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Call of Duty 3

Coming out alongside Wii-exclusive shooters like Red Steel and Far Cry Vengeance, it might seem that the multiplatform port of Call of Duty 3 has a fight on its hands. But when we got both hands on a level from the game recently, we discovered that it's got plenty of fight in it.

At first we found it hard not to be disappointed that every possible control hasn't been made into a Wii-mote gesture and there aren't sections where you have to clip it to your belt and actually crawl on all fours, but we were soon glad it's been kept simple.

Above: The Wii-mote and Nunchuk controllers make CoD3 on Nintendo's console a very different experience to the other versions.

The Nunchuk controls movement with its stick, swaps weapons with a flick to the side, and reloads with an upwards flick. The Wii-mote, of course, points and shoots - and though at first you'll be swinging from ground to sky as crazily as you did when you first tried an FPS with a joypad, with only a little practise you'll realise it's incredibly precise.

With gentle movements there's more of a feeling of control than lurching about with even the best-calibrated sticks, and it helps that CoD3's gameplay often consists of ducking from one cover position to the next rather than all-out blasting.