Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- CHEATS FOR BATTLE BEAST Here is what I have so far: 1.The secret levels in each stage 2.Secret Codes (will be updated) 3.Other ways to get codes 4.Credits and where to locate me The secret levels in each stage: The Alley Take out your hammer and hit, UP and button 1, near the window at the far left of the screen. It will break the window and at the far right of the screen a small door will open walk over to it, with your un- morphed guy and he will jump in. The Rail Yard Look in the background and you will see a small lantern hanging on a hook, hit that with your hammer and jump in the suitcase! The Junk Yard Get the bonus key in the stage and the crane will come down, walk under it and you'll get to the bonus stage. The Sewer Hit the stick of TNT, near the right of the screen, with your hammer, it will blow a hole open. The Basement Hit the mouse trap under the boards with the hammer and the drying machine door will open. Jump in there and play this weird game! The Lumber Yard Hit the area to the left of the TNT stick. A piece of wood will break (top/right) on the second level. Jump up there and walk on the hole. It should take you to the bonus room. The Liar Kill all the toads and the Organ will open. Jump in! Secret Codes (will be updated): MASTER CODE = YOYOYO AOFREOIO= Opens all bonus doors EHRTRR= Auto-Fly in bonus rooms ITIHFO= 2 out of 3 bouts ERHNE= Fight all opponents OIVNNFOF= Enables Tadpole attacks in the lab ORUFO= Invincibility in bonus rooms ERHYHRLY= Makes the TOADMAN weaker EATEE= Disables Morphing OAOAEIOA= Enables Auto-Fly in lab OFOVH= 2x limit in bonus rooms Type these codes after you click on the newspaper ad for a Battle Beast. When it has the options: 1 player, 2 player... you can type the master code and then the others. You can usually find these codes in the newspaper. To do this follow these instructions: 2ND PARAGRAPH, 1ST SENTENCE, 2ND LETTER OF EVERY THIRD WORD! Have fun! Here is one more little trick I learned from someone on-line: Air Born Combat: Down punch: Press up so you're beast gets good air, then press down. He'll come down at a slight diagonal forward and smite you're opponent on the head! Also, if you press up, once you get to the apex of your jump, press either right or left. The beast will immediately do a super high summer sault in that direction. A great way to get behind your opponent. Full leg sweep:Press down and button 2 and then quickly tap forward. Other ways to get codes: Check out the 7th Level at Keyword: SEVENTH on America On-line. You could also try!, Microsoft Network (Go Seventh), CompuServe (Go Seventh). If you need any help you can E-mail me at or the Aol tech at If worst comes to worst call: 214-437-5837. Thanks to: The Seventh Level for making the game,, and all of you guys that posted hints at Keyword: Seventh on Aol! Thanks guys,</p>