Garfield: Caught In The Act PC FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0 by RoyalRanger - 11-17-00 AUTHOR'S NOTE: This FAQ is based on the Sega Genesis version of Garfield: Caught In The Act re-released for the PC by Expert Software. Most of the information in this FAQ can probably be used for the Genesis version of the game, but it may be altered from the Genesis release or any other PC release of the game. This is not certain. ---------- CONTENTS ---------- Introduction Options Control Items Overview of Levels Cave Cat 3,000,000 BC Curse of Cleofatra Count Slobula's Castle Revenge of Orangebeard Catsablanca Alien Landscape Season Finale Bonus Round Commercial Break Final Notes -------------- INTRODUCTION -------------- Everyone's favorite fat cat, Garfield, was sitting in the living room chair while watching television. It was then that Odie came up and barked right in Garfield's ear, scaring the cat out of his chair and right on top of the television. With the television in hundreds of pieces, Garfield panics, trying to find a way to keep this information from reaching the ears of his owner, Jon. In a rushed effort to repair the television, Garfield and Odie attempt to put a banged up and broken television together. They did attempt to put something together, but it was far from being a real television set. Garfield realizes that he has spare parts from the television. He throws the parts behind Jon's chair only for an electronic monster to form from and zap Garfield into the television set, sealing the fat cat up until he can find a way out. Now that Garfield is inside of the television set, he must navigate his way through several classic movies until he is finally out and back in his living room. This effort depends on you to control Garfield and bring him to safety. Don't let him down. --------- OPTIONS --------- You can access the OPTIONS menu from the title screen. Here is a brief description of the menu: DIFFICULTY - This can be switched between KITTY(Easy) and NORMAL. The only big difference between the two is that KITTY mode gives you arrows to help point you in the correct direction during the game, while NORMAL doesn't have this feature. PASSWORD - This, of course, is an option where you can enter a password for a quick skip to a later level. When choosing the PASSWORD option, you have to flip through a few characters from the Garfield comic strip and arrange three of these characters in a certain order. MUSIC - You can listen to the several game songs here. SFX - You can listen to the many game sound effects here. BONUS ROUND - This is where you can practice the game's bonus round. EXIT - This takes you back to the title screen. ---------- CONTROLS ---------- The controls in this game are adjustable, so you can set the controls to the buttons you prefer to use. I'll just list the controls you can adjust in the game and the buttons I recommend using (Of course, you don't have to use the default or the recommended controls. You can choose your own settings by choosing Keyboard Setup in the Options menu at the bar at the top of the window.) If you have a computer paddle, you can use that instead. 1) Move left (Default: LEFT ARROW | Recommended: LEFT ARROW) 2) Move right (Default: RIGHT ARROW | Recommended: RIGHT ARROW) 3) Duck | Look down (Default: DOWN ARROW | Recommended: DOWN ARROW) 4) Enter a door | Look up (Default: UP ARROW | Recommended: UP ARROW) 5) Jump (Default: A | Recommended: SPACEBAR) 5) Swing your weapon (Default: D | Recommended: ENTER) 6) Throw your ammo (Default: S | Recommended: SHIFT) 7) Pause the game (Default: PAUSE\BREAK | Recommended: P) Bonus Round Keys: The bonus round in this game is like the Whack-A-Mole game where you have six holes and, with a mallet, you have to hit the characters that pop out of the holes. I will go into more detail about this in the Bonus Round category of this FAQ. 1) Upper-Left Hole (Default: NUMPAD 7 | Recommended: INSERT) 2) Upper-Middle Hole (Default: NUMPAD 8 | Recommended: HOME) 3) Upper-Right Hole (Default: NUMPAD 9 | Recommended: PAGE UP) 4) Lower-Left Hole (Default: NUMPAD 4 | Recommended: DELETE) 5) Lower-Middle Hole (Default: NUMPAD 5 | Recommended: END) 6) Lower-Right Hole (Default: NUMPAD 6 | Recommended: PAGE DOWN) ------- ITEMS ------- The following is a list of items you can collect throughout the game: Hamburgers and Pizza - These give you more health. Your current amount of health is displayed on a small television in the upper left corner of the screen. Your health can reach no higher than 10. Fish bones, crucifixes, skulls, bombs, tin cans, and small rockets - These are your ammo that you can use to throw at enemies. The type of weapon you will be using depends on the level you are on. Garfield head - Grab this for an extra life. The number of lives you have is displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen. You are allowed to have up to 9 lives at one time. Pooky the bear - You can't grab this but you can touch it to make it spin. If you touch a Pooky, you will start from that point if you die later on in the level. Mallet - Grab this to play a bonus round when the level is over. Coffee Mug - This gives you temporary invincibility. Remote control - Find and grab this to end the level you are on. -------------------- OVERVIEW OF LEVELS -------------------- Every level (except Season Finale) is divided into sections. A brief description of each is given here: LEVEL START: In this section, you will be inside the television set and will have to look for a doorway to transport you to the next section of the level. You have to watch out for electronic parts that will take some of your energy away if you touch them. These sections are so simple that I'm not even going to give a FAQ or walkthrough for them. It would be useless. MOVIE: This is the main section of each level. In each one, you have to travel through the level to find a remote control that will take you to the last section of the level. For the movie sections of this FAQ, you will see a walkthrough to guide you through the levels and even guide you to some of the secrets. You must follow these directions very carefully because if you don't, you may become lost. The walkthroughs are not very specific as telling you when to collect certain items; so, for the most part, I'm not going to list things like collecting pizzas or killing enemies. You can do these things yourself along the way. BOSS: This is the last section of each level. Here, you have to defeat a main enemy to travel to the next level. I will give instructions on how to beat each boss. ----------------------- CAVE CAT 3,000,000 BC ----------------------- ----- Movie ----- Cave Cat 3,000,000 BC is divided into two parts, not including the boss. The first part will be described first and the second part will be described afterwards. Part One: TIP - If you hit the bottom of a very large palm tree once, a coconut will fall out. If you hit the bottom of a very large palm tree a few times, a pizza or hamburger will fall out. 1) Kill the crab to your right to get him out of the way. 2) Go to your left and jump on the platforms until you reach the top ledge. Don't worry too much about falling in the water because you won't lose any energy or lives. 3) Go to the right edge of the ledge and wait for a rock to come up in the gap to your right. Jump on the rock and wait until it starts to drop. When it drops about halfway down, jump onto the tree to your right and jump to the wall of rocks to your right. This will get you an extra life. 4) Repeat step 2. When the rock comes up again, jump on it and jump to the ledge on the other side. Continue to the right. 5) When you come to a small hill in the round, jump over it and go to the right until you collect all of the objects. Turn around and head the other way until you come to the hill. Jump into it to arrive underwater. There will be a fish that will rise and fall with the water. When possible, jump on the fish and move left and right to avoid the walls until you come of the hole and are standing next to a ledge to your right. Jump on the ledge and continue to the right. 6) When you come to a bridge of white objects that look like clouds, quickly go across the bridge to the other side before you fall. If you do fall, jump on the tree branches until you are out of the hole. Continue to the right. 7) When you come to the edge of the ledge, drop to the one below it. Jump over the rock to the left and drop to another ledge for a hamburger. Jump back up and heading right, jump over the rock again. Jump over the hill on the ground. Go right until you are at the edge of the ledge. Run and jump and swing your bone at the extra life. Once you grab the extra life, immediately move to the left to land on another ledge where you can grab another extra life. Go right and fall off of the ledge into the water, which will sweep you left until you arrive at another platform. Jump onto the platform and grab the extra life above it. Jump on the platform to the right until you are directly under the hill of the ledge above you, where you will be hidden behind a rock pillar. Keep jumping until you are on top of the hill. If you missed any of the extra lives, use this procedure again. 8) Go left and jump over the rock. Push the rock onto the hill and make sure you are on the hill as well. The rock will push you up to a ledge above you. Jump on the ledge and continue to the right. 9) When you see the remote control, grab it to be transported to the second part of the level. Part Two: TIP - An Odie cloud will appear often in this part of the level and it will try to strike you with lightning. Swing at this cloud as soon as it close before it strikes you. 1) Push the rock next to you to the right until it covers a very tiny hole in the ground. Jump on top of the rock and jump a little to the left to grab a fish bone. Push the rock right until it is just to the left of another small hole. Jump on the rock and grab another fishbone. Continue to the right. 2) When you arrive at a giant, flowing, yellow hill (I don't know what else to call it), wait until small rocks come down the hill. It may be difficult, but you have to continuously jump on these rocks until you reach the top of the hill. When you reach the top, you can do one of two things. You can either jump to the left ledge to continue through the level, or you can jump to the rock wall to the right where you can get an extra life but would have to climb the hill again. When you are finally on the left ledge, continue to the left. 3) When you reach the end of the ledge, make sure you do not fall into the bubbling yellow liquid. Jump on the branch to your left. Bounce to the next highest branch. Continue to do this until you have reached the last branch. Jump onto the platform directly to the right of the last branch. 4) Walk to the other end of the platform and fall off. You should land on a very small platform that slightly slopes upward at the right end of it. From the right end of the platform, jump onto another platform to the right that is slightly higher from the one you are on. From there, jump up two platforms and, then, onto a rock projecting from the wall. 5) Jump on the tiny platform upwards to the right. Drop off of the right side of this platform, where you slide onto a rock. There will be an upside-down extra life near you, but there is no way to get it without falling into the boiling yellow liquid. Jump to the yellow bar above you and climb to the other end. Fall onto the platform right next to the liquid and jump to the next platform to the right (In the Kitty mode, there will be a pointing hand above this platform. Although not visible, there is a doorway on this platform, so enter the doorway. 6) After landing on a platform, go to the right and drop off of the platform and onto a tree branch. Bounce from the tree branch onto a yellow bar at the very top of the screen. Climb across the yellow bar and drop onto the platform at the other end. 7) Continue to the right. Make sure that you cross the upcoming bridge quickly before it drops you. Go to the right until you find a tree branch. Bounce from the tree branch to the very top of the screen where there will be another yellow bar. Climb across the yellow bar, drop to the next platform, and continue right until you find and grab the remote control. ---- Boss ---- The boss in this level is Odie as a dinosaur, hopping back and forth above Garfield at the top of the screen. 1) Wait until shadows begin to appear on the ground. As soon as this happens, keep away from the shadows because rocks will fall above where the shadows appear. This doesn't last very long. 2) When the rocks temporarily stop falling, there will be one round rock that is on the ground. Push this rock onto the see-saw at the right side of the screen. Once Odie is directly above that rock, jump on the other side of the see-saw. The rock will fly into the air and hit Odie. 3) Odie will drop to the bottom of the screen. When this happens, throw a fish bone at him or hit him with your attacking bone. Odie will fly back up to the top of the screen. 4) Repeat steps 1-3 two more times to beat this boss. -------------------- CURSE OF CLEOFATRA -------------------- ----- Movie ----- PASSWORD: GARFIELD | ODIE | IRMA(the waitress) 1) Go right until the floor falls and drops you to a lower platform. 2) Move left and Garfield will push a large, flat rock out of the way. You can now grab the pizza and crucifix. 3) Go right until you come to this silvery figure that looks like Arlene, Garfield's cat friend. Underneath this figure is a flat button in the ground. Run onto this button and quickly run back off. The two objects on the side of Arlene will come down to form a platform. This platform only lasts for a couple of seconds, so immediately jump onto that platform and, form there, jump onto the platform to the left. 4) Go all the way to the left, making sure you don't fall onto the lower platform by walking on the cracked part of the floor. Swing your weapon at the "candle" sticking out from the wall; this will make the candle light up. Go to the right until you come to the last statue on the platform you are on. Jump on the statue to be sprung upward. Land on the small ledge to your left. 5) Jump from the left ledge and on top of the Odie statue. From there, jump onto the very tiny ledge next to the Odie statue and drop to the platform beneath you to your left. 6) Swing at the candle to the right to light it. Jump on the statue to your left where you will bounce up and down. 7) This step may be a bit hard, but it's safe. Wait until you bounce up to the first of the four "sand shooters" above you. Keep moving to the right to stay on this one. Jump to the left and keep moving left to stay on the second one. Jump right and keep moving right to stay on the third one up. Once again, jump left and keep moving left to stay on the last one. Jump onto the platform to the left. 8) Jump to your right and swing at the candle. Keep moving right because you will land on the third "sand shooter" again. Jump left and keep moving left to stay on the last "sand shooter". Jump to the left platform. Jump on the hand of the Odie statue. 9) If you want to grab the hamburger to your left, jump onto the head of the Odie statue and walk over onto the head of the other Odie statue to your left. From directly on top of Odie's ears, jump to the left ledge. Grab the burger and light the candle on the wall. Return to the hand of the rightmost Odie statue. 10) Jump onto the upper platform of your left. You have to be on the very edge of Odie's hand to do this. Go left to push the flat rock. Walk to the right end of the platform, right before the small, stone platform. 11) This part is tough. Walk onto the small stone platform. This platform will start to swing. As soon as this platform it reaches the bottom of its swing, jump onto the tiny platform above you. When the stone reaches the top of its swing, jump on it again. It will continue to swing. When it reaches the bottom, jump on the platform above you. When it reaches the top, jump back onto it. Do this one more time. The platform to your right will no longer be blocked by a stone, so jump onto the platform and touch Pooky. 12) Ahead of you will be a button in the ground, exactly like the one you see under an Arlene statue. Try to avoid this button and jump to the higher platform to your right. If you do step on the button, you'll have to avoid the attacking spears when you jump to the next platform. 13) Walk to the end of your platform and walk off of it. You now have two choices from here. If you want to grab the mallet to play the bonus round at the end of the level, go to step 14. If you would rather just finish the level, skip ahead to step 18. 14) Go left until and walk off the edge of the platform until you land on the platform all the way at the bottom. Light the candle to the left. Bounce on the leftmost statue and try to land on a small ledge to the left, where there is an Odie statue. Jump onto the tiny ledge where Odie's paw is and walk to the left to land on another platform. 15) Go left until you drop to another platform where there will be a statue in the center and two Odie statues on the sides. Light the candle at the rightmost side of the platform. Two little flying bugs will appear, so kill them to get them out of the way. Light the next candle to the left. Then light the next one to the left and then the last one. Jump on the center statue to land on the next highest platform. 16) Walk to the left until you stop moving. You'll be behind a wall now, so you won't be able to see Garfield. Here's where you have to be careful. Jump and tap Garfield to the right; you want to be careful because if you move too far to the right, you'll be transported out of there. If you see a small piece of Garfield's head through a hole in the wall, you're okay. Jump to the left to grab the mallet. Walk all the way to the right to be transported to the right side of the wall. 17) Jump to the first statue to your right. Bounce to the next. Bounce to the high platform to your right. If you fall, bounce on the statues below until you return to the higher statues. 18) Go right until you come to another button in the floor. Step and stay on this button, wait until a stone drops, run underneath it when it rises, and stay on the next button. When the next stone drops, jump on top of it; this way, you can grab the cup of coffee above. Go to the right and drop straight down to the button below. 19) When the rock drops in front of you, run under it to the next button. Then, run to the next button. If you want to grab the items above, jump on this next stone, collect the items, go to the left, fall straight down the hole to one of the buttons, and return to where you were. Go to the end of the platform and fall to the sloping platform below you. 20) Jump to the next sloping platform to your left. Walk off of the ledge you are on, you will touch Pooky this way. When you land, there will be another swinging stone like before. Repeat the procedure as you did earlier in the level. This time, go to the left ledge when there is no longer a stone in the way. 21) Drop to the lower platform to your left. There will be a stone that is slowly rising from the floor. Stand on this stone and, when it is high enough, jump on top of the Odie statue to the left. Walk to the left to fall to a lower platform. 22) Move to the right to push a stone out of the way. When the stone falls, walk off of the platform to fall with the stone. The remote control will be on your left for you to grab. ---- Boss ---- This is one of the toughest bosses in the whole game. This boss is a large statue with the face of Garfield's owner, Jon. TIPS - Try not to grab any pizza or burgers unless it is absolutely necessary. If you grab all of the food before you need it, you will probably not beat this boss. There will be tiny flying bugs appearing through most of this part. Attack these bugs whenever they get close. 1) Go all the way to the left of the platform and light the candle at the end. Jump onto the slowly rising paw to your right. When the paw is high enough, Jump onto the platform to your left. 2) Light the candle to your left and jump onto the next paw. When the paw is high enough, jump and light the high candle to your left. When the paw rises again, Jump onto the tongue of the dog statue above you. 3) There will be another candle to your left, even though it is partially hidden. Light this candle. Go to the edge of the statue's tongue and jump onto it's nose. Repeatedly hit the statue's eye until it becomes cracked. You can drop to the bottom platform now. 4) Repeat the previous three steps, but do it at the right side of the screen this time. 5) When both dog statues are finished and you are back at the bottom of the screen, keep hitting the eyes of the large statue in the center of the screen. As soon as the eyes crack, immediately run all the way to either side of the screen. 6) This part can be very tough. Repeatedly hit the snake at the top of the statue while dodging its constant fire. Notice that the snake's fire always follows the same pattern, so this step can become easy once you are accustomed to the snake's pattern of fire. Once you defeat the snake, grab the remote control that appears to finish level 2. ------------------------ COUNT SLOBULA'S CASTLE ------------------------ ----- Movie ----- PASSWORD: CHICKEN | JON | POOKY TIPS - If you jump on a casket, something will come out of it. Most likely, it will be a ghost or a skeleton; but sometimes, it will be a pizza. Don't jump on any fences in this level. You'll lose energy if you do. Almost every hole you fall into will have two Odie faces at each side of it. To leave the hole, grab the tongue of one of the Odie faces. Drop to the ground and search the hole to see if you find a small platform rising from the ground. If so, jump on the platform and it will push you out of the hole. If not, use this same procedure with the other Odie tongue. You'll have to do this many times in the level; so, for this FAQ, I'll call it the "hole procedure." 1) Go right until you come to the first hole, right before a tree. Go into this hole and use the hole procedure to leave it. 2) Repeat step 1 two more times. 3) Go right. Don't fall into the first hole you come across. If you do, use the hole procedure to leave the hole. Don't fall into the second hole, either. If you do, go all the way to the left, use the hole procedure to leave the hole, and repeat this step. 4) At the end of this part of the level, there will be two holes. Fall into either one. Grab the remote control when you see it. ---- Boss ---- This boss is Odie as a vampire. 1) Odie will fly out of the first of the three caskets. When he releases three bats, try to kill the bats to get them out of the way. For now, don't try to hit Odie because nothing will happen. 2) When you see Odie fly to one corner for a second. As soon as he does this, immediately run and stop right next to the casket in the opposite corner. Odie will swoop down; jump over him when he does this. Then, Odie will land above the casket right next to you. As fast as possible, hit Odie once with your weapon or ammo. 3) If you successfully hit Odie before he flies up to the top of the screen again, he will fly into one of the three caskets. You only have a few seconds to do this, so immediately jump on top of the casket Odie flew into and jump to the window blind above that casket. As soon as Garfield is flung into the air by the window blind, move left or right to avoid landing on top of Odie. 4) Repeat the previous steps two more times for the remote control to appear for you to grab. ------------------------ REVENGE OF ORANGEBEARD ------------------------ ----- Movie ----- This movie is divided into two parts. Both parts in this movie have their own passwords. Part One: PASSWORD: MONSTER | ARLENE (GIRL CAT) | MOUSE TIPS - If you see a shaking stalactite at the top of the screen, be careful. It will try to fall on you when you are under it. When you see a hand reaching down from a vine, remember this - you cannot touch the hand, but you can touch the vine. To get around the hand, you can either run under it if it is up high or jump over it if it is down low. When playing this part of the movie, just keep going to the right. Either stay on the boat, which will take you to the right or, when you're not on the boat, jump across rocks; but try to stay out of the water. You will lose energy if you fall in. Part Two: PASSWORD: ODIE | POOKY | ARLENE TIPS - A bird will appear often and will try to bite you. Hit the bird when he is close. Be careful when jumping across the branches of a tree. The monkeys throw bananas, the skeletons throw skulls, and the bird shows up often. If they hit you while you're trying to jump, you'll fall to the ground or to a lower branch. 1) If you want the bonus round mallet, go all the way to the right until you come to a stop at a tree stem. Just jump and move right to pass this stem. Do the same thing to the next tree stem. Grab the mallet and go left until you come to the second potted plant. Hit the plant, jump on its head, and bounce onto a tree branch. 2) If you do not want the mallet, hit the first potted plant you come to, jump on its head, and bounce to a tree branch. 3) Go right by jumping across branches and climbing along vines until there are no more branches to your right to jump on. 4) There should be a low branch above you. Jump onto this branch and jump onto the branch above that. This time, keep going left until you see a Pooky doll. 5) Jump on a branch to your right. Keep going right until you see another Pooky doll to touch. Jump on a branch to your left and jump onto a vine above you. Do not try to jump on the branch above you to your right; you will only fall. 6) Go left. You will come to a vine where, at the end, there will be a platform below it and the beginning of another vine above it. Jump to the vine above you. Do not try to climb the vine through the tree stem, you will fall. Instead, jump from the vine on the right side of the stem to the vine at the left side of the stem. 7) Continue left until you see an extra life to the left of a tree branch. From the tree branch, jump at the extra life. You will fall underground. 8) Go right until you come to the water. Small platforms will be slowly rising from and dropping into the water. Use these platforms to jump across until you come to a small strip of land. Go right and you'll have to repeat this process again until you come to another strip of land. 9) On this other strip of land will be a rock. Push the rock to the right and into the water. Use the rock to get to the other strip of land across the water. 10) Go right until you come to a platform above you. Hit the plant that is on the other side of the stem beneath the platform. Use the plant's head to bounce onto this upper platform. Jump to the next platform to the right. The remote will be below you to the right. ---- Boss ---- The boss in this level is a skeleton that can throw skulls at you. 1) Stay out of the water by jumping on the platforms as you throw your ammo at the skeleton. 2) When you hit the skeleton, a parrot will fly from its shoulder. You can jump on this parrot to help get a good aim at the skeleton, but this is optional. I actually prefer not to use the parrot. 3) Once you hit the skeleton enough times, he will disappear. Get to the treasure chest that was behind the skeleton. Once you touch the chest, it will open up and the remote will pop out of it. ------------- CATSABLANCA ------------- ----- Movie ----- PASSWORD: JON | IRMA | GARFIELD 1) Drop into the sewer to your right. 2) Enter the door to your left. 3) Enter the door to your right. 4) Go as far as you can to the left, jumping over any sewers along the way. Enter the door behind you. 5) Jump on the windowsill to either side of you. Jump to the windowsill below Odie. Jump up and grab Odie's tongue to be flung to the top of the building. 6) Jump on the platform to your left. Go to the left and drop to the lower platform. Drop onto the awning to the left and bounce to the top of the building to your left. Repeat this step again. 7) Go left until you come to the edge of the building. Wait for a wrecking ball to come your way. When it is close enough, jump onto it. When on this wrecking ball, always tap move Garfield in the direction of the ball's swing, or else you will fall off. When you are close enough, jump to the remote to your left. ---- Boss ---- This boss is a bomb-throwing dog. 1) When the dog walks across the screen under you, make sure you jump over the bombs he tosses into the air. 2) When the dog walks all the way to one corner, he will start to throw bombs at you like crazy. Dodge these bombs. 3) If a bomb lands on the fence without exploding, grab it. 4) Once the dog is finished throwing his bombs, throw your collected bombs at the wall at either side of the screen. 5) Repeat all of the previous steps until the boss is defeated and the remote appears. ----------------- ALIEN LANDSCAPE ----------------- ----- Movie ----- PASSWORD: MOUSE | CHICKEN | MONSTER TIPS - Try not to fall into any holes in the ground. If you fall in one that is glowing, it will fling you into the air and take some of your energy. If you fall into one that is not glowing, you will end up underground; jump back into the hole to return above ground (this will take away a point of your energy). Most of the non-glowing holes will have an enemy in them. If you approach one of these holes, the enemy will fly out and start shooting at you. You will periodically see rotating, green circles. Usually, you can jump on these to take you to a higher platform, where you can collect items. To stay on one of these circle, use the same method you used to stay on the wrecking ball in Catsablanca - tap Garfield in the direction the circle is moving. Try to save your ammo as much as possible because the boss in this level will be very difficult to defeat without a good amount of ammo. 1) Collect the rockets(ammo) to your left. You can collect the food, too. 2) Go right. When you approach a glowing hole, pass it by jumping on the branches of the space plants. Jump over the next hole. Use the branches of the space plants to pass the next hole. Jump over the next two holes after that. 3) Continue right. Jump up the next space plant you see to collect the items beside it. 4) You will soon approach a glowing hole. To pass this hole, jump across the bubbles of the space plant. 5) Keep moving right. Jump over the next non-glowing hole you approach. Use the bubbles of the space plants to pass the next glowing hole. 6) Once you have passed this glowing hole, there will be an alien dog in front of you. This dog cannot be defeated, so don't bother with it. Just pass it. 7) You will approach another glowing hole. Once, again use the bubbles to cross it. The last plant above the hole will be taller than the others. Jump and stay on the bubbles of this plant. The boss of this level is above. ---- Boss ---- The boss in this level is a spaceship flying back and forth. 1) Stay on the bubbles you are now on. Do not move left or right while fighting this boss. 2) When the spaceship approaches you, jump to avoid it. 3) When the spaceship is all the way at the left side of the screen, throw ammo at it. 4) Repeat the above steps until the spaceship disappears. 5) Once the spaceship is gone, Jump onto the platform to your right to grab the remote. --------------- SEASON FINALE --------------- ----- Movie ----- There is no movie in this level. ---- Boss ---- There is no password to this boss. To get to it, you have to defeat Alien Landscape first. TIP - Garfield has no ammo or weapons in this level. Do not try to use them. 1) The monster will be at the top of the screen an will toss electric pulses at you. Try as much as possible to avoid this electricity. 2) Push every mirror in. When you do this, the monster's own electric pulses will bounce off of the mirrors and hit the monster. 3) The monster will rise higher up the level. 4) Continue avoiding the monster's electronic pulses and pushing mirrors in until the monster dies and the remote appears at the top of the level. 5) Grab the remote and you have beaten the game! ------------- BONUS ROUND ------------- If you find and grab a bonus round mallet in a level, you can play the bonus round afterwards. There will be six adjustable buttons to play the bonus round with (this was discussed in the control category). At the beginning of the bonus round, one character will come up from the holes and you will see the words "Don't Hit Me". You cannot hit this character during the round. When characters start appearing from the holes, whack every one of them except the one you are not supposed to hit. Also hit the letters that come up from the holes. If you hit every character and letter without once hitting the character you are not supposed to hit, the letters will spell Garfield and you will get an extra continue. ------------------ COMMERCIAL BREAK ------------------ This will happen after every level. Before this round begins, you will be indicated of how many Pookys you need to collect for an extra life and how many you need to collect for an extra continue. When Garfield starts flying through the level, collect as many Pookys as possible to try to gain an extra life or an extra continue. ------------- FINAL NOTES ------------- You may use this FAQ/Walkthrough for personal use ONLY. Do not alter this document or post it on any other website without permission. Do not sell or take credit for this document. If you have any comments or suggestions, e-mail me at This document Copyright 2000 RoyalRanger</p>