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Broken Age: Act 1 walkthrough

Vella - Shellmound 

Before addressing the bearded gentleman whose house you’ve just trashed, click on the stained glass window to Vella’s right to cause yet more damage and receive the crystal sun. Nip downstairs and speak to Curtis the lumberjack who offers Vella his axe and as it would be rude to decline his kind offer, take it off the wall to add to your inventory.

Go back to the left and try to take the small sculpture off the wall. Vella will refuse to steal his belongings--at least until she gets to know him a better. Initiate a conversation with Curtis again and ask him about the art. You can obtain it by either asking for it outright or commenting on his décor, which he denies having despite the abundance of tartan in his house.

Leave the house and head to the right unless you want an encounter with the snake Curtis warned you about. If you’re feeling in need of a fright, you can investigate that path but you’ll be set upon and will need to blow the horn to break free. Otherwise go to the right and use the axe on the tree to get it talking. After you’ve gleaned all of the possible information from him, carry on to the right and into Shellmound.

It looks like Shellmound is still preparing for Mog Chothra’s arrival so Vella needs to prep sharpish. Pick up the driftwood from the shoreline to add to your inventory. You’ll notice that the nearby seagulls are going to town on a chum trough brimming with innards and more importantly, fish blood. Keep this in mind for later. Speak to the maiden sacrifices and one of them will boast about the bottle of musk that is guaranteed to attract Mog Chothra whilst presumably destroying the sinuses of any nearby humans.

Head up the stairs to the right and talk to the two guards. Select the line of dialogue asking if you can get them something followed by the Holy Tear Gas option to receive the Holy Tear Gas Gun. Now solve the Riddle of Yorn in order to gain entry to the pyramid by presenting them with the peach from your inventory. Once inside, insert the art from Curtis’ hut into the pedestal on the right to awaken the Dead Eye God aka Alex and listen to his story.

Walk to the back of the room and interact with the top of the two diamond shaped panels to get the Laser Coil. Replace it with the crystal sun then swap the bottom panel out with the Laser Coil--hey presto, we have a death ray! Now take the Holy Tear Gas Gun, fill it up at the chum trough and liberally spritz the maidens with it, picking up the bottle of musk while they’re distracted by the Hitchcockian cloud of gulls.

Now to talk to the Marshall on the left, ask him about his ‘hat’ and tell him how fabulous it looks. He’ll immediately hand it over, adding a bucket to your inventory. Leave town and go back to Curtis, giving him the driftwood to make a stool that he will then gift to you. Pay the talking tree another visit, pop the bucket onto his gnarly nose and show him the stool to cause some severe psychological damage and nab yourself a bucket of sap.

Head back to Shellmound to speak with the Marshall again, but before you engage him in conversation, have Vella douse herself with the bottle of musk. Offer the bucket of sap to him to aid with the his construction project before requesting admittance to the Maiden’s Feast. It’s showtime! Vella finds herself confronting Mog Chothra once more, but this time she’s come prepared.

Use the death ray transmitter to zap off three of his legs and then let him pick you up with his remaining tentacle. While you’re dangling in front of his mouth, drag the ladder from your inventory into his mouth to prop it open, then feed him a blast of laser-y goodness! Watch the ensuing cutscene unfold in all of its awesome glory and sit tight for Act II!

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