_ __ _ _ _ | |/ /__ _ _ __ ___ __ _ _ __ __| | | | _ _ _ __ ___| |__ | ' // _` | '_ \ / _ \ / _` | '_ \ / _` | | | | | | | '_ \ / __| '_ \ : | . \ (_| | | | | __/ | (_| | | | | (_| | | |__| |_| | | | | (__| | | | |_|\_\__,_|_| |_|\___| \__,_|_| |_|\__,_| |_____\__, |_| |_|\___|_| |_| |___/ ____ _ __ __ | _ \ ___ __ _ __| | | \/ | ___ _ __ | | | |/ _ \/ _` |/ _` | | |\/| |/ _ \ '_ \ | |_| | __/ (_| | (_| | | | | | __/ | | | |____/ \___|\__,_|\__,_| |_| |_|\___|_| |_| Kane and Lynch: Dead Men Walkthrough/FAQ Probester/Sam C. Probe-ster@hotmail.com AIM:FishyProbe Xbox 360 =============== Table of Contents =============== 1. The Controls 2. The Difficulties 3. The Weapons 4. Impact 5. Trail 6. Withdrawl 7. Cracking Up 8. The Mizuki 9. Exchange 10. Reunion 11. Breakout 12. Retomoto Tower 13. Tokyo Streets 14. Freedom Fighters 15. El Capitol 16. Bird's Eye View 17. Within the Walls 18. Choice 19. Consequence 20. General Hints 21. Version History 22. Closing =============== 1. The Controls =============== Character Movement - Left Analog Stick Camera/Aim Movement - Right Analog Stick Sprint - Left Analog stick (Click or hold briefly while moving) Climb, reload, throw back grenade, use control panel button- A Button Crouch - Left Bumper Precision Aim- Right Bumper Fire Weapon - Right Trigger Zoom In Sniper Rifle- Y Button/UP on D-Pad Zoom Out Sniper rifle- B Button/ Down on D-Pad Throw Grenade - Right Bumper Fast Weapon Switch - Up on D-Pad w/o zoomed in scope Fast Grenade Switch - Down on D-Pad w/o zoomed in scope Select Crew Member - Left or Right on D-Pad Radar/Objectives - Left Analog (click while stationary) Inventory - Right Analog (click) Pause - Start Objectives-Back Crew Controls -------- While controling the crew, tap to give order only to selected member, hold to issue order to the entire crew. Regroup - X Move - B + crosshair over location desired Attack target/area- Y+ crosshair over enemy/location desired =============== 2. The Difficulties =============== Aspirin -------- Asprin is essentially "easy". There will be less enemies then usual, Kane and Lynch will be able to take more damage before bleeding out. Enemies will also be weaker and miss more. Codeine -------- Codeine is the "normal" difficulty. All enemies do standard damage, and the intended number of enemies spawn. Kane and Lynch take a reasonable amount of damage before needing to be saved. Morphine -------- Morphine is the "hard" difficulty. Kane and Lynch can take less damage before being seriously injured, enemies do more damage and miss much less. Bleed out time when seriously injured is also significantly reduced, so you're pretty much dead unless a teammate is right beside you. OVerdose time is also raised, so you can't be revived as often. =============== 3. The Weapons =============== Hand to Hand ==== Kane seems to be quite an expert at hand to hand combat, and he can do a variety of melee attacks, including a neck snap, flips, and many different knife attacks involving the use of his trusty pushblade. Lynch seems to be less sophisticated when it comes to beating the crap out of his enemies, and he usually does exactly that, with a brutal combination of kicks and punches. All melee attacks are instant kills, though Lynch's attacking animations are usually longer. USP ==== The H&K USP(Universal Self-loading Pistol), is a compact,powerful and efficient pistol design. Used by law enforcement agencies across the world, the USP is Kane's favored sidearm, and apparently, the only automatic loading pistol in the game. While it is accurate and can be fired as fast as the user can fit the right trigger, it lacks the firepower to quickly dispose of enemies. The USP comes in several different "types" throughout the game, the standard USP, the USP with taclight underneath, and the USP with a silencer. Note that none of these accessories are removeable. and the taclight's beam has no actual effect on the game. MP5 ==== The MP5 is considered one of the most accurate and reliable submachine guns in the world, and is used by police and special forces world wide. The MP5 can be found in the hands of police, SWAT and security officers earlier on in the game, and occasionally in the hands of a gangster or army grunt later on in the game. While ammo is almost always availible for the gun, it, unlike it's real life counterpart, isn't particuarly accurate, though still a much better choice then many of the other automatic weapons in the game. M870 ==== Standard issue police shotgun, and is also a popular choice for firearm owning civillians. The most basic of weapons is also one of the most powerful, although the power decreases at long range due to the spread of the shot. SPAS-12 ==== Italian made combat shotgun. Though offically designated the Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun, it was originally designed for military use. It's complex mechanisms lead to many police and military forces turning down the SPAS-12, and the gun has since then become a collector's item. Lynch starts the Cuba missions with this gun, and it doesn't seem to appear anywhere else in the game. The SPAS-12 has increased power and range over the M870, although the range is still severly limited. The magazine tube capacity appears to be slightly larger then the M870. P90 ==== The P90 is a compact, top loaded submachine gun designed to be a PDW, (personal defence weapon). Kane has this weapon for the first few levels in the game. While it isn't so accurate on automatic fire and lacks the power to put down targets quickly, the P90 shines are close range because of it's high rate of fire and large magazine capacity. SIG552 ==== The SIG 552-2 Commando is the carbine version of the successful SIG 550 battle rifle. Featuring a short length and rails to mount accessories, this game was likely designed with special operations combat in mind. The SIG 552 appears to be Kane's primary weapon of choice, and it should be yours as well. The gun has a decent ROF, amazing power and surprising range. The SIG 552 is also one of the most controllable and accurate guns in the game, whether fired on single shot or full auto. Note that this gun isn't as common as the M4 or AK, so don't expect to find too much ammo for it. M4 ==== The M4 is the shorter, special forces version of the M16 assault rifle. The M4 is rather inaccurate in the game on automatic fire, and aim should be readjusted after two of three semi auto shots. The M4 can be found used by SWAT officers and army soldiers. AK101 ==== The AK 101 is a descendent of the AK-47 assault rifle. The AK is found on army grunts later in the game. While ammo should be plentiful, the lack of accuracy is a major down side to this gun. Appears to do more damage then the M4. Sniper Rifle ==== The sniper rifle only appears in certain areas, and can also be found on the dead bodies of police sharpshooters. Holding down the left trigger button enables the user to zoom in on unsuspecting enemies. Note that the rifle is bolt action, so be prepared for time between shots. Also comes silenced in some later levels. RPG-7 ==== The RPG-7 is a launcher with a grenade encased in a rocket. This is used in the game to destroy BTR APCs, jeeps, and helicopters. The RPG-7 can also be used against infantry, though the splash damage radius is surprisngly limited. Note that after you fire a rocket, the launcher tube will be dropped, and you can not find reloads for it. In order to fire another rocket, you will have to find another launcher. AG36 ==== The AG36 is a compact grenade launcher designed by HK to be attached underneath the G36 assault rifle, or as a standalone weapon. It must be reloaded after each shot, and fire grenades similar to those that you can throw by hand. The explosion and splash damage is also similar, making this weapon only a good choice when you know that you can hit a large group of enemies for sure. The AI teammates occasionally carry this weapon, though they will not fire it and prefer to use their sidearms instead. M249 ==== An FN designed machinegun commonly known as the M249 SAW, after it's US military designation. The M249 has an extremely high rate of fire and ammo capacity, but the recoil makes this gun difficult to control in fully automatic fire. =============== 4. Impact =============== After the cutscene, your screen will be blurred. Immediately start walking after Lynch. Don't worry about getting shot, just start moving. When you're in the alley with Lynch, a small cutscene will start. Afterwards, move foward and pick up the pistol on the ground by pressing A. Move down the alley and shoot the cop that pulls up in a squad car. Reload, and take his ammo. Keep following your group of men down the alley, where you will climb over a van and a fence. In the junkyard area, wait until the men lift open the garage door with you, then slip under the door and take cover behind one of the stone pillars. Press the left trigger to pop out and shoot. Release the left trigger to get back into cover. Start taking shots at the cops who attempt to enter the garage, and the ones outside hiding by the police cars. When they are dead, your crew will start advancing outside. Make sure you pick up one of the MP5 submachine guns from the dead police officers and ammunation for the gun. Shoot any cops in view in the street, then sprint and follow your men across by pressing left thumbstick down. Follow your men into the abandoned building and up the stairs. Leave the office area and move left. Jump down one level and start shooting at the police officers below. Jump down into the warehouse and exit from the loading bay door. Run across the alley and into the back door of the alley. A brief moment of peace will occur when your men are on the phone. One of the masked men will try to open the front door, and he will get cut down. Run up and take his SIG 552, as it's much better then your current gun, and possible the best gun in the game. Hold the left shoulder button to crouch and start taking shots at the cops outside. Retreat into the rear of the diner if you start taking too much damage. When the door finally falls open, uncrouch and run outside. Starting shooting at the SWAT officers. If you run low on ammo, look for any of the men with a white ammo symbol hovering above their head, and walk near them for some additional ammo. When enough of the cops are dead, one of the men will scream for you to head into the donut shop. Sprint inside and take cover until all of your health returns, then pop up and start shooting at the cops that are rapidly surrounding your position. Hold off the cops until the van arrives, then sprint out the back door of the donut shop and run towards the van. A scene will occur, and you will escape. =============== 5. Trail =============== Trail is a training mission to make sure the player undertands the controls before continuing any further in the game. Move towards the rear of the car to trigger a small scene. Hold the right thumstick down, then press UP on the directional pad to hand the shotgun to Lynch. Pick up the P90 yourself by pressing A. Pick up the Magnum revolver and hand it to Lynch by pressing down on the right thumstick and pressing down twice. Pick up the USP handgun for yourself and move over to the vending machine area. Take cover behind the vending machine and blind fire by pressing the fire button without holding down the left trigger to aim beforehand. Afterwards, show Lynch how to aim from cover. Unsnap from cover afterwards, then move towards the car and pick up grenades from the trunk. Throw a smoke grenade by holding down the right bumper and releasing when you think you've had enough power "charged up". When the grenade demonstration is done, a brief dialogue will take place between Kane and Lynch, and Kane will order Lynch to move over to the scaffolding. Run up the escalator over to the top of the scafolding, and a small cutscene will start. From your position, starting shooting at the security guards. When all of them are dead, or enough of them are dead to ensure your safe escape, rappel down and press X to make Lynch follow you. Run over to the exit and wait for Lynch to catch up. =============== 6. Withdrawl =============== Move down the stairs to your left and run over to the van. Move close to the vault breaker for a small scene. After the scene is over, run over to the dumpsters in front of the van and climb over the fence. Do not take your gun out. Sprint to the guard standing in front of the open door and press A quickly to perform a melee attack on him. Immediately run inside and attack the second guard before he can call her backup. Move up the stairs, and another small scene will start. Run up the stairs, still without drawing your gun, and be ready to perform a melee attack on a final guarding coming down the stairs. When he is dead, run up to the roof and climb up to the raised level. Move over to the vent system and toss a grenade inside by pressing A when beside it. Move over to the rappel point on the edge of the roof and wait until the truck honks the horn. When it does, get on the rope, but do not move down yet. When the truck start driving into the loading bay, drop down and pull out your P90. Shoot or use a melee attack on all of the guards in the loading area. When they are all dead, Kane will order the vaultbreaker to open the bulletproof glass security door. The vaultbreaker will tell Kane to keep him covered. Aim your gun at the glass in front of the security panel he is using. Shoot the two guards through the glass. Reload and wait until the vaultbreaker is finished, then step inside. Kane will tell Lynch to go upstairs and secure the lobby. After a brief debate, Lynch will go. Lynch Specific Walkthrough ----------------------- While Kane is busy downstairs breaking into the vault, Lynch will have to secure the lobby. At first, all Lynch has to do is holding off the occasional cop that attempts to enter the lobby. If you stand near the entrance, you can kill most of them pretty quickly. Later on, Lynch will go nuts, and the hostages will look like armed police. It makes no difference whether or not you kill them. Your main objective is pretty much to hold off the siege of police until Kane and the vaultbreaker arrive. ----------------------- With only the vaultbreaker now, move down the stairs and confront a group of security guards. When they are all dead, move down the stairs to the vault. The vaultbreaker still start...vault..breaking, and you will have to protect him from the security guards that will rapidly descend on your position. It is a good idea to go up one flight of stairs and take cover on this level. Note that the vaultbreaker cannot revive you at this point, so if you die, you will have to retry this entire section again. Start shooting at the cops and the security guards as they advance down the stairs. Eventually they will start lobbing teargas. If the gas starts to affect your aim, either throw the grenade elsewhere or move to a different piece of cover. When the vault breaker is done, he will rejoin you. Clear out the entire hallway once again, then switch your P90 for one of their MP5s. Gather ammo, make sure all your guns are reloaded, and step inside the vault. As with last time, you will have to protect the vaultbreaker while he rigs the inside of the vault with explosives. More cops and security guards with tear gas will appear. Kill them, then run back downstairs and into the vault. After the short scene, run all the way upstairs and head into the main lobby where Lynch is apparently going nuts. In the lobby, approach Lynch to start a brief conversation. Run over to Lynch's duffel bag to pick up some frag grenades. In this area, try to avoid standing near the open door or windows for too long, as a police sniper will try his best to shoot you. A crosshair will appear in the corner of your screen when you are in the sniper's view. This is your hint to move away from your current position. Start shooting cops as they enter the building. Quickly lob a few grenades out the door if you wish. When you've held off the cops for a while, your getaway van will back up and smash it's way inside the bank. Get into the back quickly to make your escape. =============== 7. Cracking Up =============== As soon as the doors of the van are open, equip your P90 and start shooting at the pursing police cars.Hold down the L Button to keep your aim steady. Keep this up until the van stops in a tunnel because the police have blocked the way. Get out, and kill two cops that arrive just behind the van. Stay low as you advance up the tunnel and kill any cops you encounter. Duck behind a car when the sniper has you in his sights and stay behind the car until he loses you. Kill the cops at the barricade at the end of the tunnel, and the van will move up. Get back into the back of the van to continue. Once again, while in the van, your guns are fully loaded and you have infinite ammo. After another short chase, you will be knocked out of the van and off the road. You will now have to protect the van while it is being repaired. Watch the hill behind the van, as a bunch of police will pop up on top of it. Cops will start coming from the main road, and more will appear on the hill with the wrecked cars stacked on top of it. After all of the cops are dead, Lynch will ask Kane about the bag. Retrieve the bag from behind the pillar by where the van was intially wrecked. Kill the cops who appear on the hill rejoin the van as it makes it's way back onto the road. When it is back in position, get back into the van. Start shooting at the police cars like before, until the van drives down into a subway. Sprint away from the van as fast as you can, and run down the stairs to the tracks. You will now have to hold off the police until the trains can arrive. Take cover and start shooting as the SWAT cops come down the escaltors. Turn around and start shooting at the cops that came down the other side. Take cover and keep shooting until the train arrives. When it does, run into the open door and escape. =============== 8. The Mizuki =============== After Kane and Lynch get searched, start making your way to the back of the club. Do not attack any of the guards. At the rear of the club, go up the stairs and melee the guard there. Pick up his gun and walk through the doors in front of you. Sprint up to one of the guards and melee attack him. Lynch will do the same to the other guard. Gather ammo and enter the office. After the scene, shoot the guard with the MP5 that will run up above you. Tell Lynch to stay in the office by looking at the ground and holding B. Run back outside to where you attacked the two guards in front of the door and prepare to kill any guards that come up the stairs. If you wait a while, most of the guards will move up the stairs to try and kill you. When most of the guards have been killed, you can move out onto the walkway and attempt to spot any remaining guards on the dancefloor. They will be holding large flashlights, so they aren't partiuclarly hard to spot. Move down to the dance floor and start making your way through the panicing crowd towards the bar area. A few more enemies will be in this area. Climb over the bar and check behind the bartender for some grenades. Move near the stairs area and throw a grenade in the stairwell. This will either kill two guards, or cause them to run towards you. Shoot them both, then tell Lynch to move to the stairwell. Note that the entrance is blocked so don't even bother trying to leave that way. On the second floor, a couple of guards will start opening fire on you from the right of the stairs. Kill them, then tell Lynch to follow you and run to the third floor stairs. Tell Lynch to stay on the landing while you clear out the third floor. Move along the third floor and kill any guards you encounter. You will eventaully reach a fire exit. Tell Lynch to regroup with you and open the door. Open the door to the roof for a short scene where Yoko escape from Lynch. Move out onto the roof and up the stairs. Run down the next set of stairs, and you will find yourself by the skylights above Yoko's office where you killed the guard with the MP5. Pick up the MP5 and shoot the two guards below. Jump down into the office and knock Yoko out. Move out onto the dance floor and start shooting the guards there. Pick up their MP5 ammo as you go. As you move towards the bar, you will see two enemies taking cover in front of the stairs. Run in front of the bar so that you have a clear shot at both of them. Reload, take their ammo, and tell Lynch to advance to the stairs yet again. Kill any enemies who come down the stairs, or run up to the second floor and kill them. Reload, and run to the third floor. Clear out the enemies here all the way to the fire escape. Make sure to kill the enemy in the bar area below the fire escape. Tell Lynch to regroup with you, and escape to the roof again. Move up the stairs and take cover. You will have to deal with a few more guards here. Run down the next set of stairs and ignore the skylights this time. Run up the large set of stairs and tell Lynch to take cover behind one of the large air conditioners. Kill the enemies that rush onto the skylights and start firing at you. Cross the first set of skylights and kill the enemy on the ledge above you to your left. You will now all have cross all of the skylights. Use the camera to see the reflection in the glass, or simply just walk across the beam slowly. On the either side, call Lynch over to you. He will move directly over the beams. Run up the long set of stairs to finish the level. =============== 9. Exchange =============== Equip your 552 and move towards the Pagonda in the middle of the bridge. When you find that it is empty, pick up the phone on the ground. After the scene, immediately go into a crouch and take cover on the side. Start shooting at the enemies across the bridge. When they are dead, run out into the open and start looking at the overpasses for lone figures standing by vans. Target them for Lynch to press Y. Both snipers are across from each other. When they are dead, start making your way back to the van. You will encounter a swarm of enemies. As you make your way to the stairs, watch out for another sniper of the second flight of stairs. Take him out so that you can kill the rest of the Yakuza without trouble. When they are dead, run up the stairs to rejoin Lynch. On the overpass, take cover behind the stone barrier and start shooting at the cops hiding behind their cars. A van with more cops will pull up. You can fight them if you want, but you can simply escape with your crew in the van quickly and avoid the fight altogether. =============== 10. Reunion =============== After the cutscene, immediately climb up the hole and attack the man standing right in front of you with a pistol. Kane will beat the living crap out of him with the shovel, literally. You screen will be stuck in "tunnel vision" for a few moments. Pick up a pistol and help Lynch kill the remaining enemy. Reload, and gather ammo. The first wave of enemies will appear north of the pit. All three of them will run down the hill and take cover behind the pillars. Reload your gun and run up to the constructed area above the pit. You will see two SUVs pull up. Quickly run over to the farther SUV to the driver's side, where no one else can shoot you. As soon as the driver steps out, melee attack him. Use the SUV as cover while you pick off the other enemies. Reload your gun and gather ammo. The next wave will come from the west side of the pit. The enemies will get out of vehicles above the construction site and make their way down. Start shooting at them as they climb down, and kill them as they drop to the ground. Take the MP5 one of them will drop, and gather ammo. More henchmen will appear from behind the pit. Use the MP5 to mow them down quickly. Gather the ammo they drop for the MP5. If they don't get killed as they're getting out of their SUV, some of them will drop into the trench. Kill them before they approach the pit and try to kill Jenny. After the short scene, DO NOT move. The giant truck will miss you. Stand up and turn around. Start firing at the gunman on the back of the truck. When he is dead, reload your MP5. As the truck turns around, start unloading everything you have on the window of the truck. If you don't kill the driver the first time around, the truck may or may not crush Jenny. This appears to be random. If it does not, repeat the process of shooting at the truck's window. Don't worry about hitting the physical driver. As long as the window breaks, the driver will die. After the truck is stopped, the mission will end. =============== 11. Breakout =============== Switch to your USP and start unloading on the window at the spot where the guard is shooting at you on the other side to quickly break the window and kill him. Reload, and run through. Kill the two guards in the visitation area, and move into the next two rooms. Shoot the glass and kill the two guards behind it. You will see a set of double doors open to the outside. Kill the two guards across the gap if they are there, if not, sprint to the other side and kill them. Either way, don't stand still and shoot between buildings, as you will be put down by prision guard snipers. In the gated area, kill the two guards on top of you. Run into the control room and shoot the guard there. Use the control panel to open the barred door. Run back out into the hallway and kill the new guard up above you. Run past the now open doorway and into the cell block. Take cover behind one of the pillars and start shooting at any guards that fire at you. Run upstairs and kill any guards you encounter on your way to the control room. Use the control panel, and a small scene will occur. If you have not already,kill any remaining guards in the block. Run back downstairs and move over to the only cell with a green light above it. Open Rific's cell and talk to him. A few guards armed with shotguns should enter the cell block. Kill them, and exit the way the guards came in. In the corridor, watch through the window as an inmate strangles a guard and releases the door lock for you. The inmate is then shot by a guard. Run into the room and kill the guard. In the next area, take cover on the side of the doorway and start shooting at any inmates that shoot at you, and the guards on the second floor and behind the mess hall counter. When they are all dead, reload and move into the mess hall. Follow the orange line, as Rific says. Do not bother trying to shoot through the bars in the kitchen area, as you cannot enter that area right now. Run down the stairs and into the laundry area. Be prepared for the guards that attempt to ambush you around the corners. When the guards are dead, run to the back of the room and open the double doors to free Thapa. After the short scene, move back to the stairs the way you came. A bunch of guards will stream into the laundry room. Stay behind cover and lob a few grenades to flush them out of cover. Kill any remaining guards and run up the stairs. Use a melee attack on the guard at the top of the stairs before he can do any serious damage. Run into the kitchen area and take cover. Shoot at the guards at the rear of the kitchen. If they launch tear gas at you and it starts to affect your aiming, throw the grenade back. When they are dead, move to the double doors leading to the outside and take cover behind the closed one. From here, kill the two snipers on top of the guard tower that you can see. Run outside and shoot the sniper on the right on top of the roof. Climb up the overturned dumpster in the corner and onto the roof. Run two the other side of the roof, where you will have an excellent view of the ground. Shoot the guards and drop down to the ground. Run into Cellblock B and talk to Shelly. After another short scene, run back into the main cellblock area and start killing the guards above you. Run up the stairs on the left side of the block and kill any guards you encounter. Use the panel in the control room at the top. Move past the control room, and a set of double doors will open for you. Another brief scene will occur where Shelly will yell up at you. The next set of doors will open for you when you get near them. In the next area, kill the guards around the fence and run around to the other side. Enter the building and run up the stairs. Send your team up the stairs at the top before going up yourself. Kill any guards your team hasn't taken care of, then hit the large red switch that opens the prision yard gates. Crouch as soon as the gates are open to avoid the helicopter's fire. Rappel down to the yard as soon as it changes position. Run outside and wait as the prisioners break down the fence for you. Shoot at the helicopter if it starts to give you trouble. If it takes enough damage, it will fly away. Shoot any guards in your way and make over to the prision transport, the large red truck. Make sure your team is with you, and the mission will end. =============== 12. Retomoto Tower =============== Start the mission by commanding your men to attack the enemies standing on the helipad. Take out your gun yourself and enter the fight. When all of the enemies are dead, run over to the edge of the roof for short scene. Rappel down and plant the bomb on Retomoto's window. Run into the right corner and crouch. After the bomb plays, join your team as they open fire on Retomoto's bodyguards. It would be a good idea to stay crouched while in this room, due to the lowness of most of the cover. When all of the bodyguards are dead, move over to Retomoto for a scene. After Kane takes the briefcase, stay crouched behind the table and aim at the door. It will been busted open, and a large group of men will enter. Concentrate your fire on the largest one, as he is wielding an M249, which will take down your health pretty quickly. Run outside and kill the enemy waiting on either the left or right side with a pistol. Take cover behind the receptionist's desk and kill the enemies that start to approach you. Slowly start making your way down the stairs and killing the enemies on each level. As you reach the bottom floor of the atrium, take cover on either side of the hall leading to the elevators. A number of enemies will start arriving on the elevators, including another large, light machinegun leading goon. Lob some grenades into the area if needed. When the enemies are all dead, gather all of your men and enter the farthest elevator on the left. =============== 13. Tokyo Streets =============== Exit the elevator and move down to the bottom floor. As you attempt to leave the building, the policeman with the MP5 will start shooting, so run up to him and melee attack him. Pull out your 552 and take cover behind one of the pillars. Starting shooting at the cops at gather at the entrance. Throw back any gas they toss at you, and throw down your own smoke grenades if you need to move from one side of the room to the other. Make sure your squad is in cover, too. When the cops immediately in front of the entrance are dead, order your team to move up. Tell them to take cover behind cars. When one of your men call out a sniper on the bridge, aim up and shoot the officer on the skybridge. If a sniper starts to draw a bead on you, duck behind a car until he loses interest, then continue to move. Order your men from car to car, and avoid staying behind a certain car too long, as the cars will blow up after it has taken sufficent damage. Another sniper will appear on the highway overpass in front of the skybridge. Run up the stairs to the skybridge and use the metal fence on the railing as cover while you pick him off. From this position, take out any other police officers you can see before running back to the ground. The sniper rifle that was dropped on the skybridge can be useful for taking out the SWAT officers that show up with riot shields. Switch back to your 552 and proceed along the street until you can turn left. Keep moving and you will reach a vantage point above the bus station. Ignore the civillians and start firing bursts at the SWAT officers below. More and more of them will continue to enter the area. When most of them are dead, run down the stairs and through the terminal. The SWAT officers will continually spawn beside certain busses, so there's no point in trying to kill them all. Run to the end of the bus terminal, where you'll encounter more SWAT officers with riot shields. Lob a few grenades or kill them with a storm of gunfire. When they are dead, make sure your team is with you, and sprint over to the van to escape. =============== 14. Freedom Fighters =============== (This level name is a reference to another game by the makers of Kane and Lynch: Dead Men. Freedom Fighters was another squad combat based game.) As soon as you start the level, look to the table on your left for an AK. Pick it up, and swap it for Lynch's SPAS 12. Pick your 552 back up. Now that Lynch is equipped with a ranged weapon, he can better assist you on this level, as you're going to need all the help you can get. From this vantage point, use your 552 to kill any enemies that you can see. Don't bother shooting the guys in green uniforms scattered on the balconies of the other building, as those guys are on your side. Drop down and a small scene will start. Move to the front of the building and take cover behind one of the pillars. Use this pillar as cover while you pick off any remaining enemies in the area. When most of the enemies are dead, leave the building and sprint to the right. Use the concrete barriers and the buildings as cover while you advance. A couple of enemies will appear. Shoot them, and take out the gunner who will start using the turret before advancing up the steps to the church. Use the church itself as cover while you move around it. On the left side of the church, you will see an enemy on a balcony with an explosive barrel on it. Shoot it to kill him easily. A bunch of enemies will hole up in an alcove. Lob a grenade in to either kill them or flush them out. Shoot any remaining enemies and advance past the alcove to find a stash of explosive weapons in boxes. Pick up an RPG and move foward into the open. Fire your rocket at the BTR and immediately run back to the crates for another rocket. Two well placed rockets should destroy the BTR, sometimes a third rocket is needed. When it has been destroyed, retrieve your 552 and meet up with the reinforcements. Run past the BTR wreckage and towards the destroyed building on the right. Ignore any enemies who shoot at you from the left. Shoot the two enemies on the ground floor of the building, then run upstairs and kill the two enemies there. Tell your squad to regroup with you. From this vantage point, start picking off enemies as they pop up. Get back into cover to regenerate your health when you've been hit to the point where you screen starts to blur,as these enemies deal a fair amount of damage. Get back into cover whenever you gear the helicopter approaching as it's gun can do kill you quite quickly. You should be able to see a jeep on the right side of the largest monument. Launch the RPG leaning against the wall on the second floor at it. Make sure your team is following you, then run downstairs and outside. use the center monument as cover while you start taking on the mass of infantry that will swarm you. Use the RPG leaning against the monument on the second jeep that blows up. It will likely also kill a bunch of nearby enemies. When all the enemies are dead, move to the far left corner of the street. You will encounter a few more enemies. Take cover behind the cars and kill them. Run to the end of this street and make a right. Run into the ruined building, and the mission will be complete. =============== 15. El Capitol =============== Enter the main courtyard are and take cover behind a pillar. Start shooting at the enemies across from you. Ignore the enemies in the courtyard below you and get to the other side. Run into the stairwell and kill the enemy above you, hiding behind the sandbags. Run up the stairs and kill the two enemies on the right. Move out onto the roof and take cover behind the barrels. Kill the enemy soliders on the roof. Pick up an RPG and launch it at one of the two BTRs in front of El Capitol. Grab an M4 from one of the fallen enemies and give it to Lynch. Pick up another RPG yourself and take cover in preparation for the battle against the helicopter. Switch to your pistol to shoot the enemy that will appear on the roof above you. Switch back to your RPG and stay in cover. Kane will tell Lynch to get ready for the helicopter to come again. It will make a passing sweep of the roof, then turn around and hover level with the roof. It will sweep the roof with it's machine guns. When it passes your section of the cover, pop out and fire your RPG at it. Repeat this process until the helicopter goes down. When it does, your tank will advance, and you will be able to rappel down. Retrieve your 552 and climb down with Lynch. Make sure you have your team with you, and run to the left side. Take cover behind the stone barriers and start popping up and shooting the enemies that will come pouring out of the building. Take out any enemies mounting machine gun turrets first. When the enemies outside are dead, regroup your team and head inside. Kill the few enemies on the ground floor and head up the stairs. Kill the bunch of enemies here, and head into the next room. An enemy will attempt to launch an RPG at you and miss. Kill him before he has the chance to shoot again. Kill the men mounting the turrents and check the wooden box by the fallen pillar for some grenades. Head into the large circular room and turn right. Sprint foward to the large piece of fallen stone on the right to take cover. Pop out and shoot the enemy mounting the turrent on the left. When you have regained any health lost from fighting him, repeat the same process for the turret on the right. The barricade will explode afterwards. Follow the blood trail and kill the masked gunman. Run up to the body for a short scene. Enter library and kill the rest of the enemies. When all of them have been cleared out, a dialouge will start and the level will end. =============== 16. Bird's Eye View =============== Run foward and meet up with Carlos at the cliff. After a small cutscene, continue down the path. A bunch of enemies will suddenly apppear in front of you. Don't worry about them setting off the alarm flare, as they will miss and bounce off the cliff. Kill all the enemies and proceed forward past the mounted machine gun. Instead of use the rappel to go down the waterfall and into the fields, go into a crouch and use your silenced USP on the sentry patrolling the fields below you. Move foward slightly and start firing your 552 at the enemies gathered in the hut. Aim for the ones mounting the machine guns first. When they are all dead, run up into the hut and start shooting at the enemies behind it. Don't use the mounted machine gun, however, as it will only get you killed because you have to remain stationary and in the open. When they are dead, pick up one of their rifles and give it to Lynch. Move past their bodies and to the higher ground on the right. Shoot the explosive canister by the mounted machine gun. Immdiately kill any remaining enemies. If they start scattering in various directions, kill the one heading towards the edge of the cliff first, as he will set off the signal flare if you don't. More enemies will storm in from behind the outpost. Kill them all, then drop down to the left and cross the bridge. Move through the narrow rock path and you'll arrive at a burning village. Move into the large wooden building here in a crouch. Pop up in the window at the back of the house and shoot at the enemies by the jeep. The jeep itself will reverse out of your sight. Kill the rest of the enemies on foot, then move to the right of the window and onto the porch of the house, where you'll see the gunner waiting on the machine gun. Kill him, then take the stairs to the ground. Run past the jeep over to the raised bridge. Look to the right of the bridge to see a smaller rope bridge. Shoot the enemy on it quickly, so that he does not set off a signal flare. Rappel down from the bridge into the valley. Follow the path along the river until you reach the edge of the cliff. From this vantage point, start shooting at the enemies below. Back up if you start taking too much damage and wait for your health to regenerate. When Carlos says that the jeep is trying to escape, concentrate your fire on it until it explodes. When the firing stops, rappel down to the village from with team. Kill any remaining enemies and then move over to the bridge at the rear of the village. =============== 17. Within the Walls =============== Run up to the fallen tree trunk with your sniper rifle equipped. Look up to see a guard tower. Zoom in and shoot the guard in it. Run foward along the path a little and you'll see a guard patrolling the area near where Carlos will rappel down. Use your silenced pistol on him. Run foward on the path to get a good view of the three enemies. Lob a couple of grenades down on them and finish the job with your silenced pistol if needed. Move foward yet again and shoot the guard in the tower near the front gate. Lastly, kill the enemy standing right beside the front gate itself. If any of these enemies escape you, they will run inside the gates and alert the compound, sending more enemies your way. While you can still pass this segment in this manner, it is much easier and faster to simply just kill these few enemies in a stealthy manner. Either way, when all of the enemies are dead, tell Carlos to move over to the front gate. Hold your position while Carlos disappears into the hacienda. Sprint down the path to the rear of the hacienda and climb up the small ledges. At the rappel point, shoot the enemy near the cheap right below you. Start sniping off the guards as you see fit. There doesn't seem to be a way to remain stealthy beyond this point. Reinforcements will storm into the courtyard. Stay up in this position as long as you can, picking off enemies. If you take too much damage, retreat backwards and wait for your health to regenerate. Make sure to shoot the gunner using the machine gun in the back of the cheap that will pull up before he can pin you down. When the way looks clear, send your team down into the courtyard. When the way looks reasonably clear, climb down yourself, with your pistol equipped just in case. Regroup with your team and take out the enemy in the guard tower in front of the jeep that pulled up during the battle. Use the sniper rifle's range to your advantage while you pick off the enemies across the courtyard. To the right of the guard tower, you will see a grey building with an enemy standing on the second floor. Shoot him before he can shoot you, as he is a sniper. When all of the enemies in this area are dead, move foward towards the grey building. To your right, you will see an opening into another part of the courtyard. Make sure your team is with you, equip your pistol and sprint inside. Sprint to the right and up the stairs. Stay crouched and pull out your sniper rifle. Start picking off enemies from this position. Keep low and don't move if you need to regenerate health. The enemies mounting the turrets should be priority targets. Watch out for the enemies that will occasionally attack you from the side. When you've run out of ammo for the sniper rifle(assuming you haven't already, swap your rifle you Shelly's 552, or a rifle from one of the side attack enemies on the same level. When the courtyard looks clear, send your team down to make sure. Help them kill any enemies that remain. Regroup and move over to the the archway behind the jeep. Make sure the team stays inside the cover of the enclosed area, and start picking off any enemies you can see. If the fire gets too heavy or you want to move out slightly for a better angle on an enemy, toss some smoke grenades out of the arch for slightly better cover. When the courtyard is sufficently clear, order your team to move to the wall/ledge by the stairs to take cover. This will give them a better view of their enemies. Help them take out the enemies shooting from the windows. Wipe out any remaining enemies in front of the manor, then run through the blue double doors for a cutscene. When you regain control of Kane, shoot the mine by Carlos at any time to end the talking sequence. Immdiately run for cover and start picking off the enemies above you. When you have killed all the enemies, or enough of them to sprint over to the exit, do so and finish the level. =============== 18. Choice =============== This level is mostly a rail shooter. You will be in the back of the jeep mounting the machine gun turret, and Lynch will be in the passenger seat shooting with an AK. Your primary focus on the dirt path should be to eliminate any enemies in your way before they do any serious damage to you. Remember that you cannot be revived at all during this segment of the level. Eventually you will turn around and head into a cave, then towards an airstrip. In the airstrip area, your goal is to shoot down all of the guard towers before they can launch a rocket at you and blow you up. Always aim for the guard towers before anything else. Continue blasting away at the guard towers and jeeps when on the main airstrip. The jeep will start chasing the plane down the runway. Aim for each of the engines and shoot it until it takes sufficient damage, then move onto the other. The plane will stop at the end of the runway. All three characters will get out. The goal is to kill the remaining enemies on the plane, kill the last of the Seven, and rescue Jenny. If you start taking too much damage, move to the side out of the line of fire to recover, then try again. Fire in short, controlled bursts to ensure that you do not accidently shoot Jenny. Make sure not to get ambushed by the enemies hiding behind the crates in the cargo hold with shotguns. When all of the enemies are dead, run up to Jenny for a cutscene. You will then have to choose between leaving with Jenny in the helicopter, or trying to save your men. Both choices have different endings. =============== 19. Consequence =============== You only place this level if you choose to try and save your men instead of leaving in the helicopter with Jenny. You will emerge on a planked walkway at the rear of a village. You have to keep Jenny safe while fighting your way up the tall hill to the burning church on top. Run foward and kill the two soldiers. Kill the one on foot before shooting the one mounting the truck turret. One of them will drop an RPG. Use it on the enemies in front of the truck if you wish. If Lynch has reverted back to a shotgun, pick up an assault rifle from a fallen enemy and give it to him. Make your way through the village and over to the base of the hill. You will have to kill the enemies on the cliffside as you move up the hill. Do not tell Lynch to take any specific enemies, or he will run off into the hoarde of enemies and get himself shot. When you've made your way to the top of the hill, run inside the ruined church for a scene. Pick up one of the grenade launchers on the ground and start using it to repel the enemies immediately trying to storm the hill. Use up all of your grenade launcher ammo, and any that Shelly or Lynch will give you, then switch to an assault rifle to kill off any remaining enemies in the nearby area. When they are all dead, pick up the sniper rifle on the ground near your teammates' bodies. Aim down the cliff and start picking off enemies on the ground waiting for you. Most important is the enemies near and mounting the turret on the jeep in the village. When you've taken out all the enemies you can with the sniper rifle, switch back to your assault rifle and move down to the village, killing any remaining enemies. At the bottom of the stairs, go left instead of heading back to where you came from. Clear this part of the village, and you will reach a dock. Just before boarding a boat, one final enemy will appear and shoot Jenny. Note that this seems to be scripted, and there doesn't seem to be a way to prevent it. When she's hit, run over to her and start carrying her. You will drop your rifle, but that doesn't matter anymore. Shelly will abandon you, and you can kill him if you wish, he won't shoot back. Back your way to the boat at the need of the pier to escape, and finish the game. =============== 20. General Hints =============== -Overdosing is not dependent on how many times you see the adreneline shots, but how frequently you take them. Generally, it is best not to use the shots within at least 3 minutes. This of course, is difficulty dependent. -It is good to hold the X Button once in a while to ensure that your crew is keeping up with you. -While playing co-op, players cannot overdose. This means that as long as one person stays alive and can revive the player player, the duo are essentially invincible. -Multiple members of the squad will give you ammo for your guns whenever you run out. Some of them, dependent on stage, will even give you ammo twice. When using a gun such as the sniper rifle, and you run out of ammo, remember that there is a certain amount of ammo that can be obtained from your squad. -Your crew appears to be more effective at killing enemies the closer they get to them, therefore, it is a good idea to get your crew as close to the enemy as they can safely be. -Never order a crew member out into enemy fire alone, as he will likely get seriously injured, forcing you and the rest of your crew to go and save him. -Lynch is mostly equipped with shotguns. Giving him a ranged weapons helps greatly in later levels. -Note that your crew will not use weapons such as the grenade launcher and the RPG. While NPCs such as Carlos will use the sniper rifle (or at least stand around holding it) at certain points, they will likley revert to the pistol for actual combat. If any of your crew starts a level, or is somehow equipped with these weapons, swap it out for an assault rifle or SMG of some sort. =============== 21. Version History =============== Saturday 19,2008- First Version of the guide finished =============== 22. Closing =============== Kane and Lynch: Dead Men Walkthrough/FAQ Probester/Sam C. Probe-ster@Hotmail.com AIM:FishyProbe Xbox 360 This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use.It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 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