Call of Duty: A history in video

This just came out, and we’ve been covering the shit out of it for the last month. Haven’t seen enough? Good! Then check out these spoiler-free videos of Infinity Ward’s crowning achievement, the almighty Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 – GDC 09 teaser

Modern Warfare 2 – Reveal trailer

Modern Warfare 2 – New multiplayer perks

Modern Warfare 2 – Infamy trailer

Infinity Ward has managed to keep audiences engaged by evolving their WWII shooter to warfare of a more modern variety, while successfully bringing PC-flavored online play to legions of console gamers around the world. The launch of Modern Warfare 2 has pushed the franchise’s total sales to over $3 billion worldwide. But at what cost? Many feel that IW has abandoned their PC roots for a shameless console cash-in. Whatever your position on dedicated servers and console-to-PC porting, one thing is undeniable. In six short years Call of Duty has become a cultural force, swinging through the industry like a wrecking ball.

Dec 4, 2009

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