|------\ | \ | \ |--\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ / \ / \ / \ / /\ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / \ \------| / / \ | / / \ | /-----/ \----------| _____ | | | | | | | | | | | | | |--- | | | \ | |-- \ \ \---- \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ ------ Half-Life: Blue Shift Guide For PC By Raining Metal (Boocatcher5@hotmail.com) Version 1.01 =================== >Table of Contents< =================== 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Version History 1.2 Story 2.0 Basics 2.1 Controls 2.2 Hazard Course 2.3 Puzzles 3.0 In-Game 3.1 Weapons 3.2 Items 3.3 Allies 3.4 Enemies 4.0 Walkthrough 4.1 Insecurity 4.2 Duty Calls 4.3 Captive Freight 4.4 Focal Point 4.5 Power Struggle 4.6 A Leap Of Faith 5.0 Other 5.1 Cheats 5.2 FAQ 5.3 Email Guide 6.0 And The Rest! 6.1 Credits 6.2 Legal Disclaimer To search for the section wanted in this Guide, Highlight the Number beside the subject (Such as 3.3) and press Ctrl + C, then F, and then V. This will activate a finding system to look for the text put in (in this case, a number with a decimal) and simply click “Next”. ================== 1.0 >Introduction< ================== Hi everybody! Raining Metal goes on with his guide writing! Half-Life: Blue Shift takes place in Gordon's trusty ally's shoes, Barney! This game is unfortunately short, but still interesting nonetheless. --------------------- 1.1 >Version History< --------------------- Version 1.01 Changed instances of Barney's name being Gordon in many cases. Added Version name to the title. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.00 The Complete version. ----------- 1.3 >Story< ----------- Note that this part has spoilers. Barney Calhoun, a mid-level Security Guard at Black Mesa, has been sent to fix anelevator at a vacant area. Unfortunately, Aliens begin to pour in! Unlike the other protagonists in the other games, Barney just wants to escape alive! He finds a Scientist, Dr. Rosenburg, to help him with his journey out. First, the pair must go to a secret lab where they will make a portal to the outer gate... ============ 2.0 >Basics< ============ This section teaches the player how to play Half-Life. -------------- 2.1 >Controls< -------------- These are the default controls of Half-Life. Note that the player can change the control setup via the options menu. Mouse: Look around. W: Move Forward. A: Move Left. S: Move Backward. D: Move Right. Primary Mouse Button: Primary Fire. Secondary Mouse Button: Secondary Fire. Space Bar: Jump. Ctrl: Crouch (Hold). E: Action. F: Use Flashlight. R: Reload. Shift: Walk. 1-5: Weapons. Esc: Pause menu. ------------------- 2.2 >Hazard Course< ------------------- The Hazard course can teach Barney how to swim, shoot, use objects, interact with people, solve many puzzles, and much, much more! I highly recommend players new to this game to go to the hazard course before starting the game. Area 1: Moving and Jumping. This area teaches trainees to jump. Through pipes to long gaps, this exercise will be an important method to learn. Area 2: Using the Enviroment. This sector teaches guards how to use things around the facility, such as elevators, first aid stations, wheels, boxes, and more! This also tests players how to use the crowbar and the flashlight. Area 3: Combat & Swim. This target range gives players how to fire weapons and use the secondary triggers. Also, this area contains a pool which the players will need to swim across to the next area. Area 4: Defence capabilities. The area here represents hazards that the player will likely encounter in the game. It also makes use of the Armor. Area 5: Interacting with civilization. The final place requires the player to use a Scientist to open up a door. To finish the course, the player must drive a train to the exit. ------------- 2.3 >Puzzles< ------------- Half-Life: Blue Shift contains many puzzles. Some are hard. To get past them, read signs and try to find out how they're connected to the problem. Some objects might be needed for the puzzles. ============= 3.0 >In-Game< ============= Here's the information about the story mode. ------------- 3.1 >Weapons< ------------- Here's what Barney needs to fight against the enemies he encounters. ********* *Crowbar* ********* Console Name: crowbar. Clip Size: N/A. Carrying Capacity: N/A. Power: Average. Accuracy: Very High. Rate of Fire: Fast. Range: Melee. Ammo Type: N/A. Alternate Fire: None. This is the second weapon Barney gets. It's useful for breaking boxes and such. *********** *Glock 9mm* *********** Console Name: 9mmhandgun. Clip Size: 17. Carrying Capacity: 250. Power: Average. Accuracy: High/Low. Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic. Range: Long/Short. Ammo Type: 9mm. Alternate Fire: Fast firing. This is the first gun Barney gets. It's effective against aliens and for long ranges. *************** *.357 Revolver* *************** Console Name: 357. Clip Size: 6. Carrying Capacity: 36. Power: High. Accuracy: High. Rate of Fire: Bolt. Range: Long. Ammo Type: .357. Alternate Fire: Scope (Multi-player only). The 357 is one of the more useful guns in Half-Life, but its ammunition is less plentiful around Black Mesa. ********* *MP5/M16* ********* Console Name: mp5/9mmAR. Clip Size: 50. Carrying Capacity: 250. Power: Average, Explosive. Accuracy: Average. Rate of Fire: Automatic. Range: Short. Ammo Type: 9mm, Launcher Grenades. Alternate Fire: Fire Grenade. A very versitale weapon, but a bizzare one too. It's grenade launcher is made up for its low accuracy. But it has the most plentiful ammunition around. *************** *SPAS-12 Gauge* *************** Console Name: shotgun. Clip Size: 8. Carrying Capacity: 125. Power: High. Accuracy: Medium. Rate of Fire: Pump. Range: Very Short. Ammo Type: Shotgun Shell. Alternate Fire: Double Shot. This is one of the stronger weapons. At close range, this weapon is very deadly. It is useful in tight areas. ********* *Bazooka* ********* Console Name: rpg. Clip Size: 1. Carrying Capacity: 5. Power: Explosive. Accuracy: High. Rate of Fire: Single. Range: Long. Ammo Type: Rockets. Alternate Fire: Laser guidance. This is the main anti-air weapon. Good for taking down aircraft and armored foes. ********** *Grenades* ********** Console Name: handgrenade. Clip Size: N/A. Carrying Capacity: 10. Power: Explosive. Accuracy: Low. Rate of Fire: Throw. Range: Short. Ammo Type: Hand Grenades. Alternate Fire: None. I rarely use these. For the best results, throw them to a lower level. ********** *Detpacks* ********** Console Name: satchel. Clip Size: N/A. Carrying Capacity: 5. Power: Explosive. Accuracy: N/A. Rate of Fire: Throw. Range: N/A. Ammo Type: Detpacks. Alternate Fire: Detonate. These go perfectly well with certain enviroments. Plan ahead, and these will be fun to use. ******** *Snarks* ******** Console Name: snarks. Clip Size: N/A. Carrying Capacity: 15. Power: High, Explosive. Accuracy: N/A. Rate of Fire: Deploy. Range: N/A. Ammo Type: Snarks. Alternate Fire: None. Heh, heh. These adorable creatures are good for arena-like areas. They will refuse to attack other aliens however, and should be used on military-only sectors. If they don't find any other targets, they might attack the user! ----------- 3.2 >Items< ----------- These are the items Barney is likeley to encounter during his journey. He cannot carry them, he can only use them. ************* *Health Pack* ************* Console Name: healthkit. Purpose: Gives Barney Health. To be honest, I play with Godmode on most of the time. But these items can help Barney if he is injured. ************ *Armor Vest* ************ Console Name: vest. Purpose: Gives Barney Armor. Barney does not have the use of electrical Armor, unlike Gordon and Adrian, but he can pick up Armored Security assets to fill his Armor quantity. ******** *Helmet* ******** Console Name: helmet. Purpose: Gives Barney Armor. This give less armor than the Vest, but they are more common. ******************* *First Aid Station* ******************* Console Name: N/A. Purpose: Replenishes Barney's Health. The First Aid Station can be used more than once, but only has a certain amount of health to replenish (depending on difficulty). Once the light goes out, the Station can not be reused. ******** *Turret* ******** Console Name: N/A. Purpose: Weapon. Found mainly at Military zones, Barney can use their weapons against them and the aliens. There are more convinent ways to use the many turrets though, such as breaking down walls and doors. ************** *Healing Pool* ************** Console Name: N/A. Purpose: Replenishes Barney's Health. Found only in Xen, these won't heal as fast as the first-aid stations, but have an infinite supply of wound-fixing. ********** *Jump Pad* ********** Console Name: N/A. Purpose: Gives Barney a high jump. Found in infested areas of Black Mesa, Barney might need these to get to certain spots. ------------ 3.3 >Allies< ------------ These are the few allies Barney will get help from. Some of them will need to survive in order to do their task. *********** *Scientist* *********** Weapon: None. Health: Low. Speed: Medium. Special Abilities: Healing, High Security Clearance. These lowly fellows are mainly the civilians of the game. However, they can be allies when Barney's health is below 50, and can open doors for him. They should not be attacked by Barney, because if he does so, then they will run away from him. There's few of them in the Train Yard, and one of them needs to be rescued in order to escape! ***************** *Security Guards* ***************** Weapon: Glock 9mm. Health: Medium. Speed: Medium. Special Abilities: High Security Clearance. Not many of Barney's colleagues are met after the disaster. Barney will only find most of them as corpses, or unable to help him in combat. ------------- 3.4 >Enemies< ------------- There are many hostile forces to encounter, and they are not stupid. Barney must take these foes out as quickly as possible. ----- Human ----- The military are not at all friendly to Black Mesa, and are very hostile to Barney. They are very smart and will do everything they can to flush him out! The soldiers can use radio communication to send alert to any of their nearby squad. There are also some mechanical technologies that the humans use. ********* *Trooper* ********* Weapon: MP5/M16, Grenades. Health: Medium. Speed: Medium. Special Abilities: None. These are the standard soldier Barney will encounter. They are very numerous and a threat. The Troopers wear gas masks. *************** *Shotgun Grunt* *************** Weapon: SPAS-12 Gauge, Grenades. Health: Medium. Speed: Medium. Special Abilities: None. These soldiers only carry the SPAS-12, so they are more dangerous when up close. Take them down from afar. The Grunts wielding shotguns wear balaclavas. *********** *Grenadier* *********** Weapon: MP5/M16 with Grenade Launcher, Grenades. Health: Medium. Speed: Medium. Special Abilities: None. Apparently only African-American, the Grenadiers are very dangerous due to their skill with explosives. They also have a cigar in the normal version, a beret with the high-definition pack. ********** *Commando* ********** Weapon: MP5,M16 (with Grenade Launcher), SPAS-12, Grenades. Health: High. Speed: Medium. Special Abilities: Alert Squad. The squad leaders are the highly respected officers of their platoon. They will alert their squad if they detect Barney, so if he is going for a stealthly approach, he should take them out first. They wear a beret. ********* *Turrets* ********* Weapon: Gun. Health: Medium to High. Speed: Fast deployment. Special Abilities: Laser activation. Most of these are green and on the ground, but some are on the ceiling, and can be used by soldiers. Take them down with any kind of weapon. ************* *Medium Tank* ************* Weapon: Turret. Health: High (Can only be destroyed by explosives). Speed: Fast Turning. Special Abilities: None. This armored vehicle is a very big threat. Take it out if Barney sees it with explosives. --- Xen --- The Xen invaders are very numerous and can teleport to earth at unexpected times, so Barney should be aware of this. ********** *Headcrab* ********** Weapon: Claws. Health: Low. Speed: Slow. Special Abilities: None. The weakest creature in the game, yet the most common. The headcrabs can be hidden everywhere, so Barney should watch out. ******** *Zombie* ******** Weapon: Claws. Health: Medium: Speed: Slow. Special Abilities: None. This is the result of what happens when a headcrab attaches to its host. Take these out far away, since they only have melee attacks. *********** *Bullsquid* *********** Weapon: Spit Acid, Teeth. Health: Medium. Speed: Medium. Special Abilities: None. They have something against headcrabs for some reason. Anyhow, these creatures are no friendly ones. Don't get up close to them unless Barney has a death wish! ********** *Barnacle* ********** Weapon: Tongue, Mouth. Health: Low. Speed: None. Special Abilities: None. It's fun to see other people get sucked up into the barnacle's and get digested by it, but of course, it's not as pleasant when Barney is. ****************** *Vortiguant Slave* ****************** Weapon: Lightning, Hands. Health: Medium. Speed: Medium. Special Abilities: Nightvision. The first Xen creature that has a brain that Barney encounters, these shy Xenizens don't attack Barney because of their own will, due to slavery in Xen. Their lightning attacks are deadly, so Barney must be quick against them. ******************** *Vortiguant Soldier* ******************** Weapon: Hivehand, Hands. Health: High. Speed: Fast. Special Abilities: Nightvision. These creatures are really meant for combat. They are more deadly than the slaves and the soldiers! If Barney is to encounter one of these, he should take them out. *********************** *Vortiguant Controller* *********************** Weapon: Energy Orbs. Health: Medium. Speed: Fast. Special Abilities: Fly! The boss Xen characters are only seen in Xen, so take them down fast! ******* *Snark* ******* Weapon: Teeth. Health: Very Low. Speed: Very Fast. Special Abilities: None. These are usually released in vents or by Barney himself. Because of their small size, bullets don't usually work against them. Explosives, on the other hand, are effective. ================= 4.0 >Walkthrough< ================= Here's the noticably linear walkthrough for the noticably linear story mode. ---------------- 4.1 >Insecurity< ---------------- On the Tram, Barney rides through some tunnels in order to get to Securty point C, where he will be assigned to his first task of the day. During the ride, he can see a distinguished Scientist (Gordon Freeman) also walk onto a following Tram. When he gets off, the door is locked! The Guard on the other side will open it for him. Meanwhile, watch the Scientist as he passes by on his tram. At this time, the Guard has unlocked the door for Barney to enter. Talk to him. He'll say that the place has been all broken lately. Go through the doors and go right. Talk to the Guard at his post. He says that Barney cannot go through this door until he gets his sidearm and uniform on. Go downstairs, head to the lobby, and talk to the Guard there. He knows what's going on today. Go right and up the elevator. On the second floor, go left to the surveillance room with three screens. These can be looked through for some extra features to find. Go to the opposite side of the hallway and head to the Armory, where the manager will give Barney his sidearm. In the shooting range, there's some ammo Barney should collect, but not spend here. Return to the elevator and lobby, and face the guard on his chair. To the left is the locker room. Go there and collect the uniform in Barney's locker. Return to the Lobby guy and he'll point out that an elevator has broken down. Go to where the Guard prevented Barney to advance and he'll allow him to go through. In a room with turbines, go up and through another door. Barney will meet up with a Scientist reading the daily Newspaper. He'll state that the Trams are out of order and that Barney will need to head toward the elevator through the lower hallways. In the dark corridors, Barney should turn on the Engine and find a switch near the door to turn the lights back on. Keep going through the linear hike until he comes across a river. The Tram contains a guy in a Tuxedo carrying a briefcase. Once its across, press the switch to bring down the bridge. Advance until Barney reaches another Tram station. The elevator's nearby. Hack the elevator console to make it work. As the three people go down, something has gone wild in the labs across. The elevator goes down further, and below, some very unnatural things occur. After this chain of unfortunate events, the elevator falls down and knocks Barney unconscious. ---------------- 4.2 >Duty Calls< ---------------- Barney wakes up in front of what appears to be a Houndeye eating parts of a Guard! EW! Get up there, grab the Crowbar, and shoot those things! Smash the boxes to find some more 9mm ammunition, and explore the area. The door is not going to move unless the power is turned off. The source is located in a room not too far away from here. Barney will need to smash it to allow the door to be opened (smash all the boxes to search for more ammo first). Go through the door. In the room with all the puddles, avoid the water and kill all the Headcrabs in the room. When they are all killed, go through the door to find some ammo and another headcrab! When the room is cleared, go up the stairs to find a Scientist who tells Barney to get out while he can. Back down at the desks, push a chair towards the locked door. Jump on it and over the fence. Also, back where the Scientist is, Barney can shoot the red barrels from there and open the gate by force. There's a lift here. Activate it and jump on it quick! When Barney approaches the bridge, some Houndeyes will appear. Shoot them all and the Vortigaunts. To the left is the controls to open the door to the next area. In the corridor filled with boxes, there's some more Houndeyes waiting to pounce! To the left is another Houndeye with a corpse. Grab the Helmet there and use the controls to lower the busted lifts so that Barney can jump onto the boxes and to the ladder (the first lift will require a box nearby so Barney can jump onto that). In the damaged area is some more Vortigaunts that spawn. Shoot them to the afterlife and go down the ladder towards the sewers. First, go right and jump across the catwalks. Turn both wheels on the pipes to stop the steam from blocking the way. The lower catwalk leads to a corpse with a SPAS-12 and the notification that this way out is futile. The above catwalk leads to a switch. Activate it so that a lift ahead will go down. It contains a box of explosives and a few Vortigaunts. Shoot the abominations and go back to where Barney started on this paragraph. The other way has a ladder attached to a pipe. Go up and towards an area with Barnacles and a body of water. Shoot the Barnacles above and go down to where the barred window is. There's a valve in this area that will make the water rise so that Barney will be able to advance. Collect the supplies and attack the Aliens that spawn. Another one will appear on the bridge, destroying it. Jump down to the pipes and get across. Here is a flooded area with lots of aliens (including Bullsquids)! In this area is a power node that should be turned on so that Barney can go up the lift. Now Barney is able to access the Box of explosives! Collect the ammo and push the Box into the canal river, where it will destroy the turbines blocking the way. Move up and listen to the Army Soldiers' conversation. It looks like the Army isn't intending to rescue Black Mesa after all... --------------------- 4.3 >Captive Freight< --------------------- Stupid Bush! Anyways, go up the ladder after demolishing the boxes in the room. There's some supplies behind the two Turrets in the back of the truck. Don't bother trying to open the gate behind the truck. However, the other gate is not, and it leads to the only way Barney can escape! The car on the road has a Revolver and some Armor. Continuing only leads to a squad of Soldiers that instantly lock the door! Next to the car is a locked gate, which can be busted with a thrust of the Crowbar. Go down the manhole. At the bottom, defeat the Headcrabs and keep walking through the tunnels. Sometimes, Barney will have to use a valve to advance through the airlocks. The same applies to the hallways Barney will have to tread. Keep an eye out for any hostile aliens. When Barney gets to a dead end with a vent, pile some boxes and climb up. Advance through the vents. Here's where the real fun begins. Get out of the vent and into the storage room. Go left and collect the supplies from the dead Guard. To the left shows a pair of Soldiers attacking someone. Kill the two of them and collect their Guns. Talk to the Scientist the baddies attacked. He says that he and his friend, Dr. Rosenburg, attempted to get out of the place, but got caught by the Army. His colleague is the only chance of getting out. Collect the Medkit and the 357 ammo in the locker and blast the Soldier that bursts in with the SPAS -12. In the hallway, to the right, is some debris blocking an elevator. Go up and collect the supplies at the end (Dr. Rosenburg will be needed to get to the other side of that door). Go to the stairwell. At the first door, go through and smash the boxes. At the end is the same squad Barney encountered at the beginning. Use the Revolver to take them down. Once they're killed, a Soldier will smash a window above a dump trailer. Climb up there and show him who's boss. Then go left and through the door. In the room, open the lock and collect the massive amount of supplies. This station contains a big squad of Marines, and two cars. The blue one contains a lot of Vortigaunts to distract the Soldiers if necessary. The red one contains a Scientist. He claims that he isn't Rosenburg though. After this, a door opens with some angry Soldiers. Blow them away and check the area for additional resources. The outdoor station has another nasty squad of Infantry and a Turret inside a box. Search the area for any noticables. The red boxcar has another Scientist. To get to him, smash the wooden objects that block the door. This one isn't Rosenburg either. A giant door will open in front of the turret, so use it to fire at the bad guys mercilessly! If any escape Barney's line of fire, go for them personally. Once all soldiers are down, go through the door towards a dangerous area. Jump into the Truck, and collect the Bazooka. Now that the Truck's top is blown off, fire explosives at the nearby Tank. Once it is destroyed, search the area for more Army men, and supplies. Go through the small door. There's a Turret to the right. Blow it off and go to the car that contains lots of boxes. Then shoot the explosives in order to blast the door. The next area has some hostile Soldiers. Once the whole platoon is killed, get to a control panel that will turn the Turntable and open the door. Get to the engine in front of the red boxcar and use it to back up. When it is at one of the docking areas, get into the boxcar to meet Rosenburg. Listen to his story. He says that he can manipulate the teleporation gadgets provided so that he, Barney, and his friends can get out. First, he'll give Barney a boost so that he can leap out of the boxcar and ambush the Marines that have locked the two in the boxcar. Throw some Grenades at them! Once the path is clear, Rosenburg will follow. Go through the remaining green door. Go up the stairs and search the corridor for some foes. Rosenburg will follow as soon as the foes are dead. Collect the supplies, and go to the staircase. There's a few more Soldiers to dispatch. Go down the stairs to the elevator accessed earlier. While going up, Rosenburg will complain that the Lambda team won't be able to help their escape due to their anticipation on Gordon Freeman. He's the protagonist of the main series. At the end of the lift, Rosenburg will open the door. He will then talk to one of his colleagues, Walter. The other one, Simmons, is at the main teleportation portal. He and Rosenburg will open the portal. Rosenburg states that in order for them to escape via teleportation, Barney will need to go to Xen and activate a parallel device so that they will be able to calculate the teleporation destination. When the portal opens up, jump in! ----------------- 4.4 >Focal Point< ----------------- Barney appears in Xen, the least hospitable place ever! Blast the Houndeyes away and go up the arc, where more Houndeyes wait. In the cavern is another Houndeye and a spike. Quickly go through and break the debris blocking the tiny passage. Keep going through this maze non-stop. Once Barney is through, he will come across a pond with some Barnacles at the ceiling and a Headcrab. Kill them all and regenerate at the Healing Pool if needed. There's a secret down in the depths of this pond. Get out of the room to find an area with lots of platforms. Jump to each platform in order to get to the other side. At one point, some Vortigaunts will spawn. At the end is some more Houndeyes. There's another "Island" here with a healing pool. More aliens will spawn, knocking down a pole. Climb across it and go down. Keep jumping and swimming until Barney reaches the abandoned research camp. Nab all the supplies first, and then tamper with the equipment so that the signal will go back to Earth. Some aliens will spawn, so run into a cave where a Vortigaunt will get crushed by some rocks. Climb them and run through the corridors as fast as possible! At the end is a portal. Jump in! Barney returns to Earth with thanks from the Scientist. Now here's the bad news; the power reserves were just enough for Barney to go to Xen. Now he has to go down into the cellars and get another battery to replace this one in order for an escape. Rosenburg will escort Barney to an elevator leading to the lower areas. -------------------- 4.5 >Power Struggle< -------------------- At the bottom, blast the Bullsquid behind the door and collect the supplies. Set some Satchel Charges at the door, trust me. Then go up the other elevator and see a Scientist and a Guard protecting the battery! They get ambushed by those damned monsters though, and the Guard gets heavily injured. Return back to where Barney blasted the Bullsquid to find the door getting breached! Once they get through, detonate the explosives to send out massive fireworks! Collect the supplies from both the gore and the walls. More soldiers await Barney, so dispatch them all. Go up the elevator and destroy the Turret. To the left is a bridge with a waterfall of Coliant. A Grenadier pops up and fires a Grenade at Barney! After dodging the explosive, shoot him down along with the pair of Marines across the bridge. A Shotgun Grunt is behind them in a small room. A Marine and a Commando are in the room to the right. Collect the supplies and ambush the Marine that's using the radio. The Grating leads to a vent that leads to some supplies, including some Snarks. Return back and go through the path leading to the next area. The TNT wire is broken, but that doesn't mean it can't be used! Collect the supplies here and grab a barrel. Attach it to the broken segment of the wire and activate the TNT! This will blow up the door. Attack the Vortigaunts that spawn here, and go up the ladder to find some Headcrabs. Collect the supplies and activate the Coolant pump. Then go down the elevator to find another Headcrab. At the bottom of the pool, arrange the barrels so that it lines across the bridge parts. Return back, turning the cooliant pumps back. At the other end is some Houndeyes. If Barney touches the pool of Coolant, he'll be ripped to shreds! Run across the bridge of barrels and fend off the aliens. Move through the corridors, blasting the Aliens, and notice the two Soldiers shooting wildly at some Vortigaunts. At the top is a Vortiguant Soldier. Blow it away and move through the door, dodging the Headcrabs as Barney advances up the stairs. Eventually, he'll come across the generator controls. Kill the Bullsquid and turn both turbines on. Return back to the area where Barney last fought the Marines and go to where the Grenadier had ambushed Barney. Use the switch to raise the bridge to access the other side. Annihilate the Vortigaunts and talk to the injured Guard. This is the battery needed to get out of here! He moves out of the way and dies. Put the battery into the charging station and then transfer it to Rosenburg. Return back to the main Lab. --------------------- 4.6 >A Leap Of Faith< --------------------- Rosenburg congratulates Barney and then leads him back to the teleporter. This time, Barney will be in the control room. First, activate the main power switch. In the process, the coolant pipes will bust! Go to the switch at the catwalk and turn the wheel. Two Houndeyes will spawn, so take them down! Resume turning the wheel until the meter remains at the green. When Rosenburg tells Barney to press the Damping Locks system, do it! Walter goes through first, then Simmons, and then Rosenburg himself. He sets the equipment to automatically restart for Barney to go through. In the process, Soldiers have found the site and are going to assault this lab! When the door nearby collapses, kill the two men, and resume observing the equipment. Activate the Damping Locks and run through! Dodge the Soldiers' gunfire and make it to the other side! Barney appears at the exit of Black Mesa. Rosenburg is glad to see Barney to make it, but he seems to appear glowing green. Barney suddenly teleports to another set of Xen platforms, and then to a familiar enviroment, observing two Soldiers carrying away an unconscious Gordon Freeman away. He then teleports back to the exit, and Rosenburg is relieved that Barney didn't get into a permanent teleportaion paradox (A temporal harmonic refulx to be exact). Anyhow, the four drive off to a happy ending! =========== 5.0 >Other< =========== This covers all the other things in this guide. ------------ 5.1 >Cheats< ------------ This is the list of cheats available in this game. To acess the console, go to the options menu, go to the keyboard section, find "advanced", then allow acess to the console. Press ~ to go to the console. Then type "sv_cheats 1". Then the rest is up to history !Note that when creating extra monsters, it will only work if there are other monsters like the one being given in the map (A Scientist can't be spawned when another Scientist isn't around). Also, noclip mode MUST be activated in order to move out of the monste (the monster will appear on Barney's location). "Give" List: give... item_healthkit item_battery item_suit item_longjump item_airtank item_antidote item_security item_sodacan weapon_crowbar weapon_9mmhandgun weapon_357 weapon_mp5 weapon_9mmAR weapon_shotgun weapon_crossbow weapon_rpg weapon_gauss weapon_egon weapon_hornetgun weapon_handgrenade weapon_satchel weapon_tripbomb weapon_snarks ammo_glockclip ammo_9mmclip ammo_9mmAR ammo_mp5clip ammo_9mmbox ammo_357 ammo_buckshot ammo_crossbow ammo_rpgclip ammo_gaussclip ammo_egonclip ammo_mp5grenades ammo_ARgrenades monster_human_grunt monster_barney monster_scientist monster_generic monster_gman monster_sentery monster_headcrab monster_alien_slave monster_alien_grunt monster_bullchicken monster_zombie monster_apache monster_ichthyosaur monster_bigmomma monster_barnacle monster_tentacle monster_gargantuan monster_nihilanth monster_houndeye xen_tree xen_spore_small xen_spore_medium xen_spore_large monster_barney_dead monster_scientist_dead monster_hevsuit_dead "Changelevel" List: changelevel... ba_hazard1 ba_hazard2 ba_hazard3 ba_hazard4 ba_hazard5 ba_hazard6 ba_tram1 ba_tram2 ba_tram3 ba_security1 ba_security2 ba_elevator ba_maint ba_canal1 ba_canal1b ba_canal2 ba_canal3 ba_yard1 ba_yard2 ba_yard3 ba_yard3a ba_yard3b ba_yard4 ba_yard4a ba_yard5 ba_yard5a ba_teleport1 ba_teleport2 ba_xen1 ba_xen2 ba_xen3 ba_xen4 ba_xen5 ba_xen6 ba_power1 ba_power2 ba_outro Impulse List: impulse... 76: Spawns a human grunt. 101: Gives all weapons and ammo. 102: Spawns gibs. 103: Displays current monster stats. 104: Lists global entities. 105: Silent walk. 106: Displays current item stats. 107: Displays current texture name. 109: Controls onscreen monsters. 195: Displays AI information. 202: Creates blood. 203: Delete monster. Other Cheats List: noclip: Fly through the air and walls. god: Invincibility. notarget: Invisibility. thirdperson: Third-person view from the right. chase_active 1: Third-person view from the back. Change 1 back to 0 to deactivate cheat. sv_gravity #: Set gravity level. Earth is 800. Numbers are from 0-999. --------- 5.2 >FAQ< --------- Here's the usual Frequently Asked Questions section! Q: How does Barney get the M16? A: The High Definition Pack MUST be installed to get the M16. Note that the M16 will replace the MP5. Q: The game automatically quits whenever the game loads between two different areas! A: As a temporary cure, arm the crowbar and swing it until the loading is finished. I don't know how to cure the problem permanently though. Q: Cheats don't work! A: BEFORE loading a game or starting a new one, open the console and then enter "sv_cheats 1". If this is done AFTER starting a game, re-load the game. "Give" cheats will only work if Barney goes through another loading screen. Q: I only want to get a certain part of this guide! What can I do? A: Select what's necessary and then right click and click on copy (or select and then press control C). Then go to some other word document, right click, and paste (or press control V). Print away! Q: I want to contribute to this guide by writing some information for it! A: Go right ahead. E-mail me at Boocatcher5@hotmail.com. Be free to e-mail me some more questions. Rules for it are explained below. ----------------- 5.3 >Email Guide< ----------------- Here are some ground rules for making e-mails. 1. Spam is stupid. Never EVER write that kind of stuff. 2. Spell correctly with good grammar. 3. Don’t ask something that’s already inside this guide. 4. Try to make your strategy neat, because I will directly take your strategy from your E-mail. Also, pressing enter at the end of each line would help. 5. Don’t forget about the subject (Half-Life)! Then I will know what the topic is about. 6. Don't ever try to contact me through a messenger program. Ever. Just give me these things if you want to contact me about the guide. 1. Strategies on incomplete stuff. 2. Additional FAQs. 3. Other stuff to make this guide interesting. ============= 6.0 >See Ya!< ============= This is the last chapter of this guide. I hope you enjoyed it! ------------- 6.1 >Credits< ------------- -Me, the author. -Valve & Sierra, for making the game. ---------------------- 6.2 >Legal Disclaimer< ---------------------- Copyright 2008 Brett Sim This may be not be rewritten under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without permission before so. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly, indisputably prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Failure to comply with the above terms can result in a lawsuit. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. If you wish to get some information from this guide, they must be confirmed and chosen by the author, Raining Metal. If you do not agree with the terms here, you should not use this guide any further. Thank You.</p>