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At the base of the rainbow they meet Against the abominable Wave, together they fight. Alba's lake boils. Light's great tree doth fall. Power- now all to droplets turned in the temple of Arche Koeln. Returns to nothing,this world of shadowless ones. Never to return, the shadowless one, Who quests for the Twilight Dragon. "Epitaph of Twilight", Emma Wielant. ---In-Depth step-by-step walk through / FAQ ---(!!!!!)---This Guide has been written by Jon_Fireblade and only by Jon_Fireblade. (Unless other wise stated) You may not copy or reproduce it under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of the guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. This guide was written for GameFAQS.com only and is not for use on other web sites. Any requests to use this guide for anyhting other then personal use will likely be denied. Thank You. -----(Warning)----- This guide may contain mild language but no worse then you'll hear in the Game. -------(!!!!) ------------------- *Note*-For personal use on a computer I suggest using the 'select all' option and then copy and paste this on a blank WORD PAD document. This program is the most basic word processor document and comes standard on all windows computers. ------(!!!!)-------------------- -----Table of Contents---- I) Intro. to guide II) G.U. series ((Area words marked with (Q) are quest shop related areas)) A) Vol. 1- Rebirth --Rebirth of the Story-- 1)Courageous,Engaging,Daydream 2)Peaceful,Leading ,Freedom 3) Chasing, Cupid's, Phantom (Q) 4)Submissive,Tragedy's,1000 Oaks 5)Great, Cursed, InLaws 6)Blurry,Obsessive,Slacker 7)Gallant,Season's,Drunkard --In the Pursuit of Power-- 8)Hidden,Forbidden ,Holy Ground 9)Lazy,Advice's ,Exile 10)Sneering,Failing,Empire 11)Pulsating,Ullimited,Metal doll (Q) --Awakening-- 12)Tourtament: Round One 13)Delicious,Past's,Weed Eater 14)Setting,Eterinty's,Night Moon 15)Tourtament: Round Two 16)Hidden,Forbidden,Bulwark 17)Tourtament: Semi-Finals 18)Hidden,Forbidden,Bulwark --The Change-- 19) Tourtament: Finials 20) Tourtament: Title Match --The Other Side of 'The World'-- 21)Dancing,Mourning,Masquerade (Q) 22)Counting, Red Plum's, Berserker (q) 23)Hidden,Forbidden,Bulwark --End of Vol. 1 / Post Game-- - a)Normal Quests - - b)HIDDEN QUEST - - c)Doppleganger - - d)Books of 1000 - --End of the game Statistics-- - a)Desktop - b)Books of 1000 stats - c)Party members -- Frequently Asked Questions -- - 1)Questions for All 3 Games - 2)Questions for Vol 1 - 3)Questions for Vol 2 - 4)Questions for vol 3 III) Credits *Note- if you're looking for a specific place in the guide follow these instructions to find it quickly: 1) Select the item you're looking for from the above table of contents,and Copy it. 2) press ctrl (then) f to open a small window. Paste the title of what you're looking for in the shearch box. 3) Click on 'Find Next' until you see what you're looking for. -------------------------------- - - - - ----------(!!!!)--------------- ------------------- ----------------------------I) Introduction to Guide------------------------ ------------------ Ok, Now a few words from yours truly. As you might have guessed from the title, this is a step by step walk through guide to the PS2 game: .Hack//G.U.- Rebirth If you’ve never played the games ( ‘Original series’, or the G.U. series) Then I’d say you’re in for a real treat. If you don’t have all four (Original) games or the three new games of the G.U. series at this point; then I suggest you start looking. The games(at least the old ones) are becoming something of a rarity in some respects and for a gamer with his/her recourses limited to the local GameStop store, you might want to keep your eyes open. However if you have the ability to use E-Bay then I suggest locating them there as I’m sure they’d be more readily available. It took me over a year to track down all four volumes using local stores, and that was in the summer of 05’; I can only imagine how hard they are to get now. Recently in Nov. of 06 .Hack// GU- Rebirth was released and from what I understand it sorta flopped, which is really sad considering it got rated 8-9 out of 10 from most gaming websites and by most fans. So I can't imagine how hard it would be to get ahold of but at least try if you like the series because, especially the new games, are really really fricking sweet. I myself bought the special edition of Rebirth the second day it came out. (It includes the Terminal Disk). The Second Volume of the GU Series,Reminisce, is due to come out May 8,07 and the third game Redemption will be released September 10,07. But moving right along. In order for you to better enjoy the games I’m going to give you a short run down on some background information that you may find helpful if you find yourself enthralled with this series like so many of us fans. The series known as Project .Hack// is a large series including TV series, video games, and novels/ manga. “Project .Hack//" has an extraordinary story line that in my opinion rivals that of the Finial Fantasy franchise. (Not to say anything bad about Final Fantasy: I am a big fan of it myself) Really the Sad difference is that if it doesn't have the name Finial Fantasy stamped on the cover most RPGers wont touch it. The project includes 3 Anime TV series, two sets of video games (for a total of 7 games all together), and many novels, manga, and other media. Going in chronological order (in terms of the story line) we have --Old media .Hack//SIGN (TV series) .Hack//Infection,Mutationm Outbreak,Quarantine (four ‘classic games’) .Hack//Legend of the Twilight (TV) --Then the newest additions to the series are: .Hack//ROOTS (TV) .Hack// G.U. Vol: 1 (Rebirth),2 (Reminisce), and 3 (Redemption) are the new video games dating(2006-2007). Also note that there are bonus disks that come with each of the four original games and one bonus disk (The Terminal Disk) that comes with the special edition of .Hack//G.U.- Vol. 1-Rebirth. I also understand that a bouns will come with the normal copy of Vol. 2-Reminisce ;it is the first episode of .Hack//ROOTS if I'm not mistaken. This is just a short run down of the .hack// media that is available, there are also novels and manga out there but I myself don't have much resources to get my hands on that type of thing; so I have to stick to what I know. However if you’re interested in .Hack// either now or by the time you finish this guide then I strongly suggest to you, that you visit: www.dothackers.net You can find more information on the games and anything concerning the series there. Now I’m sure you’re sick and tired of me babbling on so if that's the case then we can get on to business. This Guide with take you step by step through leveling up, boss fights, story events, back ground information. Be forewarned now, this guide contains huge spoilers BUT, Major events in the guide that contain spoilers will be marked and I will let you know ahead of time when such an event is coming up. In this way I will be able to have you play ahead to a spot I will tell you about before hand; an example of this might be something like: “Play on and watch the scenes, come back to read more when its done.” This keeps the guide from spoiling the story line. Yet allows me to walk you through it. Also note that the .Hack// games feature a convert game data system. Q: What is it and why should I care? A: when you beat of these games you will recive a Data Flag, or Cleared data. What this does is that you can pop in the next game ,and you can load up your saved data from the game before. That means it's possible to continue the story line with a well prepared character in the next volume. You keep all your exp, items, money, equipment,party members... everything. Or if you bought the games out of order: you can start a new game even on game 2 or 3, ect. And apperentally there is enough new game play and story that it feels like a new game rather then the same old game play with the continued story line. Important note: I should forwarned anyone Converting data should know that with the data from The four old games, the terminal disk, and the 3 new games, you almost need a completly seperate ps2 memory card just for.hack//. Well, with that out of the way. Lets get going. ------------------- -------------------------------- II) G.U. series --------------------------- ------------------ .Hack// G.U. --------------------A) Vol. 1- Rebirth -------------------------- --- Game info. Game length: Moderate Average Game time: 30 hours (25-40 hours) Difficulty: Easy-Medium ----Over View--- --Gameplay: 8/10- Nothing's perfect but still ALOT of fun. --Music: 10/10- It fits perfectly, and I mean Perfectly. --Graphics: 9/10 - granted it can't compare to some Final Fantasy CG movies, but it's the next best thing. --Voice Acting: 9.5/10 - only on rare occasions did I think it might have been better,and even then not by much. --Replay Value: 8/10- There's more replay value once you beat the second game, but even so, there is still a good amount to do. --Story Line: 10/10- By itself it can't be compared to the rest of the .hack series as a whole, but still as a seperate game, it has to be the best so far. Overall rating: 9/10 - Best of all the .Hack games to date. Other two games at this time are yet to be released. Still: Great game play, amazing music, great graphics,and a story worthy to be called .Hack// . --- Getting started- Alright. First things first. Those of us who went and bought the Special Edition. As you can see your wonderfull package came with two extra things: A Haseo toy (booo) and a bonus disk titled- Terminal Disk (YAY!!). The later of the two is a disk that has extra information about the story events games and the previous .Hack game series as well as info that concerns the story events of the GU series. Anyway this disk is like the most amazing thing ever. If you've never played the old games this is the perfect thing to bring you up to date on important events. The disk contians 11 reports that makes up a journal made by one of the head engineers at CC corp. He wrote the journal for his little sister as something of a confession of what he did while at CC corp. For those wondering, His sister is a character that you meet in the game, and she also works for CC Corp. You can unlock the reports by converting the saved data flag from the previous games and a cleared data from the three new games. ---For those who don't have the Terminal disk I highly suggest looking at the in-depth guide at (www.gamefaqs.com) written by CRtwety. He did an AMAZING job writing his guide for the Terminal Disk. And I HIGHLY suggest reading it if you don't have the Terminal disk open to you. But be warned now. Some of the later Reports ,the reports that are after report 4, contian HUGE spoilers. So if you read that guide, JUST look at the first 4 reports that concern the events from the original games. Well anyway starting into the game: What you need to realize is that .Hack is a story about an online game, if it's confussing now you'll soon get the hang of the concept. As you put in the disk take time to watch the opening movie play and don't skip it. It's sweet. As the main menu comes up notice that you have the Convert option at the bottom. There's a reason for this. If you've played the above mentioned games can take you're cleared data from those games and get bonus material while playing this game. So if you have said game data from the previous .hack games you can use that convert option now if you wish. -Also, if you play and beat the 2nd game in this series; you can take your game data and covert back to the first game. By doing this the game puts you at level 35 instead of starting a level 1. And you get some better equipment, and some extra cash and items, After that lets get started: Go Ahead, start a new game and watch the opening movie. -------------------------- ---------------------Rebirth of the Story------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------------- Movie- Opening Short Version/Main points: This shows when our main hero of the game, Haseo,as he makes his Charatcer and steps into "The World" for the first time. ---------------------------------- Look, if this is your first time playing you may know about Haseo's kinda gay looking outfit. Well I'll admit that at times it really does look prety lame. BUT, don't worry, 1/3 into the game Haseo gets a Job Extension which changes his appearence and then he looks amazing. So please bear with the game till you see the CG movies comming up later and his Job Extention. And besides after you play the game a bit more you'll start to not notice so much and eventually it won't bother you so bad. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- As you log in for the first time you will apear in Mac Anu, the main town for the game. And are met by two....very helpful players. This in the first tutorial for the game: They do a really good job explaining everything and Honestly I don't think I'll need to say much, but I'll comment here and there. After you form a party, go and save your game before you head out. Note)The blue number is the people at the location you're about to warp to. The pink people are the number of people you've already met out of the blue number. ---------------------------- -------1)Courageous,Engaging,Daydream------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Field Area Level: 1 Party:Haseo,Asta,IYOTEN My Level:1 -Just make sure to do as your 'friends' ask you and you'll be fine. It's all prety easy. --Comabt-- As the long time .hack fans will notice Combat is ALOT differnt is someways and yet it still retians it's .Hackish feeling. Read on for detials. -Combos-Rapidly pressing X will result in Haseo preforming a basic combo attack. At the end of the combo Haseo will preform a finishing attack. Depending on what kind of weapon you are using (Speed or Hold and Release) will determine what you have to do to preform the finishing attack for the combo. 'Speed' requires you to rapidly press X. 'Hold and Release' requires you to charge the attack and then release it to exacute. -Charged attacks- Hold X to charge an attack. It takes a few seconds but this attack will send an enemy flying, which is critical for certian battles. Charged attacks also break enemy's guard. -Block-Those who played the old games will be happy to know that the new games feature a new and amazing thing: A block button =P. Yes that's right. The block button (circle) will defend you against all attacks (including magic). BUT it won't block charged attacks or status ailments .But you wont face any enemies like that for awhile but in the Arena. So no worries for now. -Rengeki- This bascily lets you do more powerfull attacks, kinda like a critical hit. If you rapidly inflict damage to an enemy blue and purple circles will form around the enemy. If you trigger an arts in that time you will increase the damage dealt from the attack. It also increases the Exp you'll get at the end of the battle, plus it increases the exp for your Arts level which allows you to gain new arts. -Arts and Skills- Arts are (for Haseo) the offensive physical skills. As you go through the game ,gaining more Rengeki exp, you will level up your weapon's level, or in other words how proficient you are at using twin swords. As you level up your weapon's abilities, you will gain up to 4 arts in vol. 1-Rebirth. -After Battles: A menue will appear and this shows you how much exp you gain and what rewards you recive to defeating an enemy party. Players of the older games will again be happy to see that you gain ALOT more exp per battle. In three battles you can gain a level. Alot better then the old: 10 battles per level. -Menue- If you open the menue by pressing triangle, you will notice that everything you need to worry about can be dealt with in one menu. -Replacing the old complex chat system from the older games is a brand new stradgey menu. It allows you to set you characters to differnt stances that will alow you're charatcers to fight in different ways. For now it's a good idea just to leave things as is. Also if you go under "skill" in the menue, you can not only chose skills that Haseo uses but also desingnate skills you're party members can use. You can use the menue in battle. Use it to activate healing,attack magic,and other skills. This right here simplifies all the complexe chat systems from the old game, and you'll find it much more simple. -Also a change worth note-ing is that you only have one peice of armor, one weapon as normal, and an accessory. These three peices of equipment have customization slots. The slots alow you to add atributes to the equipment like added fire damage for weapons, or -10% physical damage for armor, or -5% Sp use for arts for accessories. Different stuff like that you can mess around with later so don't worry about it just yet. -Map- You can view the full map by pressing the SELECT button. Press X once to view the map objectives. Press Select again to make the map disapear completey. You must press Select again to make it re apear in the upper right hand corner. Basicly it cycles through three positions: Mini map, Full map, No mini map (repeats). Also note. There are compass markings on the outer edges of the map- North, south, east ,and west. Explore the menue; you'll find explanitions for everything at the bottom. But it's not totally nesscarry. Continue on with the mission. When you get all three symbol fragments you'll be able to go to the final destination. (no pun intended). Also don't bother about trying to reach level 2. I've tried like 5 times and have never been able to do it. Besides it'd be pointless anyways.......never mind just finsh up. Ok As you approch the beast statue you'll trigger a huge string of CG movies that will take awhile. So watch all of those and then come back and I'll give you some intresting details you might have over looked. ----------(Watch movies then come back to keep reading.)------- -------------------------------- Movie- Start with a PK Short Version/Main points: Make note of the dude who saved Haseo. I find it interesting that his shots from his gun- 1) kills in one hit, and 2) made the pker's character data flicker on the screen. Also,check out his arm. ---------------------------------- -------------------------------- Movie- Terror of Death Short Version/Main points: Haseo first off looks alot differnt from his first form, thats because due to the events in .hack//ROOTS(an anime TV series) ,Haseo was able to gain huge amounts of strength: he also is in his Third form (due to job extentions). And so you'll notice he kicks @$$. He's also looking for Tri-Edge ,and Tri-Edge just happens to look ALOT like a character we all know and love, but more on that later. Also veterans of the old games will remember that there was something else in the series called the Terror of Death..........? ---------------------------------- -------------------------------- Movie- Atoli Short Version/Main points: Atoli's voice is like nails on a chalk board... Arrggghh. Anyway, what you need to realise is that Atoli looks alot like Shino ...who was someone very special to Haseo. So...yeah, give the guy a break for being a reall @$$ hole at times. Anywho, Atoli may seem like she'd be a side character, but she isn't. She ends up playing a big role. Also, Sakaki..... something about him that's a little........ ---------------------------------- -------------------------------- Movie- Reunion Short Version/Main points: Ok, Ovan is sweet and all but......well lets just say he...is...well.....he knows more then he's letting on. What you need to know about him is that everytime his glasses glare that red-orange color or his face gets all dark, he's lieing about something or planning something shaddy. ---------------------------------- -------------------------------- Movie- Tri-edge Short Version/Main points: That's right long time .Hack fans, Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground is still around and it's as important as ever. And for those long time fans, yes that's right.....Tri-Edge looks alot like a character we all know and love. But don't worry, the real him (in the real world) is in college in 'real life' so it cant really be him....maybe just his character data with a mind of it's own now? Haseo got his @$$ kicked big time. And look very very closly as the movie ends. You see Haseo's line of sight for about a second or two. Look closly at what he sees. You might recognize the out line of the person. ---------------------------------- Ok so Obviously alot just happened. For now just check the e-mail and read. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Ovan : choices Short version: Ovan presents you with a choice. Conintue and find the truth. Or run away with your tail between your legs. Well Haseo, being the bad @$$ he is decides he's not giving up, and no matter what it takes he's going to help Shino. ---------------------------------- Ok Now it's time to put the main story on hold for a few minutes and do some reading. Flip over to the "News Capture". ---------------------------------- -News- The first and most important thing is Online Jack. The Red section thing you can select. Online Jack is like the bonus disks that came with older games only these are built into the game and come in segments that become available to watch through out the game. I know the first one isn't that great, but the others have some seriously intresting things going on that you really need to watch and pay attention to. Other then that, I'd read a bit here and there; It really gives you a great feel for what their 'real world' is like. It's prety cool.Try watching the small clips of news that they have, it's actually prety neat the way it's done. So read some articles and watch some stuff. If nothing else view it quickly then back out of the artical so it doesn't say that it's new. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Forum- The forum (like the Board from the old games) is where you can view peoples posts from the story line. It's prety cool and they explain alot of stuff there. Read what you want. Unlike the old games this board features a mass read button. If you go into a forum and select a topic you can press the triangle button and it will display all the repleys at once, aka it saves time so you don't have to open every singel message by itself. Read what you like. View everything (even if just in mass) so that nothing's left marked "New".You'll gain a bunch of Key words, so that's useful. -Under the Rumors Forum make sure to read the "Forest of Pain" Topic. Yes it's some what important. -Also the "Apkallu" is a forum where players post art work. You can set these peices of art as back grounds for your desktop if you want to. Just View the topics and press X while viewing the art to load it onto your Accessories tools. ---------------------------------- -When you're done feel free to Save and Log-in. ---------------------------------- --Official Site If I were you I'd view the Offical Site and get some background info. on the game's theme.But really the only important thing might be enemies and the Jobs (aka. Classes). ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- --Official Forum I highly suggest reading some of the stuff here. It's prety helpfull and if nothing else view topics en-mass to gain keywords. ---------------------------------- Log-in to the game. Watch first then read ahead in guide. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- ------- Yep that's right, You're back a level one. Sorry but you don't get to play as the level 133 Terror of Death. Well anyway, follow the instructions and see you in a bit. Go with the flow for now. Really there's not alot I can say at the moment. I'll comment here and there but really it's all prety straight forward. ---Blue circles on the map mark objectives. -So anyway you'll run into two guys who end up helping you out and end up becoming your buddies. The guy in the green,Silabus is prety cool ,and a great swordsman. The short pink dude ,Gaspard, on the other hand is well not all that great....->prety useless. ---Use green warp points to get around the city faster. It saves huge amounts of time. -You don't have any cash yet so no point in shoping. You might as well save and head for the area, nothing better to do. ---The key words with check marks next to them are story based areas with events that progress the story. If you're confused check the Memoir option in your Menue for hints. ---------------------------- -------2)Peaceful,Leading ,Freedom------- ---------------------------- Area Type- Jungel cave Area Level-3 Party: Haseo,Silabus, Gaspard My level:1 -And yeah, being called a noob kinda sucks, but they'll cut it out eventually. Fight through the dungeon. It shouldn't be all that hard. Kill everything so you can to level up as much as possible and make sure to use Rengekki to get bonus exp. ---If you search along the edges of the dungeon you may find a steam switch you can kick. This allows you to collect Chim spheres. Basicly Chim spheres can power steam techknology. There are doors you will neeed to be opened with chim spheres. So take some time and get a bunch. -Treasure chests- That's right long time .Hack// fans. Trapped treasure chests are back! But new and improved, These new chests shake instead of being blue and instead of using an item to disarm traps, this game requires you to enter a button sequence before time runs out, and if it does run out you suffer a gun blast to the face. Also Look for Kickable/Breakable objects. -Awankening- this is basicly like a limit break attack. Awakening makes you faster and stronger it's actually really good once you get the hang of it. If you use skills in awankening they are like uber powerful. So thats a good thing. You can use the Awakening by filling the Moral guage. To fill the guage preform rengeki attacks and arts. When the guage is full press the Square button. There are two type of awankenings for the first game. And you chose which one you want from the Menue. -Magic using party members- For the veterans of the .Hack series. You'll be happy to know that unlike the magic users of the old games who would stand around and wait to get killed; Clerics and Warlocks in this game will atuo. block if an enemy comes near. They may attempt one or two weak attacks then they will beat a hasty retreat to another part of the battle area where they will continue to attack from a range. Anyway eventually you'll make it to the Beast statue. Well that's about the time when things get intresting. Remember the Pkers from before. Yeah, well they decide to pay you a visit. Just watch and enjoy the movies. Come back when they're over. -------------------------------- Movie- Pi Short Version/Main points: She looks like a slut in the game but is a serious bussiness woman in the real world. She's actually very mature despite her sluty outfit. Anyway, Pi saves your butt from the Pkers. ---------------------------------- Well now you're back in control. Let me just mention two things, First is that you get a ranking on how well you did in an area once you leave it, and the better you do, the better the reward you get when you're done. Rewards range from cheap items to getting newer and better keywords for the chaos gate. The second thing is that the dangerous power Pi was talking about would have something to do with The Terror of Death. Anyway..... After all those scenes and everything; I'd say Haseo has had one long day. So far today he's: Killed a group of Pkers, met Atoli, reunited with Ovan, Got his butt kicked by Tri-Edge,got leveled down to level 1 from 133, almost got killed by a group of Pkers that he killed earlier, told by Pi that his character holds a dangerous power, and has had Atoli (the girl with a voice like nails on a chalk board) join your member list. So anyway, after a long day, you have two choices:the first is to walk around the city and get a good feel for the lay out and see what shops sell what and get a feel for what's what. I suggest doing this now as I'm sure it will help you later and the city really is prety cool to explore. After that the last option is just to log-out and check some e-mails, Forums, and news. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Pi : Remember this Short version: Basicly she re-caps on what she said eariler. Also, make sure to reply: "Who are you?" ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Hi! : Gaspard Short version: Just some stuff about you being the Terror of Death. Make sure to reply: "Tri-Edge". ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Silabus : No way! Short version: Again, some stuff about you being the Terror of Death. Reply: "Like what?" ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Silabus : Quests Short version: He explains about quests, aka side jobs. These 'side jobs' are little side quests that ussally only require you to visit like one area. They render good rewards and it's a good idea to do as many as you can, but with everything that'll be happening, you may not finish all of them till the end of the game. ---------------------------------- -You need to complete the quest Silabus was talking about in order to advance the story, so make sure to check the forum, save, and then log-in. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Head for the blue circle on the map. When you get to the quest shop, add Silabus and Gaspard to your party. Then, accept the quest from the Quest shop. Once you've done that head for the Chaos Gate. --Equipment materials-- Before you head off I should mention that if you get lucky you'll get some materials for your weapons or armor or accessories. What you can do is add those materials to your equipment to give them added bonuses. I got very very lucky when I played this time through as I was writing the guide and got the Weapon material that gives you extra fire damage bonus, It was already on a weapon that I got from a beast statue, so when you go to customize weapons, don't forget to check all your equipment for materials that can be taken off usless equipment and put on you good stuff. Oh and by the way, for now use any old material for your equipment cause something is better the nothing. Remember that you can put materials into your equipment AND the equipment of your party members by using the Customize option. Later, however I'll be giving you my set up that I use for me and my party members. Well enough of that, head off for the quest area. Quest:Crown Quest ---------------------------- -------3) Chasing, Cupid's, Phantom (Q)------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Temple Area Level:5 Party: Haseo,Silabus, Gaspard My Level: 4 In this area you;ll meet enemies that look like blue tigers. They use a magic watter attack spells. You can tell when you're going to be attacked by the red circles on the ground comming toward you. Make sure to hold the block button or suffer a blast of magic in the face. -This quest is really easy. All you have to do is keep on going through the dungeon till you run into a Lucky animal. If you kick it, it will summon King Chim Chim. The way you do this is: Kick the King three times in a row then run away. He'll jump at you and miss. Then, repeat till he's toast. You'll auto. warp back to town. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Once back you'll auto. finish the quest. You will recive something called the Text of Wisdom; these items will permanently raise someone's stats. However you will ALWAYS want to use this kind of item on ONLY Haseo. ---------- IMPORTANT! ---------- In this guide I will NOT cover the normal quests until the post game section. However I will admit that it is better do them through out the game as they become avalible. If you wish to complete the normal quest through out the game instead of waiting till the end, then I suggest you take time to do so as you see fit. I suggest that, instead of going out and leveling up (as you will be doin alot of that) you should instead go and make time to do some quests in between training. They're rather enjoyable,but repetitive. It's up to you if you want the rewards but it's not entirely necessary. If you wish to see any advice I can offer on the topic please look for my section on them near the buttom of the guide. Time to do a small bit of shopping. Head over to the mercenary district via warp point. Head to the weapon shop. You need to do some shopping. -Armor and weapons- Ok What you need to understand about armor is: Haseo uses Heavy class armor, Silabus used Light class armor, and people like Gaspard and Atoli use light robes. Weapons: Haseo uses Twin swords and later, broad swords. Silibus uses a one-handed style sword, Gaspard uses a magic book, and Atoli uses a staff. Sell/Buy: Sell all weapons and armor under level 10. Sell all scrolls. Buy: Nothing-> at this point you probably don't have enough cash to buy just about anything. Well at least at this store. --For now why don't you head back to the chaos gate and take Silibus and Gaspard out to level up a bit and earn some cash. Just keep using the Random button until you find an area that's level 6 or if you're brave level 7. But I wouldn't suggest level 7 just yet. Anyway in terms of Area type I much perfer the Field type area over a Dungeon type field. Reason being is that you can get around easier and therefore gain exp faster. But that's just me. -If you do decide to go to a dungeon type area make sure to keep an eye open for "Trap Rooms". -Trap Rooms: these are rooms in a dungeon that contial a huge amount of traps that inflict damage on you and your party members. There are the folowing types of traps: Spike Pad, Shearch Light,and Steam Piston. Spike pads are tiles on the room's floor. Every few seconds spikes pop out. You can safly cross them when the spikes are down. Shearch Lights are just that, shearch lights, but unlike what you normally think of as one big flash light, these suckers will shoot an explosive mortar at you if you walk into the light area on the ground. Finally Steam Pistons look like small metal pillars. These things have a piston that fills with hot steam and then shoots it out of a hole once it's full. They take a few seconds to fill so if you time it right you can pass by with out injury. ---------------------------- -------**) (Random),(Random),(Random)------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Field Area Level: 6 Party: Haseo, Silabus, Gaspard My level: 4 ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Ok as you get back to town I should tell you that I was able to get two Materials called Turtle shell. This armor Material provided -10% physical damage. And is in fact one of the better materails in the game and it's what I'm using on Haseo and Silabus. Well anyway, time to do some more shopping. Head over to the Mercenary district. Once you've customized your party's equipment feel free to sell off any other materials. They acctually sell for a good amount and will bring in enough cash to buy some new twin blades. At the Mercenary Weapon shop you'll find a pair of level 4 Dual Swords. Go ahead and buy them. And Don't forget to move your Weapon's material from your old weapon to your new twin blades so they will now have the added effect instead of your old swords. Well anyway that's about all there is to do for now, Log-out and check some e-mails. --note*- For those who played the old games and coverted the saved game data you'll recieve an e-mail from BlackRose that she wrote to Kite after the old games ended. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- BlackRose : Well done Short version: It gives you a glance into the things that happened after the games ended and how things turned out for the old gang. As you read you can tell that things really ended up kind of sad for everyone. I mean you basicly find out that after the 2nd network crisis CC Corp. was glad and all that they didn't all get arrested for covering up the facts that their game was putting players into comas and that they were respondsible for huge amounts of property and financial losses. Granted I don't have all the official details from manga or anything, but I heard from some people at www.dothackers.net that CC Corp. didn't acknowledge the .hackers for what they did, and basicly let everyone say what they wanted to. This led to a large amount of their story being left to rumors and so the true story was NEVER made public. As a consequence they were able to ban several people who were involved with the whole situation. From what I understand; The player of Kite went on to graduate Highschool and went to college and at this point has no idea that anything is presently wronge with the game. However I can confirm that several of the .hackers are still playing the game and are characters in the GU game series. Who they are, however, I can't say for now. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Horkuto : To Lena Short version: Basicly Horkuto is the main character of the AI buster novels, and he's sending an e-mail to Lena. Lena played as a character called Rena with her brother Shugo in the .hack// Legend of the Twlight. The series was only 12 episodes long and took place after the old games and before the new anime series .Hack//ROOTS. What you need to know is that Shugo and Lena won a 'contest' that got them exclusive characters that looked like the legendary .hackers: Kite and BlackRose. The contest was actually made by Aura not CC Corp. Aura needed their help to fight against a vagrant AI that was causing a huge amount of trouble. So with the help of Bulmung, Sanjuro, and some friends they were able to put a stop to the mess. If I were you I'd read the whole thing, it's actually intresting once you read all of it. Anyway that's about the sum of things. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Atoli : Lets get going Short version: You need to go with her to advance the story line. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- CC Corp. : Campaign notice Short version: after completing certian quests you can continue to work for the guys/girls that gave you the quests. They will reward you as you continue to do things for them. In this case the Dr. who gave you the quest wants you to collect info. on the Chim Chims...I think. ---------------------------------- Well looks like You need to go meet Atoli. So Save and log-in. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- As you log-in you'll see a seen with Atoli. You'll be going alone with her to her area. And despite what you might think, this won't be boring. ---------------------------- -------4)Submissive,Tragedy's,1000 Oaks------- ---------------------------- Area Type:Field Area Level:3 Party:Haseo,Atoli, (none) My level:6 As you enter the area you start to realize just how much of an @$$ hole Haseo really is. Of course it doesn't help that Miss I-have-a-voice-like-nails-on-a-chalkboard is completly an air head. And yeah of course just looking at Atoli is a constant reminder of someone who special to him....... Anyway I'll say more about that later. For now though there's really only one thing you can do: head out to collect the symbol fragments to get to the beast statue. Everything is prety much straight forward. The bridges are all in one path that lead to the Beast statue so no worries about getting side tracked. --Also note that Atoli speclizes in healing magic, and is very very good at it. Even more so when she gets to some higher levels: *cough she's one of your most valuable party members Cough* For now just keep moving and come back to read when you reach the Beast Statue.... Ok you're back, As you open a treasure chest some scenes will start. For now go with the flow. This will take awhile so when everything is done and you're looking for a way out of the area come back and read somemore...... -------------------------------- Movie- Avatar Short Version/Main points: Ok,first off that Fabio prety boy with the cat. And how he was playing with that black matter: Very odd. Anyway, The guy who comes to save the day gives you a look at some very important things about the story. For the Vetrans of .Hack you'll know the name Magus very well as the name of the third phase. And if Magus is a phase...then the Terror of Death is..... aaaahhh, never mind. Anyway, Kuhn gives you his member adress. *woot!* I know he kinda looks.....differnt but Kuhn is amzing sweet. ---------------------------------- So anyway, Since you're already at the Lost Grounds take the time to explore the area and enjoy. Because you won't be comming back anytime soon and no, you can't just waltz in. It's kinda a one time thing. Well, if you head to the back of the cave after looking around. You'll see a short loading sceen then you'll find a Platform that will take you back to town. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Well nothing much to do but log-out and read some E-mails. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Kuhn : Invitation to HQ Short version: Kuhn wants to meet you in the mercenary district where you'll then go to Raven; The Guild that Kuhn and some other people are in. This is the next story event so it should be high on your to-do list. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Honkto : I'm sorry! Short version: This is an e-mail apologizing for the fact that he accidentally sent you an e-mail that was ment for Lena. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Silabus : Another thing Short version: He goes over what I've been talking about with customization. But it'd be a good idea to read the e-mail and see if his explaination makes more sense then mine. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Silabus : I Almost forgot Short version: This teaches you some finer deatials about the combat system. I Highly suggest reading this because it saves me having to write about it when it's already there. So read it and absorb the the knowledge. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Atoli : Hello, Haseo Short version: She re-caps on the days events. And brings up some intresting points. Make sure to reply: "Sound" ---------------------------------- Well, Kuhn is waiting so log-in and lets go see him in the Mercenary District. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Us the warp point to go to the mercenary district to meet Kuhn. GO with the flow and listen to what he has to say, Ignore Haseo being an A**hole. Come back afterward and read so I can recap on everything that was discussed later. As you can see, Haseo and Pi still have issues. Hehe. As you can tell Yata knows quite a bit about whats going on....yet maybe not so much. But one thing's for sure, he's seen things like this happen before in "The World" Which very possibly why he makes a far better Admin. then Lios ever was, and is why he doesn't have a problem with a certian hacker running.....oh wait...I probably shouldn't tell you that just yet. Enough said. Well whatever, All I need say is that he's a character that the vetran .hack players would know from the old games as a.....well how do I say it: He is.....well he helped organize the alliance between the admins and the hackers to fight the cursed wave in the old games, and worked closly with Helba. -------------------------------- Movie- Serpent of Lore Short Version/Main points: It's an Admin room, and I'd say Yata has been expecting Haseo for sometime now. ---------------------------------- Everything else is pretty well explained. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- As you re-enter Man Anu they give you a hint to check out the guild shops. So head over to central district. Head for the blue circle. Watch some scenes with Silabus and Gaspard. They send you on a little side quest. Use your map and buy the need items. Good luck. -------------------------------- Movie- Small customer Short Version/Main points: You get stuck watching the shop. And soon you have a customer. Hehe, isn't she...ahhh he?, she?.....anyway, isn't it cute =P. So yeah I love how Haseo shows that he actually has a heart when he's dealing with Bo. hehe, times like this where I love Haseo's personality. ---------------------------------- For the vetrans of .hack : What do you remember from the third game that is one thing over-all but has two personalites and are twins?.....BINGO (if you got it). You meet Atoli, HAHAHA I LOVE HIS FACE when he sees her!! HAHAHAHA!. But then Haseo returns to his normal ***hole-ness. So eventually you'll see Kuhn who said he had a 'appointment' to keep.... yeah he's a womanizer..lol. Hehehe, wow Kuhn used to be a steady guy when he used to date a girl in his highschool. I mean she played a mojor role in allowing the final battle between the .hackers and the final phase to continue. But thats off topic and .Hack fans may know who that makes him.....*cough third best player of "The World:R1" before Kite came along cough* - Haseo brings up the point that he is the way he is because of the Pkers, Ovan, and Shino. -And then Haseo is offered the position of Guild Master, intresting. ---------Afterwards---- -So for now, there's not a huge amount of stuff to do, so log-out. -Check the official Forum for some more keywords that you'll be needing. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Kuhn : That Thing Short version: Kuhn wants to help you now to try and summon your avatar. Better meet in Mac Anu. ---------------------------------- First however, you need to check out the other e-mails and stuff. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Kuhn : Nice to meet you. Short version: He's just greeting you to Raven. Really it doesn't matter what you reply but I always reply with: "Yata" ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -News- Short version: There's just a few articels about random things. Read if you like. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Thankyou Short Version: it's from Sakubo, just kinda neat little message for you. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Rumors- Black Point Short Version: just kind of intresting. Not really anything other then that. ---------------------------------- Save then log-in. Well, I'm gana catch some Zzzzs and then continue writing later. Ok well after a good night's sleep I'm ready to go again. As you log-in you'll meet Kuhn who gives you some key words as your destination. And Haseo called Pi an old hag again. But at the end you recive her member adress *WOOT*. Also, for anyone wondering Pi is called 'The Avenger', just like Haseo is the Terror of Death. So moving on, You have new key words and that means a new objective. So Invite Kuhn and Pi into your party. Before we get moving you should take the opertunity to go under the Stradgey Option in your Main menu and set Pi to healing. The reason for this is that she doesn't do as much physical damage as Kuhn does, and you need someone to act as a healer just in case. Also, change Kuhn from "Rage" to "Free-will". When that's done use the Chaos gate and lets get moving. ---------------------------- -------5)Great, Cursed, InLaws ------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Field Area Level:8 Party: Haseo,Pi, Kuhn My level: 7 Ok to re-cap on all of that, Haseo is able to summon an Avatar, and Avarats have the ability to Data Drain. Data Drain is the ability to forcefully alter data. Players of the older .hack games will understand what I'm talking about. They may also understand why it is that Tri-Edge was able to use Data Drain without summoning an Avatar. But for those who don't know....well you'll just have to wait and see. Eventually I'll make sure to include an explaniation. For now all you need to do is make your way to the Field's Boss monster. It's marked on the map by a pair of crossed swords. Take into mind that there are other areas that the field's objective is to defeat a boss monster instead of collecting symbol fragments. Also use the company of Pi and Kuhn to your avantage: They're both level around level 14, you're level 7-8 use this field to train a bit and kill a good amount of monsters to train Level up. Other then that just make you're way over to the boss. Enjoy the scenes and I'll talk to you when you head back to Mac Anu. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Well when you get back you see some sceens with Kuhn and Pi. Afterwards you'll left alone. Now would be the perfrect time to do some leveling up. And Believe me you will be doing ALOT of that shortly down the road, and it'd be best for you to get a drop on things now while certian party members are avalible to join you. So invite Silabus and Atoli to your party an then you'll be heading off for an area. I would randomly chose an area to go to. ---------------------------- -----**) (Random),(Random),(Random)------- ---------------------------- Area Type:Field Area Level: 11 Party:Haseo,Silabus, Atoli My level: 9 While in this level of area, you may or may not come across an item called Blade Thorns; its a level 10 sword that Silabus can use. IMPORTANT NOTE!!!- DO NOT give a party members a peice of equipment that they are not high enough level to equip. They will NOT equipe weapons/armor/accessories when they reach a higher level and it will stay useless in their inventory. If this happens you WILL have to give them ANOTHER peice of equipment when they reach a high enough level. I sugest you give him one and then customize it. Also, I found some level 10 heavey armor awhile back and Haseo should be level 10 after you train at this time, so I'd equipe it to him and customize. Also I got lucky and found a Brave Braclet accessory. It had a material called Arts Knowledge. This is very very useful Material. If you find any extra; make sure to give one to Silabus who will diffentally need it. when you're done doing things head on back to town. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Time to do some shopping. Head over to the Mercenary district. Sell anything and eveything you don't need: Sell/Buy *note-Make sure to remove all materials from equipment before you sell it. -Sell scrolls (magic attack spells) -Sell extra materials: (Don't sell the following materials- Arts Knowledge, Turtle Schell,Fire mouse, Keep one Olm Schell to give to Atoli.) -Sell warrior's blood, Knight Blood, ect. (things that increase or decrease stats temporarily; DONT SELL FAIRY'S ORBS) -Sell all equipment under level 10; keep one levl 10 sword for Silibus if you havent given him one already. Keep one level 10 robe for Atoli, keep one level 10 heavey armor for Haseo if you havn't equiped one already. -Sell any level 15 accessories (they are not good to have despite their level.) -Buy the set of level 8 twin blades -Buy level 10 light armor for Silabus When you're done give the ;level 10 armor to Silabus, give the Olm schell to Atoli to customize her staff with and then log-out. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Pi : Re-Who Are you? Short version: Reply: "Comatose" ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Gaspard : To our new Guild Master Short version: He just sends his Congrats on the promotion. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Silabus : Guild Master Short version: Silabus re-caps on somethings about how you're going to be the new guild master of Canard. Personally I think it's sweet that you get to run a guild, not to mention the perks that come with it. But more on that later. Honestly I just wish you could go around and recruit people to join the guild. That would be amazing. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- CC Corp. : Guild Master Change Request. Short version: Basicly it goes over the fact that you have to be responsible for your new powers as a Guild master and that to find out more you should check in at your @Home. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Kuhn : Yata Short version: Reply: "Pi" ---------------------------------- ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Ok then, Head over to the mercenary district to where you entered Raven, Instead of chosing Raven select Canard instead. watch the scenes, lol, its funny to see Haseo's peronaility thrown back in his face. Point being is that you need to go around the city to three locations and talk to the grunty characters. It's not hard at all and I won't insult your intelligence by telling you all the step by step detials cause it'd be pointless. I'll only note that the Grunites you talk to look and have the personalites of several guild masters in the game: The one with the white beard looks like Gabi (Kestral), The one in the red hat looks like Yata, and the one with the purple hat ,and has horns is like Moon Tree's guild master Zelkova. Good luck and when you got all three head back to Canard's @Home. When you get back to Canard @Home you'll see yet another scene. Then head over to the central district. In the course of events Sakubo pays you back for the favor he owed you. Finally head back to the @Home one last time. Ok to re-cap of What Death grunty talked about. Many of the old .hack fans will remember the Ryu book from the old games. Now you can prety much do the same thing here but with your guild. The biggest difference I noticed was that these Books of 1000 are: 1)alot cooler 2)are easyier to complete, and 3) you get way better rewards. Go ahead and talk to death grunty. -View Storage-This bascily takes the place of the Elf Haven in the old games. You can store up to 40 items in this. Thats very very useful. Use the R1 and L1 buttons to switch between viewing your inventory and viewing the storage. -Guild Shop- This has to be the one of the bests things I like about the new games. Here you can view your inventory. You can select up to 5 items to be put on display in the shop. What will happen is that when you get equipment from Areas you can put them on display at your guild shop. Gaspard will sell the items for you and if you talk to him later he'll give you the cash. This means that you get almost the full value for the items rather then selling it for less at other NPC shops. AKA more money for you. It takes a bit more time to get the money buy it pays ALOT more. -Book of 1000- here you can view different stats about your adventures thus far.By pressing X you can view some more detialed info about what has been left un filled in, but don't worry too much about it, you'll have filled most everything in by the time you finish the game with only a little extra work to do. Anyway when all the guages fill to 1000 your guild will raise one rank. This allows you to buy a guild upgrade that will expand your facilites. Very useful. Well enough of that. I sure you're dieing to try the steam bike so head out to the city. Listen to Death Gunrty explain the bike controls. Aside from what he said I want to add that if you hold the break button then hold the gas button together and release the break, you will preform a Wheelie. Also if you gain enough speed on the bike and you jerk the joy stick down and to the right/left you will preform a power-slide. Try it out and have fun. Afterward there really not alot to do but log-out. The Official Forum has some new topics. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- CC Corp. : Maintenance Complete Short version: You know what this means? ARENA BABY!!!! WOOOOOOOT!!!!! ---------------------------------- Greeting cards- These things are like little friendly cards you cans end your party members. You can feel free to send them to anyone you want but I found that Pi and Kuhn have some of the more intresting things to say being that their characters are devolped as much as the others are. Not to mention that have a bigger role to play in the story line then the others except maybe Atoli. So chose who you want. ---------------------------------- -News- Salnador Aihara's E-mail Exposed Short version: lol, a funny story about the dumb @** from Online Jack. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Got Ganked Short Version: This is actually a prety intresting little topics because you'll be taking up bounty hunting later in order to aquire that best twin swords in the game. ---------------------------------- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Anyone Opening chests? Short Version: Ok I know this may seem like the normal ho-hum type of thing but it isnt. This is actually the start of the games hidden quest. And the game's hidden boss...kinda like a post-game dungeon....only different. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you read the last comment that is marked with an ! mark. If you press X you can reply to the post. Make sure to reply: "Area Word" ---------------------------------- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Red Mark Short Version: A disscussion about the Tri-edge signs. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Short Version: There's other topics that you to respond to, just look for the posts with the '!' markbeside it. If you just respond like a good normal person istead of an @$$hole you may gain Affection ratings from some of your party members ---------------------------------- Well then. Not that that's over with time to log-in and head to the new town. ---------------------------- -------Town: Lumina Cloth ------- ---------------------------- As you enter there'll be quite a few scenes, go ahead and watch them. -------------------------------- Movie- Emperor Short Version/Main points: just his entrance movie. ---------------------------------- -------------------------------- Movie- Avatar Macha Short Version/Main points: Yeah many will reconize Macha as the sixth phase. As you can tell Endrance just owned that party. And for anyone paying attention, you may start to put two and two together to figure out who Endrace was in the old games...... ---------------------------------- Chase after Ovan to see some scenes with him and then some other people. -------------------------------- Movie- Other Sukubo Short Version/Main points: Yeah that'd be the sister, and she's a b*tch. But anyway, the scenes are some what humorus. ---------------------------------- Basicly what happend is that Haseo decided that he's going to challenge the Emperor for his title to 'prove his power'. Unfortunitaly this is where Haseo really starts to show just how much of an @$$hole he can be at times. But anywho, it's decided that Atoli and Silabus will be in your party for the arena....at least that is if Atoli joins you. -Like Silabus said before, if you're going to challenge the Emperor then there's somethings you need to realize: 1) is that to be able to fight Endrance you'll have to break into the top 16 Arena teams to even enter the tourtament. 2) is that you will need to be well over level 20 in order to even just hold your own in the fights. 3) is that you need Atoli and 4) I'll add in that Endrance is level 45......yeah you got a LONG way to go yet. So these are the goals you'll be working toward for awhile, nothing else really matters. Alright first and formost is that you need Atoli; reason being is that you and your party needs to begin training. So lets deal with that first. Go ahead and log-out to check you're e-mails. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Atoli : Another Chance Short version: She wants you to go with her to another area so she can 'make up' for last time's 'mess.' (yeah like any of that was her fault, poor girl) ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Gaspard : Re- Tri-Edge Short version: He just mentions he'll help anyway he can. Just reply: Endrance ---------------------------------- Depending on who you sent greeting cards to, you might get back some responces. I'm going to cover who I sent mine to and what type of info I got from them. Also note that you'll probably get better responces out of some of the better greeting cards down the road so don't worry if it seems like nothing intresting is being said just yet. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Pi : Greeting Card Short version: She respects you a little more. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Kuhn : Greeting Card Short version: He's just saying thanks. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Opening chests Short Version: just the follow up on the hidden quest key words. for now though I'm going to be putting that aside due to the things that need done for the main story line. but if you find extra time you can attempt it. I'll cover it eventually in my guide, just not right now. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Forum - The World, News, and Rumors Short Version: There's some topics on Endrance. News has Silabus's reply to your post earlier, Rumors has a topics you can reply to. And that's about it.There's some neat art work in the Apkallu so check that out. ---------------------------------- When you're done, save and log-in. ---------------------------- -------Town: Lumina Cloth ------- ---------------------------- Warp over to Mac Anu. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Argh!!!!!, girl with bad vioce that makes you want to jump off a bridge and makes your ears bleed everytime she says something. Invite Atoli into your party and then get going to the new area. ---------------------------- -------6)Blurry,Obsessive,Slacker ------- ---------------------------- Area Type:Field Area Level:8 Party:Haseo,Atoli, (None) My level:10 This is where things get really really bad. Just follow along and eventually head for the beast statue. watch the scenes along the way too. Also, feel free to try out the steam bike in the open fields. But be warned this event is when everything is gana hit the fan;it's bad. -Oh yeah, for those who played the old games and enjoyed the back story to the old games you might care to know that in the game's back story, the time period is now 100 years ahead of where it was in the old games. And you might also be wondering what happened to all the old Root Towns from the old game. Well see what happened is the gods got pissed at the people and cast down Fort Ouph from the sky, on it's way down it crashed into Dun Loireag on the mountian tops. So both cities were destroyed. Also Carmina Gadelica was destroyed from war and the gods wrath. The original OMEGA SERVER (not Net Slum, the original sever that was too unstable to use and was replaced by Helba's Net Slum) Was the location of the crest Gun and was destroyed when it was fired into the sky at the gods. so there's a small explaination why you probably won't be seeing the other servers other the Mac Anu in the new game. Too bad though, I really liked Carmina Gadelica. It was by far my favorite town of all time. So anyway. On with the present story: I'll make some points here and there: -Haseo's name does have a very intresting meaning which ,I believe in the second game, reveals some very surprising facts about the real life Haseo. -Haseo is starting to get Pissed cause she is really at times starting to remind him of Shino, and well I mean that's like taking a stake and driving it through his heart and then twisting it very very slowly so it hurts like hell. So yeah, give the guy a break. -This is when he snaps. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- As you can tell Haseo was having trouble dealing with everything. I mean Atoli doesn't know about Shino, and she just told him to slow down, aka stop worrying about saving Shino. At least that's kinda what it came across to Haseo. And you can imagine how hard that'd be for him. He visits the hospital to see the real life Shino everyday....... Anyway, now that that's over with, head back to Canard. After the scenes, not much left to do. Log-out and check your new e-mail. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Silabus : Member Wanted Short version: Silabus posted on the offical forum. ---------------------------------- Check the non-official forums first: ---------------------------------- Forum Short Version: The World- has some new keywords that are always useful. Rumors- has a reply to your message. ---------------------------------- Log-in to view that Official Forum. ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Inventation to Clerics Short Version: I think Silabus might be part hippy: "Have fun and be happy" ?! Yeah Silabus, I think you been smoking to much weed. ---------------------------------- Just Quite to read the new e-mail you got. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Silabus : reply Short version: apperentally someone replied already....that was fast. ---------------------------------- View the official forum again. ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Invit. to clerics Short Version: The person says they'll join you if you come alone to the desingnated area.....hmmm ---------------------------------- Log-in. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- If you need to do any shoping do so now then save and head out. ---------------------------- -------7)Gallant,Season's,Drunkard------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Temple Area Level:5 Party:Haseo,(None),(None) My level: 11 As you leave Atoli trys to call out to you. You also see Sakubo as the sceen ends. Just keep going and try to find the beast Statue, that's all I can really say. It's a low level area so you shouldn't have any problems. As you approch the beast statue you you'll see some scenes watch them then read on. ------------------------------ -------------------------------- Movie- Help him Short Version/Main points: Just shows the scene where Bo tells Atoli about Haseo needing her help. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- It's all prety much self-explanitory. At the end of things Atoli decides to join you in the arena. -Grab the beast statue treasure and head back to town. -You need to log out and check you're e-mail. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- CC Corp. : Guild member registration Short version: Atoli has joined Canard. Well at least that's good news. ---------------------------------- Log back in. Check back with at Canard's @Home. When you gain control again talk to Death Grunty and put any extra equipment on display at the guild store. ------------------------ ------------------In the Pursuit of Power------------------------ ------------------------ --------Now then FINIALLY....it is time. It's time to prepare yourself for the rest of the game. This section of the game is critical, the things you do here will set the tone for how you play the rest of the game. More on that in a second. First off you need to warp over to the Chaos Gate and get your party together. Ok then You need to read everything here first so you understand how your choices at this point are going to affect the game. At this point you will be starting into the Arena. This place is where you can fight other players for rankings. The Demon Palace is the class of Arena battle you'll be taking part in. They span anywhere from level 1 up to level 50 players. You are level like 10. That means you have somethig you need to do very badly. Level up.....like alot. But here's the thing. The story line/ game creators only want you to level up to 20; I, on the other hand ussally level up to level 30 . WHY? Because it makes things ALOT easier in the rest of the game. BUT it takes away from the affect of the story line, so here's your choices at this point: Option A or Option B. "What about Option C?" "Travis, there is no Option C." "What? You sure..I mean there's always an option C." -* the Rock kicks his @$$*- Lol a little Humor from the movie Run Down. Anywho,..... Option A You follow the story line more or less how it's suposed to go, the difference is that you don't advance the story line right now until you are level 20. At which point you start into the arena battles. From there you wait until 'The Old Man' makes you do his challenge. Again at which point you level up till you hit level 30. From there you just continue on like normal with the story. Pros- makes the game easier. Cons- The game wants you to be kind of weak for the first round in the tourtament and several other battles; and you won't be at all, so you take away from the effect of the story. Option B You go to Lumina Cloth now and continue the story, then you level up here and there as you progress the story, you'll be about level 22 or 23 for the first round of the tourtament. The rest of the game will require you to constantly level up in between tourtament rounds. But the story will coninue like normal and how the game creators intended it to be. --In this guide I'll be going with Option A because honestly I hate doing it any other way,I could handle doing it normally the first time I played the game but not anymore. So if you want to take Option B feel free to do so, but unfortunitally I just won't cover it in this guide, really it all depends on how you like to play the game. It's up to you. ---The Plan-- Regardless of what Option you go with you'll need to follow my instructions until further notice. I'll let you know when you'll need to make the choice between which Option you want to go with. So yeah, for now keep folowing the guide. ---------------------------- -------**)(Random)(Random),(Random),------- ---------------------------- Area Type:Field Area Level:13 Party:Haseo,Atoli,Silabus My level: 11 When you get back to town: ---This is a list of Things you need to work on getting. The Customization set-up doesn't have to be exactly like this, but for now that makes for one of the best set-ups you're going to get. Buy/Trade/Find from treasure chest: (Haseo)Level 14 Twin swords-Customize with Fire attack (save for later) (Haseo) Level 10 Heavey Armor- Customize with -10% Physical damage (Haseo) level 1 accessory- Customize with Arts Knowledge (Atoli)Level 15 Staff- Customize with Water attack (Atoli)level 10 Robes- Customize with -10% Physical damage (Atoli) Level 1 accessory- Customize with Heal Knowledge (from shop in Alchemy district) (Silabus)Level 10 Sword- Customize with fire attack (Silabus) Level 10 light armor- Customize with -10% Physical damage (Silabus)level 1 accessory- Customize with Arts Knowledge (from shop in Alchemy district) Also buy from maigic shop/trade shop: 5 to 10-Antidote Soda 5 to 10-Stimula Soda 5 to 10-Blessing Soda Save a bit of cash, you'll need it for later. Then it's off again to train some more: ---------------------------- -------**)(Random)(Random),(Random),------- ---------------------------- Area Type:Field Area Level:14 Party:Haseo,Atoli,Silabus My level: 13 When you get back to town: Save game,Buy healing items,Work to upgrade equipment, and Restock the Guild Store.(If you start to max out the amount of healing items you can carry, give your extras to Atoli) I should note now that you cant use items in the Arena, which means the only way to heal anyone is to learn healing spells. You can buy the scrolls to learn healing spells from the Magic shop in the mercenary distric. Get into the habit of doing this everytime you get back from going out to an Area. Afterward guess what you get to do.....train more. ---------------------------- -------**)(Rough Song)(Cupid's),(Scud),------- ---------------------------- Area Type:Field Area Level:17 Party:Haseo,Atoli,Silabus My level: 15 -The reason why I mention this area by name is that there is a Gold Bird here, which means if you catch him, he'll turn all the breakable abjects into treasure chests= MONEY! -You may or may not come across some level 20 accessories. They are the best accessories that you're going to be able to get your hands on for a good awhile. So make sure to hang onto them until you can Equip them. (That is until you get the level 24 accessories which are even better) when you get back to town do the now normal schedule: Save game,Buy healing items,Work to upgrade equipment, and Restock the Guild Store; also ckeck in with Death Grunty and see where you stand on the Books of 1000. Then you'll be off again: ---------------------------- -------**)(Random)(Random),(Random),------- ---------------------------- Area Type:Field Area Level:20 Party:Haseo,Atoli,Silabus My level: 18 -----------Option A and Option B Ok By this time my entire party got prety lucky with the Areas I got and were able to get to Level 21. Now then. If you're going to go with: --> Option A I suggest that you continue reading but just dont pay any attention to the fact that In some places I'm going to make time for leveling up. In other words don't worry about leveling up until after the 1st round in the tourtament. However, if you are going with: --->Option B (Leveling up alot) then continue to read eveything. Head back to Town. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Your party at this point should be about Ohhh level 20-21. Being that you've just been training alot make sure to take care of the chores: Save game,Buy healing items,Work to upgrade equipment, and Restock the Guild Store. Buy/Trade/Find from treasure chest: (Haseo)Level 18 Twin swords-Customize with Fire attack (Can find in a level 18-20 Area) (Haseo) Level 20 Heavey Armor- Customize with -10% Physical damage (Haseo) level 20 accessory- Customize with Arts Knowledge (Atoli)Level 15 Staff- Customize with Water attack (Atoli)level 20 Robes- Customize with -10% Physical damage (Atoli) Level 20 accessory- Customize with Heal Knowledge (Silabus)Level 17 Sword- Customize with fire attack (from weapons shop in Alchemy Destrict) (Silabus) Level 20 light armor- Customize with -10% Physical damage (Silabus)level 20 accessory (- Customize with Arts Knowledge Oppenents in the Arena use added bonuses to their weapons like Curse, Poision, and Sleep. So,If I were you I would take the time to buy the three status healing scrools from the magic shop and use them on Atoli so she can heal your Status aliments. Durning Battle. Now that you spent all that time training. I'd say you're due for a break. Go ahead and log-out so you can check your e-mail. --------------------------------- -E-mail- Gaspard : Useful info. Short version: He tells you about a quest. It is also like that last quest, it's a Campaign quest where you will be rewarded for coninuous work. But since we're bussie right now, it can wait till later. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Silibus : Re: Like What? Short version: This is a really Important e-mail, and the reply is very important too. Basicly he's telling you he heard about Haseo's neat adventures as being the Terror of Death. make SURE to reply: Resident of the Forest. As in the Forest of Pain Hidden quest that shouldn't even exist, and has been known to put players in comas. Look it up on the Rumor Forum to refresh your memory if need be. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Silabus : Fighting Power Short version: He gives you some useless keywords to level up at. But you've already done that and are way stronger then the game intended you to be at this point. =D ---------------------------------- Alright enough talk time to fight in the Arena for the first time. Log-in. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Warp over to Lumina Cloth. ---------------------------- -------Town: Lumina Cloth ------- ---------------------------- Make sure to save. Head to the Arena counter and watch the scenes. You'll find yourselves in the Waiting room. The Waiting room is a prety cool place. Here you'll find information on your opponents on one of the wall screnes and on the other you'll find the current rankings. Use the warp point to Continue to the fight. as you can see your first opponets are only like level 10. You will literly kill them in one hit. See you on the other side. How'd it go? You really own them? Personially for me I was able to take out their whole party with 3 attacks. Anyway, here's the thing, if you're going to compete you have got to raise your ranking. So get to it! Everytime you finish a battle return to the Arena Counter and register for the next fight. I would pick the Limited Battles. That way you don't get matched against a really strong team by random chance in the Survival battles. What you want to do is to keep fight those teams that are either rated 'EVEN' normally or 'Slightly-Strong' if you feel brave. Anyway Keep fighting, don't stop. Also, Just remember that you really really need to get good at counter attacking. Just remember that when your oppenents are about to use an arts on you, you have to counter attack by using the arts on them first before they can pull of the attack on you. That's really all the advice I can think of; just keep your eyes and ears open for those arts. And don't forget, you can use charged attacks on them but then again they can use em on you too. You have to gain about 600Wp (also called ranking points) After that make sure to log out and check some e-mails. You got some important things to do: ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Gaspard : Tri-Edge? Short version: He said that there's something intresting on the Rumors Bord. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Short Version: On Crimsion VS- Reply to the topic about Gaspard. Reply:Lets play sometime. News- Random topic, read if you like. Rumors- Now we get to the core of things. Apperentally the leader of "project G.U." Has challenged Tri-edge, and wants him to come to Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground. ---------------------------------- Haseo comments that Yata has to be out of his mind, Can't really argue there. Make sure to Check the Apkulla for some back ground pictures. Also check the news to eliminate the "New" subnote on your desktop: really nothing overly important in there for now. When you're done Log-in. ---------------------------- -------Town: Lumina Cloth ------- ---------------------------- Warp over to Mac Anu. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Head off for the new area. ---------------------------- -------8)Hidden ,Forbidden ,Holy Ground------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Landscape Area Level: None Party:Haseo My level: 21 Long time .hack fans will be gald to visit one of the most famous locations in the whole entire game series. AND its even more beautiful then before. Unfortunitally, unlike at the begining of the game, your visit here this time will not be so .....great. Personially I'd rather have Haseo Pked by Tri-Edge AGAIN then what's about to happen here. I want to throw up just thinking about it: just go to the front doors and go in. I'll cry with you in a bit after you watch the scenes, and please long time .hack fans; I know this is going to be hard but please don't slit your wrists or pluck out your eyes....... Argh, I know....he's back. I honestly thought I had been rid Of Piros the last time around. But no, he's back. AHHHHHHH! Anyway Piros is a Lord Partizan, and to be competly honest, I simply don't use him in my party unless forced to, thankfully you are not required to spend money and time on the worthless peice of crap to progress the story line, so be thankfull for at least that. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Anyway, as you enter the City you see a short scene with Gaspard. Haseo says he needs to fight in the arena to raise his rank but you've already done alot of that, so why don't you log out and check the e-mails you just got. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Atoli : Re-that sound Short version: She says that sometimes she can hear things other people can't You know I hate to say this but it sounds like there's more to the shallow girl then meets the eye. It seems there's something odd about her. Make sure to reply: "Congrats?" ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Piros the 3rd : He of fair eyes Short version: Reply to the gay homo: "Tri-Edge" ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Atoli : This time its defintially okay Short version: She gives you a set of key words for an area to train at but being that you're like 8 levels higher then the game creators intended, just ignore it. ---------------------------------- When you're done, log back in and head over to the Arena. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Warp over to the Arena ---------------------------- -------Town: Lumina Cloth ------- ---------------------------- Go ahead and go over to the Arena Counter. As you do you'll meet "the old man" Antares. This guy may look a lil funny but he's awesome sweet. Maybe a bit crude at times, but there's alot of underlaying wisdom to alot of what he has to say. Anyway point being you've been challenged to complete a mission. So better head right back over to Mac Anu. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- ---------------------------- -------9)Lazy,Advice's ,Exile------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Jungel Dungeon Area Level: 22 Party:Haseo,Atoli,Silabus My level:21 Ok this place is Confussing. Like ALOT. The deal with this place is that there's one big maze that you have to go through to be able to reach the Beast statue, and it's not as easy as using a Fairy Orb to reveal all the map either. See there's a bunch of warp points and only one of them will take you to the Beast Statue. Antares will send you flash mails to give you hits on how to beat it but I'll do better then That. I'll walk you through it. o =Warp point [] =Is a room - =is a Passage way w= the finial warp point from the middle This map only shows the path you need to follow, it doesnt mark every warp point or rooms, just the ones you need to know about. --------------------------------------------- N W+E S o-[ ]-[Finish] [ ]-o-[ ]-o-[ ] | | o o | | [ ] [W]-o-[ ] | o | [ ]-o-[ ]-o-[ ]-{}-[start] -------------------------------------------- Ok this map gives you an idea of what you need to do to get to the end but I'll explain it in words. *note*- dont use any warp points in the middle of a room until you get to the FINIAL warp point in the center. The monsters in a room will ussaly be guarding the door you need to go through to get to the correct warp point. Keep that in mind. 1) head west, ignore the warp point in the middel of the room, head right to the one farthest to the left, use it. 2) head west again and use the west most warp point. Now head north and use the warp point. 3) head north again and use that warp point. 4) Now head east and use the east most warp point. 5)Go east again and use the east warp point. 6) Now head south and use the warp point. 7) Now head west again and use that warp point 8) You should now be in the center of the dungeon. Use the warp point in the center of the room. It will take you to the Beast statue. --As you Approch the Beast Statue you'll see a sceen with Antares: 9) Grab the beast statue treasure and warp back to town. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Before we get back to Arena battle you have some very important leveling up to do. This is the last chance before the Tourtament to level up and get ready. So if you plan on folowing Option A: Then I suggest you get your party and head out for a good training area. If you're going with Option B: Don't go and train but pay attention to eveything else. ---------------------------- -------**) (Random),(Random),(Random)------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Jungel Dungeon Area Level: 24 Party:Haseo,Atoli,Silabus My level: 22 ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- When you get back to town keep in mind this list of equipment, also I note that by this time you should have graduated from the mercenary distric weapon store to the Alchmey District store: Buy/Trade/Find from treasure chest: (Haseo)Level 30 Twin swords-Customize with Fire attack (Can find in a level 18-20 Area) (Haseo)Level 30 Broad sword-Customize with +10% Critial Hit or fire attack (Haseo) Level 27 Heavey Armor- Customize with -10% Physical damage (Haseo) level 24 accessory- Customize with Arts Knowledge (Atoli)Level 15 Staff- Customize with Water attack (Atoli)level 28 Robes- Customize with -10% Physical damage (Atoli) Level 24 accessory- Customize with Heal Knowledge (Silabus)Level 17 Sword- Customize with fire attack (from weapons shop in Alchemy Destrict) (Silabus) Level 28 light armor- Customize with -10% Physical damage (Silabus)level 24 accessory (- Customize with Arts Knowledge I realize that you and your party probably won't be able to use most of the stuff yet, but after the next Area for leveling up, you should, or at least be close. If you are going with Option B and are not leveling up, make sure to save this list of equipment till later. ---------------------------- -------**)(Random),(Random),(Random)------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Jungel Dungeon Area Level:27 Party:Haseo,Atoli,Silabus My level: 25 ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Do some shopping for the above mentioned items, restock on anything you need. After that head out again, hopefully for the last time. ---------------------------- -------**)(Random),(Random),(Random)------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Jungel Dungeon Area Level:30 Party:Haseo,Atoli,Silabus My level: 27 ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- If you made it to level 30: congrats, you are now ready to continue with the rest of the game. If you're not level 30 then don't worry and just do another Area to get the last level or two you might need. Make sure to buy the last of the above mentioned items and then warp over to the Arena. ---------------------------- -------Town: Lumina Cloth ------- ---------------------------- Fight like crazy until you can break into the top 16 rankers. Those who went with plan B: Same thing to you. Log-out and you'll have an e-mail about the Tourtamant, read it and log back in. As you register for the Tourtament you'll see a scene with Sakubo. It's the sister today and she's a lil Bit*h like normal. After the scenes log-out and check your e-mail. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Silabus : ASAP Short version: He need to talk to you quickly about somethings that have been going on that Haseo didn't know about. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Log-in to see a scene with Kuhn. And thats when you find out what been going on. Watch and understand. Ignore the fact that Gaspard is acting like 5 years old.... Afterward, Kuhn and you decide to meet with Gabi....which is kinda intresting condering that Kuhn can get in to begin with, and second is that about 99.9% of all 5000 players in Kestral HATE Haseo, the Terror of Death. But anywho, Invite Kuhn to your party and then we're off: ---------------------------- -------10)Sneering,Failing,Empire------- ---------------------------- Area Type: LandScape Area Level: (None) Party:Haseo,Kuhn, (None) My level: 30 As you arrive you come upon the prety sweet Kestral @Home. Just approch the raised up part of it. Near the top is a Thrown, as you approch it, you will see a scene which is where the deal is made. After ward leave and head back to Town. Anyway We come at least one point that I dont even fully understand. I have no idea who Gabi is from the old games. All I know is that he has a hidden idenity of some type, and I honestly dont know what it is....oh well. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- As you get back to Town head out for Canard's @Home. You see some scenes with all the gang. A lil later you find out that Kuhn and Pi will be taking part in the toutament as well. Also Silabus won't be joining you in the first round..... Log-out and check you're e-mail, maybe that'll provide some hope to a bad situation. Check the official site and forum. Then quit and check the e-mails and forums for info. on a new found hope, and the end to Haseo's gay looking outfit. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Antares : Tourtment secrets Short version: He's waiting at Mac Anu Chaos gate. First read the other stuff tho. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Silabus : Sorry Short version: He says sorry for not helping you in the tourtament. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Atoli : Cheer up Short version: She talks about the situation. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Kuhn : Re-Pi Short version: Reply- 'Kestral' ---------------------------------- View the forums then log-in. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- You see a scene with Antares only to be told to log back out. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- CC Corp. : Job extension Short version: Remember that level 30 broad sword I had you go and buy? Yeah that's cause here shortly you'll be able to use it. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Job extension Short Version: Basicly it gives you some info on Rouges ---------------------------------- Log-in. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Log-in and head to the quest shop to accept the special Job extension quest. Once you've accept the seeker of the Twilight quest (or something like that) Head for the Chaos gate and get ready: Quest:Pursuer fo the Twilight ----------------------------------- -------11)Pulsating,Ullimited,Metal doll (Q)------- ----------------------------------- Area Type:Jungel Cave Area Level:22 Party:Haseo,None, None My level: 30 This area should look real familar as in like the area where Antares sent you to prove yourself. Use the same stradgey as I mentioned to you before: ------------------- o =Warp point [] =Is a room - =is a Passage way w= the finial warp point from the middle This map only shows the path you need to follow, it doesnt mark every warp point or rooms, just the ones you need to know about. --------------------------------------------- N W+E S o-[ ]-[Finish] [ ]-o-[ ]-o-[ ] | | o o | | [ ] [W]-o-[ ] | o | [ ]-o-[ ]-o-[ ]-{}-[start] -------------------------------------------- Ok this map gives you an idea of what you need to do to get to the end but I'll explain it in words. *note*- dont use any warp points in the middle of a room until you get to the FINIAL warp point in the center. The monsters in a room will ussaly be guarding the door you need to go through to get to the correct warp point. Keep that in mind. 1) head west, ignore the warp point in the middel of the room, head righ to the one farthest to the left, use it. 2) head west gain and use the west most warp point. Now head north and use the warp point. 3) head north again and use that warp point. 4) Now head east and use the east most warp point. 5)Go east again and use the east warp point. 6) Now head south and use the warp point. 7) Now head west again and use that warp point 8) You should now be in the center of the dungeon. use the warp point in the center of the room. It will take you to the Beast statue. 9) MAKE SURE to Grab the beast statue treasure and warp back to town. ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- You may have to warp to the quest shop, once you do the quest will end and you'll see the awesome movie where Haseo recives his amazing new outfit. -------------------------------- Movie- Second Form Short Version/Main points: He looks awesome, enough said. ---------------------------------- Afterward you'll get a broad sword, its Haseo's original sword, bad news is that it's really weak compared to your awesome level 30 sword which you'll want to equipe for the tourtament. So when you're done you see Antares and he'll talk to you, lol its kinda funny. Watch and enjoy. Now then I'm going to cover Broad swords real quick. Broad swords are really sweet, and between Twin swords and a Broad sword: the later is more usefull as a general rule. The reason is that When you have your normal Party of you, Silabus, and Atoli: Silabus is fast enough and you do all the heavey lifting aka heavey damage. I personially like the Hold and release style alot more then speed. Anyway being that you've never used them before I highly suggest going to a low leveled area (if you're level 30) go to an area like level 28, or (if you're at level 23) go to an area level 20. The reason is you need to get used to using the new style of weapon. But it's purly up to you. Afterward: Make sure to log out and check your e-mail. -------------------------------------- ------------------ Awakening of The Terror ---------------------- -------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- CC Corp : Notice- Tourtament First Round Short version: Time to kick some pker @$$ ---------------------------------- Log-in ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Invite Atoli to your party, change your Broad sword over to the level 30 one. Save game. Warp over to the arena. ---------------------------- -------Town: Lumina Cloth ------- ---------------------------- Register for the Tourtment. ---------------------------- --------- 12)Tourtament: Round One -------------- ---------------------------- -Party:Haseo (31),Atoli(30),(None) -Opponets: Bordeaux (27),Negimaru,(26),Grein(25) -Before the fight advice: Ok what you have to realize about the tourtament is that you just need to beat your opponet enough to trigger a story event. For those who decided NOT to go with my level-up-like-crazy Stragedy (Option B): Just keep your eyes on the other team, just keep using counter attacks, DO NOT use the skill trigger except to counter attack. Use you're Charged attack to your advantage. Good luck. -And if you were wondering: after this round you'll have caught up to where my plan would have taken you. Option A: For those who did it like I do, you should be level 31 and will seriously kick some butt. So no worries. Just go out there and knock them to kingdom come (just make sure to use counter attacks, and keep you eye on Bordeaux, she'll kill you if you're not careful) Good luck and DO NOT read ahead until the scenes are OVER. Then come back and I'll re-cap on all that major points. -------------------------------- Movie- Skeith Awakens Short Version/Main points: Oh yeah, for those who haven't guessed all my obvious hints. Haseo's avatar is none other then the first phase: SKeith. This name is well remembered by the original .hack gamers as the first boss that taught them the meaning of 'PWNED'. Skeith was the finial boss from the frst game and a heck of a challenge. Not to mention Kite's first major opponent. If it wasn't for Skeith, Kite would have never been the hero he was....ahh the good old days. Anyway, point being is that Skeith is back and with a make over: he looks sweet. Also you see Ovan in the crowd. hehe, he helps Haseo awaken. so to speak. Also, REMEMBER only people with the ability to possibly use Avatars can even SEE avatars. Keep that in mind. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------- -------Town: Lumina Cloth ------- ---------------------------- After the fight you see some scenes with Kuhn. And then Haseo shows just how much he is a REAL A$$HOLE!!! Anyway, nothing to do but log-out. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Silabus : First Match Short version: He'd like to talk with you at Canard's @Home. ---------------------------------- BUT first you should read the news and fourms. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---------------------------------- -News- Short version: A new Episode of Online Jack is now availabe. It's EXTREEMLY intresting. You've GOT to watch it. Also under the 'News' section you'll find a news clip about a girl who passed out and went into a coma while playing an 'online game'. She did wake up though. Good thing too. There's some other news that you should probably check out. ---------------------------------- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Short Version: Check out all the topics ---------------------------------- Log-in. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- As you log-in you'll see a short scene with Atoli and her...ah never mind. Head for Canard's @Home for some more scenes. Also I should note, people going with option B: you need to get to level 32 before the next round in the Tourtament at which point you'll be completly caught to to people who leveled up like crazy before the first round. I suggest you put together a party and head for a good area to train at, for the up comming misson you should probably attain a level of atleast level 26-28. Once you manage to do that; continue on with the story. Afterward you'll need to log-out and check your e-mail. You'll get at least 4 important e-mails if you did the e-mails the way I did them: ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Yata : Urgent Short version: You need to go to Raven. Great. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Piros the 3rd : Let us share our stories (yay?) Short version: tell him to pi$$ off. lol, just kidding. ---------------------------------- No seriosuly I would ignore his e-mail till later. I mean it'd be kinda pointless unless of course you really want to do some quests at the Quest Shop. Not that it'd be a bad thing. I mean they are kinda piling up and you got to do them eventually so if you want: go ahead and try doing some quests. But First the other e-mails ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Gaspard : Re: Endrance Short version: Gaspard, aside from normally being stupid, actually brings up some very intresting points about Endrance. Reply: 'GoodLuck' ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Silabus : Re-Resident of the Forest Short version: lol, you don't get alot of info on the quest but I can tell you that it's the reason why Haseo was so Bad @$$ as the Terror of Death. But it wasn't the power that was the most intresting thing about the quest: it was infact that there was someone waiting at the end of it. Someone who's been around for a very very long time. And he is also the underlying reason why everything went to crap the last time, and indirectly is why it is happening again. Many people who played the old games thought he was destroyed in the 4th game of the original series, but apperentally he doesn't die that easy and he's still around. Point being, reply: 'You don't need to know' ---------------------------------- Go ahead and log-in ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Head for Raven. Walk in and head for the back. Scenes and Movies will follow. Watch then read ahead. Haseo and Pi have been assigned to go on a training mission. -------------------------------- Movie- Tri-Edge's Sign Short Version/Main points: First off you watch as Tri-Edge attacks a player with data drain. And to tell you the truth I really don't know what the heck he's doing. I mean even though I havn't played the 2nd or 3rd game, I do know alot about what happens. (stay away from www.dothack.net fourms if you don't want spoilers) I actually stoped using the foums on that site cause I was learning too much about what happens, and trust me, the games are alot better when you havn't been told what will happen. Anyway, I know why Tri-edge is the way he is, and I know what he's generally been doing. But I honestly don't know for sure why he data drained that guy. Oh well, maybe we'll find out later. ---------------------------------- Log-out and check your e-mail. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Antares : Urgent Short version: You need to head over to the Arena. ---------------------------------- Log-in ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Warp over to the Arena. ---------------------------- -------Town: Lumina Cloth ------- ---------------------------- You meet Antares there. Go with the flow and follow along with Antares. Read on when you're all done. well, you met Alkaid did you? She's a spunky little one aint she? Also, you met Taihaku and the telephone pole: Sirius. !!!!!SPOILER WARNING!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------ Again: For the .Hack Vetrans of the old series Taihaku is in fact a character from the old games. He may not be the 'hero of justice' he once was but he still plays the game and like his old self, can't help but being one of the best and highest leveled players. If you didn't know: He's the emperor of the Saga Placace AKA. Emperor of Arena classlevel 101-150, making him pure ownage, same as always. He may sound like an old guy now, and he may have aged a couple years but I for one was EXTREEMLY glad to see his return to the games with the GU series. However, I should mention one thing, this character ID has not been 100% confirmed but a group of people on dothackers.net believe he is who we think he is. ------------------------------------------------------------ Anyway when it's all done with: ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Yata : Investigate Short version: Pi has orders for you at Man Anu Chaos Gate. ---------------------------------- make sure to read the forums too. ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Short Version: you can get some cool pics of the Terror of Death from the Apkallu. ---------------------------------- Anyway save and log-in. It's time you start to learn how to use that avatar of yours. ---------------------------- -------Town: Lumina Cloth ------- ---------------------------- Warp over to Mac Anu. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- You see some scenes with Pi. Time to get down to bussiness. I should point out that if you want with Plan B: you'll be following the game as it was intended with you're level now hopefully around level 27. For those who did my awesome plan of ownage Plan A: You'll still be like level 31 and more then ready for this new area. After the sermon from Pi, Invite her to your party and head for the new area: ---------------------------- -------13)Delicious,Past's,Weed Eater------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Temple Area Level: 23 Party:Haseo,Pi,None My level: 31 Ok this area will Serve as a training ground or tutorial for the Avatar Battles. For now you need to keep heading for the Beast statue, you'll come into contact with AIDA 3 times between now and then. Those three times will serve as an opertunity to sharpen your skills on controling the avatar. After that you'll be put to a test. But more on that later. For now head out and when you're attacked by AIDA come back and read so I can give you pointers on how things work with all the Avatar game-play stuff. Ok, enough said for now: Move out, you'll be runninginto AIDA very shortly. Pi will give you a short tutorial on how to do things But I'll add here and there to what's beeing said. For now Listen to Pi and read on when you're turned lose on the AIDA. ----------------------------- ------------------ AVATAR BATTLES----------------------- ----------------------------- Controls: Normal Mode: --Left joy stick Controls movement: Up- Move toward target. Down- Move away from target. Left- Strafe left Right- Strafe Right Square- Uses stun shot (also inflicts damage) X- Slash (when close to target) O- Dash/boost of speed (With Joy stick) Data Drain mode: X- (hold down) Charge Data Drain O- Dash Notes on controls and Avatar Battles: -certian attacks must be evaded with Dash in order to avoid taking heavy damage. -If you get hit when charging Data Drain you'll have to start charging again. -If you continously shoot AIDA with the 'Shot' button, you will stun your enemy. When this happens Dash in quickly and Slash away to inflict MAJOR damage. This is ussally the only way enough damage is inflicted to win. -Sometimes enemies will launch objects at you that you can only block by slashing at it. - You must perform Data Drain quickly, you have a timer after an enemy protect breaks, if it reaches 0 you'll more or less have to start over. -There is a direct relation between how strong Skeith is to how strong Haseo is. If Haseo levels up so does Skeith. Not much to say other then that: Good luck and enjoy the awesome avatar battles. ----------------------------------- BOSS FIGHT!: AIDA :1 My Level: 31 Enemy Attacks: Algol Bullet- use Slash to defend Algol Laser- Powerful attack, use Dash to avoid. Normal shot- It will shoot little balls of energy at you. Dash to evade. Keep shooting it till it's stuned, get and close and slash away. Keep going till it protect breaks. When it protect breaks you'll have a timer that will count down from about 1 minute, the timers vary from Boss to Boss. You need to data drain it in that time. Charge DD as you continue to watch the incomming enemy shots, dodge them and when AIDA pauses for a breif moment, release DD and fire away. ----------------------------------- Afterward Pi mentions that summoning more then one Avatar is dangerous and that for now the best way to do things is summon just one and suport that person. Also I'm sure you noticed that AVATARS generate a sort of alternate space when they're summoned. Not even Yata is sure why exactly that is, but as a result only avatar users can even see them. Which is a good thing. If regulare players knew about Avatars, they would seriously flip sh*t. But aside from that. Keep moving through the Dungeon and fight the next AIDA. Make sure to check back at the end of each AIDA battle. ----------------------------------- BOSS FIGHT!: AIDA :2 My Level: 31 Enemy Attacks: Algol Bullet- use Slash to defend Algol :Laser- Powerful attack, use Dash to avoid. Normal shot- It will shoot little balls of energy at you. Dash to evade. Keep shooting it till it's stuned, get and close and slash away. Keep going till it protect breaks. When it protect breaks you'll have a timer that will count down from about 1 minute, the timers vary from Boss to Boss. You need to data drain it in that time. Charge DD as you continue to watch the incomming enemy shots, dodge them and when AIDA pauses for a breif moment, release DD and fire away. ----------------------------------- Another down: and there's two more AIDA singnals in the area, keep looking. ----------------------------------- BOSS FIGHT!: AIDA :3 My Level: 31 Enemy Attacks: Algol Bullet- use Slash to defend Algol :Laser- Powerful attack, use Dash to avoid. Normal shot- It will shoot little balls of energy at you. Dash to evade. Stragedy: Keep shooting it till it's stuned, get and close and slash away. Keep going till it protect breaks. When it protect breaks you'll have a timer that will count down from about 1 minute, the timers vary from Boss to Boss. You need to data drain it in that time. Charge DD as you continue to watch the incomming enemy shots, dodge them and when AIDA pauses for a breif moment, release DD and fire away. ----------------------------------- As you finish with the third AIDA Pi mentions something about other users detected and that the singnal with in the area was steadily raising. Pi makes the call and says she'll take out the last one using her Avatar. For now you go to find it. Head off toward the other block (Section) of the area. You'll find what you're looking for at the Beast Statue. When you get there you'll have to be ready. You'll see a CG move where some story line events unfold. When you're ready to begin the next boss battle continue to read ahead so I can tell you how to handel it. But not until then other wise it'll give away some goodies. Continue then come back. -------------------------------- Movie- Pi Infected Short Version/Main points: As you and Pi were looking for the origin of the last signal AIDA comes out of nowhere and tried to infect Zelkova. But Pi saves the day....kinda. Pi gets infected with Aida, she wanted you to call Kuhn but Haseo know's it'll be too late by then, you have to do it. ---------------------------------- ----------------------------------- BOSS FIGHT!: Tarvos My Level: 31 Enemy Attacks: Normal shot- She shoots spikes out of her 'wings', Dodge with Dash Orb of Revenge- She launches a ball of binding energy at you, if you get caught in it, it will fuzz up your line of sight and make you all slow and stuff, use slash to block it. you may have to slash a few times to get it destroyed. If you do enough damage to her quickly enough she will launch bigger stakes at you, you need to destroy as many of them as you can before she's done attacking because the ones you don't block she will collect up again and then will use her main skill: Stake of Death- the stakes you didn't block she will launch at you again, and you can't avoid it. Data Drain-It won't kill you but you have to rapidly smash buttons to free yourself. What I ussally do is change my grip on my controller ( take my right hand off) when I know this is comming, and I take my pointer finger and my middel finger and rapidly smash the X and O button together to reduce the damage greatly. You can ussaly break free from the data drain effect with in about 1.5-2 seconds doing it like that, and that's essential durning other Avatar battles. Stragedy: She's tough if you're lower leveled but at level 31: no problem. She is still a challenge though, make no mistake about that. Keep shooting at her to try and stun her. Then move in close for an attack with slashing. Also I should note that on rare occasions I've seen her use her Wings to form a shield to protect herself. Not sure if you have to get in close to slash her or what not, but use your best judgement if it happens to you. Avoid her attacks as best you can, when she protect breaks she'll unlease a wave of stakes. As you charge DD use O to dash out of the way. When she pauses, let her have it. Afterward enjoy the scenes. ----------------------------------- -------------------------------- Movie- End Result Short Version/Main points: You once again see that under neather the @$$hole Haseo has a heart. "WELL GUESS WHAT HASEO! I'm gana beat that @$$hole out of you if it's the last thing I do. AND...you ARE gana become a hero if it kills you." ---------------------------------- Afterward you see some scenes with.....well their just two people..... the little guy is actually someone from the old games. And if my information is right, you'll be VERY suprised to find out who it is.....You want to know? WELL TOO BAD. Don't worry, Pi still has her Avatar, you just removed the AIDA that infected her. Or at least that's what my sources tell me. Anyway, grab the Beast statue treasure and warp back to town. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- When you return to town you'll get a note that you can replay Avatar Battles via the terminal in Raven's @home. Nothing much to do for now, log-out and check some e-mail. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Piros the 3rd : Re- Tri-Edge Short version: Basicly Piros has no idea what he's getting into. Make sure to Reply: "Rumors?" ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Atoli : Something Important Short version: Apperentally she needs to talk to you right away in Mac Anu. Hmmm something smells fishy about this. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Pi : Re-Comatose Short version: Reply: "Debt" ---------------------------------- Afterward log-in ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- You see Atoli and she's like flipping out. Anyway it's kinda funny. Better head out for the @home of the 2nd largest guild in "The World". Personally I really like this guild.... except for a few choice people. ---------------------------- -------14)Setting,Eterinty's,Night Moon ------- ---------------------------- Area Type:Landscape Area Level: (none) Party:Haseo,Atoli,Pi My level: 31 Just keep moving and watch the scenes. Nothing too much I have to go over. I'll Comment later: -Zelkova is extreemly intresting to me, He knows things that normal people don't. Not to mention he is every bit as strong if not stronger then Gabi. The major difference between the two is that Gabi shows off his strength now and then, Zelkova's strength isn't necessarily in levels (Don't get me wronge he's one of the strongest out there) but rather his strength is greatest in what he can do outside of the game. But I won't say too much more, I'll only give two hints: 1)In the old game this person had a tendency to randomly pop up here and there to watch major events unfold.2) Also, normal players can not edit Zelkova's horns into their character like he did; There was also a person in the old games who had a character like that. -Note that Zelkova was at that area to "observe". Pi Abruptly ends the meeting and leaves. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- When you get back to town, Pi brings up some very important points. Haseo is drawing WAY too much attention. I mean it's bad enough that he's the Terror of Death, but on top of that now he's becoming famous in the Tourtament. Now then, log-out and check for e-mails. The Official Forum has a topic about moon tree. Atoli made a post, reply to it and be nice to get affection raised. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Gaspard : Good Luck Short version: He give you an area key word to level up at: Useless. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- CC Corp : Second round notice Short version: Time to fight again. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Atoli : Re-Congrats Short version: reply: "Zelkova" ---------------------------------- Check news and forums too. ---------------------------------- -News- Short version: Just an artical about the space programm. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Short Version: The World- Some stuff on armor and the Hidden Quest in the game. CrimisonVS- Nothing important. News-Nothing to big. Rumors- Stupid crap Apkallu- new pics ---------------------------------- Save and Log-in. Atoli replied to your post on the official forum. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- This is your last chance to level up before the next round. I would be level 32 if I were you or else this becomes a bit of a challenge, but not too bad. Also, I should note that you might want to talk with Death Grunty to see where you stand on the Books of 1000. Anyway I went ahead and took off for a level 34 area. ---------------------------- -------**)(Random),(Random),(Random)------- ---------------------------- Area Type:Field Area Level:34 Party:Haseo,Atoli,Silabus My level: 31 I Should mention that you should save any higher leveled equipment. Also you're not allowed to gain a weapon level over 5 before the first round of the tourtament, and as for me I was just about to gain another level, thats how I found out. Point being is that when you reach Weapon level 7 with your twin swords you'll gain Tri-Strike, your last Art for Twin Swords. After that I would work a bit on your broad sword skills, after all it'll probably end up being your weapon of choice. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Also now that I've been thinking of Weapon Levels. There's a Cleric that you can trade with in town called Henko. She has these items that you can get from her that will raise you're weapon level by 50%. If you have enough items that she finds valueable, you can get these from her and raise weapons levels fast. I believe that Weapon level 7 renders your finial Art for Each type of Weapon. That's four arts each, your party members can only get up to 3 arts each. So don't bother using those items on them. Also I'm prety sure there's a guy called Corporal *something*, anyway he has those items to trade aswell. (Note that if they don't have those items yet, they will later in the game) -Make sure to do the chores: Save game,Buy healing items,Work to upgrade equipment, and Restock When all is ready, get set for the next round: Warp to the Arena ---------------------------- -------Town: Lumina Cloth ------- ---------------------------- Register for the next round. As you guys prepare for the next round Haseo shows that he really really really is an @$$hole. I swear. Anyway good luck with the fight. ---------------------------- ---------15) Tourtament: Round Two -------------- ---------------------------- -Party:Haseo (33),Atoli(32),Silabus(32) -Opponets: Matsu (33),Bekunai(32),Yosuke(32) -Before the fight advice: This time you'll have to beat Matsu for real, no story event to save you this time. Just pound that crap out of him. Good luck. ------------------------------------------------- Afterward you see some scenes at which point you aquire Flame Sword. Which is sweet cause it's a really good weapon. Not a thing to do but log out and check e-mails. As you go to check your e-mail (if you visited Death Grunty and caught up on how you've progressed with the books of 1000) you may have new Greeting cards. Feel free to send them to anyone you want. I suggest Kuhn and Pi over the others just becuase their characters have backgrounds that are more relavent to the story line. Aside from that, Check your e-mail: ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Gaspard : RE- Good luck Short version: He just says thanks ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Piros the 3rd : New Descration Discovered. Short version: Piros found a new location where a Tri-Edge Sign mark is. Hmmmm.... ---------------------------------- Also the Apkallu has some new pictures to look at. Log-in when ready. ---------------------------- -------Town: Lumina Cloth ------- ---------------------------- Warp over to Mac Anu. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Just warp to the area, don't invite anyone. ---------------------------- -------16)Hidden,Forbidden,Bulwark------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Landscape Area Level: None Party:Haseo,None,None My level: 33 As you warp toward this area you'll see some scenes. Watch first then read on. Ovan and Yata seem to have an understanding with one another, and it seems to me they know exactly what's been happening to Haseo and why...or at least Ovan understands completly. Ovan also mentions that the wall is a 'prison ' for something, either what is on the other side of the wall, or what's on 'this' side of the wall...... As Haseo shows up Piros' dang ugly face is there to greet him. Just keep talking to him until Haseo says there's no point in sticking around. Warp back to Town. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- When you get back to town get ready for some training: You need to level you and your Party up and look into new equipment up-grades. Buy/Trade/Find from treasure chest: (Haseo)Level 30 Twin swords-Customize with Fire attack and +10% Critacal hit (Haseo)Level 32 Flame Sword (matsu gives this to you after the second round) (Haseo) Level 35 Heavey Armor- Customize with -10% Physical damage, and -10% Magic Damage. (Haseo) level 24 or 35 accessory- Customize with Arts Knowledge (Atoli)Level 32 Staff- Customize with Water attack and Cure (or)Sleep (Atoli)level 28 Robes- Customize with -10% Physical damage (Atoli) Level 24 0r 35 accessory- Customize with Heal Knowledge (Silabus)Level 35 Sword- Customize with fire attack (Silabus) Level 28 light armor- Customize with -10% Physical damage (Silabus)level 24 or 35 accessory- Customize with Arts Knowledge When you and your party reach level 36, you'll be able to equipe all these items and you'll easily be ready for the next round. When you're done with that log-out to continue the story. By the way, at some point near here Canard's guild rank should probably increase to the 2nd rank. What this means is that you may or may not be getting an e-mail from cc-corp saying that You can buy up-grades for the guild. Just go to Death grunty and talk to him. All you need to know is that if you get the expansion you can sell up to 7 items at the guild shop at one time, and store more items. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Antares : Extreemly Urgent Short version: Go to the Arena ---------------------------------- ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Warp over to the other town. ---------------------------- -------Town: Lumina Cloth ------- ---------------------------- Chase Alkaid to the back ally Behind the Arena. Watch the scenes with Haseo and Endrance. The pric decides to tick Haseo off yet again. I love how Haseo randomly decides that loging-out and checking his e-mail would be a good idea right in the middle of throwning a little tirade. Take his advice: ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Gaspard : you'll win Short version: he says that he's sorry he can do little more then help you find good area to train at. Well I'll be the judge of that. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- CC Corp : Semi-Finals Short version: It's almost time to fight the next match....Almost, you need to go out and level up. But we can do that in a bit. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Silabus : Contrats Short version: There's a quest that he'd like to do with you and Gaspard. ---------------------------------- Go ahead and log-in. ---------------------------- -------Town: Lumina Cloth ------- ---------------------------- Go ahead and put Silabus in your party and head over to the counter and register. Then get ready for the semi-finals match. There's nothing to say about the waiting room because nothing is said between Haseo and party. But you get to watch some funny scenes with Kuhn and Pi. =P ---------17)Tourtament: Semi-Finals-------------- ---------------------------- -Party:Haseo (37),Atoli(36),Silabus(36) -Opponets: Alkaid (36),Mika(35),Luca(35) -Before the fight advice: If you made sure to Level up and get equipment then this fight will be very easy. Just keep at it and don't give up. There shouldn't be too much trouble for you. Good luck and see you on the other side. ------------------------------------------------- Don't read on till the tourtament round is over. -------------------------------- Movie- Alkaid's Furry Short Version/Main points: See, it's kinda weird, cause Haseo didn't MEAN to summon skeith, it kinda happened. That's not a good sign. But needless to say he still won the round and will face off with the last team in the finials. ---------------------------------- And then we have the scenes with Kuhn and Pi again. Kuhn is gana show Haseo just how terrifying the power of avatars are. Well nothing to do but log-out and check the fourms and e-mail. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Gaspard : Found Rumor Short version: Gaspard found a Rumor on the board, make sure to check it out. ---------------------------------- After you read the Board, go ahead and log-in. ---------------------------- -------Town: Lumina Cloth ------- ---------------------------- Warp over to Mac Anu. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Head off for the area. ---------------------------- -------18)Hidden,Forbidden,Bulwark------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Landscape Area Level: None Party:Haseo,None,None My level: 37 As you enter you'll approch the wall to see some scenes. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- As you warp back to town, DONT log-out. Form a party with Atoli and Silibus. You all need to get to level 42 before you log-out and head for the next round of the tourtament. ---------------------------- -------**)(Random),(Random),(Random)------- ---------------------------- Area Type:Field Area Level:39 Party:Haseo,Atoli,Silabus My level: 37 Level-up alot and then head back to town. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Once back I should mention a few things to keep in mind: 1) is that by this point in the game Henko should have skill books to up your weapon levels 2) Is that Haseo and Atoli will be able to get a level 42 peice of armor. 3) Eventually you may or may not come across some level 40 accessories. They're the best this game can offer, so make sure to get some. 4) You'll probably need to head back out and keep leveling-up. ---------------------------- -------**)(Random),(Random),(Random)------- ---------------------------- Area Type:Field Area Level:40 Party:Haseo,Atoli,Silabus My level: 38 ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Restock, Trade, Buy/sell, upgrade equipment. ---------------------------- -------**)(Random),(Random),(Random)------- ---------------------------- Area Type:Field Area Level:42 Party:Haseo,Atoli,Silabus My level: 40 ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- When you get back to town you should be ready for the next and final round. Make sure to scout out for the last bits of equipment you might need, it'll probably just be armor and accessories.Get what you can, the last round is not easy, and if you aren't ready for it, you'll get you @$$ handed to you. So when you think your ready Log-out and check your mail. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Silabus : I'm Nourvous Short version: Gives you some area words to level up at, again useless at this point for you. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- CC-Corp : Tourtment Notice Short version: Time to fight the finial round. ---------------------------------- Log back in. ------------ ---------------------The Change------------------- ------------ ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Get Silabus and Atoli into a Party and head over to the arena. ---------------------------- -------Town: Lumina Cloth ------- ---------------------------- Last Chance to do anything you need to. Then it's the Final Round. Remeber way at the begining of the Tourtament that Kuhn said GU members were taking part in the tourtament to target Endrance? Yeah well lets just say you and them want to fight Endrance, so you two teams will have to fight it out to decided who gets to go to the Championship match. ---------------------------- ---------19) Tourtament: Finials-------------- ---------------------------- -Party:Haseo (42),Atoli(42),Silabus(42) -Opponets: Kuhn (41),Pi(41),Antares(41) -Before the fight advice: If you've prepared for this, and you know your arena tactics. And with some luck, and serious kicking of @$$ you'll do ok. Really the best thing you can do is pick one of your opponents and just focus on that one only. I would just consentrate on that person Silabus is attacking. Or use the Menu and have Silabus use an Arts on the person you're attacking so he focuses on that person aswell. Just makes sure to REALLY keep an eye on Kuhn's Steam gunner attacks. He uses them ALOT. So either use that to your advantage and counter-attack, or just hold the block button. Good luck and see you on the other side. ----------------------------------- BOSS FIGHT!: Magus My Level: 42 Enemy Attacks: Normal shot- Kuhn will fire off a volley of rapid fire, dash like crazy to avoid. Flash of Green- A bunch of lasers will shoot out from magus. First they will go down the screen. Move a little to the left, then when the lasers start to come back up, move right back a little to where you started. They'll miss you entirely. Unforgiving Bud- Basicly Kuhn will release a bunch of buds that will come to attack you. Slash at them as the come closer to destroy them. If you can't get them all , dash away in the oppisite direstion. Data Drain- Kuhn won't use Data Drain on you. Good thing too. Stragedy: --!!!-- This is important. Kuhn uses his avatar's shield to block almost all of your attacks. You can break the shield and stun Magus by shooting all the green ovals that rotate on the out side of his shield. Basicly they'll shatter,and when their all gone, the shield will break you you will be able to land some slashes to inflict some major damage. ----------------------------------- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---------------- I here by say that this my FAVORITE CG movie in this game, AND almost the BEST I've seen in the entire series of all the games (old and new). There's only a handful of other scenes that can compare to this story event. When I first watched this I almost cried.......almost. But none the less it teaches a truly great lesson about power and the responsibilities of having it. Anyway, enjoy the movies. They really are awesome. ---------------- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finishes all the scenes then come back and read. ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Movie- Roar of the Beast Short Version/Main points: Yeah Haseo looses control of his Avatar, and Skeith decides to have a heyday. At this point Haseo starts freaking out cause Skaeith it seriously kicking Kuhn's @$$. ---------------------------------- You see some scenes where Kuhn talk to Haseo. -------------------------------- Movie- Magus' Death Short Version/Main points: That's right Kuhn is dead, and Magus is destroyed when Skeith Data Drains Kuhn's Avatar. ---------------------------------- Actually Kuhn is alright. See apperentally each Avatar has a Special ability, Kuhn's avatar can generate all sorts of data, So kuhn made a look-alike of his own Avatar and that is what Skeith ACTUALLY Data Drained. Which means Kuhn's Avatar is fine and so is Kuhn. This whole thing makes Haseo realize just how dangerous avatars are and so FINIALLY Haseo is less of an @$$Hole and takes one more step toward becoming the coolest and most bad @$$ hero ever seen in the .Hack series. To be honest one could almost describe his new attatude as almost positive. Cheers! When it's all said and done with, log-out. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Yata : Endrance Short version: You need to go to Raven to Advance plot. But first the other e-mails. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Piros the 3rd : Re: Rumors Short version: yeah reply anyway you want, it doesn't matter. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Silibus : Re- You don't need to know Short version: Just that you're gana fight Endrance. Lol, who'd a thunk that a poor leveled down Terror of Death, low level Blade from a noob support guild, and a Cleric from Moon Tree would face the a very famous Emperor in the Champoinship. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Kuhn : Kestral Short version: Just some back ground info. on Kuhn. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Atoli : Re-Zelkova Short version: She just says some nice things about him. ---------------------------------- Alright well enough of that, time to log-in and check out what's going on at Raven. ---------------------------- -------Town: Lumina Cloth ------- ---------------------------- Warp over to mac Anu. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Head over to Raven. As you enter you see some scenes. Pi and Haseo finially kiss and make up. lol. Kuhn is as out going as ever, must be all those Women he like to flirt with, he never has to put up with any of them in real life. =P Just kidding. No, other then his questionable habits he really is a cool guy. Anyway as you watch Yata will give Haseo a new assignment. Yata wants Haseo to have a talk with Endrance because pratically nothing is known about him. Hey, don't forget, there is a Avatar battle Simulator at the Serpent of Lore terminal. If you beat the pratice battles you can earn some extra back grounds for the desktop. Anyway, You only have the Championship match, so time to finish what you started. Get your normal party together and head for another batch of training. For the next round I suggest having everyone at level 47: Not too high but not too weak either. ---------------------------- -------**)(Random),(Random),(Random)------- ---------------------------- Area Type:Field Area Level:44 Party:Haseo,Atoli,Silabus My level: 42 When you get back to town: Buy/Trade/Find from treasure chest: (Haseo)Level 30 Twin swords-Customize with Fire attack and +10% Critacal hit (Haseo)Level 43 Broad Sword-Customize with Fire attack and +10% Critacal hit (Haseo) Level 47 Heavey Armor- Customize with -10% Physical damage, and -10% Magic Damage. (Haseo) level 40 accessory- Customize with Arts Knowledge X2 (Atoli)Level 32 or 38 Staff- Customize with Water attack and Cure (or)Sleep (Atoli)level 42 Robes- Customize with -10% Physical damage and -10% Magic Damage. (Atoli) Level 40 accessory- Customize with Heal Knowledge X2 (Silabus)Level 35 Sword- Customize with fire attack and +10% Critacal hit (Silabus) Level 42 light armor- Customize with -10% Physical damage (Silabus)level 40 accessory- Customize with Arts Knowledge X2 Also Restock any healing items you might need. If you log-out you'll have some e-mails there. Don't worry you should have some extra time to gain the last few levels you need. There's one e-mail here that's very important being that you'll need it to get a new sword for Haseo. Log-Out. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Atoli : I'm thrilled Short version: what's important is that she gives you some very important key words that will alow you to 1) get a new and better broad swords for Haseo, and 2) will give you some words that you can creat higher leveled areas with. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Pi : Re-Debt Short version: She gives you some words of encouragement ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Pi : A good lesson Short version: There's a quest she would like you and Kuhn to go with her. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Kuhn : Quest Short version: he has a quest you and pi should go with him on too. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- cc-Corp : Title Match Short version: Time for the title match, but first we need to level up and get that Broad sword, the best broad sword for the first game. ---------------------------------- Log-in. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Head out to gain the last few levels and equipment. ---------------------------- -------**)(Random),(Random),(Random)------- ---------------------------- Area Type:Field Area Level:47 Party:Haseo,Atoli,Silabus My level: 45 Hopfully You will be getting the level 43 Broad sword, and you should be getting extras: use the extras to alchmise them and make it more powerful. When you get back to town: Buy/Trade/Find from treasure chest: (Haseo)Level 30 Twin swords-Customize with Fire attack and +10% Critacal hit (Haseo)Level 43 Broad Sword-Customize with Fire attack and +10% Critacal hit (Haseo) Level 47 Heavey Armor- Customize with -10% Physical damage, and -10% Magic Damage. (Haseo) level 40 accessory- Customize with Arts Knowledge X2 (Atoli)Level 32 or 38 Staff- Customize with Water attack and Cure (or)Sleep (Atoli)level 42 Robes- Customize with -10% Physical damage and -10% Magic Damage. (Atoli) Level 40 accessory- Customize with Heal Knowledge X2 (Silabus)Level 35 Sword- Customize with fire attack and +10% Critacal hit (Silabus) Level 42 light armor- Customize with -10% Physical damage (Silabus)level 40 accessory- Customize with Arts Knowledge X2 Also Restock any healing items you might need. By this time you should be ready to go for sure. Also, Now would be a good time to try and find those Beginner Texts from Henko and Corporal Yano. You should gain your the last of your Arts at wepons level 7. You probably wont be able to reach that weapon level but trying doesn't hurt. When you're all ready head for the Title match at Lumina Cloth, it's time to finish what we started. Save and then time to head off for the Arena and the Title Match ---------------------------- -------Town: Lumina Cloth ------- ---------------------------- As you warp to Lumina Cloth you'll see some scenes with En and Sakubo. Register for the Fight at the counter and get ready to rock. ---------------------------- ---------20) Tourtament: Title Match-------------- ---------------------------- -Party:Haseo (47),Atoli(47),Silabus(47) -Opponets: Endrance (45),(None),(None) -Before the fight advice: As you enter you'll see some scenes with Ovan. You find out that Haseo was in Ovan's guild: The Twlight Brigade. Zelkova mentions that he is now extreemly intrested in Haseo now....hehehe. And of course Zelkova would be I mean if you knew what I know about Zelkova you might understand. Also the .Hack Vertrans know what I'm talking about. I mean the character that Zelkova used to be had a reputation for poping in here and there and always being around when something big went down. (At this point its only a rumor and hasn't been totaly confirmed, but it makes alot of sence considering the evidence) Just hack away. Endrance is a extreemly quick fighter, but you can be faster. Let Silabus hack away at him and when he attempts to use the Arts, just counter attack. Good luck and see you on the other side. ----------------------------------- BOSS FIGHT!: Macha My Level: 47 Enemy Attacks: Normal shot- he'll throw two sets of disks at you, dash to avoid. They're fast,so be quick. Normal Slash- When he charges you dodge to the side then shoot to stun Macha. Bolt of Love- Endrance unleashes several Rose like flowers, they'll come near you and fire a laser type shot at you. You can defend by destroying the flowers when they get close. Seductive Voice- He attacks with sound waves, just keep dashing to the side and you'll be fine. Bewitching wind- Endrance surounds Macha with parts of roses, be careful. This is one of the more dangerous attacks. You can't even hit macha with a shot: Macha will raise up in the air a bit more and when it does it will charge you right afterward. BE CAREFUL, you have to be quick and dash out of the way fast. This is also a great openign to stun. Data Drain- Endrance will go nuts in terms of Data Drain. So I hope you got your Data Drain defence stradgey down-> Two button smashing. Stragedy: --!!!-- Macha is very fast and you'll have to be on your toes to dodge . The best oppertunity to stun Macha is when Endrance charges you, dodge to the side and while Macha's back is turned fire away. You should be able to stun; then move in fast to land some slashes. when Macha protect breaks, DD his but. When the fight ends MAKE SURE to listen to what Endrance says as his cat dissapears. He says one word, and it's all that the fans of the older games will know exactly who Endrance is from the old games. AND YES, this character connection is in fact confirmed. ----------------------------------- -------------------------------- Movie- "She" Dissappers Short Version/Main points: He says just one word: "Mia". And for the vetrans, there is only one character that Was very close to Mia. That explains why he has Macha for an avatar, and also why he's got the whole blue hair thing going on. ---------------------------------- CONGRATS: You have now finished the tourtmant and we all can FINIALLY get on with our lives. Lol, well I hope you enjoyed that cause you get to do it again later. hehe. Anyway, nothing to do but log-out and check the new mail, lots of new mail, you just got. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- CC-Corp : Crowning Cermony Short version: New event to top off your win, YAY! ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Sakubo : You'll Pay Short version: She's pi$$ed at you. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Antares : Just as I expected Short version: He says you did him proud. lol. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Yata : Good Work Short version: He says that you did well and mentions he's intrested in what Endrance ment by: "The outside world" ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Pi : well done Short version: More or less the same as above ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Kuhn : Congrats Short version: Same as ppl above, but he says he'd be glad to join you on a quest. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Gaspard : Amazing Short version: He says it's awesome to have a Arena Emperor in the guild. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Silabus : Congrats Short version: He says its great to have you there. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Atoli : Congrats Short version: She says she hope she helped, lol: if it wasn't for her you would have died so many times it's not funny. ---------------------------------- Anyway, check the news and Forum since it's been awhile since anything new has been on there: ---------------------------------- -News- Short version: Some stuff about new technology and then an artical about 'The World'. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Short Version: Some stuff about CC-corp and then some picture in the Apkulla. ---------------------------------- When you're done, go ahead and log-in. ---------------------------- -------Town: Lumina Cloth ------- ---------------------------- Warp over to Mac Anu, ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Head for the harbor, I like to take the nice long bike ride there and enjoy the feeling of beating the Tourtment. Also, as you walk by in the Towns now, you'll notice some people will recongize you as the Emperor. You'll find the ship at the harbor, bord the ship and talk to the Captian. When you do you'll find yourself at the Lost Grounds: Isles of Kings. --------------------------------- -------Town: Lost Grounds: Isles of Kings.------- -------------------------------- Just go around and talk to everyone you see, make sure to talk to the people at the docks too. There's a few that are easy to miss. I hate to say it but one of the people is Piros, and yeah he is......talk to him. He's On the dock farest out, and when I said he was gay, I ment it. So anyway, when you talk to Everyone, go looking for Atoli, she in the pavilion out off of the dinner area. You see some scenes with Atoli and Ovan.. Very sad, Ovan is a Bast@*d. Anyway...... When it's all done and over will, head back to the city. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Then log-out. ------------------------------- -----------------The Other Side of 'The World'------------------- ------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Yata : Urgent Short version: You need to go to Raven, and fast too. --------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Silabus : About Atoli Short version: He tells you about Atoli and how Haseo never thanked her for what she did for you guys in the arena. --------------------------------- Well Check the forums real 'quick like' and then log-in. ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Short Version: there's some topics about the new artist for Crimsion VS. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- As you log-in you'll see some scenes with Atoli at the Lost Grounds. As you enter mac Anu, head for Raven. As you enter you'll yet more scenes, watch first then move on. -------------------------------- Movie- Other Side Short Version/Main points: Atoli got sucked through the Tri-Edge Sign, looks like you need to go chase after her and find out what the crap is going on. And yes Atoli is a possible Avatar user. Yata found that out when Haseo used Skeith for the first time on the Pkers. Also, you may or may not remember there was one other person who saw Haseo use the Avatar. hehehe, if you're not sure then look it up in the movies from your desktop. ---------------------------------- You'll also see some scenes with Ovan and Yata talking. --Preparing for the Final Battle- Anywho, Kuhn and Pi will be with you for your finial party when you face the finial Boss. And yes, sadly our time is quickly comming to a close. However, not just yet, Kuhn and Pi are level 44 at this point, they need to gain 6 more levels. Haseo should be around level 47, he needs 3 more levels. Also you'll need get the following equipment and items: Buy/Trade/Find from treasure chest: (Haseo)Level 40 Twin swords-Customize with Fire attack and +10% Critacal hit. (If you want to get the best set of twin blades in the game Keep reading) (Haseo)Level 43 Broad Sword-Customize with Fire attack and +10% Critacal hit. (Alchemise to +5) (Haseo) Level 47 Heavey Armor- Customize with -10% Physical damage, and -10% Magic Damage. (Haseo) level 40 accessory- Customize with Arts Knowledge X2. (Pi)Level 32 Gauntlets - Customize with Fire attack and +10% Critacal hit. (Pi)level 42 Light armor- Customize with -10% Physical damage and -10% Magic Damage. (Pi) Level 40 accessory- Customize with Heal Knowledge and Arts Knowledge. (Kuhn)Level 41 Steam Gun- Customize with fire attack and +10% Critacal hit. (Kuhn) Level 42 Light armor- Customize with -10% Physical damage. (Kuhn)level 40 accessory- Customize with Arts Knowledge X2. Also: if you can find Henko or Corporal Yano and get the Begingers text and Beginers Book. You will gain the 4th and finial Arts for your weapons at skill level 7. Also, Your party members will gain only 2-3 Arts, not 4 like you. Or if you like now that the tourtment is over head over to the arena and gain some skill exp from the Arena. -Important- I should note that Pi and Kuhn will just talk to you if you attempt to trade with them or anything like that, so you'll have to take them to a field if you intend to give them any of the above mentioned things. ---------------------------- -------**)(Random),(Random),(Random)------- ---------------------------- Area Type:Field Area Level:48 Party:Haseo,Pi, Kuhn My level: 47 Just level up, gain back some cash you spent of equipment and what not. Also, try and gain your 4th Arts. But when it's all said and done, head back to town. Ok At this point in the game there's a pile of quests to do at the quest shop. But, there's no sense in doing them now because you'll have lots of time after you beat the game. So cheers. I'll cover all of them in the Post-Game section that way it makes things easier and more enjoyable, and of Course the game's hidden quest. And you Can't do that one till you beat the game anyway. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Re-stock then head back out one last time. ---------------------------- -------**)(Random),(Random),(Random)------- ---------------------------- Area Type:Field Area Level:50 Party:Haseo,Pi, Kuhn My level: 48 ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- If you need to go out again and gain the last level or two then do so now. At this time I will cover only one of the quest you can do at the quest shop. The reason for this is that Haseo will eventually get his 'ultimate' weapon for the game. It's not really the ultimate weapon in the sence that it's not one of the lost weapons that really are the ultimate weapons that you can get in the second game ; but it's a close as you'll get for this game. Anyway get your party together and if you want those Twin Blades (I mean they are prety cool and all.) then read the following section. If not then Skip the next part and read where the title for the Final Battle is. ------Ultimate Weapons for Haseo------- Ok here is where I show the Pros and Cons between the best 2 sets of twin blades you can get: Name:Ripper's Blade: Level: 45 Combo Style: Speed (extra set speed attacks added like the level 30 spin axe) Physical Attack: +15 Elemental Bonus: None Customize Bonus: None Slots: Filled, can't be changed. To get: Complete the Bounty hunter Test Quest, then hunt down all 7 pkers on black list Name: Spin Needle Level: 40 Combo Style: Hold and Release Physical Attack: +14 Elemental Bonus: +1 Wind (and added Elemental) Costumize Bonus: Up to X 1.25 To Get: Will cost 120,000+ gp to Alchemise. To do that you must buy 6 level 35 Spin Axe, Alchmise them to get Spin Axe +5, use with Level 40 Spin Needle to get Spin Needle +1 (levl 40). If you do this 5 times it will cost you 120,000+ gp, but you'll have the strongest twin swords because of (X 1.25 Damage). Slots: Fill in what you like. To Get: Prize for toutament, then Alchmise 5 times with Spin Axe+5. Honestly the Ripper's Blade is cheaper, easier to get, and is almost just as good. ---------------------- Name: Broad Wings Level: 43 Combo Style: Hold and Release Physical Attack: +38 Elemental Bonus: None Costumize Bonus: Up to X 1.25 To Get: Find on in a field, then Alchmise 5 more to it to gain the (X 1.25 Damage) bonus. -Honestly it's that simple. ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------How to get the Ripper's Blade----------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Head for the Quest shop and accept the Bounty Hunter Test. Quest:Bounty Hunter Test ---------------------------- -------21)Dancing,Mourning,Masquerade (Q)------- ---------------------------- Area Type:Field Area Level:10 Party:Haseo,Pi, Kuhn My level:50 This is very very easy, just go around and kill everything at the alters. When you're done head back to town. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Finish the quest. Note that the bounty hunter dude will not apear in the alley unil you log out and check your e-mail,then log back in. Make sure to talk to him before you start in on the next part. Basicly you need to defeat the 7 'BlackList' Pkers. If you do that you earn the best twin blades in the game. =) Now then you'll be heading to an area. Theres one that I know of that'll work well for what we're going to be doing. It is fields with battle Area->(where you encounter other players including pkers) VERY close to the warp point where you enter the field at. If you keep entering the battle areas you will eventually come across all 7 of the pkers, defeat them all and you'll earn those twin blades. Here are the area KeyWords I used to do this and also the list of the Pkers and their classes. (The keywords should all have Beserker for the third word.) Key words: -- Counting, Red Plum's, Berserker (or try) Protected, Wraths, Berserker This is probably the best place your gana find that'll work the best for you. ---------------------------- -------22)Counting, Red Plum's, Berserker (q)------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Field Area Level:40 Party:Haseo,Pi, Kuhn My level: 50 -The 7 Black List Pkers- Name/Class Greedy Cervantes-Blade Genjyo the Fatal-Steam Gunner Fiery Genie-Five-Warlock Magical Pokotan-Twin Sword Garden Michelle-Lord Partisan Poision Lei Lei-Tribel Grappler Immortal Goriki- Edge Punisher --Just repeat until you kill all 7, You may have to do this many times because when you enter a battle Area the battle will be with: A) Normal Monsters, B)Normal Pker, Or C) Black List Pker. -See the dude in the back alley in the Mercenary District for your rewards, including one of the best sets of twin blades upon completling the list. --Also, this is a good place to do the Mecha Grunty thing. Use the warp point to get to the other island, Mecha Grunty is close by. Kick the trees for Chims. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- This is the last chance to level up and grab what you need befroe the finial battle. When you are finially ready head for the Final Area. -Alright then, Really there's nothing else I can do. You've got the best chance now more then ever of beating the finial boss. -IMPORTANT!!-There is one thing I should mention, I'm prety sure I said this before somewhere in the game, but it is VERY important that you teach Repth to Pi. Just go to the magic store and buy the Repth scroll, use it on Pi. Once done, set her to "Life" under strategy. Ok then, on to the end of the game: ---------------------------- -------23)Hidden,Forbidden,Bulwark------- ---------------------------- Area Type:LandScape Area Level: None Party:Haseo(50),Pi(50),Kuhn(50) My level:50 Ok as you enter the area you'll see some scenes and given the last chance to turn back, well if you've done even half the things I told you to you'll be fine. As you enter the 'Other side' you'll watch some scenes and movies. Be forewarned, this is a two part battle. Stop for now, and go play till you're ready to begin combat with the final boss, then pause and come back to read, Good Luck: -------------------------------- Movie- Old Enemy Short Version/Main points: HE'S BACK!!!!! Hehehe, time to settle things, but first a note from your friendly commentator; do you find it intresting that Tri-Edge didn't even seem to notice that Haseo and the gang were even standing there until AFTER Haseo drew his swords and prepared to attack? ---------------------------------- ----------------------------------- BOSS FIGHT!: That's right, it's Tri-Edge, or I should say someone else maybe: see if you importated data from the old games, What ever you named Kite in the Old games will be his name in the new ones also. =) My Level: 50 Enemy Attacks: Normal Slash: He sends a blue slash of fire at you. Stay Behind him. Area Attack: Tri-Edge will rise in the air and release a Sphere of blue fire. Attack Skill- Not sure what it's called but he'll charge you or a party member and attack, then dissapear then reapear and attack again, he'll do this several times. Amazing Skill: Not sure what this is called either, but he'll pin one character in mid air, then he'll form 3 copies of tri-edge, together they'll attack the party member many times, over-all doing a good amount of damage. Stragedy: Stay behind him as much as possible. Hack away with the broad sword, it works best. Keep health up by setting Pi to Healer, if you gave her the Repth scroll she should at least have that spell to keep you and kuhn alive. That's it good luck. Beat his @$$ then come back and read more. --!!!-- ----------------------------------- -------------------------------- Movie- Evolving Threat Short Version/Main points: Yeah, he's not done yet. Enough said. Anyway as you they start to fall though the floor, make sure to look closly at the big black blob of black matter that looks alot like AIDA. If you ask me I think it's important, tho I've been told it's not. But we shall see in the next game. ---------------------------------- ----------------------------------- BOSS FIGHT!: Azure Flame god My Level: EVER BIT OF 50 Enemy Attacks: Normal shot- He fires a line of blue fire balls, move in between them to avoid damage. Area Attack- He'll unload two large fire balls on you. They'll explode to form lots of little fire balls. As it starts to explode, start to move forward, don't dash till the last second, and then only once. That way when the come together at you, you'll pass through the open space in the center, leaving you unharmed. --Azure Tigger Claws-- This is the most annoying attack EVER, He'll throw two sets of blades at you, but if you just stand still and combo slash at them, you'll run out of slashs in the combo, and the last two times you need to slash you won't be able to. Hence they'll hit you for decent damage and that'll add up after awhile. There's only ONE way I know how to beat back this attack. 1) as he throws the Spinning blades at you, wait for half a second then dash forward at him and slash ONLY twice. This will knock the blades to the side for just a second. 2) Then, VERY quickly dash to the right. As they start to come at you again, you will be able to start with a new combo and finsh defelecting them. This does not work all the time but I seem to have a 2/3 chance to pull it off. -Azure Wild Flower- When he pulls back to charge, DASH to the side and do it fast, because if he grabs you, you will suffer a MASSIVE ball of energy to the face. You can only afford to take a hit like that once or twice before you'll die. But there is one good thing: if he misses you it'll give to the chance to dash in quickly toward him and land some slashes for a small amount of damage. Better then nothing. Also he'll probably try to do this several times in a row. Stragedy: That's right ladies and gentalmen, Skeith and the Azure Flame god are having a show down!!. Heck yeah, time to seriously kick @$$. As he starts to shoot flame balls, keep firing into him with Skeith's normal shot, try not to move side to side as much as possible, if you can get 4-5 direct hits in a row, it'll stun him and give you an opening to attack. Just keep trying to stun him as he throws those normal fire balls at you. Try not to move as much as possible. You can do it. This is you chance to do massive damage on him, you need to do this as much as possible. Other wise you won't be able to inflict enough damage. -He'll protect break sooner or later. Charg Data Drain and dodge those fire balls!! When he stops, let him have it. --!!!-- ----------------------------------- -------------------------------- Movie- Final Battle Short Version/Main points: Congrats you finished them game. Watch the events and enjoy. I'll be seeing you later when the next game comes out May 9,07. Till then: Enjoy my sections about the post game activites and everything you need to do before playing Vol 2. Later. ---------------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------End of Vol. 1 / Post Game------------------- -------------------------- First off you'll get an e-mail from the game creators =) ---------------------------------- -E-mail- Uchiyamada : Congrats on finishing Short version: Basicly he goes over the fact that as long as you keep your saved game as "Clear Data", you'll be able to load your character's items, money, equipment, levels, exp, est. when you start Vol. 2. This has to be one of the biggest reasons I love .hack// ---------------------------------- There's a new 'Online Jack' for you to see, which is the last one for this game. But don't worry you'll continue to follow Jack's story in the next games. And yes, this one is rather good as well, not to mention cool. ---------------------------------- -News- Short version: there's a boring articale about Methane, and also an intresting artical about making a movie about "The World". But lastly there is the finial episode for 'Online Jack' that is available for this game, his story will continue in the next game. Watch and enjoy. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Short Version: Lots of stuff here. There's a sweet topic under "Got Ganked". People talking about Haseo clearing out the black list. Hehehe, sweet! There's a comment on the Crimsion VS forum about how it may be possibly opening soon. You actually get to play it in the second game. The other forums just say some other stuff, not too important. ---------------------------------- Anyway, At this point I'm going to cover the games hidden quest, regulare quests from the Quest shop, and other odds and ends. Before you start into the next section I should mention that if you kept selling stuff at the guild shop, you can visit the central district and collect the rather large sum of money that Gaspard needs to give you. I got about 75,000gp for roughly 30+ itmes from training before the finial boss. =D Also, before you sart into Vol 2. I highly suggest collecting Begginer's Text/Books from Corpral Yano and Henako. You should have 22 at least. And sincw we're talking about getting stuff for the next game. I suggest you save up about $250,000. This will greatly help you when starting the next game. --------------- ---------------- a)Normal Quests --------------- --------------- List of normal Quests: 1)Steam Scientist's Invention 2)Animal Mania 3)Crown Quest 4)Bikman's Art Supplies 5)Bounty Hunter's Test 6)Pursuer of the Twilight 7)Crab Monster Party 8)Maze of the Bird Monster 9)UnderGround Exploration 10)Defeat Gurugon ------------------------- I'm going to start at the top, beacuse I'm smart like that, and just go right down the list. Note- All quest must be started at the Quest shop in Mac Anu. That is all but the Hidden quest but that would make it a Hidden quest and not a normal quest, hence you will find the section on it after this one. But anywho. -------------------------- -----1)Steam Scientist's Invention ---------------------------- ------- Essential,Idling,Old World ------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Field Area Level:9 Party: Haseo,Pi, Kuhn My Level: 50 Basicly you can chose to do things the easy way or the hard way, If you waited like I did till the end of the game to do all the extra quest: you can go right ahead charge righ in. However if you are lower leveled and need to take percatuions, then Go around the area and find all 3 hills. they are more or less ina triangel partern, you'll know you're in the right spot when a cut scene is triggered. When all three itmes are placed fight the Knuckleman. Really not much to say other the, use that block buttom, and beat the crap out of him. At level 50 I beat himin one hit with out using any of the Dr's items. hehehe. -Town:Mac Anu Once back you'll auto. finish the quest. You'll get a Text of Power and also the begining of a new Champaign. ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- -----2)Animal Mania ---------------------------- ------- Screaming,Returning, Princess ------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Field Area Level:13 Party: Haseo,Pi, Kuhn My Level: 50 There's four alters with monsters and some random once here and there. Clear out an island at a time and then move on. AKA: run around and slaughter them all. Finially the Lucky animal will appear, you can find him on the first hill you came to when you entered the area, so you'll have to back track a bit. but with the steam bike, it should be no trouble. chase it down and kick it. Good luck. -Town:Mac Anu Once back you'll auto. finish the quest. You will recive the Text of Stamina. ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- -----3)Quest:Crown Quest (Story related) ---------------------------- ------- Chasing, Cupid's, Phantom ------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Temple Area Level:5 Party: Haseo,Silabus, Gaspard My Level: 4 In this area you;ll meet enemies that look like blue tigers. They use a magic watter attack spells. You can tell when you're going to be attacked by the red circles on the ground comming toward you. Make sure to hold the block button or suffer a blast of magic in the face. -This quest is really easy. All you have to do is keep on going through the dungeon till you run into a Lucky animal. If you kick it, it will summon King Chim Chim. The way you do this is: Kick the King three times in a row then run away. He'll jump at you and miss. Then, repeat till he's toast. You'll auto. warp back to town. -Town:Mac Anu Once back you'll auto. finish the quest. You will recive something called the Text of Wisdom ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- -----4)Bikman's Art Supplies ---------------------------- --------------Creeping, Fourtune's, Paradise ---------------------------- Area Type: Field Area Level:8 Party: Haseo,Pi, Kuhn My Level: 50 What you're looking for is way way at the South-East corner of the field. Bascily you can use your steam bike to get there, but then you HAVE to walk back. And after picking up the Snow Stone, DO NOT get into a fight with monsters or else you'll have to start over. Anyway the best way of doing it is just staying along the edges of the shore line to avoid monsters. Also If you wanted to do it a different way, just kill all the monsters before you pick up the snow stone. Anyway, once you get it make your way back to the only Platform in the field. warp back town. -Town:Mac Anu Once back you'll auto. finish the quest. You will recive the Text of Sence. ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- -----5)Quest:Bounty Hunter Test (Kinda story related) ---------------------------- ------- Dancing,Mourning,Masquerade ------- ---------------------------- Area Type:Field Area Level:10 Party:Haseo,Pi, Kuhn My level:50 This is very very easy, just go around and kill everything at the alters. When you're done head back to town. Back at town you'll get a Text of Power. As a Side note: This area is a good place for hunting the black list pkers. ---------------------------- -------Counting, Red Plum's, Berserker------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Field Area Level:40 Party:Haseo,Pi, Kuhn My level: 50 -The 7 Black List Pkers- Name/Class Greedy Cervantes-Blade Genjyo the Fatal-Steam Gunner Fiery Genie-Five-Warlock Magical Pokotan-Twin Sword Garden Michelle-Lord Partisan Poision Lei Lei-Tribel Grappler Immortal Goriki- Edge Punisher --Just repeat until you kill all 7, You may have to do this many times because when you enter a battle Area the battle will be with: A) Normal Monsters, B)Normal Pker, Or C) Black List Pker. -See the dude in the back alley in the Mercenary District for your rewards, including one of the best sets of twin blades upon completling the list. ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ---6)Quest:Pursuer fo the Twilight (Story Related) ----------------------------------- -------Pulsating,Ullimited,Metal doll ------- ----------------------------------- Area Type:Jungel Cave Area Level:22 Party:Haseo,None, None My level: 30 This area should look real familar as in like the area where Antares sent you to prove yourself. Use the same stradgey as I mentioned to you before: ------------------- o =Warp point [] =Is a room - =is a Passage way w= the finial warp point from the middle This map only shows the path you need to follow, it doesnt mark every warp point or rooms, just the ones you need to know about. --------------------------------------------- N W+E S o-[ ]-[Finish] [ ]-o-[ ]-o-[ ] | | o o | | [ ] [W]-o-[ ] | o | [ ]-o-[ ]-o-[ ]-{}-[start] -------------------------------------------- Ok this map gives you an idea of what you need to do to get to the end but I'll explain it in words. *note*- dont use any warp points in the middle of a room until you get to the FINIAL warp point in the center. The monsters in a room will ussaly be guarding the door you need to go through to get to the correct warp point. Keep that in mind. 1) head west, ignore the warp point in the middel of the room, head righ to the one farthest to the left, use it. 2) head west gain and use the west most warp point. Now head north and use the warp point. 3) head north again and use that warp point. 4) Now head east and use the east most warp point. 5)Go east again and use the east warp point. 6) Now head south and use the warp point. 7) Now head west again and use that warp point 8) You should now be in the center of the dungeon. use the warp point in the center of the room. It will take you to the Beast statue. 9) MAKE SURE to Grab the beast statue treasure and warp back to town. ---------------------------------------------------------- -Town:Mac Anu You may have to warp to the quest shop, once you do the quest will end and you'll see the awesome movie where Haseo recives his amazing new outfit. ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- -----7)Crab Monster Party ---------------------------- ------- Disputing ,Gray ,Tiny Beast ------- ---------------------------- Area Type:Jungel Cave Area Level:37 Party: Haseo,Pi, Kuhn My Level: 50 This quest is ment just for Pi and Kuhn to join your party and you'll get some funny comments out of the situation. -As you arrive you see Alkaid with her firends,hehe. This is going to get very intresting. So anyway, the basic point of the mission is just to run around and kill every crab looking thing in sight. -You'll find a enemy party on the east side of the dungeon. one fork below where you started from. -The next part of enemy crabs is in the south most part of the dungeon. -After that move on to the section that forms a square, roughly speaking.As you start to enter that part of the dungeon you'll see a scene with Alkaid. Afterward, Just keep going in circles around the square like path until you kill them all. Then continue to keep going until you see the last scene with Alkaid. -Town:Mac Anu Once back you'll auto. finish the quest. You will recive the Text of Stamina. ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- -----)8)Maze of the Bird Monster ---------------------------- ------- Crying , Gambler's ,Foot Steps------- ---------------------------- Area Type:Temple Area Level:37 Party: Haseo,Pi, Kuhn My Level: 50 -This quest was ment for Pi and Kuhn to go with you and like always with them, will render some rather comic sceens. Basicly just stay to the north west most path you can and you'll get there eventually. Along the way you'll see some comic scenes where his 'illness' gets the better of him so that we can get some laughs. =P -Town:Mac Anu Once back you'll auto. finish the quest. You will recive the Text of Wisdom. ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- -----)9)UnderGround Exploration (note, plz take silabus and Gaspard for this one) ---------------------------- ------- Coiling,Destiny's ,Whicker ------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Jungel Cave Area Level:32 Party: Haseo, My Level: 50 -As you enter you see some scenes with Matsu this time, funny how people from the tourtament keep bumping into you. -Anyway, just like the last mission, if you keep to the most North west path possible (at splits), you should be ok and find your way with no trouble. -As you go through the dungeon you'll be running into PKers. Have fun by kicking some serious butt. -Grab the object. -Town:Mac Anu Once back you'll auto. finish the quest. You will recive the Text of Sense . ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- -----)10)Defeat Gurugon (Plz take Piros the 3rd and Gaspard along for this quest, I know it's a pain but it has to be done if you want the story events.) ---------------------------- ------- Rising ,Love's ,Gate ------- ---------------------------- (Urgh, even the key words are gay=\ ) Area Type: Field Area Level:23 Party: Haseo,Gaspard, Piros the 3rd My Level: 50 -Inoder to fight to boss for the field you need to collect a stone from one of the three treasure chest in the area. This stone will alow you to pass through the energy barrier that prevents you fighting the boss. Once you have the stone take him on and kick the poop out of him. Despite the gayness of Piros, I still managed to get a chuckle out of Haseo's Comment, "Gaspard and I ARE NOT IN GU!!!!" -Town:Mac Anu Once back you'll auto. finish the quest. You will recive the Text of power. ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- Well now, our little questing time has come to an end and unfortunately the time for this section of the guide. I'll Finish out with my sections on the Hidden quest. After that you'll find the odds and ends that need tieing up before you head out to buy the next game, or at least play the next game. Good luck on the final sections. ======================================================== --------------- ---------------- b)HIDDEN QUEST --------------- --------------- ======================================================== Also Known as the Abyss Quest. This quest starts with a topic on the Board. Many people from the older games may or may not remember the bonus dungeons. They ussally involved warping to an area, getting through a dungeon and then finially beating a finial boss. This was done after the game was completed and could only be done then. I remember some of those old bosses, and all of them were 100X harder to beat then anything that's been thrown at me in this game....except for maybe the Azure Flame god....maybe. This time around the game creators have included a new type of bonus mission. Really it's almost more of a side plot then an actual bonus dungeon. But none the less, I found it enjoyable. You may remember near the begining of the game that there was a topic on the Bords about a chest that wouldn't open. ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Anyone Opening chests? Short Version: Scroll to the bottom of the page where you read the last comment that is marked with an ! mark. If you press X you can reply to the post. Make sure to reply: "Area Word" ---------------------------------- Anyway, you need to log-in and form a party with Pi, and Kuhn. They're the strongest of your party members at the moment and will more then likly give you the best chance of sucess. ---------------------------- -------Chossing ,Superior,Offerings------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Jungel Cave Area Level:11 Party:Haseo,Pi, Kuhn My level: 50 -This is the first area for the hidden quest, just head through the dungeon until you meet an NPC, It is all very straight forward. -Habuzi will summon some lackes to do his bidding and kill you. Don't alow him to and return the favor by dispatching his underinglings. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- When you get back, log out and check the forums again. ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Confusing Event..... Short Version: Read and reply: "more detial" ---------------------------------- Log-in and then log-out. You need only go as far as the game title screne before you go back to your desk top. Check the forum again. ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Confusing Event..... Short Version: You get some key words...how intresting. ---------------------------------- Log-in. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Time to head for the new area. ---------------------------- -------Heartless,Starting,Pilgrim------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Jungel Cave Area Level: 21 Party:Haseo,Pi, Kuhn My level:50 Same thing as before: keep going till you meet the next NPC. Ankh will summom some of his minions to attack you. Save him the trouble and dispatch them. When you're done head back to town. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Log-Out ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Found an Irritating mob... Short Version: You can't reply to this one yet. ---------------------------------- Log out then log back in. ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Found an Irritating mob... Short Version: Reply: "What NPC?" ---------------------------------- Log out then log back in. ---------------------------------- Forum Topic- Found an Irritating mob... Short Version: Reply: You get some key words, good news is that it's the last one. ---------------------------------- Log back in. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- Head for the area. ---------------------------- -------)Entwined,Joyous,Venom Fang------- ---------------------------- Area Type:Jungel Cave Area Level: Party:Haseo,Pi, Kuhn My level:50 Same as before, not even worth talking about. Just kill the monsters Abbys sends at you. ---------------------------- -------Town: Mac Anu ------- ---------------------------- You chould get an e-mail at this point, log out and see what the crap is going on. ---------------------------------- -E-mail- CC corp : Abbys Quest Addition Short version: Head for the Quest shop to take on the 11th and finial quest for the first game. ---------------------------------- Log-in and head for the Quest shop and accept the Lord of the Dead quest. One peice of advice, save before you go on this. -----10)Lord of the Dead (I suggest taking Pi and Kuhn on this one. And I should mention, be ready for a serious boss battle.) ---------------------------- ---------Endless,Courpe's, March-------------- ---------------------------- Area Type: Jungel Cave Area Level:47 Party: Haseo,Pi, Kuhn My Level: 50 This dungeon is a bit bigger and harder to deal with, no more easy straight shot dungeons. Use Fairy Orbs and make your way though the dungeon. I should note that the enemies here are all like the undead you faught before. Good luck. As you get near the end of the Dungeon, they will transport you and your party to the Lost Grounds. That's when you meet him: --------------------- !!!!Boss: Cernunnos This guy is Bad @$$. He can poision you, and hit you so hard it'll send you flying though the air. Anyway, just use your broad sword and pound the crap out of him. As long as Pi is set to healing, you should be just fine. If you happen to get enough Moral to do an Awakening, it'll probably be so far into the battle that you'll just finish him off with that. Good luck. --------------------- When it's all said and done you get the Black Armor and 5000gp. The Black Armor it has some prety good stats, but really it's customization material isn't all that great. Although it has it's bonuses, you lose alot of SP when using the armor. Watch the scenes and laugh. When you report in you get the folloing: Word of Vigor Word of Spirit Text of Power Congrats you have now finished all the quests. YAY! ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ================================================= ============= End of Hidden Quest =========== ================================================= Now, wasn't that fun? Well ladies and gentle men, it is time for me say good bye. Yes that's right, I must go now for my task is now done. However I will leave you the following sections on the last of the odds and ends to be taken care of. Please make sure to read them as I'm sure they can help you greatly. Also, if you intend to continue playing the rest of the games, I highly suggest you look for my section on the Dopplerganger as the prizes for defeating him are really a nice perk to look forward to for the next game. Anyway, I'll leave my finial parting comments near to the credits. --------------- ---------------- c)Doppleganger--------------- --------------- This is just a quick section for the Doppleganger: What is it? Why should I care? What's in it for me? Est. The Doppleganger is a rare monster that looks like an evil version of Haseo. This monster is very strong and is ALWAYS 8 levels higher then you. Even if you reach the Level 50 cap he will still be 8 levels high then you (levl 58). Now before you start to pea your pants or the oppisite and you think you can take him. I should tell you that he is by far the HARDEST monster to beat. BUT he can be beaten. To find him you should follow this stragedy: Go to an open Field area. Kill enough monsters to fill your Moral Guage, save the Awankening. Stand still and do nothing for about 10 minutes, give or take some. You will start to see a red arrow much like the ones that show where an enemy party of monsters are. However, this arrow points to Doppleganger. It's rare, but after ten minutes if he still hasn't shown up, begin to walk around the field until you find him. I highly suggest removing all monsters from the field while doing this. You'll know it's him when the edges of the screne turn red and the creepy music starts playing in the back ground. Here's how I beat him, I got this suggestion off of Zer0. So credit to him. I suprised attacked him then: After I built up the moral guage I used Beast Awakening on him and beat the poop out of him, then I just finished him off. IF all else fails, build the moral guage back up and let him have it again. !!!!- What ever you do, DO NOT let him attack you while engaged in a fight with normal Monsters. He can walk into a battle area then you'd be dead. It took me like 20 minutes to track him down and kill him. Anyway, thats how I do it. Good luck. Reason for doing this? Because if you beat him you get a key item called the "Own King." And in the next game you can get level 50 weapons that are as good as level 100 weapons. That's why, also you'll have Bragging rights, =) --------------- ---------------- d)Books of 1000 --------------- --------------- ============================================================================= The following section WAS NOT written by myself but was actually done by a group of people from the forums at www.dothackers.net ; This section of Zer0's guide is how I was able to complete the books myself, So I thought it would be fitting if I promoted their guide by including the section I used when I played the games for myself. Realize that I did in fact get permission to use this section in my guide, and I will give credit where credit is due. (See bottom of this section for credits) ------------------------- --However I will mention one thing, you don't have to get 100% of all these itmes or monsters, you just have to get close enough to get the rank to max out. AKA Get close enough but it doesn't have to be 100% done to get the desired effect. ============================================================================= ----Ryu Book 1 - Battles Description: This keeps track of how many battles you have won, how many successful suprise attacks you've done, how many Rengeki attacks, and how many Awakenings you have used. Strategy: Don't really need a strategy, just keep fighting monsters. The level doesn't matter. ----Ryu Book 2 - Trades Description: This book keeps track of your trades with Party Members, how many times you've invited a party member to join you, how many gifts you've given a party member, and how much all the gifts are worth. Strategy: Give your party members a bunch of crap, over and over. It'll get your gift amount up real fast. :) ----Ryu Book 3 - Treasures Description: This keeps track of how many times you've opened Beast Temple Treasures (The treasure chests at the end of the level, in front of the floating statue), how many normal treasure boxes you've opened, how many trap boxes you've successfully opened, and how many objects (jars, muchrooms, etc) you've destroyed. Strategy: Go into a dungeon and play through it, opening every treasure chest and object you see. ----Ryu Book 4 - Items Description: Keeps track of all items, weapons, armors, and accessories you've ever had in your inventory. Strategy: Use the Item/Accessories List -----------------+-------------------------------------------+------------ Item | Effect | Location -----------------+-------------------------------------------+------------ Health Drink |Recovers 100 HP |Magic Item Shop Healing Serum |Recovers 200 HP |Magic Item Shop Healing Rain |Recovers all allies' HP by 100 |Medic Guild Shop Revive Rain |Recovers all allies' HP by 200 |Medic Guild Shop Sprite Drop |Recovers 50 SP |Magic Item Shop Sprite Rain |Recovers all allies' SP by 50 |Medic Guild Shop Weird Black Tea |Recover an ally's HP and SP by 50 |Trade with Aryosha Holy Potion |Recover all allies' HP and SP by 50 |Medic Guild Shop Antidote Soda |Cures Poison |Magic Item Shop Stimulant Soda |Cures Sleep |Magic Item Shop Blessing Soda |Cures Curse |Magic Item Shop Revival Medicine |Revive an ally with 25% HP |Magic Item Shop Asian Mango |Recover HP by 60 |Magic Item Shop Caramel Sauce |Recover SP by 30 |Kiosk Fire Storm |Fireball falls from the sky |Magic Item Shop Tidal Wave |Toss an enemy with water |Magic Item Shop Tornado |Create a tornado |Magic Item Shop Earth Spike |Boulder falls from the sky |Magic Item Shop The Death |Inflict Poison on one enemy |Trade with Quasar The Moon |Inflict Sleep on one enemy |Trade with Tiphereth The Devil |Inflicts Curse on one enemy |Trade with Mile Warrior Blood |Temp increase physical attack by 3 |Dancing Doomed Bum Knight Blood |Temp increase physical defense by 3 |Trade with TomCat Wizard Blood |Temp increase magical attack by 3 |Kernel Store Astrologer Blood |Temp increase magical defense by 3 |Trade with Aryosha Warrior Seal |Temp enemy's physical attack - 3 |Dancing Doomed Bum Knight Seal |Temp enemy's physical defense - 3|Creeping Tragedys Hand Song Wizard Seal |Temp enemy's magic attack - 3 |Trade with Wang Lin Astrologer Seal |Temp enemy's magic defense - 3 |Trade with Boltz Smoke Screen |Escape from battle |Medic Guild Shop Fairy's Orb |Show everything on the map |Medic Guild Shop Return Feather |Warp to the last platform |Medic Guild Shop Fire Mouse Skin |Weapon: fire attack |Material Shop Olm Shell |Weapon: water attack |Material Shop Wing Of Lufu |Weapon: wind attack |Material Shop Soil Bug Antenna |Weapon: earth attack |Material Shop Scorpion Tail |Weapon: adds poison to attacks |Arena Town Store Midoro Flagellum |Weapon: adds curse to attacks |Arena Town Store Sleeping Powder |Weapon: adds sleep to attacks |Arena Town Store Mantis Nail |Weapon: critical attack+10% |Immovable Blazing Two Wings Bear Paw |Weapon: backstab |Empireo Clerk Turtle Shell |Armor: lower physical damage 10% |Arena Town Store Turtle Crest |Armor: Decrease magic damage 10% |Arena Town Store Cleansing Pill |Armor: nullify Poison |Arena Town Store Jinx's Bane |Armor: nullify Curse |Arena Town Store Caffeine Drink |Armor: nullify Sleep |Arena Town Store Poison Leaf |Armor: Counter with poison when hit |Arena Town Store Curse Plant |Armor: Counter with curse when hit |Arena Town Store Dream Wood Leaf |Armor: Counter with sleep when hit |Arena Town Store Body Egg |Armor: Increase maximum HP by 10% |Dancing Doomed Bum [Mind Egg]|Armor:Up maximum SP by 10%|Trade w/ Shirochan @ Lumina Cloth (Demon) Body Scale |Armor: maximum HP + 50 |Material Shop Mind Scale |Armor: maximum SP + 50 |Material Shop Fire Resist Seal |Armor: Decreases fire damage 50% |Lucky Animal Quest Aqua Board |Armor: Decreases water damage 50% |Buzzing Blazing Resort Calm Propeller |Armor: Decreases wind damage 50% |Rough Song Dusk's Hand Song Dustproof Lens |Weapon: Decreases earth damage 50% |Unknown Iron Shell |Armor: physical damage - 25 |Black Market Shop Iron Crest |Armor: magic damage - 25 |Black Market Shop Red Sun Stone |Accessory: Arts SP-10% / other SP+5 |Material Shop Blue Moon Ore |Accessory: Attack SP-10% / other SP+5 |Material Shop White Star Sand |Accessory: Recovery SP-10% / other SP+5 |Material Shop Gray Comet Dust |Accessory: Status SP-10% / other SP+5 |Material Shop Gold Snake Skin |Accessory: acquired GP + 10% |Trifle Guild Shop Dowsing Rod |Accessory: drop rate + 10% |Trifle Guild Shop Amber Dragon Eye |Accessory: EXP + 10% |Trifle Guild Shop Beginner's Text |Increase weapon level points by 50 |Trade with Henako Beginner's Book |Increase party's weapon level points by 50 |Trade with Henako Text of Power |Increases physical attack by 3 |Quest Shop Text of Stamina |Increases physical defense by 3 |Quest Shop Text of Wisdom |Increases magical attack by 3 |Quest Shop Text of Sense |Increases magical defense by 3 |Quest Shop Word of Vigor |Increases HP by 50 |Quest Shop Word of Spirit |Increases SP by 50 |Quest Shop Life Scroll |Learn Repth |Magic Item Shop Antidote Scroll |Learn Rip Duk |Magic Item Shop Dawn Bird Scroll |Learn Rip Mumyn |Magic Item Shop Priest Scroll |Learn Rip Maj |Magic Item Shop Hellfire Scroll |Learn Vak Don |Magic Item Shop Tidal Scroll |Learn Rue Kruz |Magic Item Shop Tornado Scroll |Learn Zan Rom |Magic Item Shop Avalanche Scroll |Learn Gan Bolg |Magic Item Shop Chim Crown |Crown sometimes dropped by King Chim Chim |King Chim Chim Coupon |A discount coupon for guild shops |From people -----------------+----------------------+-------+------------ Accessory | Effect | Level | Location -----------------+----------------------+-------+------------ Simple Bracelet |Fire + 1, Wind + 1 |1 |Equipment Shop Simple Necklace |Water + 1, Earth + 1 |1 |Equipment Shop Seal of Yu Wang |Fire + 2, Water - 1 |1 |Kestrel Guild Shop Crown of Lu Ming |Fire - 1, Water + 2 |1 |Moon Tree Guild Shop Medic Badge |Wind + 2, Earth - 1 |1 |Medic Clerk Guild Shop 1 Line Reference |Wind - 1, Earth + 2 |1 |Trifle Clerk Guild Shop Secret News Book |All Elements + 1 |1 |Empireo Guild Shop Simple Fire Idol |Fire + 5, Water - 3 |15 |Equipment Shop Simple Water Idol|Fire - 3, Water + 5 |15 |Equipment Shop Simple Wind Idol |Wind + 5, Earth - 3 |15 |Equipment Shop Simple Earth Idol|Wind - 3, Earth + 5 |15 |Equipment Shop Simple Steam Ring|Fire + 3, Water + 3 |15 |Save Mecha Grunty 5 times Simple Gloves |Fire + 3, Water + 3 |20 |DXArmor Shop Simple Earrings |Water + 3, Earth + 3 |20 |DXArmor Shop Steam Bracelet |Fire + 5, Water + 5 |20 |Save Mecha Grunty 20 times Simple Pendant |All Elements + 3 |24 |Trifle Clerk Guild Shop Simple Fire Bell |Fire + 15, Water - 7 |30 |DXArmor Shop Simple Water Bell|Fire - 7, Water + 15 |30 |DXArmor Shop Simple Wind Bell |Wind + 15, Earth - 7 |30 |DXArmor Shop Simple Earth Bell|Wind - 7, Earth + 15 |30 |DXArmor Shop Simple Pouch |Fire + 10, Wind + 10 |35 |Trifle Clerk Guild Shop Simple Head Band |Water + 10, Earth + 10|35 |A reward for saving people Simple Watch |All Elements + 10 |40 |Trifle Clerk Guild Shop ----Key Item Canard Key - Guild master's key to enter Canard's @HOME Kestrel Key - Guest key to enter Kestrel's @HOME Moon Tree Key - Guest key to enter Moon Tree's @HOME Icolo Key - Guest key to enter Icolo's @HOME Raven Key - Guest key to enter Raven's @HOME Hunter's Symbol - An ID for bounty hunter Lucky Ball - Collects lucky data from Lucky Animals Leaflet Bundle - A bundle of flyers given by Bikman AIDA-011 - AIDA 's structure data Phase 7 Epitaph - Tarvos' structure data Phase 3 Epitaph - Magus' structure data Phase 6 Epitaph - Macha's structure data Azure Flame God - Azure Flame God's structure data Own King - Proof that you defeated Doppleganger -----------------+--------------+-------+------------ Weapon Name | Type | Level |Location -----------------+--------------+-------+------------ Spin Gai Gu |Spin |1 |Starting Weapon Spin Kouga |Spin |4 |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop Spin Man Que |Spin |8 |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop Spin Rasetu |Spin |14 |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop Spin Corpse |Spin |18 |Trade with Ninjato Spin Locust |Spin |23 |A reward for saving people from PKers [Spin Ban Mu] |Spin |26 |Kestral Guild Merchant (Water Ban Mu) Spin Piney |Spin |30 |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector Spin Axe |Spin |35 |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector Spin Needle |Spin |35 |Buy from Kestral Guild Merchant Ripper's Blade |Spin |45 |Kill all of the Blacklisted PKers Broad Demon |Broad |1 |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop Broad Wheel |Broad |10 |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop Broad Maiden |Broad |15 |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop Broad Legged |Broad |20 |Recieve after completing Job Extension Broad Zhen |Broad |25 |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector Broad Tu Wan |Broad |30 |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector Flame Sword |Broad |32 |Receive after the 2nd Arena Tournament [Broad Wings] |Broad |43 |Trade with IGA (Wrath Wings) Gun Steel |Gun |1 |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop Gun Fu Yue |Gun |8 |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop Gun Waves |Gun |24 |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector Gun Ocher |Gun |31 |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector Water Bayonet |Gun |13 |Trade with Kuhn [Gun Hong] |Gun |41 |Trade with Sidewinder (Fire Hong) Blade Guifei |Blade |1 |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop Blade Fern |Blade |4 |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop Blade Thorns |Blade |10 |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop Blade Thread |Blade |17 |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector Blade Sun |Blade |35 |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector Tiger Fist |Fist |14 |Trade with Pi [Fist Altair] |Fist |32 |Trade with Mihirogi (Poison Altair) Golden Spear |Lance |15 |Trade with Piros the 3rd Lance Yantie |Lance |24 |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector Lance Law |Lance |42 |Trade with Aralagi Spell Xialin |Spell |1 |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop Spell Xinzhu |Spell |15 |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop Spell Baiyan |Spell |32 |Buy from Kestral Guild Merchant [Spell Omen] |Spell |38 |Trade with NAOO (Wind Omen) Magic Amber |Magic |1 |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop Magic Hosei |Magic |15 |Mercenary Area Weapon Shop Magic Nymph |Magic |28 |Buy from DXWeapon Shop Alchemy Sector [Magic Crest] |Magic |37 |Trade with Nagare (Sleep Crest) ----Armor Guide: -----------------+--------------+-------+------------ Armor Name | Type | Level |Location -----------------+--------------+-------+------------ Sub Gear |Robe |1 |Equipment Shop Sub Robe |Robe |10 |Equipment Shop Sub Gown |Robe |20 |Delta Blurry Cursed Pure Bred [Sub Attire] |Robe |28 |Moon Tree Guild Shop (Vigil Attire) Sub Yin Yang |Robe |36 |DXArmor Shop Sub Garment |Robe |42 |Trade with Nogmung Wild Robe |Robe |47 |Complete the Lucky Animal Quest Loose Sash |Light Armor |1 |Equipment Shop Loose Guard |Light Armor |10 |Equipment Shop [Loose Kimono] |Light Armor |20 |Moon Tree Guild Shop (Remedy Kimono) Loose Vest |Light Armor |28 |Graceful Humbling Holy Relic [Loose Plate] |Light Armor |36 |Trade with DOMINATOR (Dry Plate) Loose Sheath |Light Armor |42 |Trade with Encephalon Rough Armor |Heavy Armor |1 |Equipment Shop Rough Shell |Heavy Armor |10 |Equipment Shop Steam Plate |Heavy Armor |20 |Complete the Chim Chim Quest Rough Mail |Heavy Armor |20 |Equipment Shop [Rough Defense] |Heavy Armor |27 |Moon Tree Guild Shop (Wall Defense) [Rough Jiongjia] |Heavy Armor |35 |Moon Tree Guild Shop (Haunt Jiongjia) Steam Armor |Heavy Armor |35 |Mecha Grunty Quest Rough Metal |Heavy Armor |42 |DXArmor Shop Rough Alloy |Heavy Armor |47 |Trade with -COOH Black Armor |Heavy Armor |48 |Complete Abyss Quest Steam Suit |Heavy Armor |50 |Complete Mecha Grunt Quest ======================== ----JonFirblade:Also I am including a list of the lucky animals and their locations. Again I did not write this: (Zer0 and co. did) but I though it should help being that certian items can't be found any other way then having this list ((Due to Animal Mania quest and Champign)) ========================= --------------+----------------------------------------+------------ Animal Name |Description |Location --------------+----------------------------------------+------------ Gold Bird |Objects turn into treasure boxes |Dancing Doomed Bum Moon Rabbit |All members recieve 200 EXP |Elegant Superior Exile Leviathan |Recieve 3 items |Paling Dusk's Bum Sleipnir |Sleipnir will help you in next 5 battles|Buzzing Blazing Resort Tsutsuga |Saves you from Game Over 3 Times |Graceful Starting Holy Relic Ganesha |Max HP/SP increased for next 5 battles|Halberd Daybreak's Berserker High Wolf |Gives you an item set |Creeping Tragedy's Hand Song Fate Worm |Gives you 2000 GP |Counting Red Plum's Beserker Totetsu |Objects turn into treasure boxes |Lazy Marble's Generation Kudan |Gives you 150 EXP |Disputing Blazing Dark Tree Tengu |Recieve 2 items |Sacred Unlimited Scud Chimera |Chimera will help you in next 5 battles |Lazy Kourin's Nemesis Qi Lin |Saves you from Game Over 2 Times |Unknowing Advice's Metal Doll Tohkoh |Max HP/SP increased for next 4 battles |Peaceful Black Freedom Baku |Gives you an item set |Fly Away Military Resort Ouryu |Gives you 1500 GP |Unknowing Doomed Beserker Nue |Summons King Chim Chim |Chim Crown Quest Two-tailed Fox|Takes some money away from you |Rough Song Dusk's Hand Song Malice Cat |Max HP/SP will be half for next battle|Agonizing Wrath's Nemesis Dark Goat |Max HP/SP will be half for next battle |Sacred Unlimited Berserker Black Sleipnir| |Animal Mania Quest ----Ryu Book 5 - Play time/Warps Description: Keeps track of Play Time, and the number of fields you've gone to. Strategy: For play time, you can leave your PS2 on overnight, and for the other 3 entries, just warp to different types of places. ----Ryu Book 6 - Arena Description: This book keeps track of how many Arena Matches you've fought in, how many times you've counterattacked (Using Rengeki), and how many Winner Points (WP) you've acquired. Strategy: Fight in the arena a whole lot to get your Arena matches and WP up. To get your counterattack up, when the match starts, wait until someone (probably the leader) begins to glow, and then hit R1 and attack that person. Then back up, and wait for them to do it again. Repeat this process as many times as you wish. ----Ryu Book 7 - Monsters Description: This book keeps track of how many types of monsters you've fought. Strategy: Use the Monsters list Note: If you imported data from a previous .hack game, Kite will be named whatever your character was named in the previous games. -----------------+--------------+--------------- Name |Class |Location -----------------+--------------+--------------- Goblin Rookie |Ogre |Great Forbidden Empire Goblin Guard |Ogre |Graceful Past's Cathedral Goblin Knight |Ogre |Protected Wrath's Beserker Goblin Mage |Ogre |Buzzzing Wrath's Two Wings Goblin Sage |Ogre |Protected Wrath's Berserker Goblin Abyss |Ogre |Delicious Humbling Snow Caps Gun Giant |Ogre |Buzzing Aster's Shadow Baz Giant |Ogre |Graceful Humbling Holy Relic Gigamouth |Ogre |Essential Bustling Generation Apititer |Ogre |Protected Idling Globe Wight Ride |Ogre |Abyss Quest Poisoned Dead |Ogre |Abyss Quest Living Corpse |Ogre |Abyss Quest Gurugon |Ogre |Defeat Gurugon Quest Carrie |Demon |Paling Dusk's Bum Carrianne |Demon |Counting Red Plum's Beserker Fat Lancer |Demon |Playing Unlimited Offerings Gaze Knight |Demon |Roaring Doomed Snow Caps Angelic Gore |Demon |Creeping Tragedy's Hand Song Holy Eater |Demon |Counting Red Plum's Beserker Cernunnos |Demon |Abyss Quest Boss Spear Fish |Sea Monster |Unknowing Advice's Metal Doll Lance Marine |Sea Monster |Counting Red Plum's Beserker Vak Bezel |Supernatural |Submissive Love's Puddle Rue Bezel |Supernatural |Creeping Tragedy's Hand Song Zan Bezel |Supernatural |Elegant Superior Exile Gan Bezel |Supernatural |Rough Song Vane Vagabond Vak Juggler |Supernatural |Roaring Superior Exile Rue Juggler |Supernatural |Crying Blazing Two Wings Zan Juggler |Supernatural |Saddened Gray Metal Doll Gan Juggler |Supernatural |Roaring Superior Exile Chickie |Avian |Creeping Tragedy's Hand Song Chickie Dada |Avian |Endless Aster's Resort Raven Claw |Avian |Unknowing Obsessive Vagabond Black Raptor |Avian |Spring's Red Plum's Gate Trainee Owl |Avian |Rough Song Vane Vagabond Hermit Owl |Avian |Counting Humbling Holy Ground Scalvenger |Avian |Maze Of The Bird Monster Quest Onion Mash |Plant |Wealthy Heretic's Cathedral Truffle |Plant |Rising Joyous Puddle Crumple Tree |Plant |Buzzing Blazing Resort Elder Growth |Plant |Paling Blazing Alga Grass Vak Fang |Demon Beast |Truthful Marble's Bum Rue Fang |Demon Beast |Elegant Superior Exile Zan Fang |Demon Beast |Warm Superior Exile Gan Fang |Demon Beast |Wealthy Military Malt Town Vak Ziger |Demon Beast |Entwined Season's Drunkard Rue Ziger |Demon Beast |Counting Heretic's Frog Lake Zan Ziger |Demon Beast |Unknowing Advice's Metal Doll Gan Ziger |Demon Beast |Counting Dusk's Cathedral Bravo Nose |Demon Beast |Wealthy Dusk's Bum Don Elephant |Demon Beast |Agonizing Failing Dark Tree Boss Wild Kettle |Mecha Beast |Buzzing Blazing Resort Buster Kettle |Mecha Beast |Dancing Doomed Bum Steam Shell |Mecha Beast |Rough Song Dusks Handsong Metal Fist |Mecha Beast |Concealed Leading Bulwark Knuckleman |Mecha Beast |Steam Scientest's Invention Quest Lizard Hunter |Dragon |Buzzing Wrath's Two Wings Lizard Assassin |Dragon |Paling Dusk's Bum Fever Horse |Dragon |Graceful Wrath's Shadow Blaze Drake |Dragon |Protected Wrath's Berserker Drygon |Dragon |Blurry Cursed Camellia Dryas |Dragon |Roaring Doomed Snow Caps Ruby Cutter |Crustacean |Courting Starting Nightmoon Fate Crab |Crustacean |Spring's Red Plum's Gate Hecatonfoot |Crustacean |Dancing Doomed Bum Horn Archelon |Crustacean |Spring's Red Plum's Gate Mad Jaws |Crustacean |Disputing Gray Tiny Beast Great Jaws |Crustacean |Crab Monster Party Quest Kite (See Note) |??? |Final Boss ----Ryu Book 8 - Drive Time Description: This book keeps track of how long you are on your bike, and how many times you've crashed. Strategy: Get on your bike, then ride around the town. Or leave your PS2 on overnight while on your bike. ---------------------------------- Credits for Books of 1000 section ---------------------------------- Credits are from Zer0's Rebirth FAQ d5t - For creating dothackers.net, the place that let me know .hack//G.U. even existed. Everyone on the dothackers.net forums - For all their work in this guide, they deserve just as much credit as I do. This guide is written and compiled by Zer0. This is not a sole work of just Zer0 though, by any stretch of the imagination. Many people from the dothackers.net forums helped me write this guide. Their forum is so awesome, I came up with this idea November 1st, and a couple hours later, I already had a lot of it done thanks to them. Check them out: www.dothackers.net Special Thanks to: Akunaeru (For re-writing my horrible doppleganger FAQ) OlinMercury (For the weapon list) .circum//FERENCE (Wrote that giant AIDA/Avatar thing herself x_x) matrix3 (For reminding me that the arena has a shop -_-;;;) NeoPhoenixTE for his write-up on the Abyss Quest Dekronoth (For finding that stupid mantis nail :p) Dark_Hacker (For finding the Spin Locust x_x) weblink11265 (For finding the Spell Omen) thegreekking2000 (For finding a better location of the Qi Lin) MournBlade (For finding the Alternate Holy Potion locations) Lon3wvlf (For finding Gan Bezel's and correcting my spelling) vblackodragon (For finding that Mind Egg ><) limeownsj00 (For finding the Magic Crest) ============================================================================ End of "Book of 1000" Section ============================================================================ ------------------------------------------ ------------------------End of the game Statistics----------------- ------------------------------------------ --------- --------- a)Desktop----------- --------- Movies-26 Music Tracks- 17 Back Grounds-74 Avatar battles on Simulator-5 ------------- -------- b)Books of 1000------ ------------- --Ryu book I: Battle Battles won Suprise Attacks Rengeki Awakenings --Ryu book II:Party Trades Party Member Gifts Gift Amount --Ryu book III:Box Beast Temple Treasure Treasure Boxes opened Traped Boxes Opened Objects broken --Ryu book IV: Item Weapons-43 Armor-24 Accessories-23 Items in Storage-84 --Ryu book V: Adventure Play time: Grass Field Temple Dungeon Cave Dungeon --Ryu book VI:Arena Arena Matches Counter Attack Winner Point Acuried --Ryu book VII:Monster Orge-14 Demon-7 Sea Monster-2 Suppernatural-8 Avian-7 Plant-4 Demon Beast-10 Mecha Beast-5 Dragon-6 Crustacean-6 ???-1 --Ryu Book VIII:Bike Drive time Crashes --------------- --------- c)Party members------ --------------- ------------ Haseo: Adept Rouge Highest Guild Rank: 3 Highest form: 2nd (Twin Swords, Broad Sword, *Locked* ) Max Level: 50 Max weapon Level- Twin swords: 10, Broad Sword: 10 Max Number of Arts: Twin Swords- 4:Gale Blade,Sparrow counter, Sword Dance, Tri-Strike Broad Sword- 4: Tiger Blitz ,Twin Moons ,Armor Pierce, Bone Crusher -Other Possible Skills: -Healing- Repth Rip Duk Rip Mumyn Rip Maj -Attack spell- Gan Bolg Rue Kruz Zan Rom Vak Don --Best Equipment: Broad sword: Broad wings (Level: 43) Twin Sword:Ripper's Blade (level:45) Twin Sword: Spin Needle+5 (level: 40 Armor: Rough Alloy(Level 47), Black Armor(Level 48) Accessory: Simple Watch (level 40) ---------------- ---------------- Atoli: Harvest Cleric Highest Guild Rank: 10 Max Level: 50 Max weapon Level- Staff: 10 Max Number of Arts: Staff- ??:?? (healing spells, not sure what all they are) -Other Possible Skills: -Healing- Ul Repth Repth Rip Duk Rip Mumyn Rip Maj -Attack spell- Gan Bolg Rue Kruz Zan Rom Vak Don --Best Equipment: Staff: Spell Omen (level 38) Armor: Sub Garment (level 42) Accessory: Simple Watch (level 40) ---------------- ---------------- Kuhn: Steam Gunner Highest Guild Rank: 1 Max Level: 50 Max weapon Level- Steam Gun: 10 Max Number of Arts: Steam Gun- 3: Thorn Shot, Thunder Spark, Plectra Bullet -Other Possible Skills: -Healing- Repth Rip Duk Rip Mumyn Rip Maj -Attack spell- Gan Bolg Rue Kruz Zan Rom Vak Don --Best Equipment: Steam Gun: Gun Hong (level 41) Armor: Loose Sheath (level 42) Accessory: Simple Watch (level 40) --------------- ---------------- Pi: Trible Grappler Highest Guild Rank: 1 Max Level: 50 Max weapon Level- Gauntlets: 10 Max Number of Arts: Gauntlets- 2: Rapid Attack, King Hammer -Other Possible Skills: -Healing- Repth Rip Duk Rip Mumyn Rip Maj -Attack spell- Gan Bolg Rue Kruz Zan Rom Vak Don --Best Equipment: Gauntlets: Fist Altair (level 32) Armor: Loose Sheath (level 42) Accessory: Simple Watch (level 40) --------------- ---------------- Silabus: Blade Brandier Highest Guild Rank: 3 Max Level: 50 Max weapon Level- Blade Sword: 10 Max Number of Arts: Gauntlets- 3: Sword Flash, Ogre Sword, Lateral Moon -Other Possible Skills: -Healing- Repth Rip Duk Rip Mumyn Rip Maj -Attack spell- Gan Bolg Rue Kruz Zan Rom Vak Don --Best Equipment: Blade sword: Blade Sun (level 35) Armor: Loose Sheath (level 42) Accessory: Simple Watch (level 40) ---------------- ---------------- Gaspard: Shadow warlock Highest Guild Rank: 3 Max Level: 50 Max weapon Level- Grimoire: 10 Max Number of Arts: Grimoire- ??: ?? (Attack and status spells) -Other Possible Skills: -Healing- Repth Rip Duk Rip Mumyn Rip Maj -Attack spell- Gan Bolg Rue Kruz Zan Rom Vak Don -Status Spells- Duk Lei Mumyn Lei --Best Equipment: Grimoire: Magic Crest (level 37) Armor: Sub Garment (level 42) Accessory: Simple Watch (level 40) ---------------- ---------------- Piros the 3rd: Lord Partizan Highest Guild Rank: 1 Max Level: 50 Max weapon Level- Lance: 10 Max Number of Arts: Lance- 2: Air Raid, Thorn Dance -Other Possible Skills: -Healing- Repth Rip Duk Rip Mumyn Rip Maj -Attack spell- Gan Bolg Rue Kruz Zan Rom Vak Don --Best Equipment: Lance: Lance Law (level 42) Armor: Rough Alloy (level 47) Accessory: Simple Watch (level 40) ---------------- ----------------------------- ---------------- Frequently Asked Questions --------------- ----------------------------- Being that this IS a FAQS/ Walktrough guide I thought that after geting several e-mails I would put together a little Q and A section to put into my guides from the series. In here you'll find all the questions that have come up from the e-mails I've gotten from people. I really enjoy doing what I can to give you good info. and I love hearing from everyone. (Even if it's just to tell me what you thought of the guide/guides) So I hope this might give you all some good advice. -------------------------------------------- -- 1)Technical/Game Play/Story Line Questions -------------------------------------------- ----- --- 1)Questions for All 3 Games : ----- -1) Can't stop Sp Draining Q: My SP goes down by one like every second and I can't make it stop! It only does it when I'm in a field or dungeon, not a town. Can you tell me what I'm supposed to do?? A:If it keeps happening over and over again no matter what; my guess is that you should check your armor Materials. You know, the items you use to customize armor? Check it. My guess is that you have an item called Spirt Tree Bud. That item (Armor Material) has an intresting affect: It will decrease your skill points over time but the benifiet is that it will increase Haseo's stats as the Sp is consumed. -2) How to get Keywords Q:I want to ask you how to get (Blank) area words? A: There are only three ways to get keywords. Some are more common then others. 1-you will get keywords from Story line events. 2- you can get keywords from topics on the Forums and Official Forums, you can only get certian ones this way. 3- lastly you will get key words as rewards for getting B, A,or S rankings when leaving an area. These are random and tend to be harder to get. Just try to do well everytime you go to an area and you should be albe to earn alot of them. -3) Job Extensions Q: When can Haseo start using other weapons besides dual swords? And How do I unlock them? A: Ok. A Common Question for rookies to the series. These are the weapons Haseo can use: -Twin Swords- Default weapon. -Broad Sword- Job Extension right before 1st round of the Demon Palace tounament. -Scythe- Job Extension near the begining of Vol 2. -Dual Guns- Ahhhhh not aloud to say how he got it, but basicly it's near the middle/end of Vol 3. -4) Books of 1000 Q:Can I complete the missing things from the Book of 1000 from vol 1 in vol 2? A: Yes, to some extent. See 99% of the books can be done in any of the volumes. However, Quest Champaigns is where the problem is. You get special rewards for doing the Champaigns: Special Armor, Accessories, and once in awhile Weapoms. The problem is that ALL Champaigns from the quests in vol 1 end(or become unavaible) at the begining of vol 2. And ALL Champaigns from Vol2 end at the Begining of Vol 3. So you lose the chance to get those items. The best thing to do is just max the limit on the book for item collection before you play the next volume. The only other thing I can think of is that you should complete the Hidden quests in each game and get the doppleganger weapons in vol 2. ------ --- 2)Questions for Vol 1 : ------ -1) Bounty Hunter/Ripper's Blades Q:How do you get the Ripper blades? A: First off the bounty hunter quest becomes avalible as the story progresses. It's called "Hunter's Test". Once you clear this quest you can't start the Champaign. You need to log-out and then log back in before you can find the NPC in the back ally of Mac Anu in the mercenary district. For more info. see the Quest section of my guide for Vol 1. ----- --- 3)Questions for Vol 2 : ----- -1) Doppleganger's weapons Q:I had a problem with doppleganger. I was level 100 and had the key item "own king" from vol. 1 and I was able to defeat him but he just gave me the two weapons (dual sword and broad) and only one key item. Could please tell me why I couldn't get the scythe and the other key item? A: It's really quit simple. The answer is: Go beat him again. Yes that is right. You need to defeat him twice (2 times) in order to get all three weapons and the both key items. -2) Crimson VS Q:I was wondering if you could tell me how to actvate crimson vs.? A: Simple. It becomes avalible near the begining of Vol. 2. Just progress the story line. -3) Divine Awakening Q:Does affection hav something to do with the Divine Awakewnig? how's it work? A: Yes, it does affect it: When you use Divine Awakening the little marker starts to scroll across the bottom of the screne. Obviously if you get it closer to the middle you'll do more damage. There are 3 'Perfect" marks in the middle of the bar. By Increasing your party member's affection, those three 'perfect' marks become wider and therefore easier to hit. Therefore giving you a better chance to do mroe damage. -4) Password from Salvador Aihara Q:When you go to the rumors board and news section you hear some stuff about Salvador Aihara and that he plays the World. After an annoying chase of checking the rumor board and logging back in you meet him as his character Kazubolo “The Last Hope” in Mac Anu’s back ally, where he tells you his true identity as the famous news reporter, and tells you to keep quiet if he gives you the Wallpaper and Password: Nurse Carnival. SOOOO…I guess my question is, what is the purpose of the password: Nurse Carnival? I know its not area words cause I checked all 3 sections. A:That topic has been discussed several times on the dothackers.net boards. See we have the privledge of having a few ppl who visit those Forums who are from Japan and speak english, they've been able to answer several questions for us. And as far as any of us can tell the password is useless. However, I've read in some of the interviews with the game creators that they are putting bonus material in the GU games just for the North American versions of the games. So it may or may not have something to do with bonus stuff in vol. 3. But it doesnt seem too likly. If I hear anything I'll put it in my guide for vol 3. For now dont worry about it becuase it appears as if the password is worthless. ------ --- 4)Questions for vol 3 : ------ 1)Final Boss for the Series Q: Is Ovan the final boss in vol. 3 , if he is not then who? A: No, Ovan is not the Final Boss for Vol 3. Although I can see where you might think that. I mean Corbenick was the final boss of the original series. But No, The final boss for Vol 3 is bigger, badder, and generally a whole lot worse the Corbenik (Ovan). Who the last boss is exactly, well lets just say that he was a major enemy from the original series. 2) Last Hidden Quest Q: Is there hidden quest in vol. 3 and who is the boss ? A: Yes there is a Hidden Quest for vol 3. And it's one Haseo has done before. (aka he did it before the events of //Rebirth, during //ROOTS, Look around on the rumor's boards and see if you can figure it out) And, No: There isn't JUST 1 Boss. Instead there are: 17 normal field bosses that are stronger then normal, 2 semi-hard bosses that mimick the hidden quests from the other games, and One Finial show down with a truly rediclous monster. 3)Hardest Avatar Battle Q: What is the hardest avatar battle and the hardest boss you foughtin all 3 volumes ? A: Well, that's a hard question. See the vast majority of the Avatar battles don't HAVE to be tough. Reason being that you can just go out and level up; which in turn boosts Skeith's stats hence making the avatar battles easier. So really all of the avatar battle COULD be tough, but they don't have to be. But if I had to chose one battle I'd say Azure Flame god. The reason is that even at the level 50 cap, the Azure Flame god is still a pretty hard battle. I mean it's fast paced, and it's really hard to avoid all the attacks. --------------------------------------------------------------------- well that the end of the Q And A section. Note that all the questions answered here are from e-mails I recived. --------------------------------------------------------------------- ===================================================================== ===================================================================== ===================================================================== ===================================================================== END OF GUIDE FOR .HACK// REBIRTH Yes and now we part till you play the second game that comes out in exactly 10 days (at point of writing) And I hope you enjoyed reading and that the info. was useful. Bye all and plz read the my guides that hopefully will include the rest of the games. Che3rs!!!! =P JonFireblade ===================================================================== ===================================================================== ================(For Full credits see Buttom of Guide)=============== ===================================================================== ===================================================================== ------------------ ---------------------- III) Credits ------------------------ ------------------ --This guide was written and organized by: JonFireblade "It's been a pain and yet a joy to write this guide and I hope to continue with the rest of the series as soon as possible. Until then: Cheers." --Thanks Zer0 and the people from www.dothackers.net for allowing me to use their work for the "Books of 1000" section for Rebirth. -Zer0 Akunaeru OlinMercury .circum//FERENCE matrix3 NeoPhoenixTE Dekronoth Dark_Hacker weblink11265 thegreekking2000 MournBlade Lon3wvlf vblackodragon limeownsj00 --I would also like to thank: Bandai - For the first four Classic .hack games: They inspired me to work on my own projects. BandaiNamco - For the .hack//G.U. games, they are even better then the original. And I think the .hack series rivals Final Fantasy (*Ducks to aviod being shot by FF fans*) d5t - Thank you for www.dothackers.net, I was able to rediscover the .hack seires because of the web site you created. And has let me enjoy the games that have .....consumed so...much of my life.....yeah.... anyway, here's a shout out to all the great people there! Piros The 3rd - I want to say that I hope you die a bloody and gruesome death at the hands of grunties tearing you limb from limb. =D Everyone on the dothackers.net forums - You guys are an awesome group of people and I'm glad that you guys like the .hack series as mush as I do. --Contact Info: You can contact me with questions and comments via e-mail. I'd love to hear from you guys for no other reason to tell me what you thought of the guide: (Had to change my e-mail to Yahoo because for some reason MSN/Hotmail is jacked up right now and I can't use it to reply to e-mails. >_< ) E-Mail: jonfireblade@yahoo.com ============================================================================== ==============================================================================</p>