. Otherwise you should switch to Smoke Grenades and try to throw one so that it lands where you meet the vehicle. Then take cover for a bit until the gunner is in front of you and shoot him with the Mk22. You can still make it if you get shot here but it'll be harder. Just before the two jeeps come throw some smoke grenades so they land where the left jeep comes to a stop. If you have the Twin Barrel, shoot the one on the left and take cover, otherwise just take cover anyway. If you land your smoke grenades well you can get through here without taking any damage. The next bit is when the two jeeps flip. Ignore them and switch to the Solar Gun. Fire one shot at each Frog and you should hopefully make it through here. Just alternate tapping R1 and the right analogue stick. If you only used it in the slow motion bit in the previous area and it was fully charged before here, you should have enough ammo that you don't need to worry too much about wasting shots. If you don't have the Solar Gun then your best bet is to switch to Smoke Grenades here and spam them while aiming for where the groups of frogs land. It will take you some practise but you'll get it eventually. When you get to the part with the jeep throw one just to the right of it as there are three frogs there who can easily kill you. The gunner rarely hits you but take cover after you throw anyway and keep spamming after you pass the jeep. After this section there are two groups left. Switch to smoke grenades if you haven't already. As you're going down the steps throw one and it should stop the two frogs from shooting you. In the next bit aim for the corner and the grenade should land just under the one clinging to the wall letting you get past without taking any damage. ==================== ACT 3 - Raging Raven ==================== --Raging Raven There's a couple of anaesthetic ammo boxes around and some non-lethal shotgun shells on the roof. There are a few things to note in this section. If you're playing a naked BBE run you should buy the M82A2 (.50 calibre rifle) if you haven't already. You might only be able to afford it on Sunday or Wednesday when there's 20% off. Also if you really can't beat her on low health you can either spend time at the start healing or turn your PS3 date ahead four days. This should put you on full health when you load your game. Also I don't know who to credit for this and I haven't tested it but if you shoot Raven with a fully charged Rail Gun shot when she's flying around it is meant to one shot her. It might need to be a head shot. My strategy is to go to the roof and to the section where the wall is destroyed and charge the Rail Gun while crouching, looking down towards the top of the houses. Wait for Raven to fly past and shoot her. It should either kill her outright or take her to 25% health. Now just stay in the same position looking up and wait for Raven to stop moving and shoot her a second time. This should kill her. If you don't have or don't want to use the Rail Gun do the same with the M82A2. Try to hit her at least two times and hopefully three. After she sees you I stick around and keep doing the same thing. If she comes in for an air strike you can just jump down through the destroyed wall to the next level down. If she starts hovering near you, fire once and then wait for her to move and fire again. If you get the timing right you should have no trouble. But if you wait too long to shoot she'll shoot a grenade back at you. You shouldn't have much trouble with her if you use the Rail Gun method. As usual destroying this form lethally doesn't count as a kill. --Raging Beauty I spam my stun grenades at her and then use non-lethal shotgun shells to take her down. Let her get really close and back off slowly while aiming at her. After she dodges shoot her once and repeat. If you do this with the Solar Gun fully charged it should take her out in one hit. =================== ACT 4 - Crying Wolf =================== --Crying Wolf One of the more annoying fights to be sure if just for the alerts. Any alerts during this boss fight count so you'll have to quit and load your game if you get one. Obviously killing the frogs also counts as a kill. -Snake's Scent Wolf is able to detect Snake's scent when the wind is blowing towards her from where you are. You can use the Solid Eye to check which way the wind is blowing or you can disable the Solid Eye and check the arrow. With the Solid Eye enabled, there should be trails pointing in a direction from everything the Solid Eye picks up, including you. This is the way the wind is blowing and if it's pointing towards where you know Wolf is hiding, you should wait until it changes direction before attacking. -Charge Attack After she finds a spot to camp she'll stay there for quite a while until either she gets bored and runs to a new spot or she either sees or smells you. She'll either start shooting you with the rail gun or close the hatch and charge at you. If you're out in the open she'll pounce on you taking out all of your psyche and about 75% of your life. If she's charging at you, you can do one of two things. Either shoot her with an explosive such as the MGL-140 40mm grenade launcher or rocket launcher. However I prefer to just stand so that she can't land on you. If you're standing against a wall she will instead drop one or two bombs near you which will detonate after a couple of seconds. If you wait for the sound of her tail whipping, you can just run off afterwards to avoid all damage. -Intro The main reason this fight is annoying is because part of it comes down to luck with where she decides to camp and the wind changing direction. However if you follow a set strategy you can reduce these factors and hopefully raise your success rate. The enemies are blinded by the snowstorm so as long as you crouch run everywhere and your camo is set you shouldn't be spotted even if your Solid Eye tells you otherwise. If a frog comes to investigate just remember not to run back there any time soon. I've found that the frogs will spot you or go "Huh" at about half the normal distance that the Solid Eye indicates. The frogs will always investigate after saying something like "Is he there?" so as long as you keep moving you shouldn't set off an alert unless you run around a corner into a frog. The main reason you will set off alerts is firing your weapon while close to a frog. As long as you stay crouched or prone, and check your Solid Eye prior to firing your weapon at Wolf you should never set off an alert. If a frog comes to investigate and is fairly close either tranq them immediately or walk off slowly. If you run you may get spotted. In case you didn't know, if you crouch or crawl you will be able to see the frogs on the Solid Eye. You can't if you're standing. -Truck Method Although you're limited in how much time you can waste during the BBE run, if you're having trouble and are well in front of the recommended time at Crying Wolf you can use the "Truck" method. It involves moving to and crawling under the truck that's just to your right. If you use a sniper rifle with a suppressor you can almost ignore the frogs. The only thing you have to worry about is accidentally shooting one. If you see Crying Wolf but without the compartment open, shoot the suit and she should open up allowing you to shoot her body. Personally I don't have the patience for this method but if you can spare the time, feel free to try it out. Just remember to save in a new slot in case it took too long. -Strategy Equip any weapons you want to use if you didn't already. I use the Mk22 and M82A2 or Rail Gun. You may also want to equip a grenade launcher which you can shoot Wolf with if she charges you. Set your solid eye to night vision. Make sure to equip your FaceCamo and set your camo to the snow where you start. Try to set it to the snow where you start as this will blend better with the snowstorm giving you an additional 10-20% camo index. I was using the Mosin the first time I did this but I ended up alerting enemies I didn't notice above me so I ended up sticking to the Mk22. You can use it if you want but I didn't find much of a need except at the very start. During this fight you can either head left or right. Try to picture the area as two sections divided by the two communication towers and connected at the starting spot and the passage where the FIM is near where you fight Raging Beauty. You'll want to stay on either side of these as you move around. I prefer to take the left route but you may find the right suits you better. When the fight starts tranq either the two frogs to your left if you're heading in that direction or the three to your right. Crouch run and head towards the far side of the map near the buildings stopping to shoot Wolf if you see her and tranq any frogs. Once you reach the connecting passage you should be able to move freely around half of the map allowing you to see almost every spot Wolf hides in. When moving around be sure to keep an eye on the Solid Eye and make sure you crouch every now and again if you prefer to move running so you can make sure you won't run into a frog around a corner and have to start over again. If you move around near the walls you shouldn't have a problem if Wolf smells you and charges you. If you manage to shoot Wolf two or three times without moving much you shouldn't go for a fourth if you tranqed any frogs nearby as they may spot you when they wake up. Also make sure to aim higher than the sights tell you to if you're using the Rail Gun, since the projectile hits slightly lower than the crosshair. I'd recommend checking your alerts after this fight with the mission briefing just to make sure you didn't alert a Frog when you killed Wolf. And as usual killing her doesn't count as a kill. The frogs however obviously do. --Crying Beauty As usual I use the SAIGA-12 or M870 with non-lethal rounds or the Solar Gun. There are some stun grenades towards your 7 o'clock you can use if you're low on other non-lethal ammo. ============ ACT 4 - Vamp ============ As you don't actually kill Vamp, it won't count as a kill no matter how you deal with him. A fully charged shot with the Solar Gun will take Vamp down. Then just grab him from behind and inject him with the needle. Quickest boss fight ever. If you don't have the Solar Gun then I'd recommend using the M82A2. If you hit him in the head a few times he'll go down very fast. If you learn when to dodge his attacks, press backwards and X at the same time to dodge, and he'll stand still for about a second giving you time to shoot him in the head. If you can't seem to hit him in the head a lot, just use your favourite fully auto weapon like the M4, P90 or M60. And of course only fully drain his health bar when he's standing on the ground. When you go to grab him, make sure to stand behind him and press R1 just before his standing animation completes. If you do it when he's already standing he'll just jump away and you'll have to reduce his health again. ============== ACT 4 - Escape ============== A strategy that works really well but really shouldn't is to just spam X the entire time while holding forwards. Not only should you escape with over 3 minutes to go but you shouldn't be in any danger of dying. If you don't want to use this method for whatever reason you should hold L1 the entire time and move forwards while using the machine gun. Tap it a couple of times when your target is on an enemy as they die in one hit and if you hold it down it'll overheat. Try to shoot down any missiles shot at you as they do the most damage. If you try to rush you'll take a lot of damage so try to keep moving at a steady pace. The 5 minute time limit is quite generous. ====================== ACT 4 - Metal Gear RAY ====================== The most important thing here is to avoid the water cutter as it does ridiculous amounts of damage. When RAY comes to charge you press X and forwards to ram him first then press Triangle to do more damage. Use missiles when he's out in the open and charge the laser when he's hiding. All in all it's not a hard fight unless you keep getting hit by the water cannon. My strategy is mainly to use the laser to knock him down and then charge him with X and press Triangle to do extra damage. If you keep doing this and use the machine gun when the laser is out of power you can destroy RAY quite quickly. Just don't jump the gun with charging him or RAY will dodge and counter attack for a lot of damage. ======================== ACT 5 - Screaming Mantis ======================== Make sure you're as close to full health as possible here. I used the Mosin, Mk22 and the M4. First of all run to the top of the area and find a good spot where you can crouch to avoid gunfire and Mantis' blades. Don't crawl to avoid them as they can go under the glass and kill you. Also in case you're not aware, killing the frogs here *does* count as a kill. -Thrown Blades Mantis will sometimes yell out something and then throw about five blades at you consecutively. They do quite a bit of damage and are annoying to avoid if you're also being shot at by a frog or Meryl. The best way to avoid this is to just shoot the mantis doll as she starts throwing as it will neutralise the attack entirely. As she move to start this attack the mantis doll drops down a little bit then goes back to its normal position which can make it a little harder to shoot. -Frogs and Meryl Mantis will take control of the frogs occasionally. You can see this from the strings that momentarily appear above the frogs accompanied by a plucking sound. The frogs usually only shoot a burst or throw a blade at you. Meryl will shoot at you during phase 2 and shoot herself in the head during phase 3. Thanks to her thick head she can shoot herself three times in the head before she dies. During each phase Mantis will not do anything until you start to attack her. This gives you plenty of time to go around and take out the frogs and Meryl however you like. You can go up to them and CQC hold them, and then inject them with the syringe just like you did with Vamp. You can also do this on Meryl. At the start of each new phase, Meryl will be revived so you'll need to inject her again. -Melee Attack Occasionally she'll yell something and start teleporting in small jumps towards you. When she reaches you she'll slash at you which will kill you if it hits you two or three times. It's easy to dodge by rolling away or even just running away as long as you don't roll into an object. During Phase 3 she'll do two attacks in a row. -Gun Fire Command Sometimes she'll command the frogs to start shooting at you all at once. This is only a concern at the start when you're trying to take them out quickly as there are quite a few of them and you'll die very quickly standing in the open. --Phase 1 Inject yourself, and then take out all the frogs. You can use the Mk22, or CQC hold and inject with the syringe. After all the frogs are disabled, run to the raised area and start shooting the mantis doll (it's on her right, your left, shrouded in yellow flame). I use the M4 as it's automatically equipped. From what I can tell the doll takes a set number of shots that has nothing to do with how much damage your weapon does. You might want to put a stock on the M4 to increase your accuracy slightly. After about 5 shots from the M4 the next phase will begin. The Solar Gun also works well as it has a large projectile and you can fire rapidly if you miss the first shot. --Phase 2 Meryl will start following and shooting at you. You can either take her out or just keep moving away from her while shooting the Mantis doll. As long as you can hit the doll when she throws her blades at you, you should be fine. After hitting her doll, wait until she moves and stops moving before firing again. It only takes about 3 shots to get to the next phase. --Phase 3 Meryl will start shooting herself. It takes three shots for her to kill herself. Thankfully this is easier than the second phase except that when Mantis warps to you she will attack twice in a row which can kill you if you're not ready for it. I prefer to use the Mosin to put Meryl to sleep to save some time but you can also use the Mk22 or syringe like normal. You can also just ignore her and try to take down Mantis quickly. After about 3 shots the doll should fall down. You have to pick it up before you can use it on Mantis even if you already have it from before. If she hits you after you've picked up the doll she'll take it back which is a pain so make sure to avoid her melee. If she picks it back you'll need to shoot it about three more times to make it drop again. Once you've got the doll keep firing it at Mantis until it connects. She dodges quite a lot here so be ready to roll to avoid her melee attack if you miss a few times. If you time it right, you can shoot her after rolling to avoid her attack. After it connects shake your controller around until she dies. You should beat her without having to use the doll again. --Screaming Beauty As usual just shoot her with the SAIGA-12 or M870 non-lethal if you have them or spam stun grenades. The Mk22 takes forever to take her down with. There's some anaesthetic ammo around if you need it. Solar Gun still works. ============== ACT 5 - Ocelot ============== -Intro Thankfully you don't have to stamina kill Ocelot. You can just reduce his life gauge and it won't count as a kill. At first I thought I'd never beat this guy on extreme. It took me about 20 continues to beat him the first time, but now I can beat him without fail. I recommend you just select continue when you die until you manage to beat him once, and then start loading. For this boss, practise really does make perfect. There are a few oddities about this fight. In the first phase, if you duck by pressing X without moving the left analogue stick, you will be invulnerable during the animation. Also you may have noticed if you move to the edge you will try to regain your balance. You're also invulnerable during this animation. I couldn't work out a reliable way to take advantage of it, but you might want to try experimenting if you're having trouble with other methods. If you corner Liquid against the edge of the platform, using two strong punches at the right time whenever he gets up should allow you to get through every phase without taking a scratch. --Phase 1 - Liquid Dodge left/right until he attacks and then hit him with a combo or a strong punch combo. Repeat until done. Alternately you can use a trick someone found. If you start up the PPPKK combo but hit X (to duck) after the first kick you will be invulnerable while ducking and you can start mashing R1 again and repeat. Using this trick as soon as your first combo connects there's a 99% chance you can keep this up without taking any damage. Another method is to just use two strong punches in a row since they knock him to the ground. Wait for him to get up and wipe his mouth and grunt and attack with two more strong punches. --Phase 2 - Liquid Ocelot Dodge/Left right until he attacks. If he does a normal attack I just do a strong punch (by holding L1 and pressing R1) combo because I used to start mashing R1, and if it missed he'd do a "take this" punch (TTP) and destroy me. If he does his TTP, then move in afterwards and do a full combo then start dodging again. You need to dodge twice to avoid his TTP as if you only dodge once it'll still likely hit you. You should dodge to the left as his TTP will have a slightly higher chance of hitting you if you dodge to the right. Also if you can't dodge in time, try to block as it will reduce the damage by a significant amount. If he does his TTP when you're too far away dodge towards him and hit R1 for a stomach punch. Keep repeating and stay safe to get past this without taking any damage. The strong punch method from phase 1 also works. --Phase 3 - Ocelot At first I found this to be the hardest because I had no idea how to fight him and was being too defensive. Instead just rush him and spam different attacks. Try strong attacks followed by a normal combo and then a stomach punch and you should do fine. As long as you haven't been hit by any TTP during phase 2 and you don't go too defensive it's quite hard to lose here as you can always escape from his CQC attacks. If that doesn't work for you, you can try just using strong punches. Stand still and wait for him to approach you and do two strong punches when he's almost up to you. It should almost always connect. If he grabs you just escape by pressing Triangle and keep trying. You can also try cornering him against the edge of the platform and using two strong punches when he gets up. If you time it to hit as he puts his hands up you should be able to keep knocking him down without taking a scratch. Also in case you didn't know, you don't have to time the input prompts. If you're meant to press Triangle to escape his CQC hold you can just start spamming Triangle and it'll still escape. --Phase 4 - Old Ocelot If Ocelot punches you seven times here, you'll die. As long as you move up to him before you start pressing R1 you can't lose as it takes about two to three seconds for him to attack again if you don't do anything. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [7] Best Times ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well this section will be for the best times. If you have photographic proof with your screen name on paper next to the monitor/TV then send me an email and I will add your time. For this update I've added everyone who emailed me and was under 4 hours. This is because I didn't think it'd be fair for people who would be on the list if I had only updated earlier. The cut-off for the next update will probably be around 3 hours and 20 to 30 minutes. 2:34:20 - Tyndis 2:34:31 - Daanny 2:37:18 - Hellcar 2:47:47 - Greyfox802 2:53:57 - Samimaru 2:59:23 - JohnnyMoe88 3:00:03 - Gary500 3:04:31 - ShiroArmados 3:08:18 - Gnazz 3:11:31 - Silent Ice 3:13:27 - Edocampo 3:20:53 - Bizzizz 3:21:24 - HMG762556 3:21:59 - ayion 3:23:17 - Duebrithil 3:23:42 - Barnaby Guiza 3:24:17 - Pinoy0009 3:26:32 - Joe40001 3:26:33 - Feylin 3:30:40 - bjhean 3:32:38 - Boertek 3:32:42 - asiangear 3:37:38 - jimbotron235 3:37:55 - diracsea 3:38:42 - MGSNAKEATER 3:38:49 - Blaque_Ravage 3:39:54 - AdamsKI 3:40:33 - Twin Snakes 3:40:34 - xYashua 3:40:35 - QuIzNoS56 3:40:59 - Lawtair 3:42:13 - YoyoDevo 3:43:36 - bwhite1291 3:45:36 - Catinbags 3:48:12 - JonnyBigBoss 3:53:45 - farmchild 3:57:01 - MrKoreanguy ------------------------------- Copyright 2008 Stephen Hellicar</p>