/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ / \ _________________ __________________ / \ {\ /} \ \_______________/ / {\ /} { | } \ / { | } { | }~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~{ | } { | } \ \ GOD OF WAR CHAINS OF OLYMPUS / / { | } { | } \ ------------------------------ / { | } { | } \ Created by : katastrophie (JVT) / { | } { | } \ Copyright 2008 JVT / { | } { | } \ ultima_6@hotmail.com / { | } { | } \ Version 1.35 / { | } { | }~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~--~{ | } {/ \} \________ WALKTHROUGH __________/ {/ \} \_/ \_____________/ \_/ /=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ _________________ ____________________/TABLE OF CONTENTS\________________________ /__________________________ _______________________________\ \---/ ______________________ __________________________ \---/ { | }-----------------------------------------------------------------{ | } { | } ______________ { | } { | }_______________________/ \__________________________{ | } { | }_______________________ INTRODUCTIONS __________________________{ | } { | } \______________/ { | } { | }------------------------------|----------------------------------{ | } { | } Introduction/Copyright.....|..........................(IN1) { | } { | } Controls/Movelist..........|..........................(IN2) { | } { | } Things To Know.............|..........................(IN3) { | } { | } F.A.Q......................|..........................(IN4) { | } /---\-----------------------------------------------------------------/---\ \---/ ___________ \---/ { | }________________________/ \____________________________{ | } { | }________________________ WALKTHROUGH ____________________________{ | } { | } \___________/ { | } { | }------------------------------|----------------------------------{ | } { | } The Shores of Attica.......|..........................(WA1) { | } { | } The City of Marathon.......|..........................(WA2) { | } { | } The Temple of Helios.......|..........................(WA3) { | } { | } The Caves of Olympus.......|..........................(WA4) { | } { | } The Temple of Helios 2.....|..........................(WA5) { | } { | } Hades......................|..........................(WA6) { | } { | } The Depths of Tarturus.....|..........................(WA7) { | } { | } The Temple of Persephone...|..........................(WA8) { | } /---\_________________________________________________________________/---\ \---/ _____________ \---/ { | }_______________________/ \___________________________{ | } { | }_______________________ WEAPONS/MAGIC ___________________________{ | } { | } \_____________/ { | } { | }------------------------------|----------------------------------{ | } { | } The Blades of Chaos........|..........................(WM1) { | } { | } Efreet.....................|..........................(WM2) { | } { | } Sun Shield.................|..........................(WM3) { | } { | } Light of Dawn..............|..........................(WM4) { | } { | } The Gauntlet of Zeus.......|..........................(WM5) { | } { | } Charon's Wrath.............|..........................(WM6) { | } /---\_________________________________________________________________/---\ \---/ _________ \---/ { | }_________________________/ \_____________________________{ | } { | }_________________________ EXTRAS _____________________________{ | } { | } \_________/ { | } { | }------------------------------|----------------------------------{ | } { | } Unlockables................|..........................(EX1) { | } { | } Challenge of Hades.........|..........................(EX2) { | } { | } Items......................|..........................(EX3) { | } { | } God Mode : Hard Enemies....|..........................(EX4) { | } { | } Eyes and Feathers..........|..........................(EX5) { | } /---\_________________________________________________________________/---\ \---/ ________ \---/ { | }_________________________/ \______________________________{ | } { | }_________________________ MISC ______________________________{ | } { | } \________/ { | } { | }------------------------------|----------------------------------{ | } { | } Version History............|..........................(MI1) { | } { | } Credits....................|..........................(MI2) { | } /---\_________________________________________________________________/---\ /=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\ | |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_ INTRODUCTION |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| | \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ (IN1) SPOILER FREE Well here it is the full version of GOW and I have to say that this game is amazing. Sure it's short but what do you expect, they pushed the PSP to it's limits and gave the game great graphics so I say having a 5-6 hour long game is an accomplishment. There are a couple of things missing in the full version that was in the demo. They took out apollo's ascension, apollo's offensive, and the running shoulder charge. Althought you can do a shoulder charge you don't start of running, rather rolling. Well that out of the way, let's get on to the carnage. (I don't like saying "the" Efreet) ---------\______________________________________________________________________ Copyright ______________________________________________________________________ ---------/ This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. /=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\ | |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_BASIC GAMEPLAY _| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| | \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ (IN2) -----------------\______________________________________________________________ Controls/Movelist ______________________________________________________________ -----------------/ Whenever you see something like X(x2) then it means press X 2 times, so if it's X(x3) what do you do? Legend: () = Circle /\ = Triangle [] = Square X = X _________ / BASICS \ /-------------------------------------------------------------------------\ o==========================o o============================================o { Walk/Run around } - { Move the analog nub in any direction } {--------------------------} {--------------------------------------------} { Jump } - { X } {--------------------------} {--------------------------------------------} { Icarus Lift } - { While in air, press X to gain more height } {--------------------------} {--------------------------------------------} { Heavy Attack } - { /\ } {--------------------------} {--------------------------------------------} { Light Attack } - { [] } {--------------------------} {--------------------------------------------} { Grab } - { () } {--------------------------} {--------------------------------------------} { Open Menu } - { Select } {--------------------------} {--------------------------------------------} { Open Inventory } - { Start } {--------------------------} {--------------------------------------------} { Open Doors } - { Tap () } {--------------------------} {--------------------------------------------} { Open Chests } - { Hold () } {--------------------------} {--------------------------------------------} { Evade } - { Hold L and R and move with the analog nub } {--------------------------} {--------------------------------------------} { Push objects } - { Hole O and move with the analog nub } {--------------------------} {--------------------------------------------} { Kick objects } - { When pushing an object hold R and let go } o==========================o o============================================o ________________________________________ / WHILE CLIMBING LADDERS OR SCALING WALLS\ /-------------------------------------------------------------------------\ o==========================o o============================================o { Climb faster } - { Tap X+Up } {--------------------------} {--------------------------------------------} { Slide Down } - { Tap X+Down or Hold when scaling a wall } {--------------------------} {--------------------------------------------} { Jump Down } - { X or R if hanging from a wall } o==========================o o============================================o ________________ / WHILE IN WATER \ /--------------------------------------------------------------------------\ o==========================o o============================================o { Dive } - { Square (Hold to dive deeper) } {--------------------------} {--------------------------------------------} { Surface } - { X (Hold to surface higher) } {--------------------------} {--------------------------------------------} { Swim Dash } - { While in dive hold R then release } o==========================o o============================================o _______________ / BASIC ATTACKS \ /-------------------------------------------------------------------------\ o==========================o o============================================o { Basic Combo } - { [](x6) } {--------------------------} {--------------------------------------------} { Plume of Prometheus } - { [][]/\ } {~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~} o============================================o { A quick and powerful } { combo ending in a fiery } { finish. } {--------------------------} o============================================o { Hyperion Ascension } - { Hold /\ to launch enemies and jump into the} { } { air. } {--------------------------} {--------------------------------------------} { Orion's Harpoon } - { Press () while enemy is airborne to slam } { } { them back to the ground. } o==========================o o============================================o /=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\ | |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_THINGS TO KNOW _|_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ (IN3) --------------\_________________________________________________________________ Life and Magic _________________________________________________________________ --------------/ To increase your life you have to collect 5 Gorgon eyes and to increase your magic your have to collect 5 phoenix feathers. You'll find these items in grey treasure chests throughout your adventure. There are a total of 15 gorgon eyes and 15 phoenix feathers. If you die a number of times and your HP is below 85 the game will put your hp to 85 because it knows that you are having a hard time with the fight, it secretly tries to help you. It also does this if your HP is over 85 it'll instead put it lower, kinda like a double edged sword. -------\________________________________________________________________________ Evading ________________________________________________________________________ -------/ While evading you can tap triangle to roll faster than your normal roll. This can come in handy. ------\_________________________________________________________________________ Chests _________________________________________________________________________ ------/ RED CHEST --------- Contains red orbs which are used to upgrade you magic and weapons. Upgrades not available in demo. GREEN CHEST ----------- Contains green orbs that recovers you're health. BLUE CHEST ---------- Contains blue orbs that recovers you're magic. ALTERNATING CHEST ----------------- These chests alternate between green and blue orbs. GREY CHEST ---------- These chests contain gorgon eyes, phoenix feathers or just random orbs. ------\_________________________________________________________________________ Combos _________________________________________________________________________ ------/ When you get up to ten hits on an enemy then grab them and killing them, making that the eleventh hit you will be given the 10+ orb bonus. This works great in the elevator when you are fighting the demon birds. Hits Name Red Orbs 10 VICIOUS +2 20 GORY +4 30 SAVAGE +6 40 INHUMAN +8 50 BLOODTHIRSTY +10 75 RELENTLESS +15 100 MERCILESS +20 125 PITLESS +25 150 TYRANICAL +35 200 IMMORTAL +40 250 FEROCIOUS +45 300 GODLY +50 350 OMNIPOTENT +75 400 OLYMPIC +100 500 ALL-POWERFUL +125 600 HERCULEAN +150 700 SUPREME +200 800 UNEARTHLY +250 900 IMPOSSIBLE +300 -------\________________________________________________________________________ Grabing ________________________________________________________________________ -------/ When you are in a battle with numerous enemies, if you grab one enemy that can be grabed the surrounding enemies will not attack you until your grab animation is finished. This means you could press the () over and over until you opponent is dead without any annoyances, then move on to the next opponent. I know it's a very cheap thing to do, but if you are trying to beat the game on god mode without any life, magic, or weapon upgrades then this little technique is going to be your savior. -----------\____________________________________________________________________ F.A.Q (IN4) ____________________________________________________________________ -----------/ Q. How do I get past (insert horse puzzle)? A. Just follow these Ctrl+F commands. Horse Puzzle 1 Euros (HR1) Horse Puzzle 2 Totos (HR2) Horse Puzzle 3 Zephyros (HR3) Q. How do I activate bonus play/equip a costume? A. Go to new game and pick the difficulty level that you beat the game with, say yes to get your stuff from the previous play and it'll give you the option to switch costumes. If you just want the costume and not your other stuff say no and it'll give you the option to change costumes. Q. What do the costumes do? A. Spud of War = Infinite Magic McKratos = Higher Attack Power Mime of War = More Red Orbs Q. Is it possible to beat Charon the first time? A. No, not even in new game plus. Q. How do I jump to the second platform in the jails of Tarturus? A. Press Ctrl-F type this in the search box (JAL) and press find. Q. I keep killing spirits in the Elysium Fields but I'm not getting any more of my powers back, WTH! A. This is most likely a glitch and the only way to fix it is to restart from your last check point. /=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\ | |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_WALKTHROUGH_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| | \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ When it says "breakable objects" I mean the little breakable things that hold a small ammoun of red orbs. These things include wooden crates, barrels, tiny forts etc. Throughout the walkthrough there will be stuff like (G E 1) or (P F 1) these are locations of gorgon eyes and phoenix feathers, the number beside them tells you in which order they are obtained. To find them just type in (GEX) for gorgon eyes and (PFX) for phoenix feathers in the Ctrl+F menu. Replace the X with a number ranging from 1-15. ---------------------\__________________________________________________________ Shores of Attica (WA1)__________________________________________________________ ---------------------/ Roof of a building ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o----------------------------o {Enemies: 16 Persian Soldiers} {----------------------------} {Breakable } {objects: 3 } o----------------------------o You start of on a roof of a building (which you'll soon enter) and 5 Persian soldiers will come at you thinking that they have a chance, you'll soon teach those scum. The game will tell you the basic fighting moves, the soldiers are nothing just experiment with the attacks and before you know it they'll be killed. Once you've killed them a enemy ship will shoot it's cannons at your direction. A dying Spartan will say "must return fire" which you must do. But before that more enemies will come, 11 of them, dispatch of them and then go towards the shining part of the balista and shoot the ship. Now more cannons will shoot at the building one will break the roof allowing you to access the inside of the building. Inside the building ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o------------------------------o {Enemies: 5 Persians Soldiers } {------------------------------} {Allies : 3 Spartans } {------------------------------} {Breakable } {objects: 6 } o------------------------------o Once inside you'll see some Persians fighting with some Spartans. The Spartans will not attack you but it's okay if you kill them by "accident" along with the those Persian scum. There will be a green orb chest in here, don't use it as yet. Once you kill off the Persians go towards the shining part of the door and open it by tapping O. Before you even get it half way off the ground a cyclops will come and try to smash you with a pillar. Tap O to defend against it once you do another big baddy will come, the Basilsk, he makes mince meat out of the cyclops and is still hungry so get ready. ___________ __________________/Boss Battle\____________________ ______/---------------------------------------------------\ / { BASILISK } | A {-----------------------------------------------------} | T C { Fire Ball | Hydrogen mixes with various chemicals } | T A { | in the lungs, spitting the gas out, } | A R { | upon oxygen contact the fire ball is } | C D { | created. } | K {-----------------------------------------------------} \_____{ Bite | It's hungry, watch out for it's sharp } { | teeth. } \___________________________________________________/ This guy is a piece of cake, just do around 4-5 hits or a plume of prometheus on him and then roll away. Anytime you see him readying his fireball just back off and time it well then roll to dodge it. You tend to get quite a bit of green orbs from him for just 3 hits so you won't be dying anytime soon. If you feel you must and havn't opened the green orb chest as yet, go ahead and do so. After he's taken a a number of hits you'll have to initiate a button mini game by pressing () near his head. When you're done the game you have to pick up the pillar (the one the cyclops tried to crush you with earlier, remember?) and Kratos will smash it into the Basilisk's eye with such force blood splatters everywhere. Damn, that eye won't be working anymore. The shores of Attica ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o---------------------o {Breakable objects: 12} o---------------------o The Basilisk is now invading the city, it's blood trail is a sign of injury. Those fence like objects and pathetic forts can be smashed to get some red orbs. As you proceed in this are you will see that those Persian ships are still attacking, shooting they're balista arrows in the air causing them to drop down on the sandy surface creatinga small explosion. Maneuver through the sand, trying not to get hit from the arrows and make your way to the battering ram (in front of it is a rams head heh heh). Go to the shining part and hold circle, use the analog up or down to push it. When you push it a little bit up an arrow will come flying down so stop and then proceed until you make it to gate. At the gate if you go to the right you will see a red orb chest at the left end there is a chest containing a Gorgon eye(GE1). Now use the battering ram and bust that gate open. The city ~~~~~~~~ o----------------------------o {Enemies: 9 Persian Soldiers } { 4 Persian Archers } {----------------------------} {Breakable } {objects: 12 } o----------------------------o As you enter you will see the Persians killing your fellow men, doesn't this piss you off, go ahead and release your rage on them. Continue the path and you'll be faced with a new enemy, the Persian Archer. Jump in the water and you'll notice that you can't dive...as yet. Just continue on with the rampage and kill of the archers and soldiers. Now head toward the crank and turn it, the moment you start turning it two soldiers will come, kill them. Now turn it all the way so the door will be fully opened...wait, damnit two more soldiers appeared, murder them. Ah damn the door closed. DAMN YOU PERSIANS! Open the door and roll on through. Battlegrounds ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o---------------------------o {Enemies: 4 Persian Soldiers} { 4 Persian Archers } {---------------------------} {Breakable } {objects: 11 } o---------------------------o Jump down the cliff and kill off the enemies. If you continue to walk to your right you'll see a wooden wall which can be destroyed and inside will be 2 red orb chests. Now go to the ladder and destroy the wooden wall then proceed up the ladder. Half way up will be a chest containing a Gorgon eye (GE2). When you reach the top you will be prompted to kick the wall down by pressing circle. The rooftops ~~~~~~~~~~~~ o---------------------------o {Enemies: 4 Persian Soldiers} {---------------------------} {Breakable } {objects: 8 } o---------------------------o You will see the Basilisk having a fun time destroying the city. 4 soldiers will come after you but you know that they are no match. Go to the left side and you'll see a red orb chest. Now Head to the right side and walk across the high beam, the Basilisk will shoot a fire ball at you and you'll be hanging of the ledge. Just press X to get back up. When you are across there will be a green orb chest and a door for which you must open. (Cutscene) The gold room ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o----------------------------o {Enemies: 13 Persian Soldiers} { 1 Persian King } {----------------------------} {Breakable } {objects: 9 } o----------------------------o ___________ _____________________/Boss Battle\_________________________ ______/-----------------------------------------------------------\ / { PERSIAN KING } | A {------------------------------------------------------------} | T C { Efreet | A giant monster comes out from the King and } | T A { | slams it's fist into the ground tossing } | A R { | everything in it's radius aside like ragdolls } | C D {------------------------------------------------------------} | K { Fire Slash | The Falchion burns with flames and is fiercely} \_____{ | slashed downwards. } {------------------------------------------------------------} { Sword | Two slashes with his massive sword. } { Combo | } \__________________________________________________________/ This guy isn't to hard, his attacks don't take up much but they can be annoying. 13 soldiers will accompany him. He's way easier now than in the demo. He hardly ever does Efreet so you can just combo him up and roll away when necessary. Those soldiers get kinda annoying so kill them and you'll get red orbs too, yummy. When the king is down to a little bit of HP you'll have to initiate a mini game. (cutscene) Hear comes a brutal part, as the king pleads for mercy and offers you women Kratos doesn't give a crap about, or so he thinks. He'll pick up a box full of gold and with your aid of tapping () he'll smash it on the kings head leaving him in a bloody mess. Now you will get the Efreet magic. Now 6 soldiers will come and they are basically guinea pigs for you to test out your newly aquired magic on. You won't lose any MP until you kill them all. Once you do two gates will open, go on into the right one first, I guarantee you'll like it. Ah here comes a mature part. It's been in all of the games, always in the first stage, although in GOW2 it was kinda tricky to find, that's right the sex mini game. For saving the two women they thank you in a more pleasurable way. To initiate the game walk up to the ladies and press (). There are 6 actions to do, the 1st,2nd, and 6th actions are random, the 3rd,4th, and 5th are not. They are rotate analog counter clockwise, rotate analog clockwise and tap L and R. When you are doing it take a look at the candle, at the end it'll show well you'll see and you might get it. Of course you'll get a reward, some red orbs. Head into the left gate and you'll see a shining light, that's a save point go ahead and save. Open the door and you'll be confronted with the Basilisk once again. The rooftops continued : Balista Shooting ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 22 Persian Soldiers } {-----------------------------} {Breakable } {Objects: 7 } o-----------------------------o Aww no more 100 soldiers instead you get 22, of course you can still knock down the ladders so that they will stop climbing up for a while. Well the objective here is to shoot the balista at the basilisk so that he'll stop breathing his fire ball at you when you try to open the door. But before you get to hasty when turning the balista turn it only until it reaches the centre and it's pointing straight into the buildings. Now shoot it and it'll destroy a building which you will access later. After that shoot the crap out of the Basilisk, right in the neck, then open the door. Wine Cellar ~~~~~~~~~~~ o-----------------------------o {Breakable } {Objects: 11 } o-----------------------------o As you enter you'll see a crank, don't be so hasty, just continue on and climb the ladder at the back. You'll see two treasure chests a red orb one and one containing a phoenix feather (PF1). Now rotate the crank and it'll lead you down. Inner City : Higher Levels ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 17 Persian Soldiers } { 7 Persian Archers } { 1 Cyclops } {-----------------------------} {Allies: 3 Spartans } {-----------------------------} {Breakable } {Objects: 26 } o-----------------------------o As you enter this area you'll see a Cyclops climbing a building and slaughtering your fellow Spartans. Now he's comming after you. Just do 4-5 hits and the moment you see him starting to attack roll away as quick as you can. Do Efreet if you want it'll make him flinch and theres a blue orb chest so you can fuel up when low. Keep doing this until you see a () above his head and you know what to do from there. Now continue on and open the gate and 4 archers will be sniping you, obliterate them. Walk towards the left and you'll see a red orb chest and a chest with a gorgon eye (GE3). Move on to the right climb the ladder and then the wall. Now do you remember the building you shot with the balista? It's here, just continue up and go across the ramp. You'll see the building with a hole in the wall and a chest inside. In the chest is a Gorgon eye (GE4). (this was the e extra one I was talking about) Now theres a red orb chest and a grey one on the other side, jump across to access it and in the grey chest theres a phoenix feather(PF2). Jump back across and destroy the wooden wall and activate the lever. The Market District ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 13 Persian Soldiers } { 4 Persian Archers } {-----------------------------} {Breakable } {Objects: 25 } o-----------------------------o Get the red orb chest and do whatever, then go up the stairs and open the door. The Basilisk is on the roof and it has a dead man in it's mouth like a toothpick he spits it out on to the stone floor. It's your first puzzle, an easy one, not quite sure if it's even a puzzle but some people got stuck on it. Theres a red orb chest where the archers are on the ledge behind the pillar and 2 more chests all the way at the left side of the screen. Kill off all of the enemies as they will get in the way. You'll come across a large box which you must push it towards the gate and onto the switch on the ground. Then get the body and walk to the other side and put his dead carcass on the other switch. Go on through and you'll be confronted with a WHAT... a red orb chest. Continue on and you'll come across a save point, save. After the save point there is a chest containing a phoenix feather (PF3). The Basilisk Strikes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ___________ _____________________/Boss Battle\_________________________ ______/-----------------------------------------------------------\ / { FINAL FIGHT : BASILISK } | A {------------------------------------------------------------} | T C { Bite | Ummmmm..he bites you. } | T A {------------------------------------------------------------} | A R { Swipe | Swipes at you with his claws. } | C D {------------------------------------------------------------} | K { Fire Breath| Breathes a river of fire. } \_____{------------------------------------------------------------} { Chomp | Chomps on your meaty body. } {------------------------------------------------------------} { Fire Ball | Shoots fire balls from the sky, they create a } { Combo | ring of fire on the ground. } \__________________________________________________________/ Well it's the Basilisk again, he's still easy. For this fight you if you want to make it easier on yourself just stay in the middle and attack from there. If you go to either the right or left side he'll just swipe at you and it's unblockable. If you stay in the middle he'll just bite you and that is in fact blockable. As you might have noticed, he has no life bar. Your objective here is to keep hitting him until he backs up. If you do it perfectly you'll only have to do this 2 times. When attacking get around 4-5 hits, remember stay in the middle, and then hold L to block his bite. Keep doing this. Every time you knock him back he'll do fire breath, this is easily avoidable, just jump. Sometimes he'll do his chomp attack to avoid getting chomped on just tap L + R when prompted to. When you knock him back all the way he'll climb up the wall and rain down fireballs. To dodge these just zig zag through the field until you reach his arm to press () on. When you press () you have to rotate the anaglog nub. Do this twice and in the 3rd phase you just have to hit him until the () appears. In the 3rd phase his attacks are quicker, so you'll only get around 2-3 hits on him then block. (cutscene) ---------------------------\____________________________________________________ The City of Marathon (WA2) ____________________________________________________ ---------------------------/ The Cliffs ~~~~~~~~~~ Right off the bat you'll see a chest, open it and you'll get a phoenix feather (PF4). Climb down the cliff and half way there will be a red orb chest. Continue climbing down and there will be a save point and a building to enter. Break the door down and you'll be confronted with a new enemy, the Fog Soldier. He has dual blades but is really easy. He tends to block when you are doing combos so hit him with some grabs and heavy attacks. Continue on after you've killed him and break the wall down to get a red orb chest and a some random orbs. The City Streets ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 5 Fog Soldiers } { 3 Fog Archers } {-----------------------------} {Breakable } {Objects: 7 } o-----------------------------o As you enter enemies will come, theres a house directly up which has a red orb chest. Then theres another house below the blue orb chest that a red orb chest in it. You'll see a house with a lanturn, in it there are 2 more red orb chests. Have you been killing the enemies, good job. See that box head to the left of it and there will be a building in which you can enter, in it is a gorgon eye (GE5). Hear that man saying STAY AWAY FROM THE FOG, you better take his advice. Push that box and open the gate. Torch Room ~~~~~~~~~~ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: ?? Fog Screamers } { 6 Fog Archers } { 1 Sabretooth } {-----------------------------} {Breakable } {Objects: 3 } o-----------------------------o Upon entering you'll see a chest if you walk up, they tried to hide it in the rocks, but I mean come on. In it is a gorgon eye (GE6). If you walk to the right you'll come into contact with a screamer, they kinda look like a medusa but they don't have snake hair or petrify you, instead they burst your eardrums. They will respawn over and over and after you've killed the first three they will stop dropping orbs so your plan for unlimited orbs is a fail. To make them stop respawning just turn that crank. To the right is a red orb chest and 4 fog archers. Well let's move on shall we, go to the centre and grab that torch. Go back to the right and light the hay with your torch and move the trolly up until the camera pans to the left. Stop and kill the archer and open the 2 red orb chests. Move the trolly up again and now the camera will pan to the right revealing two more chests and an archer The grey chest contains a phoenix feather (PF5), yays upgrade! If you need health open the alter chest when it's green. Keep moving up with the trolly and you'll find yourself in an open area. Battle time, a fierce sabretooth. It's easy enough when it pounces on you just tap L and R. The grab animation is kinda brutal. After you deal with that break down the wall on the right and continue on. You'll be at the steed shrine, you can't do anything here as yet so just continue on. --------------------------\_____________________________________________________ The Temple of Helios (WA3) _____________________________________________________ --------------------------/ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 3 Fog Soldiers } { 1 Screamer } { 7 Ram Bombers } { 8 Ram Warriors } { 3 Fireguards } { 8 Demon Birds } {-----------------------------} {Breakable } {Objects: 41 } o-----------------------------o As you walk some enemies will come, dispatch of them and then scale the wall and you'll be at the entrance of the temple. (cutscene) Go all the way to the lower left and open the chest at the end to receive a gorgon eye (GE7) and then go to the upper left to open a red orb chest. Make your way into the temple and save if you wish. Pull the lever to go down and when you're down there 2 ram bombers will be fighting you and one will be throwing the bombs from across the gate, that cheap bastard. If you walk to the right of the lever you will come across a chest that holds a phoenix feather (PF6). Because of him you won't be able to open the door since he keeps hiting you. So what do you got to do, reach him, to do that you have to go to the left of the lever and then you'll be in a battle. Kill those monsters and continue onwards and you'll come into contact with another lever which will open a gate. Head back to the upper level and up the stairs through the gate and kill that annoying bastard. Pull the lever to open the gate and now you can open the shiny door. Press () next to is and you have to rotate the analog nub. As you walk open the red orb chest and the statues here are breakable so you can receive more orbs. Keep walking and a couple of demon birds will attack you. After you've dealt with that get the red orb chest on the left side of the room near the entrance. Grab both statues and pull the two levers. Enter the door on the right and you will have to fight a new enemy, the fireguard. When you're done pull the lever and enter the left entrance. Theres a save point save if you must. Lower Levels ~~~~~~~~~~~~ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 8 Fireguards } { 1 Fire Defender } { 7 Fog Archers } { 2 Sabres } {-----------------------------} {Breakable } {Objects: 15 } o-----------------------------o Down the steps are 2 red orbs chests and a chest containing a phoenix feather (PF7). Step onto the platform and destroy the shiny objects and you'll go on a ride in which you must fight. When the ride is done and you've done your deeds get off and open those 3 red orb chests, you know you wanna. Head up the stairs and open the door. If you walk all the way to the left you will see two more red orb chests, this place is riddled with them! Press () on the pillar and head across it. (cutscene) Walk towards the shiny on the ground and press (). Walk across and get the red orb chest that is down. Now walk into the room and go to the left side to get another red orb chest, go upstairs and there will be 2 more red orb chests and a gorgon eye (GE8). Head back downstairs and destroy the throne. Pick up the sun shield. With this you can parry attacks, just time it right, the moment the enemy attack hits press L. You have to fight now, it's like practice, to try out your new shield. Press () on the door and there are green and blue chests here so fuel up if you need it. Save if you want and head up the long stairs. (Cutscene) Walk up the stairs and you'll have to fight a fierce battle, after that just press () on the shiny to head downstairs. Go down then open the door. Euros the East Wind (HR1) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Upon entering head to the left side and open the red orb chest. Now to solve the puzzle. It's quite easy really but I see how people could get stuck. Push both statues in their designated spots and then pull the wall all the way out, climb up and at the horse theres a door open it and open the two chests. Jump back down and pull the wall out all the way and now let go and walk to the left side of the wall and enter the gap. You see those two statues pull them back all the way and it'll light up a circle jump on that circle and press L then tap (). Jump down and head to the upper right to get a phoenix feather (PF8). Head back to the horse and activate it. (Cutscene) The floor will open and head on down. You'll come to a chest thats located on the right that holds a gorgon eye (GE9). Now enter the portal that you just saw. --------------------------\_____________________________________________________ The Caves of Olympus (WA4) _____________________________________________________ --------------------------/ Save if you need to and jump in the water. Ahh isn't that refreshing a nice bath. Swim all the way to the right and open the 2 red chests and the grey one that has a gorgon eye (GE10). Swim back to the middle and climb the wall. Grab the Triton's Lance and now you'll be able to dive. Jump back into the water and swim to the left side of the room and dive under to open the chests. Now swim to the right and break the gate underwater by hold R until Kratos is charged up and release. Keep swimming and you'll come across some chests, some red and one has a phoenix feather (PF9). Keep swimming and break the gates then at the end pull the lever. Get back on dry land and scale the wall and into the newly shown path. Open the door at the top. Upper caves ~~~~~~~~~~~ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 8 Fireguards } { 1 Minotaur } { 6 Flame Fists } {-----------------------------} {Breakable } {Objects: 3 } o-----------------------------o You'll come face to face with the first minitaur of the game, he can be kinda annoying but you should have mastered the roll by now so use it. Depending on how high your upgrades are he'll be a piece of cake. You can cancel out his moves by using Efreet, it'll make him flinch. After you take care of him, rotate the crank and open the door at the end. (cutscene) Walk down a bit and when you reach deep water dive down and you'll discover a chest, it'll contain a Gorgon eye (GE11). Continue onwards kill the enemies that confront you and you'll come up to a save point. Save, then open the door and pick up the item on the ground. With this you can reflect back projectiles that the enemy will shoot at you. 3 statues will come alive and shoot fireballs, you have to reflect them back by pressing L right when the attack hits or when its close enough. After that you'll get new magic, the light of dawn, your very own projectile attack. Try it out on the flame fists that appear. Head to the left side and get the phoenix feather (PF10), and on the right side there are 2 red orb chests. Head to the centre and open the door. Fight the enemies and jump down then head back out to the temple. ---------------------------------\______________________________________________ The Temple of Helios Part 2 (WA5) ______________________________________________ ---------------------------------/ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 26 Demon Birds } {-----------------------------} {Breakable } {Objects: 6 } o-----------------------------o Press () on the shiny and it'll activate the lift. On the ride you'll have to fight some demon birds, they're pretty easy and for 59 orbs a pop, it's a bargain. When you make your way down get off the lift and open the 2 red orb chests. Walk up the stairs and open the grey chest containing a phoenix feather (PF11). Save if you must and open the door. Notos The South Wind (HR2) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 1 Fire Defender } { 4 Flame Fists } {-----------------------------} {Breakable } {Objects: 13 } o-----------------------------o Upon entering you'll have to fight some enemies, demolish them. Walk to the right side and open the red orb chest and on the lower left side theres a chest with a gorgon eye (GE12). Well this is another puzzle room, it's easy but I can see why people got stuck. Start out by pressing () on the shiny to unlock the lever. Move the lever to the left side and it'll open the door. Go and grab the statue and move it to the lower left pad. Go back to the lever and shine it on the statue. Grab that new statue and move it to the right lower pad. Now pull the lever to the right and it'll open the door on the high right, pull out the statue, then shine the light on the statue on lower right pad, grab the new statue. Now for the formation, put the statues facing north on the lower pads. Then put the statue facing left on the upper right pad and the one facing right on the upper left pad. It'll open up a new statue and you have to shine the light on that one. Do that and then jump on the platform that is behind the statute in the middle and into the circle of light, press L and tap (). Go towards the horse and activate it. (Cutscene) Activate the lift and it'll take you all the way down. When you are down head up and get the phoenix feather (PF12), head left to open a red chest, and then right to open the door. Walk down the path. Zephyros, The West Wind (HR3) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Upon entering head to the right to get a gorgon eye (GE13). To solve this puzzle push the statue in it's designated spot and then destroy it Jump on it and press L then tap (). Jump off and scale the wall then activate the horse. Outside ~~~~~~~ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 9 Fog Soldiers } { 8 Fog Archers } { 3 Screamers } {-----------------------------} Climb down the wall and you'll have to undergo a series of battles, crush them all and continue to the steed shrine. Save if you must then move all the levers and you'll make the horses come alive. (Cutscene) ------------\___________________________________________________________________ Hades (WA6) ___________________________________________________________________ ------------/ The falls of Oceanum ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 4 Medusas } { 4 Wall Climbers } { 3 Cyclops } { 7 Hell Soldiers } { 7 Demon Birds } {-----------------------------} {Breakable } {Objects: 22 } o-----------------------------o Start off by heading up towards the wall scaling it. When you reach the part where you hanging you can always drop by pressing R, but don't drop in the water Do you see those stone statues? They're kinda hidden in the colour, anyways they can be destroyed, remember that. Don't forget to get the chests and then climb up the wall at the end. Some enemies will come now, wall climbers I call them. They're easy and depending on what level your blades are you can kill them in one shot with a heavy attack. At the top you are faced with a new enemy, the infamous medusa, and yes she can still pretrify you. Fortunatly this battle is easy since there are no other enemies to interfere with the battle. If you get pertrified quickly tap L and R. Once you kill her 2 more will come. When your done head out and head down, don't jump across the stairs as yet. Do you see that weird rock thing, that's a statue and can be broken. Break it and follow the path to reach a phoenix feather(PF13) Head back up and now jump across the stairs and follow the path and you'll be in another battle, but more fierce since it contanins 3 cyclops. After you're done with that jump across to the cliff and more enemies will come, kill them all and head to the upper left. That wall can be destroyed and when you do a medusa pops out, a little bit of foreshadowing here. The tresure chest here contains a gorgon eye (GE14). Now are you stuck again, you don't know what to do, where to go, you keep falling in the water when you try to jump the ledge. Never fear this guide is here. Head to the middle of the room and to the right side. Theres a wall that can be broken here. When you break the wall go on in and move the block to where the ledge of the green orb chest is. Jump on the block then jump on the ledge. Scale the wall behind the waterfall and jump down when you reach the end. Some enemies will be here, take care of them. Now attack that pillar and then it'll turn shiny, press () on it and it'll fall down. Head into the room, save and get the red orb chest. Ruins of Asphodel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 1 Charon } { 4 Hell Defenders } { 18 Demon Birds } {-----------------------------} {Breakable } {Objects: 7 } o-----------------------------o Climb the ledge and destroy the odd coloured wall on the left to reveal a chest with a phoenix feather (PF14) in it, then scale the wall on the right. Head straight and you'll be in a battle. The objective here is to kill both hell defenders so that their light will open the door. When the door is open head through it and up the stairs. There is a gorgon eye (GE15) in this room and guess what it's the last one, you got max health. Head out into the arena. There's annoying demon birds and 2 hell defenders. The harpies are easy enough you can just grab them and Kratos stomps on them, but there are also these saws that keep going around the floor, they can be annoying. Once you're done head out save and ring the bell. Don't worry about the shiny door for now. (cutscene) ___________ _____________________/Boss Battle\_________________________ ______/-----------------------------------------------------------\ / { CHARON } | A {------------------------------------------------------------} | T C { Scythe | He hit's you multiple times with his scythe. } | T A { Combo | } | A R {------------------------------------------------------------} | C D { Energy | Sends 3 green balls of energy flying towards } | K { Ball | you. } \_____{------------------------------------------------------------} { Fire Wall | A huge firewall flys at you killing you in } { | one hit. } \__________________________________________________________/ Well it's been a long time since a boss battle hasn't it, unfortunatly this one won't last too long for now. You can parry all his attacks and even all of his scythe combo if your good enough, but you if you don't like parrying you can just block them it all then attack when he's done. Just combo him up and block when necessary. When he is doing his energy ball just reflect them all back at him, this is also a good way to get back health if you're low on it. When you bring him down to half HP he'll do an attack that'll kill you in one shot. (cutscene) Imprisonment ~~~~~~~~~~~~ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 6 Hell Soldiers } { 4 Hell Archers } {-----------------------------} {Breakable } {Objects: 4 } o-----------------------------o You'll have to tap L and R to break out of the chains. Walk down and there will be a save point and a chest with a phoenix feather (PF15). Make sure to kill the people in shackles if you want some health, you will be low on it and plus you're doing them a favour if you think about it. Those big chains that you see can be broken. When you reach the fork you can choose to go right to fight or left to progress, there is a blue chest at the end of the right side just to let you know. (cutscene) ----------------------------\___________________________________________________ The Depths of Tarturus (WA7) ___________________________________________________ ----------------------------/ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 9 Harpies } { 4 Hell Soldiers } { 7 Hell Archers } {-----------------------------} {Breakable } {Objects: 6 } o-----------------------------o These harpies can be annoying since they always back off when you try to grab them. An easy way to kill them is to jump and press /\ so that they get hit and fly into the air then grab them. When you're done continue on, killing the people and open the door at the end. Kill all the enemies, open the alter chest if you need health or magic and head across the big chain. Temple of the Gods ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 6 Harpies } { 5 Wall Climbers } { 12 Hell Archers } { 1 Medusa } { 1 Minotaur } {-----------------------------} {Breakable } {Objects: 2 } o-----------------------------o Save then start climbing the wall and when you reach the top you'll have to fight. Make sure to kill the harpies first because if you get petrified they will hit you and you will die. On the right side there is a red orb chest and on the opposite side is a random chest. Pull both statues and turn the crank. Walk through the hallway and go through the door, it'll close behind you. Now you have to fight a minotaur. Kill the archers first because they can get annoying, a simple grab should suffice. When you're done enter the left and up the stairs, a hell soldier will attack you kill him and you might break the wall behind him, if not break it anyways. Theres a red orb chest at the end of the path open it and then sidle across to the other side of the room. Break the wall and enter it. Pull the lever and drop down to enter the newly opened room. Go upstairs and get the key and press () on the throne. Jump back down and put the body on the switch then insert the key into the hole. Cross the bridge and save. Temple of Zeus ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 11 Hell Soldiers } { 3 Demon Birds } { 2 Hell Defenders } { 2 Medusas } {-----------------------------} {Breakable } {Objects: 2 } o-----------------------------o Kill off all the enemies then press () on the shiny. It'll break the Zeus statue and you'll obtain the gauntlet of Zeus. This is your second weapon and it's damn strong. You'll get to test it out on the enemies that appear. To break their shield just hold down [] and Kratos will break them. Head back across the bridge and break the shiny wall with your new weapon. Now there will be a pitiful escape the spiked wall game, just run and break the wall up ahead, then break the statue. You can break the statue on the left to get a chest with random orbs and then break the one on the right to gain access to the next floor. Scale the wall and defeat the enemies then rotate the crank. Climb back down and go across the chain and climb the wall. Jails of Tarturus (JAL) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 1 Minotaur } { 6 Demon Birds } { 9 Hell Archers } { 1 Armoured Cyclops } {-----------------------------} {Breakable } {Objects: 4 } o-----------------------------o Kill of the enemies, the cyclops will have body armour, to break it just charge up your punch and attack him. Rotate the cranks and go jump to the platforms. *I've been getting a lot of questions for this part, jumping the platforms. Why it wasn't in the guide in the first place is because for my many times playing the game I never had this problem, I always made it to the second platform on my first jump. After trying it some times I see why people don't make the jump. Don't run right to the edge of the first platform then jump because this will make Kratos momentarily pause and make your jump too short. So what you do is run and just before you reach the edge (don't touch it) jump and while in the air jump again (doing a double jump) and you should grab onto the platform. I always did this and I always made it. Open the door and then head into the upper room straight ahead. Open the door at the end. (cutscene) Scale the wall and if you want you could head left and into another room which has a good ammount of red orbs in it, if not then head straight up. Kill all the enemies and for those archers either use the light of dawn or just reflect their arrows back. Rotate the cranks and one will yield a red orb chest the other will grant your access to the next area. Shackles of Hyperion ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 2 Hell Soldiers } { 8 Wall Climbers } { 7 Hell Archers } o-----------------------------o Open the door and kill of the enemies that await inside. Pull the two levers and scale the wall on the right to reach to the other side. Pull the lever there and head back down to the newly opened area. Scale this wall killing the enemies on your way. Chains of Atlas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 5 Hell Soldiers } { 7 Demon Birds } o-----------------------------o Save then jump on the platform. You have to rotate the crank to move to the other side, when you rotate it enemies will come and try and stop you but I mean a freaking 100ft tall monster couldn't stop you much less they can. When you reach to the other side there is another platform in which you must do the same thing that you just did. When you reach the end climb the wall and press () on the shiny, then walk across the huge chain. (cutscene) Charon's Dock ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 2 Hell Defenders } { 8 Demon Birds } {-----------------------------} {Breakable } {Objects: 5 } o-----------------------------o Well you're back, and you're in the arean again. This time you can destroy those saws by punching them with your gauntlet of Zeus. Kill the enemies and go through the door. Save and break the shiny gate. (cutscene) ___________ _____________________/Boss Battle\_________________________ ______/-----------------------------------------------------------\ / { FINAL BATTLE CHARON } | A {------------------------------------------------------------} | T C { Scythe | He hit's you multiple times with his scythe. } | T A { Combo | } | A R {------------------------------------------------------------} | C D { Energy | Sends 3 green balls of energy flying towards } | K { Ball | you. } \_____{------------------------------------------------------------} { Pyre Wall | A huge pyrewall flys at you. } { | } {------------------------------------------------------------} { Charon's | Breathes green fiery breath on you } { Wrath | dealing multiple hits. } {------------------------------------------------------------} { Scythe | Hit's the ground with his scythe dealing a } { Explosion | green energy explosion that expands out. } \__________________________________________________________/ As you can see he has more attacks, but he's still easy. Just do the same thing you did in the first battle, block when necessary. This time when he goes on top of the ship quickly go towards the flames and destroy one of the pillars. 2nd phase: Now he will start doing his most cheapest attack, Charon's Wrath. If you get hit it'll make you stop for about 3-4 seconds and he keeps doing it over and over. Just roll and hit, roll and hit until he stops and does something else, you'd probably only get 2 hits in with the blades of chaos. Remember if you need health wait till he does his energy ball and reflect it back. Just like before he'll go back on top of the ship, do the same as before. 3rd phase: He'll start doing his scythe explosion attack, it's easy to dodge, just jump and do some aerial attacks. He'll go to all 4 corners then go to the middle and do the bigger explosion. When he does this his scythe will get stuck in the ground for a bit and allow you to attack him. 4th phase: Now you'll be fighting his chest and up, just reflect all the energy orbs at him and press () when the time is right. There ya go, you killed him. ------------------------------\_________________________________________________ The Temple of Persephone (WA8) _________________________________________________ ------------------------------/ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 30 Demon Birds } { 1 Sabretooth } { 20 Ram Warriors } { 3 Armoured Cyclops } { 3 Armoured Minotaur} { 2 Fierce Medusas } { 6 Harpies } { 6 Ram Bombers } {-----------------------------} {Breakable } {Objects: 20 } o-----------------------------o You'll get Charon's Wrath, your final magic. To test it out some enemies will appear, you won't lose any magic until you kill them all. Head into the temple. This place is basically an arena, you have to fight a lot of enemies, what do you expect it's the last place. Just play the way you do and usually after every round there will be health or magic chests. When you reach the rooms with the medusa statues in them quickly destroy the first 2 or 3 with your gauntlet so that you can have some room to fight in. Save whenever you get the chance. When you reach the crank you can break the walls, and some demon birds will come out. At the top you have to fight a fierce medusa, she does a different attack than the normal medusa. She grabs you and you can't escape and pertrifies you instantly, and with those harpies around this area can be annoying. Kill the birds first then focus on the medusa. Exit north and save. The Groves of Persephone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o-----------------------------o {Enemies: 8 Hell Soldiers } { 14 Hell Archers } { 1 Sabretooth } { 1 Hell Defender } o-----------------------------o (cutscene) You'll have to press () here and follow the commands, you'll end up with all your powers gone. Head through the portal. (cutscene) Tap (). Now to gain your powers back you have to kill the spirits that are running about, start by snaping their necks. Once you get your blades back some enemies will come, keep killing the spirits till you get all your powers back, kill the enemies and head towards the stairs. You'll be in another battle, kill them all and continue on. Save and fuel up, you'll need it for the final boss. Walk up the stairs. (cutscene) ___________ _____________________/Boss Battle\_________________________ ______/-----------------------------------------------------------\ / { PERSEPHONE } | A {------------------------------------------------------------} | T C { Charge | She charges at you and slams her fist down on } | T A { | you erupting in a green pillar of energy. } | A R {------------------------------------------------------------} | C D { Double | Punches you with her fists. } | K { Punch | } \_____{------------------------------------------------------------} { Rock Throw | She kicks the ground making a huge rock appear} { | then kicks it right toward you. } {------------------------------------------------------------} { Dark Ball | Throws a big dark ball of energy at you. } {------------------------------------------------------------} { Dark Light | Shines a black/green light at you that } { | explodes on contact. } {------------------------------------------------------------} { Dark Pillar| Summons up a dark pillar of energy that erupts} { | from the ground. } \__________________________________________________________/ Well you made it, the final boss, you should be able to take her down quite easily if you upgraded your equipment. There are 2 phases for this battle. She starts out by doing charge, double punch and rock throw. You can parry both the double punch and charge, but of course rolling away is another option. Don't try to parry the rock throw you'll just get hurt. Make sure to always parry her charge then she'll be sent backwards and do a rock throw, dodge the rock throw by rolling and hit her once with a charged punch then quickly roll away to dodge her double punch. Efreet can come in handy here also since it makes her flinch when you use it. There is an alternative, but it is a little bit harder to pull off. When you've dodged her rock throw walk up to her and wait till the her rock throw animation is done. Right when it's done hold /\ to hit her and soar into the air, while in the air move the analog nub in a direction that will leave you behind her. This will allow you to dodge her double punch. She'll most likely just start back her charge and repeat the pattern. She'll drop a good amount of health for you if you drop her health down by 1/6. When you get her down to half HP a minigame will start. 2nd phase: now she's mad, when she does her dark ball you can reflect it back to her and make her fall then attack, that's really what you have to do here. Don't worry about the circle of light just yet you'll need it later, it can be sometimes annoying though since you might find yourself in the light and trying to reflect her dark ball only to shoot out a beam of light that doesn't hit her. You can also use your light of dawn here, if it's upgraded to the max then it'll take up a good ammount on her. To dodge the dark pillar and dark light either roll around or run around. After you bring her HP down a bit more she'll move to the pillar on the left, now when you reflect back her dark ball she'll reflect your reflection back once. She'll then move on to the middle pillar again and now she'll reflect it back to you twice, and when she moves the right pillar she'll reflect it back three times. You gotta reflect the reflection, yeah. So when you bring her HP down significantly she'll fall and a black mist will surround her. You have to go into the circle of light press L and follow the button commands. If you are sucessful you beat her, and you beat the game. (cutscene) Credits (cutscene) Congratulations you beat the game, now go and play god mode or try the challenge of Hades. /=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\ | |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| WEAPONS | |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| | | \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ -------------------------\______________________________________________________ THE BLADES OF CHAOS (WM1) ______________________________________________________ -------------------------/ *Level 1 attacks located in Controls/Movelist under basic attacks _____________________________________________________ / LEVEL 2 \ Cost to upgrade = 2650 \ Increased Damage \ ------------------------------------------------------- o===============================================o o=======================o { Cyclone of Chaos } - { L + [] } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { Rapidly swing your blades, hitting all } { surrounding enemies multiple times. } {-----------------------------------------------} o=======================o { Cyclone of Chaos (air) } - { L + [] (in air) } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { While airborn, rapidly swing your blades } { hitting surrounding enemies multiple times. } o===============================================o _____________________________________________________ / LEVEL 3 \ Cost to upgrade = 4850 \ Increased Damage \ ------------------------------------------------------- o===============================================o o=======================o { Spirit of Hercules } - { /\/\/\ } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { A powerful but slow combo with an explosive } { finish that launches enemies into the air. } {-----------------------------------------------} o=======================o { Valor of Hercules } - { /\/\[] } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { A powerful buy slow combo that sends enemies } { flying back. } {-----------------------------------------------} o=======================o { Hyperion Might } - { Hold [] } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { Slash your blades in an arc. } o===============================================o _____________________________________________________ / LEVEL 4 \ Cost to upgrade = 8750 \ Increased Damage \ ------------------------------------------------------- o===============================================o o=======================o { Rampage of the furies } - { L + () } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { Focus your rage on one enemy with this } { multiple hit attack. } {-----------------------------------------------} o=======================o { Rampage of the furies (air) } - { L + () (in air) } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { Quickly swing your blades in this multiple hit} { aerial attack. } {-----------------------------------------------} o=======================o { Hermes Rush (evading) } - { When evading Hold [] } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { Slam your shoulder into an enemy. } {-----------------------------------------------} o=======================o { Hermes Rise (evading) } - { When evading hold /\ } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { Deliver and uppercut to launch enemies. } o===============================================o _____________________________________________________ / LEVEL 5 \ Cost to upgrade = 11250 \ Increased Damage\ ------------------------------------------------------- o===============================================o o=======================o { Tarturus rage } - { L + /\ } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { Swing your blades down onto multiple enemies, } { launching them into the air. } {-----------------------------------------------} o=======================o { Tarturus rage (air) } - { L + /\ (in air) } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { While airborn, rain down multiple attacks, } { with an explosive finish, launching enemies } o===============================================o ------------\___________________________________________________________________ EFREET (WM2) ___________________________________________________________________ ------------/ _________ / LEVEL 1 \ ----------- o===============================================o o=======================o { Demon Fury } - { R + /\ } { ~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { The fiery Efreet slams the ground burning } { enemies in a wide radius } {-----------------------------------------------} o=======================o { Demon Fury (air) } - { R + /\ (in air) } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { Slams into the ground from the air, burning } { enemies in a wide radius. } o===============================================o _____________________________________________________ / LEVEL 2 \ Cost to upgrade = 3500 \ Increased Damage \ ------------------------------------------------------- o===============================================o o=======================o { Demon Inferno } - { R + (), Tap () } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { After slamming the ground, rapidly tap () to } { burn enemies for more damage. } o===============================================o ______________________________________________________ / LEVEL 2 \ Cost to upgrade = 10000 \ Increased Damage \ -------------------------------------------------------- o===============================================o { Demon Rage } { ~~~~~~~~~~ } { At the end of the inferno, it finishes with } { a fiery explosion. } o===============================================o ----------------\_______________________________________________________________ Sun Shield (WM3) _______________________________________________________________ ----------------/ _______ /LEVEL 1\ --------- o===============================================o o=======================o { Helios reverse/reflect } - { Press L right before } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } { an attack hits } { Reflect enemy projectiles back at them or } o=======================o { parry close attacks. } o===============================================o __________________________________ / LEVEL 2 \ Cost to upgrade = 1500 \ ------------------------------------ o===============================================o o=======================o { Helios flash (parry) } - { After parry press [] } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { Counter with a quick hit after parrying. } {-----------------------------------------------} o=======================o { Helios offensice (parry) } - { After parry press /\ } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { Counter with a heavy overhead attack after } { parrying. } o===============================================o -------------------\____________________________________________________________ LIGHT OF DAWN (WM4) ____________________________________________________________ -------------------/ _________ / LEVEL 1 \ ----------- o===============================================o o=======================o { Solar flare } - { R + [] } { ~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { Hurl orbs of light at your enemies. } {-----------------------------------------------} o=======================o { Solar flare (air) } - { R + [] (in air) } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { While airborn, hurl orbs of light at your } { enemies. } o===============================================o __________________________________ / LEVEL 2 \ Cost to upgrade = 2250 \ ------------------------------------ o===============================================o { Solar flare (rapid fire) } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } { Rapidly hurl orbs of light at your enemies. } o===============================================o __________________________________ / LEVEL 3 \ Cost to upgrade = 6250 \ ------------------------------------ o===============================================o o=======================o { Radiant sun (charged) } - { R + Hold [] } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { Charge up the ball of light and hurl it at } { your enemies. } o===============================================o --------------------------\_____________________________________________________ THE GAUNTLET OF ZEUS (WM5) _____________________________________________________ --------------------------/ _________ / LEVEL 1 \ ----------- o===============================================o o=======================o { Strength of Zeus } - { Hold [] or /\, release} { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { A charged punch that sends enemies flying. } o===============================================o __________________________________ / LEVEL 2 \ Cost to upgrade = 3750 \ ------------------------------------ o===============================================o o=======================o { Olympic Strike } - { L + [] } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { A devastaing blow that sends enemies flying. } {-----------------------------------------------} o=======================o { Olympic Strike (air) } - { L + [] (in air) } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { A devastating airborn attack that smashes down} { on your enemies. } {-----------------------------------------------} o=======================o { Hermes Cross (evading) } - { When evading Hold [] } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { Deliver a fierce blow to your enemy. } {-----------------------------------------------} o=======================o { Hermes Revenge (evading) } - { When evading hold /\ } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { Launch enemies in the air with an aerial } { shoulder slam. } o===============================================o ___________________________________ / LEVEL 3 \ Cost to upgrade = 10250 \ ------------------------------------- o===============================================o o=======================o { Lightning run } - { L + () } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { Initiate a running charge to cover ground } { quickly. } {-----------------------------------------------} o=======================o { Lightning thrash (running) } - { L + () then [] } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { Delivers letha jolts to the enemies in front } { of you. } {-----------------------------------------------} o=======================o { Lightning surge (running) } - { L + () then /\ } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { Launch enemies into the air with an uppercut. } {-----------------------------------------------} o=======================o { Lightning thrash (air) } - { L + () (in air) } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { While airborne, deliver lethal jolts to } { enemies below you. } {-----------------------------------------------} o=======================o { Olympic thunder } - { L + /\ (chargeable) } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { A powerful but slow concussion that launches } { surrounding enemies into the air. } {-----------------------------------------------} o=======================o { Olympic thunder (air) } - { L + /\ (in air) } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } { (chargeable) } { While airborne, crash down on enemies, } o=======================o { launching them into the air. } o===============================================o --------------------\___________________________________________________________ CHARON'S WRATH (WM6) ___________________________________________________________ --------------------/ _________ / LEVEL 1 \ ----------- o===============================================o o=======================o { Charon's Wrath } - { R + () } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { Cast the flames of Charon's pyre that can } { spread to multiple enemies. } {-----------------------------------------------} o=======================o { Charon's Wrath (air) } { R + () (in air) } { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } o=======================o { While airborne, cast flames that can spread to} { multiple enemies. } o===============================================o _____________________________________________________________ / LEVEL 2 \ Cost to upgrade = 3000 \ Strike Additional Enemies\ --------------------------------------------------------------- _____________________________________________________________ / LEVEL 3 \ Cost to upgrade = 7000 \ Strike Additional Enemies\ --------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------\______________________________________________________________ Unlockables (EX1) ______________________________________________________________ -----------------/ Beat the game to unlock: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Challenge of Hades 1 -Bonus Costume 1 : The Spud of War, grants you unlimited magic, turns you into a potato. -God Mode : The hardest difficulty setting. -In-game movies : Let's you see all the in-game movies and allows you to skip between them. -Inside ready at dawn studios : A short video showing the members of RAD. -Credits -Character artwork : Shows 8 pictures of various monsters in the game. Beat the challenge of Hades to unlock : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Bonus Costume 2 : McKratos, you turn Scottish and you have 2 big axes, it grants you more strength. -The Lost Levels : Shows levels that were taken out of the game. -Environment artwork Beat the game in god mode to unlock: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Bonus Costume 3 : Mime of war, it grants you more red orbs and turns your weapons invisible, you also look like a mime. -The making of Attica video -Outtakes concept art ----------------------------\___________________________________________________ The Challenge of Hades (EX2) ___________________________________________________ ----------------------------/ *All of the challenges that I have done are with maximum upgrades. Challenge 1 : Fiery Fate ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The objective here is to use Efreet to burn 50 soldiers, but the catch is that cyclops will soon enter the battle. If a cyclops kills a soldier then you have failed. The moment you see a cyclops appear equip the gauntlet of Zeus and punch the crap out of him. You might want to circle the area once a while to see the black hole appear when the cyclops is about to come out. When you are burning the soldiers try to get them in a group. Challenge 2 : Perfection ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This one is incredibly annoying. You have to defeat 20 fireguards without getting hit. They do a spinning jump attack which has a pretty long range and will cut you down if you are in the air. My strategy for this is to use charged punches to kill them. 3 charged punches will kill one. Getting them in groups is a good way too since you hit all of them. With the charged punch they flinch every time. You should be very good at rolling also, when ever you see a fireguard start it's attack roll immediately out of the way, this challenge will test your reflexes. If you are good at parrying that is another option, although it is a bit harder than rolling, of course you can do both too. Additional Ways --------------- By Antonio Castro ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I just did Plume of Prometheus once they were all rounded up in a group, then I'd roll away once and repeat. If the Fireguards are getting too spread out (or you're feeling a bit vulnerable) just roll around the arena for a bit to round them up, then just start again. It's very important to use the range of the BoC since it keeps you far away from the FG's, so there's a smaller chance of being hit by their jump attack. As an added bonus it keeps them in the air so they don't even have a chance to attack! By prince-lee isidore ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I used the gauntlet of Zeus and punch those sorry to be matched up against mad man like Kratos fireguards once they are by themselves. Once they regroup I double jump towards the group and use Olympic Thunder (L + /\) in mid-air fully charged. You crash down on them with the strength of Zeus, this would cause those sorry fools within the diameter to be thrown into the air. Choose one to knock around and repeat. A trick also to avoid being hit by anyone who wants to jump in from outside and sneak a hit in as you finish the Olympic Thunder. Is as they almost reach you is to point the analog stick in their direction and grab them. This stops their attack and you can enjoy watching them get kicked in the chest for trying to steal one in on you. Challenge 3 : Life is Short ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this battle your health is droping down rapidly, your objective is to defeat all the enemies before you die. At the beginning there will be a minotaur always use your gauntlet of Zeus and do charged punches (Hold []) to kill all the enemies quicker. When fighting the minotaur make sure to dodge his charge attack and don't kill any of the people yet. When you kill him demon birds will come, 40 of them. You can let your health slide down to a cosiderable ammount when fighting the demon birds but when you feel like it's to low, kill the people to get health. The demon birds die in one hit with a charged punch, and try to get them in clusters. Once you kill them all ,fire defenders will come. Right when you see them appear punch the crap out of them, 3 charged punches will kill one, there are only 3 of them. By prince-lee isidore ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Quickly switch to the blades of chaos as soon as the challenge starts, you don't have time to waste because LIFE IS SHORT (lol). As soon as the hell fire portal appears, do the plume of prometheus combo ([],[],/\) on the minotaur this would shatter the first layer of his armor. He should be half to three-quater way out when you finish the 1st combo. Repeat the plume of prometheus combo again immediately by the time you finish this one he'll be out and ready to ram into you with one those short bull charges. Evade it and repeat the plume of promethus combo again, this would remove his 3rd and final layer of armor. Quickly switch to the gauntlet of Zeus and smoke him with Charon's Wrath (R + O) or vice versa. With the fire cooking on his flesh you'll be able to get 4-5 shots in, (i advise you take 4 and don't get greedy... every piece of life you lose is costly as you can see LIFE IS SHORT.) Now get away from him by evading to the center of the room, don't worry that you killed one of the prisoners 2 soon while you were frying and punching that bad ole minotaur, because you were loosing blood while you were knocking him around so there is no loss. Now that you are in the middle of the room and far away form the minotaur, he'll rush towards you with a longer version of the bull charge. So evade it and knock him around again with Charon's Wrath and a combo. He will either do a short bull charge or swing his weapon, evade again and after about 3 punches he'll die. It will take about 2-3 seconds before the demon birds comes so stock up on life because you got a lot of smashing to do using grab button (O). While you are killing these demon birds your life is gonna get low, use the cyclone of chaos (L + []) to kill the rest of prisoners and damage the birds at the same time. Once your done taking the remaining life go back to grabbing and smashing the rest of demon birds. The last bird usually doesn't follow the pack and will remain by itself so try to be in the middle of the room when finishing up the last of them. Then there are the fire defenders, as soon as they are coming out use Charon's Wrath and 2 punches from the gauntlet of Zeus will kill them, repeat for the next 2 and there you have it challenge 3 complete! Challenge 4 : Crunch Time ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For this challenge you have to break all the objects in the room before the time runs out. You have 60 seconds and have to break 40 objects. Right when the challenge starts immediateley use Efreet to shatter the circle of objects around you. Now with your gauntlet of Zeus head up and destroy the little objects, for the petrified people use a charged punch to destroy them in one shot. Now destroy the Zeus statue, 6 charged punches and continue on to the medusa and soldier statues. For these ones get in the middle of the soldier and medusa and do three charged punches, this should shatter them both, then move on to the others. When you move on to the next soldier and medusa make sure to break the little objects on the way. This is how I did it and I had 10 seconds to spare. Challenge 5 : Epic Brawl ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is one of the easier challenges, it's just a fight with lots of enemies, no catch. There is a blue and green chest incase you need to refuel. The battle has tons of harpies, they can be very annoying so I suggest using the blades of chaos and jumping then pressing /\ to make the harpies jump then just press () to grab them, killing them instantly. For the cyclops and hell soldiers use the gauntlet of Zeus to make it easier. That's it really. -----------\____________________________________________________________________ Items (EX3) ____________________________________________________________________ -----------/ Phoenix Feathers ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These increase your total magic bar, and there are 15 of them to collect. Gorgon Eyes ~~~~~~~~~~~ These increase your total health bar, and there are 15 of them to collect. Cryptkeeper's Key ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Allows you to access the temple of Zeus. Triton's Lance ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Allows you to breathe underwater, and gives you the ability to dive. Sun Shield ~~~~~~~~~~ A shield you get to be able to repel enemy attacks. Primordial Fire ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Allows you to reflect back a projectile back to the enemy. (doesn't show in items) -----------------------------\__________________________________________________ God Mode : Hard Enemies (EX4) __________________________________________________ -----------------------------/ This section is strategies on how to defeat those big baddies in god mode. Since most people tend to get stuck, I've found some ways to easily take take of those annoying enemies. These strategies may come off as being cheap but if you want the easy way use them. *While doing this I havn't upgraded my blades of chaos at all so there might be easier ways, you can tell me your strategies as well. ---------------- Persian Solider} Persian Archer } Demon Bird } Fog Soldier } Fog Archer } Hell Soldier } Hell Archer } ---------------- All of the enemies in the box above can be killed by grabing. Just keep grabing them over and over until they are dead. For the wall climber you just have to keep taping [] to kill them easier. Cyclops ~~~~~~~ BLADES OF CHAOS: You have to be quite good at rolling for this. The quick rolling technique can be incredibly helpful here, (while rolling tap /\). Try to keep a far distance from him so as not to get his from his attacks. Once he is done an attack hit him with a plume of prometheus and quickly roll away since he'll be starting another attack. Keep doing this over and over and you will have him beat after a while. This can be used when there is multiple cyclops on the screen too but it will be harder. You have to roll more and try to seperate them if you can, as you know they walk slow. GAUNTLET OF ZEUS: It's the same strategy as above but this time hit him with a charged punch (hold []). You can get in two punches if you end with a quick roll. Screamer ~~~~~~~~ BLADES OF CHAOS: When you first see her in the black hole immediately Hold /\ to send her flying into the air, but don't hold it too long because you don't want to jump. Now grab her (orion's harpoon) and then after you press () go straight to holding /\ again and do this over and over. If you lose it then do this combo to send her flying again, [], Hold /\ and it should lift her in the air. What you will be doing is continously grabing her, and surrounding enemies will not attack you. Sabretooth ~~~~~~~~~~ BLADES OF CHAOS: Constantly do plume of prometheus to make him flinch, and block when you see him about to attack, or you could jump and land in a few aerial attacks. GAUNTLET OF ZEUS: He always flinches when he's hit with a charged punch, so keep doing that. Ram Warrior/Bomber ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLADES OF CHAOS: Jump and do one heavy attack to make them go in the air then continously grab them over and over, tap the () button until they're dead. GAUNTLET OF ZEUS: Charged punches are the way to go. Fire Guard ~~~~~~~~~~ BLADES OF CHAOS: Get them in the air by either doing hyperion ascension or jump and press /\. Once they are in the air keep doing orion's harpoon over and over. Harpy ~~~~~ BLADES OF CHAOS: Do one heavy attack or jump and do one heavy attack near them to make them go in the air then press () to grab them killing them instantly. Minotaur ~~~~~~~~ BLADES OF CHAOS: This guy can be really annoying but what you do is stay as far away from him as you can and wait till he does the charge attack, quickly roll out of the way and give him a plume of prometheus or something and run away from him. I know that this way is a little risky but since he has a long range when swinging that sword and you can't block it, it's the more convienient way. Keep doing this over and over, once you get the pattern down it'll be easy. GAUNTLET OF ZEUS: Same as above but hit him with a charged punch, you can get away with atleast 2 or 3 of them then run away. Fire Defender / Hell Defender ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLADES OF CHAOS: These guys are probably the hardest enemy in god mode. The only way I have been able to beat them is to parry every attack and counter with a plume of prometheus. This is very hard to do and one mistake can leave you dead. It took me countless tries but in the end I succeeded. GAUNTLET OF ZEUS: With this weapon they are a piece of cake, hit them with charged punches to make them flinch every time. Medusa ~~~~~~ BLADES OF CHAOS: This is the same one used for the screamer strategy. Even when there are 2 medusas if you use the same strategy it'll be an easy fight. If she is continously doing her Gorgon Gaze, which she likes to do, quickly try to pull off a plume of prometheus to make her flinch and then start back the strategy. GAUNTLET OF ZEUS: Charged punches are the way to go since they always make the medusa flinch. -----------------------\________________________________________________________ Eyes and Feathers (EX5) ________________________________________________________ -----------------------/ This section will list all of the gorgon eyes and phoenix feathers that are in the game and where to find them. Since there are extra ones in the game there will be more than 15 of each. The ones listed in the walkthrough are the ones that you will find first, if by chance you missed them then you can refer to this section to see where to go to get another one. GE is Gorgon Eye PF is Phoenix Feather _______________________ \ The Shores of Attica \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GE -Where you have to break the gate using the battering ram, head up to the gate and go to the left of it and the chest is there. GE -At the battlegrounds where you climb up the ladder, half way up your climb you will see the chest, drop off and open it. PF -After you shoot the Basilisk and head on to the next room, go up the ladder and when you reach the top the chest that contains it is there. GE -After you defeat the cyclops head onwards and in the room with the archers the chest is on the left side. GE *For this one you had to shoot the turnable balista at the buildings in order to access it. -After the cyclops head onwards and past the archers, climb the wall and cross the ramp to go inside the broken building. PF -In the same room (read above) there is a gap to the right side, jump it and then open the chest. PF -When you reach the save point in the dark corridor (room before final basilisk) head straight up and the chest is there, kinda hidden in the colours. _______________________ \ The City of Marathon \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PF -At the beginning, it's to the left of you. GE -When you reach the burning box, it is on the left side of it, you have to walk up some tiny steps. GE -In the torch room, right when you enter head up and the chest is between some rocks. PF -When you have lit the hay with the torch and you are pushing the trolly, when the camera pans to the right the chest is on that side. ___________________ \ Temple of Helios \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GE -At the entrance, head down and to the left across the water. PF -When you go up the elevator and reach the top, walk to the right and the chest will be down a couple of steps. PF -After you encounter the fireguard for the first time and you continue on to the save point, past the save point and down the stairs the chest is located at the bottom. GE -After you go down the elevator and after the cutscene where the statue talks to you, go towards the shiny on the ground, press (), cross the pillar and head all the way to the right. GE -In the area where you get the sunshield, head upstairs and into the room in the middle, the chest is located on the left side. PF -In Euros's room when you are inside the other side of the wall, walk up and to the right, the chest is located there. GE -In the room with the portal leading to the caves, the chest is right infront of you. ___________________ \ Caves of Olympus \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GE -Upon entering jump into the water and swim to the right side, the chest is on a little piece of land. PF -While swimming in the underwater maze you'll come across the chest, it's right across from the red orb chest. GE -After the scene with Eos head towards the water and dive under when you reach the deep end. It'll be in plain view. PF -After getting the light of dawn and killing the enemies head to the left exit and the chest will be there. __________________ \ Helios Temple 2 \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GE -Walk down the fire ramp and head straight up. PF -After the demon bird fight on the elevator go up the stairs and when you reach the save point the chest is right in the same room. GE -In Totos's room the chest is located at the lower left corner of the room. PF -After Totos's room head down the elevator walk straight up across the fiery path and it'll be next to the statue on the left. GE -In Zephyros's room the chest is located on the right side of the room. ________ \ Hades \ ~~~~~~~~ GE -At the beginning where you are scaling the walls, the chest is next to the red orb chest that you see on the ledge. PF -After you beat the medusa fight, head out and down to break the statue, scale the wall down and jump across to reach the ledge. Sidle across and open the chest. GE -After the 3 cyclops fight jump over the gab and head up, break the wall that is on the upper left side to reveal the chest. PF -After you cross the waterfall and reach the save point. Jump on the ledge and break the wall on the left. GE -It is located in the before the fight in the arena with the saw blades running on the ground. It's plain in sight. _________________________ \ The Depths of Tarturus \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PF -At the beginning after you break free of the chains, head down, it's next to the save point. PF -After you beat the minotaur fight, head up the stairs, break the wall, sidle across to the other side, break that wall, and the chest is next to the lever. GE -Where the skeleton on the throne is, the chest is in the same room. GE -At the entrance of the Temple of Zeus GE -After you get the gauntlet of Zeus and you reach the area with the statues of the gods, break Poseidons statue and the chest will be behind it. GE -At the part where they talk about the Titans and you see a close up of hyperion in chains, the chest is right in front of you. GE -At the same part as the above gorgon eye, climb the wall and jump across to the left side when you see the gap in the wall. Now open the door and jump all the way down, the chest in the upper left corner will contain it. PF -In the same room as above, in the upper right corner. PF -In the room where you have to pull the two levers to release the chains, climb the wall on the right and proceed on to the other side. It's next to the green chest. GE -When you make it back up to the surface (the dock area) continue the path and you'll see two grey chests one of them will contain the eye. ___________________________ \ The Temple of Persephone \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GE -In the first room that you enter, head to the right side and you'll see the chest. PF -In the first room where you fight (2 sabretooth battle) after the fight is over head to the left side of the room and it'll be at the end of the corridor. PF -When you are turning the crank to raise the platform look at the wall to see a arc like shape, it is above the first crack and below the second crack. Stop the platform and enter the room to open the chest. GE -When you reach the top after turning the crank, kill the enemies and open the door on the right, enter it and the chest will be at the end of the corridor. /=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\_/=\ | |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| MISC |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ \=/ ---------------------\__________________________________________________________ Version History (MI1) __________________________________________________________ ---------------------/ Version 1.00 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ March 7 2008 -Started the full version of the faq -Worked on the walkthough -Worked on the skills -Made a new design for a the skills box March 8 2008 -Progressed on the walkthrough -Created more options on the contents -Created the MISC -Added a FAQ March 9 2008 -Finished walkthrough -Finished weapons and magic -Finished Items -Finished most of the unlockables -Have to finish the rest of the challenges Version 1.10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ March 10 2008 -Finished challenges -Added a new FAQ -Added info about combos Version 1.11 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ March 11 2008 -Fixed spelling errors for phoenix -Added new info on combo -Added grab techinque -Fixed some text errors -Added more detail to the costumes Version 1.21 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ March 12 2008 -Added new info on combo -Added some more points on beating Persephone -Added god mode section -More descriptive for Totos about platform -Changed Harpies to Demon Birds -Changed Fierce Harpies to Harpies -Added new strategy for beating Persephone Version 1.22 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ March 13 2008 -Changed names of Golems to Defenders -Added a bit more to Charon battle -Fixed info on health Version 1.23 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ March 16 2008 -Added a new FAQ, about platform jumping Version 1.33 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ March 18 2008 -Fixed a mix up with Gorgon Eyes -Added a new FAQ -Added a new section, Gorgon Eyes and Phoenix Feathers March 19 2008 -Finished the gorgon eyes and phoenix feathers locations -Added the combo hits,names, and red orb counts Version 1.34 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ March 25 2008 -Additional ways for hades 2 and 3 Version 1.35 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ March 31 2008 -Fixed a tiny error in the ToC -------------\__________________________________________________________________ Credits (MI2) __________________________________________________________________ -------------/ Thanks to the people at ready at dawn who made the best graphical game on the psp to date, and for a great game of course. Thanks to the creators of GOW, may there sick minds continue to flourish. Thanks to gamefaqs for putting this up. Thanks -Frozon Twok for a gorgon eye that I missed -Killua for the combo add on If anyone has anything they want to input in this guide feel free to email me or call me out on the message boards, I'll be on them for a while. I'll of give you credit if I decide to put it in. Also if you know the actual names of the enemies then tell me because I just made them all up, except the fire guard and medusa. If you like this guide then click recommend at the top of the screen. (gamefaqs) (I likes the charge punch)</p>