World Series Baseball 2K1 Faq Version .1 Written By: OSUBrianY E-Mail: Last Updated: 7/23/2000 ==================== | Table of Contents| ==================== 1. Revision History 2. Modes 3. Batting 4. Base Running 5. Pitching 6. Fielding 7. Q & A 8. Codes 9. Credits ------------------- 1. Revision History ------------------- 7/23/2000 - v .1 - The day after WS2K1 came out. The start of my first faq. -------- 2. Modes -------- Exhibition - Play an exhibition game with the teams and ballpark of your choice in a night or day game Quick Start - Have the computer randomly choose two teams and lineups to face each other Season - Play through an entire season all the way to the World Series Playoffs - Skip the season and start your team right in the playoffs to try to win the World Series Customize - Create players and edit team rosters Options - Customize the games options ---------- 3. Batting ---------- Analog Pad - Move the batter's aim R Button - Swing the bat Batting is unlike any other baseball game to date. WSB 2K1 treats batting as an art, with much skill involved. When you player steps into the batter's box, press and hold down the R button. This will get your batter ready to swing. After the piture pitches the ball, move the aiming circle to where the ball is going to come in at. The closer you get the circle to where the ball comes in, the better your chances of getting a hit. As the ball soars in, release the R button a little before the ball hits the catcher's mit. This will make your batter swing. He will be aiming wherever you have your circle lined up. Should you swing late, early, or have perfect timing, the game will tell you. It will take much practice before you master this art. --------------- 4. Base Running --------------- Analog Pad or D Pad - Select the destination base A Button - Advance the base runner B Button - Return the base runner If you press the A button by itself, all of the baserunners will advance a base or try and steal a base. Press the button as you are batting to have them steal, or when they are running to have them advance. Pressing the A button and a direction on the analog or D pad will advance only the runner that you specified. For example, if you hit UP and A, the man on first base will attempt to advance to second. Pressing the B button works just like the A button, but B is to go backwards. ----------- 5. Pitching ----------- Analog Pad - Select the pitch, change aim, and select the pickoff base A Button - Pitch the ball B Button - Attempt a pick-off L Button - Infield shift R Button - Outfield shift Before you pitch you will see a circle with various lines coming off in different directions. Each direction corresponds to a direction on the analog pad that is a pitch avaliable to that pitcher. The redder a line is, the hotter (better) a pitcher is with that pitch right now, the bluer the line, the colder (worse) he is. Try to stay away from pitching the blue pitches if you can help it. To pitch the ball you must first select your pitch by pressing the analog in the direction of the desired pitch. Your piture will nod his head and get ready for the pitch. Press the A button and your piture will begin to throw. Immediately after pressing the A button, move your analog to aim where you want to pitch to aim. For example, if you move the analog a little to the right, he will aim just like that. If you hold the analog to the far left, he will pitch a very far left ball. Barely move the analog to make sure you keep it in the strike zone. After you have pressed A the first time, a slider bar will appear and a yellow bar will move up, then down. You must try to hit A when the yellow bar is at the top of the slider. Make sure you continue to hold the analog until the pitch has actually hit the catcher's mit. Using the L and R buttons will shift your fielders into positions that you desire. To attempt to pick off a runner. Press B and the base you want to throw to before you pitch. Pitching will take skill and time to master. Be patient. ----------- 6. Fielding ----------- Analog Pad - Select a base (right = 1st, up = 2nd, left = 3rd, down = home) A Button - Throw the ball B Button - Run to the base Fielding is treated unlike any other baseball game as well. Instead of actually getting to the ball, your fielders automatically do this. This provides for some amazing cinematic angles and viewpoints. To throw the ball, press the A button and the direction of the base you want to throw. If you try and throw a few moments before the fielder gets the ball, when he gets it he will do a fancy throw that will get there much faster. It is always a good idea to attempt to do this. So think a few moments ahead on where you want to throw the ball, and try and get it there as fast as possible. -------- 7. Q & A -------- Q: There's no running to get to the ball? Doesn't that take away from the game? A: Surprisingly, no. It actually adds to the game. You now get incredibly cinematic views and great strategic gameplay. It will seem skeptical at first. But after playing the game for mearly a few innings, you will realize just how great everything works out. Q: This pitching stuff is too hard. Isn't there an easy way to do this? A: If you give the pitching some time. You will grow to love it, and become very skilled at it. Keep at it. Q: Sometimes my fielders seem stupid. Especially in the outfield. What's up with that? A: They aren't really stupid, they are attempting to outsmart the ball. What I mean by this is if they see a ball that is a sure hit, they may not even attempt to get it for a second because they know no matter what it will be a hit. And then they will try to run and cut it off. It may look like they are complete idiots at times, but they really aren't. Q: These graphics are great, but what's up with the crowd graphics and sounds? A: Well, the crowd graphics are a bit sub-par yes, but is your focus really the crowd? Or the simply amazing on the field graphics? As for the sound, yes, the boos are a bit.. umm... different. ;-) Q: Is Pedro Martinez really a god in this game? A: Well, if you look at his pre-game high-points when he's starting, it will look that way yes. But in actuality, yes, he's a good piture, but no, he's not a god. Maybe more like an underling. :-) Q: Why was this game released so late into the season? A: That, I can't quite answer. I know numerous delays were part of it. SEGA wanted this game the best it could be before releasing it. Q: Can I send you my strategies and will you post them in your FAQ? A: Absolutely. I am actually thinking of creating a section where people can send in their strategies. And yes, you would get full credit. -------- 8. Codes -------- There are no known codes as of yet. When they come out, I will post them. And knowing SEGA Sports games, there will be plenty. ---------- 9. Credits ---------- SEGA Sports for continuing to make sports games that blow away all predecesors and create new standards. My roomates at college for playing a lot of sports games. Too bad they never want to play real baseball with me. BAH! for creating an incredible website. ----- Be sure to e-mail me your strategies and comments at:</p>