Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Despite some valiant holding out against enemy forces, defeats along the line meant relief for the furthest-flung troops never came and many lives were lost. It’s into this maelstrom that returning hero Matt Baker (you) is flung at the start of the game, and as the head of a reconnaissance team you’ll get to see a number of this event’s hotspots.

Let’s get this over with: right at the start of our time with the game it became blindingly clear that this is not a re-invention of the wheel- it’s another Brothers in Arms game. Yes, it’s easier to shoot the Hun. Yes, cover is now destructible. Yes, garden furniture can now be vaulted with finesse. But if you weren’t convinced on the last two tours of duty then the third iteration will find it hard to snap you to attention. This is fine for us though, as we see the franchise as much a high-risk puzzle game as a balls-out shooter and enjoy the games more than our peers.