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OUTLINE The Main Menu offers a chance to jump right into a Quick Game in single player mode. Versus is where you can launch multiplayer battles or customize precisely the conflict to have. Customization lets you define certain game type conditions, the look and feel of your worms and even has a level editor. Mini Games lets you practice the six mini games that serve as the six final levels. Options adjusts sound and music and rolls the credits, and Single Player lets you view your achievements, train on each of the weapons, and lets you acess story mode. This guide addresses all 36 levels of Story Mode. Use your text browser's find tool to locate strategies for your desired level. GUIDE 1-1 Unlockable:The Astronaut hat. Welcome to story mode. To start, we'll take three worms at 100 health each against just two little 30 health enemies. The Impact frag should be enough to finish them off. To grab the special crate use the very first worm you get to control to walk to the left by pressing the direction pad and jump over the first gap with the A button. When you get to the tall wall with an enemy at the top do a double jump by facing away from where you want to go and tapping A twice. Drop down to the special crate to claim it. The worm claiming the crate need not survive the battle to have it count but your worms must win the battle. One the crate is claimed unload your Impact frags on the enemy. The timed frag may have specific uses when the enemy is located at the bottom of a well, simply lob the timed frag into the well and let it settle down in the bottom with the enemy then BOOM! - it makes targeting easier in that case. 1-2 Unlockable:The R.I.P. gravestone. In this level you get two blasters and a punch and eventually a UFO strike along with the usual frags. The worm count is even at three on three but yours have twice the health. The wall here you cannot double jump so you will have to wait for some battle damage to to let you through to the crate or cause some damage of your own. Remember to grab the crate as soon as the wall is blown clear through and before the last enemy bites it. 1-3 Unlockable:The Creepy speech-bank. Same three on three matchup as last level. To get the special crate use the defensive shield not for defense but as a bridge across the gap in the middle of the level. When you are ready to finish the enemies off try the new auto homing frag for fun and destruction! 1-4 Unlockable:The Insignia flag. Its you against two other worms, everyone at 100 health. Not only must you defeat them but then collect all the pieces and the special crate. Starting move I recommend collecting the crate to the left and the special crate quickly using double jumps where necessary, then hit one guy before they get a chance to shoot. When you finish off both guys collect the remaining parts with the excavator shovel (you can dig up at an angle) and the teleporter for the final piece. 1-5 Unlockable:The Eyeball hat. Another solo mission. Get the special crate first thing then toast the three 150 worms with the normal frag and eventually the guided frag and UFO. Be very careful blasting for the final crate as too direct of a hit can blow it up. 1-6 Yeay - the first mini game. All of the final levels are mini-games like something from Wario ware and should not be too challenging. Try training on the mini-games for some more intense stages if the rocket game is giving you any trouble. 2-1 Unlockable:The Alien hat. After a video sequence have fun with this level where you have fewer units but more health overall. Use the rocket pack to fly over to the special crate and have fun with cluster frags for when enemies are bunched up and the wide range of destruction will catch two or more of them. 2-2 Unlockable:The Post gravestone. Here is the level I decided to get into FAQ writing for. The trick is getting good at punching. If you haven't yet try the punching training levels to practice getting the most from your punches. Really punch with that wiimote like you mean it. Develop a repeatable system. OK, start the level by collecting the punch crate and jumping over the gap and the guy. Shoot the barrel with the blaster so it blows up the barrier over the next jump. Go back to the left of the boss and punch him with an uppercut. Hold the wiimote low, press B, then violently thrust the wiiimote up over your head releasing B as you begin. The boss needs to be clear across the gap. Jump past him and double jump to the special crate. Dig for the second punch crate and return to the left side of the boss. Another good uppercut should send him into the bounce plant and off to the watery grave on the right. You've really got to earn this level. Good luck! 2-3 Unlockable:The Captain speech-bank. Two minutes. Eight worms to blow up. That's fifteen seconds per worm, and you've got to walk over and get the special crate. You really can't delay. Just start shooting like mad. You can hit them from below and might even get a two for one so just start shooting don't spend all day lining up the perfect frag trajectory. 2-4 Unlockable:The Strong Worm flag. Two 125 health worms vs. four 50s. No problem. Rocket pack plus teleporter means special crate is yours and the auto frag has to be everyone's favorite worm repellent. 2-5 Unlockable:The Logical speech-bank. In this race, simply jump to the right and bounce to the special crate, then bounce back and to the left for the first piece. Allow yourself to be blasted to the left by the first landmine. Don't worry you'll survive and these crates heal you. A couple more landmine blasts and you'll have all crates. 2-6 It's Whack-A-Mole worms style! Just hit the four tentacles except the ones with your worm buddies. Wasn't this also a level in Rayman? 3-1 Unlockable:The Helmet hat. Welcome to ice world. Start by triggering the land mine you start near and then trigger the other two mines on either end of the bottom of the level. Use all the jet pack you need to get around. You get four punches to get the worms down through the central funnel and off to the water on the sides. Using straight jabs this time instead of uppercuts you should be able to clean house with these guys but like all punching levels you're going to have to earn it. 3-2 Unlockable:The Obelisk gravestone. Three on three but you have the health advantage. Jet pack for the special crate. Frag the guys when they get close together. 3-3 Unlockable:The Doctor speech-bank. So there is a black hole deathtrap here which prevents you from just jumping to the special crate. With a little help from your friend you can get an extra height boost by standing on him and then jumping to the crate. With no reserve ammo every shot must count. Use the standard frag to blow the landmines into the well and use a perfect trajectory cluster frag to get in there and set everything off. 3-4 Unlockable:The Meteor flag. Two minutes. Four foes. Pick up the ammo and shoot it at each one as you jump over landmines and make your way from right to left across the stage. Four kills and you're clear. 3-5 Unlockable:The Zap flag. Classic combat on your final ice level. Your two 125 health worms must take on fully four 100 health worms. Good luck. With the jet pack/teleporter you can get the special crate and then just outlast these foes in heated combat. Punching the end guys off into the water works well. 3-6 Bobsled level. The key is not getting too far behind that the snowball gets you but also staying back enough for fair warning on when to jump over the obstacles. A steady rowing motion with no rowing on steep downhills seems to work. Besides you can eat two obstacles and still clear the level. In fact I recommend it if only to see your poor worms rolling down the hill comically as part of the katamari style ball. OK another gratuitous game reference - this level plays like excitebike. 4-1 Unlockable:The Padded Hat. Now you're in low gravity world. Five 50 health space-worms face your team of just two 125 health heros. Jet pack to the special crate and really this level is pretty standard. 4-2 Unlockable:The Digital gravestone. Four on two. Jetpack to special crate. Yes it is starting to get repetitive. 4-3 Unlockable:The Babe speech-bank. Here is a unique level. Bounce up to the special crate and don't be afraid to fall gravity is so low. Use two of the atom packs to blow through the floor to expose the black holes. If your blast didn't go through use your one extra bomb to clear it. Punch the worms with good solid uppercuts to send them across the level to the hole on the opposite side. 4-4 Unlockable:The Crush flag. Outnumbered five to two, but your guys are at 200 and each of them is 100. Jump out of the gap you start in and punch the one guy off to the right. Plenty of nice weapons and a jet pack to reinforce your efforts. 4-5 Unlockable:The Petrified gravestone. A cool level that doesn't play on the low gravity thing so common in this world. Shovel all you like, I suggest starting with a dig up and to the left to get the special crate then return to the starting point and dig through the structure steering clear of any landmines. Don't worry you won't be retracing your steps here so feel free to dig straight down at times. When you make it to the crate its a jetpack and you can shoot up to the top in glory, claiming the final crate. Grab the special crate if you missed it at the beginning but watch your fuel level! 4-6 This is a re-skinned version of the early computer game Choplifter. It uses the jet pack control scheme you should be good at by now. Again training is available under the mini-games button. 5-1 Unlockable:The Red hat. A fun start to robo-world! Jump to the left and double jump up to the three platforms. Grab the crate with shovel inside and be prepared for the precision part of this level. Drop down on the left mine from above and let it start beeping. Give it a good full second before walking to the other mine - triggering it and picking up the special crate in the process. Cut back to the left and jump for safety. The explosion from the left mine will send the right mine into the gap. That mine will then explode opening the trap for our enemy to go down. To get him there get to his right and begin digging to the left with your shiny new shovel. He will be pushed off the cliff to your victory. 5-2 Unlockable:The Slab gravestone. Outnumbered four to two in worms but with the advantage in total health 300 to 200. Good weapons and jet pack on the way, forget the sheep I didn't have much luck here with him. 5-3 Unlockable:The Female Computer speech-bank. Just one 150 worm against five baddies at 60 health each. Still, the game is made to work that way, alternating by team not individual worm so with the weapon reinforcements and jet pack not too different from most levels just be conservative. 5-4 Unlockable:The Tentacle flag. Jump onto the bounce plant, don't just walk on it. Use the sheep to grap the crate to the far left, the mines will not be triggered by it. I like to blast ol' bessy before she reaches the water below but that's up to personal style. With the newly acquired weapon just use it to bash on the foe, try the tutorial on this weapon if there are any questions. 5-5 Unlockable:The Visor hat. The final robot mission and is it a fun one! Not a lot of time but plenty of weapons to use. Start out with the punch and the jet pack - just fly to the higher platforms and horizontal punch each worm towards the center. Sometimes they will go straight into the black holes, other times to the ends of the board at the bottom, and yet other times onto some lower platforms. Work your way to the lower platforms and keep clearing each of them with a punch. Use the jet pack to grab the bouncing special crate but steer well clear of the black holes. To finish off whatever worms are still in the corners unleash the atom packs and other WMDs. 5-6 This game involves two motions of the wiimote - push/pull and rotate. The sketches presented to you are pretty clearly either circle, oval, or square. When you know what you need there is a pretty steady stream of parts on each side of the screen and plenty of time to get it all set. 6-1 Unlockable:The Yellow hat. It's Earth - but not as we know it. Classic tentacled aliens have invaded and it's up to you to free the planet. Pretty classic battles. This one is 4 on 3 where everyone is 75 except two of your guys who are 50s. Plenty of firepower due up plus jet pack. Until this comes online try digging out of the trap you start in. Also the AI is noticeably beefier from here on out. 6-2 Unlockable:The Cross gravestone. The guided frag level. To start, hop - do not walk - across the minefield to the special crate all the way to the right. Then shoot the guided frag around obstacles into thin barriers until a clear path to the worm finishes him. 6-3 Unlockable:The Princess speech-bank. A fun race here, jump up the platforms until you get to a frag crate. Use the frag immediately on the wall to the right. Pass through and pick up another frag. Again frag the wall at the right. Pass all the way over and jump down the platforms then over to the left and a double jump to get up. Make sure you are quite close to the platforms for a good double jump. Jump a gap right to left on the middle level and then up and to the left. There should be two cases left and a special crate, all on the ground floor. If you are just trying to win the stage to unlock the final level drop down to the left and make your way to the blue crates. But if you want the special crate go right and jump to it. You will survive the fall and collecting the blue crate will not end the level. Then retrace to the left to get the final crate. 6-4 Unlockable:The Bolt flag. Start with two worms at 125 health each and the time and impact frags. Punch, UFO, and excavator x2 become available in time. Five enemies at 75 health each should not be a problem and the special crate is in the wide open. 6-5 Unlockable:The Column gravestone. Start with only time and impact frags but in time the excavator, UFO, atom pack, guided frag x 2 and astro punch become available. Your three 100 health worms must destroy all five enemy worms at 50 health each. Killing the enemy shouldn't be a problem and to avoid blowing up the special crate wait for the excavator tool to make that final dig to the crate. After completing this level you will unlock the final level and will receive a congratulations for unlocking all secrets in the game as there is no secret left in the final level. 6-6 To truly complete the game give this level a shot - it is a Nintendo shooter in the tradition of Duck Hunt in that you use the controller in light gun mode to shoot down UFOs. I guess since most guns of the future do not need to reload they give you a shotgun to add a fun reload mechanic. Point the controller to the sky and shake vertically : "cha-chink!" the full six rounds are reloaded. Your shots don't hurt the worm but if you let him get abducted and then shoot the medium UFO he will fall back to earth with some loss of life. If you are having any trouble turning this final star green try the mini-game training. Spoiler alert - Earth still blows up no matter what you. oops. CREDITS Thanks to THQ and Team 17 for carrying the turn-based strategy genre going strong and GameFAQs for supporting gamers! COPYRIGHT INFORMATION (Copyright 2008 matsaball) This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. This guide can only be used on GameFAQs.</p>