Thrillville Guide for PSP Version 1.2 by: ProcessedGamer Any Comments,Questions,Corrections and Additions can be sent to Version History: - 1.0 (Completed Guide. No updates expected unless for adding suggestions and or corrections.) 1.1 (Added three new sites with permission to host or link) 1.2 (Added two new sites with permission to host or link) Search - If your using a supported browser hold ctrl and f to open up the find feature. Type in the code beside the section your looking for to help find it. Example for Park 1's Upkeep Missions type [PK1UKP] in the search box on the find screen. Contents:- Introduction - Starting Off - Park 1 Guide -Build Missions [PK1BLD] -Game Missions [PK1GME] -Guest Missions [PK1GST] -Upkeep Missions [PK1UKP] -Business Missions [PK1BUS] -Park 2 Guide -Build Missions [PK2BLD] -Game Missions [PK2GME] -Guest Missions [PK2GST] -Upkeep Missions [PK2UKP] -Business Missions [PK2BUS] -Park 3 Guide -Build Missions [PK3BLD] -Game Missions [PK3GME] -Guest Missions [PK3GST] -Upkeep Missions [PK3UKP] -Business Missions [PK3BUS] -Park 4 Guide -Build Missions [PK4BLD] -Game Missions [PK4GME] -Guest Missions [PK4GST] -Upkeep Missions [PK4UKP] -Business Missions [PK4BUS] -Park 5 Guide -Build Missions [PK5BLD] -Game Missions [PK5GME] -Guest Missions [PK5GST] -Upkeep Missions [PK5UKP] -Business Missions [PK5BUS] Introduction This is my first ever attempt at writing a FAQ so I hope it goes well! You should find here a walkthrough to the game and a few hints along the way. Starting Off Right welcome to the game then. After navigating the main menu and and selecting "New Game", you will see a nice little clip of an improvised coaster and then arrive at the character select screen. First choose a style that you like and press select (X). Now you can choose to customize your character or leave them as they are. Please note that if you continue without customizing your character will keep their default name and this will be reflected on your save. Park 1 Guide So here we are, for anyone who missed/skipped the voice over simply walk over to one of the beams of light to start the tutorial mission. By the way use the analogue stick/nub to walk around, the game should explain the rest! The game should explain itself here after all it is a tutorial. Play the game this walkthrough will still be here later! Mini Game: GO KARTS Controls: Analogue Stick/Nub - Steering Square - Braking or Reverse X - Acceleration R1 - Powerslide Tip: Go easy on the powerslide its very likely to make you oversteer! Building Controls: Analogue Stick/Nub - Camera control Directional buttons - Move Ride/Stall/Game L1/R1 - Rotate ride X - Place ride Square - Next site Mini Game: GROUNDSKEEPER Controls: Analogue Stick/Nub - Move Directional buttons - Move Square/Circle/Triangle/X - Aim Gun L1 - Wash Vomit R1 - Suck Litter Finsihed training? Good as the game polietly tells you "You Have New Missions!" press square to access them. Park 1 Missions ===[PK1BLD]==================================================================== Build Missions Hauntings - Place Shootzone: Hauntings Lets get started simply shall we? Press X when viewing mission to be whisked promptly to the "Build" screen with "Games" already highlighted X to continue. Press the right directional button 4 times and then X to begin placement. Find some room with the controls listed earlier and then X to place the game. Job done +£300! Balloon-Atic - Place a Balloon Stall Same concept as before X to get to "Build Screen" X again, then another X find some room another X and +£300 nice! Air Time - Place a pre-built coaster with a drop height above 50.00ft! Getting the hang of it yet? X to be escorted to "Build" X again, another X, but then something new! Scroll through the coasters pressing triangle to look at their stats to see if there is a max drop above 50.00ft. Simply enough the first coaster you started on suffices so no triangle needed after all! However there may not be enough power in which case choose another coaster I suggest "Baron Von Brooklyn", unfortunatly the karts will have to be sold a necessary loss... Coaster Designer - Build a coaster from scratch! Don't worry there is a friendly tutorial! Don't you love them? Problems? Power is a problem is it? Choose a suspended swinging coaster. More problems? Triangle then X to sell the existing ride. Now X to continue... Even more problems? Give track assist more time with X if it fails if no soloution is found go back and change your track. Hunger Pains - Place a food stall. Another X friendly mission here you know what to do... But if you don't X, X again, Right d-pad 4 times,X again and read above for the placement guide. OK well done "Build" is complete now onto the fun part prepare for mini game galore! ===[PK1GME]==================================================================== Game Missions Freeyo Fun - Beat a score of (min: 5,000) on levels 1-5/30 OK press X twice to warp to the challenger the X some more until the game screen loads and the suprise X again! Mini Game: SPARKLE ISLAND Controls: Analogue Stick/Nub - Walk left or right Left/Right directional buttons - Walk left or right Square - Shoot X - Jump Simply chase down the blobs shoot them all run over the birds they drop then leg it to the end of the level before the white "thing" gets you! Down to a tee - Seconds remaining (min: Just Play!) Mini Game - MINI GOLF Controls: Analogue Stick/Nub - Aim Left/Right directional buttons - Aim Square - Fly-By camera Triange - Blimp Camera Circle - Toggle Scorecard X - Start power bar, again to hit ball Once this is completed if you've been following this guide from the start so far you should unlock the next park well done! If you want to go to the next park now please skip on to it otherwise lets start... Dog Fight - Shoot down 50 enemies (Level 1/3) Mini Game - LUFTWAFFE 109 Controls: Analogue Stick/Nub - Move Fighter Directional buttons - Move Fighter Square - Megabomb X - Fire Weapon Tip: The V-17 Storm Cloud has mixed weaponary a good beginner and all round fighter. Don't worry about this much I got gold without even passing the first level! No insults please! Crazy Cars - Destroy an opposition car. Mini Game - R.C WARS Controls: Analogue Stick/Nub - Steer Left/Right Directional buttons - Steer Square - Brake/Reverse X - Accelerate L1 - Boost R1 - Handbrake Tip: The police cruiser is a good all round car. Don't forget to use your boost it makes a lot of difference! Front Seat - Ride a Rollercoaster This could be the easiest mission ever. Walk up to a coaster press X. There we go. Head Shot - Enemies Defeated (min: 5) Mini Game - SHOOTZONE HAUNTINGS Controls: Analogue Stick/Nub - Move Left/Right Directional buttons - Next/Previous Gun Down Directional button - Reload gun Square/Triangle/Circle/X - Aim gun L1 - Jump R1 - Shoot gun Tip: As with most shooting games headshots here score high points and high damage. There will only be UFO Sumo left now but it will be locked so please return here when you unlock it if you need help, but for now please move onto the guest missions below. UFO Sumo - Beat a score of (min: 5,000) Mini Game - SAUCER SUMO Controls: Analogue Stick/Nub - Move Directional Buttons - Move X - Boost L1 - Boost This mini game is really just like bumper cars. The game starts with you caged in a ring but if anyone touches a section of wall it will fall down revealing the ledge that you or your rivals can fall off. Really the objective is to not fall off while not falling off yourself. Tip: Feel free to let your rivals fight between themselves and stay out of the fight once you have the points needed to win. ===[PK1GST]==================================================================== Guest missions New Friends - Become friends with 2 park guests. OK as we have already completed the guest tutorial we need to only make 1 new friend. Walk up to any person you like and press triangle to begin chatting. When starting the handshake option is a no-risk starting choice and may even earn you a few points. Also note that you only need to get to the first marker not to the end. Cupid's Arrow - Play the flirt minigame with a teen and gain (min 0 hearts) Mini Game - FLIRTING Controls: Analogue Stick/Nub - Move cupid X - Fire arrow OK for this mission and game you need to find a teen of the opposite sex. Teens are taller than children but shorter that adults on this game. If your playing as a child then use the matchmake option on any teen you find. OK once you have found your potential partner you usually need to make at least good friends (2/3 of bar) with the target first. Then go back and choose the flirt option. Play as usual until the "Flirt Mini-Game" option appears and then choose it. Now you will get a small tutorial and will begin the game. Shoot the hearts with both the symbol and colour matching the target hearts to score maximum points. ===[PK1UKP===================================================================== Upkeep Missions High Tech Hardware - Train a mechanic to 50% To begin this mission press X to get to the "Manage" screen up with "Staff" highlighted. Press X again to appear at the "Staff View" screen. Scroll across to your mechanic with the tools icon above their name. Then press X twice to play as your mechanic. Now move over to the entrance of a ride/game/coster and press X to begin. Mini Game - MECHANIC Controls: Analogue Stick/Nub - Move cursor Directional buttons - Move cursor Circle - Undo X - Place component OK for this game you need to join up the all the boxes using the components. Use the component highlighted on your screen and place it in the position needed to make the line. If you place a component incorrectly a symbol will appear above it, press circle to delete the component and try again. Shorthanded - Hire a Groundskeeper and a Mechanic. Press X twice to get to the staff view screen and then press triangle to hire the needed staff. After hiring one you will return to the staff view screen and you will need to press triangle again to keep hire the remaining staff member. Tanks a lot is locked untill you find a fuel canister if you have found one keep hunting and find the rest to complete the mission. To get on to the last of the missions skip past the "Tanks a lot" overview following this text to see the final "Business" missions. Tanks a lot - Find all 6 canisters. Keep hunting to find the canisters! ===[PK1BUS]==================================================================== Business Missions Price Fixing - Decrease Saucer Sumo ticket price to £6.50 Press X to be sent to the inventory screen with Saucer Sumo highlighted. Press square to edit it the X to change it's ticket price. Use the analogue or directional buttons to move the price to £6.50 then X to update the price. Smart Cookie - Monthly souvenirs profit (min: £30) For me I completed this while following this walkthrough doing the other missions without doing much! However if that doesn't happen for you buy some more souvenir stalls particullary in different areas. What is it worth? - Attain a park value of (min: £11,000) Once again I got this while completing the build missions however buying some new coasters and rides will suffice this missions needs. Well Done! Park 1 is now complete! Press start and scroll down to park select to begin at Thrillville Timewarp. ===[PK2BLD]==================================================================== Arcade Advantage - Place an event horizon arcade machine OK odds are you haven't unlocked this yet so press square go to manage click on research and put up the research budget to at least £100. Now let's carry on but don't forget to come back later. Press square and go to build the event horizon machine is in the games section. Secret Weapon - Design a mini-golf course with a skill rating of (min: 30) This mission does say design but a pre-made course does fine. You will find golf courses under games. Design a Track - Build a monster truck track with a skill rating of (min: 30) The monster truck track will not be unlocked yet either, lets keep going though but do come back! The pre-built track will do fine here as well. Speed Demon - Construct a new coaster with at least: Top speed/Positive G (min: 20.00mph/2) Press square go to build and in the coasters section check out each coasters stats with triangle. You may find power a problem so move to a new area through one of the tunnels or using the map and place your coaster there. Zip - Place 3 new rides If you have done the above missions you have already done this mission. If not then simply place 3 new coasters, rides or games. ===[PK2GME]==================================================================== Globo-Joy Event Horizon - Enemies defeated (Level 2/3) (min: 30) Mini Game - EVENT HORIZON Controls: Analogue Stick/Nub - Move fighter Directional buttons - Move fighter Square - Charge cannon X - Fire weapon L1 - Hold to enable superweapon R1 - Toggle fire mode Jump for Joy - Special moves pulled off min (min: 2) For this mission you need to fix the trampolines. Press square and select the map and travel to the trampolines that are at the top right of the map. Now press square, scroll to manage, select staff and hire a mechanic. Now with the mechanic highlighted press X and X again to train and play as him. Now approach the trampolines and press X to start the "MECHANIC" mini game and fix the trampolines. Once done press square to exit training and then X to play on the trampolines. Mini Game - TRAMPOLINES Controls: Analogue Stick/Nub - Spin/Twirl Directional buttons - Spin/Twirl Triangle/Square/Circle/ - Press and hold in any order to do a special move X - Bounce For this game spend the first few jumps getting up to max height then hold two trick buttons together to do a special move e.g. Triangle+Circle Monster Truck Stomp - Position (min: 3rd) This game is GO-KARTS but with monster trucks instead of karts. Publicity Campaign - Finish the robot invasion shootzone with: Accuracy/Score (min: 20%/20,000) For this mission you will first need to build the "Shootzone". Please note that you must start this mission from the mission menu for the mission to complete. This game is HAUNTINGS but with robots and energy weapons. Sand Trap - Hole in ones (min: 1) The controls for this are the same as the previous mini-golf game on park 1. Soccer Sign-Off - Goals scored (min: 1) Mini Game - SAUCER SOCCER Controls: Analogue Stick/Nub - Steer/Accelerate Directional buttons - Steer/Accelerate Square - Turbo Circle - Shoot high X - Hold to charge low shot Tip: Goals your team-mate score still count. Staying back and defending is a good idea as your team-mate lacks defensive skills. Tip: Go easy on the turbo it can send you spining out of control at the worst of times. ===[PK2GST]==================================================================== Spread the Word - Increase park happiness to (min: 70%) For this task go around and just talk to people and make friends. If one of their "Top Issues" are "Challenge" challenge them to a game it doesn't matter if you lose and if "Romance" is a "Top Issue" flirt with them or go matchmaking. Talking to them through the "Chat" option will lower their "Loneliness". ===[PK2UKP]==================================================================== Survival of the Fittest - Sell the "Adventure Rail" ride. To do this task scroll across to the inventory menu press X and find the "Adventure Rail" ride. When it is selected press square then scroll down to sell and then press X and X again to confirm the sale. At this point in my game I unlocked park 3, however this may be due to Business missions being completed randomly. If you have not unlocked park 3 yet keep going it won't be long. Once you have unlocked park 3 you can skip there in in this guide by typing [PK3BLD] into the search box (ctrl+f). However if you want to finish park 2 first please keep reading. Clean up your Act - Park Guest/Cleanliness (min: 150/60%) Time to begin hiring Groundskeepers then. Scroll to the manage menu and hire some Groundskeepers then I suggest 3. Then once hired select the train option to get down and dirty with the cleaning yourself it's the only way! Keep the Beat - Hire an Entertainer and train her to (min: 30%) Scroll to the manage menu and hire an Entertainer to get started. Mini Game - ENTERTAINER Controls: Analogue Stick/Nub - Aim the arrow at incoming notes Directional buttons - Aim the arrow at incoming notes Square/Triangle/Circle/X - Tap the button for short notes, or hold it for long notes. Wonder Paint - Recoloured rides (min: 1) OK to change the colour of a select it in the inventory and press square. Then scroll down and select customize style then move the bars to adjust the colour and the shoulder buttons to adjust the brightness. When finished press X to confirm your changes. Tip: Stalls count as rides for this task. Pungent Plan - Find all 6 stink bombs Keep hunting to find the stink bombs. ===[PK2BUS]==================================================================== Carnival of Profit - New Carnival Rides/Ride profit per month (min: 2/£200) This is quite simple build two rides and the profit should come soon enough. Tip: Don't worry about leaving room for the entrance/exit. As long as the template is blue there will be enough room. The Pay Off - Pay off loan Press X with the mission highlighted to be sent to the finance screen. X again and bring the slider all the way to the left on zero and press X to confirm. New Blood - Children in park (min: 110) To get children in the park go to manage and select marketing. From there select either "The Kiddies Channel" or "Parenting for Success" to recieve more families with their children. Bread Head - Increase park value to (min: £8,000) If you have got this far following the walkthrough you should have this however if you don't simply build some more stalls, rides etc. Eco-nomize - Achieve ride profit per month/park power usage under (min:£900/50%) Build high profit but low power usage rides. Carnival rides are usually good for this. High Reliability - Park Guests/Reliability Keep at least 2 mechanics hired at all times and you will be fine. Make sure to fix the Trampolines and Rodeo Rider early as they start off broken. Well thats park 2 all finished off nicely, well done! ===[PK3BLD]==================================================================== Outsmarting Globo-Joy - Place the Bumpy Buggies pre-built track in the correct buildzone. Starting off easily we convieniently start in the correct zone so scroll over to build and race tracks and finish the first mission quickly and simpily. Thrill Ville - Place a Carnival Ride with a thrill rating of (min: 60) Unfortunatly the necessary ride is not avaliable yet so go to manage and put your research budget up to as much as you please as long as it is £100 or more! When it finally comes avaliable "Breakers" has more than enough thrill factor. Short Circuit - Build a dinghy with at least: drop height/number of drops (min: 16.40ft/2) The pre-built coaster "Castaway" is just what you need! ===[PK3GME]==================================================================== Booty Bay - Successful Combos (min: 1) You can find Blackbeard's Booty in the game section of the build menu. Please note that you have to start the mission from the mission menu for it to successfully complete. Mini Game: BLACKBEARD'S BOOTY Controls: Analogue Stick/Nub - Aim Directional buttons - Aim Square - Reload gun X - Hold to speed up crosshair R1 - Shoot A combo is shooting all parts of a section e.g. all the monkeys. Tip: If your having trouble with combos wait till the melons line up in front of you they are very easy targets. Car Wars - Damage Caused (min: 10 points) Again please note that you have to start the mission from the mission menu in order to complete it. Storm Warning - Beat a race time of (min: 0:45) Go easy on the handbrake on these races it causes oversteer usually normal turning is enough. Re-match - Beat Gideon on the Dune Buggies Any tips anyone? Send them to credit will be given! Tables Turned - Beat a score of (min: 30,000) Just in case anyone is wondering the score is for it's for SHOOTZONE:PIRATE RAIDERS You will need to build the Shootzone first it can be found in the games section of the build menu. Please note you need to start this mission from the mission menu in order for it to be completed. Viral Marketing - Play levels 11 to 20 and beat a score of (min: 5,000) The same Sparkle Island we remember since level 1 collect all the birds dropped by fallen enemies to achieve maximum score. ===[PK3GST]==================================================================== Fall for it? - Reduce Kathie's challenge need to 50% Simply enough find Kathie or warp to her from the mission menu and challenge her to any game. I suggest Bumpy Buggies as it's quick, easy and even if you lose her need still decreases. Lost Love - Find a sweetheart for Suzy Another simple mission warp to Suzy select the matchmake option find a single teenage boy and flirt. Science Major - Become good friends with Ryan Another easy mission! Warp to Ryan and chat away! The following two missions will be unavailable for now. Start on the upkeep missions and the will open up. Eco Warrior - Become good friends with Theresa Press X to warp to Theresa and then get chatting! Tip: If your having problems challenge Theresa to a game of your choice. Winning will give you a large boost to the friendship rating. Liquid Diet - Cure Reggie of his thirst desires. Not much you can do here just wait untill he decides to get a drink. If your having trouble try placing some more drink stalls. ===[PK3UKP]==================================================================== Dance Fever - Points scored (min: 30,000) Press X on the mission menu screen to start the ENTERTAINER mini game. Tip: For the diagonal moves if your one place away from the move on the left, up, down or right it will still count. This is helpful if things start to get a bit hectic. For example if the move is on the diagonal top left, pressing the corresponding button while on left or up will be fine. Bug Huntin' - Find all 6 bugs. Keep hunting to find the bugs! The following three missions are locked for now please move onto the business missions Leaflets! - Leaflets cleaned up (min: 5) This mission is the same as the GROUNDSKEEPER mini game. Start this game through the mission menu and clean up at least 5 leaflets before the time limit is up. Operation Clean-up - Clean up vomits (min: 5) This is the same as the above mission only with vomit. Somewhat easier than the previous mission though as the vomit stays stationary. The Big Queazy - Remove all food stalls and place 2 restrooms Use the inventory to find and delete all the food stalls then place 2 restrooms in any area of the park. ===[PK3BUS]==================================================================== Fight for your Right - Rides in park/Ride profit (min: 10/£750) Coasters count as rides and bring in very good profit so they are the way to go games are also very popular. Globo-Loons - Customers visiting Balloon Stalls (min: 50) Place a Balloon Stall in every part of the park and it will soon be done. New Riches?? - Decrease average guest's leaving money to (min: £30) Placing stalls that help visitors reduce their "Top Issues" will help. Use the manage menu and then the overview option to see the average guests stats. If thirst or hunger are high place some drink or food stalls respectivly. Park Value - Attain a park value of (min: £12,000) The later researched rides will put the value up a significant amount as will coasters. Try choosing an area with lots of power left to focus your efforts on. Park 3 completed! Well done once again you have shown Globo-joy who's boss! ===[PK4BLD]==================================================================== Quickstart - Build two carnival rides with a thrill rating of at least (min: 50) Cost will be a problem here if your just starting. If you want to increase your loan go to manage and select the finance option or if you don't want a loan come back later when money is no longer a worry. Once you have collected the needed funds "Ambidex" and "Rotorvation" will do fine. Not even any research needed! Big Race - Build a Formula Thrillville track with a skill rating of at least (min: 50) Once again the pre-built track will do fine here! However prepare to lose a few rides due to it's size. Beyond Speed - Construct a new coaster with drop height/number of inversions (min: 65.62t/1) I suggest building the coaster away from the race track as they both need lots of space and are both high earners. Upon starting "Nijaville" is almost empty except for one "Saucer Sumo" so consider building there. The "Warrior Serpent" in "Nijaville" is a very good idea as it completes this mission "Lateral Thinking" and "Speedking" all in one go! Lateral Thinking - Build a new coaster with a lateral g-force of at least (min: 3) The "Warrior Serpent" as mentioned above is your best option. Speed King - Build a new coaster with a top speed of at least (min: 31.31mph) This is the third in the mission package that the "Warrior Serpent" coaster completes. Buy it! ===[PK4GME]==================================================================== Bump'N'Grind - Score/Number of times hit (min: 40,000/35) Mini Game - BUMPER CARS Controls: Analogue Stick/Nub - Steer Left/Right Directional buttons - Steer Square - Brake/Reverse X - Accelerate L1 - Shunt R1 - Handbrake Tip: If you ever find yourself wedged behind someone tap L1 to score some serious points! A Swift Return - Super moves pulled off/Number of falls (min:7/0) You will first have to build the trampolines that can be found in the games section of the build menu, but before that you will have to research them! Head to the research section of the manage menu and put the budget up to as much as you think you can afford. Please note you need to start this mission from the mission menu in order to complete it. A super move is pulled off by holding all the trick buttons. Beyond Thrills - Bonus items collected (min: 3) To start this mission you must first have to build the SHOOTZONE which can be found in the games section of the build menu. This game also has to be researched before you can begin. Tip: Enemies only come in three at a time intervals. Kill off two out of the three then you can go hunting in relative safety as the enemies rarely leave their starting position. Formula Thrills! - Position (min: 3rd) Time to put your track into action! The usual rules and tips apply go easy on the handbrake and don't be afraid to use your rivals as turning aids on the corners. Hail Patra! - Get a score of (min: 30,000) Mini Game - TROJAN QUEST Controls: Analogue Stick/Nub - Move/Melee attack Directional buttons - Move/Melee attack Square - Fire ranged weapon left Triangle - Fire ranged weapon up Circle - Fire ranged weapon right X - Fire ranged weapon down Don't be afraid of charging the weaker skeleton enemies as even the weak melee characters can take them on without much hassle. Patra Returns! - Enemies defeated survival mode (min: 60) Same as before only you have to last for as long as possible this time not complete levels. Please note you have to start this mission through the mission menu for it to complete. I found using the genie with hit and run tatics was the only way I could get a respectable score. Any tips would be appreciated please! Sharpshooter - Targets hit (min: 20) This is quite simple quite a few targets appear up close to you go for them if your having trouble. There is a coffin with three large targets on that when shot reveals a vampire with another 3 large targets. Use this to your advantage as it respawns. Sumo Fight - Achieve a score of (min: 30,000) Please note to complete this mission you will need to start the mission from the mission menu. Spread the Word - Don't get knocked out more than (min: 4 times) Try to avoid the edges and use the boost to dodge knockout attempts. You don't need any points to win, just stay alive! Please note to complete this mission you need to start it from the mission menu. ===[PK4GST]==================================================================== Challenging Times - Reduce their challenge need to 30 and make good friends with (min: Eddie) Press X to warp to the triplets challenge Eddie to a game of your choice, then make some small talk to get to good friends. Now repeat for the other guys! Keep it in the Family - Satisfy the needs of (min: Barry) Warp to Barry using the mission menu and see what he needs. If it's loneliness give him a chat and if it's hunger or thirst build some new stalls or just wait for him to find one of the existing ones. ===[PK4UKP]==================================================================== Crammed - Guests in park/Average ride boredom The two requirments compliment themselves nicely here to get more guests you need to build new rides which will also eliminate ride boredom. If you need extra help attracting customers, start an advertising campaign through the marketing selection in the manage menu. The Show Must Go On - Beat a score of (min: 40,000) Hire a mechanic if you haven't already through the staff option on the manage menu and use the train option to beat the required score on the mini game. Work Ethics - Staff Hired/Training Level (min: 3/40%) For this mission hire the staff with the mini game you find least difficult as it will help with the training. Itch! - Find all 6 Flea Terrariums Keep hunting to find the Flea Terrariums! ===[PK4BUS]==================================================================== Big Potential - Attain a park value of (min: £12,000) As usual coasters and expensive carnival rides are the way to go. Thrill Grill - Park thrill rating/Number of rides (min: 60/5) Coasters are once again the way to go as they can achieve very high thrill ratings especially if you build your own. Rumour Mill - Guests per month on coasters with a thrill rating of at least 50 (min: 100) Make sure you have the max amount of coasters in each area and delete and replace any that have under 50 thrill rating. Max Thrills - Achieve a monthly ride income of (min: £200) If you have come this far you definetly have this completed to gold! Well that's it Park 4 over the final park awaits you. It's a blank canvas left for you to fill in so ready to start? ===[PK5BUS]==================================================================== Ultimate Coaster - Build a new coaster with a thrill rating of at least 80. Well here we go the main objective for this mission and all of the following is to have fun! Really this is the "fun" park where you can do what ever you want so do what ever you want! However if you do want help using the sections of "Thrill" track (Hold L1) will increase the thrill rating considerably. ===[PK5GME]==================================================================== Luft - Beat a score of 100,000 All I can really say here is good luck! Any tips would be much appreciated. ===[PK5GST]==================================================================== Social Scene - Good friends/Sweethearts (5/5) Get chatting and flirting like your life depends on it. This mission really shouldn't cause an experienced park manager like you any trouble! ===[PK5UKP]==================================================================== Maintainance Mayhem - Attain park Cleanliness/Reliability/Happiness ratings of (90%/90%/90%) Hire as many Groundskeepers, Mechanics and Entertainers respectivly as you can be bothered to train. Or you could do the work yourself... ===[PK5BUS]==================================================================== All Bronze If this guide is any help what so ever you should already have this. All Silver As above but with harder missions. All Gold As above but with harder missions again. Park Value - Attain a park value of (min: £14,000) As ever before build coasters, rides and games. And lots of them! Well thats it Globo-joy has been well and truly defeated. Congratulations! ===================================Thanks To=================================== GameFAQs for accepting this guide. You for reading this guide. ==============================Contact Information============================== I would appreciate and comments, questions, suggestions, corrections and feedback in general. If you wish to contact me please e-mail: Please include "Thrillville FAQ" or something similar in the subject or title field so the e-mail is not dismissed as spam. =========================Copyright Information================================= All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other website or as part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. The following websites have permission to host or link to this FAQ: and all of it's affiliates. 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