##################################################################### #Disgaea 2 Walkthrough/Strategy Guide # #By: Joyel Puryear # #URL: http://www.freelancebusinessman.com # #Email: businessman332211(@)gmail(.)com - remove () # #Spoiler Free (Unless warned) # #Contributions or Requests Welcome from everyone # #English Version (Playstation 2) # ##################################################################### -- TABLE OF CONTENTS -- 1. Version Information 2. General Guide Information 3. Legend 4. Basic Game Information 4A - Features 4B - Status Affects 4C - Controls 4D - Stats Basics 4E - Game Options 5. Walkthrough 5A - Chapter 1 - "The Overlord's Daughter" 5B - Chapter 2 - "Rozalin the Liar" 5C - Chapter 3 - "Rise of the Beauty Queen" 5D - Chapter 4 - "Axel's Scheme" 5E - Chapter 5 - "The Promise" 5F - Chapter 6 - "Coliseum" 5G - Chapter 7 - "Battle Tournament" 5H - Chapter 8 - "Zenon Appears" 5I - Chapter 9 - "Summoned Overlord" 5J - Chapter 10 - "The Two Ninja's" 5K - Chapter 11 - "Awakening" 6. Dark Sun (Dark World) 6A - Explanation 6B - Accessing Dark Sun 6C - Unlocking Dark Sun Maps 6D - Beating Dark Sun Maps 7. Secrets & Personal Strategies 7A - Story 7B - Dark Assembly 7C - Lifting & Throwing 7D - Item World 7E - Cell Phones 7F - Post Officer (subpoenas) 7G - Leveling (Character Management) 7H - Geo Panels (and symbols) 7I - General Strategies 7J - Back Story (Disgaea 1) (Spoilers from the first game) 7K - Endings Information 7L - Unlockables 7M - Bribes 8. Final Words 9. Credits 10. Wish List 11. Copy Right ##################### #VERSION INFORMATION# ##################### 1.9 - 03-04-08 -------------- * Reformatted version information * Expanded some sections based off of contributions * Major reformatting of the walkthrough (headers, light reformatting) 1.7 - 8-31-07 ------------- * Added section under general information * Added copyright section 1.6 - 8-29-07 ------------- * Major contribution which added in content * Rewrote: Geopanels (parts of it) * Rewrite: Post Office (Parts of it) * Added: Felony List (start of it) * Rewrote: Dark Assembly (Parts of it) * Added: Endings section * Added: Bribes Section * Added: Unlockables Section * Fixed: Multiple Typos * Fixed: Spelling errors * Fixed: Alignment Issues 1.1 - 8-25-07 ------------- * Slight revisions throught full walkthrough * Fixed email address (was outdated) 0.9 - 3-24-07 ------------- * added new sections 0.8 - 3-21-07 ------------- * Added contribution to backstory * added new sections (while playing) * added more lists of information * Slight reformatting 0.7 - 3-20-07 ------------- * Added huge chunks to walkthrough * Created multiple sections * added new lists of items * Modified data from other sections 0.5 - 3-14-07 ------------- * Added multiple sections * Secrets/personal strategies sections added * Working on finishing waklthrough portion (during playthrough) 0.1 - 3-10-07 ------------- * Initial Walkthrough release ########################### #GENERAL GUIDE INFORMATION# ########################### I am a psychotic completionist. When I write a walkthrough I intend for them to be the one stop shop for everything related to that game. Every idea, tactic, strategy, unlockable, explanation and everything that can ever be formulated and presented for the game I like to include. Every strategy my mind can possibly concieve, and every single idea behind the game I can find. I intend for each walkthrough I write to be a 100% perfectionists walkthrough which explains everything and delves into the deepest soul behind the game... That can't be done without contributions. I like getting any form of contribution in any way shape or form. I want to get feedback on anything, strategies, tips, hints. Anything anyone can offer, even there own custom walkthroughs for specific sections, I don't mind. I want any and all contributions I can possibly get because every view point is good. It also sometimes takes awhile to make a walkthrough better than any source in existence. I even aim to be more complete than the official walkthrough (also note I don't buy the walkthroughs for the games I write). I want to have the most complete source available anywhere. I want every guide I write to be like a bible behind the game (meaning a massive collection of data that is 100% complete in every way shape or form). I want to get all the data that is humanly possible on the game. I normally write everything I can when I am playing. Then later I will take contributions over time and rewrite as they come in, then when I eventually play the game again I expand EVERYTHING in the entire walkthrough which basically means finishing sections, rewriting sections, and always adding entirely new sections. Walkthroughs that I write are NEVER complete and I always come back at some point to write more, add more compile more data or make sure it's still the most complete reference on the game in existence. ######## #LEGEND# ######## --------------------------------------------------------------------- ################ #Section Header# ################ -------------------- -Sub Section Header- -------------------- Mini Section header ------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- ################### #BASIC INFORMATION# ################### I am a rabid completionist. I am obsessed with getting everything, doing everything, and saying everything that can be said about a game I play. When I write a walkthrough I intend to be a full completionist offering even more information into every aspect of the game than the official walkthroughs. I intend to be a psychotic completionist that covers every humanly possibly area of a game. ---------- -Features- ---------- Here are some of the features of the game, features means general special things in the game (normally the best aspects of the game) to give you a taste of what to come. This is a rundown of what is on the back of the box as well as my own things that I think should be considered as "features" for the game. * Over 200+ classes (both monster and human classes) that you can choose from. * The all new "Dark Court" system, where getting felonies is a good thing. * Grid Based map system that was present in the first installment (disgaea 1). * All new stack attacks (ladder attacks), stack your characters in a huge ladder and hit with maximum damage. * Fully randomized item world, where you never see the same level twice. * Variety of new things allowing you to customize items to there fullest. * Random guest appearances and playable characters from the first game letting you really get a feeling that this came after the first installment. * Trailer to the new anime show, that will be based around Disgaea. * The item/weapon/armor system returns. Multiple levels for equipment, as well as multiple item ranks/customer ranks. * Transmigration system renamed to Reincarnation with some new improvements. * Entirely new dark assembly system that was recreated entirely for the new game. * Item world features an in-built version of the dark assembly system. * New catch ability added into the throw system. * Multiple new random/non random affects in battle, that enhance battle strategies a hundred fold. * All new innocent world (level) built into the item world that appears randomly after every 10 levels (sometimes). * Many new geo symbols built into the game. * The geo system rebuilt, now featuring moving geo symbols.(sometimes) * Better built in information (explains things much better). ---------------- -Status Affects- ---------------- Here are a list of all the status affects, how they affect you within the game. Status affects are all 2 way, meaning they can affect you or the enemy and the affects are always equal generally. Status affects affect both allies and enemies equally. Causing Status Affects ---------------------- They can be caused by using skills, certain equipment might have that affect, and certain weapon types or characters may naturally have that attribute. The 2 best characters for inflicting various status ailments are the thief and female ninja. Note: I need to get verification (either by me or contributions) as to whether some of these heal themselves over time. Also if I missed any status affects (Not geo panels but status affects) let me know. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name - Affects - Cures (how to cure it) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Poison - * 20% HP decrease per turn - * Wears off itself * Espoir (Spell) * Fairy Dust (Item) * Hospital --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sleep - * Can't do anything - * Wears off itself * Enemy hits are critical * Getting hit * Espoir (Spell) * Fairy Dust (Item) * Hospital --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paralyze - * Cannot move - * Wears off itself(?) * Speed becomes 1 * Espoir (Spell) * Fairy Dust (Item) * Hospital --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amnesia - * Cannot use specials - * Wears off itself(?) * Cannot use spells * Espoir (Spell) * Fairy Dust (Item) * Hospital --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deprave - * Will not gain experience - * Wears off itself (?) * all stats down 20% * Espoir (Spell) * Fairy Dust (Item) * Hospital --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- -Controls- ---------- Below are the full controls for the game's from all possible action points. This is a quick list, that provides a list of controls for inside the battles, the menu's in battle, outside of battles, and menus outside of battle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: X Outside Battle(town): Confirmation button, it also skips text from people when they are talking, and makes it go by further. It also does confirmations when in any type of action menu, buying menu, or any other menu's. Battle: Activates action on a character, meaning if you hit it on a character it brings up there list of skills and battle actions. It also confirms actions within the battle menu(triangle) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: Circle Outside Battle(town): Cancel's actions from any type of menu and makes your character jump. Battle: Cancel's menu actions, as well as performs what I call a "cold cancel". It will cancel EVERYTHING your character has done and return them to there starting position if they haven't executed the turn yet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: Triangle Outside Battle(town): This pulls up the overall menu, where you can select various options. Also called the main menu. Battle: This pulls up the overall menu, where you can select various options. Also called the main menu. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: Square Outside Battle(town): It has various helpful purposes. For example it will change information in the status menu. However if you are in the item menu and you do it over the items in the item area it puts it in the warehouse, if you do it over an item in the warehour then it puts it in the item inventory area. Battle: If you do it over an ally you can use the direction button with it to change the direction they are facing. If you do it over an enemy it will give you a quick look at there movement distance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: Directional Pad Outside Battle(town): Can be used to move around your character or move the cursor around throughout the various menus. Battle: Can be used to move around your characters or move the cursor around throughout the various menus. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: 2 analog sticks (if your controller has them) Outside Battle(town): The left one is an alternative to the directional pad, the right one does nothing. Battle: The left one is an alternative to the directional pad, the right one does nothing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: L1 & R1 Outside Battle(town): Alternates map clockwise or counter-clockwise respectively. Inside the menu's it can change between characters or change back and forth between warehouse and item menu. Battle: Alternates map clockwise or counter-clockwise respectively. Inside menu's it can change between characters. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: L2 & R2 Outside Battle(town): L2 Zooms in and out. R2 does nothing. Battle: L2 Zooms in and out. Moves the cursor automatically to specific special spots. This includes the base panels, characters who haven't moved/acted, exit points in the item world, gates to the dark court in the item world, mystery rooms in the item world. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: Start Outside Battle(town): When entering a name it automatically confirms the choice. Battle: Not used ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: Select Outside Battle(town): Randomly generates a name when you enter one. Battle: Turns the displays for geopanels on or off. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Manual (book with game) game came with, I used it as a reference when compiling this data, to help me jar my memory, I also cross referenced the game itself in order to verify the data, and see if I could find any other uses for those specific buttons. * Controls may vary for the Japanese Version. * If anyone notices any other uses for any of these buttons in any of these situation that I missed please let me know. If you have an idea for another situation that might have controls, that I didn't list please let me know. -------------- -Stats Basics- -------------- Below is a list of all the stats in the game and what they are for. Stats can be raised/lowered in many different ways, both permanent and temporary. All equipment can affects stats both positively and negatively, and that is highly randomized based off of a variety of factors. Status affects, items, equipment, class, class variation, level and various other factors can affect the stats of a character. Below I did a list as good as I could, explaining the different stats and what they affect. * Weapons it affects refers to what weapons base there damage off of the stat. I will try to list the weapon, and what it affects. It can affect all weapons, but just affect one thing with them. * Classes means what classes you should keep that stat high on. Some characters don't need stats as much as others. If the class name is there, it will just be ONE of the names of the class, if I have the name of one, I am automatically refering to ALL variations of that specific class. All just refers to the stat being really important for all classes to have atleast some of. If I have all then some specific names, then I mean that all the characters need it as much as possible, but the ones listed need to have that stat as high as possible. * I formatted this table a little different than most of the other informational tables because there was so much data, that it could not simply fit in a long line, I had to go ahead and make it a taller table and not as long. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Example Description: Example Description. This will descibe the stat, and it's purpose, as well as what it does. Weapons: Affects on weapons go here. Some weapon types base there damage off of different things. These sections will go into as much detail as possible, when the weapon section is created it will rehash this information even better, and clearer. Classes: This section is going to describe very carefull what classes need to have this stat high. It also gives the general affects this stat can play on some of the classes. Comments: This area will contain my own personal comments on the stat as well as any personal experiences I have with it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Level (LVL)(lvl) Description: This stat is an overall stat. It affects everything. The other stats always automatically increase when this increases and when this is reset (reincarnation) then it resets the stats back to there bases (just higher modificatons because of the various affects of reincarnation). Weapons: Weapons have levels as well (explained within the weapons section). However the overall character levels will affect the characters weapon usage, i also increases the stats of an item when an items level is increased (another story for another section). Classes: Getting the level up is the number one and most important thing for all classes (main characters, human (demon) classes and monster classes. This is very important all around for everything. There are a lot of leveling tips and techniques throughout various portions of the walkthrough as well as rich information in the leveling sections. Comments: Personally my favorite stat, but it's really based on opinion whether this is really a stat or not, it's more a modifier for all of the other stats, it's hard to say sometimes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Hit Points (HP)(hp)(Hitp)(HitPoints) Description: The overall damage a character can recieve in battle before you lose them. It can be replenished with any of the obvious methods. Healing magics, healing items, or the hospital. Weapons: Doesn't really affect the weapons. Classes: Important for all classes, the more they have (mixed with the defense stat) the better chance you have of keeping them alive. Some classes are meant to have a lot of hitpoints in general, like the iron knight classes, and some of the other ones. Comments: Personally I consider this important, I end up using the types of "muscles" to increase this stat on my main character fighters, as well as normal characters that are in the front lines a lot. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Spell Points (SP) (sp) Description: The overall stat that decides how much skills and/or spells can be used. This decides how much they are able to use them. Each skill/spell will have a specific amount of Sp that it requires to use the skill, this takes the sp away as it's used. SP cannot be replenished with skills or spells, but it can be increased at the hospital and/or with various types of items. Weapons: Doesn't really affect weapons. Classes: All magic classes need to focus on this very heavily. The druid, healer, and magic knight classes especially. All other classes need to work on this some or they will never be able to user there native/weapon skills/spells. The more SP they have the more they can use there skills and spells. Comments: One of my favorite skills, and you can use various types of orbs to increase this pretty heavily, every one of my mage type characters has some form of orb or another. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Attack (ATK)(atk)(at)(AT) Description: This is the stat that decides how much damage is done, all of the basic attacks are affected in some way or another by this stat. Weapons: The guns damage aren't affected by this stat, and the bow is not impacted as much. Classes: Good for all warrior related classes, not very important for magic classes. Except the magic knight, it's important to keep a good balance of both attack and other magic related skills when you are talking about the magic knight. Comments: A relatively important stat, I try to keep it as high as possible with all attack based characters. It can mean a massive difference in the damage that you do. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Defense (DEF) (def) Description: This stat is the most important one in the game when it comes to protecting yourself, the higher it is, the less damage you take from attacks. Weapons: Doesn't really affect any weapons. Classes: This is important for most of the classes, the higher the defense all around the better. Comments: The higher you keep this the better, one way to easily get higher defense values is by keeping your armor upgraded as much as your money allows. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Intelligence (INT) (int) Description: This is important for use with anything magic related (not skills, just magic), there might be a few "skills" that are based off of this, but it mostly just affects magic. Weapons: Doesn't really affect any weapons. Classes: All mage type characters, and the magic knight need to keep this skill as high as possible. The higher it is the more damage there spells will do. Comments: I use orbs to help bring this up, it is a very useful stats but you really don't need to focus on this for any of your strictly fighting or stealth related characters. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Resistance (RES) (res) Description: This affects how much damage affects you, and how much damage you recieve from it, as well as how much healing magic affects you. Weapons: Doesn't really affect any weapons. Classes: All classes need to work on this some, so they don't take AS much damage from magical attacks. I recommend putting this on your mages the most though because most people fight mage distance with mage distance, and they end up normally getting hit with magic the most. Comments: This is a very important stat, I don't pay attention to it much because it's just something I don't watch a lot unless I notice I am having a lot of trouble with mages, then I try to take some time to build it, but it is a very important stat nonetheless. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Hit (HIT) Description: Affects your chances of attacking. If it's high you have a higher chance of getting critical hits, if it's lower you have a higher chance of missing or getting "nicks". Nicks are where you hit the enemy but barely, so it dos very little damage compared to what it would normally do. Weapons: Affects the amount of damage guns, and bows do. Most axes seem to naturally suck out this stat as well, they are meant to do A LOT of damage but have a less of a chance to hit. Classes: Important for any classes that seem to miss a lot. The classes that normally benefit from it are gunner, archer, male ninja, female ninja, sinner, and thief. Comments: It is a very affective skill, if you have it very low you will find yourself missing alot, if you have it higher you might notice you get criticals (more damage than normal ) quite a bit. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Speed (SPD)(spd) Description: This affects how often you can dodge attacks, mix this with the enemies hit. If the enemy has a high hit but you have a high speed hten it increases the chances of them them missing. It also decreases the chances of getting hit by normal attacks, skills, spells, healing magic, and items.(I am not 100% sure about items I need verification for this) Weapons: I think speed might affect fists some??. Classes: All classes can benefit from this, but the ones that benefit most are gunner, archer, male ninja, female ninja, sinner, and thief. Comments: If it's really high, it increases the chances for people also missing when a critical geo panel is involved, which can be very helpful in a difficult situation. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Counter Description: How often your character counter attacks. Weapons: affects all weapons. Classes: This is good with any characters but mage type characters there counter attacks generally don't do anything. Comments: Every action almost takes up a counter. You attacking will take off one counter, defending will take off 2. So if you only have a natural counter of one, then you need to just leave there turned un-used (except for moving if you want) in order for them to counter if they are attacked the next turn. If you defend then they have to have a natural counter of 3 to be able to still counter one time after defending. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Move (MV)(mv) Description: How many panels a character can move. Weapons: It doesn't affect any weapons. Classes: This affects all characters. If you want them to be able to move farther this is the stat that affects that. The characters that benefit from this the most are gunner, archer male ninja, female ninja, sinner, and thief. Comments: Shoes can increase this a lot, this can help a lot if you need a character to be able to move long distances. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Jump (JM)(jm) Description: This is related to how high they can jump. This is a pretty important stat to have up there. Weapons: It doesn't affect any weapons. Classes: This is very good, the classes that benefit from this the most is gunner, archer, male ninja, female ninja, sinner, and thief. Comments: This stat is pretty helpful when you have an area that is difficult to reach, characters with higher jump can sometimes get up there a lot easier. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Fire Resistance (Fire) (FIRE) Description: This affects how affective there fire magic is, and how much damage fire magic does to them. If it's positive it affects it positively, if it's negative it affects if negatively, if there is no number there then it doesn't affect it either positively or negatively. Weapons: It doesn't affect any weapons. Classes: This is univerally good for all classes. Comments: The higher this is in positive the better, with any character. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Wind Resistance (WIND) (Wind) Description: This affects how affective there wind magic is, and how much damage wind magic does to them. If it's positive it affects it positively, if it's negative it affects if negatively, if there is no number there then it doesn't affect it either positively or negatively. Weapons: It doesn't affect any weapons. Classes: This is univerally good for all classes. Comments: The higher this is in positive the better, with any character. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Water Resistance (WATER) (water) Description: This affects how affective there water magic is, and how much damage water magic does to them. If it's positive it affects it positively, if it's negative it affects if negatively, if there is no number there then it doesn't affect it either positively or negatively. Weapons: It doesn't affect any weapons. Classes: This is univerally good for all classes. Comments: The higher this is in positive the better, with any character. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Experience (EXP)(exp)(EX)(ex) description: How much total experience you have overall. Weapons: It doesn't affect any weapons. Classes: This is univeral, it goes up whenever you kill an enemy so all classes are heavily affected by it. Comments: The leveling sections explain the best way to level, the only way to level is by gaining experience, and getting experience leads to getting levels by acquiring certain amounts of experience. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Next (NEXT)(next) Description: How many experience points left until the next level. Weapons: It doesn't affect any weapons. Classes: Self Explanatory. Comments: None -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Mana (MANA)(mana) Description: How mana points you have to donate towards passing bills in the dark assembly. Weapons: It doesn't affect any weapons. Classes: It is a universal stat, the type of class does not affect it in any way. Comments: There is (or will be if there isn't already) a section with information about what all mana is, what it does, tricks and tips on how to gain it, and much more. As well as a very detailed strategy towards getting mana quickly. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------- -Game Options- -------------- Inside the options menu there are a list of options, here is what they are as well as what they do. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Name - Affects(description) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Cursor Mode - ??Need feedback on this one?? ------------------------------------------------------------------ Ally Affect - Makes allies skill animations go by quicker by cutting them short. This is especially useful in the item world for speeding up leveling. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Enemy Affect - Makes enemies skill animations go by quicker by cutting them short. This is especially useful in the item world for speeding up leveling. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Geo Affect - Sets the speed in which geopanels get destroyed whey they are exploding. This is helpful for speeding things up when leveling up in the item world. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Stereo - Set's the stereo volume for the game. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Eng/Jap - Set's the language of the game to either japanese or english, I would like to know if this is the same (essentially) as having the japanese version. ------------------------------------------------------------------ BGM - Set's the background music of the game ------------------------------------------------------------------ Sound Demo - ??Need feedback on this one?? ------------------------------------------------------------------ Battle Sounds - Set's the sound of the battle effects. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Sounds Effects - Set's the sound affects. ------------------------------------------------------------------ * Does someone know the difference between BGM and Stereo * Does someone know the difference between sound affects, battle sounds, and sound demo. ############# #WALKTHROUGH# ############# Note: I did the best I could on this part of my guide. Some of them are in depth, some are not. I didn't even write walkthroughs for every single area. It just depends on it's difficult and if I felt like typing through the easier ones. There are a lot of really, really good walkthroughs on gamefaqs that have some really good and in depth strategies. If you end up having problems using my guide, or you get stuck on an area and I didn't provide enough information try some of the other guides and see what they came up with. I wrote this myself while playing. I had a few stages I had problems with myself and used another walkthrough on. When this happens I end up not writing one (because I didn't use that strategy myself from scratch), or I reference where the strategy can be found in detail and put a basic idea in here. Then I reference you to the external walkthrough so you can get access to it. I am not writing a full walkthrough. It will just waste my time and yours. Some things are plain out common sense. If you go into a battle, there are 3 enemies I don't have to tell you "go into this battle, and kill those 3 enemies and move onto the next level". Those kinds of things are a waste of my time to write, and a definite waste of your time to read. I put stuff here that is important. I also don't feel like having to go back and add sections so as I play I add a new section for each episode. Whether anything is going to be in that specific section is there, then there might be information there, if not it will just say something like "Nothing Important" or something very similar. I am only putting down things that you need to know of in order to get a perfect game, personal advice on something I thought of, fights that are very hard that took me multiple tries and I finally found a good way to beat them. Anything like that. 90% of the time I tell you about something that you need to do/see in order to get a perfect game I won't even provide details, I will simply tell you about it generally, then point you to where you can find out about it yourself. I have each EPISODE shown as a subheading. Different areas will only be listed if there are ones I need to list for a reason, and it's simply going to have the name of the area followed by what i need to tell you below it, and that's it. --------------------------------------- -Chapter 1 - "The Overlord's Daughter"- --------------------------------------- Holte Village ------------- You might as well get this over with first thing so you don't have to mess with it later on down the road. Inside this first city there are 5 "switchs". Go ahead and get them atleast first thing so you have them. You will know you have all 5 when you recieve a confirmation message about a shadow. If you need help finding them specifically then go to gamefaqs and check a few of the walkthroughs there by searching for the term "switch" this will get you to the proper area after a minute. There are like 3+ walkthroughs on there that list in great, easy to understand detail about exactly where they are and how to get them. Make sure that you go to the top left of the map (using the original map view without rotating it) and then rotate the map a little there and you should see a little shadow looking dude on the ledge. If you talk to him he says a bunch of dots (doesn't say anything), but this verifies 100% that you did it and that's all that is needed. I thought this might be worth mentioning too. There are 2 things in holte village I noticed. First off there are multiple chests that are obvious to get. All you have to do is just get them. Look around, rotate the map, there are something like 3-4 that are easy to get too. Make sure you get the "CELLPHONE" from one of the standard chests. DO NOT proceed until you are 100% sure that cellphone is in your inventory. There is one other chest I thought was worth mentioning. It is way in the very far edge of the map. You have to jump on a house, then from that house jump on the chimney. From there you have to jump to a tree, then another house. From there jump back towards the area and go up to the chest. The reason I mentioned that is that is the only way to get it. Check back later in the game because the chest might re-appear. I WILL NOT mention these chests again throughout the entire game, I wanted to bring it to your attention because I went through the village 2 time's, and ended up missing it until I started rotating the map and found it. It took me about 10 minutes to get it, that's why I described it. The chests appear at the beginning of each new Chapter, so don't forget to scour the village and talk to every each time a new episodes start, I won't mention this part again. -------------------------------- -Chapter 2 - "Rozalin the Liar"- -------------------------------- Holte Village ------------- Get the chests again and talk to everyone Sealed Room ----------- This battle looks a little annoying at first. Normally as I said I don't write walkthroughs on specific areas unless they are considerably difficult or I come up with an idea that worked very well for me. If you notice the gaps in the floor that spells opprotunity. You need to form a human ladder. Take one character and move them forward 4 squares away from the base panel. They need to have a throw of 4, from there line characters up after him. Try to make the main character the one that comes out of the bsae panel. Anyway throw over to the geopanels, and from there hit the one on the right. You get a massive bonus, it kills all enemies but around 2 and all your characters come out unharmed. Mop up the rest of the enemies that are left (if any) then gang heavily up on the boss, and the area is complete. For more on lifting and through, please see the section entitle "Lifting & Throwing". Also if you let him kill you, you get one of the endings. If you let him kill you any times you fight him throughout the game you end up getting the same ending, so you only need to lose to him one time to see the ending, any other times are a waste of time. ---------------------------------------- -Chapter 3 - "Rise of the Beauty Queen"- ---------------------------------------- Holte Village ------------- Get the chests again and talk to everyone. Poisonous Swamp --------------- This is a great place to level mages, because you can hide the mage around the areas, and attack from a distance, great for leveling all of them. Also it's a decent bonus gauge area, wait until the geopanels take up a large area then go ahead and shoot it (archer or gunner) and watch them fly. Dangerous Refuge ---------------- This is absolutely the best leveling spot in the game up to this point. The reason I find it so, is because I created a leveling strategy here. The idea is to use one strong character to work around. Move them to the right in a straight line 3 squares, this draws one enemy close. Kill it. After it's dead move that strong character over to the right "where the panels are moving" and position him towards the top. This activates 2 more enemies, kill them. After that move all your lower leveled (one's that need leveled) over to the squares that aren't color. Once they are in position then keep skipping your turn until all 3 things move onto geopanels. Attacki one and you get a big bonus, which is very helpful especially when a lot of experience is being brought in from it. Corpse Garden ------------- This one is a little tricky, and this is where i went ahead and moved a lot of my characters *until I got bored" up to level 10. Whenever I had a new variation of a class of course, I use that reincarnation technique of reincarnating over variations to make them stronger during the game. After the battle you have to get a "felony". go into the item world, follow the instructions, pretty straight forward. TragedyLand ----------- This is where you fight a major, major boss. If it's your first play through and you haven't leveled for hours, then just let her beat you. If it's your second play through or you are around level 1000 (and are good) then beat her and you unlock an ending for it. However I do have another bit of advice to offer here whether or not you are intending on winning or not. If you are not high enough level (likely) then there is something still you can do that will benefit you greatly here. If you will notice at the top there are 3 chests. They are not that hard to get. Setup a ladder of characters (probably 2 max) and throw over as close to the left chest as possible, then move the character manually beside it and destroy it. Then form another ladder at the base panel (probably 2-3 this time) and get them to the middle which is easy to get to, then move them the rest of the way and get that chest. The last one is a little more tricky. You need a chain of more of 4-5 so try and go easy on the first 2. You need like 2 for the first chest, 2-3 for the second that leaves you with atleast 5-6 characters however you don't have a lot of room to stack them. Be patient and get creative. However you pretty much have to accomplish this all in one turn (not that hard) or she will kill you within 1 round (her and the prinnies together. Also if you have a higher level thief, you could pull a few things off those prinnies if you had a few extra turns left after you get all the chests. ----------------------------- -Chapter 4 - "Axel's Scheme"- ----------------------------- Holte Village ------------- Again chests, talk to people, the same old stuff. Dragons Mouth ------------- If you haven't seen it yet, you can go ahead and lose and see the ending. That is up to you, overall this battle is relatively easy. When you are ready to end you are going to need to throw one character over the river to remove the panel that causes no entry (no other way around that). The rest is pretty straightforward. ------------------------------- -#E: Chapter 5 - "The Promise"- ------------------------------- Holte Village ------------- More talking, More chests (as always). A few things peaked my interest here though. You can now talk to the subpeona person. At this stage in the game the felonies system really opens up. I highly recommend stopping the main story, get all you characters up to 10-15, get done with a few felonies. Just enjoy the game quite a bit at this point because all it does from here on out is get better and better gameplay. Gluttons Hideout ---------------- This one isn't really hard if your characters are the right level, but it can be quite time consuming. ------------------------ -Chapter 6 - "Coliseum"- ------------------------ Holte Village ------------- More talking, More chests(again). First Battle ------------ At first this battle sounded horribly hard (invincible squad my ass). They virtually suck. However the main one has a lot of good equipment and I suggest you take it all for yourself. I setup a strategy because I thought they were going to be hard. I lured all of them away from him (using there attack range to gauge my distances), and killed them all off. Then I setup a trap for him, stole all his stuff, and took him out in one combo. At this point you are in a different "after battle setting" chests are spread throughout the areas as well as numerous people to talk to. Second Battle ------------- This floating bastard might prove to be a nuisance after all. The idea is we already know that the key symbol is the red one. Ok, that is just great knowing your enemy is half the battle. So now we need to "get" there. This proves harder than it looks. The idea is to go around the left hand side until you reach the panel. I would suggest taking a higher level character with more hitpoints (Adell, Rozalin, Tink) then moving them around. This will better ensure that they survive the chain reaction of the Geo Panels. The count will go to like 3000, and will pass by you about 5-6 time, so I would make sure you have them high enough to allow them to survive all the passthroughs. After that, there should be very few enemies left, and all you have to do is finish those up. Third Battle ------------ Not good... I hate this board (a lot). However, after I came up with a simple idea it wasn't a problem (as long as all characters you are using are 15+ you should be fine). Pull 4 charactes out onto that warp panel and end turn. Do it again with another 4, and use the 4 you have, strategically, while trying to keep them all on the warp panel. The idea here is divide and conquer. Get out all 10 characters, with you using them strategically, plus the warp getting you randomized each time with a little skill and luck you can easily pull off a victory for this battle. Fourth Battle ------------- You can finish this battle in one round. This is actually the funniest battle so far. Move Adell over beside the prinny (left side where you can reach), and throw him as far towards the prinnies as you can. Battle over.... --------------------------------- -Chapter 7 - "Battle Tournament"- --------------------------------- Arena Area ---------- Chests, talking to people. I also ran across something hidden here I didn't know about last time (I don't think it was there last time). Behind a wall somewhere you can jump through into darkness and make your way to a chest. You can't actually continue fighting at this point, look for someone out of place, and talk to them to lead on. Special Fight ------------- This fight isn't too hard as long as you are a decent level. The one problem could be disperse damage, depending on how the battle goes. However if you can bait her into a situation where you can get a massive combo chain and finish her off within a full round, then you won't have any problems. Atleast one person is going to get hit no matter what and this will cause disperse damage, but if you are careful you can set it up where you ONLY get hit one time and then have the ability to finish the battle the following round. First you need to pick a scapegoat (Adell:D) and from there get him into position over in the left area (out of enemy range). Then move your other characters close enough to do a massive pileon after it's done with. Get them all ready. On the next turn get him to lure the enemy within range, and go haywire, try to change as big of a combo as you can in one turn for maximum damage. Meaning don't attack, execute, attack, execute. Instead do all your attacks strategically and then execute so it does a massive chain damage and can kill the enemy in one hit. In the event the enemy doesn't die in that first round (which can happen) all you have to do is hope through the next turn. If it didn't die then it will be close to dead. If you have atleat one character left and get lucky then you can finish it next turn. The bad thing is most standard basic attacks miss because of her extremely high evade. Plus the use of the evade panel makes it even harder to take her down. Fifth Battle ------------ No bull, run through and kill them all. Nothing here to waste your day on (quite funny though). Semi-Final ---------- The only real strategy I could think of for this battle was to get to a semi-decent level, and pull out all your main characters. Form a little stronghold type area somewhere in the middle, hope for the best and take it one turn at a time. I recieved a contribution here. His name was Greg. He mentioned that if you like them all up they can explode like bownling. His exact wording is listed below. " Little hint for the (semi-final?) arena fight, the one with the prinnies? Prinnies blow up when thrown. They're arranged like bowling pins in this map, plus one out in front. Have someone with 6-7 movement pick up the first one and throw it at the front 'pin'. This will start a chain reaction, winning you the fight. You will not get any exp, though. " Final Battle ------------ Very difficult. I was able to make it but I ended up with all dead main characters, and adell with nothing long distance related. Luckily I had reserved 1 mage in the base panel. ----------------------------- -Chapter 8 - "Zenon Appears"- ----------------------------- First Battle ------------ This transfers the beginning of the chapter straight into a fight. This can be very dangerous based solely off the fact that you didn't save it since the transition. You have no way to level, or get equipment or anything if you needed. The thing that needs to be done is going to take some time. The idea is to form a ladder and attack the guy near the front. Take him down (Have adell on the bottom) as soon as possible. From there move clockwise or counter clockwise slowly taking out zombies as you go around (don't forget about rikimaru at the bottom of the base panel). If you are careful and only attempt to take on 1-2 at a time (MAKE SURE you take out that dragon first thing as quickly as possible) and then you should be fine through the rest of the battle taking out just a few at a time. At this point you must completely finish this chapter before you are able to go anywhere you want. This place can get a little difficult, probably one of the hardest areas in the game so far. Try to be prepared before going into each battle, make sure you save after each one and be ready. Hades Corridor -------------- I had problems here, I ended up getting some good ideas from "sephirosuy" walkthrough. There are 2 basic strategies. Try to defeat the enemies if you are a high enough level, and if not try to make for the entry point. However when I got into it (with his guide and a little applied science) I made my way through the entry panels a little at a time. Loser's Gallows --------------- My first and honest opinion here was the game makers had made a big mistake. I first spent 24 (literally) minutes trying to map out a way through this stage. Then I decided to see what happens if I killed the mages and I noticed that geosymbol moved every turn. Other than that it's a breeze. Confession Room --------------- If you move into the battle relatively quicker with some of your stronger characters, you should be able to get them all taken out before any even get to level 20. Very simple, and short battle. Survivor's End -------------- Higher level enemies, no geopanels. Just beat the hell out of them. Putrid Courtroom ---------------- "sephirosuy" has the best strategy I could find. You can also try throwing a character to the panels and taking them out, but I think that would end up getting too messy. Well yes I ran into another idea. When you go to the left or right, if you have Adells "Soaring Fire" then you can take out all the one's on the left in 1 turn, the right in 1 turn, then mop up what's left after that. Also if you have a decently powerful mage you can certainly reak havic throughout the enemy lines. --------------------------------- -Chapter 9 - "Summoned Overlord"- --------------------------------- Holte Village ------------- Get chests, talk to everyone. At this time based on the fact there isn't a whole "hell" of a lot left to the actual "Game" and things can get very hard from this moment forward, I highly recommend overall getting all your characters between level 25-30. If you have to many characters and don't feel like leveling them all I suggest getting rid of or putting aside the one's you don't want as much, so you are not stressed to level. You have also acquired a new like (10-20) leveling spots and none of them are that bad. This gives you what you need to really boost your characters up there in levels and get them caught up to where they need to be in variations as well. Dead Metropolis --------------- This battle is a little difficult unless you are the right level (it all boils down to leve in this game). Here if you want an easier time get someone over to the enemy boost as soon as possible. Throwing someone over may end up forcing you to lose a few characters, but afterwards try to regroup and get some kind of strategic post setup to protect yourself and your characters as much as possible. Grave of Alchemy ---------------- This one originally would be simple. However you are going to want to get a character over to get those chests (who wants to leave valuable chests). after you get the chests you can easily finish them off with a semi-powerful characters, and hurry and dispatch them fairly quick with a few powerful area of affect skills or spells. If you co-ordinate a semi decent chain on the right hand side (area of affect spells, large area skills, and a few powerful attacks) you can take out a whole side in one turn. There is a chance if you have enough people left you can even finish off the other with another co-ordinated attack on the other side of the base panel. Altered Town ------------ This one was bottom-line hard. I worked my way over, and headed right. Try your hardest to keep the enemy on disperse damage, and keep yourself off of it. The more damage you can do to every enemy on the disperse squares the better. This battle took me a good 45 minutes. I had to go very slow not to make a mistake, be very careful going through it. If you are having roubles you could check the other walkthroughts to see what they came up with. Snarling Capital ---------------- This is a pretty simple battle. I know it seems difficult but you can either activate the panels, or you can start throwing around some prinnies to make the battle go by quicker. -------------------------------- -Chapter 10 - "The Two Ninja's"- -------------------------------- Holte Village ------------- Get items, talk to everyone, same things you are used to doing. If you haven't been you really need to start beefing some levels at this point. you want any characters you care about, or intend to use in any way around atleast level 40. Rotten Fields ------------- There is no quick way through this battle. Make sure all your characters are properly leveled. You want to have them all (active) around level 30-40. Work your way around, and try to get to the no entry panel as soon as possible. This might not be too easy because it's hard to get to it, the enemies aren't easy. When you get close enough to hit it with magic take it out then finish up the remaining enemies at that point. Here is the thing, I was having a lot of problems here at first so I am going to detail out what I did. When you first bring out your characters it's the hardest, you have like 4-5 birds surrounding you. I used addell to take out the northern bird that could make it to you. I took out the one across the entry panels asap, and focused on the one coming from the other side. After all of that is cleared out, then I focused entirely on the one's from across entry panels using Rozalin. When you get to the first area over to the right where you have to jump you need to be careful. You need Rozalin, a healer (really good one), and 2 STRONG characters (I used the following: Adell, Rozalin, Tink, Destiny(3rd variation priest) - All level 30-35 each). I took them all with me, and used my thief (tower) and threw them all over together to the adjacent square. From there I slowly worked around, and ended up getting double teamed by both of them, so I got lucky. After you clear that simply destroy the panel, and finish off the last (there should be one remaing bird towards the southern left area), and finish him up (easy compared to the trek over to the entry panel). After that battle complete. Luring Nightmare ---------------- Ok, this is again one of the easier boards. Pull out 2 (higher hit point) characters here. Move them around the screen. When your first turn comes take out all prinnies (by throwing) on your first turn. After that just mop up the rest when you teleport close enough to list and throw. Everytime I tried this map I was through it within 4 turns per map. Rebelling Spirit ---------------- This battle was an asshole at first. I looked through the walkthroughs and none of them helped me. In the end I set down and decided that i needed my own strategy. Someone mentioned being able to throw them. That was helpful but I wanted a fullproof way that made this battle "easy". Simple distraction tactics. Here are the steps to beating this area easily. 1. Move character to the left/right of base panel (easily out of prinny reach). 2. Wait 6-7 turns until all prinnies have combined into a level 400 prinny. 3. Move ONE character towards hte prinny and try to lure him "towards" the base panel. 4. After sacrificing a few characters (each time getting him close to the base panel), and when he is just close enough for your thief to reach him coming out of the base panel, then go up and put him to sleep. 5. Move adell up towards the lift geo symbol, while checking every turn to make sure the prinny is still asleep. If 3 turns go by then generally you can notice him waking up before the turn he moves. Be very careful of this, if he moves one turn after that then it won't work right. 6. As soon as you destroy the symbol then pick him up and throw him, to destroy him the next round. Dead Breath ----------- This fight is a little difficult. What I chose to do throughout this battle was to go ahead and use the attack geo panels to move around the board, and attempt to kill off as many of the "footsoldiers" as possible. Then from there go ahead and focus a BUNCH of character attacks directly at the main character so we can get that done with. -------------------------- -Chapter 11 - "Awakening"- -------------------------- Holte Village ------------- Get all the treasure chests, and talk to everyone. Geo Challenger -------------- This stage is split up into "sections". Each section is easy to take out if you do them right. Take out the first 2 with long range attacks (I used addell and rozalin as well as mages), then destroy the entry panel. From there move around and take out the second group then the entry panel. After that move around to the third and fourth in the same manner, then focus your attention on the "whore" in the middle. Kill the "Priest" in the middle of the screen, and the battle should be over at this point. The idea I used was to have my main character use his soaring fire in the middle of a pair of enemies, the have rozalin use the gaia blast on one, then have 2 mages (I had a geo man, and priest) cast magic area of affect in the middle. This will generally mop them up entirely or very close. Witty Contest ------------- Generally I move around the board killing them, you can use long range attackers to guarantee they go down easier. Also check out the walkthrough by "Paradisio15@houston.rr.com" and you will see an even better tactic that can make the battle a little easier (considerably easier). Also I noticed if you go around with 2 mages (higher level, that have decent range) then this battle will be virtually easy. The thing is at the first part to head over to the right, it may take a few tried to accurately judge the distances for your mages but in the end, you can really do some damage with your mages. Then use the trick from his walkthrough to play around with the panels, and do damage. Then all that's left is mopping up the remaining enemies (slowly but surely). Death To Cowards ---------------- I just rewrote this section because I came up with an even better strategy than the one I had down before. It makes this battle extremely easy. Go ahead and get a healer that has atleast giga or omega heal. Make them be able to atleast cast it three across which is like [] [] [] Once you have that, pull adell forward, pull out your healer, and throw her over. You will notice with one attack of the upper level heals will kill both of those. Move over to the right chest, and heal it, (lowest level would be fine), then move back the other way (left) and hit that chest (healing spell), take out both of those guys and continue moving around. You will notice a very easy structure, and very easy to get through this board unharmed, in a minimal amount of time. On top of that check the bonus gauge to see if there is a experience bonus available, if there is then right before you hit the last few enemies make sure you pull out your lowest level characters so they can get some massive experience bonuses from the situation. Defiler Ambition ---------------- This place isn't too bad if you take your time a little bit. Again I had my 2 mage characters (healer and druid) that took the front and tried to take out anything within reach as I went, and I used the main character Adell as a frontman to try to keep the distance between the enemies and my mages. I also pulled rozalin up before I started climbing the heal (plus an archer if you have a higher level one), that those 2 can go for support. So I basically hit far off enemies first, then close ones with addell, and threw in a little clean up with Rozalin and my archer. Doing that pretty much each turn will get you through this level relatively safetly. Be careful though of the enemies on the enemy boost panels. I would focus ALL of your long range energy on them first thing and try to get them off the board, because a good attack by one of them in any round cut easily put 2+ characters in the grave before you ever get close to making it to the top. The first one seems to be the hardest to take out because they are there as soon as you walk into the board and can be a very annoying problem. However one tactic I found that works pretty well to start it off. If you use rozalin, a great distance away you can hit a geo symbol fairly close to the exit. this destroys all of the panels that are red, thus removing the no entry limitation at the early part of the stage. As an added bonus if you have her in JUST the right place, it will also get the first mage on that bonus +50% square to move OFF of the square and come forward. Then on the next turn you can focus all your attention on the archer and mage with area of affect spells because at this point they are both side by side and easy to both deal with. Then using Adell you can use your long distance area of affect attack to take out that archer on the right hand side. On top of that be careful again of those 2 mages you should be double teaming, either way both of there attacks combined could easily send one of your characters to there deaths, so try to eliminate atleast one of them on that turn if possible. Again this battle can be very difficult so if you lose a few characters, but seemed to have gotten off to a good start try to stick to it, and try to wait it out, see if you can still make it through the board, even if you are missing a few characters, this board can be very difficult if this is not handled properly and carefully. Or if you are at a lower level and you are trying to just make it through the game. Main thing to keep in mind is to utilize any long distance attacks that are at your disposal when you can. For example adells "soaring fire" is a very affective long range attack, plus that mixed with his extra power can really help in times of need. Don't forget he has that long range ability under his control. So given the difficulty if you are careful and use that tactic to lure off the first mage off the enemy boost, also getting rid of the no entry at the same time. Then use a combination of some of the tactics described above you will find that you successfully completed that whole entry part (the first 3 enemies in that first little area near the panel). From here it's time to start moving slowly towards the upper part of that mountain. This can be were things get a little tricky. First off you will notice there is one more archer just slightly around that bend. If you use adell's physical attack, backed up with a spell or 2, or long range attack you can put them down fairly easy. However one thing be careful of her higher level bow attack because it can cause massive amounts of damage if you are not careful. Also lions roar can all but take her completely off the board it is a very powerful attack in these kinds of situations. From here we need to begin formulating a strategy that will be able to clear the rest of this board. The first thing we need to do is remove that panel without getting too much attention. The first thing to do is get a mage up on that first tower (where the other mage was in the bonus square. If you are able to hit that panel over there and destroy the no-entry panel then on the next turn (luckily) it will draw the mage that's on that other enemy boost square off of the square and over to his magic (which with a decent level you can easily keep from dying from). Also the magic user will probably have to be thrown to reach that first tower, adell can generally do that and then climb up there himself making it even easier. After that guy is down, go ahead and moved your healer (you really need to have a healer throughout all of this for the healing capabilities), then move her onto the enemy boost so he can't get to it. Attack with her and with adell. Now this is left to change you pretty much have to wait a turn and hope he doesn't kill one of your characters on the upcoming round (which he probably won't be able to do that much damage. Given a little applied pressure he should easily die this upcoming round. Now from this entry panel go ahead (if you don't have the range you don't need to even consider being this far in the game) go ahead and take out the no entry panel on the tower, near to where the druid character is. This will remove the last no entry restriction giving you full access to the entire board. After that wait a turn, and you will notice that luckily the druid decides to come down and join you, so hit him with everything you have to get him out of the way he really shouldn't do too much damage to any decently leveled characters. I was able to take him down the first turn after that with adells triple strike, and star magic with my healer. If you have been paying attention so far then all you have remaining after 4 archers, just because the druid and enemy boosts aren't being occupied doesn't mean it's safe. If you get stupid at this point then chances are some well placed attacks from those archers will finish you off, they are not just there to take up space, they can actually do something. Before even considering focusing your attention on these archer's, pull all your characters that are wounded (I was only using adell and my healer at this point, easier to think with less people), then heal them all up and get them ready in case if something goes wrong with the strategy you are about to try on those archers. First let's see about the first archer we are going to kill. Keep the healer on that first tower but move her over to the far left hand corner, where you can get in range for that faroff archer near the upper tower. You should be able to use magic on her for a few turns and kill her without her doing anything to you in return. You may have to use the 3 panel magic attack, but either way it's something that can be done fairly easily, killing one archer and preventing you from losing any hitpoints. 3 archers left. Move to the left a few panels, and now you can easily reach the other archer over to the far left behind that other tower, you can reach her with a three panel attack. Take her out the same way, 2 archer's left. Move over just a few more squares and then the other archers become within range. By this time you are going to try and need to get close to the enemy to attack with the one square of magic while still remaining far enough away to not have them attack you in return. either way mop up the last 2 characters using the same method, and this battle is over. ####################### #DARK SUN (DARK WORLD)# ####################### ------------- -Explanation- ------------- I finally get to open the dark sun (dark world) section because I finally got it open. I am first going to explain in detail how to get what you need to get. I hope to cover every aspect of the dark sun at one point, even if I don't get this whole tihng done on my first playthrough at some point in the future I will definitely play this game again, and that will be a time when I go ahead and rewrite sections and write more. That is what I hope keeps people coming back to my walkthroughs. Years after there initially written rewrites will still be performed everytime I replay the get a contribution, or just think of a new section and get the motivation to create it. -------------------- -Accessing Dark Sun- -------------------- There are three things that need to be done in order to fully get access to the dark sun. These steps are all listed below, this section is only devoting to initially opening up the dark sun, getting access to the levels throughout the game is a harder task but will be displayed in detail in the next section. First off you need to initially find all 5 switches throughout the town. These can be done first thing, when you first start the game, so I will detail carefully how to find each one of them. They are refered to as "mysterious button" make sure when that comes up you press it. This same thing will happen for each one. 1. When you first start you will see a ghost (the only ghost on the map). What you need to do is go behind him, there are 2 trees, over on the ground somewhere in the corner you will find the first switch. You need to keep pressing the action button (x) throughout that whole corner area, and you will find it fairly quickly. 2. There is another one behind the subpoena person and the dark secretary. Go BEHIND them and you will see 2 pillars in the corner, one is standing up, and one is knocked over. Jump on top of the fallen pillar, and press the action button(x) around this area to get it. 3. Behind adells house (the house you are standing at when you begin), there is a switch you will run into at the VERY corner. At the corner behind the house (rotate the camera to be able to get a good view of it), and it's right there in that corner. 4. Move ALL THE WAY to the top right corner of the map (if you are looking at the original view. It's the area that has a 4 way at it, and each way you are on a 4 way broken down, chipped up old bridge. There will also be a dancing character in the very MIDDLE of the 4 way. When you see all of this you know you are in the right area. Inside one of the sections you will see a monster type character, he is on a little island alone, on one of the sides of the bridge. On a little patch of grass inside one of the little areas, across from him there is another little patch of grass on the side of it. That has a long stem (a piece sticking out). It will be on the little part, the entire island area is shaped like a gun, it will be on the part that looks like the pistol. If someone has a better way to explain these please send it in a contribution. 5. Over a little ways further (north from adells house) you will see a zombie (this is the only one on the map). He is in front of a house, go behind that house on the right hand side, and you will find the other switch behind that house. At this point you will get a message about a dark shadow lurking over the town. At this point go to the very north of the map (near where that ghost was, and rotate the map until you see a darkened character (shadowy looking). This has unlocked him. Talked to him a few times just to make sure. He won't be accessible during the tutorial missions, but later on all you have to do is talk to him and you will have access to the "test". Each time make sure you talk to him 5-6 times it takes a minute for him to sometimes finally started talking about himself, and why he's here. The Test is not as easy as it seems however, because he is on level 100 and you have to beat him to get access to the dark world. You need your thief character around level 30. She needs to have access to the following 3 skills (Health, Consciousness, Freedom). Those three (respectively) cast poison, sleep, and paralysis. She is really all you need, and a little support to beat this character. Pull out Adell and have him just sit there (he needs to be atleast 40+ for best results. When the dark archer is close enough for the thief to reach her from the base panel. Move the thief out and first cast Consciousness the first turn, health the second turn, and then freedom the third turn. Each turn that passes wait a minute, look at the dark archer and see the things flash above her head. The symbol for poison will flash if it's oging to be active the next turn, so will sleep and paralysis. if one turn you notice sleep is not on, then cast it immediately, the same with poison. ALWAYS put sleep before poison, meaning if both of them are off, first cast sleep the first turn, then poison the second turn. Paralysis is just an extra thing in case you misturn her sleeping. Just make sure she stays asleep, let the poison (about 4 turns) get her down to about 10-100 hitpoints, pull out adell and use a move that you know will do the right damage (BEFORE ATTACKING WITH ADELL) make sure you have the thiefs move available, and then only execute, don't end turn. That way if it doesn't kill her she will be awake, but you will still have your thiefs turn to put her back to sleep and try again next turn. This is to guarantee she stays asleep, that is the most important thing throughout this whole battle. if she stays asleep, and you let poison do it's magic, then this is a very easy battle. At level 21 your thief will have all 3 of the necessary skills, you can do it with just those first 2 skills, but paralysis is good to have in case. ------------------------- -Unlocking Dark Sun Maps- ------------------------- ----------------------- -Beating Dark Sun Maps- ----------------------- ############################### #SECRETS & PERSONAL STRATEGIES# ############################### Below are my own personal strategies, secrets, or ideas. Everytime someone beats a game, generall they have things do other people haven't or think of things other people haven't. Same thing here, I had some ideas after beating it a few time's so I went ahead wrote this up. --------------- -General Story- --------------- I can't just pull everything straight from the instruction manual. Also it's not very detailed as to the story. Basically you are in an alternate netherworld from the netherworld in the first one, but it's not really a netherworld. Rather complicated, within 30-45 minutes of gameplay however you will understand all the basics of the game. I HIGHLY recommend playing the first one first, or you will end up regretting it at some point. The reason is the characters from the first show up a lot. A lot of cameos, cutscenes, references, and even playable characters from the first one. Not playing the first one first, would be a very big mistake. However for your benefit I put in the "backstory" section to hopefully help clear up some of the confusion if you don't intend on getting the old one, or playing it through. --------------- -Dark Assembly- --------------- Make sure you pay careful attention to the dark assembly. The bills can appear at strange time. Make sure you check the bills after every battle if you don't feel like it then ATLEAST after every chapter. Sometimes new bills become available right after chapters and/or battles change. I don't have a lot of info on this yet. Just some basic information from me playing and one paragraph below that was contributed. When I get time or the contributions I am going to develop and actual list of ALL the bills that can ever be passed and ALL the information about then, as well as in-depth details on how to get them and what there for. As far as the dark assembly go, you've got it right. All the extra stages you have to pass a bill to unlock. Cave of Trails is about Ep 10 or 11... or maybe just enough mana to pass bill. I want to fight an overlord (both) are in ep 12 and 13. I'm not sure when Black Prism Ranger is... just know it's there. Then Save the Defender of Earth (like 4 or 5 of them) are after you use Defender of Earth Cell Phone 3 times and three more after clearing each stage for the next one. There's also the I want to fight A Overlord from an Alternate Netherworld, which lets you fight Prie (sp I think) from La Pucelle Tatics, and I want to fight a Hero from Another Game for another extra stage. Don't know how to unlock that off hand though. As well as the Baal fights, which I don't know how to unlock. -------------------- -Lifting & Throwing- -------------------- One very helpful strategy in this game is there Lifting and Throwing system. A rather simple concept that can become relatively advanced if you use it to it's full potential. The idea is you can lift a character and throw them. However you can lift 1 character, then have someone lift that character to get the one on top even further. You can even pick up 3, 4, 5 all the way up until you have all your characters for GREAT distance (I doubt if you will ever need to pick up 10, gauge the distance and decide how many you think it will take based on there throw ability to get to your target. You can even throw over enemies, over most obstacles, across gaps, or whatever else. You can also throw a character onto another character and the other character can catch them. Below are some practical uses, tips, strategies, and tactics for lifting and throwing. 1. You can lift and "stack" as many characters as you want. 2. You can have one character catch another character by throwing them to someone. 3. You can hold a character over a turn (However you take damage doing this). 4. You can use this to move effortlessly around the board. 5. You can utilize this for a trick in the item world (explained in the item world section. 6. You can throw enemies into each other which combines them for that total level. For example if you have 2 level 50 enemies and throw them into each other they are combine and become level 100. This can be helpful however when you are trying to level. 7. You can throw your characters into a base panel. For example say you have a weak character who is about to die and you want to save them, all you have to do is grab your character and throw them in a panel to save them even if they already moved or acted, a quick way to preserve there life. 8. You can hold enemies over turns to prevent them from attacking for a turn or 2, however you take damage when holding something and ending turn. Meaning make sure before you end the turn if you are holding a character or enemy, just realize you are going to take some damage for holding them. 9. You do not take damage when holding allies but you do when holding enemies. This can be very, very helpful later on down the road. If you have an ally that is about to die, pick them up to protect them. 10. My favorite thing is you can pick them up and then attack with a stack. You can have 10 characters out, and all of them held, attack with the bottom character, and they perform a super chain attack, You literally have to see it to believe it. 11. The leader of a "ladder attack" gains full experience and the other's get the same amount evenly divided throughout them all. ------------ -Item World- ------------ There is one tactic I used in the item world for Disgaea 1 that works just as well for Disgaea 2. You can use the lift/throw technique to finish item world levels like lightning. Don't do this if you are there to gain level's. However if you just want to hurry and increase the level of items and hurry up and track down specialists, this is the quickest way through board. Basically if there is no enemy on the exit panel (which sometimes there's not) then you can ALWAYS finish the board in one turn if done right. If there is an enemy on it, then you have 2 options. The first step is make sure the character who ends up on top of the ladder stack HAS NOT moved or acted yet. Basically you need to pull them from the base panel and then pick them up from there, before moving them or anything. At this point if there is an enemy on the exit panel then you have 2 options. First make sure when you throw your top character they land BESIDE the enemy, with still the ability to move and attack. Then if there is an enemy on it you have 2 options. One is to have the top character one that you know with either a skill or regular attack can kill the enemy on the square. Then you can kill it and move your character on the exit both in one turn. if not then make sure that you have a top character that has a move that can knock the enemy off the square in some manner (Triple Strike for example) and then move them on it. Either way 90% of the time you can make it through a level of the item world in one turn if you want. Unless of course the enemies there are way above your level, then you might have some problems getting enemies off the exit panel when needed. ------------ -Cellphones- ------------ Below is a list of each cell phone, and what they are for. Incomplete, I will be adding more as I find them, if you have uncovered any and I don't have them let me know. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name Battle Small Description in/out ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Defender Of Earth In Call Kurtis (fights in that battle). ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zenisky Financial Services Out lose 50k(hell) or gain 50K(hell) - random. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meet Ghost Party Out Approval chance for the Ghost party goes up for the next bill. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meet Baciel Party Out Approval chance for the Baciel party goes up for the next bill. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meet White Dragon Party Out Approval chance for the White Dragon Party goes up for the next bill. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meet Petit Orc Party Out Approval chance for the Petit Orc Party goes up for the next bill. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meet Mothman Party Out Approval chance for the Mothman Party goes up for the next bill. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meet Wood Golem Party Out Approval chance for the Mothman party goes up for the next bill. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prism Rangers In Call Prism Rangers (fights in that battle). ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mid-Battle Delivery In Delivers pizza in battle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who knows what will happen Out I tried this "literally" about 40-50 times. The only message I ever recieved was "this number is no longer in service. If someone else figured out anything with this one let me know. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- -Post Officer (subpoenas)- -------------------------- I have recieved some critical feedback via a contribution which has allowed me to literally rewrite this entirely section, expand it, and add great amounts of data. Based off of this data, I can also perform my own research during my next play through and expand upon it even more. The post officer is one of my favorite characters. The idea is to be able to acquire felonies. What is especially helpful is that you can get as many of them as you want. I do suggest playing with the folonies a lot because when you do then you end up with a lot of extra levels from the item world, special items from the item (and the dark court), as well as felonies. Felonies are good for a few things which I have listed below as well as some information into the calculations that govern them: 1. Discounts for the shop. Discounts at the stores are calculated as -1% for buying and +1% for selling per level up to -33% off store price, as well as up to +33% selling price. 2. XP Bonus You get +1% xp per felony up to a max of +300% xp. This is completely dependent on whatever character has felonies. The calculations are done individually by each character based on the number they have. 3. Council likes you more. Still experimenting to get calculations for this, or to recieve it as a contribution. I am working on finding out more about the positives and negatives with it and I will have an answer shortly. I am also trying to figure out what happens when you get a character with 20 felonies. We'll see... I also now intend to create a "full" felony list, in time. Felony List ----------- I intend for this to be a 100% comprehensive and psychotically in-depth list of all the felonies in the game. Right now I have some down from basic knowledge and contributions. I have just enough down right now to setup the basic outline of the list and later I will go back and expand it as needed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: High Level Requirements: Get a specific character over level 20 Rewards: 50k hell and 2 felonies Personal Notes: None Yet -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Really High Level Requirements: I think get a character over level 100?? Rewards: 500k hell and 4-6 felonies Personal Notes: None Yet -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Being a Loser Requirements: Die 10 times Rewards: 2 felonies and a spirit muscle Personal Notes: None Yet -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Reincarnating Requirements: 10 Reincarnations Rewards: Red Moon Bow and 6 felonies Personal Notes: None Yet -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Liking Guys Requirements: Making 10 guy students Rewards: 500 mana and 4 felonies Personal None Yet -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Weapon Master Requirements: 15 weapon skill in any weapon Rewards: weapon scroll and 15 felonies Personal Notes: Weapon scroll gives an A weapon aptitude to any one who equips it for which ever weapon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Master Element Requirements: Have a total sum of 15 in any element, must have terra sa well Rewards: Exodus and 15 felonies Personal Notes: This can be seperatelaly acquired for each element All of them (Fire, Wind, Ice, and Star). -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Master Healing Requirements: Sum total of 15 in your healing skills Rewards: Universal Orb and 15 felonies Personal Notes: must have omega to get it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Kill Baal Requirements: kil the original baal Rewards: Arcadia (emblem) and 10 felonies Personal Notes: None Yet -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Playing Too Long Requirements: get more than 100 hours game time Rewards: Unknown Personal Notes: None Yet -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: 2nd Round Requirements: 2nd playthrough Rewards: Unknown Personal Notes: None Yet -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Being Too Rich Requirements: have over 100million hell. Rewards: Unknown Personal Notes: None Yet -------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- -Leveling (Character Management)- --------------------------------- Leveling in this game isn't a big deal if done right. You want to minimize the number of characters you have to level while still getting all the ones you need. Below are some basic tactics (Some Spoilers). 1. You start with 6 mages. Get 1 of them (or all 6, doesn't matter) and hurry and get the male/female mage up high enough as quickly as possible to get the 4th variation of each. Get those and throw away all the old mages (all 6). now instead of 3 males and 3 females you have 1 male and 1 female. When you get to the 6th variation of male and female mage you can focus on getting temp copies of the lower mages to get the terra spells and teach those to your higher level mage (6th variation) using the student/teacher relationship. With this you cut down on having to maintain leveling that many characters. 2. Always (when you get a new variation), reincarnate the old variation into the new. Never create a new one of the variation and try to keep one of each or out with the old in with the new type of philosophy. Always reincarnate within there class variations to make the smaller, and only giving you one of each class, which makes it a lot easier to keep up with leveling your character when you only try to keep one of each class. 3. ALWAYS pull extra characters out in a battle when you have slots left and an experience bonus. The reason is this is a great way to get your lower level characters a chance to stay on the range of your other characters. If you are wanting to level a lot of different characters this will also save you a great amount of leveling time. 4. Utilize the chain ladder attack to level lower level characters. if you have a strong character at the bottom (so they don't die first thing when hit), then finish off a stronger enemy with a chain attack (ladder) then you will notice all characters within the ladder get a great amount of experience. I am not sure if the level experience is cut down because of the ladder, or if they all get full and equal experience, I would need someone who could verify this. -------------------------- -Geo Panels (and symbols)- -------------------------- Geo panels are in the first one so of course they would be in here. There are new things entered into the system though like new effects, moving symbols, and other adverse things. Below is a list of all the different affects as well as information on what they do. name good/bad Affect -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evade Good This simply increases your evasion. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- No Lifting Bad This can be annoying. It prevents you from being able to do ANY lifting. This affects either the person on the square, or if you are on a square trying to lift someone. It prevents you from lifting friends, enemies, panels, chests, or anything. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disperse Damage Both What this does is "Disperses (sends throughout ) damage to all your teammates. I have changed the explanation here because I did more research into this and found out more. I have noticed it doesn't matter what square the attacker is on, just the square the one being attacked is on as well as all other party members. First off this will affect both enemies and allies. Second of all the ally or enemy (or you) being attack (the one recieving damage) has to BE ON one of the disperse damage panels themselves ( it doesn't matter at all whether the attacker is or not). It also matters whoever else is on the square. If an ally is on a disperse damage square and there attacked then the damage will only be dispersed throughout other allies that are actually on one of the disperse damage panels. If they aren't on it they they aren't affected. Same with the enemy. The one being attacked has to be on a disperse damage tile, and any enemies that actually on the tile are the one the damage is dispersed throughout. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attack + Both This can be good or bad. If you are on it your attack goes up the listed percentage if your enemy is on it there attack goes up the listed percentage. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Defense + Both This can be good or bad. If you are on it your defense goes up the listed percentage if your enemy is on it there defense goes up the listed percentage. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stage Clear Good Automatically allows you to finish the entire current stage you are on just by landing on the square. These are rarely ever seen. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- No Entry Bad This prevents any character (ally or enemy) from entering into or passing through the affected squares. There is one trick if you have a character that is on a panel when it is not entry, then it becomes entry (moving panel or someone throws it on that color) then you can have that character that was on it before move either way. They will now have the ability to go back and forth throughout any part of it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Critical Both If you are not careful this can be the most aggravating one in the game. The idea is if someone is on a square (you or enemy) and they attack someone, they can (normally do) do critical damage. This can be great if you are the one attacking. I have just recieved some info via contribution about the critical geo symbol. The critical attack always kills the one getting hit in one blow. It means instant death. It also seems that in the NA version of the game they call the critical geo symbol "Death Blow" instead. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fusion Bad I am not sure if this effects allies or not yet. What it does is when 2+ enemies are on these fusion squares then it combines them together (same as throwing them together). This can effectively become annoying based on the timeframe you leave enemies on the squares. In boards with this either destroy the panel very quickly, if not then go ahead and finish the battle quickly, or you could be facing a very high level enemies. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reverse Damage Both One affect of this is that attacking the ally/enemy heals them, and healing them hurts them. This may seem a little strange, but it's pretty straightforward. Keep in mind hurting heals/healing hurts when working with reverse damage panels. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- -General Strategies- -------------------- 1. Near the end of the game I ended up utilizing a few specific characters. For example I had all my variations, but for mages all I really heavily used was a healer that I modified to have star magic, and a druid. I kept there variations as high as possible, and leveled other characters pretty much whenever I got a chance. ------------------------------------------------------- -Back Story (Disgaea 1) (Spoilers from the first game)- ------------------------------------------------------- SPOILERS Don't read this if you don't want to know anything about the first game, or haven't played it and plan on playing it. This is here to get you fully up to the date on the story before starting the first one in case if you don't have and don't want the first one. However I highly recommend you going out and buying it before you consider reading this. It's simple here as something to assist you in understanding the events of the first one, if you need to. Keep it simple. There are multiple netherworlds. The first one takes place in 1 specific netherworld that sit's beside Celestia. For now let's start with his dad. Krichevsko was the current overlord, he supposedly choked on a pretzel and died, his vassal Etna loved him, was jealous of his wife and son, and wanted to be with him forever. She tried killing his son (put him to sleep for 2 years) at the commands of another demon that at some point had stolen and sealed away her memories. At this point she wakes up krichevsko's son, and he seeks to become the new unclaimed title of overlord. On his journey to do so he meets many friends. Etna, the defender of earth and his team, kurtis, flonne, hoggmeiser. Basically they all make some (some more than others) guest appearances throughout the second one. Flonne was ordered to assasinate krichevsko, but was actually sent down as a master plan from the Seraph in order to attempt to unite the underworld and celestia. A criminal mastermind (and angel) attempts to conspire and become a god. He fails miserably, has his plot uncovered and is turned into a flower by the seraph. At the end (Laharl and Flonne love each other at that point basically) Flonne (if you get the good ending) is turned into a Fallen Angel. That's pretty much the basics, if I can and have time I will expand on that a little bit in the future. Also there was a possibility that Mid Boss was actually laharls father (I know there was a red prinny that was his re-incarnated mother (she gave her life to save him for a reason they didn't mention throughout the game)). END SPOILERS ------------------------------- -Endings Information (Spoilers- ------------------------------- This section is going to start off pretty limited. Based off some playthroughs of the game and contributions I was able to create a basic section here that I can expand on later to make it extremely comprohensive. For now I have the basic list structure created as well as some of the basic ending information and requirements. Later I will provide in depth information into the endings step by step into getting them as well as more helpful information like descriptions of them and spoiler sections with scripts from each ending. script = word for word retype of everything they say during a given ending as well as a description of all actions performed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ending Name: Normal Known Requirements: Beating the game normally. Personal Notes: None Script: Not yet ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ending Name: Etna's Ending Known Requirements: Beat Etna at the end of chapter 3 Personal Notes: It's impossible just about to win on your first time through. This is an ending you would more likely be better off getting your second play through as it's not meant to be beaten the first time. Script: Not Yet ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ending Name: Laharl's Ending Known Requirements: beat Laharl at the end of chapter 10 Personal Notes: None Script: Not Yet ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ending Name: Axel's Ending Known Requirements: Lose to Axel during any of your many fights with him Personal Notes: It's not that hard to get, simply beat him at any of the moments you fight him throughout the game and you get the ending. Script: Not Yet ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ending Name: Evil Adell (Unless someone has a better name) Known Requirements: * Have 100 felonies with Adell at the end of the game. * 100 Ally kills * Killed Rozalyn atleast once Personal Notes: I have heard that it just adds a boss fight after the original boss. I have not confirmed this yet, it was a contribution. Script: Not Yet ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------- -Unlockables- ------------- A full list of standard unlockables will be available here. This will be stuff like named characters, and boards and other unlockables. This will NOT include how to unlock various classes that is going to be in a very extensive area of the walkthrough dedicated entirely to various classes. I will be creating this list sometime in the future. -------- -Bribes- -------- The bribe system in the game is a way to allow you to essentially "bribe" members of the dark court into liking you more thus increasing the chances for them to vote for your bill you are trying to pass. What is accepted is based primarily (possibly entirely) on the value of the item. It's also known that some members like certain "types" of items. A complete list of information involving bribes will be added here now, for now we have a "few" calculations for the time being. ############# #FINAL WORDS# ############# I tire of seeing normal walkthroughs that rehash anything and everything about a game to the point of annoyment. I don't write a walkthrough for nothing. I write one when what I want isn't available or no-one presented the ideas I have to present. I go to gamefaqs and see 20 walkthroughs for one game all of them are complete, I have no need to write it. If I see a rather popular game with none, then I feel compelled to write one because my walkthrough will even be helpful. If I don't write a walkthrough I write what I want. Just writing about the parts I think of, or want to add. I will write more. I only write them when I am playing them or when a contributions or request comes in (requesting an additional section or something else.) I accept section requests, as well as contributions. Other than that, I write this while playing. If I ever play it again down the road, I will open this and edit what needs it, and add to it. If you have a contribution or section request email it at businessman332211(@)gmail(.)com - remove the () symbols If it's about this game please put "Disgaea 2 Walkthrough " then request if you are requesting a section or something, or contribution if you are contributing, and so forth. ######### #CREDITS# ######### Praetorfen - Thanks. He contributed some information about the true nature of why laharls mother sacrificed her life for her son, as well as reinforced my opinion of mid-boss being the reincarnation of laharls father. Chrono and hawk13_99 - Thanks. He contributed a GREAT deal of information which led to huge expansions to various parts of the walkthrough as well as new sections entirely. Thanks to his contributions I was able to update various bits of information throughout multiple lists on the walkthrough. I added 4-5 new entire sections as well as 2-3 entire lists thanks to some of the feedback provided by him. Namely the endings section, bribes, unlockables, starting felony list, Nitz - Backing up the information about laharls mother more leading to even further expansion of that sections. Greg - Thanks for the contribution about one of the levels, your contribution has been put into the walkthrough. Nodsitruc2 - Made contribution that allowed expansion of the "Lifting/Throwing" section. ########### #WISH LIST# ########### Below is a list of what I would like to get as far as contributions. You can (and I hope you do) however here are a list of some things I am really hope that can be presented here. These are some things I want specifically. * The names of all the voice actors that did the english versions, and bios on them if possible. * A full english translation (lyrics) of that first intro song that plays on Disgaea 2 when you first start the game. If you let it run a minute you will hear that intro song. * Verification of anything I am wondering about throughout the game, that has questions marks or anything similar, that shows I might not be 100% sure. * I am beginning to gather data for a few sections, any data that you can provide for these will help it all get forumlated, as well as get you credit. I am going to be arranging a mana section, weapon types section, felonies section and a few other extremely information sections. I am also working up a full section of anything hidden or unlockable throughout the game (stages, characters, dark sun levels, and everything else I can think of.) * I have already created the structure for the entire section on the dark sun. However it is going to take a lot of trial and error, and reloading to compile all the information on how to unlock them, and how to beat them I am thinking whether or not I want to beat the game, and record all the stuff for the game itself, and then come back to the dark sun, or do what I can now, and do the rest later on down the road. All the contributions that you can provide on the dark sun would be appreciated. ############ #COPY RIGHT# ############ Anyone can use or post this guide anywhere, as long as the following rules are applied to all situations. 1. It HAS to remain free. 2. It has to remain UNALTERED in any WAY SHAPE OR FORM PERIOD. ALL INFORMATION FROM THE VERY TOP TO THE VERY BOTTOM MUST REMAIN 100% INTACT. INCLUDING THE BOX AT THE TOP WITH MY CONTACT INFORMATION. It can be posted on any site that a person wants to take the time to post it on. However the only one I update is www.gamefaqs.com so if you are wanting to get the updated version of the faq ALWAYS check on gamefaqs for the newest version.</p>