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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 intel locations guide

Mission 9: Odysseus

Intel Item 1

After the interrogation, you’ll eventually come to the large Comm Room that is full of computers, enemies, and a turret in the center. Once you clear it out, go through the doorway on the right and it will lead you to the bridge. On the right side on the console there will be the intel.

Intel Item 2

Once the scene with Menendez and Briggs is over, and your objective to reach the hanger pops up, go to the right and down the stairs. When you come to the doorway on the right side, there will be another staircase leading up to a small room. Go in there before heading down to the hanger and find the intel inside.

Intel Item 3

Once you have met with Salazar in the hanger, ride the deck lift up to the top deck of the Obama and make your way to the right. Move forward along the right side and you will come to two VTOLs with the rear ramp down. Enter the second one and the intel will be at the front of the plane, at the open door next to the cockpit.

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