Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 - hands-on

To make up for the lost games CCC Vol. 2 also features five newcomers, one of which (Tiger Road) has never seen a proper console release. Eco Fighters is a late-release (1994) horizontal shooter with nice, pastel graphics and a few cool gameplay ideas. Knights of the Round and King of Dragons are typical fantasy beat 'em ups. Tiger Road is a somewhat obscure, hard-to-control action / platformer, while Super Street Fighter II Turbo is nothing less than the most highly regarded competitive fighting game of the mid-'90s - an excellent addition.

Overall, the quality of the recreations seems high. While the graphical presentation is not completely true to the arcade machines, a new progressive scan option should at least eliminate the hazy, flickery look caused by interlacing. Likewise, the vertically-oriented 1941 doesn't have a proper vertical screen option, but the resolution here is high enough that it still looks and plays well. And as always, the extras are pretty good. This time out they include a very, very comprehensive video tutorial for SSF2T and a neat version of Quiz & Dragons based on obscure Capcom trivia.

All told, it's another solid collection, and the price is right at $19.99. Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 will hit stores on November 15th.