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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 intel locations guide

Mission 11: Judgment Day

Intel Item 1

When you head up the large set of stairs and two machine gun jeeps appear, go to the right side and there will be a small building there labeled 27. Head inside after clearing it out and make your way up the stairs to find the intel on the second floor along the right side wall.

Intel Item 2

When you enter the broadcast room, you will get into a large scale battle. Clear out the room with the many computer consoles on the rising levels and make a right of the entrance. When you reach the top of the stairs, look for the intel on the console located on the third row down from the top and to the right side.

Intel Item 3

The final piece of intel can be found in a circular room after leaving the broadcast room and going through a large metal door that has blue stripes on the pillars in it. When you enter it, go to the right and you will see a mop bucket blocking a staircase. Go down that staircase and follow the walkway around the edge of the room. You will find the intel on a crate against the wall glowing in the darkness.

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