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Broken Age: Act 1 walkthrough

Vella - Meriloft 

You’ll soon discover that Vella will quickly sink through the clouds if she strays from the walkways and that the flimsier clouds offer no support at all (if you fall, a Whoops-a-Birdy will catch you so don’t worry about that) so let’s go get some cloudshoes. Head down the ladder at the bottom of the screen to find the ragged remnants of another Maiden’s Feast and a dejected looking girl who didn’t make the cut as an appetiser for Mog Chothra. Tell her you like her outfit and then ask about shoes to get the cloudshoes. Slip them on and head back up the ladder.

If you speak to Walt’r and Ch’t you’ll learn that your unwitting rescuer is called Jessie and her egg is missing--we’ll deal with that later. Speak to the woman selling cloudshoes and watch as you ruin her livelihood. You need to make amends, so take the path to the right, talk to M’ggie to get a ladder and use it to access the nest on to her right and grab the ceremonial knife Vella dropped on her way into Meriloft.

Report back to Car’l, hand over the knife and she’ll reward Vella with some oversized cloudshoes. Combine these with the ladder to make a couldladder. Double back to M’ggie’s area and walk down the path behind her to find your first golden egg. Use the cloudladder to climb up to the nest and retrieve the golden egg. If you haven’t combined the ladder with the oversized cloud shoes, the bird in the nest will be able to thwart your attempts at climbing up.

Next, head to Jessie’s nest and climb up using the ladder. Ignore her for now and take the path behind her to reach the giant tree. Navigate around the weak spots to the branch on the left and shake a peach loose. Click on the tree to fall through the clouds and land at the base. Go to the right to find Gus dangling from a branch. Talk him and then return to the top of the tree, either the way you came, clicking on the doorway at the base, or by trying to get past Gus and getting a lift from a Whoops-a-Birdy after he inadvertently pushes you off the branch.

To dislodge Gus, fall through the weak spot to the right of the tree at the back of the screen, then, when you’re back at the top after the Whoops-a-Birdy saves you both, head down the tree trunk and get Jessie’s egg from the right of the tree and the peach that you shook free earlier from the left of the tree. Go back to Jessie’s nest, return her egg, enjoy the feathery hug and pick up the golden egg.

Now for the final egg! Leave the screen via the left walkway and talk to the heavy at the bottom of the ladder. To visit Lightbeard, an offering has to be placed into the bowls of enlightening, so toss anything from your inventory in there (you can get it back shortly) and climb on up to see the Guru.

Cycle through the various dialogue options and the last golden egg will fall below. Scooch back down the ladder when you’ve finished talking to him and grab the rogue egg. Don’t worry about f’ther, I’m sure the Whoopsy-Bird-Ambulance will find him… eventually. Now pop the last two eggs into the remaining bowls, climb the ladder and you’ll be on your way out of Meriloft!

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