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    Call of Juarez: Gunslinger achievement and trophy list

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    That's How it Was (10)
    Complete the Story on any difficulty.

    Unvarnished Truth (25)
    Collect all Nuggets of Truth.

    The Tally (20)
    Complete all Arcade missions.

    Magnificent Three (10)
    Score the maximum of 3 stars in any Arcade mission.

    Legend Among Legends (25)
    Get all Arcade Mode stars.

    For a Few Skills More (25)
    Unlock all skills in Story Mode.

    Perseverance (15)
    Unlock both exclusive weapons in a single category of skills in Story Mode.

    Honor Intact (20)
    Complete the duel challenge, winning all duels honorably.

    Last Man Standing (25)
    Complete the Story on True West difficulty.

    Trick Shot (15)
    Kill a bird during a winning duel.

    Quality Time (20)
    Fight in Concentration for 15 minutes.

    Ungrateful (15)
    Shoot a flying stick of dynamite and the one who threw it on a single Concentration.

    Turkey Shoot (20)
    Reach combo level of 20.

    Grows In The Telling (20)
    Complete the Story on hard difficulty.

    Full Blast (10)
    Kill a shotgunner with a close-range shotgun blast.

    True Story (10)
    Find all Nuggets of Truth in a single mission.

    Swift Justice (10)
    Win a duel honorably in under 0.6s.

    Death From Above (10)
    Kill 5 enemies when falling down through the air.

    Keep At It (5)
    Unlock a skill.