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Broken Age: Act 1 walkthrough

Shay - Escaping Shay’s Room 

Shay is bundled into bed and waits for the moustachioed moon-faced nocturnal computer to enter sleep mode. You might as well take this opportunity to open the present containing Grabbin’ Gary by dragging it onto Shay. Walk over to the console at the end of the bed and take the tank of compressed air from the humidifier. Head right to the vent in the floor and use the screwdriver to remove the bolts. Inside is an inflatable raft which you can use with the tank of compressed air to reveal a giant inflatable Shay… creepy. Put the doll into the bed and make your escape through the now open vent.

Shay emerges in a completely unfamiliar section of the ship where the mysterious wolf Marek is waiting for him. He will give Shay a star chart to the Talon Nebula and direct him towards another vent on the opposite side of the room. Pop through to the other side to find the Space Weaver, hand over the star chart as instructed and squeeze back through the way you came to report back to Marek.

It’s time for more heroism! Marek will guide Shay over to a console from which you can start rescuing this new batch of victims. Lower the shields by clicking the blinking green button at the top left of the screen and use the red button to activate the Boom Arm when it’s directly above the space critter. Use the yellow arrow buttons to navigate to the areas containing the other creatures and repeat until Marek interrupts and hands over another star chart.

Take the star chart to Danger System 5 to Space Weaver in the Navigation Room then double back to Marek to initiate the next mission. Use the Boom Arm to save more creatures and carry on until Marek intervenes again in the next cutscene, the ship enters lockdown and Shay scarpers back to bed.

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