Buffy and Galactica Writer For Torchwood

Writers announced for Torchwood season four

The Chicago Tribune has revealed the writers for Torchwood series four. Aside from Russell T Davies (of course) they are:

Jane Espenson, one of the best genre TV writers working in the US at the moment, with credits including Buffy , Battlestar Galactica , Caprica and Warehouse 13 .

John Shiban, who came to fame with The X-Files and also has credits for The Lone Gunmen , Smallville , Legend of the Seeker and Breaking Bad .

Doris Egan, who has worked on Smallville , Dark Angel , and House .

John Fay, a British scripter who written for Torchwood: Children of Earth . Other credits include Clocking Off , Blue Murder and Robin Hood (but don't let that put you off – Cornell wrote for Robin Hood too, and even he couldn’t improve it)