=============================================================================== LOST: VIA DOMUS FAQ/WALKTHROUGH, v0.9 Based on the Xbox 360 version Written and maintained by SubSane Last updated March 08, 2008 =============================================================================== *IMPORTANT NOTE* I highly recommend using Ctrl + F and the section numbers in the Table of Contents below to find exactly what you need. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Game Details 1.2 Story 2.0 THE BASICS 2.1 Game Start 2.2 Saving/Loading 2.3 In-Game Menus 2.4 On-Screen Display 2.5 Controls & Techniques 2.6 Items 2.7 Characters 3.0 WALKTHROUGH 3.1 Force Majeure 3.2 A New Day 3.3 Via Domus 3.4 Forty-Two 3.5 Hotel Persephone 3.6 Whatever It Takes 3.7 Worth a Thousand Words 4.0 MEMORY ITEMS 5.0 EXTRAS 6.0 ACHIEVEMENTS 7.0 FAQ 8.0 LEGAL / MISC. 8.1 Version History 8.2 Guide Credits 8.3 Contact Information 8.4 Legal Stuff =============================================================================== ===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION ======================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1 Game Details ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lost, the uber-geekathon television show that premiered on ABC back in 2004, has grown to be a phenomenon comprised of tie-ins, viral marketing, and now of course the ever important video game. The game released in North America the week of February 29, 2008. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.2 Story ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oceanic Flight 815 out of Sydney, Australia, is mysteriously brought down out of the sky, crashing on an uncharted island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. The survivors quickly learn they must band together in order to have any hope of rescue, because the island is treacherous and holds many secrets. As they are about to learn, the survivors have secrets of their own... Like the other castaways, our leading character has a tortured past that has brought him to the island, and he must redeem himself to find a way home. He suffers from amnesia and needs to find out who he is through playable flashbacks, interacting with the other castaways, and exploring the island. - "Introduction," game manual =============================================================================== ===== 2.0 THE BASICS ========================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.1 Game Start ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Press Start to begin the game. Continue ========== Select this to continue a saved game. New Game ========== Start a new game from the beginning. Play Episode ============== Play completed episodes. Credits ========= View the credits for the game's development, production, and marketing teams. Extras ======== Concept art unlocked by taking photographs in the game. Xbox 360 Controller ===================== View the controller layout and advanced controls. Options ========= Adjust the brightness, volume, and subtitles. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.2 Saving/Loading ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Every time you select New Game you'll be asked to select a storage device to which your game will be automatically saved. You have the option of selecting a Hard Drive if you have one attached, or you can use a MU. Your game is loaded when you select New Game or Continue. To change device, select New Game, Continue, or press X at the pause menu. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.3 In-Game Menus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pause Menu ============ Pressing Start during gameplay will bring up your Options, Xbox 360 Controller screen, the options to Load Last Checkpoint, Resume, or Return to Title Screen. You can also press X to select a different storage device. Notebook ============== Pressing Back brings up the Notebook. Here you can keep track of your Quests, Memories, Helpful notes, and Completed quests. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.4 On-Screen Display ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quest Updated =============== You'll see prompts in the upper-left corner of the screen when a new quest has been added to your Notebook. Button Prompts ================ Various context-sensitive button prompts will appear in the bottom-right corner. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.5 Controls & Techniques ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Command | Action | Other ---------------------------------------------------------------- Start | Pause the game | Return to gameplay Select | View your notebook | - L stick | Move character | Move in menus R stick | Move camera | - L-in | Crouch | - R-in | Zoom | - D-pad | Inventory, scroll notebook | Move in menus Y button | Examine, special action | Toggle in menus B button | Cancel, back | Exit menus A button | Action | Select in menus X button | Use item, reload, camera | Advance in menus LB button | Center camera, focus backward | - LT button | Aiming, zoom | - RB button | 1st person view, focus forward | - RT button | Run, fire weapon, zoom | - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.6 Items ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trade Items ============= - Coconut - Papaya - Water Bottle - Food Box - Beer Can - Apollo Bar - Book Useful Items ============== - Torch - Oil - Ammo Clip Key Items =========== - Gun - Lamp - Lighter - Camera - Compass - Fuses - Laptop - Dynamite ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.7 Characters ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Photojournalist ===================== You, the main character, are a photojournalist suffering from amnesia. You'll spend most of your time on the island searching for clues and memories that will help you remember who you are. The Reporter ============== This woman appears throughout the story, both on the island and in the flashbacks. The Mastermind ================ An evil head of an evil corporation, this guy is the reason you and that reporter are in your current predicaments. The Henchman ============== This guy will appear at various points in the story searching for you. Kate ====== One of the castaways, and through the course of the story one of your biggest allies. Jack ====== As leader of the castaways he'll be naturally apprehensive about trusting you. Locke ======= Locke will also be an ally throughout the story. Hurley ======== Hurley is a positive guy, but he'll only chime in with helpful tips every once in a while. Sayid ======= Sayid's expertise in electronics will come into play, as well as his skills in the art of kicking people's asses. Sawyer ======== Sawyer's pretty much only good for trading. Ben ===== The leader of the Others plays an instrumental part in... well, everything. Juliet ======== She is your sole confidante among the Others, and will provide help at various points in the story. ... and the rest ================== Charlie and Michael will trade items to you, and Claire, Sun, Jin, and Desmond will show up for castaway cameo support. Tom from the Others will also appear quite a bit towards the end. =============================================================================== ===== 3.0 WALKTHROUGH ========================================================= NOTE: I do not point out the achievements or bonus stuff in the walkthrough. All of that can be found via the table of contents at the top of the page. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.1 Force Majeure ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jungle ======== -> Items: Water Bottle -> Characters: Kate, mystery woman You're a guy who owns a phone and intends to show somebody something, plus you seem to have someone nearby who doesn't like you very much. As you take a sip of your drink the turbulence that your plane is experiencing turns into jostles, and the jostles lead to the sound of groaning metal as the plane is suddenly ripped in half. You wake up alone, injured (it's just the elbow, relax), and in the middle of the jungle. That's your set-up, now... GO! Walk forward and examine the seat before continuing along the path through the jungle. It'll be slow going for a while, so don't worry about the pace yet. As you turn a corner you'll see an unlucky passenger tangled in some vines and the first of many strange visions on the island. -> QUEST: Find help! Try to speak to the woman on the path, then get past the psychosis and approach Kate who is standing right along the path around the corner. Select all the Quest questions to get a Water Bottle and activate a flashback sequence. In this sequence you're on the plane with a view of the front. Three people board as you observe. You'll want to zoom in and focus your camera on the point where a stewardess hands Kate a bottle of water. Get a clear photo of the bottle in Kate's hands as the stewardess holds it up (when Kate's handcuffs are visible) to remember. Speak to the stewardess when she stops by to get the full details and return to the island. Talk to Kate again and mention the handcuffs. After some chatter you'll get the next quest. -> QUEST: Follow the dog. Keep your camera on the dog AT ALL TIMES, as even when he pauses for a moment he can suddenly disappear along the next fork in the path. If you do manage to lose him simply call him back to you. After enough chasing a dog's tail you'll find the beach and crash site. -> COMPLETED: Find help! -> COMPLETED: Follow the dog. Crash Site/Beach ================== -> Items: Coconuts, Water Bottles, Fuses -> Characters: Jack, Claire, Locke, Michael, Hurley, Sawyer, Sun, Kate -> QUEST: See who needs help! Search the beach and all luggage for items, and STAY AWAY from the engine near Hurley. Once you're done searching run straight to Jack in the middle of the beach and ask him if he needs help. Then, ask him for the location of the fuel leak. -> COMPLETED: See who needs help! -> QUEST: Stop the fuel leak. You'll find the panel for this in the section of the fuselage nearest to the jungle. Select the panel and activate to view it. Press Back for a helpful guide on what you should be aiming for. Your goal is to get the gauge at the end of the line in the green zone, which is between 30V and 35V. Start by setting a -5V circuit Fuse in the first slot and rotate it accordingly. The second slot should be a -5V Fuse as well. Place the two -30V Fuses into the last two slots to complete the circuit and avert the disaster. -> COMPLETED: Stop the fuel leak. -> QUEST: Find anything of mine. Search the beach once again for items, then talk to Kate and ask her if she's found anything that could be yours. She'll tell you about a backpack that she placed with some luggage at the far end of the camp. Head to the opposite end of the beach where a large bonfire is burning. Examine the backpack on the ground near the pile of luggage to get a cutscene and end the episode. -> COMPLETED: Find anything of mine. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.2 A New Day ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crash Site/Beach ================== -> Items: Coconuts, Lamp, Oil, Fuses -> Characters: Jack, Kate, Claire, Sawyer -> QUEST: Find my camera. Claire won't be of much help, but Sawyer, Jack, and Kate will definitely have some useful tidbits. Talk to Sawyer first to get familiar with the trade system. Right now he has Torches, a Lamp, Oil, and Fuses, but you won't need any of that stuff yet. Move on to Kate and ask her about the camera and jungle, then move on to Jack and ask him the same questions. -> QUEST: Reach the cockpit. After you get the trippy flash of that same woman, approach her on the beach to enter a flashback. Your goal here is to get a photo of the woman as she is posing, but frame it so that she's on the right side and the fisherman is on the left side. Once you get the photo you can remember and get the full sequence. Talk to her as she stands near the handrail afterward. -> QUEST: Get past Jack. That not so subtle flashback gives you a clue as to your next course of action. Stop by the plane fuselage and pick up the Fuses you left there during the last episode, then talk to Jack and tell him that Claire fainted. Off to the jungle we go... -> COMPLETED: Get past Jack. Jungle ======== -> Items: Papayas, Water Bottles -> Characters: Locke, black smoke, mystery man Talk to Locke and ask both of the Quest questions to get your next quest as well as a helpful tip about hiding behind banyan trees when there's trouble about. -> QUEST: Follow the plane debris. The jungle can be a pretty dismal and bewildering place if you don't know where you're going. As the quest suggests, you should follow the plane debris in order to get to the cockpit. Approach the first piece of debris and press A to get pointed in the direction of the next piece. Continue moving from one piece to the next, and be sure to listen for the black smoke since you can't always see it. Hide in one of the banyan tree clusters if you hear it getting close. You'll hear shots being fired by the mystery man in the trees, but you'll be fine if you keep moving along the path. Once you get near the end of the path the mystery man will be attacked by the black smoke, leaving you free to continue to the cave. -> COMPLETED: Follow the plane debris. Cave ====== -> Items: Papayas, Water Bottles, Lighter, Torches -> Characters: Michael, black smoke Talk to Michel to get a Lighter, then trade him for a couple of Torches. Enter the cave when you're ready for some good ol' dark 'n spooky. -> QUEST: Navigate the cave. Go into your inventory and equip a Torch. Light the torch when it becomes pitch black and simply follow the linear path through the cave. You should hold R to run through faster as well. When you cross a narrow rock bridge you'll enter a part of the cave containing waterfalls. Anytime you see these you need to extinguish the Torch and walk through, then immediately light the Torch again before the darkness kills you. Turn left at the bright spot where the tree roots appear to find another dark and narrow tunnel. This one will lead to another waterfall, and naturally where there's a cave there's a bear. This particular bear looks to have met an unfortunate end, so hurry along unless you want to meet the same fate. The exit to the cave and the deep jungle are just ahead. -> COMPLETED: Navigate the cave. -> COMPLETED: Reach the cockpit. Cockpit ========= -> Items: Water Bottle, Book, Camera, Laptop -> Characters: The Others Run up the path and enter the cockpit. You won't find much inside save for a Water Bottle, Book, the compartment where they stored your camera, and two electrical panels near the front of the cockpit. Activate the electrical panel on the right and gather all the fuses, then move over to the left panel. Like the fuselage in the previous episode, you'll need to place fuses in certain places to get the gauges to the right levels. Set it so the middle row to the 75V gauge has three -30V Fuses, and the bottom row has one -5V Fuse on the left and one -15V Fuse on the right. This will clear both gauges and open the compartment for you. Gather the Camera then exit the cockpit. -> COMPLETED: Find my camera. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.3 Via Domus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beach Camp ============ -> Items: Coconuts, Gun, Ammo Clip, Oil, Lamp -> Characters: Hurley, Locke, Sayid, Jack, Sawyer -> QUEST: Get my laptop working. Talk to Sayid, the guy banging on a wooden pike near Locke and Hurley. Mention the laptop and he'll tell you to go see Locke about laptop batteries. -> COMPLETED: Get my laptop working. -> QUEST: Find Locke for a new battery. Ask Locke about the laptop battery to activate a flashback sequence. In this one you'll find yourself in a back room of a shop somewhere in Australia. The photo you want must have the man, the woman, and the Rico's Shop sign all in the frame. Once you get that photo you'll be able to remember. Talk to Rico to get more info on this Savo fellow. -> COMPLETED: Find Locke for a new battery. -> QUEST: Coerce Locke to help me. Talk to Locke about the wheelchair to get some help from the old guy. He'll run off and wait for you at the tree line near Sayid's old spot. -> COMPLETED: Coerce Locke to help me. -> QUEST: Meet Locke at the tree line. Talk to Sawyer to stock up on supplies, if you need them, then head to the path to meet Locke. Talk to him to get the next quest back into the jungle. -> COMPLETED: Meet Locke at the tree line. Jungle ======== -> Items: None -> Characters: Jin -> QUEST: Follow the tree markings. Jin won't have much to say, so ignore him and check the first tree marking behind him. Follow the path from one tree marking to the next until you reach the next area. Like before, keep moving to avoid gun shots. -> COMPLETED: Follow the tree markings. Outside The Hatch =================== -> Items: Coconuts, Water Bottle -> Characters: Locke Talk to Locke and then tell him to give you the battery. He'll ask you to follow into the next area. Cave ====== -> Items: Papayas, Torches, Oil, Compass -> Characters: Locke, Lisa Follow Locke to the entrance of the cave and talk to him to find out what's in there. Make sure you're packing at least three Torches (or the Lamp and some Oil from Sawyer) then enter inside. -> QUEST: Explore the cave. What eerie cave would be complete without a ghostly hallucination? Follow Lisa through the cave and keep your eye on her, as she tends to run just out of sight. Like before, extinguish your light when you're going to cross through a waterfall or bats. If you get lost merely take a few steps back to gather your bearings then continue along, since the path is fairly linear. You'll find Lisa inside a large cavern overlooking a faintly lit hole. Talk to her to continue, then jump into the hole. Examine the corpse and take the Compass in her hand to complete the episode. -> COMPLETED: Explore the cave. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.4 Forty-Two ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beach Camp ============ -> Items: Coconuts, Water Bottles, Gun, Ammo Clip, Oil, Lamp, Torches -> Characters: Charlie, Sun, Kate, Hurley, Locke -> QUEST: Give the battery to Sayid. -> QUEST: Follow your compass. Ask around for Sayid and everyone will tell you he's at the hatch. Talk to Charlie for supplies, and if you're loaded with items to trade go ahead and get rid of them for a Lamp or Gun. Enter one of the jungle paths to start the quest. Jungle ======== -> Items: Papayas -> Characters: Desmond Approach the yellow sign to get a compass bearing. Unlike before where the beacons pointed you in the right direction, you'll have to remember the number on the yellow signs and use the compass to find your way. That's the only difference in getting through the jungle. The Others in the area have become most hostile, so keep moving to avoid the gun shots. You'll find Desmond and the path to the hatch at the end. Outside The Hatch =================== -> Items: Coconuts -> Characters: Sayid Follow the path past the small hatch entrance and look for Sayid in front of the large hatch entrance near the stream. Talk to him about everything but he won't budge, asking for proof that you are not an Other. In the meantime he'll take your battery to try and repair the laptop. -> COMPLETED: Give the battery to Sayid. -> QUEST: Learn your name to enter the Hatch. Return to the start of the path to get back to the beach. Beach Camp ============ -> Items: Coconuts, Water Bottles, Gun, Ammo Clip, Oil, Lamp, Torches -> Characters: Hurley, Locke, Kate, Charlie Talk to Hurley about your name and he'll mention the Hotel Persephone, triggering a new flashback. This one's rather short and just requires you to take a photo of the photograph and hotel name on the folder under Rico's arms. Once you do you can remember the event and talk to Rico. When you return from the flashback you'll now have a name: Elliot Maslow. Head back to the hatch to tell Sayid. Outside The Hatch =================== -> Items: Coconuts -> Characters: Sayid Talk to Sayid and tell him your name. You're now on number-punching duty... whoop dee doo! -> COMPLETED: Learn your name to enter the Hatch. Swan Station ============== -> Items: Fuses, Beer Cans, Food Boxes, Apollo Bars -> Characters: Sayid -> QUEST: Enter the numbers. Walk down the path and enter the station. Just as you get in, however, a huge blast door comes down and trouble ensues. Way to go, ELLIOT! -> QUEST: Find a way to open the door. So, first thing to do is wait around for about two minutes. You will soon hear the alarm beeping, which means you need to get to the common area and enter the computer room. Activate the computer and enter the following number sequence (spaces included) followed by EXECUTE: 4 8 15 16 23 42 That will reset the timer and give you time to roam. Now run around and explore the place while collecting the Fuses along the way. Check out the sealed doors in the corridor to get a new quest. -> QUEST: Find a way behind the concrete wall. Return to the station entrance and activate the panel to play the oh-so-fun Fuse game. This first circuit should be set up as follows: Top row: -5V, -15V, -5V, -5V Middle row: -30V, -15V, -15V Bottom row: -30V, -5V Move on to the next circuit near the washing machines in the common area and set it up as follows: Top row: -30V, -5V, EMPTY Middle row: -15V Bottom row: -30V, -5V, -15V You'll find the final circuit panel in the bedroom. It should be: Top row: -15V, -15V, -5V Middle row: -15V, -5V, EMPTY, -5v Bottom row: -5V, -30V, -30V Once you've set all three, move to the computer room and activate the lever at the panel with the three green lights. You'll be sealed inside with four minutes to go, and a new quest to boot! -> QUEST: Find hidden door. Approach the computer and activate it to reveal a new menu on the screen. Type in VIA DOMUS and hit EXECUTE to get past step 1. Now type in A and press EXECUTE, B and EXECUTE, and do the same for C and D. Upon entering D you'll be asked to complete a quick IQ test. Press EXECUTE to begin the test. First you'll be asked to complete a series of numbers. Type in 63 and press EXECUTE. The second question is much easier - simply every other letter. Type in L and EXECUTE to complete the test. Type in A + EXECUTE then B + EXECUTE at the final menu, then get out of there and head to the entrance for Swan Station. -> COMPLETED: Enter the numbers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.5 Hotel Persephone ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Swan Station ============== -> Items: Food Boxes, Apollo Bars, Fuses -> Characters: Lisa, Kate -> QUEST: Find a way out of the cell. Equip your lighter and light 'er up to take another look at Lisa's lovely bludgeoned visage. Approach the door and talk to Kate after returning to the lit room and talk to her about getting out of the room. This will trigger a flashback to the Hotel Persephone. Walk around to the left wall and stand as far away from Lisa and her laptop as you can. Focus on a shot of Lisa working on the laptop with the Chenchey screen open and snap the photo to remember the event. Talk to Lisa afterward to complete the flashback. Talk to Kate again and tell her you're a journalist to get her to open the door. Freedom, sweet freedom! -> QUEST: Find hidden door. Exit the Swan Station and run across the stream into the waterfall. Outside The Hatch =================== -> Items: Coconuts -> Characters: None Follow the path to get to the hidden door. Unfortunately, it's sealed shut. -> COMPLETED: Find hidden door. -> QUEST: Find a way to open the sealed door. Return back up the path towards the jungle and beach. Beach Camp ============ -> Items: Coconuts, Water Bottles, Gun, Ammo Clip, Oil, Lamp, Torches -> Characters: Locke, Charlie, Sun, Hurley Talk to Hurley about dynamite and he'll tell you to look for some at the Black Rock. Make sure to trade off any items you have in exchange for the Gun if you don't have it, and any other items you feel like getting. -> COMPLETED: Find a way to open the sealed door. -> QUEST: Get dynamite at the Black Rock. Return to the hatch to find the black flag near the hatch and enter the Dark Territory. Dark Territory ================ -> Items: Papayas, Coconuts -> Characters: Black smoke Does that guttural roaring sound familiar? Dash for the nearest banyan trees and wait for the black smoke to get a good distance away, then dash out to the flag and start following the beacons. Keep your eyes open for banyan trees because the black smoke in this area is much more aggressive and will find you much faster than before. It won't take too many flags to find the next area. The Black Rock ================ -> Items: Papayas, Coconuts, Food Boxes, Dynamite -> Characters: The Others Start by shooting the Other who is perched in a tree along the narrow path. Hold LT to aim and shoot when you see the target reticule turn red. When he's dead you're clear to run along to the Black Rock. Enter inside and get to the stairs at the end to find the red dynamite on a wooden barrel. The moment you pick it up you'll be unable to run (unless you want to blow up) so keep your finger off the RT button and return to the Dark Territory. -> COMPLETED: Get dynamite at the Black Rock. Dark Territory ================ -> Items: Papayas, Coconuts -> Characters: Black smoke This will be just like before, except now you can't run. Use the banyan trees to wait and gather your bearings, and if at any point you feel lost head straight for the trees to plan your next move. There will always be a flag near the trees to help find your way. Outside The Hatch =================== -> Items: Coconuts -> Characters: None Get back to the Dharma door that's inside the waterfall cave and place the dynamite at the door. Get far away and shoot the dynamite to blow it, and the door, to kingdom come. Swan Station ============== -> Items: Beer Cans -> Characters: None -> QUEST: Neutralize the magnetic interference. Enter inside and run to the computer near the end of the path. Activate it to begin another wonderful Dharma Initiative IQ test. Type in 8 then EXECUTE for question 1. The second question simply skips every other letter. Type in R and EXECUTE. For the third question type in 493 and EXECUTE. Once you gain access to the menu, type C and EXECUTE to neutralize the reactor. Now get ready to be freaked out... -> COMPLETED: Neutralize the magnetic interference. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.6 Whatever It Takes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jungle ======== -> Items: None -> Characters: Black smoke That black smoke is persistent, ain't it? Hold Up to run and pay attention to the obstacles in the path as they appear. You should jump over the small obstacles on the ground and slide as the larger trees are knocked down onto the path. Further into the chase you'll see narrow bridges over gaps and across swamps. You WILL fall if you veer too far off the bridges, so keep your left thumb steady when crossing those areas. Run into the open field at the end to face the black smoke. Dark Territory ================ -> Items: Torches, Oil, Ammo Clips, Fuses -> Characters: Black smoke, Juliet Approach Juliet and talk to her. When you ask her how she knows you it will trigger a flashback sequence back to the Persephone Hotel. Focus on the bodyguard on the right side and snap the photo when Lisa is talking to him and the bodyguard pulls out a gun. Afterward, talk to Lisa and tell her you'll talk to the guard. Speak to the chap and tell him Lisa's a reporter (you totally narced on her!). That'll be Elliot's chance to get the story, and the reason why Lisa is walking around with a marmalade stain on the side of her head. Talk to Juliet again and tell her you didn't kill Lisa. She'll give you the ol' "point of view" schpeel, then shut down the fence so you can get inside. -> COMPLETED: Follow your compass. -> QUEST: Follow the underground passage. Talk to Juliet again for more info and to trade if you need to. If you have a lot of items you may as well stock up on Torches/Oil, a Ammo Clip, and Fuses if you're running low. When you're ready follow the path near Juliet and arrive at the Flame Station. -> COMPLETED: Follow the underground passage. Flame Station =============== -> Items: Fuses, Beer Cans, Food Boxes, Ammo Clips -> Characters: Savo's guard, Mikhail -> QUEST: Reach an exit. Pull out a Torch or the Lamp and get through the station following the path straight head. Pick up Fuses along the way (can never have too many!) and continue along until you reach a locked gate and an electrical panel. It's time for another fun-filled Fuse puzzle. The solution is: Top row: -5V, -5V, -5V Middle row: -5V, -5V, -5V Bottom row: -5V, -5V, -15V Climb the ladder to enter the main floor. -> COMPLETED: Reach an exit. Proceed through the main floor and get to the door at the end (you won't need the computer along the way). Open the door and get your trigger finger ready for some shootin' action. I warn you that any movement will result in you getting shot, so your only option is to make sure you're looking right at the guy then quickly hold LT and fire at him. If you take too long to align the shot you'll be killed which means just point and shoot. And so the guy who wouldn't leave you alone is now dead. Score! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.7 Worth a Thousand Words ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hydra Station =============== -> Items: Fuses, Food Boxes, Beer Cans -> Characters: Lisa, Tom, Ben, Juliet Approach Lisa for more of her cryptic mumbo jumbo, then talk to Tom on the other side of the glass wall. Ask him the quest questions to trigger the final flashback. No more remembering or restarting, just the facts laid out before you. Run forward down the hallway and enter the suite on the left. You can choose either of the dark rooms near the living room to hide in, then focus on the area near the desk. Wait for Savo and another man to step into view then get a photo of the HANSO FOUNDATION briefcase being exchanged to remember. Once you realize what you've done (tsk tsk), talk to Tom. -> QUEST: Find a way out. You'll find the station deserted and all of your items gone. The goal here is to open a door using an electrical panel, but you have no Fuses to use for the puzzle. You're on Fuse collection duty, buddy. Roam the station and enter every room, collecting all the Fuses and other items along the way. Look for a computer When you enter the room with the large tank inside. Read the note regarding the shark and Fuses, then hit EXECUTE to get another IQ test. The answer to question 1 is 44 (22 * 2). Question 2 is H (skip every third letter). The final question is B. Once you have access to the menu you can check out some details about Lisa's murder, but C is the option you want to select to progress. Grab another Fuse from the tracking device attached to the shark. Once you've gathered all the Fuses you're ready to take on the electric panel next to the exit door. The solution is: Top row: -15V, -30V, -30V, -30V Middle row: -15V, -5V, -5V Bottom row: -15V, -5V Enter the room and talk to Ben. Run through all the questions to get a request from ol' Master of the Others: bring Jack Shepard to him. He doesn't care how, so it'll be up to you to figure it out. -> COMPLETED: Find a way out. Beach Camp ============ -> Items: Coconuts, Water Bottles, Ammo Clips -> Characters: Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Sawyer -> QUEST: Bring Jack to the Black Rock. Jack can be found on the far side of the beach, drinking water. Tell him you found a way off the island and he'll agree to meet you there. We're off to see the Others, the wonderful Other of Lost! The Black Rock ================ -> Items: Papayas -> Characters: Jack, Kate, Tom Run to the ship to find Jack already inside. Talk to him and ask him if he's ready (for what, I wonder?), then follow him inside. Run to the end of the ship and follow the next few flights of stairs to get to the top level and hand Jack over to the Others. -> COMPLETED: Bring Jack to the Black Rock. -> QUEST: Save Kate and Jack. To save both Kate and Jack you'll need to stand in front of Kate and shoot the dynamite near the Compass. This will cause an explosion that will knock out the Others, and by standing in front of Kate you prevent her from getting killed (sacrificing yourself for someone else... get the lesson?). -> COMPLETED: Save Kate and Jack. Jungle ======== -> Items: None -> Characters: Juliet, The Others, Locke This is it. No more quests and no more questions regarding Elliot's past. Now you simply have to run for your life and get to the boat in order to finally get off the island. Like that other chase, Y is to jump over small obstacles and A is to slide under the large fallen trees. You can stumble twice and still make it to the dock in time, but any more than that and you'll fail. Talk to Locke at the dock to wrap up any questions left to ask and finally get going. Approach the boat... and prepare for the beginning. =============================================================================== ===== 4.0 MEMORY ITEMS ======================================================== Memory items are viewed during flashback sequences. You must view them after you have taken the photograph but BEFORE you speak to the person in the flashback. Episode 1, Force Majeure ========================== - Magazine on the seat to the left. - Strip of film on the left arm rest. - Backpack on the floor. Episode 2, A New Day ====================== - Recorder on the barrel in the corner. - The newspaper on the chair. - The diary on the opposite chair. Episode 3, Via Domus ====================== - Article on the boxes near the metal cabinets. - Recorder on the desk. - Note on the desk. Episode 4, Forty-Two ====================== - Letter on the metal shelves across from Rico. - Recorder on the metal shelves across from Rico. - Folder on the counter next to Rico. Episode 5, Hotel Persephone ============================= - A recorder on a table near the lobby entrance. - A letter on Lisa's table. - The folder on Lisa's table. Episode 6, Whatever It Takes ============================== - Newspaper on a table near the entrance to the lobby. - Lisa's diary on the table next to her. - Guestbook at the reception desk near the entrance. =============================================================================== ===== 5.0 EXTRAS ============================================================== Extras are unlocked by taking photographs during the episodes (Camera is obtained after episode 3). Dharma Ride ============= Episode 5: - Take a photo of the Dharma van in the Dark Territory. Face the path to the beach camp and then turn left 45 degrees. Follow that path slightly to the left and you'll see the rusted old van between some trees among thick foliage. Staff ======= Examine the following areas of episode 5 in this order: - The #4 bumper sticker case in a tent on the far right side of the beach camp (facing the jungle). - The #8 sea shells arranged in a figure 8 on the far right side of the beach. - The #15 piece of fuselage next to Sayid's tent on the far left side. - The #16 wooden crate under a brown tarp near Sayid's tent. - The #23 food cart next to Hurley. - The #42 domino set next to Charlie. - Then, go to the Medical Station and take a photo of the Dharma emblem. Beam of Light =============== Episode 3: - Follow Locke past the hatch, then turn back and photograph the beam of light coming from the top. Past of Desmond ================= Episode 4: - Photograph the wall mural inside the Swan Station. - Photograph the Dharma Initiative jumpsuit near the washing machines. - Photograph the red medicine cabinet in the common area. Mapping the Island ==================== Episodes 4, 5, and 6: - Photograph the glowing map inside the computer room in the Swan Station. - Photograph the glowing map in the common area in the Swan Station. Make sure door 1 is closed and door 2 is open, then access the Black Light Menu and only switch on light 1. - Get a photo of the cable map in the Flame Station. The map is located on a table on the right side just before finding Savo's guard and the Russian in the final room. 4 8 15 16 23 42 ================= Episodes 3, 4, or 5: - Photograph the numbers on the side of the hatch. Pearl ======= Episode 6: - Run down into the large field of grass after Juliet lets you past the gate. Walk along the right side and you should eventually find a small blue item in the grass next to a large tree. Pick up the item to enter the Pearl Station. Take a photo of the emblem inside. Radzinsky =========== Episodes 4 or 5: - Find the lava lamp in the Swan Station common area and look up to get a photo of the blood stain on the ceiling. Castaways' Treasures ====================== Episodes 3, 4, and 5: - Start at Sawyer and run across the camp straight to the jungle. Photograph the wheelchair found in the long grass. - Photograph Kate's toy airplane. - Photograph Charlie's guitar. Slave ======= Episode 5: - Enter the Black Rock and take a photo of the skeleton near the dynamite. Turn of the Screw =================== Episodes 4 or 5: - Photograph Henry James' "A Turn of the Screw" from the Swan Station book shelf. =============================================================================== ===== 6.0 ACHIEVEMENTS ======================================================== Story Achievements ==================== - Crash survivor (25G): Complete Episode 1 - Locate the cockpit (25G): Complete Episode 2 - Via Domus (50G): Complete Episode 3 - Into the hatch (75G): Complete Episode 4 - Behind the wall (100G): Complete Episode 5 - Through the Flame (125G): Complete Episode 6 - The way home (200G): Finish the game - 815 (20G): Discover all the memories in Flashback 1 - Sweet memory (20G): Discover all the memories in Flashback 2 - Behind the glass (20G): Discover all the memories in Flashback 3 - Identity crisis (30G): Discover all the memories in Flashback 4 - Persephone (30G): Discover all the memories in Flashback 5 - Whatever it takes (30G): Discover all the memories in Flashback 6 Secret Achievements ===================== See the EXTRAS section for details on how to obtain some of these. - Slave (15G): Photograph skeleton in Black Rock - A Turn of the Screw (10G): Photograph A Turn of the Screw - 4 8 15 16 23 42 (15G): Photograph numbers on sealed hatch - Dharma Ride (15G): Photograph Dharma van - Mapping the Island (10G): Photograph: 1- Blast door map 2- Blast door map for the hidden entrance 3- Sayid's cable map - Castaways' Treasures (10G): Photograph: 1- Kate's plane 2- Charlie's guitar 3- Locke's wheelchair - Hero's hero (25G): Save Jack - Radzinsky (15G): Photograph bloodstain on the Swan ceiling - Pearl Station (20G): Photograph Pearl Station emblem - Medical Station (20G): Photograph Medical Station emblem - Beam of light (20G): Photograph beam of light coming from the hatch - Button pusher (15G): Enter the numbers - Blackmailer (15G): Convince Locke to help - Save the castaways (15G): Prevent the fuel leak from igniting - Boom boom (10G): Open the secret door - Showdown (10G): Successfully confront Beady Eyes - Desmond's Past (10G): Photograph: Kelvin's jump suit Medical cabinet with vaccines Desmond's mural =============================================================================== ===== 7.0 FAQ ================================================================= Q: Are there any secret locations? A: Yes, there are actually a couple of areas that are not required and can only be found after completing a side task. 1. Staff Station Examine the following areas of episode 5 in this order: - The #4 bumper sticker case in a tent on the far right side of the beach camp (facing the jungle). - The #8 sea shells arranged in a figure 8 on the far right side of the beach. - The #15 piece of fuselage next to Sayid's tent on the far left side. - The #16 wooden crate under a brown tarp near Sayid's tent. - The #23 food cart next to Hurley. - The #42 domino set next to Charlie. Then, go to the Medical Station. 2. Pearl Station In episode 6, run down into the large field of grass after Juliet lets you past the gate. Walk along the right side and you should eventually find a small blue item in the grass next to a large tree. Pick up the item to enter the Pearl Station. =============================================================================== ===== 8.0 LEGAL / MISC. ======================================================= ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.1 Version History ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- March 8, 2008: Version 0.9 ============================ The guide is complete. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.2 Guide Credits ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to these folks... 1. Ubisoft for an excellent Lost-esque experience (especially that ending). 2. ABC Studios and Bad Robot for a great television show that still manages to keep people on the edge of their seats after 4 seasons. 3. Wilson Lau gets mad props for his excellent guide to Bart vs. the Space Mutants. It's awesomeness inspired the over 50 guides I've written to date. 4. Thank YOU for reading! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.3 Contact Information ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The address is: darksub01 [at] yahoo [dot] com The issue of too many e-mails isn't a problem, so I'll most likely respond to any questions (for now). But, I do delete e-mails without a subject. Put 'LOST FAQ' or something similar in the subject line. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.4 Legal Stuff ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. LOST Video Game © 2008 Ubisoft Entertainment. LOST © ABC Studios. 2. This guide copyright © 2008 SubSane. The guide was written exclusively for GamesRadar.com.</p>