Cheats from the Crypt

Remember Super Slap Shot on the SNES? Yeah, neither do we. Apparently it was released by Virgin in 1993 with an endorsement from NHL star Gordie Howe. 1993 happens to be the same year that NBA Jam was released, which is the first game we know of to feature a “big heads” mode (presumably to better represent the players’ egos). Clearly the trend of including weird, ridiculous cheats in sports games was on the rise.

What makes Super Slap Shot a notable example of this trend is its upside down players cheat. The sprites are literally turned 180 degrees, and that’s it. It’s the only iteration of upside down players that we know of, and we’ve got no idea why. We’d love to see NBA players sliding around the court on their shiny heads (as long as we don’t have to buy a special edition Gillette razor to get the cheat).

Above: Probably not a good method for icing head injuries.

If you have a copy of Super Slap Shot (or an emulator... shh), enter .SCH.R into the password entry screen to activate upside down player mode. Also check out the completely ridiculous fighting mode.

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer