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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 intel locations guide

Mission 7: Suffer With Me

Intel Item 1

Once you and Mason infiltrate the building by entering the skylight on the roof, walk along the catwalk to the left and go through the long office. At the end, make a right and before going down the stairs there, the intel will be on the shelf to the left.

Intel Item 2

When you are escorting Noriega, you will be told to head to a church to the north. Just before you reach it, go to the left of the courtyard in front of it and there will be a building with a large hole in the wall. Enter the building and go directly forward as you enter to find the intel on the counter there.

Intel Item 3

As soon as the cutscene ends from just after the previous intel item, walk forward through two doorways directly in front of you and you will find the intel item on the table against the wall, beside a sink. If you reach the nurse who needs help to the left, you have gone too far and will need to go back into the previous room.

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